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Why do girls drop guys?

There are many reasons why girls abandon their boyfriends. I bring to your attention 7 of them.

1. Men do not listen well

Perhaps you know from experience that guys can't listen to us. They do not attach importance to what we say and what we worry about. This is one of the reasons women abandon men. Do you agree with this reason?

2. His family

At a time when your family may seem a little strange, his family is generally crazy. This is another reason women abandon men. You don’t want to build a relationship with a guy whose mother constantly climbs into your relationship? And even more so if your boyfriend obeys her?

3. We too often listen to friends

This is another reason girls abandon their boyfriends. Your best friend can hate your boyfriend, and she can greatly influence you and your relationship with him. Therefore, girls, listen only to yourself, not your friends!

4. Too much attention

In most cases, girls abandon guys who are nearby all the time and who are against the girl, for example, going out with her friends. Everyone has their own life, do not forget about it!

5. Men are too independent

Men often require a lot from women, and they themselves do whatever they want. This is another clear reason why women abandon men. Therefore, guys consult your girls, do not be too independent.

6. Men are too intrusive

Girls do not like too intrusive guys. A girl can leave a guy who constantly calls her and checks where she is, who constantly sits at her house, or near her house.

7. A man constantly insults

If a guy constantly insults his girlfriend, no doubt she will leave him. A guy should bring joy to a girl, not misfortune, should he?

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1. Cooling

The girl feels that the past passion has already passed, there are less vivid emotions in the relationship with the guy, love has not appeared. In order not to waste time on a hopeless and ghostly relationship, she decides to leave.

With men who are not adapted for relationships, it is impossible to build them. How to determine that a man is afraid of a relationship? Watch the video!

2. Decrease in interest

Lack of proper attention of a guy can cause a refusal to continue interpersonal relationships. The girl wants to receive gifts and flowers from her lover, go to the cinema, spend more free time together. Frequent delays of the partner at work or permanent employment (at the weekend) force to break off the relationship.

3. Material insolvency

The most common reason for breaking up with a guy is intentional stinginess. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that many women hate greedy men, in this case you have to forget about visiting restaurants, theaters, and concerts. In short, a relationship with a guy can turn into a dull coexistence.

4. Infidelity

An urgent reason for the separation of partners is considered cheating someone, in this case, a guy. Psychologists say that many men in this case prefer to drag on asking for a long time, carefully try to hide the truth. After undeniable evidence of treason, he may take a long time to justify himself and not admit what he did, but this, as they say, no longer worries anyone. A woman has the right to leave him.

5. Constant criticism

For example, the guy is unhappy with the way his lover cooks, he does not like that she does not like to clean the house, she has a nasty character, an ugly posture, and the wrong manner of communication. This is an obvious reason to end all relations with a guy. According to psychologists, in this way a man tries to increase self-esteem at the expense of a partner.

6. Alcohol

Man's addiction is another reason for the gap. The guy has friends or neighbors (for example, in the garage) with whom you can sit well at a glass of alcohol. It should be understood that for an alcoholic there is a reason and an opportunity to drink. If a girl realizes that she deserves a better fate, she leaves the guy.

8. Indecision

In most cases, men completely raised by women shun responsibility. On the one hand, this is good, since a man will constantly obey his wife. On the other hand, not every girl can shoulder the burden of responsibility, fulfilling the duties of the head of the family.

There are other reasons for breaking the love union at the initiative of the beautiful half of humanity: a guy’s lack of interest in sex with a girl, jealousy, a negative attitude towards children, narcissism, infantility, lack of desire to make money, and dependence on computer games.

The main reasons why girls leave guys

Even if you watch the movie “What Women Want”, it will be extremely difficult to find answers to questions regarding women. Partly only a truly loving and attentive man can understand female psychology, in connection with which many men make mistakes and irreparable misconduct. To find a way to the heart of a girl you like or to maintain an existing relationship, you need to eradicate any reasons that leave women.


Often men do not understand the problems due to which the relationship breaks up, not seeing errors in themselves. Talking about why girls abandon boys for no reason is impractical, as there will always be reasons. And the most common of them is the failure of a guy. Few women are attracted to those who simply go with the flow, not striving for growth and development.

