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Rocker hairstyles - informal punk haircut for men

Ultra-stylish characters sought to stand out from the crowd at all times. Initially, this could be a harmless hobby for strange music or sports. Young people simply adorned themselves with all sorts of things from nothing to do. A little later, these symptoms subsided or passed into the chronic stage. Later passed down from generation to generation.

Self-expression, often mixed with bad habits, further removed subjects from the perception of the real world. And to change something is always more difficult than to go with the flow. The most striking representatives of the informal movements, which are known to everyone from young children to people of retirement age - punks.

The history of the appearance of punk hairstyles

In the post-Soviet space, the opportunity to try on this style came in the 90s. The role of the CPSU, censorship and a brighter future that everyone was waiting for, but it never came, delayed the punk movement for 30-40 years. The first mention of them dates back to the 30s of the last century. In the UK, thus, stand out low-income people who are keen on listening to jazz. Therefore, informals did not need to invent anything, and they engaged in plagiarism. Contrasting themselves with society, punks declared themselves colored hairstyles, which were called Iroquois.

The basis was taken North American Indian hairstyle with a bright upgrade. It's hard to believe, but modern punks don't smoke or drink alcohol - the protest continues in a more reasonable way.
The peak of the popularity of the Iroquois or Mohawk came in the 80s. Popularity was mainly fostered by punk bands. Later, artists and writers joined this trend.

To give a stylish image of punk, it was necessary to grow long hair, but this process is long, so the length increased due to the contrast with the rest of the hair. The technology of the classic informal hairstyle is elementary. The lateral temporal regions were symmetrically shaved, the central part from the frontal to the occipital part was “placed” vertically over the entire length of the hair. "War paint" was an equally important attribute of the hairstyle. The most ideological punks preferred the red-green color, but that was not the point. The brighter the paint, the greater the effect on others. Rough shoes are a couple of sizes larger, leather jackets complete the look.

Features of the international hairstyle

Punk hairstyle is so simple, so diverse. It is suitable for owners of absolutely any type of person. All five basic ovals described by stylists are suitable for creating hairstyles. Hair structure is also not important. The stiff type will need a little less varnish for fixing than for curly or soft hair. Only super-strong fixing varnish is used. But this does not matter, it is possible to use the remaining beer or water with sugar (economy option).

The optimal hair length is about 15 cm, but no one adheres to the exact formulation. The principle fits, the longer and brighter the punk hairstyle, the steeper. What assortment of hairstyles is popular?

Fashion Mohawks

The most common classic option is for beginners. After the first reviews from relatives and friends, having heard admiration for yourself, you can proceed to further experiments.

  1. Mamulin option. The first step of novice punk. Simple and affordable, it is often used by individuals acting on the stage. The hair on the lateral temporal areas does not shave, and the entire hair rises and connects in the middle of the head in one narrow strip. When performing this option, it is necessary to correctly distribute the hair, starting from the frontal part to the back of the head. The color scheme is up to you.
  2. Classic mohawk. It requires preparation and even special devices: a razor or an electric clipper. The lateral hair is completely cut, a strip is left on the central part of the head up to 10 cm wide from the frontal to the occipital part. Hair length at least 15 cm.
  3. Studded Mohawk. It differs in other styling techniques from the classic version. A strip of hair is divided into equal parts, from which conical spikes are made, tapering to the ends of the hair. The difficulty in “setting” the spikes on the head may lie in the symmetrical distribution of the hair, but this is only the first time.
  4. Owners of a brick face are well suited for a short version of the hairstyle. In addition, in the summer it is desirable to have sufficient muscle mass (in winter, to increase the volume, mods wear several jackets or sweaters). The length of the comb can be up to 5 cm, "set" with a strong fixation varnish.
  5. Ah - not to be confused with an exclamation. From the English word "ax" - an ax. The crest ends on the crown of the head, the occipital part of the skull remains bald. Pretty unusual option. Punks need to permanently part with hair on the back of the head, this is a nuance. The remaining parameters are the same as the classics.
  6. Double style. Option without a dissecting central fin. Its place is occupied by a bald spot, but in the temporal regions two symmetrically located Mohawks appeared. Their length can be large, for fans of a comic image, but the Pro level provides for short hair. This hairstyle is also called anti.
  7. The ugly option is the iguana. He was shown by Kate Flint in the early 90's. Mohawks are located on both sides of the head. The owner of this style visually resembles a reptile. Looks great with unnatural hair shades, mostly bright. Suitable for punks in advanced age with a natural bald spot in the central part.
  8. Nails This option does not require additional haircuts and preparation, but it will take to fork out and boo, to buy a strong fixation gel. Throughout the entire volume of the head, it is necessary to twist the hair symmetrically and fix it with magic jelly. Depending on the length of the hair, the distance between them is adjusted. It is difficult to do it yourself, so the help of one more brother is needed to complete it.
  9. Across. A perverted version of the Mohawk. The comb is placed on the head, perpendicular to the classic. A rather rare hairstyle, but sometimes it can be found among bright representatives, resembles the head of the Statue of Liberty.
  10. Combi The creative option, involves the presence of a classic comb with lateral addition with studs or nails. A long mohawk and medium-length nails add personality.

