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What do Chechen beards look like: photos

Ramzan Kadyrov’s beard is considered classic. It can be confused with a duck tail, but the facial hair with such a shape tapers down to the bottom in the shape of a chin, while Ramzan’s hair grows across the entire width of the lower jaw and does not have a clear decorated end.

This form of facial hair is considered to be typically Chechen, as many men in Chechnya grow beards because of religious considerations. The length of such a shape is different for everyone, but its peculiarity lies in the density and growth of almost the entire chin.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) Jun 2, 2019 at 12:06 pm PDT

From the moment he entered the ranks of the troops advocating the independence of the republic, Ramzan Akhmatovich began to let go of the beard that he bears to this day. That is, Ramzan spent half his life with a thick, loose beard.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) May 13, 2019 at 10:19 PDT

In the 1996 video, the future ruler of the Chechen Republic is surrounded by his relatives and father, Akhmad Kadyrov. The frames show that young Ramzan has already grown facial hair, at that time he was about 20 years old.

In his younger years, Ramzan Kadyrov preferred a shorter version of the classic beard, but always wore it with a mustache.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) Feb 23, 2019 at 5:03 am PST

At different times in his life, facial hair changed only in length, his mustache and whiskers always remained on his face and did not indulge in strong transformations. At 43 years old, the politician prefers a longer and thicker version of the Chechen beard, compared with the one in his youth.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) May 28, 2019 at 12:20 PDT

A Chechen beard is combined with whiskers and a mustache, and the presence of a mustache is a very important condition. If there is very dense vegetation on the face, but a mustache is shaved off, this may indicate belonging to extremist groups (Wahhabis), raids on which are carried out in Chechnya.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) Apr 17, 2019 at 10:05 PDT

To grow a Chechen beard, one must not shave the vegetation until it grows a few centimeters. When the hair grows to the desired length, you need to outline the boundaries and unnecessary vegetation to shave with a trimmer or a sharp machine, at the end of the correction can be completed with scissors. Well-groomed and neat is an important condition for wearing a beard in Chechnya.

Reasons for wearing

In Chechnya, facial hair is a common attribute of a man’s appearance.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) Jan 8, 2019 at 9:26 PST

The entourage of the future head of Chechnya consisted of his Muslim relatives and adherents of the Koran. His father, Akhmat Kadyrov, also wore a beard.

This is largely due to religion: as Ramzan Kadyrov himself said in his Instagram, wearing a beard is sacred, because the Prophet Muhammad wore it. And Ramzan wears it for the sake of Allah Almighty, investing in this the meaning of deep worship and veneration of Islamic laws and scriptures.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) Aug 10, 2019 at 9:53 am PDT

By the way, in 2014, Kadyrov was accused of having banned the wearing of a beard in the Chechen Republic. In his Instagram profile, Ramzan replied that these were blatant lies and rumors. He argued that even according to religion it is impossible to introduce such a ban, because the attitude to it in Islam is special.

Religious conditionality

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) May 15, 2019 at 8:17 PDT

Most of the male population of Chechnya, like their head, wear beards and refuse to shave and cut their hair. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is a commitment to their religion.

In Chechnya, it is believed that shaving facial hair is a sin that must be avoided by all means, because if Allah gave you stubble, a symbol of masculinity, getting rid of it will mean disrespect for the Almighty.

In Islam, it is believed that the Almighty created people in the form in which they should be. In the Muslim religion, this is called fitra, that is, the natural state of man. Well, if you follow nature, men have a beard growing on their faces, which means it must remain with them throughout their lives.

Publication by Ramzan Kadyrov (@ z.a_kadyrov_95) Mar 31, 2019 at 3:20 PDT

In Early Islam, the prophet Muhammad developed the idea of ​​why shaving and cutting are not suitable for a true Muslim believer. He said that facial hair distinguishes Muslims from Jews and Christians. The prophet himself did not shave, and persuaded others that those who do this should beware. In addition, the beard should be grown until it is placed in a clenched fist.

As for the mustache, the opinions of Muslim theologians were divided, since the message of the prophet about cutting their hair is interpreted differently.

