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Fashionable and stylish men's scarves 2018

Men's fashion accessories fall-winter 2018-2019: trends and trends of gloves, ties, scarves and hats

Each season has its own accessories. If for the summer it’s caps, baseball caps or sunglasses, then for the winter a hat, a scarf and gloves will be required. New men's accessories will be able to complement your image and make it more stylish and interesting, so looking at the trends of accessories for the fall-winter 2018-2019 season is worth not only for women, but also for men. Let's find out more about fashion men's accessories autumn-winter 2018-2019!

The main trends of fashionable men's accessories fall-winter 2018-2019

One of the main trends of men's accessories for the fall-winter 2018-2019 season can be called the desire for minimalism. Accessories in the style of "minimalism" can become indispensable for creating a stylish everyday or official look. They do not attract too much attention, they look simple, beautiful and can be a great addition to almost any style. Especially often in the style of "minimalism" men prefer to wear watches, backpacks, bags and bracelets.

Also among fashionable men's autumn and winter accessories, camouflage accessories can be distinguished. With this print can be hats, gloves, backpacks. Insanely popular in the fall-winter season 2018-2019 will be the print "cage". In addition, returning to the fashion of the 80s, “neon” in clothes and accessories will be considered stylish. A neon-colored hat, backpack, or even a tie - why not? Fashion is back!

Fashionable men's gloves and mittens fall-winter 2018-2019

In such cold seasons as autumn and winter, you just can not do without warm gloves or mittens. Men's gloves with natural fur fall-winter 2018-2019 outside and inside will be in fashion. Leather men's gloves of black, brown, beige, dark blue will be especially popular.

Also in fashion will be knitted models of men's winter mittens 2018-2019. Even if you prefer a strict, formal style and always wore only black leather gloves, then you should take a closer look with fashionable knitted gloves, they will perfectly diversify your style and make it more interesting. And if you are a fan of active winter holidays, then you definitely can not do without fashionable knitted gloves or gloves! Also in fashion will be models of mittens with various folklore motifs. Actual colors, mainly the following: beige, burgundy, gray, navy blue.

Fashionable men's hats fall-winter 2018-2019

Among the fashionable autumn and winter men's accessories 2018-2019, hats occupy an important place. One of the leading positions in popularity is occupied by knitted hats. These hats are not only pleasant to the touch and quite comfortable, but knitted hats made of natural materials retain heat for a long time. Men's beanie hats with buboes and lapel hats will also be quite popular. Stylish are considered models with a noticeable logo of a fashion brand, for example, Lacoste or Nike. As for color, the following colors will be relevant for men's autumn and winter hats 2018-2018:

Fashionable men's scarves fall-winter 2018-2019

A scarf can also serve as an important addition to a fashionable masculine look. Undoubtedly, men's knitted scarves fall-winter 2018-2019 large-knit will be fashionable, relief knitting is especially popular. For a fall, a checked scarf is perfect, which can work well with an autumn coat. And for the official style, strict black or gray scarves are suitable. The color scheme in this season is quite diverse. Since it will be neon in fashion, bright colors can look quite stylish. But the priority will still be black, gray, burgundy, brown, beige colors and models of wine shades.

Fashionable men's ties autumn-winter 2018-2019

Many people are tired of boring black and blue ties, therefore, more original models are in fashion this season. As for the material, men's ties made of silk, linen, wool, cotton, cashmere are in fashion. For such a cold season like winter, wool ties are just right. If more restrained shades of ties are relevant for the official style, then for the informal style, designers and fashion designers offer many interesting options for colors. Fashionable men's ties autumn-winter 2018-2019 can be checked, striped, with various patterns and bright colors. It is worth paying attention to a bow tie, as this model will also be in trend.

Fashionable men's bracelets and rings fall-winter 2018-2019

As for fashionable men's bracelets fall-winter 2018-2019, then minimalistic silver models will be considered stylish. Also, bracelets made of wood, for example, beads, or models made of natural stones, will be relevant. Among the rings for men, square-shaped models will be popular. The trend will be men's rings made of silver and black or brown gold.

Now you know more about the trends of men's accessories autumn-winter 2018-2019. Get interested in fashion and you will always be in trend!