The history of the appearance of punk hairstyles

A punk hairstyle is an image of a brutal and atypical man who at any age will retain the fire of youth and the musical enthusiasm of punk rock.

In our country, the dawn and the foundations for the development of the informal movement of punk rockers came at the beginning of the 90s, in contrast to the men's short haircut half-box. For young people, this has become a kind of opportunity to protest against a society subject to orderliness, control and the lack of the ability to actively stand out in an informal environment. The protest was not only the ability to listen to or perform musical compositions in the style of “punk”, but also the need to create an image of punk. Punk is not suitable for everyone, so you should know how to determine the shape of the face and choose a hairstyle.

The basis of the punk image was a peculiar hairstyle - the Iroquois of the North American Indian.

This mohawk often fit and wetted with beer. So it was in the recent past, in our days, punks did not deny themselves the veneration of rock or heavy metal, but the image of the "half-crazy absurd savage" largely came to naught. Modern punk wants to look casually, fashionable, neat, but at the same time bear the imprint of informality.

The stylish image of punk primarily consisted in growing long hair.

This process is not fleeting, and therefore, informals decided to compensate for the length of one section of hair by shaving the hair around it. So the classic mohawk or mohawk was formed. To achieve this effect, punk took a razor and shaved symmetrical sections from the temples to the crown, leaving a long longitudinal strip of hair from the forehead to the back of the head. The most “crazy” punks painted their mohawks in red or black-red colors, but blue, green or orange colors were often used. If the image of bold punk is alien to you, then the hairstyle of the underscat will look fashionable and modern.


From the very beginning of punk culture to the image of modern punk, hairstyles underwent a variety of changes. But the basic form was retained with virtually no change. Only the length of the locks was subjected to variations, but special attributes that changed the hairstyle radically were never observed. Photo tennis hairstyles can be seen here.

There are characteristic elements that with 100 percent confidence will characterize the image of punk for any of the inhabitants:

  • locks of saturated black color, natural or dyed. Perhaps coloring in bright colors,
  • fleece in the middle of the head up - Iroquois or “low mohawk”,
  • bangs, which with the help of a fixing gel is laid on its side. Thick and lush
  • “Mess” and little chaos on the head. The main thing is not to overdo it in this matter, now 2017, and not 1991.

Options for men's hairstyles on the side can be found on our website.

Types of Hairstyles

How many people - so many opinions. Absolutely everyone wants to bring something new to their image, not like the others. Punks in this matter are no different from representatives of other subcultures.

The most classic option is the option for “home punk”.

Just a shaved head with a very short strip of hair. The so-called version of a punk student or an exemplary son of slightly democratic parents. If this option is liked by your family, peers and relatives, then you can take a step forward to more powerful options.

    Punk Community Initiation Stage. Hairstyle can be done almost independently. Nothing to shave or shave on the sides. Simply comb all the hair on the head up to one point above the crown. The main thing in this hairstyle is a moderate length of hair from 10 to 15 centimeters and a proportional distribution over the entire surface. To maintain volume and symmetry, it is best to use a gel for fixation or an aerosol. To paint or not such a mohawk is an individual matter.

