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Men's tracksuits: stylish new season

Sport is a new fashion trend for people of all ages, as is healthy nutrition, so sportswear is very popular today. When choosing a tracksuit for a man, it is important to consider his age, body configuration, sport and lifestyle, as well as the season of the year and individual characteristics. Many designers and fashion designers develop and produce separately winter and summer men's tracksuits.

This trend is primarily due to the fact that suits for the cold season require suits of dense, heat-insulating and soft fabrics, and suits for breathing and lightweight fabrics that prevent a man from sweating are suitable for hot summers. And if winter models imply strict and calm colors, cut and design, then summer suits are often sewn from bright, rich materials, beating them with prints and other decorating elements.

What is the difference between costumes

When choosing a tracksuit, a man must take into account the time of year, as well as the style and composition of the fabrics, in order to enjoy comfort and not be limited in movements during training. Modern designers offer costumes and other items of clothing with collections for different seasons, namely, summer, spring-autumn and winter collections. In the creation of clothing, all the features of each season were taken into account.


First of all, when choosing a tracksuit, a man needs to understand that summer is a time of heat and sun. Therefore, high-quality summer tracksuits for men will be made of light, natural and breathable fabrics. It can be hypoallergenic cotton, moisture-absorbing linen, flexible and long-legged knitwear, cool silk, etc. If synthetics are added to the fabrics in a small percentage, this will increase the elasticity and flexibility of the fabrics.


Winter is characterized by cold, wind and rainfall, so sportswear from winter collections should be made of windproof, heat-saving, but breathable, high-density fabrics. A prerequisite is insulation of fabrics in the form of fleece or similar materials. Most often, costumes for winter are sewn from wool of varying degrees of density, knitwear, cashmere, etc.

Autumn spring

In this case, we are talking about demi-season models of suits for sports, which are somewhat different from previous collections.

Costumes for autumn or spring are most often made from light, but rather dense fabrics, for example, from velor or suede, knitwear or soft cashmere. Synthetic additives increase the flexibility, durability and practicality of the suit.

Summer tracksuit

Summer is a great time for active pastime and sports, so summer men's tracksuits are an indispensable wardrobe for moving men. The suit must be suitable in size and style, due to which it will successfully correct the features of the figure without causing constraint and discomfort.


When choosing the style of a tracksuit, a man needs to take into account his occupation, and in what conditions he will play sports.

For example, for the gym, you can choose a lightweight set of shirts and knitted pants, or a tight-fitting model with pull-down pants to protect the ligaments from stretching and injuries. For running, it is better to choose suits of a straight cut that do not constrain movement. The trend today is summer suits of straight and narrowed cut of elastic hygroscopic fabrics.


The main requirement for a tracksuit is practicality, versatility and comfort. Much depends on the fabrics and style of the costume, which also determine the texture. Most often, suits for summer are made of breathable, hygroscopic, hypoallergenic fabrics such as denim, linen, cotton, silk, wool, cashmere and knitwear.

For the summer, stylists advise you to look for bright options, for example, costumes of blue, red, purple, blue and green. But classic monochrome textures also remain in fashion - black and gray for connoisseurs of laconic male style. Designers offer different types of prints without prohibitions, be it brand logos, chaotic pictures, phrases, other images.

What should be a men's tracksuit

Among the huge variety of men's clothing for sports, it is quite difficult to choose a truly high-quality product. That is why when buying a product, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • Buy a tracksuit in a specialty store or company boutique. Only there you are guaranteed to receive a branded item. It is naive to think that you will be able to buy the original in the market or in the underpass.
  • The skin becomes very vulnerable during intense training, so preference should be given to natural textures.
  • The functionality of the suit should correspond to a specific sports direction. For example, loose clothing is suitable for the gym, but not for fitness or roller-skating. For example, a running suit should have a semi-adjacent silhouette.

  • Experts recommend choosing suits that contain spandex. This ergonomic fabric provides complete freedom of movement and does not rub the body.
  • Suit fabric should be flexible, breathable, non-moisture retaining, hypoallergenic.
  • The product must be neatly sewn, the presence of protruding threads, crooked stripes, logos, erroneous spelling of the brand indicates that you have a fake.

Well, and, of course, the tracksuit should be aesthetic, consistent with fashion trends. By purchasing clothes from a well-known brand, you can be sure that the product will last you more than one year faithfully.

NIKE Squad (924740-010) - for those involved in football

The comfortable sportswear of a football player is characterized by elasticity and comfort in wearing. Of course, it is not suitable for playing on the field, but it is ideal for training and warming up. The costume is offered in two colors: black with contrasting white trim and navy blue.

