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Sizes of men's sweaters

So, you as a caring and loving woman, you decided to make a real warm gift for your man, namely, a stylish and high-quality men's jacket, in general, one that he will never buy for himself.

Suppose this is your first experience, and the man is not your husband and therefore you need to know his size, but so that he does not guess about your intentions. So, how do you know the size of a men's sweater?

Method number 1

You can measure it under some pretext. In order to determine the desired size, you will need only a girth of the chest and waist. How to do it discreetly? Easy! Just tell your man: “Why are you losing weight / getting better or something? Let me measure you quickly, I’m interested. ”

A man himself will be involved in the process (especially if he goes to the gym), and he won’t even think that you are measuring him to buy clothes. Measured. What next? Next, simply correlate the parameters with the table on our website and calculate the desired size.

Method number 3

The next time you meet, under the pretext that you want to fix something on his jacket or T-shirt, discreetly see the label on which the size is marked.

Surely there are several more ways to resolve the issue of how to determine the size of the sweatshirt - you should never buy men's things “by eye”!


In order to choose the right size of a men's sweater, you should measure the circumference of the chest, waist and hips, as well as the length of the sleeve using a tape measure or measuring tape.

You need to take measurements at the most prominent points, and the length of the sleeve - from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. After measurement, the result is divided in half.

For instance: if the chest girth is 94 (cm), then 94: 2 = 47 - this will be the right size.

Important: if you get a fractional number, you need to focus on neighboring numbers in the dimensional grid of men's sweaters.

Men's sweaters are defined in (cm) according to the parameters:

  • chest circumference: from 88 (cm) to 140 (cm),
  • waist circumference: from 70 (cm) to 132 (cm),
  • hips: from 92 (cm) to 1140 (cm),
  • sleeve length: from 59 (cm) to 66 (cm).

Important: As a rule, sweaters are subject to stretching during socks, when determining the size from the measurement of chest circumference it is recommended to subtract 1-3 (cm) of the tensile tolerance.

How to find out the size of a men's sweater?

Usually, the size of men's sweaters and sweaters is placed in the same table, since the principle of selection of these wardrobe items can be called virtually identical. To find out what size thing is worth buying, a representative of a strong gender will have to act on the following principle:

  • measure the parameters of your body by taking a measuring tape and asking someone to help,
  • find a table where the parameters and sizes are indicated,
  • look not only at Russian, but also at European and American size, because you never know which thing from which country you will like in a store,
  • remember or write down the sizes and go for a new thing.

Of course, if the representative of the stronger sex has a sweater in the wardrobe that is suitable for him in size, but old, then you can look at it. On the inner tags of clothes that are near the neck, they write not only how to wash the product, what it consists of and whether it can be ironed, but also the size. Having the thing with the right parameters, you can just look at its size to select the same product in the store.

How to take measurements?

Men's sweatshirts sizes are the same as sweaters. That is why, taking measurements to determine the indicators of these two things is necessary according to the same principle.

To determine the things, which parameters are worth buying in the store, you need to carry out the following steps:

  • take a measuring tape suitable for taking measurements,
  • measure chest circumference at the most prominent places,
  • remember the received figure,
  • divide the girth indicator into two, which will correspond to the Russian size.

Size chart of different countries

How to determine the size of the sweatshirt, men already understood. Now, the following table of sizes of jackets for men will help you make the right choice:

Chest circumferenceRussian sizeEuropean sizeInternational standard

Thanks to this table, each representative of the stronger sex will independently determine the size of the sweater or sweater.

You can choose a men's wardrobe item in size right in the store. The consultants who work there are already familiar with the dimensional grid and will be able to help determine the right thing. If the problem of size is solved and the man no longer thinks how to recognize it, then you can start choosing things of a certain design and style.


The table of sizes of men's sweaters and sweaters will help each representative of the stronger sex not to make a mistake when choosing. You just need to measure your parameters to find out the size, nothing is easier than that. Having picked up a thing of the right size, it is also worth deciding on the style, because if you do it wrong. That correct parameters will not save the image.

The main thing is to learn how to choose the right things in size and style, because only then will it be possible to create a successful, holistic image. In order not to miscalculate with size and style, you can ask the opinion of friends or relatives by showing them a couple of selected options. Often, it is from the outside that one knows better how the thing looks and whether it will be possible to create a good, interesting image with it. Choosing a sweater of the right size, you can make it an accent of your image, which everyone will pay attention to. This wardrobe item is simple and practical, but at the same time, it can have just a wonderful appearance that will allow every man to feel fashionable and give confidence.

How to choose a men's sweatshirt

To determine the size of a men's sweater, you need to know a thin man or a full, tall, or small one. This significantly affects the measurement of breast volume and product length.