Stylish men's scarves can be of different textures. Knitted accessories are especially distinguished. Very fashionable embossed knitting. Also, geometric patterns, especially rhombs, go well with clothing. It looks interesting knit “Scythe”, “Protector”, rectangular patterns and more.


For each season, stylists come up with different scarves. They differ in thickness and fabric. In winter, you need to wear knitted or voluminous models, and in the spring - thin scarves. Also, the style depends on the style of the stronger sex. For business style, snoods and knitwear are hardly suitable.

Color spectrum

When choosing scarves, you need to consider not only fashionable colors, but also how they will be combined with your wardrobe. Blue and gray colors are popular. As for the pattern, it is better to choose a large cage. When choosing a scarf color, you need to apply the same rules that apply to choosing a tie.

The accessory should be slightly lighter or darker than the main clothing. Solid scarves are suitable for classic options; one of the most optimal options is a white model. It is important to remember that the decoration should match the complexion. To decorate your image, you can purchase bright models and beautifully tie them.

The boys

Scarf collar is made especially for kids. It is closed and open. The second option has buttons. This model covers not only the neck, but also a small part of the shoulder. There is also a scarf-throat - it is made in the shape of a ring. It is very tight to the body and is easy to put on for children.

The shirt shirt model looks very stylish. She not only closes the throat, but also covers part of the chest. He is put on top of a sweater. There are also regular scarves in the form of a ribbon for children. They have an unusual design, with the image of different animals.

Young men

For boys, a knitted snood collar is ideal. They put it on top of the jacket.

This model is very voluminous, therefore it covers the throat and shoulders. Young men also need to wear small or medium-sized scarves. They look very original and fit sweaters, jumpers and pullovers.


Basically, for men, classic scarves are suitable. It is not very long, it can have a pattern and most often it is monophonic. Due to its versatility, it can be worn with any clothes. Still there is such a model as a stole. This option allows the man to experiment, as it is very light and long.

A man can choose any color and pattern to emphasize his style. You can tie it as a tie or wrap several layers around the neck. The stole is made of wool, cashmere, mohair and knitwear.

Photo selection

Before you buy a scarf, you need to see in advance how to tie it and what to wear it with. To do this, there is a special photo selection that shows ready-made images of men with a scarf. Pay attention to the color combination of all clothing.

How to choose a suitable option?

Of course, every man chooses the scarf that he likes. However, you need to remember a few rules for choosing this accessory. The scarf should correspond to the season, thin models look ugly in the winter. If decoration is necessary to emphasize style, then you need to choose lighter and longer models.

Do not forget that you need to consider the style of the stronger sex. For sports men, clamps or snoods are suitable. For an official style, it is better to buy ordinary rectangular scarves made of silk, cashmere and alpaca. A properly selected scarf is able to decorate a man.

Fashion trends for men's scarves 2018

Initially, the trendsetters were the fair sex. Now in modern society, many men also want to look stylish and attractive. This indicates the status of the representative of the stronger sex, its success and taste. Fashion accessories are able to place accents in places, give an ordinary everyday look an elegant and elegant look, improve mood and catch a wave of positive.

Latest fashion and style articles

The undoubted advantage of the scarf 2018 is the variety of its variants of various colors and textures. With it, you can emphasize the color of the eyes and skin, make an interesting color accent, add an image of femininity, playfulness or hardness, or even pay attention to your mood. Checkered and striped scarves took pride of place in the men's wardrobe. Designers are sure that such prints add rigidity and decisiveness to the male image.

How to wear men's scarves 2018

Such a scarf usually has an average length, is distinguished by a discreet monophonic color. It can be striped, in a cage or contain a restrained print. Such a product can be worn with any clothing: with a jacket, down jacket, coat, sweater. If the weather is cold outside, you can always wrap the accessory several times around the neck. Practicality and style are a feature of the model. It will be a pleasure to wear it for those who are not used to experimenting in 2018 and who prefer stability and sophistication in an individual look.

Men's snood scarves 2018

More than ever, in 2018, Snud is gaining momentum in fashion, it is also a scarf pipe, a clamp. The peculiarity of such an accessory is that it has a circular shape with no beginning or end. It is believed that Snood is more related to youth fashion, but this season the model has won the hearts of more mature men who are not averse to experimenting and giving newness to their everyday look. Such a scarf can be organically combined with a puffer jacket, parkas, hoodies. It can be worn around your neck or over your clothes.

