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How to choose a mouth guard against snoring?

Mouthguards for snoring - an innovative device for Russia, which allows not only to avoid unpleasant sounds during sleep, but also prevents respiratory arrest.

Mouthguards have long been used abroad and have earned well-deserved popularity in Western countries.

What is the effectiveness of cap for snoring?

Mouthguards against snoring mechanically make snoring impossible. They move the jaw a few millimeters forward, increasing the lumen of the nasopharynx, and fix this position all night. Correctly selected mouth guard gives an 80% guarantee against snoring.

However, there are conditions under which the use of mouthguards is either contraindicated or does not give the expected result:

  1. Lack of teeth. A mouth guard simply will not hold properly if a person has less than 8 teeth.
  2. Bleeding gums, loose teeth.
  3. Severe runny nose.
  4. Malocclusion.

Various exercises aimed at strengthening the soft palate can increase the effect of applying mouthguards. These are “loud” gargles, extension of the lower jaw forward and its fixation in such a position (exercise “bulldog”), pronouncing of vowels “I”, “S”.

In what cases does the device not work?

Mouthguards are most effective for age-related changes in the nasopharynx and larynx, when the muscles of the soft palate and jaws simply weaken and cannot perform their functions. Kapa takes their burden on himself, keeping the airways wide open. It is also effective in snoring caused by tipping the head with involuntary opening of the mouth in a dream (the mouthpiece holds the lower jaw firmly).

Mouthguards almost do not help with snoring, which is caused by rhinitis, sinusitis and other diseases of the common cold or allergic nature.

You should not believe advertising that promises to heal from snoring after the first use of the mouthpiece. Sometimes it succeeds, but in most cases it takes 2-3 nights to get used to the device.

Device description

Mouthguard against snoring is a specially designed device that is inserted into the oral cavity and prevents the development of the problem. The main action of such a device is considered to be an improvement in the quality of night rest.

In appearance, the mouthpiece, which is usually made of silicone, resembles a cast of the human jaw. Such a device is installed in the mouth (on top of the teeth), after which it immediately adheres to them. If the mouthpiece is correctly installed in the mouth, the patient will not feel discomfort or discomfort.

The device intended for the oral cavity does not move during sleep, does not deform, due to the silicone form, and also it can not be bitten off, swallowed or accidentally spit out. This happens because the mouthpiece adheres well to the oral mucosa.

There are several holes in the mouthpiece that help a person breathe normally even if his jaws are completely closed.

Attention! Capa is made individually for each person, since in order to hold it securely in the mouth, it is necessary to know the individual characteristics of the patient and the anatomy of the person's mouth.

A positive point is that for the manufacture of cap use only safe and hypoallergenic material that does not cause the development of allergies and other dangerous diseases.

Today, such devices are made of plastic silicone, which is not endowed with taste or smell. Efficiency and comfort of the device directly depends on the correct fit of the device to the patient’s oral cavity, as well as on the condition of the jaw and teeth.

Reasons for the development of pathology

Snoring is a rattling sound that occurs during deep sleep as a result of a malfunction in breathing. The consequence of disturbances in the respiratory system is the relaxation of the muscular structures of the pharynx and posterior part of the palate.

For this reason, the inhaled air stream does not move correctly through the upper breathing apparatus, which causes a special sound.

Interesting to know! According to statistics, about 47% of men and 28% of women suffer from regular snoring.

Consider the common causes of snoring:

    Curvature of the nasal dividing plate. One of the most common causes of snoring, which affects people of all age categories.

The plate dividing the nasal cavity into two identical halves is deformed under the influence of trauma.

The resulting curvature becomes an obstacle to the normal passage of air flow. In addition, the violation provokes the development of chronic rhinitis, which further exacerbates the problem. Tonsillitis (damage to one or more tonsils). Tonsils hypertrophy refers to infectious diseases caused by bacterial or viral infections.

An inflammatory enlargement of the tonsils creates a barrier in the lumen of the nasopharynx. In the process of shortness of breath, muscle oscillation and the appearance of vibrating sounds occur. Polyposis of the initial section of the respiratory apparatus. Polyps in the nasal cavity are benign rounded formations.

At the stages of proliferation, they gradually block the nasal passages, which makes it difficult to inhale unhindered. The disease affects the adult category of patients.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that it is quite difficult to recognize an ailment in the early stages of development - polyps make themselves felt when their size causes not only snoring, but also nasal congestion. The growth of lymphoid tissue (adenoid vegetation).The pathological condition leads to an increase in the pharyngeal tonsil and problems in the respiratory functions.

More often, adenoids are detected in children. The disease occurs due to the ingestion of an infectious agent or due to allergic reactions. It is possible to recognize an increase in lymphoid tissue by the appearance of very noisy breathing. Rhinitis (runny nose). The disease is manifested by edema, nasal congestion, the appearance of mucus and develops against the background of multiplication of microbes or due to infection with the virus.

In some cases, the disease occurs due to hypothermia. The most common cause of snoring is the catarrhal form of rhinitis.

It can be recognized by the occurrence of swelling of the nasal mucosa, which narrows the lumen of the nasal passages, which makes breathing difficult. Alcohol abuse, sleeping pills and psycholeptics. During night sleep, the muscles are in a state of relaxation.

