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At what age does a beard begin to grow?

Many youths are concerned about the question of when the decoration of the appearance of a man will begin to appear in them.

The question of how much the beard begins to grow is quite tricky, because each case is individual, but there are some common points.

Every man wants to know that if he wants, he will be able to let go of a luxurious and thick beard, and to understand why this does not happen, you need to understand the reasons.

At what age does a beard begin to grow?

Many people know that the beard in different races and nations begins to grow in adolescents, at different times, due to the characteristics of the formed genotype.

How old is the Russian beard growing? If we talk about the Slavic peoples, then the age when the beard begins to grow in men is very uncertain. It varies from 16 years to 35 and each case has its own characteristics.

According to statistics, the bristles begin to grow in 17-18 years, but there are always exceptions.

Therefore, I would like to note that the fears of many young men that they will not have stubble on their faces at all and the concern that at the age of 20 it does not grow in the right amount, and there are only pecking rare hairs, are often in vain.

It may happen that the time has not yet come for the bristles to begin to grow densely. There is not one more reason on which the growth of a beard depends.

What determines its growth?

Since there is no clear answer to the question of how many years a beard begins to grow, let’s try to figure out what factors determine its growth.

The first and deepest reason that causes (or vice versa is absent) hair growth on the face and neck in men is the presence and quality of work of a special gene in the body that is responsible for stem cell activity.

The growth of the bristles also depends on the hormonal background of the man, namely on the level of testosterone. If you want to learn more about how to grow a beard, follow the link.

Proper nutrition and lifestyle play an important role in the growth of stubble. They support the body in a healthy state, which allows all body systems to work correctly. Accordingly, there will be no problems with beard regrowth.

A significant role in this matter is played by heredity. If men on the paternal side did not observe the presence of hair on the face and neck for a long time, then most likely the younger generation will have the same picture. And vice versa.

Watch the video: what affects beard growth.

Why do all men want to have a beard?

The desire to have facial hair can be a natural instinct. According to scientists (Darwin and others), it serves as a decoration for men. As well as a way to increase the status in the eyes of relatives and sexual attractiveness for the opposite sex.

For modern men and adolescents, the desire to wear a beard can be caused by other reasons:

  • bristles perfectly hide skin defects, acne or blackheads,
  • protects the face from the effects of the external environment: the sun, wind and frost (not without reason many bearded men are avid fishermen and hunters),
  • makes sex life brighter
  • gives masculinity and respectability,
  • adds age (5-10 years).

Of course, not all teenagers look forward to the moment when the beard begins to grow with terrible force. But this process can be called a new step in the life of young people, because they are turning into men.

Key Growth Factors

The speed, uniformity and normal growth, density and color of the beard depend on various factors:

  1. Genetic predisposition. If the men in the family before the “fifth knee” wore a thick beard, then it is likely that the guys in the last generation will have the same. And vice versa. Although there are exceptions to the rules, since heredity is not a linear process.
  2. Nationality. In all nations, terminal facial hair grows differently. For example, southerners acquire a beard, almost from the age of 11. In Caucasians, it appears in 13-15 years. The northern peoples - after 16 years. Asians are 30 years old. The Indians have a beard does not grow at all.
  3. Hormonal balance. Testosterone is responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, including the growth of terminal hair, in men. The highest concentration of the hormone is observed in the active phase of sexual development. Then bristles and mustaches break through. In order for them to grow quickly and densely, it is important to constantly maintain testosterone in the norm. In this, physical activity helps a lot.
  4. Psycho-emotional state. Lack of sleep, overexertion and anxiety worsen the condition and growth of hair. To grow a beard, one should learn to overcome negative situations, always be in a good mood and have a good rest.
  5. Sexual activity. In order for testosterone levels to remain unchanged, there must be moderation and stability in the sex life.
  6. Physical exercise. Low mobility and obesity negatively affect the formation of testosterone, which affects the growth of the beard. To support the hormone, you need to lead an active lifestyle.
  7. Infections Pathogenic microflora can provoke brittleness and hair loss. If this happens, you should consult with a specialist.
  8. Bad habits. Alcohol and smoking negatively affect human health in general. The decay products of alcohol and nicotine cause intoxication of the body, accumulate in the hair, which is bad for their condition and growth.

The diet also affects, especially during puberty, when the beard begins to grow in adolescents. At this time, it is important to eat well and properly, to receive nutrients in sufficient quantities. Vitamin deficiency slows hair growth and worsens their condition. The diet should be balanced, contain protein foods, vegetables and fruits.

Not all vitamins useful for hair can be obtained from food. Therefore, it is additionally recommended to take ready-made complexes, including iron, vitamin D, etc. Before buying, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

How bristles grow in adolescence

Adolescents of the same age may have different amounts of facial hair. Why it depends is discussed above. Therefore, one should not be surprised that someone has already formed a full-fledged beard by the age of 16, while others at this age only have a light fluff.

Regardless of how many years a beard began to grow, any teenager has first hair thin and thin. More often, first they appear above the upper lip. This is a mustache. Then the vegetation begins to populate the chin. It’s difficult to call her a beard, as she represents separate thin hairs.

If you do not shave, then the fluff will remain on the cheeks up to 20-22 years. And only then will normal “adult” hair begin to appear. This does not work for everyone. In some teenagers, the beard already by the age of 16-18 becomes thick and stiff.

If you really want to have normal bristles as early as possible, shaving will help speed up the process. However, this is not a fact. Some boys shave their mustache from the age of 12, while their hair remains as thin and thin.

A 14-year-old teenager with a beard looks ridiculous and ridiculous, so it's best to wait for adulthood. By this time, the male appearance will be fully formed, and the hair will probably begin to grow densely and evenly. And it will be possible to grow a beard.