Men's cashmere scarves 2018

Returning to cashmere models, it is difficult not to notice the designers' attraction to the Scottish cage and the strict English lines of the high society lord. Cashmere is a natural material, to which there can be no complaints. Despite the fact that this, in fact, is also wool, cashmere always stands apart. This soft, warm and silky to the touch scarf is perfect for both everyday and festive toilets. The only negative is the high price. But a real man, of course, can afford a good scarf. The fashion of 2018 includes (however, they didn’t go from there), a large cell with a combination of such colors as brown, gray, blue, white, yellow, red, black. Two-tone checkered cashmere patterns are especially elegant. In this case, there is a certain stylistic orientation. For example, for a coat of red or black, the best companion would be a checked scarf with red and black. Similarly, you can choose an accessory for other types of outerwear. However, the three-color cell also has a right to exist, but it is mainly used in the formation of the image in everyday walking style. It is not recommended to use such options in a business suit, since there is a classic two-color layout and the third shade may just be superfluous or burdening the visual perception.

Men's Woolen Scarves 2018

The main material for fashionable men's scarves in 2018 will undoubtedly be wool: it is scarves made of thin and dense wool, and not classic large-knitted scarves that dominate the autumn catwalk. Such accessories were included in their collections by the most reputable brands and designers who produce men's clothing: Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Yohji Yamamoto, who generally suggests wearing a woolen scarf with sportswear. Perhaps one of the most unusual solutions for the autumn wardrobe was suggested by Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger, who released fashion models in very magnificent, long scarves on the catwalk. Due to this splendor and length, scarves are much more like the original collar of a coat or autumn jacket.

Men's mohair scarves 2018

As for fabrics, classic wool and cashmere hold their positions. They are always warm and comfortable. Of the new trends in 2018 - a man's mohair scarf. It is lightweight, non-creasing, warm material. The main thing is to buy a natural mohair made from the wool of Angora goats. Otherwise, it will not be a “a la Soviet engineer” scarf.

Men's knitted scarves 2018

Especially beautifully, men's hand-knitted scarves 2018 are combined with the same hat, in such an interesting and vibrant ensemble, it's time to do active winter sports or just take a walk in nature. A variety of colors and patterns are found on scarves and scarves, here everything depends only on the imagination and skill of the master. Brushes of various styles on the ends of the scarf and scarf look original. These vibrant additions add significant elegance and lightness to upper body accessories.

Interesting Scarf Facts

I know that many men are interested in history and interesting facts about everything, which is why I offer a couple of interesting facts about the scarf, especially since the history of this accessory is really very interesting and fascinating.

    *Fact 1: Scarf instead of shampoo! In many eastern countries, the climate is so hot that the hair gets dirty instantly. But residents have come up with a great way to protect their hair from dust and dirt - this is a light scarf that wraps around your head.

*Fact 2. Hip scarf! And the truth is, it sounds very strange, but some people use the loincloth version of the scarf, it will seem to you that this is a belt, but no, it’s called “scarf on the hips”. Scarves are also worn on the shoulders, head and waist.

*Fact 3. The most ancient accessory! The history of the scarf has about 2 thousand years, the first mention of it was back in ancient China. Archaeologists have found a large tomb, in which they found statues of ceramic warriors, on each of them was a scarf.

*Fact 4.Accessory for successful men! The scarf was a favorite accessory of various famous people. For example, the great composer Beethoven could not imagine his image without a silk scarf around his neck, and Napoleon preferred exclusively neck scarves from Indian silk.

*Fact 5. Aerobatics! Initially, the scarf had a purely practical function. When engineers designed clothes for pilots, they needed a special part of the uniform that would provide protection for the neck and at the same time, allow you to freely turn your head. Therefore, silk scarves were included in the pilots' uniforms.

Who will suit the scarf

If you think that the neck of your jackets or down jackets will be enough to protect the throat from the weather, then you are deeply mistaken. It is a scarf that can not only warm, but also be a kind of thermoregulatory accessory that absorbs excess moisture and prevents the skin from freezing.It is enough to choose a scarf made of natural material and suitable for your style.