  • A special technology for weaving polyester fabric to quickly remove excess moisture from the surface of the skin,
  • Zippers on narrowed trousers allow you to adjust their width,
  • There is a mount for the headphone wire on the Olympic jacket,
  • Pockets on trousers and a jacket fasten with a zipper so that nothing falls out of them,
  • The presence of a hood,
  • Elongated back of the jacket.

  • Not all sizes are available.


Men's summer tracksuits must be lightweight, breathable and comfortable in style, given the kind of sporting activity of a man. It can be a straight cut suit for everyday wear, skinny models for running, cycling or exercising in the gym, wide styles with excellent breathability. Designers offer plain and restrained color schemes, as well as bright and original models for confident men.

Season suit selection

Manufacturers offer comfortable and functional clothes for any time of the year, so that training in the gym or jogging in cool weather will give you only pleasure.

When choosing a tracksuit for the season, it is very important to consider the texture, features of the cut and other parameters.

DEMIX Desum 0192 - inexpensive insulated suit

A warm suit for playing sports on the street in the cold season pleasantly surprises with its "balance". The jacket here is noticeably warmer - the density of the thermally insulating layer is 150 g / m2. This means that it will not be cold in it at -5 ..- 10 ° С. In trousers, the insulation is thinner and lighter - only 60 g / m2, since freedom of movement is more important here.

  • Light weight suit
  • The presence of a warmed hood,
  • There is an extra pocket on the jacket,
  • Soft-touch slippery lining material
  • The suit does not constrain movements and is suitable for active studies,
  • More than an affordable price within 2-4 thousand rubles.

  • Malomerit, so it is better to take with a margin of size.

The color scheme of tracksuits

As a rule, representatives of the stronger sex prefer sportswear of restrained colors as the most practical option. That is why in the latest designer collections monochrome suits prevail.

  • The black sports kit looks very stylish, in addition, it is non-marking and visually slim the figure.
  • A gray suit for sports is the choice of conservative men for whom the result is more important than the attention to their person.
  • A white suit, on the contrary, is an ideal solution for those who want to stand out from the crowd, without taking into account the fact that this color is impractical and easily soiled.
  • A red suit is preferred by energetic men who persistently go to their goal. Among the fashionable shades can be noted tangerine, turquoise, quartz, pink, emerald.

  • Camouflage tracksuits are definitely the leaders. The advantage of military kits is its ability to hide figure flaws. Models made in this color are suitable not only for training, but also for outdoor activities, hiking, hunting, fishing.

Criterias of choice

When it comes to buying clothes, remember about the type of figure, size, fashion trends. But it’s much more important to understand what the product is for. A training suit and casual wear in a sports style are different concepts.

Technological fabrics are used to tailor the equipment, providing an increase in sports results. Other requirements are imposed on clothes for every day: practicality, convenience, modern design.

Sportswear varies by sport. So, fitness kits have a light fit and a minimum of decor.

When performing strength exercises, it is recommended to wear compression clothing. For jogging in the fresh air, free suits are suitable that protect against wind, sun, rain.

Tracksuits for running

For training on the treadmill, a knitted suit consisting of a T-shirt and breeches is quite suitable. Another thing is jogging in the park. In this case, a free cut product with lockable pockets is selected.

In the off-season, men prefer to train in Bologna suits from a jacket and trousers. The presence of internal pockets with zippers allows you to make a workout without a backpack or other baggage.

All the necessary things can be placed in pockets: keys, a telephone and even a small bottle of water.

In the warm season, lightweight hoodies and cuffed pants will help out. For running in the heat, cotton sets from polo shirts and loose fit shorts are suitable. The completion of the sports image will be running sneakers with good cushioning.

Sports sets "three"

Traditionally, men's suits consist of two elements: trousers and jackets. Focusing on the needs of athletes, sports brands have prepared sets of three, consisting of trousers, vests and sweaters or jackets. “Troika” will help out when training takes place in changing weather conditions.

Costumes in which trousers are complemented by a long-sleeved jacket and a quilted jacket with a hood gained particular popularity. All elements of the kit can be worn separately, which attracts men for whom sport is a lifestyle.

A quilted vest is in perfect harmony with jeans and plaid shirts, a long sleeve jacket with chinos and a velvet jacket, and sweatpants can be worn with sweatshirts and jumpers.

The presence of a hood makes any suit emphasized sports. Even if this element of clothing is not used for its intended purpose, it contributes to the stylistic design. Hooded suits can be light. So, summer sets are complemented by perforated mesh hoods. They protect from the sun and do not interfere with air circulation.

In winter models, the hood really protects against wind and frost. Fur edge increases the protective properties of the product and at the same time is a fashionable element of decor.

Often the hood is made in a different color or from a different fabric. Jackets look spectacular, where the sleeves and the hood are sewn from knitwear, and the front and back are made of moisture-resistant fabric.

