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Paint for a beard: everything you need to know, from A to Z

With the help of a beard, a man can look courageously, brutally, but at the same time adding some charm and adventurism to his appearance. Women note that the male beard adds sexuality, while psychologists believe that for women, the male beard is an indicator of good genetics and health for posterity. Fashion trends promote the many forms and types of beards and mustaches even forgotten by humanity and history.

If a man’s beard rarely grows and is lighter than hair on his head, this is far from a reason to abandon facial hair. Specialists suggest using the dyeing service, and a properly selected beard paint easily evens the shades of hair on the man's head and face. Many even manage to hide the early gray beard with the help of tinting coloring compounds.

Paint Criteria

Specially created paint for beard and mustache differs significantly in composition and purpose than paints for different techniques of dyeing female hair. When creating such tools, specialists took into account the peculiarities of the structure of hair, their reactions to chemical components, types and often found shades of beards and much more. In addition, you need to understand that the skin of the face will react expressed in the wrong color.

Temporary coloring

When choosing tools than to paint a beard and mustache, a man should pay attention primarily to the composition of the paint. The safest options are tinting products for temporary staining. It can be foams, gels and shampoos in the form of hair tonics that can change the color of the beard and mustache by several tones. Use and need, as a rule, once a week or more often, depending on the type of hair and its shade.

The most popular temporary beard stains are:

  • Just for men gel paint
  • Dexe
  • tint foam Wella,
  • Tonic balm
  • tonic "Delia."

In this case, tonics for dyeing female hair can be actively used, since their composition is about the same and equally safe. Tonics have another advantageous difference - they are much cheaper than paints. Each man individually determines the frequency of use for himself, since the hair reacts differently to the dyeing process, some quickly wash the components of the tonic, others keep them for a long time. Learn more about beard toning.

Persistent staining

If a man needs persistent paint for a mustache and beard, it is strictly forbidden to use female paints. Alternatively, a special dye can be used, which women dye eyelashes and eyebrows, as it has a soft and gentle composition without aggressive components. But the modern market for beard cosmetics offers special paints for facial hair.

Of persistent paints, experts advise the following brands:

  • Kapous,
  • Bigen men’s beard color,
  • Dexe
  • Just for men

In addition to such paints, a man can use basma or henna, since we are talking about natural coloring agents obtained using extracts from plants. Basma or henna for a beard can stain it brown, red and even black. Black color is suitable for men of the eastern type of appearance, the remaining shades were created specifically for fair-skinned people of Slavic nationality and appearance.

What to look for when choosing a color?

An important condition for the correct choice of paint for the beard is a correctly selected color of the cosmetic product. The basis is the shade of hair on the head, and after staining the hair on the beard can be darker by only 1 tone. Do not experiment with contrasts if a man has black hair on his head, a red beard will look comical and unnatural.

Experts give detailed recommendations for all colors of paints for a beard, namely:

  1. Black paint. Suitable for a man with rough features and dark brown and black hair. Also, do not paint a thick and long beard in a dark color, so as not to give the man an untidy and wild appearance.
  2. Natural shades. Natural and tinted dyes will help to slightly darken or saturate the existing color of the beard and mustache. Suitable for all types and forms of beards and for any appearance of a man, the main thing is that the hair on the face and head is as close as possible to the shade.

Extreme colors of staining have a place to be, but creative people, outrageous and media personalities, informals and other adherents of cultures and movements are more likely to lean towards them. One only has to experiment with temporary paints so that one does not have to shave off an unsuccessfully painted beard and mustache.

Popular manufacturers

If a man has decided on a shade of beard after applying the paint, now it’s worth approaching the choice of cosmetics responsibly than painting his beard and mustache. The modern market of cosmetic products offers a large selection of coloring and shading products for facial hair from various domestic and foreign manufacturers. Experts also offer their top-rating of high-quality and popular paints for mustaches and beards.


The creamy consistency allows you to gently and deeply color the hairs of the bristles, while providing a lasting shade for a long time. A new beard will be worn in bright color for at least 1 month, but thanks to its light air structure. Paint can also be used for home independent coloring. In addition, the paint does not include aggressive components.

Having opened the package, all components must be combined into one consistency, mixed and immediately applied to the hairs of the beard and mustache. The paint composition is washed off no earlier than 15 minutes after application using warm water and shampoo. The price of packaging with Gentleman paint will cost a man about 150 rubles, due to such an affordable price this paint is in maximum demand.


Godefroy brand paints are widely available in many parts of Russia. The package contains an antioxidant substance, a vessel for mixing paint components, capsules with a coloring pigment, a mixing tool, and an applicator for distributing paint along the beard hairs. In a bowl, capsules and an antioxidant are combined, immediately applying the composition to the beard and mustache.

Rinse with warm water and a mild beard shampoo after 15 minutes. The manufacturer Godefroy offers a huge selection of shades and colors for men of all types of appearance and nationality. Paint can be used as needed, but the creators set a durability period of 1 month or longer. In Russia, about 500 rubles will have to be paid for one package with paint and additional tools.

Just for man

Modern men have already appreciated dyes from Just for man, which are enriched with additional and useful hair components. Namely:

  • trace elements for hair and skin,
  • essential oils for moisturizing,
  • pigments for permanent hair coloring.

The paint composition is 100% natural, there are no harmful aggressive substances in it, which was confirmed by tests and tests of the paint. Initially, the paint was created to darken the gray hairs on the beard. A rich palette of natural deep shades allows all men to choose their own individual tone. The paint should be kept for 5 minutes, after which the beard will be monophonic, saturated and will retain color until 4-6 weeks. And the price of paint is 550 rubles.