  • The men's haircut mohawk in the classical sense of the word requires a little preparation and tools. You will need a regular razor and a clipper with a nozzle to taste. On the sides of the hair you need to cut or trim the machine “to zero”, and in the middle of the head there is a strip from 5 to 10 centimeters wide. The strip extends from the forehead to the nape to the end of the hairline. The length of the hair will be enough from 15 to 20 centimeters. Men's haircuts with a pattern on the head attract attention, so the mohawk can be decorated with a pattern.
  • Mohawk with Spikes. Compared with the classic version, a completely different type of styling is used. From an unshaven strip, sections are selected that form into cones. The tapering of the hair cones is up and there will be spikes. Those who first make their own spiked Mohawks may encounter difficulties in a symmetrical arrangement. This image was adopted by punks from black basketball players of the NBA association, so it is classified as brutal punk hairstyles. The spikes can be small and crumbly along the entire length of the strips or vice versa large, forming a ridge along the head. Floor long men's haircuts always attract attention.
  • Ax or ax. The strip begins at the forehead and ends at the crown of the head. Shaved nape - a characteristic feature of the hairstyle. A very peculiar option, rarely found, but is an attribute of punks.

  • Double mohawk. Two strips are symmetrically trimmed on the head. Similarly, the formation of two high mohawks is possible. This type of hairstyle is usually used by punk girls, but the image itself is universal for both sexes.
  • Iguana or Royal Tyrannosaurus. This type of mohawk appeared in 1995. He was demonstrated by the most powerful representative in the world of punk show business, namely Merlin Manson. On his head were two Mohawks, which began on the forehead and went to the back of the head, but not with straight, but with wavy lines. The image did not take root with the dark-shocking star Manson, but was accepted by some directions of dark and folk punk.

  • Nails or icicles. The entire hairline is divided into strands, which are combed up. Creative and fashionable hairstyle, but at the same time somewhat “outside the box”. The strands are gel fixed. Such a hairstyle is difficult to manufacture, therefore, punks who do not have an idea of ​​the intricacies of hairdressing, may need the help of a professional master, well, or a more advanced ally in fashion.
  • Iroquois Statue of Liberty. Unlike short men's sports haircuts, a strip for a mohawk is formed on the head, but across the head. The locks are combed up according to the example of the “nails” hairstyle and are fixed. Somewhat unusual and atypical option, but its effectiveness literally rolls over in the world of punk rockers.
  • Who is it for?

    Punk hairstyles for men and women do not differ. To whom then are such haircuts suitable?

    Hairdressers claim that punk styling is suitable for absolutely any type of face. All types and shapes of faces defined by stylists are acceptable for haircuts in this style, as These hairstyles are very diverse and there is an opportunity to choose a haircut for each person.

    The structure of the hair also does not matter. Men's punk haircuts can be done on straight hair, wavy or curly. Thin hair, its density is not a limitation in creating punk style hairstyles.

    There are no certain preferences for creating a hairstyle for punk because each similar haircut is stacked using special modeling tools. And modern styling products can cope even with the most naughty hair.

    Based on all of the above, we can conclude: a punk hairstyle is suitable for any man, whatever version of haircut he chooses.

    Types and styling options

    Each punk rock haircut is unique. There are a lot of styling options for this style, each generation brings something new, but there are “traditional” haircuts for punks. Their varieties allow each person to choose the most liked option.

    Types of the most popular styles of punk style hairstyles at all times:

    1. Destroy - disheveled hair,
    2. Iroquois - a classic version of the design of vegetation on the head,
    3. Needles - hair sticks out in different directions in the form of spikes (needles).

    How to style each of these hairstyles?

    1. Destroy - the hair is combed, fixed at the roots and placed in different directions, intentionally creating chaos on the head,
    2. Iroquois - most often, a wide strip of strands is liberally lubricated with a fixing styling agent and lifted upward along the entire length of the hair. Sometimes they are directed to the side or the hair on the back of the head is left in free movement, and the strands from the forehead and at the top of the head are lifted. It all depends on the desire and imagination of the owner of this hairstyle,
    3. Needles - the hair throughout the head is divided into strands of equal thickness, each of them is lubricated with gel, mousse or foam and lifted to the side, perpendicular to the head. An important point of such styling is to sharpen each strand to the end to obtain a spike or needle effect.