Features of growth in adolescence

Often only after 20 years the hair on the male face thickens, becomes stiff and begins to grow evenly. Many attribute this to regular shaving. But beard growth also depends on other factors. Therefore, if at the age of 15 the chin is almost smooth, one should not be afraid and rush to extremes.

If there is any doubt that the process is somehow going wrong, it is better to contact a specialist. He will establish the cause and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. But in most cases, over time, everything comes back to normal in a natural way: the bristles begin to grow actively in due time.

In addition, we must understand that if the boy has not yet activated testosterone, then you should not wait for the appearance of lush vegetation on the chin. Hair will begin to grow when the active phase of puberty begins. In some adolescents, it begins earlier, in others later. On average, it is 13-16 years old. Only after this is a more intense growth of the beard observed.

The completion of sexual development also occurs in all at different ages. It happens that the process ends at 22 years old. And only after that the young man’s hair on his chin begins to grow more intensively, thicker and more evenly. During this period, you can already shave so that the stubble becomes tougher, and then grow a beard.

4. Why patience?

Patience is necessary in order not to shave the beard in the first month of growing - most beards die in this period. There are several reasons: firstly, at the initial stage, the beard does not look very beautiful. Rather, it is not a beard, but rather an overgrown stubble. Secondly, it was at this time that you most resemble a person who is just too lazy to shave. In some groups, such people are looked askance. And they often ask: what, you grow a beard? Gradually, such questions begin to annoy. And finally, thirdly: a young beard itches and pricks terribly. Growing, the hairs begin to curl and prick the skin of the face and neck. And it's hard to bear.

Growth rate after 25 years

After 25 years, almost every man has a thick beard, which almost everyone grows at the same rate. With daily shaving, 1 mm bristles appear the very next day. After a week, she is already becoming clearly visible. On average, the length of the hair per month reaches 1.25 cm.

Conditionally, the growth of a beard is divided into 3 stages:

  1. 1 month. After such a period, the bristles can already be called a beard, since the length of the hairs reaches 1 cm. During this period, uncomfortable sensations may appear: itching and irritation, dry skin. To relieve them, it is recommended to use shampoos, emollients and moisturizers. But to cut or shave, trim the bristles with scissors during this period is not necessary.
  2. 2 months. Here the beard already reaches up to 2.5 cm in length. At this stage, there is no discomfort, as the hairs neatly lie on top of each other. But care is required. Often it consists in simple trimming of protruding hairs and daily hygiene.
  3. 3 months. During this period, the length of the hairs can reach 3-4 cm. This is quite enough for the selection and modeling of the shape of the beard.

To wear a long beard, facial hair must be grown for more than 3 months. The exact time depends on the desired length.

Beard Growth Acceleration Methods

If you really want to have a beautiful and magnificent beard, you must follow simple rules:

  1. Healthy food.
  2. Take care of your skin.
  3. Avoid stress.
  4. Observe the regime of work and rest.
  5. Lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

These methods for the rapid formation of bristles require little effort and are useful at any age.

The condition of the hair is largely dependent on nutrition. If the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals, then they lose strength, break down and fall out. To preserve their health, to form a beautiful beard and accelerate its growth, you need to completely review the diet.

The menu should contain foods rich in protein, fiber and iron. An additional intake of vitamins will make your hair strong and supple. In addition, you need to change the meal intake for 2-3 months: eat at regular intervals, in small portions 5 times a day.

Also, beard growth can be stimulated by various methods. In adolescence, it is better to use folk remedies: burdock and castor oil, tincture of burdock roots. Of the drugs, Minoxidil has proven itself well. But he is not a magical tool. Some people use it to achieve results in a month, others within a year.

What should not be done in adolescence with stubble?

Often you can find recommendations where it is not advised to remove the first hairs on the face. This is a personal matter for every teenager. If they interfere, they become too long and stick out in different directions, it is better to remove them with a machine or trimmer. It is important to shave correctly so as not to damage the skin, which at this age is still very tender.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to warm your face with a little hot water and apply a shaving agent on it. Hair shaves in the direction of growth. So there is less risk of injuring the skin and getting irritation. After the procedure, be sure to lubricate the face with lotion or balm.

If the hair on the chin does not grow as you would like in adolescence, you can not self-medicate. In most cases, this is a temporary phenomenon, and after the hormonal background is normalized, the bristles will begin to grow normally. Patience and proper care will certainly give the desired result on the face.

It is important for teenagers not only to monitor the diet, but also to lead a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol consumption and smoking from an early age inhibit physical and mental development, negatively affect the hormonal background due to intoxication of the body. This can affect beard growth due to delayed or impaired puberty.

8. And how long does a “normal” beard grow?

Everyone has different things - a huge number of factors affect speed: from genetics to the time of year. There is, for example, a study according to which, in the summer months, British men grow a beard faster than in the winter. But, as a rule, a beard becomes a beard in two to three months. Judging by the video, where people do not shave and take pictures every day, for six months a beard can grow simply luxurious.


It is impossible to derive universal data on how much a beard grows. The body of each person functions according to individual mechanisms: heredity has rewarded someone with luxurious vegetation that grows in a day, and someone with liquid hairs that grow slowly.

Studies by R. Richards show that the hairs in the chin area, above the upper lip and on the cheeks grow by approximately 320-380 micromillimeters per day. This is an average value for men of European type of appearance. Based on these data, it can be concluded that the beard grows by about 1.5 cm per month.

About 65 to 70% of the hair follicles are in the active growth phase (anagenesis), and from 30 to 50% are in the resting phase (telogenesis). The indicators depend on the zone: the hairs grow most actively in the area of ​​the cheeks and chin.

Frequent shaving is not able to accelerate hair growth - this is the myth that Dr. Berman debunked in his 1963 study.