Cameleo men

Professional hair dye for mustache and beard, which can be used for home coloring of facial hair. Ease of use allows any man to use the paint, and the composition copes with masking even gray hairs, while maintaining the structure and integrity of the bristles. Before staining, the beard must be washed with shampoo or soap.

The package includes a pigment for coloring and a developer of paint, which must be well mixed. The composition is applied for only 10 minutes, after which it is thoroughly washed under running water. Almost every man can use such paint, since the composition does not negatively affect the hair and skin of the face. And the average price for packaging with paint is 300 rubles.

American crew

This product was created to mask gray hair in a beard. Coloring pigment and activator will be offered in the package, they must be mixed before application. This paint for bristles lasts about 5 minutes, after which it is washed off with water. One package may be enough for 5-7 stains, so the price per unit of goods 1300 rubles is justified.

Ideal paint for darkening gray hairs on a beard, mustache and whiskers. The package contains 2 packs of paint and 2 pairs of gloves, respectively, you can use a unit of goods twice. Regardless of external influences, the shade will last up to 6 weeks. The paint is presented only in a brown shade, so you need to keep it on your hair until the desired shade is obtained. The price for packaging is 300 rubles.

Bigen men’s beard color

Ideal paint for home use, as it involves a soft, creamy consistency. In addition to the coloring components, Bigen men’s beard color contains aloe vera extract and olive oil so that the hairs are shiny and the skin minimally senses the presence of paint. The cost of packaging is 1200 rubles, but so far the manufacturer offers a small palette of shades.

Katerina Fadeeva

Professionally, but easily and simply about beauty, fashion, art, travel and even cars!

Gray hair, dullness or just a desire to change the image - it doesn’t matter what prompted you to color your beard and mustache. In any case, this must be done competently, using special means. We learn to choose a paint for a beard and use it correctly.


Initially, this paint was intended for dyeing hair on eyelashes and eyebrows. But today, many men use it to tint a beard and mustache, and the shape of the gel makes the staining process easier than ever. Apply the composition for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This manufacturer is supposed to have a dark palette of colors, and the composition perfectly copes with gray hair. The packaging price is only 150 rubles.

Customer reviews

According to the reviews of many men, the leaders in paints are those products that involve low prices, since beard staining is carried out quite often. Expensive imported paints can significantly hit the pocket, so the demand for paints from Delia, DeXe and Gentleman is growing. Many men note that tonics used by women perfectly darken the beard and retain their shade for a long time.


Painting a beard is a fairly balanced decision for a man. After all, representatives of the stronger sex are very careful about facial hair. Often a friend and family are pushing a man to such a decision. Paint for the beard must be selected correctly and meet certain requirements.

At first glance, this procedure is easy, but it is worth starting the dyeing process, as many questions arise: “How to paint a beard correctly?”, “What paint to choose?”, “How to paint a beard at home?”, “Can I use ordinary paint for hair?". It is necessary to study the painting process in more detail in order to answer all these questions.

Tool selection

Initially, a man chooses a color. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to use too light or too dark tones. In addition to the fact that paints with such shades can burn the face, so in addition they are rarely combined with the complexion of a man's face. At the moment, there are a large number of professional products that gently affect the hair, but at the same time are able to color even very coarse bristles. The duration of the effect obtained by painting with professional paint is quite long.

Professional Tips

Most experts in this area recommend using natural coloring agents - basma and henna. If the shade is quickly washed out and does not give the desired depth, it is better to use temporary paints, since they less damage the structure of the hair and skin of the face.

Of the listed paint manufacturers, Just for man and Gentleman paints received the best recommendations from stylists. Stylists of bearded men with long facial hair are advised to select natural soft shades of the beard. But for short stylish beards, such as goatees, wedges or fringes, you can choose dark, deep paint colors.

Tinting agents

Such paint should be used regularly (1 time per week). There are special tonic paints for men that provide a tonic effect. Such paint does not belong to the resistant. You can also purchase a female tinted hair balm. Both drugs work the same and are absolutely safe. The only inconvenience is that the color is quickly washed out. Since coloring a beard with a tonic is simple, many men prefer this particular paint at the first stains. But, tinting hair with a tonic is required regularly.

Color selection

An important step is the choice of color. In order for the beard to subsequently look harmonious, it is necessary to take into account that the hair on the head and face should differ by a maximum of 1 tone. For example, a white-beard and black hair will look unnatural. But, nevertheless, the choice of tone depends on the taste and preferences of the man. If you decide to paint the stubble, long beard or mustache in an extreme color, then initially you need to take a tinting balm, which can be washed out of hair if it fails. Resistant paint for beard and mustache is very poorly removed from the skin, during the painting process, this must be taken into account and apply the product carefully.

Black color

Among the representatives of the stronger sex, black is the most popular color, but this tone does not suit everyone. Not all hair dyes can give a persistent black color. The best way to dye your beard black is to color your eyelashes and eyebrows.

For a bearded man with a dark skin, who has dark hair on his head (from chestnut to black), black is ideal. If a man has soft features, then such a tone will not suit him. The shape and length of the beard also play an important role. If the hair is too long, then do not choose black for dyeing. The shade looks more beautiful on the beard: wedges, edging, goatee.

The process of painting at home

In addition to dye, additional materials are required to color the beard at home. They can be purchased at a specialty store. Such materials include:

  • cotton pads,
  • fat cream (can be used for children),
  • gloves
  • plastic container for diluting the dye,
  • brush (you can use cotton wool),
  • Cape on the shoulders.

The table on which the procedure will be carried out also needs to be covered with a film, since it is almost impossible to wash such a product from the surface.