The followers of one version say that the mustache must be completely shaved off, the adherents of the other - that they need to be trimmed slightly. There is a third party that claims that both options are acceptable, because the ascetics of the prophet walked with and without a mustache.

Why do Chechens wear a beard?

Basically, all Chechens wear a beard, few people cut it, and they have their own reasons for this. Chechens believe that if a man shaves his beard, then he commits a great sin. Every Chechen man should grow a beard.

Muslims believe that a beard is a symbol of masculinity. A Chechen with a beard shows that he worships the Lord and wears his gift.

What does a correct Chechen beard look like?

Chechens wear beautiful thick beards. They never shave off their mustache, as this causes some suspicion.

The length of such a beard varies for each man, but her peculiarity is that she is thick and grows along almost the entire chin. The photo shows what the beard of the Chechens should be.

Beard haircut

To mow a Chechen beard, you must first grow it correctly. It is important not to shave your hair until it grows a few centimeters. Basically, such a beard is worn with whiskers and a mustache.

When you have grown your hair to the desired length, then you need to draw the borders of the beard and shave the unwanted hair. A trimmer or sharp machine will help you with this. In the end, you can use scissors to adjust the beard shape.

Many do not want to cut their beard for the first time on their own, so you can turn to a specialist for help. If you want to color your beard, then you need to do this in the salon.

"The people with a beard in the cold are protected, but I have it appeared in the midst of the summer heat"

“I let go of my beard, to be honest, for no reason. Last summer, deciding to add some variety to my life, left my comfort zone (my hometown is Baranovichi), I left for Rostov-on-Don. I worked there there was 15 kilometers to the nearest store (and the settlement, respectively), so our main work clothes were, sorry, ordinary pants ... The heat there was such that already in May I reminded myself more a resident of the African continent, and in the summer months the column ter ometra galloping to 50 degrees.

So, to shave into such exhausting heat was lazy, and deserts added arguments in favor of the idea that "anyway, no one will appreciate my efforts." In general, I threw a razor, and it was interesting to see what would grow! "

Why do Chechens have a red beard?

You can often see that a Chechen has a red beard. Not every Chechen has this beard color, but this is due to some factors:

  1. The genetics of Chechens implies that they will have a red beard color. We can say that this is an individual feature of the body.
  2. Due to heredity, men have a red beard.
  3. A mixture of nationalities.
  4. Hormonal malfunction, vitamin deficiency and unhealthy diet also affect hair color.

These factors affect the color of the Chechen beard. Some men intentionally dye their ford a red color.

"That's the turn!"

“Actually, I never had any, even distant, relationship to the fashion industry and modeling business. After school, I followed in the footsteps of my father, who adored engaging in woodcarving at his leisure, - he received a specialty as a restorer of monuments of wooden architecture. He served in the army and worked in a company that manufactures metal doors, then he went to a construction site in Rostov-on-Don, and returned with a beard.

I accidentally saw as a friend of one of my friends on social networks the same bearded guy like me. Well, since in my town I generally did not meet young bearded men, I became interested, went to his page. It turned out that this is a talented and well-known Belarusian designer Apti Eziev. And he was just at that moment looking for tall bearded guys to participate in the show at Belarus Fashion Week. My height is 190 cm, but, of course, there were no relevant skills. I doubted, but still proposed my candidacy, to which Apti replied: “Don’t worry, in fact almost all models are not models!” And invited me to take part in the casting, which I not only successfully completed, but also made friends with the designer himself.

Apti Eziev in general had a very big influence on me, he is an incredibly charismatic personality, he has many innovative ideas, and he not only makes stylish clothes, but also lives under the motto: "My whole life is creativity!" He really has a lot to learn, and I really hope that our friendship and cooperation will last a long time.

From that very day, my life has changed dramatically: I participate in fashion shows, they invite me to photo shoots in magazines, on television, and they interview me. My metal crafts, which I created for the most part simply “for myself” and as a gift to friends, with the light hand of my friend-designer, are now sold in the Minsk gallery “U” ...