According to his conclusion, the hairs continue to grow at their usual pace, laid at the genetic level. The scientist has identified other factors affecting the growth rate:

  • heredity,
  • Lifestyle,
  • age,
  • hormonal background.

For a year, men manage to grow up to about 15 cm of beard.

Doctors and trichologists say that in the fall, the natural process of germination of facial hairs can slow down. This is a consequence of a weakened immune system and vitamin D deficiency - the bristles can become brittle and begin to fall out.

The main recommendation of doctors regarding maintaining a normal growth rate of vegetation is to control their own health and hormonal levels. Meals should be balanced at any time of the year.

If the growth rate of the beard seems very small, it is worth to be examined by an endocrinologist. Rare and poorly growing bristles can signal significant malfunctions in the body.

Vegetation growth rates also depend on the age of the man. The peak occurs at 15-35 years, when sex hormones are synthesized in the required amount.

For comparison: for a month, guys in this period can grow up to 1.5 cm of bristles. After 50 years, this figure drops to 0.5-1 cm per month.

The surge occurs in adolescence: when hormonal changes begin, the growth rate of the bristles becomes higher.

9. Is it possible to somehow accelerate the growth of a beard?

Many different instructions have been written about this. If we summarize them, we can draw several conclusions. Wash often or at least rinse your stubble or beard - depending on what you have achieved. You can buy special beard shampoos at barbershops. Do not forget about vitamins. Eat healthy foods. Go in for sports.

When the beard begins to grow in adolescents

In different nations, the first stubble on the face of adolescents appears in different age periods:

  • in Caucasians, vegetation begins to break through from 14-16 years old, sometimes even earlier,
  • the period of the appearance of the first stubble among the Slavic peoples is in the range from 16 to 35 years, the average statistical indicator is in the range of 17-18 years.
  • men of the northern regions feel the beauty of shaving from 20-25 years old, and southerners - from 15-16 years old.

What does the first bristle look like? Thin hair in the form of a gun is the first messengers of the future fashion accessory. In the future, the vegetation changes, becomes tougher, and real bristles appear.

Genetic predisposition

The male birth line directly affects the condition of the hairline. Fathers, grandfathers, uncles who do not shine with thick beards, transmit a similar gene to their young offspring. Poor genetics can even present an insurmountable problem - the absence of hair follicles on the face.

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

Factors Affecting Facial Hair Growth

Testosterone is a hormone that belongs to a group called androgens. It is a substance that plays a significant role in the development of secondary signs in both sexes, such as voice mutation in boys and breast development in girls.

Gonads stimulate testosterone production. This hormone is also responsible for the growth of the penis, body hair and the development of broad shoulders.


Nutrition, physical activity, bad habits directly affect the appearance of stubble. A teenager needs to eat fully, including meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, fruits, dairy products in the diet.

To quickly reach the goal, you have to sacrifice your favorite fast food and sweet soda. Exercising, preferably power, will help testosterone to be produced faster and eliminate excess weight. Quitting smoking, drugs, alcohol will help not to interfere with metabolic processes in the body.

Chronic, dermatological, endocrine diseases.

Methods for the rapid formation of bristles under favorable conditions are described below.

The role of genetics in growth

In addition to testosterone, another important factor that can affect facial hair growth is genetics. It should be remembered about racial affiliation. This factor also plays a significant role. For example, you cannot meet a fourteen-year-old boy of Slavic ethnicity with a beard. Do not forget about heredity.

If there are people in the family with a pronounced pogonotrophy (beard growth), then there is a high probability that future generations will inherit such a genetic expression. Conversely, if rare facial hair is inherent in family members, then a similar trait will most likely be borrowed.

Simply put, men have a marked increase in facial hair due to a higher level of androgens. Since its amount is significantly higher in men than in women, male hair is darker and coarser. When thinking about how many years a beard grows, remember that we are all different people. Some begin active growth very early in adolescence. For others, on the contrary, a beard appears much later.

Beard Growth Tools

Use the means to grow a beard. Teenage vegetation needs stimulation. To make the hair thicker, you can resort to traditional medicine or medications.

Wondering how to accelerate the growth of a beard? Go in for sports, pay attention not only to general physical training, focus on strength exercises. This will strengthen muscles and accelerate the production of sex hormone.

With poor stubble growth, take care of competent face care. Do not skimp on care products: scrubs, tonics, creams. Regular facial cleansing will free pores from sebum, creams will help solve teenage problems.

Master the technique of massage of the chin and face. This harmless procedure can be given up to 10 minutes per day. To do this, apply a couple drops of oil (burdock or castor oil) to your fingertips and perform manipulations in circular movements.

Amount of facial hair

Do all guys have the same amount of facial hair? Not. Just like all guys have different height, weight, appearance, so the density of facial hair varies. This is due to the fact that the amount of hair, color (dark or light) and the place where they grow on the face are controlled by genes. This does not mean that the son’s beard will necessarily look like his father’s. Usually, guys in their late teens have a beard pattern. How old is the beard growing fully? Let's see below.

How many years a beard begins to grow, which can be done to accelerate growth

How old is the beard starting to grow? Recently, the fashion for bristles has increased dramatically, moreover, not only among mature representatives of the strong half of humanity, but among adolescents. Therefore, questions about the growth rate of the beard, the beginning of this period, the topic of how long the beard grows, are of interest to many.

Adolescence is not the right time for the active cultivation of mustaches, even with special efforts it is difficult to quickly obtain positive results.

Genetic predisposition as well as hereditary factors are important here. As a rule, vegetation growth begins with puberty, which begins at 13 and lasts up to 20 years.

There are many reasons why a beard can appear immediately or “doze off” to 20.

Quite rarely, 16-year-old boys have full bristles on their faces, most often there is only a thin, bright fluff. More or less thorough vegetation appears in the period from 16 to 19.