    Informal men's haircuts, especially the rock and punk rock styles, are original not only in their form, but also in color. A bright shade of hair will make any styling unique and memorable.

    Photo of men's hairstyles in the style of rock

    Every guy of the punk style wants to stand out. Before going to the hairdresser to create a new haircut or before styling the grown hair in an appropriate way, many are looking for photos that will help determine the choice of the appearance of the head.

    The most striking styling of popular hairstyles are:


    Also an example to follow can be idols performers or other hairstyles of fans of this direction. And perhaps a follower of pan culture will come up with his new vision of decorating vegetation on his head, which will be relevant at thematic festivals.

    Punk styling is always striking because of its bizarre shapes and vibrant hair colors. Choose a hairstyle is not difficult. But in order to make such a haircut a reality, you need to be not only an ardent fan of punk style, but also a very brave man who ignores the opinions of others.

    Description and photos of Punk hairstyles

    The technique of performing a flamboyant haircut was minimized - the whiskey was carefully shaved, and the central strand rose high up. This is the basis, but everyone could add their own flavor to it, starting from coloring the whirlwind in too much paint, and applying an exotic pattern on the temporal areas.

    In the photo - punk hairstyles:

    Fans and adherents of the punk movement usually chose bright green tones, but this is not important, guys could dye their hair with raspberry tones and feathers, but certainly bright shades - this achieved the greatest appeal, people could not help but turn around and consider the unusual image.

    About the style and its directions

    Adherents of the punk style occupy a separate niche in society. Their views, slogans and creed are fundamentally contrary to the moral and life positions of most people. The image of informals surprises, even scares many with its outrageousness, causes a storm of emotions, including indignation. Translated from English, "punk" means scum, rot.

    For the first time, a new subculture became known in the 70s. The freedom of the soul and love for everything, positioned by the hippies, is already boring, the youth wanted something completely new, crazy and surprising. So there was a provocative and "hard" punk style.

    The founders of the punk style in music became the American group Ramones, and in clothes - the designer Vivienne Westwood. A few years later, Westwood will come up with the style of the famous punk band Sex Pistols with producer Malcolm McLaren.

    Attention! Today, punk-style collections are offered by many famous fashion houses. Among them are Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and, of course, the founder of the Vivienne Westwood style.

    Based on an extraordinary subculture, several more currents arose: steampunk or steampunk, Victorian steampunk, klokvorkpunk, dieselpunk, teslapank, timepunk, steelpunk, punk rock and others. Each of the sub-styles has slight differences, but the dominant appeal of rebellion, the obscene combination of sexuality, personality and aggression, is unshakable.

    The characteristic features of women's hairstyles

    Modern punk style is a little different, it is softer, less aggressive. Bright and extraordinary punk hairstyles often try on celebrities and world stars in combination with glamorous evening dresses.

    Hairstyles and haircuts in a punk style are performed on long and short hair, thick and not very, wavy and even.

    Characteristic features and elements of the original female styling:

    • Iroquois, Mohawk, iguana, or its less eccentric variant - a small pile of the central part of the hair,
    • shaved temple or its imitation,
    • trendy pixie short haircut,
    • bright and unusual coloring in red-green, colorful colors. The brighter the shades, the more spectacular the look
    • original jewelry, hoops with spikes, skulls, various rebellious additions, metal rings in the hair.

    To create a punk hairstyle and give the hair the desired shape, you often have to use a large number of styling products, strong fixation varnish. The longer the strands, the harder it is to lay them and more styling will be required. That is why it is important to take care of the health and beauty of curls in a timely manner, use cosmetics rich in trace elements, vitamins, keratin.

    Who should go for a male punk haircut?

    The peculiarity of the punk hairstyle is obvious simplicity, and at the same time diversity - it will look great on any type of face and figure of a young man. There are 5 varieties of hairstyles, and they are not demanding either on the structure of the hair or its length.