Homemade products

Few men prefer to wear bathrobes and pajamas at home. But tracksuits seem comfortable and meet the requirements of home fashion. Manufacturers of sportswear took into account the wishes of men and prepared lightweight cotton-based sets consisting of trousers or shorts just below the knee and sweatshirts or utilitarian design t-shirts.

Before the heating season begins or immediately after its completion, it is cold in city apartments. In this case, fleece or velor suits with a fleecy surface will help out. They are extremely convenient and suitable for both home and street use. Men prefer monophonic sets of a dark palette.

Types of tracksuits

Sportswear is classified by purpose, in connection with which there are several main types:

  • gym clothes
  • outdoor sports clothing,
  • walking suits.

In sports clubs you can practice both in trousers and in shorts. This is a universal option for winter and summer, since the room temperature is the same all year round. A male or female outdoor sports suit differs depending on the time of year.

A summer suit is shorts and a T-shirt made of light materials, and a winter suit is a warm jacket and trousers made of fleece or other warm fabric. There is also clothing for practicing in windy and rainy weather. These suits use a water-repellent fabric that provides dryness and comfort.

Walking suits are not designed for sports, therefore, style and design are more important for them. In female models, the advantages of the figure are emphasized, the disadvantages are hidden, and the fashionable tracksuit even slims.

Elegant models with the logo "Russia"

Similarly, costumes are decorated by many Russian manufacturers. Fashion for such sets appeared after the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Today, products with the Russia logo can be found in Bosco and Forward collections. The kits are designed for the street - a striking performance and a talking inscription attract those men who want to emphasize patriotic moods without compromising their image.

How to choose a tracksuit?

If you choose clothes for sports, you need to build on its features. Pants and T-shirts are most suitable for running, sports games and fitness, but shorts, tops, T-shirts will be relevant for aerobics and training on simulators.

For gymnastics and yoga, it is preferable to use tight-fitting clothing - leggings and leggings. Today you can find both female and male styles for any sport. When choosing a suit for walking, you should focus on the time of year and air temperature.

One of the most important characteristics of a costume is its composition. Natural fabrics that pass air and absorb moisture well, but they have one significant drawback, quick wear and deformation are always in price.

To extend the life of clothing, while maintaining the health of the athlete, natural fabrics are combined with synthetic ones. Hybrid models are very convenient to use, durable and safe for health. They warm up muscle tissue, allow the skin to breathe and do not hinder the athlete's movements.

For outdoor activities, it is important that the material is reliable, resistant to moisture and retains its appearance for as long as possible.Microfiber, nylon has these properties, and for winter training, heaters from sintepon and holofiber are suitable.

In the manufacture of fabrics, polyester is also often used, the main advantage of which is the low price. The presence of spandex and elastane in the composition indicates the quality of the clothes. Permethrin, an insect repellent, can be used in the manufacture of models for trekking.

Women's and men's sports suits should be appropriate for the size and body type. Knowing the features of your figure, you can easily choose a model, but in any case, it is better to buy clothes with a fitting. The size value on the label does not always correspond to reality and largely depends on the style.

The jacket and trousers should be moderately loose - not to fit, but not to hang out. Sleeves should reach the wrist when the arm is bent at the elbow, and the pants should reach the lower leg with the leg bent. Sweatshirts without buttons should be easily removable over the head.

Always check the quality of the seams and threads, stitches and accessories. During the fitting, do some exercises - sit down, do swings with arms and legs. So you can make sure that the suit will be convenient for training and walking, that it will be comfortable under any loads. Leisure activities and exercise in the gym require convenience.

Not the last item when choosing a suit is safety. It is better to avoid metal inserts, various laces and ties around the neck and other traumatic elements. Make sure that there are no sharp parts or tight elastic bands anywhere. Clothing designed for outdoor activities should be equipped with reflective elements. Choose suits that are easy to care for.

Design and coloring of tracksuits

Even if you plan to work out only in the gym, the design and color of clothes should not be ignored. This is of particular importance for women who want to purchase not only comfortable, but also beautiful clothes.

The choice depends on the tastes of the athlete, but when it comes to practicality, then in the spring and autumn it is better to choose darker tones. For outdoor activities, many people in the summer prefer dark colors that do not require daily washing, as well as fabrics that do not crease. A stylish and comfortable set of clothes motivates you to go in for sports and walks, while not causing unnecessary problems.

