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New trends: men's fashion autumn-winter 2018-2019

In the modern world, not only women can be fashionable, but also men. Men's fashion autumn winter 2018/2019 is one of the priority areas in the work of stylists. Which offer a lot of possible stylistic solutions for every man who decides to become fashionable for himself.

This season offers a variety of styles, color schemes, stylistic techniques, among which each man will be able to find something completely individual and unique. And the stylists tried and offered many different options in order to please men completely different in character, temperament, status and age. Long gone are the days when a man, with his plain and unfashionable appearance, was called to focus all his attention on his fashionable and beautiful woman. Today, not only a man wants to be stylish, well-groomed and modern, but his woman also wants her to have a satellite next to her, looking in the spirit of modernity, not the Stone Age.

Only bright and bold personalities can be stylish, fashionable and attractive, while looking brutal and masculine. These trends are just ideas and directions, fashion is creative and shocking, but each creator of his own style. If some stylistic devices, models, colors or prints are not acceptable for a man, you don’t need to contradict your principles and put on fashion clothes for the sake of. When choosing a trend that suits you, it is necessary that it matches your mood, spirit and is acceptable to you.

Main trends

This season presents a large selection of stylish models in various colors. Each man will be able to choose a unique style for his image. Stylists offer many clothing options depending on the temperament, status and age of the stronger sex.

A man should not, as in previous times, get lost on the background of a bright and well-groomed companion. Today, the stronger sex also prefer to look tidy, stylish and modern. Moreover, not a single woman wants to see a gray and plain-looking companion next to her.

Today's appearance of a man should be bold, bright, modern and attractive. It is necessary to look brutal and courageous.

Designers have proposed many major trends and fashion trends, however, it depends on each person how they combine the proposed models to create their own image.

If for some reason certain stylistic ideas in men's fashion seem unacceptable to him, he has the right to refuse them, preserving his individuality and not changing his own principles. In addition, clothing and fashion trends of the fall-winter of 2018-2019 must necessarily correspond to the mood of the owner.


It's all about the hat

The fall season involves warming. The head and legs should always be warm, and if you add creative and beautiful appearance to the heat, you will get a hat. For men, this season the hat will become a real bomb. That is, instead of the usual hat for a man, you need to prefer a hat with small brim. The color is better to choose not too catchy, classic: gray, black, brown, beige, dark blue, burgundy. The cell about which our next trend is not excluded is not excluded.


The main trends and models designed for the autumn-winter period should not only warm in cold or dank weather, but also emphasize the dignity of men.

One such product is a jacket. As a rule, any thing has several fasteners, which can be used as zippers, buttons or classic buttons. Models of jackets correspond to the classic style, rocker or sports. Also, such things can be decorated with various prints.

Depending on the style that a man adheres to, a jacket is combined with classic cut trousers, jeans, sweatpants or casual models.

The materials from which the jackets are sewn vary in texture, color and strength. The most popular are:

And you can also give preference:

  • quilted patterns
  • sheepskin coats
  • military style jackets.

Sheepskin coats or jackets made of fur (or trimmed with fur) will help a man emphasize his own personality and taste. This season, the choice of color of such a product is organic only by the imagination of the buyer. The main thing is to choose gloves to match the model.

Cell and strip

Classic prints - strip and cage,

They can have at least a suit, even a vest

Prints such as stripes and cages have long been classic. And which season does not go out of fashion for both women and men. And with a strip and a cage can be suits, coats, shirts, vests, sweaters, turtlenecks and even socks. The strip may be wide or narrow, bright or pale. Also, the cell can be large or small, and different in color. But besides the classic ones, other prints come into fashion, but more on that later.

Men's gloves

To give the image of completeness, you should definitely pay attention to gloves. This accessory is most appropriate in the cold season. Gloves can be made of various materials. The color of such accessories can also be any.

Unconventional prints

For men created

Stylists do not cease to amaze fashionistas by introducing female notes into the men's fashion, but in the male version. Today, floral and leopard prints, previously unique to women, have become such a novelty in men's trends. That is, now a man can wear a bomber with flowers or a suit with a leopard print and at the same time look stylish, fashionable and, most importantly, manly. Thus, we smoothly move on to the next fall - winter trend for bombers.

The principles of fashionable sports style for men in 2019

This year, the format of sports trends has expanded. The kits have acquired a more loose form and become even more comfortable. A combination of classic models and sporting elements, which was previously not allowed, is used. In the spring-summer season 2019, men are offered to fit cashmere sweaters, a sports sleeveless jacket and strict trousers.