But a year ago, I did not even imagine that my life would change so dramatically. And all is a beard. "

A mustache-free raid in Chechnya

The beard among the Chechens is a normal phenomenon, which does not cause any doubt, if a person wears a beard without a mustache, then he can be asked a few questions. This beard haircut is worn by those men who support extremist ideologies. Therefore, men should not wear beards without a mustache, and if they do not want to wear a mustache, then it is better for them to shave their beards too so as not to attract too much attention.

In Chechnya, documents are checked from those citizens who inspire doubt, this applies to bearded men without a mustache. In 2015, police checked every such man. Given this, you need to know what beard styles can be worn in Chechnya so as not to attract too much attention.

"Mom, seeing a beard, did not faint"

“Parents reacted calmly to my image change. I have them very modern - this time. And secondly, they have already survived my long hair, and mohawk, and numerous tattoos (now there are 16 of them, including a picture with Japanese motifs in half back and three voluminous “portraits” on each leg (looking at which, you can find the “Last of the Mohicans”, Johnny Depp, the heroine from “Van Helsing”, etc.).

Regarding the tattoo, my mother said: “Actually, it’s not my type, but I like you, son,” I myself do not invest any global meaning in these drawings on the body - for me it is a kind of decoration, accessory. And although I have a lot of tattoos, they are all, as they say, “within the bounds of decency,” that is, if you wear a business suit (which I periodically do), nothing will betray my secrets ... "

"One minus - documents have become checked more often"

“The attention to my person among passers-by, of course, has increased many times. I’m constantly mistaken for a priest, now for a bard, who knows by heart“ The Forest of the Sun ”, then for a geologist, or for a Chechen (because the police began to check documents more often) Sometimes teasing by the “boyar” ...

Girls are also extremely interested in my new image. If I go to some cafe, club, or any other institution - even to a bookstore, people 5-10 will definitely look around, smile or come up, ask something. At least once a day they ask to feel the beard - well, I don’t mind, I allow everyone. "

Beard Care

If you still decide to have a beard, then you have to constantly look after it. Be sure to buy special beard detergents to make it look beautiful.

Adjust your beard regularly. To do this, you need to buy a trimmer with different nozzles. Comb your beard daily with a special comb. A well-groomed beard always attracts attention.

"You can fall in love with a girl for long hair alone"

“Despite the popularity among women, I don’t have a girl. Previous serious relationship ended in the fact that my friend already wanted to marry children, and I thought (and still still think) that it’s too early for me ...

As for my preferences in this matter, I will say this: if you are a woman, then you are already attracting me. Since I don’t have bad habits, I’ll look for my partner in life as well. And in terms of appearance, I really like long unpainted hair. They alone can enchant me. It is very natural and beautiful, and I want to come up and touch it. And in general, I prefer girls without unnecessary "tuning", so that their own, natural beauty prevailed.

Yes, more about girls. I am often asked if a beard does not interfere with kissing. Well, you know, somehow no one complained. She is not prickly, but soft, rather. So it tickles nicely. "

"No soap is better than laundry!"

“Speaking of which it is simpler and easier - to take care of a beard or to shave at least once every three days - I will vote for the first. True, in Belarus we do not have places in all cities where professional shaving services are provided, while they are very and very few, and they are mainly in the capital, but I often manage it myself: I trim my mustache with scissors, and give it to my beard with a hair clipper, combing with an ordinary comb.

I don’t wash my beard with any special means - I generally wash my laundry soap only a long time ago. I once read an article about how many useful and natural substances are in it, and even my mother had a woman who worked at home, who washed her head with laundry soap for many years - her hair was chic and very thick ... I tried it and I liked it . So, if somewhere away you sometimes have to use an ordinary shampoo or shower gel, then somehow even the sensations are not at all the same, I feel a little out of place ... "

"Two identical beards do not exist!"

"In general, this is amazing, but the beards are so different! For every man who decides to stop shaving for the first time, what kind of beard grows is a kind of surprise.