The muscular structures of the respiratory apparatus are no exception. Psychotropic drugs and alcohol-containing drinks further relax the organs formed by muscle tissue, which is why a person who is intoxicated, snores very loudly. The problem will disappear if you get rid of addiction. Nasopharyngeal deformity due to age-related changes. Over the years, muscle tone changes. In addition, a person may suffer from chronic infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

For this reason, when a person lies on his back and falls asleep, sagging muscles of the pharynx occur. This condition causes low-frequency vibrations of the palatine curtain and small process (tongue). Overweight. In obese people, fat structures in the neck area develop strongly. This leads to compression of the upper respiratory tract, which entails oxygen starvation of the body.

Over time, obese people develop obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, which is characterized by temporary respiratory failure during night rest.

  • Congenital factor. A large tongue, an elongated small process, or the palate can cause snoring sounds.
  • In a number of cases, ronchopathy develops for the following reasons:

    • body fatigue
    • disturbance of emotional calm,
    • drug intoxication,
    • sleep on your back or stomach.

    The principle of operation of the device

    Capa for snoring works quite simply. In addition, she is comfortable to use. Correct installation of the device in the oral cavity allows the maxilla to “exit” the lower jaw, due to which the airways open, which allows air to freely enter the respiratory system.

    The main task of the adaptation is to prevent jaw dropping during night rest, because of which a person is deprived of a large portion of oxygen - this causes a negative effect on the body.

    Therefore, the duty of the mouth guard is to fix the position of the jaw, which contributes to the normal and full passage of air into the lungs.

    Attention! According to the instructions for using the device, do not wait for a quick therapeutic effect, which consists in the complete elimination of snoring.

    Some patients believe that a mouth guard should definitely help after the "first night". However, this is not so - the result of this treatment technique will be noticeable after a certain time, when the lower jaw gets used to its “position” during night rest. This usually takes 3-8 weeks, after which you can stop using the mouth guard.


    Although the device is considered hypoallergenic and completely safe for health, it is not worth using in some cases. Since capa can only have a local effect, sometimes patients are forbidden to use it to treat snoring.

    Contraindications to the device include:

    • the presence of loose teeth in a person
    • epilepsy,
    • mental disorder
    • diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth,
    • frequent cramps
    • sinusitis, flowing in a neglected form,
    • periodontal disease
    • gingwit
    • wearing dentures
    • adentia
    • frequent bleeding gums
    • deep caries
    • severe obesity
    • newly installed dental implants
    • chronic rhinitis
    • allergic to silicone,
    • severe bronchitis.

    If a person has intolerance to being in the oral cavity of an object, it is not worth using a mouth guard to treat snoring. After all, if you start to install it, the patient will probably develop vomiting, which means that the device will need to be pulled out immediately.

    Attention! Children under 12 years old are not allowed to use the device. It is not worth it to use a mouthguard, even if it is made to order, as this can adversely affect the child’s breathing.

    What are the types

    Each doctor advises patients to make an individual adaptation for the mouth - in this case, the mouthpiece will be most effective, because the device will be made based on the location of the teeth. If the mouth guard fits perfectly to the upper jaw, the person will not feel discomfort.

    Today there are several types of devices that can be ordered or bought in a pharmacy:

    1. Customized. Individually made mouthguards can be created independently or consult a doctor. The formation of the device is carried out by heating, after which the silicone hardens and becomes completely suitable for use. A positive point is that you can use individual mouthguards repeatedly until the problem is completely resolved.
    2. Thermolabile. Such a device can be placed in the oral cavity without the help of doctors. These types of cap are made of polymer, the shape of which is imparted by the action of high temperature on the material. After taking the impression, the patient is not given a ready-made device for snoring in his hands, but his preparation, which the patient should put in a container of hot water. With this cap, it will become elastic - now you can begin to treat the problem. Then, it is necessary to compress the jaws strongly so that the mouthpiece takes the desired shape (excess of this material is squeezed through the teeth, which will create the ideal shape for the patient). The remainder of the material is cut with a knife, and the fixture is left for complete solidification.
    3. Neuro-muscular. This is another type of mouth guard for snoring, which is long and quite difficult to do. The device is able to reduce the intensity of snoring, as well as affect the cause of its occurrence. Judging by the reviews of patients, several doctors are involved in the creation of the mouthguard.

    Types of cap that can be found in a pharmacy.


    Such an orthodontic tray is known all over the world. The material from which the product is made is durable and reliable. The price of the device is acceptable, so almost all patients can afford it.

    Due to the environmental friendliness of the material, Somnoguard does not cause the development of allergies, which is undoubtedly considered a positive quality of the device.

    Also inexpensive and effective caps in the fight against snoring are:

    They manage to buy them in a pharmacy, however, such mouthguards may not fit the person in size, so doctors advise to make them individually, so that the device would be of maximum benefit.

    Fixture Features

    Rarely, patients are allergic to the material from which the mouthpiece is made. Some patients have noticed discomfort throughout the course of treatment if the device does not fit them in size.

    Sometimes during a night's rest, the mouthpiece may fall out - this is due to the fact that it is not able to fix itself normally in the oral cavity.