Men's fashion in sports style in 2019 is distinguished by monochrome suits. Most often it is black, gray and white colors or their combinations. At the same time, saturated shades remain in the trend:

  • red
  • green
  • orange
  • dark or light blue,
  • sandy yellow.

In order to look stylish, it is worth choosing a one-color suit or combining bright colors with a neutral one-color one. For relaxation, the spring-summer season offers suits with muted, monochrome or bright shades. They can be decorated with logos, abstract prints or applications in the form of stripes, floristry and camouflage.

Men's suits 2020-2021: trends and trends

When a woman can afford any color in her clothes, men are not so decisive in this moment.

But designers recommend abandoning stereotypes by choosing fashionable men's suits in bright and original shades of the season.

Classics and, in particular, classic color suits for men are still relevant.

Wearing gray, brown, black, blue men's suits is fashionable, despite the new bright color types of clothing.

Nevertheless, the refreshing palette of shades is perfectly realized in the trends of men's clothing, which makes it possible to highlight men's suits of bright coral, delicate blue, playful lemon, charismatic mustard, bold Marsal, light mint, off-season burgundy and many other tones unexpected for a man’s wardrobe.

Fashionable men's suits 2020-2021 demonstrate the style of total bows, where related shades are combined, or harmonizing color tandems in one set.

Although men's suits are more restrained and concise despite sometimes very pronounced shocking notes, designers certainly could not help but add relevant prints and ornaments to the men's suit.

Fashionable suits for men in this or that color spectrum, undoubtedly, are in the lead. But no less popular will be the beautiful and stylish men's suits 2020-2021 with a vertical strip, often cardinally contrasting, a cellular pattern of different sizes and colors, unusual abstractions and geometry.

Fashionable people liked creative costume novelties with an unusual “newspaper” ornament, or models printed in logos in a sports and casual style.

Unconventional and non-trivial men's suits 2020-2021 also have a place to be among spectacular innovations, in particular men's suits with peas, unusual embroidery, or unexpected abstraction.

Leather pants in fashion

Leather is a recognized favorite of the current fashion season. Not only jackets, gloves and man’s handbags are made from this material, but also trousers. And this is no coincidence, because the skin is not only comfortable and beautiful, but also practical, it is easy to care for. In addition, leather trousers are easily combined with absolutely any style and fashion trends. Particularly relevant models of pants with a high rise.

You can choose the color of such products based solely on your own preferences, because on the shelves there are all kinds of color solutions - from classic black to sand or olive tones. A wide selection of camouflage and printed products will also delight the male half of humanity.

Models of leather trousers can be either strict or more diverse:

  • sports or military style
  • decorated with various decorative elements,
  • straps
  • buttons
  • chains
  • rivets
  • inserts from various materials (velvet or fur).

Types of fabrics in sports fashion for men

Comfort and versatility are the main criteria for a sporty, light masculine style. The use of natural fabrics predominates in sewing clothes:

  • knitwear
  • fleece
  • cotton materials
  • lycra,
  • denim variations
  • silk.

Such types of fabrics are water permeable and pass air well. Due to this, they do not irritate the body and maintain a constant temperature regime.

Also in modern production, a large number of artificial synthetic materials are often used. Their properties are on a par with natural ones, and in some cases can exceed them. Such options for fashionable men's sports suits have an attractive appearance, have practicality and wear resistance. The advantages of non-natural tissues should also include:

  • protection from wind and sun,
  • color retention
  • quick drying
  • possibility of use in regular washings.

Both the first and second fabric options are used to create fashion trends in 2019, as they give the suits proper functionality.

Fashionable men's suits 2020-2021 from denim - universal options for any occasion

What could be more convenient than denim suits. For men, as well as for women, denim fashion suits are not an innovation, but a good tradition, which confirms its worth every year.

Fashionable denim suits for men are presented in all shades characteristic of this material, demonstrating both dark and light examples.

Denim suits for men have a comfortable fitted or loose fit trousers. Kits include jeans and jackets, vests and denim jackets.

In such a suit a man is comfortable. You can wear men's denim suits in any life situation.

Fashionable men's suits from velor, leather, suede, velvet. Trends

We combined fashion suits for men from velor, leather, suede, velvet just because in whatever style these things were sewn, thanks to the characteristics of the fabric, they look very stylish and non-standard.

Leather suits for men are sewn in laconic styles, because the fabric itself makes the look of a man shocking, so straight trousers and jackets with typical variations of the collar, leather jackets with a stand-up collar expected in tailoring are exactly what men need to create a memorable, individual set .