Recommendations for choosing sportswear

It is difficult to purchase a high-quality tracksuit, taking into account their enormous number in the market, but it is possible if you pay attention not only to the appearance of the product, but also to other indicators:

  1. The suit should be made of natural or high-tech materials, since during training the skin is especially sensitive.
  2. A high-quality product cannot contain protruding threads and curved seams. All processing should be extremely accurate.
  3. A small proportion of the content in the fabric should belong to spandex. It gives the material greater elasticity, so that the clothes do not rub.
  4. The tracksuit should “breathe” and let sweat out.
  5. Buying sportswear is better at special stores. The assortment in such places is distinguished by brand recognition and quality.
  6. No less important is the manufacturer. The most famous brands that have vast sales experience value their reputation, so their things are always distinguished by excellent quality of both material and processing. Such clothes will look like brand new, more than one year.

Insulated for the offseason

For spring and autumn suits from raincoat fabric will protect you from wind and rain. In dry weather, fleece and velor products will help out. You can go for a morning run in an insulated suit with lining fabric. Thick knitwear products are recommended for outdoor activities and training on the apparatus.

Rating of the best tracksuits

Given the basic characteristics of a quality product, this rating was created, which included sports suits of the best brands. These are the most famous brands that are in great demand and popularity.

Sportswear from Montana is a quality product that has a special style. Consumers note the practicality of things - they serve for more than one year, maintaining their original appearance. Montana sportswear is made from special fabric, which is very pleasant to the body both during normal walks and during sports. Contributes to this function, "climate control". It is it that allows you to freely pass air for proper breathing of the skin, as well as to release moisture outside. The unique fabric, combined with the right fit, allows the manufacturer to create durable and high-quality sportswear.

All decorative elements and auxiliary parts are made only of high quality fabrics. A diverse color palette starts from calm shades and ends with bright saturated tones for the most daring and daring. You can also buy a suit for evening runs with special reflective inserts. Most suits contain many pockets, which is very convenient and beautiful. Clothing from Montana is distinguished by a combination of style, comfort and low price, which cannot but please buyers.

Used fabrics

Manufacturers of sportswear pay special attention to the composition of fabrics. On the one hand, they strive to improve the operational characteristics of products. On the other hand, they are trying to make sportswear as comfortable, body-friendly, hypoallergenic as possible. Only natural fibers are able to endow the fabric with these properties. To increase wear resistance, safe synthetics are introduced into the fabric.


Natural velor is characterized by density, softness, hairiness. The fabric breathes well and is used not only for sewing sportswear, but also for children's things. The velor set for men is traditionally designed in calm colors.

Fleecy fabric looks better if it is muted. The elements of the decor are contrasting inscriptions, a hem on the cuffs and along the fastener, bright laces, drawstrings, etc.


A fan of sports style in clothing always has a knitted suit in his wardrobe. This is a universal thing that can be worn both for training and for a walk. Knitted suits are presented in various combinations:

  • elastic shorts + t-shirt,
  • trousers with cuffs + hoodies or longsleeves,
  • straight fit pants + bomber jacket or sweatshirt.

Knitted suits with a compression effect are characterized by increased density. They are designed to relieve stress on the vessels during exercise.

Designers made sure that specialized training sets looked attractive and stylish.

From raincoat fabric

The group of raincoat fabrics includes various materials that do not allow moisture to pass, have a smooth surface and protect against wind. Sportswear for off-season and winter is sewn from raincoat fabric. Bologna sets, which are characterized by lightness, increased comfort, ease of care, have gained particular popularity.

In itself, the cloak fabric is not too pleasant to the body, therefore, when sewing, lining materials and heaters are used. Down jackets and raincoat jackets are often supplemented with a stitch, which increases the protective functions of the fabric and prevents the displacement of the filler.


Fleece suits are suitable for street and home. They warm well, but do not cause a greenhouse effect. These are products with low weight and good transmittance. Fleece is moderately elastic, easy to wash and dry, has moderate thermal insulation properties.

Fleece suits delight with a rich palette of colors, modern design, durability. From fleece sew pants, jackets, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts and other elements of sportswear for the cold season.

Cotton suits without the addition of synthetic fibers are extremely pleasant to the body, but quickly stretch and lose attractiveness. The presence of elastane and polyesters in the fabric changes the properties of the fabric and increases its strength.

Fashionable colors of tracksuits

The palette of men's suits is diverse, but the stronger sex gravitate to practical colors. Costumes with unusual prints are becoming more and more popular every year. Even truly sportswear is being transformed through vibrant ornaments and bold designs.


The military theme has affected all layers of fashion. Camouflage patterns appear in a casual, sporty and even romantic style. Costumes with camouflage patterns are especially popular with men. They are not visible pollution, while they look fashionable and modern.

Brands like Nike and Adidas pamper fans with camouflage patterns. Men should pay attention to suits where camouflage is used as a trim. Such products look less provocative, but original and stylish.