    After putting on the device (the first 5 days), a person may notice such unpleasant symptoms as increased salivation or, conversely, severe dry mouth. After a few days, the body gets used to the new remedy and this is no longer reflected by negative symptoms.

    Many people do not like that when using the product causes a jaw shift. However, those who have undergone treatment with a mouthguard claim that after removing it, the jaw returns to its original position (a couple of millimeters). Therefore, such a device is not able to harm the quality of life.

    Using a mouth guard for snoring has several advantages. These include:

    • others do not see the device in the mouth,
    • high strength
    • lack of smell and taste,
    • compactness thanks to which it is easy to take a tray with you if necessary,
    • minimal risk of product breakdown,
    • long service life.

    To get the effect of treatment, you must use the device for at least one month. If the capa does not dress every night, it will not work out in the short term.

    In order not to cause infection in the oral cavity, proper care is required for the device. The product must be washed with warm water every day. Once a week, you should brush it with toothpaste or other means for the oral cavity.

    How to use a mouthguard

    Only wear the product at night. This is done strictly according to the instructions, which looks like this:

    • place the device for 20 seconds in hot water, the temperature of which will be at least 80 degrees,
    • take out and gently shake the water,
    • put the jaw forward and with the help of a special device we insert the mouthpiece into the mouth,
    • we press fingers on the device so that it fits snugly against the teeth.

    Proper use of the device will help completely get rid of snoring, as well as restore normal and full healthy sleep.

    Indications for use

    The device for snoring can and should be used for the following respiratory disorders during sleep:

    • night snoring of unknown etiology,
    • mild to moderate obstructive apnea,
    • high airway resistance
    • lack of effect from other (pharmacological, electrical) anti-snoring agents.


    Products for the fight against snoring are of the following types:

      Ready-made (thermolabile). Such a device is made of a polymer softening under the influence of high temperature. In order for the form to ideally fit the shape of the jaws and teeth of the patient, the mouthpiece is kept for up to 30 minutes in hot water, as a result of which it becomes soft, like plasticine.

    After that, it cools for a while so that it can be taken with your teeth and not burn yourself (but not to room temperature, otherwise the polymer will harden). After that, the patient clamps it with his teeth and waits for the polymer to harden.

    A part of the polymer squeezes the teeth out and ends up between the gums of the cheek. All interfering part is removed with a knife or scissors. Customized. These mouthguards are initially made under the parameters of the patient's jaws according to the cast of his teeth.

    As in the first case, a polymeric material (plastic) is used for manufacturing, but it is no longer heat-labile.

    Silicone or acrylic can also be used (the first material is softer and more comfortable, the second one is more rigid and reliably fixes the jaw). The product is usually cut or turned. Titled mouthguards combine the versatility of the first type with rigidity, reliability and convenience. These are devices whose dimensions are mechanically adjustable.

    In addition to universality, they are also convenient in that they allow you to gradually increase the distance by which the jaw extends. This is important at the beginning of the treatment of snoring, when the patient is not yet used to sleeping with a foreign object in his mouth, and a strongly extended jaw is inconvenient.

    The first two species are called irreplaceable, or unregulated burls.

    Cap rates for snoring and their characteristics

    The modern market is replete with the names of products from snoring. And mouthguards here were no exception. Consider the most popular options:

      Somnoguard - It is made from thermoplastic polymer, the price is about 5000 rubles.

    Does not interfere with breathing through the mouth and nose, after each use requires cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

  • StopSnoringSolution - A Chinese counterpart to SomnoGuard - costs about 500 rubles.
  • Anti Snore Mouthpiece Stoper - a product with not the best recommendations (approximately half of patients report inefficiency or low efficiency). Inexpensive (approx. 400 rubles), made in China (Hong Kong).
  • Sonite - the most popular model in the modern market. It is made in the USA, it costs about 4,500 rubles. Also made of thermopolymers. Most specialists and patients who have tried different models recommend this one: it is more reliable than other products made of thermopolymers, has no taste, does not irritate the mucous membrane.

    The mouth guard for snoring Sonite (C-Onight) has a hard part that does not soften under the influence of temperature, and soft, softens (due to this, greater strength is achieved). Therefore, do not spare money and buy cheap Chinese counterparts, it is better to buy once and for all.

    When using Sonita mouthguard, it is recommended to adjust it again once a year, as the teeth can slowly shift over time, deteriorate, etc.

    Application Guide

    The intraoral apparatus must be worn at night. Wearing in the daytime is not justified. It will make pronunciation of sounds and eating difficult. In addition, it must be taken into account that ronchopathy develops exclusively during sleep.

    The mouthpiece is installed after hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity using antibacterial hygiene products. Such an event will help prevent putrefactive and inflammatory processes.

    When using a removable prosthetic structure the mouthpiece is put on after removing the first from the oral cavity.

    Self-installation is divided into several stages:

    • treat the product with a disinfectant solution,
    • dip in hot water (not more than 85 degrees) for 15 seconds,
    • move the jaw slightly forward
    • using a special holder, place the device in the oral cavity,
    • for a snug fit to the dental units, perform pressing manipulations along the entire plane of the product.

    Remember! Capa can not lose its function after heating, followed by cooling.

    What else can I use?