Velor, suede, velvet men's suits 2020-2021 are an absolutely unexpected trend for men's fashion.

Classical styles of suits in these fabrics will create a confident competition for stylish jeans, classic, leather suits, because they look very expensive and charismatic.

Fashion trends

An important role in the tailoring of men's suits is played by design. Designers all over the world make sure that sportswear looks no worse than clothing designed for social occasions, and at the same time be comfortable, not hinder movements.

Fashion ideas in the design of tracksuits:

  • basic colors: white, gray, black
  • color blocks
  • striped print
  • athletic uniform details
  • sports cut in combination with various fabrics (silk, leather, cotton, wool)
  • Perforation
  • home knitwear
  • mahra and velvet
  • logos and stripes
  • functional details
  • minimalism
  • bright colours
  • loose fit
  • layering.

Based on clothing for various sports, a sporty cut and the best characteristics of fabrics, designers invented many stylish casual suits in the style of "sports chic".

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Features of men's sports trousers

The style of men's sports trousers in 2019 is characterized by versatility. This wardrobe item can be used in everyday life, for physical activities or to dress for work. Pants with elastic at the bottom can be combined with high sneakers and a T-shirt. In this case, the man will look stylish and harmonious. The most fashionable trends in 2019 include the following trouser models:

  • chinos - similar to jeans, have wear resistance and practicality, beautifully fit the figure, but do not interfere with free movement,
  • cargo - a model of work pants in the form of trousers, suitable for men with large sizes, have patch pockets, sewn in different styles.

Often sports pants can be supplemented with belts and inserts in places that wear out the fastest.

The main trends in fashion for men's sports suits of the season 2019

What are the tracksuits in fashion in 2019, all men are wondering. One needs such a garment for playing sports, another for maintaining a sporty style, still others use it for everyday wear. Stylists analyzed the latest collections and shows from leading designers, highlighting several important trends:

  • sets for everyday wear are relevant,
  • emphasis can be placed on the style of sport chic,
  • the cut of the costumes must match the sports
  • tailoring does not constrain movements, as a rule, it is a free cut,
  • fabrication materials let the skin “breathe”.

Bomber is irreplaceable in any weather

Bomber suits wardrobe men of any age. They look stylish, youthful and at the same time emphasize the masculinity of their owner. Such models can be plain or printed. They can have various stripes or decorative elements.

Sew such products from:

Fashionable tracksuits for men 2020-2021 from knitwear, raincoat fabric and other fabrics

Here, the fashion for men's suits really showed all its innovations, because comfortable tracksuits for men 2020-2021, which ceased to be the prerogative for sports, but also became a great solution for every day, are wonderful things in cut, color combinations and printed inserts, which men wear with great pleasure.

Fashion designers presented fall-winter sports suits with sweatshirts and body shirts, handsome men's sports suits with hoodies, supplemented with hoods, light models with trousers and shorts in new-fashioned variations of the spring-summer season with T-shirts and t-shirts.

In addition to monophonic models, two or more shades can be combined in one set.

Bright sports suits for every day and for training in red, Marsal, blue, green, yellow and other colors of the palette are spectacular and in demand.

See more ideas in our catalog below, where men's sports suits in various styles are also presented.

Suits for everyday wear

Since sportswear is primarily comfort, practicality and convenience, respectively, most often men use these suits for everyday wear. From the proposed design solutions, one can see not only kits for professional sports, but also youth style for everyday use. One of the branches of this style is the trend of sport-chic.

Fabric and color

Sports style in clothing for men requires a prerequisite - this is comfort and versatility. Therefore, tissues should have high water permeability and breathability, maintain a stable temperature and not cause irritation on the skin. Natural materials are traditionally used - silk, wool, cotton, lycra, denim (denim), fleece, knitwear.

But the modern fabric industry today creates many synthetic, artificial options, the properties of which are comparable to natural fabrics, and sometimes even surpass them. Such unnatural samples are practical, attractive in appearance and wear-resistant. Tracksuits made of such fabrics perfectly protect against wind, ultraviolet rays, dry quickly, do not lose color, do not wrinkle, and are not afraid of regular washing.

The list of used fabrics includes:

  1. High tech polyester. It is a durable and practical fabric that is easy to wash and practically does not tear.
  2. Cotton. Natural fabric with excellent hygroscopicity, suitable for creating summer suits. However, a 100% cotton model can quickly lose shape, so synthetic threads are added to the products.
  3. Spandex. Its main properties are elasticity and the ability to quickly return to its original form.
  4. Taslan. It is famous for its water-repellent properties and its ability to withstand pollution.