If a white tracksuit appeared in a man’s wardrobe, it means that we have a mod with a capital letter. In this kit, you can safely go to a party. It is difficult to go unnoticed in a completely white kit, so before buying a kit you should meticulously evaluate the figure in the mirror.

The image for every day is diversified by costumes, where a white top is combined with a colored bottom. Even more often, white is used for decoration.


Confident tracksuits in red are chosen by confident men. Bosco offers men and women red and white sets with the inscription Russia and folklore patterns.

Sets of a shade of Bordeaux, Marsala, Carmine look more calmly. Red color will refresh the image, but only if it is selected correctly. A one-color kit may seem defiant, so men are encouraged to wear such suits where the top and bottom differ in color.

The black

Plain black "deuces" do not lose relevance. Men like black, because it suits almost everyone and combines with any accessories and shoes. Adidas fans are happy to put on black suits with a white shamrock and stripes on their trousers.

Monochrome variations are offered by the brands Armani and Nike. In the collections of leading manufacturers of sportswear there is always at least one black suit in a minimalist design.


Products in gray are in harmony with bright things and muted clothes. Young men prefer to wear plain gray suits with shoes in acid tones: salad, turquoise, lemon.

A plain gray suit in combination with white sneakers will become a proven solution for everyday wardrobe. Often, sports kits are complemented by catchy inscriptions and logos. On a light background, black inscriptions look better, on a dark gray - white.

Sportswear from Nike

The current collection of the American brand is replete with hoodie sets with a kangaroo pocket and cuffed trousers. Two-tone sets consisting of a bomber jacket and straight trousers are also suitable for the street. Designers of the Nike brand often decorate suits with colored inserts and / or a bright company logo.

Adidas suits

What attracts consumers to the Adidas brand is the variety of sportswear for all occasions. In the collection of the German brand there are suits for rare sports, club sets and practical products for every day.

Over the long history, Adidas has managed to become a global monopolist. The concern not only creates sportswear that meets fashionable requirements, but also defines the key trends in sportswear.

Fashion products from Reebok

Until recently, Reebok was an independent player in the market, today it is a subsidiary of Adidas, which has retained its identity. Reebok tracksuits have a recognizable design. The basic collection consists of solid sets of dark palette.

Youth costumes are presented in two-tone products with bright inscriptions and logos. The key colors of the fashion brand are red, gray, black. In the latest collections, costumes in blue and blue, swamp and anthracite sets often appear.

Puma Sports Collection

The German sports brand offers men high-quality equipment for training in the hall and on the street, as well as casual suits in a bright performance. Designers at Puma avoid shabby decor and elaborate prints. This is a classic sportswear that does not go out of fashion.

Russian costumes from Bosco

This is not the first year that the young Russian brand of sportswear has been supplying national teams with equipment. With the advent of fashionable tracksuits, decorated with folklore patterns, Bosco began to be recognized around the world.

Today, men can try on classic monophonic sets with the inscription Russia, as well as items in the colors of the Russian tricolor and red and white suits with the Firebird pattern.

Armani Designer Products

The Armani men's collection is replete with sets in rich tones of blue, green, turquoise. Armani brand produces sportswear for every day as part of the Ea7 line. These are stylish things of youth design, which are distinguished by the convenience of fit, the specifics of the cut, the presence of expressive decor.

Men's suits Forward

Forward is ready to push its compatriot Bosco into the sportswear market. Forward Russia men's suits are distinguished by multicolor, simplicity of cut, and increased comfort. The base collection includes contrast bombing bombers and straight trousers. The range includes cuffed pants and cotton sweatshirts.

Clothes for sports from Asics

Fans of quality sportswear have long known the Japanese brand Asics. The company produces equipment that meets the requirements of professional sports. For ordinary consumers, Asics suits may seem expensive, but the quality of sportswear is beyond doubt.

The men's line includes white and blue sets consisting of a jacket and straight trousers. Cotton suits in gray, dark blue, and red colors can be included in everyday wardrobe. Brand designers rarely use bright elements to attract attention. First of all, Asics suits are clothes for sports and only then - for the street.

Models by Gucci

If anyone uses unusual fabrics for sportswear, this is the Gucci brand. The collection includes velvet and velor clothes, denim tracksuits and eye-catching models of glossy fabrics.

A distinctive feature of Gucci suits is the contrasting stripes on the sleeves, cuffs and belt. Red color appears in the decoration of almost all men's suits.

Tracksuits Fila

The company offers sportswear at an affordable price. These are combinations of bombers and trousers, hoodies and knitted pants, shorts and polo shirts. Designers of the Fila brand use traditional sports patterns and ornaments: stripes, triangular inserts, patchwork sewing techniques.