If you lead an active lifestyle, then the scarf will suit you 100%, it folds easily and does not wrinkle, you will always look neat and stylish. Your style is closer to classical, or you have a strict dress code adopted at work, then you can safely choose thin plain cashmere scarves, they are simply created for a coat of strict cut.

Prefer a varied winter active holiday, you can safely try on a scarf by the type of trumpet or shirt front, imitating a collar. So you provide reliable protection during winter walks or practicing various sports. Convenience lies in the fact that such a continuous scarf will not be untied and you will always feel comfortable.

Men's scarves: fashion models

The time has long passed when the scarf model was only one - a long knitted scarf, I’m sure that everyone had it, grandmothers love to knit warm new things for their grandchildren) Now you can choose this accessory to your taste. I offer only the most fashionable models that will remain relevant for more than one season.

    *Arafati Scarves. This is a special kind of scarf that came to us from eastern countries. He was very fond of men because he looks stylish and is a "chip" of the image. You can safely put it on under casual clothes and it will be transformed in the blink of an eye.

*Classic cashmere scarves. Such a scarf is thin and short, it will suit you well if you do not like large knots and a pile of fabric around your neck. In the case of a classic coat with a strictly cut, cashmere scarf will be very welcome.

*Knitted scarf with patterns. As a daily version of a scarf, soft woolen options with a variety of patterns in the winter theme are perfect, will expand your wardrobe and make it more “more comfortable”. Wear with your favorite down jackets and puffer jackets.

*Scarf - stole. This is a rather unusual version of a scarf, which involves a large piece of fabric, it can be draped in different ways, each time you will get a different effect. An excellent solution for warming the neck, because the area of ​​such a scarf is much larger than other styles.

Men's snoods: the main trend of the season 2017-2018

Scarf snood Is the main fashion trend of 2017-2018 and not only in women's wardrobe, but also in men's. This is really a universal thing that you can wear both a hat and a scarf. The whole feature is cut: knitting is carried out in a circle or inverted figure eight. This is necessary so that it is possible to make several loops on the neck. You yourself can control the tightness of the scarf.

There are many options for wearing a man’s snood. If the weather is warmer, you can just put on a snood without tying it, you get a stylish welcome. Also, very effectively a couple of times to tie a snood around the neck and at the same time, leave one free end. If the weather is very cold, then I suggest wrapping the snood as tightly around the neck as possible, so you get something like a collar.

When acquiring a snood, it is important to understand for what purposes you take it, if it is an image thing, then take it from cotton or lighter fabrics. For protection from the cold, knitted wool snoods have proven themselves in the best way. Always pay attention to the composition and quality of your snud, all the warming ability depends on this.
In your place, I would order a scarf here.

How to tie a scarf

If you have already chosen your perfect scarf, then it's time to pay attention to the proper wearing of this accessory. There are various ways to tie a scarf and your whole image depends on it. So, let's figure it out together in this difficult matter and choose the most suitable way for you.

    *Prague or Brussels knot. This is the simplest and most effective way to wear a scarf. The main technique is this: the scarf is folded in half, wrapped around the neck and the end of the scarf is threaded into a loose loop, this is the knot. This method is the most popular in the world and has a wide demand among men, it is quite simple and looks excellent. Absolutely any scarf can be tied in this way, either from thin fabric or thick woolen options with bulk knitting.

*Single node. This method is suitable for men who do not want to come up with something once again and appreciate comfort above all. Everything is extremely simple: a scarf wraps around the neck, one end remains free, and I throw the other on my back. This option works on long scarves, where it is possible to do such a trick. The only thing is that the scarf can be untied and you have to constantly correct it.

*Double knot. The technique of performing such a node is somewhat similar to the “Parisian” one, but there are some nuances here. First you need to throw a scarf over your shoulders, wrap it around your neck once, then tie the free end and tuck one of the “tails” of the scarf into the outer clothing collar. If your scarf is too lush, then such a knot will definitely not suit you, as it creates too voluminous effect. It’s good to try such a knot with thin and long scarves, you get the perfect option

*Weaving loop. To tie a scarf in a similar technique, you should just work hard and acquire some skills, but believe me, the result is worth it. Use only a long and not too thick scarf, fold it in half and wrap around the neck, from the remaining ends try to make a knot “ala pigtail”, in a checkerboard pattern. Next, fasten the remaining ends, as in the version with the Parisian knot and voila, your super-fashionable scarf is ready!