Products from raincoat fabric do not require special care, do not fade in the sun, do not fade and do not deform. Sweatpants made of raincoat fabric will be durable and will last a long time. The raincoat fabric exchanges air and retains heat. Box type = "note" align = "">

Sweatpants made of natural wool perfectly warm and allow air to pass through. In addition, you can wear such pants for a casual look.

As for the colors of sportswear for men, there are no bans. It can be cold winter shades, saturated and bright colors, combined or plain. There are also no restrictions on the use of prints and inscriptions. It can be phrases and interesting images, brand names of manufacturers, phrases and chaotic pictures.

Camouflage colors and military prints will always be popular. This is an unchanging trend in men's clothing. Models of sweatpants in this color are perfect not only for sports, but also for wearing on hikes, fishing, hunting and competitions.

Many men like the aggressive red color. Red is the color of a leader, the color of activity, brightness and self-confidence.

Khaki tracksuits will be ideal for active outdoor activities, for hiking and walking.

Orange is ideal for cyclists, hikers, as well as fans of skiing and snowboarding. In the pants of this bright optimistic color, you will always be in sight.

What tracksuits are now in fashion for the gym

For sports, clothing should be not only fashionable, but also as comfortable as possible. It is created from a “breathable” fabric that is easy to wash. In addition, options for costumes for the hall are sewn with a looser cut so as not to constrain and not limit the movements of men. The fashion of tracksuits in 2019 highlights several features that trend things for physical exercises in the gym should correspond to:

  • minimum lacing, trim and pockets,
  • not too long and wide trousers below,
  • mixed type of fabric.

Fashion trends are aimed at making the man in the gym look beautiful and feel as comfortable as possible. That is why costumes are created in different styles and colors, from which everyone can choose what suits him personally.

In our store you can buy fashionable men's sports suits for all occasions. The catalog contains different models that can be purchased wholesale or retail.

Explore a wide range of sports items and find the most suitable options for you.

Fashionable men's suits 2020-2021 in trouser options. Features

And, of course, the undisputed leaders are men's trouser suits in their traditional sense.

The classic trends of suits for men have been supplemented by new men's suits with double-breasted and single-breasted jackets, cropped and fitted trousers with turns, unusually stylish three-piece men's suits, which have become the hallmark of many business men who are purposeful and confident.

Bright men's suits in a classic version are more solemn, therefore men wear them with pleasure in the spring-summer season, and in the fall they prefer such models for special events.

We have prepared for you a selection of new trends, among which you will see the most relevant men's suits 2020-2021 from different fabrics and in diverse cut decisions.


Men's fashion of the autumn-winter season in 2018-2019 is focused on layering. This trend will not only help keep you warm in the cold season, but also stand out from the crowd. Many men will be able to wear many wardrobe elements at once, saving themselves from the painful choice of clothes.

After all, the main trends in men's fashion are such that a sweater can slightly protrude from under the jacket, and a vest in the fall and winter in 2018-2019 can be worn over a jacket or coat.

At the same time, you can supplement the image with the help of a stylish snud. The main thing is that all the elements of the wardrobe are combined and look appropriate. This type of clothing is perfect for studying or traveling.

Sporty chic style

Men's sports suits in the style of sports chic are clothes that are not intended for training in the gym, these are casual outfits that combine comfort and avant-garde, the brightest colors and extravagant fabrics. A kind of mix of sports and classics, something in between, not narrow-minded. In such costumes, a man will be able to attend any evening event, go on a date or a walk.

Tracksuits not for sports

Modern fashion takes into account all the trends and moods that prevail in the world. Therefore, she creates fashionable clothes that can be worn in fitness centers and gyms. However, not all tracksuits for the fall-winter 2017-2018 season are created only for training. box type = "download" align = "" />

In addition, the leading brands for training create collaborations with famous designers, within the framework of which are capsule collections of men's clothing for everyday wear. They have all the benefits that include tracksuits. Indeed, for a good workout, hygroscopicity of the fabric, comfortable fit of shoes and clothes are extremely important.

Suits for sports summer and winter: basic requirements

New-fashioned tracksuits from the latest collections for the summer and winter season were demonstrated in different styles. As mentioned earlier, these are suits for everyday wear in sport-chic format. Also, designers presented suits exclusively for sports and training, which meet the basic requirements - comfort, loose fit, breathable fabrics, tailoring to a specific sport.