    If the hair is naturally stiff, then the lock will need less, and for curly hair it will need more to create a tuft characteristic of punk, but in any case, it’s just not possible to do the hair without a strong lock. To save money, some guys fix their hair with the rest of beer or sugar syrup, but this is not important, the main thing is that the cocoon sticks up securely.

    The most optimal length is about 15 cm, but it can be less if they are not yet an industry.

    It will also be interesting to learn about what beautiful hairstyles you can do to yourself.

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    How to cut a punk haircut

    You can’t definitely call punk style the trend of the season, but it was on its basis that stylists created the most diverse fashion hairstyles of this season. The male haircut is characterized by clean-shaven temples, with a slightly raised tuft, and the female is necessarily disheveled, giving the image of boyish mischief.

    For holders of an oval type of face, a strict hairstyle with a slightly shaved temporal part and a small cocoon is suitable. And romantic personalities can make a cocoon wavy, laid on its side. The classic version involves the creation of an elongated bang with a variety of styling.

    On the video punk style haircut:

    Women's punk haircut - how to perform for girls

    Oddly enough, but many girls have chosen this punk style for their hairstyles, it is so diverse that we offer to consider different options to choose for yourself something original:

    • Punk style short haircut and triangular long bangs - She covered the nose bridge and at the same time opens the area of ​​expressive eyes. A special bright coloring of the cap is recommended - the lower strands are in black tones, and the upper ones are bright orange. Makeup will help to complement the image in the tone of the upper orange hair.
    • Short Haircut Asymmetry with Short Bob - The bangs lie on one side of the face, hiding the eye and cheekbone. Double dyeing of strands is recommended, for example, bright yellow in combination with a deep blue tone. As an addition, you can combine a hairstyle with a powerful studded chain that characterizes punk culture.
    • Lightly shaved hair on the temporal areas dyes screaming - green in combination with purple, the top crest should dominate, it is painted in a bright orange color. A dark shade of Bordeaux lipstick and false fluffy eyelashes will help to complement the stylish image.
    • Female version of the mohawk. Here, as well as in the male version, whiskey is completely shaved, here you can apply a light tattoo with washable paints. But you need to make more efforts to the cocoon - it is always carefully combed, placed vertically and fix the position with a strong tool. But the length of the cocoon can be very small, unlike the male version. Be sure to radically stain the cocoon in bright and unusual colors.
    • Another option is to completely shave off the hair, only leave a strip in the central part, which is dyed in a poisonous purple color. Blue lipstick and green nails complement the unusual look.
    • Elegant punk haircut in the style of the queen. Technique - a deep ladder, with bangs cut exactly in the p-shaped technique. Then go to the next layers, which are left longer, they should be combed down to the very nose. Highlighting with multi-colored bright poisonous shades is welcome.

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    General recommendations for implementation

    Punk hairstyle options are usually straightforward to perform. Having mastered the installation techniques and principles, you can easily make them yourself at home in 10 minutes. Professionals recommend paying attention to such points:

    • weaving pigtails to simulate a shaved temple should be on wet hair, then styling is neat, tattered,
    • Iroquois, various versions of the Mohawk are performed on dry hair, be sure to use means of ultra-strong fixation,
    • if you are not ready for persistent and radical dyeing, use crayons, tonics, sprays for hair coloring, you can braid strands of kanekalon in bright colors,
    • take care of moisturizing and nourishing curls, persistent varnishes, lightening, color stains are detrimental to the health of the hair.

    Attention! Even the most original hairstyle will look faded without the appropriate outfit and makeup. Do not miss their importance in creating a full-fledged spectacular image.

    What is necessary for styling at home

    It is not necessary to go to a professional stylist to create a punk style hairstyle, many options for bright styling are feasible at home. Your task is to think over the image and make a little effort to recreate it.

    Having decided on the choice of hairstyle, prepare:

    • a comb comb with a pointed tip,
    • strong fixing styling,
    • themed hair accessories and jewelry,
    • colored varnish, spray, crayons for temporary coloring of curls in bright colors.