Failure and lack of prospects suggests that the man is not ready to do something for the formation of himself as an independent unit. Women, by their nature, will always strive for such men who can give her confidence in the future. And this is not about the insidiousness and prudence of a lady, but her instinct for building a family, giving birth to children who will need to be fed, dressed, educated.

Weak character

Any woman needs a man who in spirit and character will be stronger than her. She will reach out to such a man, give him the reins of government in relationships and family, trust any difficulties and troubles, while remaining a weak and defenseless girl. A strong character, a man should always believe in himself and his abilities, have a firm position and concepts in life.

Psychologists call the 4 main signs of the weakness of a man, namely:

  • committing an act of ostentation,
  • statement and inability to refuse another person,
  • fear and inability to point out the mistakes of another person, referring to the unwillingness to offend the person,
  • inability to provide timely assistance to a needy person.

Weakness is manifested in the fact that a man is inferior to a woman in many matters, cannot solve issues on his own, and in case of difficulties, he gives in to panic and fear. With such a partner, a woman will have to take the entire burden of responsibility on her shoulders, and whether she needs it, she decides for herself. But in most cases, if a man does not have a leadership position in a relationship, he will soon be left without a partner.

No love

At the beginning of the relationship between young people there is always euphoria, lightness, emotions and passion. This is supported by mutual sympathy, hormones, the first charm of your soulmate. But over time, everyday life and everyday life in a relationship dull not only emotions and passion, but also feelings. After some time, the girl wants to part with the guy for only one good reason - in her soul is emptiness.

If she openly declares to a man that she does not love him, this is a stalemate that has no options for resolution. Many men make attempts to keep the girl, not realizing that there is no prospect for a joint future as such. To impose relationships on the background of pity or comfort means not to respect yourself. Since a man is by nature strong and courageous, he must adequately accept the situation by letting the girl go free swimming.

Flirt and chat with other girls

Most often, a girl offers to leave her boyfriend because of his infidelity, too cheeky behavior, a tendency to flirt with other ladies. Almost 99% of the female population dream of “grabbing” a faithful and loyal partner to themselves, in order to entrust them with their whole life and better years. It is on the criterion of fidelity that girls look first of all, evaluating the prospect of a relationship with a guy.

If a guy chose a decent girl for himself, it is extremely important to respect not only her, but her own choice. Only well-formed individuals understand and realize the importance of a pure relationship without strangers and betrayals. If a girl will notice the views of her chosen one in the direction of other ladies, as well as notice fraud and lack of agreement, distrust will sooner or later end in a breakdown, even if he is not caught hot.

No common future

At the beginning of a relationship, young people do not show their true needs and desires, trying to seem good and right. But after some time, someone alone or both immediately begins to realize that a completely different personality is hiding behind the mask of a good and comfortable partner. And at such moments, a girl can make a definite decision for herself - they have no future with this man.

A man can be externally good, internally rich and promising, but not suitable for a girl because of different goals in life and priorities. For example, he works hard to change an old foreign car for a new car of the last year of production, proving to himself and his surroundings his viability. While for her, her housing, mortgage, and the birth of children are a priority. Realizing that they will have a different future, the girl often leaves the guy.

Intimate party

Most of the men in the intimate sphere of relationships focus on purely their needs and desires, while not knowing what their partner needs. Men think that a woman just needs regular sex, compliments and attention. Yes, this is exactly what happens at the initial stage of a relationship, when a girl is under the influence of hormones and passion.

The most common reason for breaking the relationship is the hypersexuality of a man, that is, when a man is fixated on having a permanent sex life at a time when a woman is not always ready for this. There are also opposite situations when a man is more interested in watching TV with a bottle of beer or playing computer games, while a woman needs a regular sex life.

As practice shows, the most common mistake of men is the inability to have a howling woman for an intimate act. Relations over the years are so rubbed in that sex becomes more a duty than a way to have fun. Women go away from those men who neglect the prelude, and also can not bring their partner to the logical conclusion of sex.