Leather shoes, no doubt, are the basis for a stylish classic wardrobe. In this case, the color can be almost anything. The main thing is to avoid excessively bright acid shades. Still, classic leather shoes should be made in a calm color scheme of light or dark tones.

It must be combined in color with the basic tone of clothing. In addition, such shoes, although they may have some decor elements (buckles, straps), but at the same time should remain restrained classic. In no case should you use an excessive amount of decorative elements. These shoes are best combined with classic trousers or three-piece suits.

Men's sports pants

Men's sports pants are perfect for young people who love free style. They can go camping, for a walk with friends, and even to work if the dress code allows. Men's sports pants with elastic at the bottom will look great with high sneakers.

It is difficult to imagine winter pants without additional insulation. Sintepon is a well-known insulation for winter clothing. Its minus - it does not leak moisture. In products with insulation from sintepon you may be too hot.

Technologies in the production of materials do not stand still, so now instead of a synthetic winterizer you can try pants insulated with holofiber, tinsuleyt, primooft and other heaters. If you prefer natural fabrics, then try goose down as a heater.

If you like active winter sports, then choose models from membrane fabric.

Classic costume - three

Three-piece suit is able to transform any man, adding his appearance brutality, solidity and style. It is generally accepted that a classic set can be represented either by a three-piece (jacket, vest and trousers sewn from one material), or trousers in combination with a velvet jacket (or any other jacket of various (necessarily combined)) shades.

Recent fashion trends suggest bolder and even more shocking solutions to classic looks. These include a three-piece suit, trimmed with a hood or the same option, dressed in a turtleneck.

In addition, the three-piece suit can be made of bright fabric or have unusual prints. For the most daring fashionistas, sets of shorts, vests and jackets are suitable.

However, a three-piece suit of black, gray or dark blue shades remains a win-win option.


Men's tracksuit is not only a traditional set of pants and jackets. On some models, pants replace shorts or capris. Sporty style is thoroughly entrenched in everyday wardrobe. Modern models of costumes amaze with a variety of species, an abundance of fabrics and colors.

The suit is intended not only for sports. It is appropriate for any event that does not provide for a strict dress code:

  • outdoor activities and cycling,
  • walks in the park, meeting friends,
  • jogging, dog walking,
  • trips to the cottage or to the country house,
  • picnic, barbecue in nature,
  • a trip to a store or mall.

Every athlete has a tracksuit. They are an essential element in equipping professional volleyball, rugby and basketball players. Football players train in tracksuits in the winter, and in the summer use them as casual wear. Skaters wear costumes after the rollback of the program, and boxers go to the weighing procedure.

The cut of the suit should be suitable for a specific sport

Sport provides for different types and methods of training, and numerous brands of sportswear separately develop models and ranges taking into account all the subtleties and nuances. They are designed for specific sports, ranging from fitness and athletics to biathlon and martial arts.

Fitting models, for example, are suitable for cycling. A free suit that does not constrain movements is necessary for training in athletic gymnastics. A kit is selected in the fitness club that warms the body well and provides a wide range of movements.

Models of men's sheepskin coats

For men, classic was always preferable. Bomber jackets are made in the style of American pilots. Despite the fact that these models are less popular than the classic options, they have become more common on the streets of a big city. In such outerwear is not only warm, but practical and comfortable. Indeed, many representatives of the stronger sex today have an active life, mainly by car.

This model of a male sheepskin coat, like a bomber jacket, allows you to feel free, while the movements are not constrained. Additional details on clothes, such as a belt, straps and rivets, are endowed with an exclusively decorative function.

The main production material is leather, which combines perfectly with soft velor. This combination gives the man a serious and brutal look. The products are quite high quality and comfortable, therefore suitable for long wear. A variety of models allows you to make a choice according to individual parameters and rides both young and old people.

For active youth, options for men's sheepskin coats, like jackets, are suitable. The model is presented in the style of a motorcycle jacket.

The combination of army boots and jeans with a leather jacket will make the young man more manly and stylish. Thanks to the original cut, the product highlights the virtues of the male body, harmoniously outlined waist with wide shoulders.

Men's down jacket

The most common option among outerwear in men is a down jacket. Such models are suitable for both modern youths and adult men.

A down jacket is a practical and convenient thing that can retain body heat not only in winter frost, but also during heavy rainfall. In addition to a number of advantages, this option of outerwear has an acceptable cost, which strongly distinguishes it from the variety of fur coats and coats. The product is available to every man.