Models for men from Kappa

The company offers colorful sets for summer, off-season and winter. Warm jackets with fur trim are adjacent to traditional bomber jackets and sweatshirts. The assortment includes plain products with a bright logo and contrasting inscriptions. Kappa suits are notable for their affordable price and endless variety of colors.

Italian brand Paul Shark

The Italian company Paul Shark produces sportswear in practical colors. Brand products are distinguished by bright horizontal stripes on trousers and a jacket.

Navy denim sets are especially popular with men. The assortment also includes white suits with a laconic finish in the form of stripes and stripes with the image of a shark.

10 Montana

The Montana brand has been pleasing us for decades with the production of high-quality tracksuits for men and women. The company is among the leaders of the most popular companies. Montana clothing is preferred because of its convenience and durability. Despite their practicality, costumes meet modern fashion requirements. One of the remarkable advantages of the company is the tailoring fabric. It has climate control technology, which allows the skin to breathe and feel comfortable. The ideal cut does not allow to lose the appearance of products after repeated washing.

Accessories are made of durable materials. The color scheme of tracksuits is very diverse. From seasoned tones to “flashy” shades. Some models are equipped with reflective elements. Many buyers are pleased with the presence of many pockets, both hidden and visible. They also note the excellent style and reasonable price of tracksuits. Montana is always practicality combined with fashion trends.

9 fila

The Italian company Fila has long been popular among sportswear buyers. Brand images are strength, energy and vanguard. Any model of a Fila tracksuit embodies convenience and practicality, durability and, at the same time, beauty. Products are made from breathable fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. The comfort of sportswear is achieved through the principle of “second skin”. Tennis players are especially fond of the brand. Work in this direction of sport is the main aspiration of the company.

Today, the company develops production, collaborating with such well-known brands as Ferrari and Ducati Superbike. Using modern technology, she makes the best quality tracksuits. Fila manufactures kits for motorsport, skiing and other destinations. If you want to get practical, comfortable, durable and stylish clothes, feel free to choose a suit made by Fila. The brand will emphasize your originality and good taste.

8 Armani

Armani brand is widely known throughout the world. Registered in 1975, the company expanded rapidly, becoming more and more popular due to the quality and elegance of its products. Concise and stylish, they were highly appreciated.

The famous brand Armani belongs to the world of haute couture. The company works in many areas, one of which is the production of sportswear. The assortment of the company is represented by ski collections, golf clothes and sets for other types of outdoor activities. Armani tracksuits are lightweight and elastic. They have an ergonomic design, so moving in them is a pleasure. The materials used in the production are natural. Due to this, the clothing has good thermal insulation and hygroscopicity.

The brand pays great attention to small details: fasteners, pockets, linings. The lines of tracksuits for women are particularly graceful and comfortable. The color scheme is varied. Among Armani models you can find almost plain or bright sets with inserts. Youth collections are marked with shiny fabric. Customers love the company for its perfect quality and unrivaled style. In Armani suits you can look not only sporty, but also fashionable. Brand products emphasize your status and excellent taste.

7 Reebok

Reebok tracksuits are highly practical. This is a great option for active people who need convenience. Among the many advantages we can distinguish: a wide range of models corresponding to a particular sport, high wear resistance, comfort. Designers are trying to create models that meet the requirements of fashion trends, and combine them with practicality. The stylish cut and functionality of the products ensures Reebok's popularity among young people.

The materials used in the production are elastic and breathable. Classic models of tracksuits are presented in a stylish design. At the same time, they are convenient and practical. Clothing for Crossfit is made from technological materials. Reliable and practical, it has all the necessary characteristics for playing sports. Buyers are pleased not only with the excellent quality of the brand’s products, but also with an affordable price. Choosing a tracksuit from Reebok, you will feel as comfortable as possible, free and, at the same time, spectacular.

6 puma

Puma is known as one of the best sports equipment manufacturers in the world. Making clothes, tailors and fashion designers set themselves one task: to obtain a high-class product that will combine the best characteristics of sportswear and modern style. At the same time, each model should contain a certain feature. Puma tracksuits have no analogues. They are sewn according to the "secret" technology. Another feature - men's and women's sets differ in external properties, and not just the peculiarity of the cut.

The assortment of Puma tracksuits is diverse. Here you can find clothes for tennis, sailing, motorsport, which greatly attracts buyers. The highlight of the brand are two collections with the Ferrari and BMW logos. Ferrari models are available in two versions, summer and winter, and feature a bright design. For motorsport, BMW models are designed. They have a sophisticated style and bright colors. Materials for making collections are very high quality. Positive reviews and demand for Puma products indicate that the company produces high-tech and stylish clothes.