Fashionable cheat sheet: selection of a scarf to the type of clothing

I know that not many men like to show off in front of a mirror with their thoughts for a long time: “Is this scarf suitable for clothes or not?” That’s why I decided to make a fashionable cheat sheet, which will contain the simplest patterns that will help you navigate not only in styles, but also save your time.

    *Sportswear style. Men who dress in a sporty style need the simplest and most comfortable scarf for every day. Classic scarves of fine knitting or various knitted options perfectly cope with this task, they can easily be tucked into a jacket or down jacket.

Sports jacket (down jacket) + loose-fitting pants + soft classic scarf + high boots = formula for a perfect sports bow in the winter season.

*Clothing in casual style. The most common style of clothing among men, it attracts the majority with its versatility, because in fact, adding only one accessory, quite everyday things will be transformed. Add stylish snood to your favorite parka jacket or down jacket, you can easily drape it the way you like.

Parka jacket + frayed jeans + desert boots + stylish scarf collar = formula for a stylish casual casual

*Classic office style. Many men who work in the office have a certain dress code, most like it, and many are simply required by the rules to wear a similar style. Ordinary scarves will definitely not suit you, it will not be a very beautiful vinaigrette, give preference to short cashmere scarves in a calm plain color scheme - an ideal addition to a coat of a strict cut or a sheepskin coat.

Coat strictly cut + pants + short cashmere scarf + boots = office elegant style.

Important details: choose a scarf

When you definitely decided to purchase a fashion scarf, there was only one step left, namely checking the product for quality. There are a number of parameters that you need to pay attention to when buying, they play one of the key roles, for example, not one fashionable design will save you from a cold if the scarf is made of artificial material and simply does not warm.

*The size! It is very important to choose a scarf that fits your size. Here you need to consider both your complexion and taste preferences. If you are large and tall, then short and thin scarves will look absolutely ridiculous to you, however, as vice versa, with severe thinness, you should not choose bulky scarves and tie them in several knots. There should be a sense of proportion in everything, then you will look as spectacular as possible.

*Stitches, stitches and sewing quality! Quite often there are scarves made of good material, but they are absolutely horribly sewn. Curved lines and sticking threads are the first sign that your scarf will soon fail and you will have to buy a new one. Therefore, I highly recommend that you look through the entire scarf for puffs and the rest of the manufacturing defect.

Fashionable models of men's scarves

A man wants to look confident, but unobtrusive in society. A stylish scarf will help diversify your everyday look. To emphasize individuality, in 2019, designers developed many fashionable scarves for men of different models, styles and colors.

In a men's wardrobe, a scarf performs several functions at once: it protects, gives an image of style and attracts attention.

First of all, the scarf should be practical, protect from adverse weather conditions, cold and wind. At the same time, even the most ordinary model is able to emphasize your merits and attract the attention of girls. The main thing is to learn how to choose the right model. You should not wear a scarf just because it is fashionable, the product should be combined with your image.

Men's products can be of different textures. Knitted accessories are especially popular. In the new season, relief knitting, as well as geometric patterns, are most in demand. Especially well with courageous way squares and rhombuses are combined.

It is recommended to choose a scarf depending on the season. In the cold season (winter-autumn), mainly knitted and voluminous models are worn, in the warm season (summer-spring) - thin products. The style should be in harmony with the image of a man; knitted scarves or snoods are hardly suitable for a business style.

The golden rule of the male image: the scarf should always be several tones lighter or darker than the main clothes.

The color scheme of men's accessories is not as diverse as that of the fairer sex. As a rule, in men's wardrobe there are more plain and restrained colors. Blue and gray colors, as well as classic black, are very popular.

In classic style

Classic men's accessories are usually made of medium length in discreet monophonic colors. Worn with any outerwear: jacket, coat and down jacket. In winter, the scarf can always be wrapped several times around the neck.

It is also important to remember that the shade of the model should be suitable for your complexion. Properly selected colors can emphasize the unusual color of the eyes, dark skin or beautiful blond hair color. The product may contain a discreet print. A feature of the model is its practicality and style.

The cashmere scarf, made in the classical style, is worn by those men who are not used to experimenting, but prefer stability and sophistication in the image.