Winter down jackets are warmer than the light autumn version. When buying outerwear, you should definitely choose an option designed for a particular season.

Modern fashionable fabrics for the manufacture of tracksuits

An important indicator of the quality and practicality of a tracksuit are production materials and fabrics. The creators of such clothes took into account all modern innovative developments and solutions, using the most durable, "breathable" and flexible fabrics - cotton, elastane and polyester, saplex and dazel.


Demi-season jackets have a light insulation, so they are designed for autumn and spring wear. Things do a good job of protecting against winds and rains. A thin downy layer keeps heat even with severe weather in spring and autumn, but does not allow the body to sweat.


Among all natural fabrics, cotton has the best characteristics. Namely:

  • naturalness and hypoallergenic,
  • moisture absorption (water, sweat),
  • breathability that prevents the skin from sweating,
  • the ability to mix with other fabrics.

In cotton clothes, a man can comfortably play sports, both in the summer heat and in the cool autumn season. In addition, the fabric holds its shape perfectly, has high wear resistance.


The stereotype that synthetics is a material harmful to the skin has long been broken.Thanks to a competent combination of fabrics and processing with innovative technologies, fabrics such as polyester can boast of the following characteristics:

  • not wrinkling
  • lets air through
  • preserves the original color,
  • doesn't sit down
  • perfectly takes the shape of the body.

Typically, polyester is added to other fabrics to increase the strength and elasticity of materials.


Another synthetic fabric added to other materials when creating newfangled tracksuits. Its main advantages are several characteristics:

  • stretches well
  • quickly returns to its original form,
  • increases the wear resistance of other fabrics,
  • improves the color quality of other materials.


Thanks to the development of specialists, not so long ago, an excellent type of knitted fabric appeared - a dazel specially created for sewing convenient sets for playing sports. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • strength,
  • elasticity,
  • wear resistance
  • sunburn protection,
  • the tissue allows the skin to “breathe”.


Sapplex fabric (Supplex) is a high-quality polyester, pleasant and soft touch and visually similar to cotton. Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • breathability
  • flexibility and elasticity
  • high-quality imitation of cotton,
  • soft texture compared to polyester,
  • does not fade in the sun
  • does not create a greenhouse effect,
  • Holds shape, tear resistance,
  • repeats the silhouette of the figure without hesitation.

A sports suit must be selected by a man according to his size, and after that you can evaluate the quality of fabrics, compliance with fashion trends, design and color. Only on the basis of such criteria can the most optimal option be found.


Due to the presence of fluff, the winter version of tight jackets protects its owner during severe frosts, cold winds and snowfall. An additional accessory, a hood, helps maintain body heat if there is no hat and scarf.

The combination of white and black

Costume models in black and white will look strictly and courageously. It can be black sets with inserts, stripes, white logos or vice versa. In any case, this is a universal and practical option for all occasions.


The parks, which actively kept the first lines among a large assortment of outerwear, gained immense popularity among young guys. For winter colds, designers have created unique models, warmed by natural down and synthetics. With a similar combination in a jacket at any weather each man will be warm and stylish.

With fur

For some models of down jackets, cuffs, the bottom of the jacket and the hood are supplemented with artificial or natural fur. The most popular material in modern times is rabbit, mink and sable fur. These down jackets perform not only a protective function against cold weather and snow, but also have a stylish exterior design.

Men's fashion for overweight

It is very difficult for large-built men to pick up outerwear, so the fashion designers created a separate line of jackets for them. They should carefully approach the choice of things and style, adhering to men's fashion for the full.

Indeed, thanks to the correctly selected clothes of the autumn-winter season of 2018-2019, you can visually give the figure a toned appearance. A stylishly selected image tells others about an impressive big man, and not about a lazy fat man.

Accuracy of appearance is created thanks to the right things. To cope with the task will be able to have suits, blazers and sports jackets in the wardrobe.

Jeans should be replaced with loose trousers made of dense fabrics like wool or cotton. During a period of bad weather, it is worth complementing the outfit with a long coat, which will give the man solidity and elegance.


Overweight men need to exclude from the wardrobe the presence of down jackets and jackets filled with holofiber and sintepon. Classic versions of coats and thin sheepskin coats will look advantageous without additional elements, such as patch pockets and large decorative accessories. Such decor only adds volume to a large male physique.

Business style

The main principle of a business image is conservatism. Classical models of dark-colored suits are excellent examples for representatives of a large physique who best visualize a toned body, hiding the fullness.