To accelerate the growth of the beard, one should not rush to extremes and buy up medications (especially harmful during the period of hormonal formation).

It will be much more effective to address the reasons that affect the activity of hair follicles:

  1. Genetic predisposition: you don’t have to wait for a thick beard at the age of 16, if your father and grandfather appeared only from twenty years old.
  2. Belonging to one or another nation: southern peoples are distinguished by the presence of pronounced stubble already from 16.
  3. Infectious diseases, bacterial skin lesions that do not allow hair follicles to properly perform their duties. In the presence of any disturbing symptoms, you should contact a trichologist, dermatologist in a timely manner.
  4. The lack of physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle, lead to a reduced amount of testosterone in the blood. This hormone is responsible for the active increase in vegetation.
  5. The presence of bad habits when the body accumulates toxins, which slows down the course of all physiological processes.
  6. Defective diet: the diet has an effect on the activity of the bulbs. The diet of a teenager must have fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, meat.
  7. Deficiency of vitamins, micro and macro elements: to normalize them, their own menu leads to normal, and vitamin-mineral complexes are also taken (as prescribed by a specialist).

When does a beard start to grow?

Beard is an important detail of the image for men. Growing, laying and even removing it can significantly change the appearance. While many complain about the need to shave off stubborn stubble every morning, young guys are always looking for ways to grow it. So, does the beard grow in boys? Can you call that a small amount of hair on the face of a young man a beard? This is further detailed in the article.

How old is the beard starting to grow? Natural facial hair growth is completely dependent on genetics. The appearance of a beard, as well as other "male" signs, depends on the secretion of testosterone, which, naturally, occurs in different amounts in all people.

How old should a beard grow? Vegetation on the face naturally appears in the period from 15-18 years. At this point, the hair is extremely thin. But many are interested to know how old a man’s beard grows. Normal "adult" hair usually does not grow up to 20 years.

Folk methods

Effectively works with red pepper oil - this is a face mask. If the skin is not very sensitive, you can try mixing burdock or castor oil with a pinch of red pepper and apply to the desired area. Red pepper, as a powerful, burning stimulant, will cause a rush of blood to the hair follicles, and the oil will saturate the skin with the necessary vitamins.

You can also use:

  • non-concentrated eucalyptus oil,
  • juice of garlic, onion,
  • aloe juice
  • mustard powder
  • honey,
  • egg yolk.

Why is the beard growing? How is it growing?

Beard growth is no different from head hair growth. However, women, unlike men, do not have the necessary hormones to stimulate the appearance of facial hair (provided that there are no malfunctions in the body).

A beard grows like any other type of hair. That is, tiny glands called hair follicles secrete protein (keratin), hair grows in the form of a thread.

Is it possible to grow a beard at the age of 15? A full beard at this age is unusual. But you can expect a small amount of facial hair.

Medical facilities

The first in the charts for hair growth accelerators are drugs based on minoxidil. Minoxidil is a powerful active substance that has a direct effect on the hair follicles. But is it necessary to use such a chemical in adolescence, when everything is still ahead? Think about it.

If your nutrition cannot be called complete, use complex vitamins. The main male vitamin is biotin, it is a builder for hair.

If hormonal problems are identified after analyzes and consultations with a specialist, then, if appropriate, hormonal drugs are used to increase testosterone.

A dermatologist consultation is needed to treat dermatological diseases!

Preparing for beautiful bristles

  • Having clarified the issue of when whiskers begin to grow, we should move on to important recommendations that can provide vegetation with care and support.
  • Expert Advice:
  • increase the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, especially carrots, apples, sweet peppers, pomegranates,
  • eat a large number of foods rich in vitamins of group B, retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol,
  • more often eat dairy products (kefir, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream),
  • after obtaining permission from the doctor to use creams containing Minoxidil,
  • rub natural olive, burdock, castor oils, liquid forms of vitamins,
  • to naturally increase testosterone, increase the amount of food containing vitamin D,
  • play sports to enhance blood flow, stimulate and nourish hair follicles.

Natural stimulants for increasing the amount of bristles are oils. A teenager can use these types:

  • burdock
  • almond
  • castor
  • olive
  • grape seed
  • jojoba,
  • peach
  • eucalyptus,
  • Coconut

They are heated by means of a water bath to 50 degrees, applied to the surface of the skin of the face, by gentle massage movements. If you add red pepper or mustard powder to the oils, a local irritant effect is achieved that stimulates subcutaneous blood circulation.

Caution should be exercised with the ingredients, they can cause irritation of the skin.

What is the latest age to grow a beard?

Normal (full) growth of facial hair begins at the age of 17 to 20–22 years and lasts until 25. It is after this age mark that one can judge the degree of facial vegetation richness and the frequency of shaving.

One can begin to think about why a beard does not grow at the age of 19, but this is not a reason for panic, since puberty in each young man proceeds differently. But after 27, if the facial hair is not thick enough or does not appear at all, it is worth considering what the reason for this phenomenon is.

How to grow a beard for a teenager 14 17 years old tips and tricks

A young man who still does not have a mustache, by the age of fourteen he begins to worry. Most, by this period a small fluff appears, its growth rate depends on the hormonal background, characterized by instability.

A national role plays a special role: among the Caucasian peoples, stubble of 12-13 years old begins to grow among boys.

To stimulate the process in adolescents of this age, you can take the following:

  • monitor the cleanliness of the surface of the face,
  • wash in the morning, in the evening, during the day with cold water,
  • less likely to sit near a computer, spend more time outdoors, in active sports,
  • eat right, refuse fast food,
  • be sure to include greens, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products in the diet.

Before seriously puzzling the question of growing a beard, you should think about whether it is needed. Indeed, in addition to external attractiveness, vegetation requires constant care.