In order for a man to be able to unravel female psychology and logic, you need to know the main indicators by which girls choose lovers for themselves, as well as the main reasons because of which relations break down. Any woman wants to see attention from a man in her direction, interest, a desire to constantly conquer and conquer her.

Due to the instincts for creating a family and having children, women choose strong, determined men with a strong character, goals in life and principles. The ideal man in their understanding will be faithful and faithful, attentive to her in a moral and physical sense. If, over time, the girl’s feelings faded, no matter how good and promising he was, the relationship would be doomed to break.

No. 1. You were not promising (not successful)

If you do not plan your future, stupidly go with the flow, not changing anything in your life, not striving for anything, not getting anything, reaching, etc. etc. and just go to the shitty job, and then you come and lie on the couch, drink beer - what are the girl's prospects (future) with you? It is clear that no girl / woman will like this. And she will leave you.

Not promising (not successful) immediately suggests that you are a low-ranking male. Therefore - here's the first (one of the main) reason why a young lady can throw / trade, etc ...

Friend, you, now, may not understand me - but, this is an absolute norm. The fact that the woman left you because you are a loser (without dough, not promising, not successful) is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL.

It’s your own fault. Take responsibility. Don’t shift the responsibility to it and don’t carry any nonsense, in style, all the women are fucking, la la la, all of them are final, corrupt blah blah, they all just need grandmas = this behavior is of low-ranking damage. Not worthy men. Scumbag. Fu Fu Worthy high-ranking men = do not behave like that. They all know and understand perfectly.

You and only you are to blame for the fact that you are a loser (loser) without dough. So solve your problems!

Look. We all have the so-called NATURAL SELECTION. You know what it is? I hope)). So, in natural selection, the most adapted males, to the surrounding reality, win.

So, the main initial criterion when choosing a male (in women) is the success of a man. Not a beauty. Not your rich inner world)) not your kindness, decency, etc. garbage = namely your success (competitive ability). Your adaptability to the surrounding reality (the world). If you are not successful = you are a worthless hunter (earner). Loser. Jonah.

Question: Why does a woman need a LOSER (loser)? Well, think about it yourself ...

If you are not aware of 1: the main natural function of a man is to be a getter.

This is evolutionary. Men get resources (in our world, this is money). All responsibility in the material plane - lies with the man and only with the man!

If you can’t extract resources (grandmothers) qualitatively = then you are a worthless hunter (earner). You are not adapted to the surrounding reality (the world). You are a loser. Jonah. Simply put.

A loser (loser) is not profitable for a woman. Accordingly, she will not interact with you. A woman needs financial security from a man = so that there is clear clarity, that she is confident in the future, in the future, so that she knows that everything from her and her offspring will be forgotten.

What about the loser? A woman has clarity, confidence, etc. etc.? a? Think it over.

If you do not know 2: the main resource in a woman’s life is a worthy man. MAIN RESOURCE IN LIFE. BASIC. Because it is a worthy man who will provide, protect, feed, dress, take care of a woman and offspring (children). Think it over. How much a woman depends on a man. And ask yourself another question: why the hell do you need a woman with eggs between your legs, if you can’t give a damn? Horseradish getter = goodbye. All. Point.

With a worthy man = a woman will win in natural selection and survive in the evolutionary race. That's all. This is the whole importance of SUCCESS man for woman. A woman = biologically uses the resources of a man (she herself does not get anything, why: “Should a woman work”).

CONCLUSION: If you are not successful = on dick you need. Natural selection. There are successful ones. Why the hell is a loser needed? The female needs the most successful male. Best. Winner. Good earner. Therefore, if you are not one, you will be thrown / exchanged for a more successful male. That's all.

CONCLUSION 2: grandmas are not everything for a woman, but this need is one of, and it is extremely important. You must be a financially secure person so that this woman’s need (financial security) is completely closed. And there will be no problems. 100% guarantee for you.That and in general, don’t think about a woman in this regard, think about yourself, money in our life = no where without them, life is not life without them, they are not all, but without them = it’s not easy to live well. They brighten up life. Yours. Mine. Women. Etc.

No. 2. YOU A GUY / BOY / ETC. but not a man!