5 nike

The Nike brand is already around 50 years old. During this time, the company has evolved from a small company into a huge corporation, known throughout the world. The main feature of Nike models is multifunctionality. There are other advantages. The fabrics used in the production are of high quality. They contribute to good thermoregulation and sweating. Summer tracksuits are made from natural materials with the addition of polyester. They are elastic and sit perfectly on the figure, creating convenience to movements. Warm suits are made from polyester fibers. They are warm and comfortable.

The range of models allows you to choose products in the classic version, as well as new ones corresponding to the latest fashion. The line of kits for men and women are distinguished by design and color. However, both of them have high functionality. It is important for buyers that Nike tracksuits do not lose their appearance and properties after repeated washings. They are easy to care for. Are you planning to play sports in the gym or in the fresh air? The brand will always find the best solution for you.

4 adidas

Adidas is one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the world. The company has been around for decades. During this time, she managed to establish herself only on the positive side. Under her label, quality sportswear is produced. Track suits are especially popular. They differ in originality of tailoring. For the manufacture of summer models, light fabric (cotton, elastane, knitwear, polyester) using various technologies is used. For example, Climalite helps remove excess moisture.

Warm suits are sewn on the basis of velor or fleece. The fabric perfectly retains heat and is pleasant to the touch. Climaheat technology used in production has excellent heat dissipation. Knitted sets are ideal for walking. Adidas has earned good customer reviews. They are satisfied with a diverse assortment, always relevant designs. The practicality and comfort of the costumes are also noted. When choosing Adidas sportswear, you choose unrivaled comfort during workouts or everyday wear.

3 bogner

Bogner produces luxury sportswear. The emphasis in production is on the lightness and ergonomics of clothing. All models are made of high quality materials. They include a membrane and hygroscopic tissues. Due to them, maximum comfort is achieved during sports in any weather conditions. Bogner tracksuits are versatile. They are not only multifunctional, but also have their own style.

Distinctive features of the men's collection are comfort, conciseness combined with elegance and masculinity. The women's line of tracksuits emphasizes the subtle style and high functionality of the products. Collections for women are bright, developed based on the idea of ​​combining urban and sports styles. Bogner carefully thinks through every detail. The fittings used are sturdy. The seams are even. The brand’s tracksuits are the epitome of exquisite style and high quality.

Why were the tracksuits created?

The answer to this question is history. Part of the reason why tracksuits appeared was boredom. Wealthy people, princes and counts were bored to spend their days between social events. Therefore, active forms of recreation began to appear. Football, tennis, croquet and others. But comfortable clothes were not therefore all these active types of recreation and revealed the need for comfortable clothes and men's tracksuits appeared.

Now they look different, and many branches have appeared in the types and directions of this clothing. Tracksuits are now worn on an ongoing basis and do not consider it shameful, although this kind of shock could have shocked the public before. There was even a separate direction in fashion called sport-style.

2 asics

The Japanese company Asics is popular among many professional athletes. Brand tracksuits are lightweight, comfortable and durable. The best materials are used in the production. Stretchy and breathable. A special manufacturing technology allows suits to support, and sometimes even enhance, the work of muscles in the process of playing sports. This is not only comfortable equipment, it is a whole "simulator" that conserves internal physical energy. Due to this feature, training in Asics clothing can be much longer than in other similar equipment.

So, Asics tracksuits reduce stress, which means you get less tired and also increase muscle function. Numerous reviews of ordinary buyers and professional athletes confirm this fact. It has been proven that practicing Asics suits does not lead to cramps. The principles that the brand adheres to are comfort under all loads, ideal manufacturing materials, high-tech production, bold color solutions. The Japanese company is personally engaged in the development of technologies and their testing. Constant innovations allow the brand to create know-how.

What are the tracksuits?

There are two main types.

  1. Costumes made specifically for certain sports.
  2. Costumes for special occasions and parades.

Just from the second type, casual tracksuits were born.

How to choose a sports suit for men?

There are a number of requirements for choosing a costume; we will consider general requirements that are not related to highly specialized suits. For convenience, we will break the requirements into separate items.

  1. The composition of the fabric should be such that it removes heat and moisture as efficiently as possible without causing hypothermia and overheating. The optimal composition of the fabric will be cotton and elastane.
  2. If you have a whole set, trousers and a jacket should not limit freedom of movement.
  3. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the seams in the product. Rough and not accurate seams will cause discomfort and rub when worn.
  4. Compliance with the size of a person. It is better not to take a suit for growth, since it will not be inconvenient to play sports.

Men's sports suits from the Rusich Sport company meet all these requirements. This domestic brand has already established itself in the market, which is confirmed by reviews in the official social group. VKontakte network. Original design and excellent quality are what distinguishes them from a dozen other manufacturers. Therefore, if you do not know where to buy a new suit, pay attention to this manufacturer.

