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How to get rid of men from prostatitis at home once and for all

Today I will answer one question that interests many: how to get rid of a man from prostatitis at home just once and for all, so that later he does not return to the disease.

Home treatment is one of the important steps in getting rid of this male disease. It is no secret that many of the official medicine could not cure completely, and they are still suffering from prostatitis. Disappointed with doctors, men begin to look for unconventional methods, try to cure the disease with the help of traditional medicine, buy some miracle plasters on the Internet, but the result is still zero. What is the matter? You will all know soon. In this article, I will reveal real recipes for getting rid of prostatitis, tell you how you can cure insidious chronic prostatitis yourself at home almost quickly, and show you why the methods that are usually used are not effective.

How to understand that a man has prostatitis

Let's recall the main signs of prostatitis. Indeed, many men suffer from pain or discomfort, but do nothing, because they do not know that they have prostatitis.

Signs of acute prostatitis:

  • severe pain and burning in the perineum,
  • pain and pain during urination,
  • fever
  • purulent discharge from the urethra is possible.

Signs of chronic prostatitis:

  • also burning, pain, discomfort in the perineum,
  • radiating pain to adjacent tissues and organs, such as the testes,
  • frequent or difficult urination,
  • sexual weakness
  • premature ejaculation,
  • deterioration in overall health.

But often, chronic prostatitis is almost asymptomatic, with slight discomfort. This is often the reason for not going to the doctor. But untreated and neglected prostatitis can lead to impotence, prostate adenoma and even cancer.

Therefore, you need to fight it, but how, you will learn today.

Causes of Prostatitis

To understand how to cope with prostatitis, cure it, you must first know the causes of its appearance.

Everything is simple here, because there are only two main reasons:

as well as a violation of blood circulation, stagnation in the tissues.

There are other causes of prostatitis, but they are special cases of the two above or are a consequence of them.

That is, in other words, the prostate becomes inflamed if harmful microorganisms get into it or become active, as well as if normal blood circulation is not ensured due to stagnation. That's all. Also, these two reasons are closely related. After all, the infection just multiplies in the prostate due to poor blood circulation, which should fight foreign enemies.

Let's look at what you need to do if you have prostatitis, how to cure it. And you just need to exclude the above triggers for the occurrence of the disease.

Treatment will be to eliminate the two main causes of prostatitis. And you can even do most of the treatment yourself, since official medicine will help you only half. Only you yourself, with your own strengths, will be able to cure the disease completely, so that then again after a while you do not run to the doctor.
Look at what the doctors say:

Cure by eliminating the infection

An infection can enter the prostate for various reasons. These are genital infections, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Urethritis, complications of angina, flu. Routes of entry - blood, lymph, during intercourse.

That's why at the first signs of prostatitis, immediately run to the doctor. Here home treatment is powerless. Only he can determine what infection caused inflammation and prescribe a course of treatment. Antibiotics or other medicines may be needed.

But often, due to a decrease in immunity, as well as congestion in the prostate, microorganisms that are always inside us are activated and lead to inflammation. Therefore, one must not allow this. The prevention of stagnation in the prostate, as well as increased immunity, will be a further independent treatment of prostatitis and its prevention.

After eliminating the stagnation of blood in the body, as well as increasing your overall health, you can forever forget about prostatitis and cure the disease. And no microorganisms can start the inflammatory process (apart from, of course, highly pathogenic). And the only way to treat and prevent prostatitis on their own. What will we do now.

Do not supercool

Frequent hypothermia or sitting in the cold can cause a male illness.

This is due to improper heat transfer in the tissues of the prostate, and also as a result of the activation of harmful microorganisms.

Therefore, be sure to exclude this factor, otherwise the disease cannot be cured. If you treat prostatitis, you can’t sit on a cold at all, otherwise there will be no sense from the treatment. If the seats in the public transport are cold, it is better to pass the route while standing or wear thermal underwear. For those who work outdoors, I also recommend thermal underwear. If you eat in the winter in a car, turn on the seat heater. If it is not provided for in the vehicle equipment, install it yourself, buy a ring heater or, at worst, take a warm pillow from the house. But do not overdo it with heating, excessive heat is also harmful.

Permanent seat

For many, professional activity is associated with the fact that you have to sit a lot. As a result, congestion occurs in the pelvic region, leading to a decrease in arterial blood supply to the prostate gland. This means that a lot of new blood rich in oxygen cannot get into the body. Prostate cells do not receive nutrients, and resistance to infections decreases. The pelvic area is already prone to stagnation in the blood, and constant sitting exacerbates this.