A sweatshirt is usually chosen with a loose fit, so the waist size is not taken into account. Measure your parameters and easily determine the right size if you carefully look at the table:

The sizeHeight, cmChest circumference, cmWaist circumference, cmInseam, cm

Having carefully studied all the parameters indicated in the tables, you can easily determine which model to choose for yourself. Lovers to wear loose clothing, choose a little more. But do not get carried away so that the chosen thing does not hang formlessly on you.

Marking sizes of men's clothing in Russia

In Russia, when determining the size of clothes, you need to be guided by three measures:

  • half chest
  • waist circumference
  • neck circumference.,

The basis for calculating the size of men's suits and clothing shirts is the value of the half-circumference of the chest.

How to determine the size of men's clothing

In Russia, men's clothing size primarily depends on height, chest and waist. And with the transfer to the standard of the USA or European countries, the table below will help you.

  1. The necessary measurements are best done in the underwear.
  2. We measure growth. We get to the wall, lean back against it and straighten.
  3. Measure chest girth. We take a centimeter tape and stretch it at the level of the nipples and armpits around the torso.
  4. Measure the waist circumference. Again we take a centimeter tape, we look for the thinnest place on a waist, we measure it.
  5. We measure the circumference of the hips. Once again, you will need a centimeter tape, which must be stretched along the most convex part of the buttocks.

How to determine the half girth of the chest?

  1. Stretch a measuring tape around the chest along the most protruding points.
  2. Divide the resulting value by 2 and find out your size.

With a girth of 100 cm, clothes of 50 sizes are suitable for you, with a girth of 96 cm - clothes of 48 sizes.
According to this indicator, you can choose suits, shirts, t-shirts, outerwear.

How to measure waist circumference?

  1. Undress to a T-shirt or shirt made of thin fabric, so that the measurements are as accurate as possible.
  2. Grasp the waist with a tape measure, pull it not too tight and not too loose and remember the result.

The result will come in handy when looking for perfectly fitting trousers or buying shaped items. It happens that the figure is characterized by a massive "top" and narrowed hips.

Men's Clothing Size Chart

After completing all measurements, select using a table of clothes of suitable size below or a calculator on top.

Different manufacturers may have a different line of sizes, so focus on measurements, not the usual size that you once bought.

Men's clothing size chart (sweaters, jackets, bathrobes, vests and so on)
Russian sizeInternational sizeChest circumference (cm)Waist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)Sleeve length (cm)England (UK)United States (US)Europe (EU)Italy (IT)
Men's clothing size chart (pants and shorts)
Russian sizeInternational sizeWaist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)England (UK)United States (US)Europe (EU / FR)Italy (IT)
Men's Clothing Size Chart (Jeans)
Russian sizeInternational sizeWaist circumference (cm)Hip circumference (cm)Waist circumference (inches)USA
44-46XXS / XS70-7692-96294
46-48XS / S76-8296-100316-8
48-50S / m82-88100-104338-10
50-52M / L88-94104-1083510-12
52-54L / XL94-100108-1123812-14
56-58XXL / XXXL106-112116-1204216-18

How to determine neck circumference?

  1. Locate the 7th cervical vertebra on the back of the neck.
  2. Guide the tape at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra, bring it to the sides along the base of the neck and reduce the ends of the tape to the jugular cavity. The resulting neck circumference is the size of the collar.

The measure will come in handy in finding the perfect shirt. However, often the specific sizes of the collar correspond to certain sizes of the half-girth of the chest.
For ease of perception, all correspondences between the measures can be reduced to a table of Russian sizes.

Male dress code

Morning dress - uniform for the event during the day. A three-piece suit with a tie of light color or a light tailcoat matches her.

White tie, Ultra formal - a form of clothing for events such as a wedding celebration, a diplomatic meeting or receiving awards. Includes a white bow tie, white shirt and black tailcoat. From shoes choose patent leather shoes.

Black Tie, Cravate noire, Tuxedo - a form of clothing for events like a ball, attending a theater premiere and so on. It requires a tuxedo, a black tie or the same bow tie. As an alternative, a formal dress is allowed.

Black Tie Invited - commonly used at corporate events, invitational dinners, and so on. It is recommended to wear a black tie and tuxedo.

Creative Black Tie, Black Tie Optional is the less restrictive dress code form above. Tuxedos and suits of various dark shades such as blue and gray, ties and butterflies are allowed - any color within reason.

Semi-formal - in this case, it is better to pay attention to the subject of the event, since there are no strict requirements. You can wear a sports jacket, a jumper underneath, or boast a scarf around your neck instead of a tie.