By the age of 16, 40% of young men already have their first chin fluff. This period is marked by a single problem, the bristles appear extremely uneven. The boy may have a thick mustache, and the area under the lower lip will be covered by a barely noticeable fluff growing in shreds.

A common myth among young men is that frequent shaving is the key to the appearance of thick, hard hairs. This procedure (especially now), can seriously harm fragile bulbs. Constantly irritation of the surface epithelium, provokes the development of dermatological problems.

How to accelerate the process of hair growth in young men?

  1. Decide on the shape and shave off only that vegetation that grows outside the selected contour. To make the style well suited to youthful appearance, you should turn to the barber. He will give the right care recommendations.
  2. After the hairs reach a length of one and a half centimeters, the use of special shampoos begins. They maintain the purity, splendor and density of vegetation.
  3. Correction should be made when the bristles exceed a length of 2 centimeters. To do this, use special scissors, electric razors with a trimmer nozzle.
  4. Medication (for example, Minoxidil), use only as directed by a doctor. Self-administration is not recommended, it is especially dangerous in adolescence.
  5. Multivitamin complexes containing B vitamins, retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol will help facial hair grow.
  6. The growth of bristles, its development, is affected by food. It should be balanced in composition.

Folk remedies

Among the popular recommendations for accelerating the appearance of bristles, the following are popular:

  • warm oil compresses: heat castor, burdock, almond, coconut oil in a water bath. Apply to the fabric, cover the chin with it, keep from half an hour to an hour,
  • carry out massage manipulations using natural oils,
  • rub the surface of the face with a bath towel to stimulate blood circulation,
  • frequent saunas, baths, organize steam baths for the face. They are made by brewing chamomile, nettle, sage with hot water,
  • the use of lotions from the same herbal decoctions.

The beard of each man grows strictly in an individual way, it is very difficult to name specific dates. This process is influenced by a large number of factors. Each young man can adhere to a healthy lifestyle, actively care for his own face in order to slightly accelerate the process of the appearance of vegetation.

The right solution to stimulate the growth of bristles, will be active in sports. Such activity stimulates blood circulation processes, accelerates metabolic processes and metabolism, and nourishes hair follicles. Sport is a natural method of increasing testosterone levels in the blood.

  • the number of loads is not higher than the level of rest,
  • intensive, strength training,
  • repeating classes should be up to three times a week,
  • when a decision is made to engage in simulators, you should first work under the supervision of an instructor,
  • in addition to loads, preliminary and final warm-ups, stretchings are required,
  • loads should not provoke exhaustion of the body,
  • everyday sleep should be from 7 to 9 hours.

Not everyone can grow stubble in adolescence, good genetics, as well as constant care, are important for this.

Tricks from the experts:

  • the use of cosmetic oils and wax so that the hairs do not puff and lie flat,
  • for rare vegetation, the use of a thickening spray, it will fill in the gaps, bald spots. The main thing is to choose the right shade, follow the instructions exactly.

When hair growth by the age of twenty is not observed, it makes sense to visit an endocrinologist, perhaps the reason is hormonal failure. This situation often occurs during puberty, it is easily corrected in a timely manner initiated therapy.

Where to start growing a beard

It is best to start targeted beard growth from the age of 18. This age acts as an average indicator of puberty. If you start earlier, then perhaps the result will be, but for this you will have to make a lot more effort and patience.

  1. Before direct growth, you need to conduct a smooth shave of facial hair. Perhaps it will be thin, sometimes fluffy or even tough, but sparse hair. If there is no experience, you can turn to a senior experienced fellow bearded man or a good barbershop. At the same time, you can see how professionals are using tools and what tools they use.
  2. Decide on a shape that suits your face type. Again, ask a professional for advice or contact the online resource on choosing the right beard shape.
  3. After a smooth shave, it is important to carefully carry out facial hygiene for four weeks: bypass the vegetation by the side, do not shave, you can only trim to the selected shape. Itching can torment during this period, but be patient, efforts will be rewarded.
  4. Proper bristle hygiene involves the use of special shampoos or beard care products. If the hairs are naughty, stick out in different directions - use gels, waxes for styling. So you can gradually accustom your hair to growth in the right direction. Comb combing procedures are also useful, preferably from natural material.

After a month, you need to evaluate the result:

  • if the bristles grow densely - continue to strive for your goal,
  • with uneven hair growth, use oils, sprays, massage to stimulate growth in rare places,
  • if all else fails, contact a specialist for advice.

At what age does a beard begin to grow?

As they grow older, hormonal changes occur in the boys' body, resulting in the formation of secondary sexual characteristics: a male figure, a low voice and body hair.

If we talk about how many years a beard grows, then the process begins in the active phase of puberty. As a rule, it is 14-17 years old. The guys first have a mustache, and only then the fluff on the chin.

Sometimes this process drags on to 22 years.

The process of beard growth begins in the active phase of puberty

Shave the first hairs or not, it's up to the teenager. If he likes them and does not interfere, then they can be left. If the mustache began to puff and separate thin tiny hairs hang from the chin, then it is better to remove such vegetation. It is ugly and gives the face sloppy.

It happens that as early as 13-15 years old, the bristles in adolescents are uniform and stiff. Genetics, an individual characteristic of the body and the level of testosterone are responsible for this. The higher it is, the earlier the vegetation will appear.

But there are other situations: it seems that puberty has already begun and the age is suitable, but there is no facial hair yet. Do not worry too much. Mustache and beard in adolescents sooner or later begin to grow in all.

Sometimes the faces of young men remain smooth even after 16 years. The fault may be a lack of testosterone. The main causes of pathology are injuries to the brain or testicles. Symptoms - loose body, breast enlargement and complete absence of terminal vegetation. The disease is well treated if you consult a specialist in time.