That's why all men should remember that you can’t sit for a long time without a break, otherwise there is a high probability of inflammation of the prostate gland. Need breaks in sedentary work, warm-up, and even better exercises for the pelvis. If you are already sick with prostatitis, you need to exclude constant sitting, otherwise prostatitis simply cannot be cured. Take breaks, get up, warm up, walk, find a way out of the situation. And what to do for those whose work is specifically connected with constant sitting and there is no way to get up.

Of course, getting rid of blood stasis will be more difficult, but there is still a way out. In this case, try to change the position of the pelvis and spine more often, transfer the weight to different sides of the pelvis so that the load does not fall on one point. If possible, place a leg bent at the knee under the pelvis. And also put a pillow so that the main weight falls on the legs, and the pressure on the prostate is less. Also, while sitting, use an excellent exercise called mula bandha, which will relieve you of prostatitis, but I will talk about it a little later.

Cure by motion

If you not only sit for a long time, but also lead a sedentary lifestyle, then this will also lead to stagnation in the pelvic region, and therefore in the future to prostatitis. Therefore, to prevent the disease, you need not only to relax, but also to move. If possible, engage in light sports, that is, lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are already sick, then you just need movement to disperse the blood in the pelvic area. Normal walking is suitable if you do not have time to play sports, but you need to walk daily. It’s great if you do exercises in the morning, with the necessary exercises for the pelvis and legs. Better yet, practice Hatha Yoga asanas, especially inverted ones. They help well with prostatitis, but more on that later.

Do not get involved in heavy sports if you have prostatitis or have a predisposition to it, such as weightlifting. It is proved that they adversely affect the prostate gland.

To get rid of the disease, it is necessary to perform therapeutic exercises for some time. The exercises of Dr. Evdokimenko very well help. Be sure to read and try. You will feel the effect in a few days.

Cure by eliminating problems in other organs

Our bodies are closely interconnected. If there is a problem in one place, it will certainly be reflected in another. Inflammation in the rectum or urethra, impaired stool, constipation, and hemorrhoids can cause inflammation in the prostate gland due to poor blood supply, as well as infection. If you are treating prostatitis, you need to see where there are still problems in your body and also eliminate them. Therefore, many cannot be cured, since they only treat prostatitis, forgetting about the relationship in the whole body. It’s possible to cure a man’s disease. To do this, embark on a healthy lifestyle.

How to cure prostatitis in men with a healthy lifestyle and increased immunity

If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, move a little, consume unhealthy foods, be obese, drink alcohol and smoke, forget about getting rid of prostatitis. The treatment your doctor prescribes will be ineffective. First of all, you need to disperse blood in the prostate gland and maintain the body in a healthy state, increase immunity. Indeed, weak immunity is an open gate for infections, including those that cause prostatitis.

During treatment, you need to embark on a healthy lifestyle, try to eat wholesome food, and increase immunity. To increase immunity, I recommend a contrast shower, which will be useful for prostatitis, as it trains the vessels of the whole body and promotes blood dispersal even in stagnant zones.

Alcohol and smoking

During the treatment of prostatitis, you need to give up alcohol, and it is also better to quit smoking. Much has been written about the dangers of alcohol and smoking. But still, people continue to drink and smoke. If you treat any disease, not just prostatitis, while poisoning the body with alcohol and nicotine, the effect of the treatment will simply be negligible. Why waste time on such treatment and still suffer from the disease. Therefore, overcome yourself and get rid of bad habits at least for the duration of treatment. It’s difficult to cure at least if you drink alcohol.

Cure Male Disease by Massage

To eliminate congestion and improve blood circulation, prostate massage is used.

It is effective in all forms of prostatitis.

Massage is performed rectally, through the anus, and also massaging through the perineal tissue.

Although you yourself can massage in the first way, but it is better to entrust it to a specialist.

But the external massage of the perineum can and should be done periodically by yourself, if you want to quickly cure the prostate. If blood stagnates there, then this will negatively affect not only the prostate, but also the entire reproductive system, as well as other organs. For example, external massage of the perineum is also the prevention of hemorrhoids.

In a circular motion, as well as gently pressing, massage the perineum between the anus and the scrotum.

This massage has always been used in Taoist practices to improve sexual energy, and practitioners have never had problems with male diseases, including prostatitis.