    In parallel with the mouth guards, you can use other methods:

    • various breathing exercises (e.g. playing wind musical instruments, Strelnikova special gymnastics),
    • pharmacological agents (sprays, tablets),
    • traditional medicine methods (there is a simple folk recipe - a spoonful of honey in a glass of cabbage juice, drink before bedtime, sea buckthorn oil),
    • isolation from allergens (animal hair, pollen, etc.), because allergic rhinitis is one of the common causes of snoring.


    According to statistical information, the effectiveness of treating snoring with a mouth guard can reach 90%, depending on the factors of its occurrence.

    Using the device, a snoring person can not worry about the sleep of others and without hesitation to stop at night in hotels, ride trains and other forms of transport, which are supposed to take long trips.

    Mouthguard can be worn with alcohol intoxication, which contributes to a significant relaxation of the muscles of the larynx.

    If after a week of regular use of the device the snoring has not disappeared, It is necessary to get expert advice and discuss the issue of product correction.

    The device is able to eliminate low-frequency sound during breathing, but does not eradicate the cause of its occurrence. Therefore, after the decision to abandon the use of mouthguards, snoring will resume again.

    Great! Wearing an intraoral device relieves of snoring if its appearance was the result of a decreased tone of the muscular structure of the larynx.

    The efficiency of the mouthpiece can be increasedif you systematically perform simple exercises that strengthen the palatine curtain. Individual recommendations on this issue are given by a specialist.

    Types of fixtures

    To get rid of snoring really effective, it is important to choose a device that is convenient in all respects for the patient. Today, there are many varieties of mouthguards with different characteristics.

    Consider the features of the species in detail:

      Individual. Without a doubt, a mouthguard made in accordance with the anatomical features of the patient will be the best option when compared with the purchased model.

    If the product is used according to indications, its functions are performed in the best way. The only negative is the high cost, which can reach more than 6 thousand rubles. Ready. Such a product is not adjustable. Experts recommend this type to assess the effectiveness of the mouth guard in a particular case, and the result is determined after 14-20 days.

    With positive dynamics, a permanent product is manufactured according to the individual characteristics of the patient. Titrated. Such products are particularly effective in comparison with the above types. They allow you to independently adjust the displacement of the movable jaw, increasing comfort in wear.

    Doctors advise titrating the displacement in increasing order, gradually increasing the value. If unpleasant sensations occur, the device can be titrated to its original position. Heat labile. Such mouthguards are made of polymeric materials and sold in pharmacies in the form of blanks. This type of cap can be heated, softened and modeled independently.

    Among the shortcomings can be identified short life, possible difficulties with installation and the occurrence of difficulties with correction. Neuro-muscular. A new type of device from snoring, requiring painstaking collective work of various specialized specialists on the manufacture of the product.

    This type of mouthpiece can not only act symptomatically, but also eliminate a number of causes of snoring.

    According to practice, titrated devices have distinguished themselves by increased efficiency and comfort in wearing.

    How effective and invisible are 3D Smile mouthguards on the patient's teeth.

    In this publication, we will talk about the OrthoSnap elayner.

    Side effects

    Most patients claim that if you make and install the anti-ratchet mouthguard correctly, uncomfortable sensations and undesirable consequences of use are excluded.

    In rare cases, the device provokes the occurrence dry mouth and excessive salivation.

    Such manifestations are characteristic for a period of getting used to the device, that is, for people who do not have experience of wearing it. Symptoms disappear without medical attention after a week.

    Many patients worry that under the influence of the mouth guard the lower jaw will change its position. In reality, after removing the device, which slightly extends the jaw, the muscles occupy their original position.

    The device for snoring appeared in our country relatively recently. Despite this, the dental market is ready to offer patients a huge selection of products that help overcome the symptoms of respiratory failure that occur during sleep.

    We made a selection of popular modifications:

    • Stop Snoring Solution. The device is presented by a manufacturer from China. It is made of cheap polymeric material and belongs to the thermolabile form. Not adjustable. After use, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Cost - from 650 rubles.
    • Anti-snoring. Budget device. It is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, which has the ability to memorize the form and lend itself to its correction. This device fits snugly to the teeth, does not cause discomfort while wearing, is lightweight. The price is 1,200 rubles.
    • Sonite. Fixture manufactured in the USA. The design was developed with the participation of somnologists and dentists.

    The hypoallergenic material used in the manufacture is widely used in the manufacture of goods for babies.

    According to clinical studies, the device improves muscle tone of the nasopharynx. Patients who have tested the mouthguard on themselves, note a quick adaptation and excellent results.

    The product needs to be adjusted to the position of the teeth at least once every 12 months. The price varies within 4 800 rubles.

    In addition to the cost of the product, the patient will have to spend money on consulting a specialist and selecting an individual mouthguard - about 700 rubles.

    The video provides additional information on the topic of the article.


    Thus, mouthguards are an effective remedy for snoring, the effect of which is based on a change in the position of the lower jaw in a dream.

    It is recommended to use reliable mouthguards of American and European production, as they are both more effective and safer than their Chinese counterparts.


    Mouth guards for snoring can be safely called an effective device that does not cause negative manifestations.

    The design is very convenient to use, it is not visible to others, and the service life is quite long.

    To make the result pleasantly pleased, it is advisable to entrust the selection of the mouthguard to a qualified specialist.