Long knitted patterns

For men who prefer a more daring dress code Long knits are perfect. This model can be worn with a jacket and a down jacket. Some men mistakenly assume that a long knitted pattern cannot be combined with a coat. However, with the right combination of details and color solutions, such an image looks very bold and stylish.

Such a scarf model requires some other bright addition. A long knitted scarf is in perfect harmony with aggressive boots, a hat or gloves in tone and jeans with a "torn" effect.

In the season of 2019, snood is gaining popularityIt is also called a scarf-collar or collar. A distinctive feature of this model is that it has a circular shape with no beginning and end.

It is generally accepted that snud models belong to youth fashion, however, recently this product has won sympathy among the more mature generation. Such men are not afraid to experiment with their appearance and are ready to give it newness.

Snood goes well with a warm vest and a knitted sweater. Despite the fact that this accessory relates more to sports style, such an image on a mature man looks quite aristocratic.

Such a product is organically combined with puffer jackets, parkas, sweatshirts and jackets. Such scarf patterns made by large viscous look interesting. They are usually worn over outerwear.

In addition to a stylish and courageous image that helps to create a snood, it is also designed to warm the neck in severe frosts, protect it from wind and overcooling. This scarf model can be combined with other accessories, for example, a knitted hat and glasses with a fashionable frame.

On men monophonic knitted products look more expressively and appropriately. But if you want to somehow refresh your everyday look, you can emphasize using a brighter color scheme.

Some models of a scarf-collar are more voluminous, tightly fit the neck, and if necessary, can close the nose and mouth. From the side, the scarf looks like an ordinary tight collar, which is worn over the head. Such models are best combined with a coat and knitted hat, a similar shade, with an elongated end.


Palatine - a universal accessory for men's wardrobe, which can be used as a complement to any image. This model can be combined with different styles of clothing:

Depending on the chosen style, the style and design of the stole can be made in different variations. For example, for a romantic walk in the warm season, it is recommended to wear a scarf made of light fabrics such as cotton and linen. A model made of loose material can be worn as a tie by tying a scarf around the neck.

You can also tie a light, silk model on your neck. Such an accessory looks very stylish with a jacket in retro style and with a little bristle. Such an insignificant detail will give the man an outwardly additional gallantry.

Fashion prints

Also in 2019 at the peak of popularity Scandinavian style items. He is associated with a vivid image of masculinity, brutality and slight negligence.

Such models are practical, value for money. Scarves in the Scandinavian style are characterized by minimalism and laconicism. Such products are worn by those men who do not seek luxury, but prefer clothing made from natural materials.

As a rule, in men's accessories monochrome and discreet colors prevail. Mostly calm tones are used:

However, the emerald-red volumetric cell in combination with yellow and mustard shades is also popular. To create the image, not only cells are used, but also strips and other geometric patterns.

Volumetric rectangular models can perfectly complement any everyday look. Using a scarf as a cape on outerwear is considered stylish.

The most fashionable models of men's scarves in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018

Here is the rating of the most stylish scarves of the coming season:

  • In the first place are classic knitted scarves. Classic means the presence of a single tone, cell or strip. Usually these are white, gray or blue items. A classic wardrobe item goes well with a fashionable coat autumn-winter 2017-2018, complementing a stylish masculine image.
Men's classic wool scarf
  • In second place are scarves of stoles. The material of such products is made of cotton fleece, wool or cashmere. Such products are not combined with all fashionable down jackets and jackets of the autumn-winter season of 2017-2018, so carefully organize your appearance.
Men's scarf stole in the trend of 2017-2018
  • In third place are snood scarves.Such knitted winter products are chosen by young people, which can not leave them without the attention of others. All kinds of prints of various sizes, colorful drawings adorn men's snood scarves. This is a very warm thing that will help protect yourself from the cold and wind. Usually snood is wrapped around the neck several times. These products go well with trendy hats for fall-winter 2017-2018.
Men's blue knit scarf snood

What color to choose a men's scarf

The colors in the fall and winter of 2017-2018 can be very different, there are no restrictions on the length, width or shape of the scarf. In order not to freeze, wear a scarf under a jacket or coat, wrapping it well around your neck. If you feel great in the cold, you can safely experiment with a scarf, because there are a lot of ways to wear this knitted product on top of outerwear.

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