Painting a beard at home is not a complicated procedure. On the eve of staining, the beard must be washed well with shampoo and dried. After that, you need to comb it and create a shape (cut).The composition must be applied to dried hair, but tonic and other tonic agents can be applied to wet hair. The beard is painted in front of the mirror. Lighting should be adequate. Before the procedure, you need to wear gloves. Rinse off the product also with gloves. The cream is necessary in order to spread them the nasolabial region, the skin around the ears and cheeks. This protects against staining of unnecessary areas of the face. The next step is the preparation of containers for diluting the coloring composition. Further, based on the type of paint, it is necessary to dilute the components.

Resistant paint

Remove all contents from packaging. Squeeze the required amount of paint and developer cream into a bowl (in equal proportions). Mix well so that there are no lumps. With a cotton or brush gradually, gaining a little paint to apply to the hair. It must be borne in mind that the product must be evenly distributed along the entire length, to ensure uniform coloring. After application, immediately remove all stains with a cotton pad. You need to hold the product for 10-30 minutes, it depends on the desired shade. Having sustained the necessary time, paint needs to be washed off using shampoos. Permanent dyeing of the beard provides a lasting effect.

Tinted balms, foams, gels

Such a tool is sold ready to use. Shake the bottle well and open it. You can apply toner with a piece of fleece. When staining, it is necessary to ensure that the product is applied evenly. After washing off, you can apply a balm that will help maintain the shade for a longer period of time.

Basma and henna

These two coloring powders must be mixed in equal proportions. Pour the resulting mixture with warm water and mix until the consistency of sour cream. It is necessary to ensure that there are no lumps in the paint. Apply the resulting composition to the hair and keep no more than 1 hour. Rinse off until the water becomes clear. With uneven staining, the procedure can be repeated by applying the composition to unpainted areas. Men stained with basma and henna need to maintain color by regular tinting.

Before painting the beard, you need to choose a paint color. Do not forget that persistent paint can not be removed from the hair, so you need to seriously approach the choice of shade. For experiments, it is better to use a tint balm, since in case of failure, it will be washed off from the hair after 1 week.

For many men, a beard is a winning weapon to attract attention from the opposite sex. But not all men naturally get a thick beard with a rich and deep color. Most often, the color of the beard can be, if not radically different, then several shades lighter than the hair on the head. There are frequent cases when the hairs of early gray hair are visible in the beard.

Experts advise to correct the situation by their own efforts or with the help of stylists and barbers. For this, dyeing procedures are carried out, you can also learn technologies how to paint a beard yourself at home. Painting will help balance the shades of hair on the face and head, eliminate the appearance of gray hair, give the color of the beard depth and attractiveness, if the right color materials are chosen.

It used to be that painting a beard is far from a masculine destiny; it is not typical for a man to use cosmetics and procedures. Today, fashion has stepped forward, helping many men acquire a thick, long and bright beard. The problem when the color of the beard varies significantly with the shade of the hair on the head can now be resolved in 5-15 minutes.

For reference! Men need to color their beards, mustaches and whiskers if they have gray hair, a dull shade of hair, and a shade of beard is uneven due to genetic characteristics. Only a smooth and deep tone of facial hair will give it a win-win appearance.

Manufacturers of cosmetic products for the care of male facial vegetation offer a huge selection of certain coloring agents, these can be natural paints of plant origin (basma or henna), temporary tonics or permanent paints. And so that the coloring of the beard is pleasant, harmless and safe for hair and facial skin, you need to use paints specifically for the beard.

How long does staining last?

The service life of the coloring pigments in the paint that will be used by a man can be radically different. It all depends on the type of paint, its origin and composition, the characteristics of the skin and the structure of the hair on the beard. But on average, for each type of paint, experts can give an approximate time frame for how long the resulting shade of beard will last.

  1. Henna and Basma . These are coloring products of plant origin, which give a rich natural color without harming the skin and hair. The paint contains no chemical aggressive substances, only components that are useful for the structure of the hair. But the disadvantage of such natural staining is the short color retention period, namely 7-14 days. If a man’s hair on the beard is thick and dark by nature, basma or henna can last up to a maximum of 3 weeks, but subject to rare washing and use of cleansers.
  2. Tonics . With the help of toner colors, you can also change the shade of the beard, make it darker and more saturated by several tones. Such paints are usually produced in the form of foams and gels of a light creamy consistency. The results obtained last 1-2 weeks, as shampoos and soaps eventually wash the pigment out of the hair structure. .
  3. Resistant paints for beard and mustache . This type of paint is much more appreciated by men and stylists, and the highest quality products guarantee the preservation of the result for 4-6 weeks.

If a man has excessively sensitive and prone to allergic reactions skin, it is worthwhile to give preference to natural coloring compounds, but it will be necessary to carry out staining procedures much more often. If the skin reacts normally enough to the paints for the beard, in this case, it will be enough high-quality resistant paints and staining procedures once a month.

Is it possible to dye hair dye?

The most common question on forums and in communities from men is as follows - is it possible to dye a beard with hair dye? In fact, it is strictly forbidden to do this, since the composition contains aggressive chemical elements - hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. If you apply such a composition to the face, a man can do with irritation, and can get a severe skin burn.

The usual dye with which women dye the hair on their heads will radically change not only the shade of the hair on the beard and mustache, but can also color the skin of the face. The result is a more than awkward and comical image. It must be understood that the oxidizing agents in the composition are extremely aggressive to thin and sensitive skin, which is located just in the area of ​​the oral cavity.

Important! On a man’s beard, hair grows completely different in structure than on the head. Therefore, the standard hair dyes used by women can not only injure the skin of the face, but also not take on thick and stiff beard hair or dye the beard with an uneven shade.

Stages of painting

A dyed beard will look natural and young if the man selects the right shade and performs the staining procedure according to the instructions. In fact, the weight of the course of action will take no more than 5-15 minutes, if you use specialized coloring agents for mustaches and beards. For work, you will need a wrap on the shoulders, paint, dishes for paint, gloves and a brush for applying paint. The course of action includes 3 stages - preparation, dyeing and washing the beard.


