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Brutal beard: severe men style

At all times, regardless of rules and policies, men wore beards, mustaches and whiskers. Even when Peter forbade a beard in Russia, some men still managed to maintain their facial hair. And today, in the 21st century, the beard has risen to the very peak of fashion, many movie actors in Hollywood and Russia, famous media personalities, athletes, politicians and public figures have become the personification of a brutal beard.

Not only that, the bearded men known all over the world not only decorated their face with vegetation, but also became an example for the common people. Many fans now imitate their favorites, framing their faces with an identical beard, mustache and tanks. The opinion of women about the beard also played a role, as a result of which the number of men with a beard increased significantly. One has only to look at your favorite stars, who also joined the ranks of bearded men.

Three day stubble

The style has another name - "Bretta". The hairstyle has gained popularity in Hollywood.

Although the bristles do not belong to the species of a full beard, such style can add enough brutality.

Look, for example, at Jason State: in combination with an ultra-short haircut on his head, his bristles form a memorable manly style.

Creating an image is simple: do not touch facial hair for 3-4 days, then regularly, as the hair grows, trim them with a trimmer.

Guys and brutal beard: photos

Firstly, a brutal beard makes any man more confident, stronger, more courageous visually. Secondly, with the help of a properly selected beard, it is possible to correct defects in appearance and facial flaws. Thirdly, a fashionable stylish beard always attracts a lot of attention, especially from women.

It is enough just to look at the photo of such a beard in order to understand its primary differences.


The hairstyle was named in honor of the Italian commander Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Rounded base shape, mustache connected with hair. Refers to the styles of full beards.

The hair should be well-groomed, the total length should be no more than 20 cm, the shape of the hair should be clear.

Brutal Celebrities

Many fans of Russian showmen and strong personalities take an example in them in many ways, including the choice of a beard. It should be remembered that the beard is not just an accessory, it is facial hair that requires constant care and improvement. Nevertheless, looking at photographs of famous and big people of this world, one can understand how brutal beard fits perfectly into the image of a successful man.


Otherwise called the "classic", also a full beard. Hipsters, lumberjacks and lambersexuals love her.

Thick and long, it completely hides the chin, smoothly goes into sideburns and connects with a mustache.

To create such a hairstyle, forget about shaving for six months: by this time the hair will become thick. It is important to prevent bald spots.

Yuri Beschekov

A well-known businessman in Russia who considers a beard to be an opportunity for self-expression and his own lifestyle.

A man wears his hair on his face from the age of 25 years, without ceasing to experiment with forms and species.

Timofey Kopylov

The “Record Orchestra” group is known to many fans of quality music, and Timothy is its frontman.

In addition, he became the personification of an ideal beard, a brutal man became even more courageous with her appearance on his face.


The name came from businessman Eric Bandholz, who founded Beard Brand, a line of men’s care products, and used his beard as a protest to the official smooth shaving style. The businessman wore a thick head of hair, which began at the sideburn and smoothly turned into a mustache.

The difference between the “bandholtz” style and the Russian one is that the former requires maintaining a clear form, and the owners of the classical one may not have to worry about it, because the main thing in Russian is naturalness.


A brutal man is in demand among women several times more than a pretty and cute guy. Studies have confirmed that male bearded men in the eyes of the fair half of society evoke more trust, disposition, as they are associated with family and seriousness in their choice. And the stars of Hollywood and domestic show business only confirm that the beard is a significant contribution to the image.

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