For some, it curls, for others - a straight line, for someone it grows right under the lip, for someone, nature itself provides for a "curly edge". I have seen more than once that the beard differs in color from the hair on the head. A particularly funny option is when the beard is suddenly suddenly suddenly red. I also have a slightly different color from the hairstyle, so sometimes they ask if I paint. But no, that never occurred to me. "

"For those who believe that a beard is a kind of" anti-sex, I’ll answer ... "

"... that for me personally beauty is not a template imposed by others, according to which you need to fit yourself, suffering and sacrificing your personality. We are all different, and there is no point in constantly comparing ourselves with others.It’s better to compare yourself with yourself yesterday and see what you could learn in a day how to change, what to achieve, whether you keep your word ... In attempts to be “no worse” than others, you may not even notice how you lose yourself ” .

"The main thing is not to stop and believe in yourself"

"I think the beard was only my first, but very important step towards a new, better and more interesting life.

What are my plans for the future? To develop, grow above yourself. Especially creatively. Try yourself in different projects. Experiment with looks.

Yes, perhaps I will not be able to earn in the modeling business as much as I would like. But my hands and head are in place, so making money for me is not a problem. It’s much more important to find yourself and work to your liking, doing which you could safely say about the distant future, that everything will be in it as I want! "

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Features of national goals

- I have sheared both Europeans and non-Europeans: Kazakhs, Udmurts, Tatars, Russians. Everyone has different heads. In Russia, most men have small indentations and dents on the back of their head, while Western Europeans have heads that are fashioned — smooth and even. What is the reason for this - I do not know.

There are not very many balding men in Ossetia. But those who turn gray early, yes. The problem of our city and republic. I have a theory that it is because of our water. It is rich in minerals, some of which are useful, and some are harmful. And these minerals wash the pigment responsible for hair color.

It is believed that many Ossetians of the older generation have flat nape, because earlier children were tied to cradles. And this is actually so. The cradle was made of wood, and a thick wool mattress was placed in it, the child was swaddled with arms and legs and was constantly lying on his back. And if it was not turned over on time, then the occipital bone, still soft at this age, was deformed. It is known that the ancient Alans deliberately extended the occipital part, putting a certain frame on the boys' head so that the head became ovoid. This was considered a sign of the military aristocracy, and also, let historians forgive me, if I am mistaken, this had a practical purpose - so that the helmets would sit better on the head and not fall off during the battle.

The best Soviet barbers

- Working with flat nape is good for the development of the master: if he knows how to make an oval from a flat head, this is already an achievement.

American masters have a special haircut technique, when they smoothly switch to a raise from scratch, and the haircut is more accurate and beautiful, because Americans have straight heads. And we have to show skill, take into account all the irregularities of the head. I believe that our Russian, and previously Soviet, school of hairdressing will give a thousandfold head start to many Western eminent masters, and no one will convince me. After school, for my own happiness, I met an old Armenian master, and he simply conquered me with his work. I watched him and realized: it is very important to possess physiognomy, not to cut according to the pattern, but to choose a hairstyle according to the type of head and face. I ran after this master for about two months, so that he would take me to his disciples. When he nevertheless agreed, it was that famous and, for me, the best Soviet school of hairdressing.

And I saw how masters work in the West - often very dirty, finishing haircuts to perfection with various tricks such as painting, so that after a couple of days the hairstyle becomes terrible. Our guys cut powerfully and beautifully. But first, of course, we look at the cool western haircuts and want to achieve the same result, not knowing how. And in the end, we make haircuts cooler than those we looked up to.

Influencing factors

If a beard of a reddish tint occurs, you should not sound the alarm in advance. A change in the color of the bristles is considered harmless, quite common. It is characteristic of both brunettes and blondes. The transformation of a black beard to partially red, is not considered a disease, there is no pathological character here. Almost every third man undergoes a reddish color bristle. The main thing is to find out the reasons that contribute to the growth of a two-tone beard.

The growth of red bristles is determined by the following factors:

  • individual characteristics of the male body,
    heredity. Perhaps among your relatives there were redheads,
  • a mixture of nationalities. One of the possible reasons why the beard is turned brown is the union of the Scandinavian and Caucasian races,
  • bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking)
  • hormonal failure. Changes are provoked by a decrease in testosterone production, an improper diet, a lack of vitamins, and a deficiency of useful trace elements. If the red color is caused by these factors, it is recommended to go in for sports, wash yourself with cold water, and restore proper balanced nutrition.