You can use a tennis ball for these purposes. Sit on it and massage the crotch with all kinds of movements. About prostate massage, be sure to watch this video, which also tells how to cure our sore.

Cure With A Healthy Sex Life

Now let's talk about one of the main causes of prostatitis and what needs to be done so that you do not have problems with the prostate. Without eliminating this cause, it is generally impossible to cure other male diseases.

It can be safely stated that the largest percentage of patients has prostatitis precisely because of this main reason. To cure prostatitis, you need to establish a healthy sex life. What does it mean?

It is very harmful for the prostate when sexual arousal occurs without subsequent discharge in the form of ejaculation.

The lower body is energized: the reproductive system is filled with arterial blood, venous outflow decreases. With natural intercourse with ejaculation, the energy goes away (given to the woman or simply dissipated), and blood circulation is restored. Without ejaculation, stagnation of blood occurs, which has a very negative effect on the prostate. Those who finish sexual intercourse without the desired ending will certainly get prostatitis, and also will never be able to cure it.

If you think that you are not at risk because you always end your intimacy with ejaculation, then I will disappoint you. The fact is that in a modern sexually relaxed society we too often receive signals that excite the male reproductive system. This is an accessible display of naked women on the Internet and on television, the obscene behavior of modern women in everyday life.

Although it seems that all these signals are insignificant and do not have an effect on the body. But the brain still sends small nerve impulses, leading to a total of frequent energetic fullness of the genitals, without satisfying sexual desires. After all, we can’t do ejaculation every time with any insignificant daily excitement.

That's why you do not need to often watch pornography, watch adult content on the Internet. But if you really like this activity, then do it as little as possible. And if you have committed such a sin, then finish the finale in the way that is natural. If there is no partner, then do it yourself. Of course, this is not the best option, and I would not recommend self-satisfaction. But for the health of the prostate and to cure it, it will be better than dreams of sex, browsing naked women on the Internet, without subsequent ejaculation. And best of all, if you do not want to earn prostatitis or worsen your condition, you need to find healthy sex and refuse to view naked girls on the Internet and in magazines.

Healthy, it means closeness with a regular partner and the right frequency of classes. Frequent sex is also harmful. They lead to overstrain in the prostate, it weakens and already tolerates the onset of infection worse. But if we rarely have sex, even if we are not excited, that is, we don’t think about it at all, then this is also bad. The prostate gland is an organ that must work and fulfill its function. It periodically produces secretory fluid. The ducts are filled with fluid, a person does not discharge it, as a result of stagnation and prostatitis, and after impotence.

That's why the frequency of having sex is very important if you want to cure prostatitis. And how to determine it? Having come to healthy sex, this will cease to excite you. You will periodically make love exactly when the body wants, and not a perverted mind, watching obscene films or magazines. The body itself will tell you when to do this. The frequency of sex is different for everyone, depending on age, state of health, and energy. Therefore, listen to your body, if it really wants, do not interfere with the natural call. Have sex as soon as possible and be sure to end it with an ejaculation.But after that, in between, stop thinking about him, do not browse adult websites on the Internet. After all, there are much more interesting things. Only in this way will you keep your prostate in a healthy state, you can cure it.

How a man can quickly cure prostatitis at home with a mule bandha

There is a very wonderful technique that not only prevents the development of inflammation in the prostate, but actually helps to cure prostatitis. I was convinced of this on my own experience. If you are desperate and nothing helps you, try this simple technique, I assure you, you will forever forget about the painful symptoms.

It is about retracting the lower abdomen, internal muscles of the genital area, perineum, as well as compression of the anus. That is, to maximize the use of all the muscles of the genital area, as well as the muscles surrounding the prostate. Speaking correctly, there are three different techniques:

  1. retraction of the lower abdomen, genital muscles,
  2. retraction of the perineum between the anus and the genitals, the mula bandha itself,
  3. ashvini mudra, contraction of the anus.

In order to effectively cure the disease, it is necessary to combine these three techniques, and for convenience, many call it simply mula bandha.

This is a very good exercise, eliminating congestion in the prostate. To improve health, cure prostatitis, you need to perform it several times a day for 5-10 minutes. You can practice lying down while sitting in the workplace, invisibly to others, in any free time. The main thing is to carry it out smoothly, consciously, without effort and sudden movements. To begin with, try with a small number of repetitions, monitor your well-being. Mula bandha can not be performed with acute prostatitis and its exacerbation. First, you need to eliminate the cause of inflammation, expel the infection, cure the acute stage of the disease, following the doctor's recommendations.