A woman needs a man. Worthy SAM. And not a boy, boyfriend, friend, girlfriend with eggs between the legs, man, there is still someone there. NEEDED A MAN. MALE. Understand that. This is extremely important.

Pull out on the title of this article - why girls abandon guys. Phew. Phew. And again Fu. The answer is even in the title of the article. With boys, boys, etc. women with eggs between their legs = women do not want to have affairs. With such things will happen - girls, youngsters and in general, all this low-ranking and even medium-ranking category. But a worthy high-ranking woman needs a man.

Now, I specifically speak for - INTERNAL STATE!

Remember: absolutely every woman needs a man who is stronger than her inner.

A woman is always looking for a man who is stronger than her inside (spiritually). A woman wants to reach for a man. A woman wants a strong man. Strong - the concept is different (you can be strong physically, can be strong spiritually), now, specifically, I speak for the spiritual strength within myself.

A woman wants a real man. A strong, powerful, self-confident man, with a powerful, strong internal state, the state of a man. Only in this condition - the woman will feel weaker than the man, the woman will feel - WOMAN! WEAK. Submissive. PROTECTED. GIRL 🙂 And this is exactly what absolutely any woman dreams of.

A woman wants to feel like a little fragile girl next to a man. Feminine. Weak Submissive. Like God’s bosom. Do you understand? But! You need this, man. Strong, powerful, confident, energetic, charged, high-ranking man. Pumped man. A man who is very strong spiritually. Inside yourself. Do you understand why this is so important?

Digression: I will tell you more. This is important not only with women, but also in life (in everything).

In this situation, the woman will not have to solve anything, solve questions, problems, affairs, tasks, anything else, build this damned iron lady out of herself, as in most cases hey has to build with low-ranking and medium-ranking men ... but not because she will have you, a man, her support, a strong male impenetrable shoulder - behind which she will be like behind a stone wall. You are a man and you are No. 1 in tandem (you are the main one). You are the leader. You are the presenter. All responsibility lies with the peasant. For a woman, it is extremely important to feel the man next to you!

This is determined at the level of feelings - who is stronger, man or woman. If it will be stronger = you have problems. Because a woman wants to feel next to her - man. This is her need (at an unconscious level, that is, she herself may not understand this, but it is important for her). Do you understand?

A woman is following a man. Number number 2. Therefore, they say - MARRIAGE, understand? FOR HUSBAND, for you, for your shoulder, MAN # 1. you have all the responsibility, you are the leader, you have decided, you are the main one, a woman cannot manipulate you, point you out, be a leader in a relationship (main), etc. etc. it's all 100% unfortunate to end, the leader should be only a man and only a man!

You understand, friend, the essence! This is one of the women's needs, to feel next to a man. And not a woman with eggs between her legs. Why does a woman need a woman with eggs between her legs? Why the hey male is weaker than her? What for?

You understand, WOMAN NEEDS A MAN. Like you (man) - WOMAN is needed. But, these concepts include a lot of things, including what I told you above. This is extremely important!

One of the key rules of the relationship between a man and a woman is that:

  • A MAN - SHOULD FEEL YOURSELF A MAN = next to a woman.

And then = the woman will want to be (herself) with this man, and vice versa (man with this woman).

CONCLUSION: a woman needs a man stronger than her (a woman needs a man with a strong, powerful, internal state of a man). But, nobody is born a peasant. A guy in himself needs to be pumped (regularly).

Because as soon as a woman feels a worthy male (MAN) = everything, game over, she is your humble cat. 100% guarantee for you. Her legs automatically move apart, and she constantly gives you. That's because the woman is programmed that way. She will be with you herself (she will not leave you) - because hey he created a key condition - she feels like a woman next to you, because you are a man!

That was the second reason why the girl left you (or may leave you). Hey, man. If a woman DOES NOT FEEL next to her MAN = she can leave you and exchange you for a real man, because NEED = OPEN. And if the female need is open = there may be consequences. That's all. That's why if you are not a man (not pumped) - you will have problems.