When a man has chosen a suitable product for himself, than to dye his beard at home, you need to read the instructions for this cosmetic product. The process of applying paint can vary significantly, it all depends on the type of paint. Namely:

  1. If resistant paint will be used, the following operations must be performed:
  • squeeze out all the components from the package into a bowl,
  • mix the composition so that there are no lumps,
  • with a brush, the composition of the paint is applied to the hair of the beard,
  • paint is distributed evenly over the entire length of the hair,
  • use a cotton swab to remove excess paint,
  • wash off the paint after 15-30 minutes according to the instructions.

The paint must be washed off with running warm water and shampoo, after which the result is evaluated. If the shade was lighter than expected, paint residues can be reapplied.

  1. If tonics will be used, a man must follow several stages of staining. Namely:
  • squeeze out all the contents of the bottles in a package into a bowl,
  • beard hair needs to be wetted with water,
  • a small amount of the product is applied to the hairs and foamed with massage movements,
  • the tonic should be distributed along the entire length of the hair in a uniform layer,
  • after 10-20 minutes, the composition is washed off only with warm water.

There are many balms, thanks to which you can fix a new shade of painted beard. High-quality tinted mousses and gels contain the package with balsam initially.

  1. If staining will occur using natural henna or basma paints, the following list of actions should be performed:
  • pour half a bag of powder into a bowl,
  • a little warm water is poured into the powder to get the consistency of sour cream,
  • the mass is thoroughly stirred and applied evenly along the length of the hair from the roots to the ends,
  • maintain the composition for about 30-60 minutes.

To wash off such paint is important only with clean running water, since the composition of shampoos and soaps contributes to the rapid washing out of the paint pigment. The procedure can be repeated if the new shade was not deep enough or came out uneven.

How to rinse?

As already mentioned, rinse off permanent paint with warm water and using shampoo to clean hair from excess paint. But tinting agents and natural paints do not accept the use of cleansers, as this can disrupt the uniformity and saturation of the new hair pigment on the beard. In this case, just one running water will be sufficient.

The disadvantages and advantages of staining

The main difference between the staining procedures is the ability of any man to try on different shades of beard to his image. High-quality paint helps to hide premature gray hair in the beard hairs, as well as the mismatch of the shade of the beard with the shade of hair on the head. For many men, a painted beard before and after dramatically changes the appearance, giving the face youth and freshness.

Disadvantages can be considered only the fact that finances will need to be spent on coloring cosmetics, in addition, coloring will have to be done from 1 to several times a month. Not every beard paint can paint a beard in white, for example. Many manufacturers offer so far a limited assortment of palettes with shades of beard colors.

Experts do not recommend staining the beard black with men with fair skin and Slavic appearance. In addition, a dark saturated beard will look ridiculous if it is long and thick. Black color is appropriate in case of short aesthetic forms of a beard, for example, goatee or chinstrap. But the Viking's beard or shovel accept only natural shades.

Many men are embarrassed by their gray hair and paint over it, but today the fashion for a silver beard extends exponentially. But to find a paint that dyes a beard in a gray color, it will be difficult to find an eye. You can consult a barbershop on how to color your mustache and beard at home. Stylists only emphasize that the shade of the beard should not differ from the shade of the hair on the head with an error of one tone.


Initially, men who have never painted a beard, but want changes, can try to dye their mustaches and beards with henna or basma, as these are temporary natural dyes. By trial and experiment, it will be possible to choose the appropriate shade and color of the paint. The process of home dyeing itself is simple, it does not require special knowledge, skills and efforts. The main thing in the future is to tint the roots of the beard as the hairs grow. It must be remembered that dyed hair needs additional nutrition and hydration.

Many women, hiding gray hair or trying to give brightness to their image, dye their hair on the head in the chosen color.

Is this paint suitable for changing the color of a beard? This is an obvious misconception. Such a cosmetic product should not be used to paint bristles. Since the composition of such a hair product includes ammonia, a coloring agent and hydrogen peroxide.

The use of these substances for the face will adversely affect the condition of the skin, which can lead to unpleasant consequences, namely:

There are many types of cosmetic coloring agents that are aimed specifically at changing the color of the hair on the face. But to purchase them is quite difficult, because they are sold in specialized stores.

Tinted gels, shampoos, foams

These cosmetics have a short-term effect. They should beard dyed once every 7 days or more often.

For the procedure, it is not necessary to purchase tinting products for coloring the hair on the face.

You can use female tonics, gels or balms. Both male and female tinting products are absolutely safe to use. Therefore, you can use female tonics for dyeing hair on the head.

In this way, you can save money, because such tonics are much cheaper, and the result is identical with men's tinted funds.

Resistant paint

As already mentioned, it is contraindicated to use female hair dyes for permanent color. Because they have an aggressive effect. An alternative is paint for changing the color of eyelashes and eyebrows, if it is not possible to purchase specialized paint for a man’s beard.

Another safe option is henna or basma. This is a natural product that is a powder from plants. With their help, you can color the hairline on the face in red, brown or black.

To choose the right paint color for staining the beard, you should take into account the original shade of the hair on the face! Many men tend to paint their beard black.

This radical change is suitable for men with a non-Slavic appearance, with rude facial features.

The shape of the beard should also be taken into account, only for aesthetic forms is black suitable.

How to choose the right color for overgrown bristles?

In order to choose the most suitable tool for painting a beard, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. choose a paint intended only for changing the color of the hair on the face (a coloring agent is suitable not only for the beard, but also for eyelashes, eyebrows),
  2. for coloring the hair on the face in a natural color, you should choose a shade of one tone lighter than the beard,
  3. use only light colors to mask gray hair, as too dark shades can unevenly color the beard.