Heal with Inverted Asanas

To cure male disease, you will also need to perform inverted asanas from Hatha Yoga daily. Sarvangasana (the well-known birch), viparita karani and halasana (plow pose). It is enough to choose one and during the treatment of prostatitis every day to carry it out. With the help of such asanas, when the legs are above the body, we facilitate the outflow of venous blood, get rid of congestion.

Contraindications: headaches, high blood pressure. Also, carefully perform these asanas for cervical osteochondrosis. Without fanaticism, the main thing here is not the perfect execution of the exercise, but that the pelvis is above the heart, for a better return of blood from the genitals to the heart.

How can you cure chronic prostatitis by walking on the buttocks forever

There is an excellent exercise that will disperse the blood in the pelvic organs well and in combination with other methods will help cure prostatitis. This is the so-called walking on the buttocks. It will be useful not only for men, but also for women, since it heals many organs of the small pelvis.

Just sit on the floor, legs forward and slightly apart, arms also stretch forward at chest level.

We begin to walk on the buttocks. We move forward the right side of the body, leg, buttock, shoulder, and outstretched arms to the other side, to the left. Then forward the left side of the body, and the arms to the right. Thus, the movement occurs. The more reps, the better. But it is not recommended to perform the exercise in the acute form of prostatitis. Wait for the end of painful attacks, first try to cure the acute stage of the disease.
Watch the video exercise technique:

How to cure insidious chronic prostatitis folk remedies

There are also recipes and methods for treating prostatitis using traditional medicine. How can I help cure prostatitis at home?

Apply pumpkin seeds, birch leaves, golden root, celandine, Kalanchoe, aspen bark and other gifts of nature.

But these methods will be useful only in complex treatment and only subject to the recommendations that I gave above.

Remember, getting rid of prostatitis with folk remedies is impossible if you have not eliminated the inflammation using traditional medicine methods. If you also continue to sit a lot, move a little, sit on a cold, drink alcohol. If you lead the wrong sex life.

Frankly, I have not tried to treat prostatitis with these methods of traditional medicine. The advice that I gave before was quite enough for me.

Therefore, to summarize the article, where I will briefly tell you how to effectively treat prostatitis.

Summary of the article

Prostatitis, like many diseases, cannot, simply impossible, be cured in one way. Only an integrated approach will help you. It is necessary to combine both the treatment of traditional medicine and follow my advice from this article. Only in this way will you forever forget what prostatitis is. I guarantee this to you, because I myself went through it and was able to defeat prostatitis once and for all, to cure the disease. The main thing is to take it, not be lazy, believe in your success. Is it possible to cure chronic prostatitis at all and completely at home, otherwise many do not believe that this is possible? I firmly affirm that yes, it is real to cure on my own, because I cured the prostatitis myself, I shouted “cheers” when I defeated him, and how, I told you today.

Why can't many be cured? They just do not treat comprehensively and continue to mock the prostate. For example, they go to the doctor, undergo treatment, and then continue to lead a lifestyle that they have led to the disease. Or they rush into traditional medicine without eliminating the cause of the inflammation. Or they neglect such wonderful methods that treat prostatitis well: mula bandha, walking on the buttocks.

Therefore, to begin with, consult a doctor, undergo a course of treatment, try to cure the acute stage of the disease. After follow my recommendations.

Reduce, and better stop drinking alcohol.

Do not overcool or sit on a cold surface.

Have a healthy sex life.

Move more and don’t sit for a long time, and if work involves constant sitting, take breaks, change body position, put your foot under the buttock, periodically squeeze the anus.

Perform a crotch massage.

Do exercises for the prostate every day: mula bandha, walking on the buttocks, inverted asanas, therapeutic exercises of Dr. Evdokimenko.

After some time, a miracle will happen, prostatitis will leave you forever. But it was not a miracle, but your diligence. You can cure this unpleasant disease, everything is in your hands, victory is inevitable, it is a law of nature. I repeat, it is possible to cure, this is a fact.

Good luck with getting rid of prostatitis.

I suggest at the end to watch another video about the treatment of prostatitis:

Watch the video: Chronic prostatitis? Chronic Pelvic Pain? Know there is help and treatment - with Karl Monahan (February 2020).

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