    If after reading the article you have your own opinion about the advisability of using a mouth guard for snoring, share your feedback in the comments section.

    If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

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    How does a mouth guard work and what is its effectiveness?

    • chronic fatigue appears
    • there is no feeling of complete relaxation,
    • drowsiness,
    • headache,
    • psycho-emotional instability.

    The device for ronchopathy allows you to fix the tongue and nasopharyngeal space, so the air circulates freely in the cavity, penetrates the lower respiratory tract without the accompaniment of sound vibrations. Capa is an individual device, but it has been used for several years (with proper care and use).

    According to reviews, capa is very popular, especially among men. It helps to cope with a mild degree of apnea, but with the establishment of the true causes of ronchopathy.

    The effectiveness of the device depends on the proper use and the reasons leading to snoring.

    Types of cap for snoring

    Intraoral mouthguards are divided into several types. The main ones are:

    • individual adjustable and unregulated,
    • silicone unregulated (ready).

    In both cases, the devices are made of hypoallergenic materials and do not pose any harm or danger to human health.

    1. Individually adjustable. Made of soft plastic without the addition of dyes. It is an analogue of the "old" models, but equipped with a special retractable jaw in the lower segment.
    2. Individual unregulated. It is used at night according to preliminary measurements of the shape of the jaw. Allows you to distribute the pressing force proportionally equally to all teeth. It is an “obsolete” model, but it does not lose popularity.
    3. Silicone ready. The most affordable, and no less effective way to eliminate ronchopathy. Capa against snoring is sold in a pharmacy. Often, patients refuse finished products due to discomfort and inconvenience while wearing it.

    Individual mouthguards are made by appointment and individual fitting. Doctors prefer adjustable devices to fit their own size and comfort while wearing it. However, they are unavailable to many consumers, in view of the overpriced.

    There are other types of pritovograpovyh mouthguards, for example, titrated mouthguards with regulation of the degree of pressure and displacement. Outwardly, they resemble the shape of a crescent and effectively eliminate discomfort. Thermolabile burl from snoring is another variety - an unusual device. They are made of a special polymer material, which expands when heated.

    Before use, it is placed in boiling water for a few seconds, and then, the softened material is put on the jaw, fixed and the movable jaw extends to the optimal level. Thermolabile devices come in various forms and have gained popularity in the pharmaceutical market.

    The only negative is a short term of use.

    Most often, consumers choose more affordable devices against ronchopathy.

    Individual mouthguards are made to order and sometimes cost a lot of money, for this reason they are inaccessible to ordinary people with an average salary.

    According to reviews, silicone finished products are not only popular, but also help in the treatment of snoring. A mouthguard for snoring in a pharmacy is sold without a prescription, and its cost on average does not exceed 200 rubles.

    Intraoral mouthpiece is intended for persons suffering from ronopathy for the following reasons:

    • overweight and accumulation of adipose tissue in the neck,
    • displacement of the jaw (most often the lower mobile),
    • hormonal restructuring,
    • swelling of the nasopharynx due to allergic rhinitis,
    • underdeveloped or small jaw,
    • mild apnea
    • malocclusion
    • anomalies in the structure of the jaw.

    Indications for use are identified by the somnologist. It takes into account not only the existing defect, but also identifies the cause of ronchopathy.

    Despite the effectiveness of cap, in some cases its use will not bring the desired result, for example, with moderate or severe apnea, as well as during a viral infection or infectious diseases of the respiratory system.

    According to statistics, 60% of snoring decreased the number of acoustic vibrations during sleep, 40% completely got rid of this ailment.

    Instructions for use

    Mouthguard against snoring can be installed in two ways: on your own, but carefully studying the instructions, and with the help of the dentist, who will adjust the device and conduct an "educational" conversation.

    To install the tray yourself:

    • To expose the disinfection device to eliminate possible vegetative microflora. The optimal solution is chlorhexidine.
    • Then lower the cap into hot but not boiling water for at least 20 seconds to soften the material.
    • Remove the appliance and remove any water particles by shaking, but not wiping.
    • Install the device in the mouth, clamp it with your teeth and press it with your fingers.

    Ready-made silicone mouthguards are treated with disinfectants, or immersed in hot water. Then insert the device into the mouth and enjoy a light sleep without snoring.

    Daily care consists in washing and drying intraoral anti-snoring products. There is no risk of swallowing or biting off a piece of the polymer product. Also, there were no cases with the development of an allergic reaction or individual intolerance to the material. Capa is intended for individual use, so transferring or “someone else's” device is highly not recommended.

    Manipulations are carried out daily. After sleeping, rinse the mouthpiece under running water, remove excess moisture and place in an individual package or container.

    Of the contraindications to wearing an anti-snoring device, include:

    • dental diseases with inflammation of the oral cavity or gums,
    • bleeding gums and impaired perception of cold and hot,
    • tooth decay,
    • the absence of more than 40% of the teeth,
    • infectious diseases of the nasopharynx,
    • loose teeth
    • bite defect.

    Contraindications include children's age less than 12 years, and old age, but taking into account the wearing of dental implants. In older people, the mouthpiece will not hold on to “artificial” teeth, even if trendy glue is used to fix them. Somnologists also do not recommend the use of an intraoral device in the following conditions:

    1. acute viral infections
    2. heavy generalized processes of the lung tissue and respiratory system,
    3. heart diseases.