There are several root causes. A thorough analysis and an improvement in lifestyle will help to identify the true source due to which changes have occurred. Doctors recommend paying attention to health.

Is genetics to blame?

It is not uncommon when the occurrence of red saturation is provoked by a genetic factor. This or that hair color throughout the body depends on the influence of several genes at once. Red hair is direct evidence of melanin. Men of the Caucasian race are characterized by such types of melanin as eumelanin and pheomelanin. The first - determines the black color of the hair, the second - with increased synthesis gives a reddish tint. Different genes have a relation to the production and synthesis process. For this reason, the hair of one person throughout the body has a different color. Thus, genetics explains why the red beard grows, reveals the nature of the appearance of two-color.

Not everyone likes the heterogeneity of the color of the bristles. To eliminate visible color differences, effective methods would be to stain the bristles with beard paint or to completely shave them off.

Scientific point of view

Scientists convince - the reason is the unique sixteenth chromosome. This group of genes was discovered more than ten years ago. The studied chromosome contains a special genetic combination that has a great influence on the distribution of pheomelanin. Its feature is the production of melanocortin protein. Thanks to its unique abilities, melanocortin significantly increases the level of pheomelanin. The result of these processes is expressed by a change in the absolutely black beard, the appearance of a red tint instead of the main color.

During laboratory studies, another pattern was revealed why the red beard is growing. If the mutated gene was transmitted to the child from both parents, then with a 50% probability in adulthood the color of its bristles will change. Although only one mutated gene is enough to cause differences.

The value of the red beard among the Slavs

The word “beard” is obtained by combining the root foundations of the words “wealth” + “gender”. The term means wealth of the genus. According to another version, the meaning of "God's kind" is acquired. The red beard among the Slavs was considered a symbol of wealth, wealth, man's ability to provide for his family. It symbolized the honor and dignity of a strong half of humanity, inspired special respect.

The effect of color on character

The color of vegetation on the face tells a lot about the character. The red beard testifies to the open disposition, kindness, and cordiality of the owner. Red-bearded men are characterized by a predominance of positive qualities. These are bright people, they are characterized by a pronounced individuality, friendliness. Temperamental character - they quickly flare up, but immediately cool down.

Psychologists confirm that the carriers of red stubble are charismatic, sincere interlocutors. They are loved by friends, they know how to have fun. Redbeard is easily disposed to by its inherent courtesy and courtesy. Such men experience increased attention from the opposite sex, so they rarely suffer from loneliness.

Modern look

A thick beard is a sign of a good breed, it is customary to carefully look after the appearance of the bristles, make them sleek, neat. Stylish, courageous, original - this characteristic is given to men with red stubble. She will emphasize the extraordinary appearance, the brightness of the image, add modernity. Absolutely deservedly reddish beard is considered a stylish element of the male image. The red-bearded representatives of the stronger sex attract the views of the beautiful half of humanity with an outstanding appearance, stand out from the crowd.

Some men wear a beard, not because it is beautiful, but because it is customary in their culture. For example, Muslims believe that a man must wear a beard.

However, fashion today has become so widespread that many began to pay attention to the beard of the eastern states. Today we will find out what Chechen beards are, how to cut them and how to care for them.

Latest comments

When the conversation comes about the inhabitants of the Caucasus, an image of a dark-skinned person with dark hair and thick black eyebrows immediately forms in the head. This is exactly what, according to the majority, Ossetians, Ingush, Georgians and Armenians look like. But often in the families of representatives of this group of nationalities bright children are born.

Mixed marriages: natural lottery

Why it happens? One of the reasons, of course, is mixed marriages in previous generations. The white-skinned gene is recessive, therefore, brunettes in mixed pairs are born much more often. However, genetic information is retained and a smiling blue-eyed blond may be born after several generations. And then the young father should not grab his heart, but first of all you need to look into the album with family photos. There is sure to be a golden-haired beauty or a man with hair, the color of ripe wheat.

The legacy of ancestors

But not only close ancestors can cause the appearance of a fair-haired baby in a Caucasian family. It is enough to turn to historical sources to find out that the ancestors of the Ossetians and Ingush were completely different from their contemporaries. In the annals they are described as tall, with white skin and mostly fair hair.