    Many people think that only Iroquois is inherent in the punk style, but on its basis many modern men's hairstyles were created, which are popular among many young people who are not even associated with the punk movement:

    • Destroy - in translation, this means a mess. The hair is firmly combed and distributed randomly on the sides, then everything is sprayed with a strong fixing varnish.
    • Traditional mohawk. This type of haircut was borrowed from the American Indians - one of the tribes shaved their whiskey, leaving their upper hair sticking out, and they were dyed in the most intricate colors. This principle has been preserved in our days - whiskey is carefully shaved, leaving the upper hair long. Lately, mods have been doing tattooing there on their favorite football or other topics, but the tuft is carefully combed and lifted strictly up. Without highlighting with poisonous shades, it is difficult to imagine a traditional mohawk haircut.
    • Unusual needle shape. Punks picked up this idea while looking at the famous Statue of Liberty and its crown, which is known to be framed by long spikes. The art of hairstyles was to imitate this crown, that is, peculiar spikes were created from the hair, which were carefully laid and processed with a very strong composition of the fixing agent. Some fans paint them in a variety of colors, which makes the hairstyle too extravagant.

    You have learned about trends and current trends in punk hairstyles, but the choice is always yours.

    See daily collections of the best cosmetics

    Pixie Haircut

    For creative, courageous girls, stylists recommend fashionable pixies. Shortened temporal lobes, the nape in combination with an elongated bangs and a shock in the upper central part of the hair give an image of playfulness, mischief. Put a little styling on the curls and ruffle them with your fingers, giving additional volume, forming a kind of mohawk.

    You can diversify the haircut with bright zonal coloring, for example, painting the bangs in a contrasting color.


    First of all, you need to understand that mohawk is not necessarily long hair. Strands can be short. It goes without saying that the hair must be kept clean regardless of the level of punk's recklessness. This goal is achieved by constant hygiene. Men's hair styling is carried out using mousses, gels or aerosol fixers. The benefit of mousse or gel also lies in the fact that applying to the roots of the hair gives additional volume and splendor. If the hairstyle should maintain mobility, then the use of an aerosol or mousse is not recommended. A video of a male haircut hedgehog can be seen here https://ilhair.ru/muzhskie/mpricheski/muzhskaya-ezhik-osobennosti-i-texnologiya.html

    The best option for punk is gel.

    Shaved haircuts

    A shaved temple is a great way to emphasize the individuality of views, to express rebellion and protest of everyday life. An undercut with a shaved temple or nape looks spectacular. At the same time, you can decorate the temple with an unusual, fantasy pattern.

    Haircut is performed on any length of hair, goes well with various dyeing techniques.

    Possible options for every taste

    • Without one temple. Often, modern stars can observe such a hairstyle - only one temple is shaved, and elongated hair on one side compensates for their absence on the other side. The length of the lock may vary, but should be at least 25 centimeters - this is the main condition, but also a special highlight in the hairstyle. This temple can be decorated with a pattern. Drawings for haircuts for boys will complement the original image,
    • Colorization. Men's styling and hairstyle for punk can be combined with color. Almost all stylists will unanimously say that it is coloring that gives the punk image originality,

  • Rainbow. The hairstyle, divided into many locks, is dyed in a variety of colors. A semblance of a rainbow appears. This hairstyle is an experiment for punk, as the color of the rainbow is often associated with the LGBT community. Met in St. Petersburg in the early 2000s. Youth hairstyles for guys need styling,
  • From dudes to punk. If a novice punk or advanced one wants to maintain or recreate the moderate image needed to interact with the rest of society, then this option is ideal. Normal styling in the style of Elvis Presley. Probably everyone remembers his hairstyle, but if not, then its essence is simple. A large and magnificent bouffant is made at the forehead on one side, and after that it is laid and fixed with mousse,
  • Loose long hair. Punks used to be called “hairy,” which is probably why. Many casual punks wear just long hair, loose or gathered into thin braids and tufts. This hairstyle allowed the punk to shake his head at the frantic beat of punk rock, waving his hair “in all directions”. But you need to know that long hair always requires additional care and cleanliness, otherwise a tow instead of a hairstyle will form on the head.