How to grow a beard for a teenager? This question is very important for young people, the answer comes down to a simple solution - wait, show patience. If it is completely unbearable - apply the above tools and tips. Then the beard will certainly be thick and beautiful!

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
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Start shaving

How to accelerate the growth of a beard? The simplest (and healthiest) method is simply to allow processes in the body to proceed in a natural way. However, there are a few tricks that can help young people in this matter.

There is a myth that shaving helps facial hair grow faster and earlier. Many are firmly convinced of this theory. But there is no scientific evidence to support this.

What to do

What to do if the beard grows unevenly, learn here. If a problem with the beard, or rather the growth of the bristles arose (the beard does not grow), then necessary measures should be taken to rectify things.

Having decided on the reason, you can resort to several methods.

For example, to begin with, try to adjust the level of testosterone.

It is worth doing this only after an analysis for hormones has been passed and it is established that testosterone is really below the normal level, otherwise you can cause significant harm to the body.

You can increase the level of male hormone, as well as with special drugs (if necessary, a doctor will prescribe them) or without drugs.

A drug-free way to raise testosterone levels:

  • lose weight. It should be remembered that the body can not be stressed and lose weight in sharp and large quantities, it should go as much as 4-1.5 kg per week,
  • remove excess tarragon from the body. This will allow the body to independently enable natural testosterone to be produced better and more efficiently. Fiber, namely products containing it, will help rid a man’s body of the female hormone. Plus, it is worth eating berries, nuts, grapes with skin - they contain resveratrol, which will help to remove tarragon,
  • getting more sexual arousal,
  • the rest can be adjusted using power.

Another important step is organize proper nutrition and intake of vitamins in the body. To increase testosterone levels and improve bristle growth with proper nutrition, you need:

  • take zinc either as an additive to food, or eat vegetables and fruits containing zinc, such as seafood, nuts, sunflower seeds, and most of all it is found in oysters,
  • add the right fats to your diet. Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, oily fish - products that increase the level of the necessary hormone,
  • start taking vitamin A. This will provide increased production of sebum, which will make the skin moisturized and keep the hair follicles in a healthy state or restore them,
  • start taking vitamin C. Able to improve the condition of the whole body and immunity, will contribute to the acquisition of a normal condition of the skin and hair,
  • start taking vitamin e. Thanks to this vitamin, the outflow of blood to the hair follicles will become stronger, which will accelerate the growth of bristles,
  • start taking vitamin b3. This vitamin enhances blood circulation, which causes positive trends in hair regrowth,
  • start consuming vitamin b5. It will help the speedy breakdown of fats and proteins that are involved in strengthening hair and its growth, reduces stress,
  • to begin take folic acid. This substance is able to strengthen and make hair thicker, restore their structure.

A very important substance that is responsible for the production of fatty acids and glucose in the body, which produces the synthesis of amino acids and carbohydrates, is biotin. Its deficiency often causes baldness or inhibition of hair growth.

For, to make up for biotite deficiency, oysters, cauliflower should be included in the diet, fish, beans, carrots, bananas, yeast. In this case, it is better to use products that contain biotin, since it is better absorbed from them than from complexes synthesized artificially.

Plastic surgery

The most recent solution to the problem of lack of facial hair may be visit to a plastic surgeon. This operation is not complicated, it requires outpatient conditions.

Its essence is to transplant from a place of good hair cover the bulbs or skin on the mustache and beard. Then definitely get the desired stubble.

Do not worry too much about the lack of growth of the bristles, because stress also negatively affects its appearance. First of all, you need to contact a qualified specialist who will take into account all the factors together and find the necessary solution that will lead to the desired goal. It is important not just how many years your beard has been growing, but how responsibly you treat yourself and your health.

In Youth (18-24)

At what age a beard begins to grow, we have already found out and established that even if a beard does not grow at 16, there is nothing abnormal in this. Bristles at the age of 17 is also not a mandatory moment. Often I hear from users - I'm 20 years old, my beard and mustache are not growing - what does this mean and what can be done?

At 17 years of age or a little later, puberty, as a rule, is completely completed. And this means that the beard began to grow more intensively. At the age of 17, the bristles are still soft and light; the beard of young men at this age grows unevenly, like islands. But growing a beard at 18 is easier and faster than at 15-16. It will take four to eight weeks to do this. Many advise when a beard begins to grow, shave as often as possible - supposedly regular shaving of hairs stimulates their growth. But experts have proven that frequent shaving and hair growth are not interconnected.

If you began to think about how to grow a beard at the age of 19, thick, uniform and beautiful, it is better to forget about shaving for at least a month at all. When a guy’s beard begins to grow, it doesn’t look very attractive in the first weeks. But you have to tolerate, there's nothing to be done. Even if shreds of hair of indefinite color stick out on the face in different directions, do not rush to clutch at scissors, a razor or a typewriter. Soon everything will be all right. Better pay attention to physical activity and good nutrition - this will accelerate the growth of bristles on the face. It is not superfluous to drink a vitamin complex - priority is given to vitamins A, E and group B. Read more about vitamins in my article.

In adulthood (25+)

After 25 years, one can already judge how rich the facial hair of a man will be and how often he needs to shave. How long does a beard grow at this age? This will depend on three main factors:

  • hormonal background - the more testosterone hormone, the faster the bristles will grow and the brighter the bristles will look in the end. The amount of testosterone can vary, affects its production of anything. These are stresses, and a sedentary lifestyle, and disruptions in the endocrine system. Therefore, if already in adulthood you are not satisfied with facial hair - it's time to visit a doctor.
  • hereditary factor - if in your family no one could boast of thick hair and lush vegetation on the cheekbones and chin, most likely you will not have it either. And vice versa - if your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather always had thick stubble, you are lucky and your dream will come true without much effort and auxiliary preparations,
  • general physical condition - bad habits, overweight, chronic diseases can significantly slow down the growth of bristles and even lead to its loss. No wonder they say that by the state of the hair on a person’s head, one can judge how healthy he is.