Casual style

“Preppy” is a modern trend in fashion that has taken place on the basis of student forms of elite schools. To replenish the wardrobe with everyday clothes, stylists advise large men to adhere to this style. Such things are quite restrained in cut and in detail.

In addition to a calm external design, the clothes of the “preppy” direction are very high-quality and comfortable to wear.

Some overweight men may prefer the Smart Casual style, combining the severity and classic appearance with the simplicity and comfort of everyday use.

Men's fashion for 50

Age is not a reason to abandon stylish and fashionable clothes. Representatives of a strong half of society who are over fifty are forgiven for errors in the combination of things because of their infinite age. However, a respectable and presentable man knows how to prevent errors in style.

Men's wardrobe should consist of a kit for festive and everyday wear. In the first case, this indicates the presence of a business suit.

However, for a festive style, a pair of shirts of various shades complete with dark trousers will be enough. Age requires impeccability in the image, so the costume should be of high quality material and an acceptable size.

Fashion for men for 50 years is a combination of solidity and brutality. Such clothes as: can create a similar style:

  • suits of a calm and elegant cut,
  • plain t-shirts without inscriptions,
  • classic version of trousers and shirts,
  • classic models of coats and raincoats,
  • expensive accessories.

Today, fashion dictates new rules. A man of any age can be attractive and handsome. But only if he will not wear things that have long gone out of fashion. For representatives of the stronger sex, suitable autumn-winter images in 2018-2019 will be outfits of discreet tones with a classic accent. Young guys should pick things up according to their style so as not to look ridiculous. Knowing about the main trends, it is easy to correctly compose a masculine image. The photos below will help you make your choice.

Pastel shades

Costumes in pastel colors look especially fashionable and fresh. In this gamut, many designers released summer models of thin lightweight fabrics. Pastel colors can start from delicate beige, ending with a nude pink hue.

Burgundy, blue and green colors.

For stylish and extraordinary men, cool models of suits are offered in contrasting bright colors - green, burgundy and green. They are especially relevant in the collections of the autumn-winter season.

Gray and blue colors

Considering everyday practical options, most designers created suits in dark blue or gray. Such shades are perfectly combined with different styles and colors in other elements of the image.

Fashion accessories typical for tracksuits 2019

Most beautiful brand suits are equipped with accessories as a decorating element. The main goal is to create a unique design note that distinguishes models from other similar ones. Most often, designers used chevrons and logos, locks with original clasps, loops and buttons in the latest collections.

Locks with stylish and unusual clasps

Zippers and fasteners in new models of suits can be either metal with a reflective texture or plastic in bright and neon colors. And although fashion trends dictate restraint and conciseness, such small details can be a bright accent.

Company logos

Another timeless classic is the presence of logos as a decor and accessories in tracksuits. You can show your belonging to a cool brand with a small metal logo or in the form of a patch.

Fashion brands of men's tracksuits 2019

Costumes can also be selected by such criteria as the manufacturer, brand and its reputation. The undoubted leaders in the production of trendy trendy tracksuits are recognized brands such as Columbia, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Armani, D&G, Armani, Lacoste, etc. What distinguished each of them:

  • Nike - An American brand of sportswear, annually producing a line of casual and specialized suits for professional sports,
  • Ad>

Sport shoes

Sports shoes in 2019 were distinguished by retro trends and inspiration of the 90s of the last century. The coolest models are massive boots and sneakers with high grooved soles. Snow-white sneakers remain as classics in the context of sports, and you can complement such models with bright neon laces.

Sport bags

Sports bags in the collections of 2019 moved away from the usual design and style. It is rather an alternative in the form of a backpack, intended for hiking in the hall, traveling or for a walk. Sports purses from the above brands will be popular, but in 2019, instead of the usual banana, the images of the models were supplemented with a sports clutch.


The latest collections of famous manufacturers have shown that today men's tracksuits are not so much equipment for training and sports as a stylish and original part of the wardrobe. They are increasingly used for everyday wear, especially suitable for this sport-chic style model. It remains only to choose the right kit according to size and style, to find a fashionable design idea according to the trends in order to look very advantageous.


Not only September can be velvet, but also the mood in the costume of the same name

Velvet is the current trend of the season not only in men's, but also in women's fashion. Velvet is cozy, noble and looks great in different color variations. Suits, jackets, velvet trousers can be in black, navy blue, burgundy, as well as khaki and trendy camel.