    In such situations, preference is given not only to another type and method of eliminating snoring, but more to the identification and treatment of the cause of ronchopathy. Due to the fact that there are quite serious reasons prohibiting the use of a mouth guard, you should consult a somnologist before using it.

    Capa for snoring “Anti-snoring”

    Perplexed with the question “How to get rid of snoring”? We will help you solve this problem! We present to your attention one of the best remedies that really helps to cure snoring - Capa for snoring “Anti-snoring”.

    Often, snoring people disturb the night sleep of their loved ones by the sound of loud snoring. “Snoring” itself and the people around it suffer from such snoring.

    There are many reasons that cause such an unpleasant sound, but the main and very common cause of snoring is the spontaneous relaxation of the soft palate and tongue in a dream, as a result of which, when inhaling, a slight vibration of the soft tissues of the larynx occurs.

    Not only that, snoring not only causes discomfort for loved ones, but also poses a huge danger to the snoring person. In a dream, the soft palate sags and closes the airways of the throat and nose, at which time the flow of oxygen into the body is greatly limited.

    The consequences are terrible: carotid arteries are damaged, atherosclerotic plaques form, a dangerous disease develops - carotid arteriosclerosis (blood vessels that feed the brain are narrowed), and a disease such as obstructive sleep apnea (respiratory arrest in sleep) may also appear. Capa "Anti Snore" perfectly helps out on vacation, travel, business trip, road.

    Capa for snoring “Anti-snoring”, medicinal properties:

    • Eliminates snoring from the first day of use!
    • Eliminates the vibration of the soft palate,
    • Significantly reduces swelling of the nasopharynx,
    • Eliminates gritting teeth in a dream
    • Made of food grade, safe EVA grade material,
    • Thanks to the mouthpiece, you get a healthy and sound sleep.

    Design characteristics of the mouth guard “Anti-snoring”:

    • Comes with a storage container,
    • It doesn’t cause any inconvenience and pain,
    • It is clearly and firmly fixed in the oral cavity,
    • Convenience and ease of operation.

    Capa's principle of snoring:

    The design of the mouth guard provides a clear and reliable fixation in the mouth, without the use of additional devices. With proper installation, it is impossible to swallow the mouthpiece, drop it in a dream, or accidentally bite off any part of it. Refillable mouth guard.

    Cap for snoring “Anti-snoring”, instructions for use:

    • Take the tray out of the container
    • Using the special holder that comes with the kit, lower the tray into a container of hot water (70-800C),
    • Hold for 20-30 seconds, then gently remove,
    • Shake off excess moisture and insert into mouth for 30 seconds,
    • When installing the mouthpiece in the mouth, it is necessary to give it a comfortable fit and bite tightly for a short time. For a clearer impression of the teeth on the mouthpiece, it is recommended that for 30 seconds the mouthpiece with a little effort be pressed down with a few fingers to the teeth,
    • After all the above-described manipulations, it is necessary to carefully remove the mouthpiece from the mouth and put it in a container with cold water for 1-2 minutes, so that the tooth relief is finally fixed on the mouthpiece,
    • After nightly use, for hygiene reasons, rinse the mouthpiece with slightly warm water to wash off the bacteria. Dry and put in a special container.

    Note! If you did not like the shape of the mouthpiece or if you got a fuzzy impression of your teeth, then you can repeat the procedure described above again. Material - food and safe plastic EVA allows you to set the shape of the mouthpiece an unlimited number of times.

    Precautionary measures:

    You should not use a mouth guard against snoring with temporomandibular syndrome, also if an inflammatory process, gingivitis or periodontal disease occurs in the oral cavity. It is not recommended to use when wearing a denture or the absence of more than 9 teeth on the lower or upper jaw, with complicated breathing through the nose, with an incorrect bite and children under 12 years of age.

    Side effects:

    As a rule, all side effects disappear in the first week of use. They are caused by adaptation to the use of mouthguards. A side effect may be: excessive salivation or vice versa, a slight dry mouth.


    • Model: Anti Snore,
    • Type: anti-snoring (capa),
    • Material: environmentally friendly food grade silicone,
    • Container color: blue,
    • Burl color: transparent,
    • Dimensions (see): 6 x 4.5 x 2.5,
    • Container dimensions (see): 8.5 x 8 x 3,
    • Weight: 37 grams.
    • Manufacturer: LiveUeasy.


    • Storage container - 1 pc.,
    • Capa for snoring - 1 pc.,
    • Plastic pen - 1 pc.

    The tool for snoring - Cap for snoring to buy at a bargain price in the online store Loress.ru

    Detailed information on the methods of payment and delivery of this product


    Delivery method: FSUE Russian Post. Delivery to other countries by the postal service of the country that will be indicated in the order.

    Cost of delivery:

    180 rubles - across Russia to any region,

    250 rubles - to the CIS countries and neighboring countries. If another currency is selected, the amount will be automatically converted at the exchange rate to the ruble.

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    • Delivery period: from 10 before 30 working days (depends on the work of the postal service).
    • Payment immediately upon registration or within 3 business days from the date of placing the order.
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    In case you want to extend the term of the order, you need to contact the operator on the Online Consultant website and indicate the date when you can make the payment.