Shading gray hair is a separate issue. Since it should be borne in mind that hair does not initially have a uniform color.

Therefore, when stained in a too dark or bright shade, gray hair will look much darker than the rest.

In the market for beard paints, you can easily pick up special anti-gray hair products that offer an extensive palette of colors.

Important to remember! You should refrain from using hair dyes on your head! They can cause severe allergic reactions and burns on the skin.

Which paint is most suitable for coloring a beard in black

If there is gray hair on the face, making a black beard is quite problematic at home. To do this, it is better to contact specialists in beauty salons. They will select the appropriate shades for uniform coloring.

If we talk about painting the hair on the face at home, then you can use Basma. This is a natural product that does not harm the skin. She will also paint the overgrown bristles in the desired saturated black color.

But this method is only suitable for men who do not have gray hair on their beards. Since if they are present, the result of the procedure at home can be unpredictable.

Also, painting in black provides such a moment: you need to pay attention to the shape of the beard and the natural color of the hair on the head. In naturally light men, the stubble of black color will look, to put it mildly, strange. The man does not look well-groomed.

Carrying out this procedure not only gives self-confidence to a man, but also gives many other positive aspects, namely:

  • makes a man a few years younger
  • a man becomes more active and energetic, as attention is attracted to him by the fair sex,
  • the procedure is easy to carry out, you can also contact specialists for this.

A man who decides to paint his beard must carefully consider the shade or color. If there is a fear of self-coloring, then for this you can contact specialists who own various techniques for painting bristles.

So, you first thought that it was time to paint a beard. Hair could grow dull, burn out in the sun, gray hair appeared - there could be a lot of reasons for this. Now you need to decide on the method and means of painting. And just do not be shy!

Why do men do it

Firstly, it is beautiful. A beard of even color, without gray and dull hairs, looks neater, neater. And if we are talking about painting gray hair, then the psychological factor also plays a role. Men with a new beard color feel more confident and even younger, which, as a rule, gives a new impetus to work, which is why things are going up.

At home or in the cabin

The easiest option is to go to the beauty salon. Professionals take care of your beard and even mustache. But not the smallest money will be asked for their services: in different salons, the cost of correcting a beard ranges from 6 to 20 dollars (depending on the high cost of the materials for painting and the general pricing policy of the establishment).

It is important to remember that you will have to tint your beard about once a week - a maximum of two. The disadvantage of this venture is that today not every beauty salon can offer a quality service, which means that you will have to look carefully for your “master”.

A slightly more difficult option is to independently paint the beard at home. It will be somewhat cheaper, but there is a risk of making a mistake with the choice of color and the paint itself.

What paint to choose

Using regular hair dye is not recommended, although some use it, as finding a professional is not easy. But, firstly, such a paint is intended for softer hair and can lie unevenly on a stiff beard. In addition, there is a likelihood that the shade will turn out not quite the same as expected, again due to the rigid structure of the hair.

But if, nevertheless, the choice fell on hair dye, you should definitely take only light shades: ashen, light blond, blond. This is because on the beard these colors give a much darker color than on the hair. And this means that choosing, for example, chestnut, you can get a burning black beard.

Another disadvantage of using ordinary paint for a beard is that it is not intended for facial skin and therefore can cause an allergic reaction.

In beauty salons use special paint for beards and mustaches. It’s hard to find in a retail network, but it is available in online stores. Such paint costs about $ 30. It is easy to use, does not cause allergies, quickly stains (some after 5 minutes are enough for application) and does not wash off for a long time.

When choosing a paint, remember that the color of the beard should be one tone lighter than the hair.

And always apply light colors if you need to paint over gray hair. The fact is that gray hair will certainly become much darker than indicated on the package of paint - this is the property of gray hair.

Stages of beard staining

  1. Prepare the necessary auxiliary items: gloves, dishes for the coloring material, brush, comb, towel, warm water, shampoo.
  2. Before staining, make sure that the vegetation has the desired shape. Correct the circuit, if necessary, wash, dry.
  3. Apply in accordance with the instructions for use.
  4. Soak the time necessary for staining and rinse off any dye. If there are poorly colored areas, repeat the procedure again.

Bigen men’s beard color

Bigen men’s beard color has a creamy texture, making the painting process much easier.
The nutritious hypoallergenic composition is pleasing: olive oil, aloe vera, coloring pigment.

Herbal components have a beneficial effect on the skin and stubble. After application, the hairs acquire a healthy shine.

Cost - 1200 rubles.

Is it possible to dye the beard with hair dye

Definitely not. Using hair dyes is dangerous, since they contain substances such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

The epidermis on the face is much more sensitive than on the head, and hair dye can be harmful. So, in particular:

  1. When used, the skin under the bristles will inevitably color, and in this situation, burns and irritations are provided.
  2. It can partially stain the bristles; it will look, to put it mildly, unattractive.
  3. After using the usual remedy, the hair structure can also suffer, causing fragility, cross-section, stiffness and even loss.
  4. Also, the occurrence of a reaction to the components of the composition is not ruled out.

Even if professional-grade means are used, the above negative consequences cannot be avoided.

Eyebrow Colors

Well, if, for example, paint the beard with eyebrow paint? This option is quite acceptable when there is no special product at hand.

An analogue for eyebrows and eyelashes will come in handy, as this paint is delicate compared to women’s hair. The duration of the result is one month.

The disadvantage of these colors is a poor assortment of colors - usually it is only brown, red, black.


If you have just embarked on the path of coloring vegetation, start with lightweight dyes such as henna and basma, and for competent painting, consult a professional barber. As you gain experience, change the look with professional beard paints. Do not take risks just because you want to save. Do not forget that dyed hair always needs nourishment and additional care.