The Alans, as this nomadic ethnic group was called, lived on a vast territory stretching from the Roman Empire to Asia. After numerous wars, some of them settled on the territory of modern Ossetia and Ingushetia, mixed with local tribes. But even here heredity and evolutionary mechanisms came into play - dark hair is inherited more often, in a warm climate it is much more comfortable to have skin rich in melanin. Therefore, the population gradually became more and more like contemporaries.

Proof of this hypothesis are the notes of the researcher of the ethnographer I.I. Pantyukhova. He argued that the percentage of bright eyes in certain ethnic groups of the Caucasus ranges up to 30%, which is comparable to that of Europeans and Slavs.

Blonde Circassians

Circassians were one of the most numerous nationalities living in the territory of modern Stavropol Territory. Ethnographers described them as "fair-haired, with a red mustache and fair skin, gray or light brown eyes."

However, during the Russo-Caucasian war, a significant portion fled to Turkey. But many remained. The inhabitants of the Karm aul are the closest genetically to the Circassians; they are difficult to distinguish from a European exactly until they begin to speak.

There is also a hypothesis that the Circassians are descendants of the Slavs, in particular the Cossacks, since the self-name "Cossack" is often found in studies. (Russian antiquities in the monuments of art. I. Tolstoy and N. Kondakov)

Caucasian Albanians

There was a tribe in the Caucasus, called the Albanians, who were white-skinned, fair-haired Caucasians. They were very different from the Türks, were taller, had completely different beliefs and culture. Even the national name comes from the Latin albus - “white”, which confirms the theory of historians about tribes that are not similar to the Caspian type that is now widespread.

Unfortunately, a significant part of the Albanians was destroyed during the numerous wars with the Arabs, but "genetic echoes" are also found in contemporaries.


Unlike the Albanians, the Svans did not disappear, did not dissolve in the rugged cauldron of small ethnic groups. They, like four millennia ago, live in the highest mountain region of Georgia (from 600 to 2500 meters above sea level). Their language is significantly different from Georgian, but gradually disappears, remaining only in everyday speech of the older generation.

Tsarist colonel Bartholomew described these people as tall, with a proud profile, fair-haired and blue-eyed. He noted their simplicity and kindness, as well as the fact that the Svans sacredly honored their traditions. Their culture developed for a long time in isolation, this allowed to maintain genetic uniformity.

Svans. Grandmother with grandchildren. 1929 year.

And even after unification with Georgia into one state, Georgians were afraid of Svans. Highlanders honored tradition, and blood feud was one of the most common ways to resolve family disputes. Therefore, mixed marriages have become commonplace only in the last few decades. And the gene of "golden curls" is often manifested, displacing the dominant Caspian appearance.


Modern Chechens and Ingush are direct descendants of the Vainakhs - the Hurrian ethnos. However, around the third millennium BC, these tribes intermingled with others bearing the genetic characteristics of the Cro-Magnoid race (the modern representatives of this race are Slavs, as well as Finns and Swedes).

The genetic “cocktail” also explains such a wide variety of appearance types in Chechnya. When genes of the Near Asian race dominate, the child is born dark-skinned, with dark hair. When the Cromanoid type takes over, the appearance practically does not differ from the Slavic one.

Nomads: Migration for Salvation

Another genetic branch that has become part of the ethnic heritage of the Caucasus, mainly fair-haired and white-skinned nomads, the Polovtsy, who fled from numerous oppression by the warring tribes. They gradually assimilated, merged with the locals and in fact disappeared into the ethnic groups dominating in the Ciscaucasia.

Dmitry Kharatyan is an Armenian by father and a midshipman by mother.

That is why fair-haired people among Caucasians are not at all uncommon - there are many of them in Chechnya and Dagestan, and in Armenia and Georgia. And this mixture of races is beautiful in its own way, because it once again reminds us that every person who has left descendants is immortal. Its tiny part lives on for centuries. And centuries later, blue eyes look at the world, exactly the same as the young lad who built the legendary towers of Svaneti.

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