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Viking Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Viking hairstyles are very severe and at the same time interesting images. In general, the Vikings are associated with large and very courageous people. Nobody will meet a real Viking today, but everyone perfectly understands what they look like. Various women's and men's hairstyles from the Vikings series help to plunge into that era.
After watching the Vikings series, many were interested in these unusual and original images, and the question arose: “How to make a Viking hairstyle?”.

In fact, the hairstyle for a Viking is not at all difficult to create, you only need to show imagination and stock up on the means to form it.

Loose hair

Despite the fact that women most often prefer long hair, this does not prevent men with such a hairstyle from looking brutal and very courageous, an example of this is the Vikings.

Today, you can meet men of different professions and nationalities who prefer to wear long curls, and these are very modern men. Many women are attracted to just such a type of men; they find in them something interesting and unusual.

Of course, if a man always went with short hair to grow long, it will be problematic and very long, but still it is possible. And after the hair becomes a little longer, you can collect it in the tail.

It is important to note that the Viking will not take great care of his hair and style it, they simply grow back and are in an erratic position.

Shaved whiskey

This men's hairstyle for a Viking is more comfortable to wear, hair can be of different lengths, and whiskey can be shaved of different sizes.

For example, the hairstyle of Ragnar is accompanied by high-cut temples. And maybe just laying contour by shaving can be highlighted.

If you just leave the hair short on the temporal and occipital parts, then when collecting long, short ones will stick out, so the best option is to shave them.

The knot that is going to the top of such a haircut is called Topknot.

Ragnar Hairstyle

The image of this Viking very well reflects the Scandinavian hairstyles. The hairstyle and beard of Viking Ragnar indicates his seriousness and masculinity, not everyone could wear such an image. His braid is very massive, not everyone can grow this, because for this it is necessary to have a very long and thick head of hair.

But of course, if you really want to try on this masculine image, and the hair is very thin, then perhaps it will not matter to you, only the pigtail will be thinner.

In general terms, this viking hairstyle can be described as follows. These are highly shaved whiskeys, hair is collected from the forehead to the back of the head, and pigtails are also braided on the top of the head. All the hair, which is very long, is collected in a braid, formed by pulling together ribbons of leather.

Of course, today, in the modern world, with a pigtail of this format, you can use just interesting rubber bands, because it will be much easier to fix them.

Short viking hairstyle

The Vikings wore hairstyles of various lengths, of course, mainly the length depended on age and title. Short hairstyles of the Vikings were most often worn by young men, but also adult men often met with this.

Whiskey is shaved or cut very short, just like the back of the head. And at the top of the head, the hair goes forward or remains unchanged.

Women's Viking Hairstyles

It is also common for girls to try on the image of the Vikings.

Hairstyles of Viking women are very similar to men's, the only thing in them is more common loose hair and all kinds of weaving.

Also a large variety of women's hairstyles in the style of the Vikings with shaved temples and a nape, as well as a large number of braids. You can create a semblance of shaved temples by braiding tight braids, and the Viking is also very common.

Women welcome a wide variety of braids. At the same time, the braid can collect all hair, and can be in addition to loose hair, like Lagerta from the Vikings series.

You can decorate a similar female hairstyle with various colors.

Weaving can end with a tail or a knot. In many ways, a woman’s hairstyle depends on the event for which she was created.

A tight braid is perfect for some kind of battle, but loose hair or a neat braid is suitable for a romantic meeting, because the Vikings also have such.

Thus, almost anyone can try on the image of a Viking, the main thing is that there is a desire and a little imagination, and everything will work out.

The most natural look fashion

The aesthetics of a laid-back "wild" image has recently multiplied its followers with great speed. This phenomenon, first of all, is “fueled” by mega popular TV shows such as “Vikings” or “Game of Thrones”. There are hairstyles of this style with short hair, but most of them are for men with long hair, sometimes with short-cropped or completely shaved areas of the head.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to imagine how to adapt a new image to our daily lives, exotic Viking hairstyles are chosen by both men (many images are accompanied by a beard) and women. Some hairstyles are very popular today.

Viking hairstyles and men's tousled hair

One of the ideas of hairstyles for men in the style of the Vikings, which is impossible to miss - is a long "wild" hair or hair, gathered in a disheveled form. In the Viking series, this style is characteristic of Rollo Lodbrock, the brother of Ragnar Lodbrok - one of the characters who changes less than others over the course of events.

The effect of the collected, "combed" strands is achieved by drying the hair in the open air without using a hairdryer. It remains only to connect them, but this requires a little imagination. Take half of the hair in front and bring it back, at the back of the head, tie with an elastic band or a thin leather cord. Spread the loose parts of the mane over your shoulders. This is one of the most used images to date, he has among his pioneers the player of the Madrid “Real” Gareth Bale. The famous football player was able to with the help of such a hairstyle very reasonably hide a small bald patch on the top of his head.

Another image for men with long hair, which has become very fashionable, is recommended for those who want to have a modern look reminiscent of the Scandinavian style - this is a famous men's hairstyle a bun of hair.