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!


Tonic is one of the most harmless ways to color your beard and mustache. Unlike paints, tonic ingredients do not destroy the natural pigment of the hair, replacing it with synthetic, but only temporarily settle in the hair scales, without harming the beard and face skin. This type of product is suitable for owners of sensitive skin and those who dye their beard for the first time. In case of an error, the shade is simply washed off within a week.

Coloring Shampoos

The advantage of this type of staining is convenience. To get the desired shade, the beard just needs to be washed with a special tool. The disadvantage is a short-term effect: the procedure will have to be repeated once a week or even more often. When choosing a tinted shampoo, it is worth giving preference to men's products. However, the use of female tinting products is also not forbidden.

Instruction manual

  1. Wash the beard before applying paint. Apply a little Vaseline or baby cream to the skin around the beard - so you can avoid irritation. In addition, with oily skin it will be easier to wipe the paint, accidentally smeared "not where you need it."
  2. Now brush the paint on the beard. Just in case, leave a little paint in the container, as sometimes not all hairs are painted over the first time. Start to apply paint from the upper contour, then with small strokes go to the side edge. When the contour is painted over, with large strokes apply paint to the rest of the beard, carefully smearing it over the entire surface of the hair.
  3. Hold the mixture for exactly as long as indicated in the instructions (not all paints act equally quickly). Rinse thoroughly afterwards. If the desired result did not work, repeat the procedure after 15 minutes.
  4. As the beard grows, it will need to be tinted. This is usually done once a week and a half. During repeated dyeing, it is no longer necessary to paint over the entire beard so thoroughly - just walk the brush along the contour and slightly along the rest of the hair.

Over time, you will get used to regular beard tinting and develop your own style. And if you have already tried to change the color of the beard, share your experience in the comments.

Full information on the topic "how to paint a beard black at home" - all the most relevant and useful on this issue.

Greetings to all fans of the beard and mustache! Today only hardcore! An article for those who are not satisfied with the color of their beard and want to repaint it.

You may have come across gray hair that you simply plucked thinking: “No problem! Once and done! ” Guessed?

But it was not there! These bastards breed without your knowledge, right behind you! And now they become like an ashen army, which is going to attack you! But don't rip them all off, right?

Someone finds gray hair sexy. And of course, gray hair is a sign of experience and maturity, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. But some still want to turn the clock back. A bright and full-color beard makes its owner younger and more energetic, not only externally, but also internally. Strange, but true!

A change in the color of the beard can be caused by various reasons (smoking, age, hormonal changes, etc.)

Dyeing the hair on your head and dyeing your beard is far from the same thing!

Go to a professional or not?

Painting a beard is a very bold undertaking and if you are going to entrust this occupation to a professional, in no case go to a regular beauty salon, only a barbershop! There you will be given advice on the color and types of paint, as well as how to apply it specifically in your case.

The beard grows very quickly, so it needs to be tinted every 1-2 weeks. For this reason, many will still want to learn and paint a beard on their own. Moreover, if you are able to care for a beard, then you should not have problems with the development of painting techniques and color maintenance.

Be careful!

This is your face, do not forget. Do not immediately "get into all the bad"! Read the instructions, follow the recommendations. Be sure to test the product for an allergic reaction! Regular hair dye for our purposes will not work, as the skin is very delicate. You can easily get a burn! Use special paint for beard and mustache. Soon there will be a review of various colors.

Temporary beard painting

Not sure about your decision? Try temporary beard paint!

How it works?

  1. Wash and comb your beard.
  2. Using a special brush that is included with the paint, apply and distribute the paint evenly over the entire beard or only in the necessary areas.
  3. The paint dries and you are ready for today.
  4. Wash off the paint before going to bed and apply again the next day.
  5. If you want to leave the paint overnight, remember that the paint is temporary, and it may be on the pillow and sheets!

A big minus of such funds is that they must be used every morning and washed off every evening. Although this takes about 5 minutes, you could sleep for 5 minutes, for example. You also need to be careful and, if possible, not to wet your beard, as the paint may accidentally come off.

Pros of temporary painting

  • You do not need to do this all the time. Once tired, you can no longer do this.
  • You can only paint a beard in connection with special events. New Year, for example!
  • Temporary painting allows you to try different colors.
  • Temporary paint is convenient in masking sprouted roots. This is faster than tinting with permanent paint.

Permanent beard painting

Decision is made? Excellent!

While you need to tint a beard every day with temporary paint, you can paint and forget with a permanent paint for a week! Or until the roots grow back. With permanent paint, you can generally change the color of the beard. Make it darker, lighter or colored (red or green). With a temporary one, for example, making a beard lighter is rather problematic.

Mustache painting

If you are going to paint a beard and you have a mustache, then they also need to be painted. In addition to paint, you still have the option of using wax for a mustache. Some waxes, for example, contain henna, which over time can change the color of the mustache. Familiarize yourself with the composition and properties of various waxes and I am sure you will find something suitable.

1. Collect all accessories and materials.

  • Paint for the beard. Make sure you have an oxidant (oxidizing agent) if the product requires it in your instructions.
  • Latex gloves. Paint can be corrosive to your skin!
  • Applicator. In other words, a toothbrush, a mascara brush, a small comb with fine teeth, or a beard brush. Quite often, hair dye has this tool in the kit.
  • Paper towels. You can, of course, use ordinary towels if you are not afraid of hard hitting over stains.
  • Vaseline! Yes, you heard right! For what? To protect the skin from aggressive paint. You can also use mineral oil.
  • Stain Remover. If the product so requires in its instructions. (There is also a home option - bleach in half with water, but be very careful to check the sensitivity of the skin first.)