Remember: no man is born a man. If you have a bitch between your legs - this does not mean that you are already a man. Understand. This is extremely important - for a man. BE PUMPED (strong) SPIRITUALLY! I recommend that you start here: "How much do you cost as a man" and follow the blog. Go ahead!


Appearance is an indicator of the health of the male.

The oldest female genetic instincts “force” to choose more beautiful males for the reproduction of a healthier (as a result of) washed offspring.

ALL THIS HAPPENS - UNCONSCIOUSLY. A woman does not realize this (by reason), it just happens on the machine (unconsciously). If you have any very serious health problems, it may be that a woman will exchange you for a healthier male.

Even if there are no health problems, but there are simply problems with the appearance (overweight, fat, or vice versa, some bones on the body (without muscles, not athletic, bony, drifting fu fu). Well, etc. Acne. habits (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.). Problem skin. I don’t know, not well-groomed nails, like a woman’s yagi, with dirt under her nails, gnawed, in general, no cleanliness, neatness, no grooming, elegance, pleasant smell, etc. e. in general, if you are a neglected girl, you can quit. Why does a woman need all this now? Any woman wants a well-groomed, clean, tidy, beautiful vogo man.

Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor your health and carcass (body). Exercise regularly, exercise, regularly eat right, sleep 8+ hours, lead an active healthy lifestyle, regularly check and take tests in a hospital, etc. more: "How to improve health."

Take care of yourself. Watch yourself. Love yourself. Do this primarily for yourself, not for a woman.

Number 4. You hey don't fit (you don't match each other)

For relationships - it’s extremely important - how well you fit together. You must have common ground. Do you have common values, interests, hobbies, do you have similar thinking, worldviews in life, etc. Are you approximately equal to each other, or are you stupid, and is she smart or vice versa, or does she like sports, and you are zero / no and only a pivasic. Or vice versa. Etc.

I do not go into details - for this is understandable (at least it should be clear to everyone). If you are completely different = what kind of relationship can there be? Well, it’s impossible (impossible) to converge when you have different values, different interests, you are different, incl. your features, such as intelligence, IQ, thinking, worldviews in life, etc. etc. if you do not suit each other = game over.

Here you are important. As a person. Who are you. What are you. What are your worldviews in life, views, interests, hobbies, do you have passion (hobbies), what do you do, how do you live, what are you, are you smart, your intellect, your upbringing, IQ (social, emotional, logical), thinking, behavior, etc. etc. if you’re dumb like a traffic jam, you’re not interested in anything, there’s nothing to talk about, discuss, you’re leading a passive lifestyle, in general, you’re stupidly “empty” about anything = you have problems, friend ... decide!

But, if you have no problems, it may be that you simply don’t fit this girl / woman (well, you don’t suit her, don’t fit, she doesn’t feel the blood inside, doesn’t feel that you are her person, that’s all at the level of feelings, understand, therefore, the gap on her part, game over).

No. 5. She doesn’t love you ...

At first, everyone has love, euphoria, buzz, passion, emotions and all things ... but, over time, all this subsides (emotions subside) and it may turn out that there are no feelings as such. Emptiness.

If she really doesn’t love you = there's nothing to be done. Sooner or later = they will throw you. If you are with the dough), it’s more likely that it’s too late, because she will keep you in reserve (until she finds one, she will meet the “right one”), and if you are a loser, then right away. This is the absolute majority of women.

But, sooner or later - game over. HOMO SAPIENS = tv * r is still very selfish, and she won’t torture herself = but she can tell you anything, in style, you’re good, but we don’t fit each other, or I don’t want to torment you, sorry or else something. This point, in many respects, is connected with point No. 4 (how well you fit together), and how good you are - as a man. If everything is OK (you are well suited to each other, and you are a worthy pumped up high-ranking male, with a strong spiritual state) = this reason, well, it’s very unlikely. And you, man, should feel it. Love does not love.

No. 6. Are you a womanizer / or just cheating ...

This is also a woman’s need. Those. to paragraph number 7. Open needs. But! I decided to tell separately again, in this article. A man must be faithful to a woman, just like a woman is faithful to a man. Because it's a relationship. If you are cheating on your woman - if she is a worthy woman - she will not tolerate this shit from you and you will not see her again. It’s obvious, like God's day.