    1. If after clicking on "Buy" there is no transition to placing an order, then the option is not selected at the top of the page immediately below the cost of the goods

    Capa for snoring is a powerful tool in dealing with the problem of many people

    Ronchopathy or snoring during sleep in medicine is referred to as pathological abnormalities. Chronic disease is associated with respiratory problems.

    At first glance, the condition may seem like a harmless personal flaw, but over time, this anomaly gives a person quite noticeable inconvenience. A common snoring problem worries not only the person who publishes it, but also those who regularly cannot fall asleep due to prolonged loud noises.

    Today, the most effective way to get rid of the problem is considered to be a cap for snoring. This device is selected individually according to a medical prescription.

    The mechanism of action of the cap Sonita

    When using a mouth guard, the effect of getting rid of snoring is achieved due to a slight extension of the lower jaw forward. Due to this, the anteroposterior size of the pharynx is slightly increased, which ensures unhindered air flow through the upper respiratory tract. The mechanism of the occurrence of snoring is eliminated - rapprochement, a decrease in the elasticity of the walls of the pharynx and their vibration. Thus, the patient can breathe through his mouth and nose freely and silently throughout the night.

    Capa C-ONight (Sonight)

    • Device description
    • Capa C-ONight It is an intraoral device that is designed to eliminate snoring and / or mild forms of OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome).
    • Benefits of using

    This device is made of modern, environmentally friendly, plastic material. Thanks to this, it easily takes the individual shape of your bite.

    1. Capa Sonait is so small that its use in a dream goes unnoticed by an “outside” look.
    2. The reliable design comfortably fixes the mouth guard in the mouth, which prevents the device from accidentally swallowing or dropping out of the mouth during your sleep.
    3. The Sonite device is delivered complete with a special container for storage and transportation.
    4. The illustrated instruction in Russian contains detailed information on the installation, use and care of the mouth guard.
    5. Sonite device life is unlimited.
    6. This product has registration certificates and is officially approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation (expert opinion, declaration of conformity).

    Operating principle

    During sleep, in some cases, a partial or complete subsidence of the upper respiratory tract occurs (Fig. To the left). This phenomenon can lead to snoring and even respiratory arrest during sleep.

    Capa Sonait slightly extends the lower jaw forward (Fig. To the right).

    The device delicately, but reliably fixes the position of the jaw and thus increases the clearance of the upper respiratory tract, which helps to normalize your breathing during sleep.

    The mouthpiece design allows for both oral and nasal breathing. As a result of use - you completely eliminate snoring and / or mild form of sleep apnea.

    • Installation and use instructions
    • Additional Information
    • Mouthguard against snoring Sonite: indications for use and contraindications
    • Advantages of Sonite over other mouthguards for snoring
    • The doctor’s opinion about the mouth guard from Sonite snoring
    • How to choose an intraoral device for snoring

    * There are contraindications. You must read the instructions.

    Capa for snoring Sonight: a doctor’s review

    Using intraoral devices is far from a new method of dealing with snoring. However, it still exists and is even developing. The experience of foreign colleagues who have conducted hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of intraoral devices confirms that, if used correctly, such devices can help. In total, there are about 150 different models of intraoral devices that have patents and a history of practical use in patients with snoring. The effectiveness and ease of use vary significantly.

    Relatively recently, a new Russian development appeared on the market - a mouth guard from Sonite snoring. Manufacturers note that this is a device with the best performance / safety ratio. Consider the main characteristics of the device to understand whether such assurances correspond to reality.

    Manufacturers note a number of advantages inherent specifically to Sonight:

    • Quick "adjustment" for the individual form of the patient’s bite. The mouthguard is thermolabile - its material softens in hot water (after which the product can be modeled for its own bite) and again becomes dense at room temperature. You can "adjust" the mouthpiece for an unlimited number of times,
    • The small size of the mouthpiece and, as a consequence, the social acceptability of the treatment. The device is completely placed in the mouth, and others do not see it,
    • The design of the mouthpiece, which eliminates the possibility of ingestion or ingestion of individual elements in the sleep,
    • Use for the manufacture of mouthguards harmless, environmentally friendly materials, odorless and taste. The product does not provoke excessive salivation, mucosal irritation, stomatitis,
    • Subject to the care rules, which are easy to follow, the device can be used without limitation on the service life.

    A small but sufficient practice of using Sonite cap confirms that the device has all of the above properties.

    Restrictions on the use of the Sonite mouth guard

    Sometimes patients can hear negative reviews about Sonata. As a rule, this is due to a misunderstanding of the causes of snoring. Most often, patients who leave such complaints arbitrarily prescribe treatment for themselves.

    Meanwhile, if snoring in a person is caused not by structural features of the facial skull, but, for example, by serious ENT problems, then Sonight will not help here.

    If you use a mouth guard for snoring, without bothering to first understand the causes of its occurrence, the success rate will be no more than 7-10%.

    Thus, before starting to use the mouthguard, it is recommended to undergo an examination and get an appropriate doctor's prescription. Otherwise, the patient risks losing money and time for treatment, which will not produce a result.