Natural dyes

Henna and Basma are bright, relatively persistent and absolutely safe products that can be safely used for beards and mustaches. If you learn how to mix them correctly, you can get an extensive palette from black to red. But they also have their drawbacks. The fact is that natural paints strongly color the skin, and with illiterate use, washing your face will not be easy. The second caveat: synthetic dyes - if applied on top of henna and basma - can give unpredictable effects. Therefore, before deciding on a different type of staining, make sure that the natural dye is completely washed off.

How to choose a shade of paint for a beard

The first thing to be guided by is the natural shade of the beard and mustache: the color of the coloring should not differ from them by more than half a tone. The second important point: the shape of the beard. Bright colors are more suitable for carriers of strict graphic forms, and softer tones are for owners of lush vegetation. Finally, the third: facial features. The more brutal they are, the brighter and more saturated the shade can be.For example, black is ideal for men with a southern appearance, and beige or ashen - for residents of the northern regions, traditionally having softer facial features. The now popular white beard looks spectacular, but requires a meticulous attitude to the style of clothing.

What should not be the color of the beard and mustache

It should not coincide with the shade of the hair, since in nature these colors differ, sometimes even by a couple of tones. Extreme greens and reds are also not the best solution. If you want to show off at the bachelor party, use the art makeup for hair, which is washed off the next day.

How to color a beard at home

Subject to the technology of dyeing, the beard can be painted not only in the salon, but also at home. To help beginners - our instruction.

1. Wash your facial hair and shape it, for example with a trimmer.

2. Prepare oilcloth or newspapers to protect the floor and walls of the apartment from dye.

3. Apply oily cream to the skin around the beard and mustache - this will help prevent staining of the face.

4. Depending on which product you are using, open a jar of paint or pre-mix it with an oxidizing agent. Follow the instructions on the tool to correctly calculate the proportions. If you dye your hair with shampoo, just wash your beard and mustache with this product.

5. Using a brush (sold complete with paint), apply the paint evenly to the beard.

6. Soak the paint on the time indicated on the package, and then rinse.

7. Rinse the beard with balm - this will help to avoid hair stiffness.

8. If you accidentally stained the skin, remove the pigment with alcohol or lemon juice.

Is it possible to dye a beard with hair dye?

From the point of view of science, the hair on the face and on the head are two different worlds. They differ in color, density, stiffness, and all because the follicles that are responsible for their growth have a completely different nature. That is why when gray hair appears on the face, it is important to choose a special tool designed specifically for the beard and mustache, and not for hair on the head. Another reason why you should not use ordinary hair dyes is the components that irritate the skin of the face, for example ammonia.

How to care for a beard after dyeing

By analogy with dyeing hair on the head, the same actions with a beard can lead to similar consequences. After exposure to paint, the hairs can become weakened, damaged, brittle and dry. The easiest and most effective way to avoid this fate is to apply beard oil daily. The balanced composition of such a tool will help provide the necessary nutrition and hydration. In addition, beard oil has an excellent composition.

For example, among the ingredients of Redken Brews Beard & Face Oil you can find 99% natural ingredients. Together, they solve several problems at once: they cope with the stiffness of the bristles, provide the beard with a neat appearance, restore and take care not only of the hair, but also of the skin of the face.

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3. Directly painting.

  • Prepare the paint. Depending on what kind of paint you have, you just need to open it and use, or first mix the paint with water and an oxidizing agent (oxidant). Follow the instructions (you will find the necessary proportions in it). Mix enough paint to coat the beard once and tint a little if that. Most packages will last for several uses.
  • Apply paint to the beard. Using the applicator mentioned earlier, cover each hair of your beard, but try not to get on your skin.
  • Wait and check. In the instructions for the paint you will find information on how long it takes to wait. Check the color after the minimum waiting period recommended in the instructions. Using a paper towel, wipe off the dye from a small area of ​​the beard and evaluate how well the hair has dyed. If not enough, apply paint again and wait a while. Keep up the good work until your beard has the desired color. Keep a close eye on the time to make it easier next time (no need to check many times). Remember that the color of the beard may change slightly after the first few “washings”. So do not be scared if it turned out a little darker than you originally wanted.
  • Rinsing. Rinse off the paint from the beard until water drips clean from it. Dry your beard with a towel.
  • Check the color. Not enough color? Repeat the above steps. Too much color? Wash your beard a couple of times with shampoo to wash off excess paint.
  • Stains. I hope that the petroleum jelly has helped you, and there are no spots on the face, but if so, use cotton buds and a stain remover.

Painted Beard Care

Does painting a beard look like a pretty complicated process? Fortunately, caring for a painted beard is not that difficult.

A dyed beard retains color longer if it is washed less frequently. I recommend using shampoos for colored hair. Sometimes, the chemistry contained in the paint can make your beard tougher. Use beard oil to soften. Otherwise, trim and care for the beard as usual.


When the roots sprout - it's time to tint them! But this time, everything is simpler, because you do not need to paint the whole beard! Follow the recommendations above and apply paint only where necessary.

After several months, painting a beard will already become a habit and will be for you, as part of the usual routine care. Others will also get used to it and comments will run out. Everything will fall into place.

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If in some places the areas of the beard are colored unevenly, you can repeat the procedure on the necessary areas for color alignment. As you can see, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. And to paint a beard at home without the help of professional hairdressers-stylists is quite real. The main thing then is to maintain color, and make sure that the growing roots of the hairs or other problems with the growth of the beard are not noticeable.

Secret techniques for painting a beard: at home with paint or henna

If you had the patience and strength to grow a decent beard, then painting it will not become something complicated and tedious. Hair fades over time, turns gray, changes color. The reasons for this are quite enough: a change in the hormonal background of the body, the effect of nicotine, hair burn out in the sun.