  • Tail. In the tail, you can collect long hair of any type - straight, wavy, curly. This styling is found in punk youth, but it is not as widespread as the Iroquois, Mohawks, shaving or bangs cut to one side,
  • Disheveled comb. Often it is the disheveledness and randomness on the head of a punk that is the main attribute of his hairstyle. Disheveledness gives the image of a punk guy romantic brutality, sexuality and attractiveness.
  • The modern subculture of punks has developed enormously. The musical direction, clothes and attributes, as well as the appearance of punks, are developing. Hairstyle is an integral part in the image of a punk rocker. The main thing is not to forget that commitment to any youth direction or community should not go to the point of absurdity. Modern society is distinguished by its tolerance for the interests of others, but it does not need targeted challenges and aggressiveness. Punk is primarily a musician, music lover and lover of fun.

    Imitation shaved temple

    Not every girl is ready to sacrifice long curls, so hairstyles imitating a shaved temple are popular. Such styling looks spectacular, unusual, interesting.

    You can imitate a shaved temple by braiding or smoothing the hair of the temporal lobe. In each option, it is important to give the rest of the strands more volume, thereby emphasizing, highlighting the temple. Braids, cornrow, various weaving at the temple are used even by celebrities for an evening look.

    We do the hairstyle with the effects of a shaved temple on our own:

    1. Wash your hair, dry slightly.
    2. Separate part of the temple area with which you will work. Pigtails can be braided on one or both sides, if desired.
    3. Fix the rest of the hair with a clip (hairpin) so as not to interfere.
    4. Braid a few tight braids at the temple. Make sure that the partings between the pigtails are perfectly even, the errors made will be very noticeable. Finish weaving, fix the braids with silicone rubber bands to match the hair.
    5. Add volume to other hair using brushing, curling, curlers. Lay them on the opposite side. If pigtails are braided on both temples, give the central strands volume and lay back.


    Mohawk, mohawk - a classic element of an informal hairstyle. It looks insanely bright and spectacular, especially in combination with red, yellow, blue, green strands. There are several variations of such a hairstyle:

    • Classic version - involves cutting hair at the temples. In the central part of the hair leave a strip of hair about 10 cm wide, the length of the strands is up to 15 cm.

    • Studded mohawk - unlike the classic version, the central hair is divided into the same locks and form spikes from them. To do this, use gel, a strong fixation wax.

    • Mamulin Mohawk - does not require shaving hair, curls are licked using styling products. In this case, the central strands are given additional volume by setting them in a vertical position.

    • Nails - hair spikes are placed all over the head. It is impossible to perform styling without a gel of strong fixation and the help of a friend, relative, master.

    • Combi - a combination of classic mohawk with nails. A bright element is framed on the sides by spikes (nails) from the hair.

    Tip. Give the image even more originality, brightness and personality with color locks. To do this, use temporary coloring agents or permanent paints.

    Pros and cons

    Punk hairstyles are the choice of extraordinary, bold personalities. The main criterion for the selection of styling is your own ambitions and wishes, creativity of thoughts. A bright image looks impressive and original, attracts the attention of others. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the lack of requirements for the shape of the face, external data, structure and length of hair. Even age does not matter much for confident, focused individuals. It can be done at home.

    But! Hairstyle incompatible with business style, not suitable for office. When creating a vivid image, it is important to revise the wardrobe, work on your own fears and complexes.

    Star examples

    For celebrities, a punk-style hairstyle is a great way to draw even more attention to yourself, to declare your personality. A lover of shocking style can be called Pink Each of her looks looks artfully, unusual and stylish.

    You can see punk-style experiments at Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Hayden Panettiere, Carmen Electra.

    Miley Cyrus and Rihanna

    Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston also been seen with non-trivial styling. An imitation of a shaved temple looks impressive and stylish, even in combination with an evening gown.

    Amber Heard and Kristen Stewart

    Punk is a crazy, bright, free and unforgettable style, without limits and frames. Ready for experiments and maximum attention? Then start with the original styling, and expert advice and vivid examples in the photo will help with this.

    Watch the video: 2017 Punk Hairstyles Ideas For Guys (February 2020).

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