Shaved haircut

Björn Lodbrok, son of Ragnar, is another of the main characters who demonstrate ideas throughout the series. men's hairstyles in the style of the Vikings. In the beginning, when he was a boy and throughout most of his youth, Bjorn wears a characteristic Scandinavian haircut with shortened hair and a shaved nape.

If you prefer short haircuts and are a fan of the Scandinavian style - this is one of the best images for guys who can easily abandon their usual image. To do this, let your hair grow a little in front and on the sides, and shave the entire back of the head to the beginning of the ears. Very reminiscent of fashion undercut haircutbut with a touch of personality.

Full shave combined with a beard

Let's not forget the superb Viking with his head fully shaved and his beard. You can try to shave only the zones from the sides or go straight to zero, as in the photo on the right.

Viking style in modern masculine looks

They may have lived a thousand years ago, but the Vikings must have been ahead of their time, at least in the area of ​​hairstyles - and the History television channel took care of this. Epic braids, hairstyles with inconceivable undercuts and shaving hair, courageous horse tails - these are the harsh images of historical warriors. After all, what kind of man doesn’t want to have a haircut that would look insanely daring and stylish at the same time? Of course, these "courageous and fearless" images are not for "wimps." Here are the coolest viking hairstyles for men - get inspired for your next outfit.

Shaved temple

The Viking image is often characterized by long thick hair on the top and back of the head and shaved sides. The result is an attractive appearance, focused on a special attitude. Rock style, requiring some modern upgrade, is perfect for a tough gentleman. A shaved temporal zone is a great way to achieve the appearance of a Scandinavian warrior, but with the preservation of modern touches.

What do viking hairstyles look like?

Thanks to the numerous movie series and films in which the northern peoples of the wild warriors were glorified, many modern men have adopted the features and characteristics of haircuts and hairstyles in their image. The tendency to imitate was never condemned by stylists, on the contrary, today Scandinavian hairstyles or, rather, their interpretation at the peak of popularity. Most often, this style is preferred by young men, confident creative personalities.

Haircuts can be in several versions:

  • Shorter versions with shaved parts. A man can shave one or both temples, making a side parting of the hair, as well as the entire nape of the head, combing the hair forward to the face.
  • Medium length haircuts with curly curls and a thick full beard. In this case, the hair is often worn loose, but for example, the option of weaving a braid, as well as the presence of shaved zones.
  • Long hair with a thick beard. This style is most popular among fans of the Scandinavian era. A long beard can be braided in one or more braids, fastening the ring. Hair is also worn and loose, and collected in braids, dreadlocks, tails.

The Scandinavian style is such an aesthetics of a “wild” and laid-back masculine image, which gives brutality, masculinity and even some aggressive appearance. And the popularity of historical films and TV shows only fuels men's interest in such a style, as a result of which exotic Viking hairstyles are increasingly appearing on glossy publications among men around the world.

Shaved head combined with a full beard

Not all viking hairstyles require a long mane that can be braided or curled into a bundle. For an image with a sense of personality and without the functioning of the follicles, instead of stylish undercuts, you can consider a completely shaved head. To "rock" the look, do not forget to add a beard, and do not be afraid to let it grow. Although short bristles adorn modern gentlemen, a genuine Viking look requires thicker facial hair.

Modern Scandinavian hairstyles for men

Since Viking haircuts require maximum hair length, both on the head and on the beard, there can be several styling options in the modern interpretation. In the first embodiment, the hair can be loose in a free fall wavy or straight. The second option accepts the collection of hair in braids that the northern peoples loved so much. Today, braided braids on the beard and dreadlocks on the head are especially popular.

There is also a new improved version of hair styling in this style - collecting a bun on the head, as well as a tight tail. This option combines well with the classic or sporty style of clothing, and also emphasizes the emphasis on facial hair. Young men can also decorate their hair or beard with special accessories and jewelry in this style, for example, beard rings or elastic bands with skulls.

Braided parting

To truly adopt the Viking style today, try highlighting the parting line with a pigtail. The hairstyle is ideal for modern guys who want to have the appearance of a warrior, but without a rough "rough" finish. Weaving works well with anderkat haircut, the top can be raised in the style of pompadour. Of course, the pigtail will always attract attention and preserve the image, rooted in the history of the Vikings.

Weave braids, like the Vikings. Part 2

After the release of the series “Vikings”, the whole world went crazy, trying to repeat the images of the heroes that they liked. Especially these fashion trends touched modern men's hairstyles.

Viking men had no shorter hair than women, as they considered them to be symbols of good luck, strength and affluence. At the same time, they managed to create such designs of hairstyles so that the hair did not interfere with doing business, i.e. plow, cook, fight.

The Vikings made hairstyles taking into account the length of the hair and taking into account their practicality, so that they could remain in their original form for as long as possible. Therefore, braids, tows and various weaving were extremely popular.

Men's hairstyles in the Scandinavian style are easy to repeat. Therefore, we offer you several options available for execution.