Cocktail Attire - a form of clothing for dinner, banquet or cocktail party. Put on a dark suit.

Casual is a style known to many, however, many try to attribute their bad taste to following such a style. It is used at parties, picnics, meetings in bars, clubs and so on. You can wear your favorite clothes, such as jeans, a jumper, a sweater and so on.

A5, A5c - used at events in the afternoon after 5 hours. You can wear any suit, a tie is not needed.

Informal is an office uniform, used if the company has its own uniform. Often there are logos or company symbols on it.

Business Best, Business Traditional - the official style of clothing used at business meetings, conferences and so on. You must wear a dark blue suit with a white shirt, red tie and black shoes.

Label Growth Label

When buying clothes, look at the growth indicated on the label. Actual growth may differ from growth on the label by only 3 cm.
Different manufacturers of clothing do not equally label recommended growth. So you can meet the laconic marking "height: 176 cm", or more detailed - "height: 172-180 cm."
You can see the conformity of growth on the tag to the standard interval in the table below.

The specified marking of growth can be used when choosing shirts, jackets, raincoats, coats, jackets, but they are not suitable when choosing trousers.

Pants selection

In finding a suitable model of pants of a traditional cut, you need to be guided by three measures:

  • waist circumference
  • thigh circumference
  • leg length along the inner seam.

Waist circumference should be measured at the level of the belt.
Determine the girth of the hips, clasping the buttocks with a measuring tape along the most prominent part.
You will recognize the length of the leg along the inner seam if you stretch the tape from the groin to the imaginary point where, in your opinion, the product should end.

Leg length is useful when buying trousers in online stores. You can take this measurement by your beloved, well-fitting trousers.

In the table of men's sizes, you can see the ratio of measurement results to standard sizes.
Suppose the waist circumference is 93, and the hips - 108, so you need to find a domestic product with the number "52" on the label.

The value on the pants label may look like this: 52/170. In this case, the size and recommended height are indicated.

And here is a growth chart for choosing trousers.

Men whose height is more than 190 cm or less than 170 cm should carefully choose trousers and try them carefully so that the model you like does not turn out to be too long or too short.

Sweatpants Size

The technology for determining the size of sweatpants is slightly different from the procedure for determining the size of trousers.

  1. Waist circumference divided by 2.
  2. Add 6 to the result.

Suppose the waist in girth shows a value of 88 cm. 88: 2 + 6 = 50. You have received the size of a suit that suits you.

How to measure sleeve length?

  1. Bend your arm slightly at the elbow.
  2. Measure from the forearm to the line of the wrist.

If you want to buy a T-shirt or sweater, use another table.

If you are looking for a brand new shirt, then use a slightly different table.

For a good choice of shirts with long sleeves, it is worth measuring the girth of the wrist in advance.

European tag labels

The principle of marking on sewing products of foreign manufacturers differs from traditional marking on the products of Russian factories.
However, our plates will help you navigate the size of foreign manufacturers.
This is how the labeling of European products is deciphered.

And this is how the Russian and European clothing sizes correlate correctly.

Product Search by Shape Type

Another interesting system of sizes has developed, taking into account the peculiarities of physique: weight, height, miniature or cumbersome physique.

According to this system, manufacturers mark shirts, suits and other products by the type of figure with special letters.

N - products for people with a standard figure and a height of not more than 162 cm. Size range: 38-82.

B - products for people "with a tummy" and with a height of more than 162 cm. Size range: from 51 and above.

S - products for people with a thin figure and height more than 179 cm. Size range: from 88 sizes and above. Men with a large physique and high growth should look at sizes over 194.

U - products for people with a standard figure and height below 162 cm. Size range: 24-32.

At first glance, the system for determining the size of shirts and suits is very confusing. However, you will not need to look at the size tables every time before going to the store. Just write down your sizes on a piece of paper according to the Russian and European classification and put the cheat sheet in the pocket of the card holder or purse.

How to determine the size of men's sweaters?

The sizes of sweaters and men's sweaters are calculated in the same way.In order to determine yours, you need to take a tape measure or a centimeter tape, and then measure your chest circumference. Note that you need to take measurements on the most prominent places, and the tape should be parallel to the floor.

Then you need to divide the result in half. For example, if your chest circumference is 94 centimeters, then 94: 2 = 47. The resulting number will correspond to your size. Did you get a fractional number? Focus on adjacent numbers in the size chart of men's sweaters.

Size, RussiaInternational standardChest circumference, cmWaist circumference, cmHips, cmSleeve length cmSize, Europe

Once you've figured out the size, be sure to check out our helpful sweater tips. And then the purchase will certainly be successful!

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