The man. If you have already begun to build a serious relationship with a woman, you have chosen her (this woman, on a permanent basis, for life), then you cannot do without loyalty. I give you a 100% guarantee.

You should know about this, understand and be prepared for it. At least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, most do not (for low to medium ranking). Hence the betrayal on the side ...

One of the reasons why I do not recommend building relationships at a young age of 18-25. Because as a result, it does not end with anything good. In the worst case, these infidelities are on the side, a man changes, a woman changes, they lie to each other, f * ck and not relationships. Phew. Phew. And again Fu.

Guys, ideally at the age of 30, begin to build a serious relationship with a woman aged 25-27. For these are already formed personalities, finished products, there are the right values, already walked up, already have experience, knowledge, etc. etc. more details in the article: “What are relationships, who can / cannot build them.”

P.s. in many ways, of course, it still depends on one or another person, therefore it’s absolutely 100% to say that a younger age = not suitable for relationships = of course it’s impossible (there are different people with different characters, personality types, attitudes to life , education, etc. etc.), but in general, in most cases, nothing serious happens to people. It is a fact!

Therefore, those numbers that I called, in my opinion, are the most optimal. There (if m and f) corresponding (high-ranking) - with daily work - there will be a happy, durable, relationship. The fact that I sincerely wish everyone, and not what is happening among many in the post-Soviet space.

A man should take on such responsibility (for relationships), not a woman. Because man = responsibility. She is a woman and a woman in Africa, what to take from her. The main man. Leading man. Male leader. Not a woman. If a man is ready for a relationship, then he must make the right informed choice with the woman, and be responsible for the decision!

Number 7. Open women's needs ... (you do not close)

The vast majority of men do not know any female needs at all.

Well, they probably know that women need to be satisfied (c * cs) and that attention needs to be paid (when there are never walks, surprises, gifts, etc. in such a spirit, but there can be problems).

At the initial stage - this may be enough. But, over the years of relationships = problems can begin. Women have as many as 16 needs, which most men — and don’t know about, as a result — have needs that are open, hence the ensuing consequences. Gave up. Gone. Changed, etc.

Most peasants do not know how to behave with a woman, what a woman needs, it is important, must be. How to behave, what to give, when to give, how to give, in what quantity to give, etc. etc. as a consequence, the very consequences: betrayal, quarrels, misunderstanding, breakdown, etc.

By the way, everything that I already said above in this article (except for No. 3, 4, 5) = the same applies to women's needs 🙂 just in this article - I highlighted the most important reasons and talked about them.

In general, here's an article for you: "What does a woman need from a man (women's needs)." Follow the link and learn. It tells you what is important for a woman from a man so that a long-term, happy, harmonious and, most importantly, happy relationship flourishes процвет if you already started building relationships = you should know this, and of course - close it all (give it all to your woman). Otherwise, do not expect anything good, for everything is possible (on our topic, a break in relations).

In short, here they are all women's needs (which should be covered by a man):

  • 1) No attention or lack of attention to women
  • 2) Not interested in your own woman or lack of communication ....
  • 3) No or lack of security (financial / physical) (I told you about financial today)
  • 4) No or lack of comfort
  • 5) No or lack of sense of reliability (stability)
  • 6) There is no understanding (as in the investigation, quarrels, scandals, abuse, etc., etc.)
  • 8) There is no you as a man. There is no support, man, Reshala (told in the article)
  • 9) No or lack of honesty
  • 10) No or lack of trust
  • 11) There is no your fidelity (no one will tolerate betrayal) (told in the article)
  • 12) There is no value (recognition) of his woman (compliments, etc.) or lack!
  • 13) No or lack of feelings, emotions, romance
  • 14) No or lack of freedom for a woman
  • 15) C * xual dissatisfaction (no or lack of quality c * xs).
  • 16) There is no you as a man 2 (told in the article)

That's why relationships are serious daily work. Most people have - firstly, not a relationship at all, but spending time together and spending * ears (s * cs), and secondly, an easy mental attitude to their own relationships, as a result, there are a lot of open needs - as a consequence effects. Such as: frequent quarrels, scandals, misunderstanding, betrayal, in general, in short - horror, not a happy relationship. Needs must be closed. This is extremely important for a woman - and if something is open, I say - everything is possible!