Who is it for?

Hairstyles for men with Scandinavian roots were initially puzzling on the part of modern society, but history explains the peculiarities of the images of these peoples. And after the release of numerous films and series with a historical plot, the Viking style became the peak of popularity among men around the world. Best of all, such haircuts go to men with slightly curly and thick hair of light shades.

There are age restrictions; for men over 40, this image will age. In addition, you need to understand that long hair, albeit in a disheveled and careless form, today should look healthy and natural. Therefore, split ends, excessive dryness or greasy hair, dandruff and other problems on haircuts in the style of the Vikings are unacceptable. Also, with more than 50% gray hair, the masters do not advise a man to try on a similar style.

Men's haircut "top knot" with a cut

Want a styling that is equally reminiscent of a Viking and a hipster? A unique combination of shaved areas and a knot can easily fall into any of these categories, depending on your preference. For a Viking style, create more texture on top and a bunch of disheveled. For a hipster look, comb your hair carefully. Both styles blend seamlessly with the beard.

Men's viking hairstyles: photo selection

When choosing the perfect image for a man, just look at the photo of the Vikings hairstyles to appreciate the color and beauty of this style.

Long hair and beard

While loose, long hair can create a stylish look, it does not always match the style of a warrior. To make the look a little cooler and harsher, try pairing it with a beard. In addition, keep the hair a bit disheveled and full of texture, naturally or with the help of sea salt. The combination of a beard and a wild mane will easily take you to the Vikings.


It is necessary to select men's Viking hairstyles taking into account several criteria, namely, age, general style of a man, structure, length and shade of hair, lifestyle and professional activities. Most often, long hairstyles with a thick beard go to absolutely all young men, but at a considerable age, excessive vegetation in tandem with graying hair can visually age a man.

Smooth combed haircut underderkat

A Viking hairstyle is all about finding the right haircut with the right amount of intensity. If you like a stunning fashion look for every day, consider trying an undercut haircut. A sophisticated and durable image can be adjusted to suit your needs.For a more conservative image, just leave a small “hedgehog” on the sides, and the top is a little shorter.

Top knot and shaved whiskey

If you are going to walk with a tail or a scythe, even slightly shaved whiskeys will facilitate your life with long hair. The fact is that part of the hair in front of the temples and behind the neck just by nature can not be long. No matter how you collect long hair in a ponytail or braid, these short hair will constantly stick out in different directions.

So, the upper knot is not only a self-contained hairstyle, but also a good base for growing longer hair for a good tail or a good braid in the future. Of the minuses, it can be noted that now you need to constantly cut or trim the whiskey, depending on the length that is comfortable for you.

Whiskey, depending on your wishes, can be shaved high, like Bjorn’s in the series “Vikings”, average like Geralt’s in The Witcher, or very low, only contouring long hair, removing excess hair that does not grow in length. Also choose for yourself a comfortable hair length at the temples, because not everyone likes to trim his head with a blade every other day.


Vikings and punks may have more in common than you think. Both groups seem to recognize the Iroquois. While the appearance looked different, the haircut was essentially the same. Shaved sides with a noticeably longer strip of hair on top, flowing down the middle of the head to the neck. Today, hairstyle is still a great choice for guys and looks better if you cope with its intensity.

Men's hairstyle bun

Great style offering a Viking feel that seems modern. The hairstyle is easy to make and wear with any type, including curly, wavy hair and hair with straight strands.

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King Harald the Fair-haired Hairstyle

Due to the not completely high shaved temples, Harald's hairstyle looks equally good both in a braided and in a loose state. You need to keep this in mind: the higher the shave of whiskey, the less hair on the head, the worse the long hair will look loose.

So, Harald's hairstyle is a short-cut whiskey, only in the front of the head smoothly turning into short hair on the back of the head. Long hair is gathered in a long braid to the shoulder blades, growing not only from the top of the head, but also gently descending to the back of the head (not as radical as when stomped). In the dissolved form, long hair on the sides is braided into several small braids to frame the total mass of long hair.

Tail or braid on the back of the head

This version of the Scandinavian style hairstyle is suitable for fans of long hair, in whom baldness begins with age. The main option is to shave his head baldly.

In most men, baldness begins with the crown of the head, and hair on the sides and neck will always grow. If you have thick enough hair, then even in old age you can count on a good braid.

But to wear this hairstyle, it is not necessary to be a bald grandfather. The haircut is also quite convenient for young men, because on the head nothing interferes, it does not fit into the eyes. Even in a loose state, the hair on the back of the head is not able to interfere with the review or cause serious inconvenience.

Braided top, or braid

This hairstyle is a topknot braided into a braid over the entire area of ​​hair growth. This is a good way to get a braid with insufficient hair length. A very comfortable and practical hairstyle to wear, but very uncomfortable in execution. Due to the insufficient length to braid such short hair is very problematic without outside help, also every day.

Watch the video: 6 Long Hairstyle Ideas for Men Inspired by Vikings - Mens Long Hair Inspiration (February 2020).

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