With maintaining a uniform color, only regular staining will help. Remember that the beard grows quickly, it needs to be tinted weekly. Otherwise, a curious situation arises, regrown roots will stand out clearly from the bulk of the dyed hair.

Decided to use hair dye - wait for problems

Can I use hair dye to color my beard? Professionals do not recommend. And there are reasons for this.

If you do not go to extremes from green to bright red, the choice of your paint should not differ from your natural color by more than 1-2 tones. Choose a color that will be combined with your natural.

How to get natural colors?

If you decide to use regular hair dye, use soft, non-aggressive shades (ashen, light blond). It is likely that the chestnut color on your beard will turn into burning black.

  • To paint gray hair, use only light colors. Gray hair tends to be dyed in a more intense color than indicated in the instructions for the dye.
  • If you want to achieve a darker shade than your natural color, then try a tone darker than your natural color. Reduce the exposure time on the hair by half indicated in the instructions.

    What do you need at home?

    Now that the surface to be painted is ready for the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the inventory. You will need:

    • directly paint.
    • Disposable gloves.
    • Plastic bowl for paint.
    • Paint brush.
    • Comb.
    • Cotton pads.
    • Paper towels.

    Now let's talk a little about paint. The fact is that this is a real shortage!

    Maybe ordinary hair dye is suitable?

    Material for painting

    I understand that a Russian person reads instructions only as a last resort - when he realizes that something is going wrong.

    In the case of painting a beard, everything is completely different. If everything is done in haste, then the result may not meet your expectations. And most likely you will have to part with the beard that you raised for more than a month.

    Any coloring drug has two vials - paint and developer. So, let's begin…

    1. Put on gloves.
    2. Remove the paint and developer from the box.
    3. Open the tube of paint.
    4. Remove the protective film from the tube (pierce it with the convex side of the cap, as if twisting the cap “inside out”).
    5. Squeeze the desired amount into a bowl (when the surface to be painted is not large, you can use half of the coloring agent and developer).
    6. Add the same amount of developer.
    7. Stir the mixture with a prepared stain brush or wooden stick.
    8. The mass should be homogeneous, without lumps.


    1. The most effective and proven - cream Titan gel. Bloggers write a lot about him, our review can be read here.
    2. You can use different exercises to enlarge the penis.
    3. And, of course, the surgical route is the most dangerous.

    Big friends to you!

    How to paint a beard with resistant paint?

    • The coloring mixture is applied to the beard area from the upper contour. Then with short strokes you can go to the side edge of the beard. Having painted the contour, you can apply the mixture to the main part of the beard.
    • If your beard is thick, comb it with a comb with small cloves. Thus, the coloring matter is evenly distributed over the entire length.
    • Carefully ensure that all hair is dyed. Otherwise, get a beard with clear bald spots as a result.
  • When you finish applying the coloring mass - remove possible smudges on the skin with a cotton pad or paper towel.
  • The instructions for the paint have information about the time of exposure. Be sure to check the resulting color after a minimum period of time. For example, if it is recommended to withstand paint from 15 to 25 minutes, then you need to check the color after 15 minutes.
    • To do this, take a paper towel and rub off the paint from a small area of ​​the beard.
    • If you are not satisfied with the result, increase the staining time.
    • Re-apply the paint mass to the erased area.

    But if after the allotted period of time you are not satisfied with the result, the color saturation, you can re-stain in half an hour. It is for this reason that it is advisable not to discard the remaining paint immediately.

    After the time allotted according to the instructions for painting, you can wash off the paint. It is recommended to work with gloves so that the skin of the palms is not painted.

    Wash off the coloring composition with running water until it becomes clean. Then you need to dry your hair with an ordinary towel. If the color of the beard turned out to be too saturated, you can wash it several times with shampoo, the excess coloring pigment will be washed off.

    In principle, the painting process is completed. It remains only to wipe off the remnants of a protective cream or petroleum jelly from the skin and remove possible spots on the skin. Ways to solve this problem are described just above.

    We use henna - an algorithm of actions

    The main feature of henna is that, getting into the structure of the hair, it does not lend itself to leaching. Over time, the color, of course, will fade, but it will never be completely withdrawn. Henna is used to get a reddish hue.

    Depending on the natural color, you can get bright red and dark chestnut shades. On fair hair, you will get a bright shade, but black henna is not affected in any way.

    Fresh henna is more active and blond hair dyes faster. The amount of powder to obtain paint will have to be determined "by eye". For short ones, 50 grams will be enough, for longer ones, more powder will be needed to get the paint.

    So, let's start painting the henna with a beard:

    1. put on gloves.
    2. Open the henna bag.
    3. Pour the contents into a bowl.
    4. Add hot water (temperature should be approximately 90 degrees).
    5. Stir the powder to a thick slurry, there should be no lumps in it.
    6. For even gliding through the hair, add chicken yolk to the cooled pulp.
    7. Apply gruel along the contour then color the rest of the hair.
    To make the color uniform, distribute the gruel and part in the hair. After application, remove any smudges from the skin with cotton pads.

    Henna exposure time depends on the desired shade and natural hair color.

    Henna acts faster on fair hair. After 5 minutes, they take a golden hue, after 10 they become a reddish tint. After 15 minutes, a light titanium color is obtained, and after 60 minutes of exposure, it is fiery red.

    If you want to experiment and are ready to hit others with bright colors, you can advise the following additives to get saturated shades of henna.

    • If you add beetroot juice to the cooked pulp of henna, you get a purple tint on your hair.
    • Red color will turn out when hot red wine or hibiscus tea is added instead of water to the henna powder.
    • For a darker shade, add kefir.
    • To make a light yellow color, add brewed tea.

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