    An additional limitation to the use of mouthguards may be the poor condition of the patient's teeth and gums. The absence of one or more of their own front teeth, as well as severe forms of gum disease, are contraindications for using Sonaite (and any other intraoral devices).

    Discomfort when using Sonite mouth guard

    It should be noted that it is difficult for some patients to get used to sleeping with an intraoral device. Sometimes they complain of discomfort in the mouth and pain in the temporomandibular joint. In most cases, the discomfort disappears over time, and the patient ceases to experience problems with falling asleep.

    To unpleasant sensations disappear faster, it is recommended to simulate the mouthpiece several times to select the optimal position of the lower jaw during sleep, in which there will be a good effect and there will be no discomfort.

    To get used to the mouthpiece, you can wear it for one hour on the first day, two hours on the second, and so on.

    In general, the use of Sonite mouthguard can be recommended for most patients with snoring due to a small and backward jaw.

    Kapa Sonayt - The official site of Kapa from snoring SONAYT, Delivery throughout Russia. Stop snoring, it's time to sleep!

    If the first time you could not correctly and conveniently place the mouth guard relative to the teeth to give it the shape of your bite, re-place the device in hot water. After softening the material with your hands, give it an approximate initial shape and let it harden. After solidification, repeat the installation process. Thus, the installation of the mouth guard can be repeated any number of times.

    The service life of the device is unlimited. We recommend once a year to reinstall the mouth guard over the bite, while buying a new mouth guard is not necessary.

    Capa does not require special care. After use, rinse the device with warm running water and put it in the storage container that comes with the kit. We also recommend that you clean the mouthpiece from one to several times a week using regular toothpaste.

    No special care is required. Before using mouthguards, use a regular mouthwash or brush your teeth with toothpaste.

    If after the first use of the mouthguard, the snoring did not completely disappear, place the device in hot water again. After softening the material with your hands, give it an approximate initial shape and let it harden. After solidification, repeat the installation process.

    At the same time, at the time of biting the mouthpiece, consciously push the lower jaw forward slightly more than the mouthpiece requires, but no more than 1-2 mm further than during the first installation. Thus, the fitting of the mouthpiece can be repeated any number of times until the effect is achieved.

    Remember that it is important to maintain a comfortable feeling when using the device.

    The use of mouthguards is possible after the cessation of the development and growth of the jaws and teeth. This usually happens when you reach the age of 18. We recommend that you consult a dentist.

    It's impossible. The mouthpiece is tightly located between the teeth without the possibility of movement in the oral cavity. In addition, the size of the cap is several times larger than the diameter of the trachea.

    The device is made of hypoallergenic material, which is used in the manufacture of children's goods for children age 0+.

    Drinking alcohol on the eve of the mouthpiece is not a contraindication. In addition, alcohol additionally contributes to the relaxation of the soft tissues of the respiratory tract and exacerbates snoring. Sonite in this case will help reduce the negative effects of alcohol.

    The joint of the lower jaw is designed in such a way that the use of a mouth guard does not lead to a change in its position.

    The temporomandibular joint is completely different in structure from other joints in our body; it is in close contact with the muscles, which always return to their original position.

    Sometimes, in rare cases, if in the morning there is a feeling that “the jaw is as if not in place,” it is enough to use chewing gum for 3–5 minutes to relax the muscles of the lower jaw or to charge the mouth.

    The absence of one or more teeth is not a direct contraindication. It is important that the upper and lower front teeth, on which the mouthpiece is placed, allow it to occupy a stable position. In any case, a dentist consultation is always helpful.

    The presence of dentures is not in all cases a contraindication. We recommend that you consult a dentist.

    The device is designed, including for use while traveling. The same effect is achieved in both lying and sitting positions. The miniature shape of the device makes it practically invisible to others, and the container for transportation and storage allows you to quickly capture Sonite in your hand luggage during any trip.

    You can call 8 (800) 222-06-16 (a call throughout Russia is free), and our specialists will advise you on any issue or leave a request on the site.

    We deliver to any city in Russia, you can calculate the cost of delivery with our specialists.

    Yes, you pay for the goods only after receipt and verification.

    Mouthguard for snoring: instructions for use, price, types and reviews

    Snoring is a dangerous human disease that causes serious health problems. To overcome it, many techniques and methods have been created, thanks to which it is possible to completely get rid of vibration during a night's rest. One of the ways to treat a pathological condition is the use of mouthguards.

    Although this method of therapy refers to alternative medicine, it helps to quickly and safely get rid of snoring, as well as restore a normal and full night's rest. A mouth guard for snoring is a special device due to which the nasopharyngeal muscles are strengthened, and their tone and elasticity are increased.

    You can buy the device at any pharmacy or you can order the device on the site, where you can get acquainted with its characteristics and a full description.

    Advantages of a mouth guard from Sonite snoring

    If intraoral devices are used according to indications, they demonstrate a high level of effectiveness. They are most effective in patients whose snoring is caused by microgenia (a small lower jaw) or backward displacement of the lower jaw. Also in some cases, mouthguards are effective for obstructive sleep apnea of ​​mild severity. Sonight, as a representative of his group, has the same indications for use as other intraoral devices.

    Watch the video: SNORING Mouthpiece Reviews - Vital Sleep (February 2020).

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