These are the main reasons girls / women can abandon you. That's all. See you.

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1. Bad attitude

A woman can abandon a man herself if he makes her feel depreciated, not loved, often upsets her and offends. Women want to feel welcome and loved. A poor attitude and inappropriate behavior of a man makes a woman resort to separation. In addition, many guys set their own rules in relationships. They want the girl to do everything according to their wishes. But when they add insults to this, the girl, of course, will want to quickly get away from such a person.

2. Mama's son

Girls love independent guys. And if a woman herself abandoned a man, then he has not yet matured for adulthood and does not know how to independently manage his life.If a person does not have his own opinion, this can be reflected in the girl. She will also feel insignificant to some extent. Every woman wants to have a decent man nearby, so that he can stand up for her in any situation. She wants the man to be confident and support her. A woman will not be with a man whose friends, work or his hobbies are more important than love. And of course, she will not like it when a man listens only to his mother and no one else.

3. Hygiene issues

Many men have problems with hygiene, although they themselves do not understand this. And their friends, even if they notice, they cannot say, because they do not want to offend a loved one. But what kind of woman wants to have a man who constantly smells bad? She wants to go on a date with a well-groomed man. That the man was neat and had a pleasant smell. So that everyone around them would pay attention to them, and acquaintances envy and admire them.

4. Bad habits

Being with someone who has bad habits such as: alcohol, smoking, gambling, or something more serious is not acceptable. Some guys may promise to change or ask for help. But often they do not keep their word, because they cannot overcome themselves. Women have no particular desire to build serious relationships with such men. After all, they understand that these addictions will not lead to anything good.

5. Not satisfactory intimate life

For girls, sex is an expression of love. Women want their men to be carried away by them and to give pleasure in bed. If a man cares only about his needs, and does not make any efforts to satisfy his lady in bed, she can leave him. In addition, no woman likes to feel used. They want equality in the relationship. Therefore, if you do not intend to have a serious relationship with a girl, then she will understand this and leave you.

6. The girl does not see a shared future

If a woman herself abandoned a man, then she does not see the future with him. Girls are looking for reliability and safety in life. They want to see a manifestation of love and care. Girls want to be treated with respect. And paid attention to their needs and desires. No woman likes to feel that a man neglects her and treats her with disrespect. Men have problems in this area because they do not know how to openly express love. And if a woman is serious about relationships, she may not want to continue communicating with such a person.

7. You are irresponsible

Women love men who take responsibility. Most girls want their life partner to earn good money and be able to support their family in comfort. They expect that he will be able to cope with various problems in life. A self-respecting woman will not live with a man if he does not take responsibility for words and deeds. Or blames others for all problems and evades the answer. She will not like a man who does not keep promises and does not fulfill obligations.

8. Parent pressure

When it comes to marriage, most women listen to the opinions of their parents and friends. After all, they want social recognition. And most girls find it difficult to go against the wishes of their parents. Therefore, if mom and dad do not approve of the guy, the girl can leave him. She will look for a partner who will suit her needs and the needs of her parents.

9. Her feelings have cooled

In a long-term relationship, there is a chance that a guy or girl will fall out of love with his partner. And if a woman loses passion and love in a relationship, she certainly will not want to continue the relationship. It could be that she just fell in love with another guy. And he thinks that it is with him that he can build a happy life. Therefore, if a woman herself abandoned a man, then he no longer interests her.

10. Loss of trust

When a man tries to hide something from his half, the woman immediately notices it. And if it concerns treason, then the likelihood of continuing such a relationship is extremely small. Not many women will want to see a changing partner next to them. And the loss of trust leads to inevitable problems. And if you are trying to understand why a woman herself abandoned a man. That excess of trust between partners is one of the main reasons for the separation. In addition, a woman will not trust a man who often flirts with other girls or has many girlfriends.

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