If the beard does not grow at the age of 19, this is also not a reason to panic - as mentioned above, puberty in all occurs differently at different times. But if a beard does not grow at the age of 27, it’s time to think about it, obviously vitamins and a gym are indispensable. And then what to do? Read here.

Summary: Since how old the boy will have the first facial hair, it depends largely on his nationality and heredity. If a Slavic guy does not grow a beard at age 20, this is quite normal and does not require the intervention of a doctor, although usually almost all young men already have bristles at the age of 17. All that is required at this age to grow a thick and beautiful stubble is to fully eat, play sports and monitor the general state of health. Folk remedies will help accelerate facial hair growth, it is better not to resort to medications at this age. If there is still no vegetation even after 25 years, there is every reason to turn to doctors and undergo an examination. Most likely, you will be prescribed hormonal drugs and topical products that stimulate hair growth.

In youthful (18-24)

The guy clearly used Minoxidil

At what age a beard begins to grow, we have already found out and established that even if a beard does not grow at 16, there is nothing abnormal in this. Bristles at the age of 17 is also not a mandatory moment. Often I hear from users - I'm 20 years old, my beard and mustache are not growing - what does this mean and what can be done?

At 17 years of age or a little later, puberty, as a rule, is completely completed. And this means that the beard began to grow more intensively. At the age of 17, the bristles are still soft and light; the beard of young men at this age grows unevenly, like islands.

But growing a beard at 18 is easier and faster than at 15-16. It will take four to eight weeks to do this. Many advise when a beard begins to grow, shave as often as possible - supposedly regular shaving of hairs stimulates their growth.

But experts have proven that frequent shaving and hair growth are not interconnected.

If you began to think about how to grow a beard at the age of 19, thick, uniform and beautiful, it is better to forget about shaving for at least a month at all.When a guy’s beard begins to grow, it doesn’t look very attractive in the first weeks. But you have to tolerate, there's nothing to be done.

Even if shreds of hair of indefinite color stick out on the face in different directions, do not rush to clutch at scissors, a razor or a typewriter. Soon everything will be all right. Better pay attention to physical activity and good nutrition - this will accelerate the growth of bristles on the face.

It is not superfluous to drink a vitamin complex - priority is given to vitamins A, E and group B. Read more about vitamins in my article.

5 beard growth stages by day, week, month

A beard is one of the symbols of masculinity. It is not surprising that many men want to become its owners. If you seriously decide to grow it, you need to consider several factors.

First, a beard will not grow on its own, like mushrooms after rain. She needs care. Secondly, each man has a different predisposition to facial hair growth. For an thirty-year-old eastern man, one-day unshaven would look like the weekly stubble of a twenty-year-old guy from Europe. Knowing the stages of hair growth will facilitate the path to the beard.

First week

The most difficult thing is to hold out for the first week. What is the difficulty? On the contrary, there is no need to waste time at the mirror! You can throw an electric razor! This is the difficulty. In the morning, a hand reaches for a razor.

But this is not the most difficult psychological barrier. It is most difficult to appear with such stubble in public, because at first it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. And it’s unusual to see yourself unshaven.

So, what exactly will have to face in the initial stages?

Depending on the level of testosterone in the body, the first bristle will appear at least in a day, at most - in three days.

One-day unshaven

We struggle with the desire to shave everything and forget. Perhaps you do not have this desire right away. It all depends on the growth rate and color of your hair.

Not necessarily, the color of the hair on the head will match the color of the beard. They may vary slightly. For example, Sergei Yesenin, who was proud of his golden-headed head, always carefully shaved his facial hair. Once, his friends found him unshaven, and it turned out that Yesenin had a red beard. This is characteristic of many owners of blond hair.

For most people, a one-day stubble is a barely perceptible spiky fluff that after years of continuous shaving can seem annoying, can prick your skin. You don’t need to worry - the longer the hair, the more soft it is, so that after a few days the unpleasant and unusual sensations will go away.

Dark stubble is more visible and attracts attention. In addition, it can grow quite quickly. On average, a two-day stubble grows by 1-2 mm.

Three day stubble

At this stage, discomfort will appear on the skin. Overgrown hairs will irritate the face and neck. Redness may appear.

No need to remove the razor again. Better go to the barbershop and pick up a soothing lotion. Be careful, alcohol-containing products will dry already irritated skin, so they should be avoided.

The problem with the three-day stubble is that the hairs have already grown by 3-4 millimeters. This length is enough for them to twist and stab the skin.

Think of yourself as a teenager. Then it was the same, but it hardly bothered you. By the way, your 3 mm bristles may well resemble teenage ones, because hair follicles do not wake up at the same time, which makes the bristles seem rare and untidy. You can use oil that accelerates hair growth in those places where the islets remain.

Most often, the hair grows more actively on the chin, so the trimmer will not be out of place. Use it to control the uniformity of hair growth.

It needs to be purchased immediately, because it will help you to adjust the length in the future. Choose the one that suits you best. You can simply purchase a nozzle for your electric shaver. It will be both convenient and familiar, and you will have less chance of cutting off the excess.

The border between the bristles and the beard is 5 mm long.

First month

  1. 5 mm - usually at this length the skin ceases to shine through the hair. Hollywood stubble. Unwanted to complete men.
  2. 6-7mm - more brutal, may not be suitable for a very young man (up to 20 years). Claims for such a beard by companies requiring a strict office dress code, including full shaving, have not yet been filed.

  • 8-9 mm - from this length you can already form most of the styles that are currently popular. Fat men can already use such bristles to mask their shortcomings.
  • 10 mm is a beard that may look funny on a young man and may not be suitable for some recruitment agencies.