Camel color

Camel color in fashion

With any approach

Another trend of the fall winter 2018/2019 fashion is the camel color in the men's wardrobe. This color, like no other, fits not only into the atmosphere of golden autumn, but is also one of the most preferred colors of the passing and coming earth years. This color is stylish, noble, refreshes the look of even a blond, even a brunette, even a brown hair. Also, due to its calm, it will perfectly fit into the winter male image. This color you can choose a suit, kit or purchase a coat.


No one will stop you

If you're in a trendy coat

The coat is in fashion and long, and short, and medium length. The coat can be classic, semi-sports, of various styles and models, with different types of collars, in different colors. Especially fashionable is a man's coat in camel color. This season, men’s coat is a key trend, like women’s. Today - this is the main element of the basic men's wardrobe, as according to the forecasts of stylists, this trend should be delayed for a long time. If you are in a coat, then it is already in trend, no matter what is dressed on you under it. We proceed to the next not the most ordinary, but fashionable pajama trend.

Pajama style

Suitable for both storm and calm

Yes, no matter how ridiculous it is and does not cause a smile and bewilderment, a mod who reads this article has pajamas not only for sleeping. Today men's suits in pajama style are very fashionable. Such a suit can look and looks stylish, expensive and appropriate if dressed wisely and for a suitable environment.

I draw your attention: pajamas are in fashion, not pajamas,

and in this style you can immediately to the Bahamas

This style will be appropriate in the winter, for example, in total white. But this is a completely different trend.

Total white look

Winter man friend

Despite the color, white is always loved and popular, at all times and in any fashion. Since white color refreshes, dresses up and charges with purity and festive mood. Total white, like total black, suits absolutely everyone, looks stylish and elegant. This season, despite the possible slush, the white color for men will be in fashion in all its outrageousness, including multilayer bows.


Want to be fashionable take a chance


Trousers of classic, athletic trousers, jeans are another fashion trend of the season, which is simple and creative. In order for the pants to be fashionable, you do not need to buy new ones; turn up the old ones. Pants, even classic ones with twists, will look cool under sneakers.


For rout or training

Choose your sneakers

It is impossible, and it is not necessary to list all the advantages of sneakers. Especially today, when there are so many species and varieties.

Sneakers are low, medium, high. Sports: football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cross-country, for fitness. Classic: casual, for outdoor activities and simply fashionable. Leather, textile, jeans.

As you can see, there are a lot of types of sneakers and they are all in fashion. And you can wear them with a tracksuit, as well as under classic clothes, jeans and coats. At the same time, not only sneakers are in fashion, but also sports style in general.

Sport style

A man must be athletic

Strong, delicate and stylish

Sports style has long gone beyond the gym. Fall winter fashion involves wearing sportswear in a classic and casual look. Since it is comfortable, stylish and sporty. A sports image for men can be very expensive, very stylish and very interesting. Moreover, stylists offer many variations and combinations of it with classic things and even classic shoes in some looks.

Classic shoes

In running for fashion, the main thing is not to overdo it

Classic shoes with "training" is better to exclude

The main trend of classic shoes is of course leather shoes. At the same time, the type and color of the skin is completely unimportant, if it is not acidic. Since classic leather shoes imply calm classic colors in dark and light shades. The main thing is that the shoes are combined in color with the main color of the clothes. Shoes can be strict official or less strict with buckles, straps, decor elements. But at the same time remember that classic shoes should remain classic and do not go too far with the decor. Classic shoes go well with classic trousers and a three-piece suit, which is the next trend.

Man purses

Men's purses are in fashion again

On a belt or shoulder in different colors

Man purses are returning to fashion again, but now they are not worn in the arms or armpit, but on the shoulder or on the belt. The models, as well as the material from which the man purses can be made, are very diverse, from large leather to suede, textile and velvet in a small size. Man purses can be monophonic and repeat the shades of your basic clothes, can be printed with logos, inscriptions, drawings, be in a cage, strip and contrast with your wardrobe. They can be put on under clothes and on outer clothing, for example over a jacket. And what jackets are fashionable for men this season, read in the next trend.

Leather pants

Leather pants in fashion

In style direct or flared

Leather is a favorite of the season; leather can be jackets, gloves, and man’s purses, and finally trousers. Because the skin is practical, comfortable, beautiful, good in care and combined with all the fashionable styles.High-rise leather trousers are in fashion, in completely unpredictable colors, from classic black to blue, olive, sand and even camouflage print. Pants can be strict, even with arrows, or opposite with an abundance of decor, in the form of straps, chains, buttons, rivets, fur and velvet inserts. Leather trousers can complement the look in any style, whether sports, classic or Military.

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