    After a week, you definitely have the right to consider yourself the proud owner of a real beard.

    You can get a razor and trim the contours to make it look more neat. A 5 mm beard is still not like what you were dreaming of, but hair regrowth is not a quick process. Hair so far stick out in different directions. There is a slight itching. It will pass soon. 5 mm hair, curling, still scratches the skin.

    The two-week bristles will not be too different from the weekly bristles. Every week you need to maintain the desired circuit. A razor and trimmer will come to the rescue. It’s best not to start shampooing your beard because your skin is still sore.

    A three-week beard brings long-awaited relief. Both moral and physical. It grows on average by 6mm and is no longer pricked.

    It would seem that there are only some 3mm, but what is the difference in appearance and well-being.

    By the fourth week, it will grow by about 10mm. For someone, it can grow even more than a centimeter, it all depends on age and other factors. It's time to visit the barbershop again.

    Specialists will help you choose a form, and you can grow a beard as you originally intended.

    And if you didn’t think of anything concrete, they will help and advise you that will be better suited to your facial features.

    For the first month, you probably already caught the speed of hair growth.

    Be careful with the trimmer, gradually increase the length of the nozzle.

    Otherwise, you will cut too much, and the growth effect will have to wait a very long time.

    If the beard has not grown to 1cm in a month, you can resort to folk remedies. Mix castor and burdock oil, heat, and then rub along the hairline. It is important that the skin is dry and clean. Let the oil absorb a little, and after 1-3 hours it can be washed off with warm water and soap.

    But do not rush to despair if you started to grow a beard in the winter.

    The season also affects hair growth, as in the summer the body receives more vitamins and nutrients.

    If your first month fell in the winter, it will not hurt you to take a course of vitamins and minerals. This will significantly improve both the quantity and quality of hair. It will be beneficially affected by iron, zinc, vitamins A, B, C and D. However, before taking vitamins, consult your doctor so as not to harm your health.

    But what stops beard growth? For example, a lack of testosterone. Eat balanced, pay attention to foods containing protein. These are meat, fish, dairy products, and the indispensable diet of vegetarians - beans and nuts. An active lifestyle also stimulates testosterone release.

    Six months

    For 6 months, the beard can increase three times.

    She gained volume. All hair follicles woke up. And even if there are gaps somewhere, the hair falls on each other and covers imperfections.

    Two-month gaining splendor. She has already reached maximum density. Now begins active growth in length. It's time to get a special shampoo. Use it at least 2 times a week. In addition, after a shower, the beard must be rinsed with clean water.

    Hair structure may change slightly. Therefore, do not be surprised if the hair starts to curl, even if it is straight on your head.

    The advantages of such a beard:

    • it is safe to say whether it suits you or not, without waiting for the enormous length and strange looks of others,
    • You can see how his hair behaves in such circumstances: how quickly it grows, how much it curls and requires styling (this information will help in the future to easily grow a beard again),
    • you can choose a style, as in the future a larger beard will not differ much from what it is now.

    From three months a beard can be combed. And it’s better to do it every day, because the hair at the ends will curl even more.

    Choose a wooden comb so as not to damage the hairs. You also need to wash it every day. However, it will dry longer. It would be more correct to dry it with a towel, but if you are in a hurry, a hairdryer will always come to the rescue.

    To give volume and splendor, dry the beard with a hairdryer from the bottom up.

    Use special men's cosmetics. In the morning - oil to strengthen hair and nourish the skin. The beard will grow faster. If you are comfortable with the growth rate, apply balm in the morning. He fixes his hair so that it does not stick out in different directions.

    At the stage of 5-6 months, the beard has reached the length when any experiments are suitable for you. You can change the shape as you wish.

    You have probably tasted all the pleasure of a barbershop, so it will not be difficult for you to go there once every few weeks. If you have learned to wield a trimmer, you can take care of the beard yourself. And don't forget to shave where you need it. For example, any style implies a smooth neck.

    Each face type has its own beard. For example, a square face fits a full 1-1.5 cm. A round face can be made thin by shaving your cheeks and leaving longer hair on your chin. A triangular face, on the contrary, is better to round off with wider vegetation. Almost any fit oval face.

    If a man wants just a spectacular beard that does not go beyond the simple urban style, he needs only six months. During this time, almost all with proper care appear exactly the length that I would like to see. For more extravagant and extraordinary options, it will take from a year or more - it all depends on the length.

    If you don’t trim your beard for a whole year, it will grow longer than 10 cm. If you were in Peter's time, you would have been taxed at 100 rubles.

    Experiment, change images. The main thing is if you suddenly get tired, do not rush to shave everything off, postpone this decision until the next morning. Remember how much effort has been spent.

    How much can grow

    Some are not limited to one year. They are interested in how much facial hair is able to grow in principle and how long to reach. It depends on genetics and the general predisposition of the body. But even now you can check how much your hair will last.

    The fact is that each hair goes through its growth stages:

    1. The first phase is anagen. This is the stage of active growth. It lasts for everyone in different ways: from a couple of months to several years.
    2. The second phase is catagen. Hair stops growing, but does not fall out. So he holds on for a couple of weeks.
    3. And then comes the telogen phase when the hair falls out.

    You can check how long your hair fell out to understand at what stage it falls out. However, it is worth considering that each hair is at its own stage. One is growing, the other is getting ready to fall.

    So, now it became clear that growing a beard from laziness will not work. It takes almost more time and effort than daily shaving.

    What you need to pay special attention to:

    1. Skincare in the first months.
    2. Comb, shampoo - these are attributes not only for the head.
    3. For fast growth, use special oils.
    4. The trimmer is your best friend when barbershop friends are busy.
    5. Carefully monitor each stage of growth and adjust the care for it.

    Watch the video: How to Grow A Beard From Start To Finish (February 2020).

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