Summing up, we can say that the tracksuit should be comfortable, it should dissipate heat well without causing hypothermia and not restrict movement. If your chosen suit meets all these requirements, then you can safely take it.

Tracksuits from Nike

The Nike brand offers consumers high-quality, functional and aesthetic sports equipment. The foundation of each collection is based on innovative technologies, modern textures, unique design.

Sports suits are characterized by an anatomical cut, thanks to which the product follows the shape of the body and provides complete freedom of movement, special breathable fabrics that do not allow moisture to pass through.

Winter models are equipped with insulation; summer models are made of natural fabrics with a small addition of synthetic fibers.

Among the variety of men's collections, Original and Barcelona are the most popular.

The color scheme of Nike men's suits is laconic and austere. The predominant colors are black, gray. The dark background is diluted with contrasting inserts, a colorful lining, stripes in the form of a brand name, logo (the wing of the goddess Nika), the slogan “Just do it”.

There are also bright colors: dark blue, turquoise, blue and yellow.

1 forward

Initially, Forward was engaged in tailoring sportswear for leading athletes. At the moment, products are available for sale and available to a wide range of customers. Huge demands are placed on Forward sportswear, as the brand is the official supplier of the Russian Paralympic team. All models are sewn from high quality materials using the latest technologies. The company's products are very reliable and durable. Among similar manufacturers, Forward is distinguished by a special coloring of kits. It is made in the colors of the Russian flag.

A variety of styles of tracksuits allows you to choose a kit for every taste. Buyers note the high quality of the products, the perfect seam processing, the reliability of the fittings. Reviews indicate that Forward clothing does not lose its original appearance for a long time, does not deform after washing. The suits have an ergonomic design, do not constrain movement. Both winter and summer versions of suits are pleasant to the body. Men and women in Forward clothing always look solid.

Products from Adidas

Adidas is one of the most popular brands specializing in sports equipment. The tracksuits of the brand are easy to recognize with three stripes and an emblem (shamrock).

The products are characterized by a stylish author's design, high quality raw materials, a wide range of models that differ in purpose and seasonality, durability, modern technologies that provide maximum comfort.

For the autumn-winter season, the brand offers insulated suits made of velor, fleece with an internal insulation made of artificial fibers, which reliably protect the body from cold and wind. Most suits are equipped with a hood.

Summer models are made of light natural textures such as cotton. To increase elasticity and strength, synthetic fibers are added to the composition.

The color scheme of tracksuits is diverse, among which every man will find the best option for himself. The most common colors:

  • the black,
  • Gray,
  • white,
  • red,
  • Navy blue,
  • green.

The models using the colors of the Russian tricolor are very popular.

Reebok brand suits

The Reebok brand offers superior quality sports equipment at an affordable price.Sports products of the brand are characterized by increased comfort, practicality, and functionality.

For tailoring sports equipment, manufacturers use modern technology and practical breathable and elastic fabrics.

All suits have an aesthetic thoughtful design and stylish cut. Collections are divided into directions:

  • Reebok Performance (for professional sports).
  • Reebok Lifestyle (for everyday use).
  • Rbk youth line of trendy clothing.

The color scheme of men's tracksuits is designed for a wide range of consumers. Adherents of the classics are offered models of restrained achromatic colors - black, gray, white.

Blue, blue, red, yellow, green suits are of interest to young people. A variety of stripes, logos in the form of a triangular delta (brand symbol), contrasting inserts add style and sporty chic.

Models for men from Puma

Puma offers the best design solutions, it is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most popular manufacturers of sportswear.

Manufacturers set themselves the task of obtaining top-class equipment: it must meet all the requirements for sportswear and comply with the modern style.

The range of tracksuits is diverse, the collections have characteristic features depending on seasonality and sports trends. Here you can find equipment for motorsport, tennis, running, sailing, which undoubtedly increases the interest of buyers.

Of all the collections, the collections deserve special attention:

  • BMW - designed for motorsport, they are distinguished by their sophisticated design and vibrant colors.
  • Ferrari - offered in two versions (winter, summer) and have a trendy designer design.

The puma logo that makes the jump is present on all models, which makes the equipment recognizable and popular.

"Olympic" models from Bosco

The sports brand Bosco Sport is the official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team. She offers stylish and high-quality clothes for sports, emphasized on nationality and patriotic spirit.

Distinctive features of the costumes are high quality, functionality, a memorable design with bright elements: national drawings (Firebird, Russian flag, coat of arms), patterns and Olympic symbols.

Particularly noteworthy are the Bosco red and white suits with the Russia logo on their chests, which have become the hallmark of our athletes.

Among the heyday of sports suits prevail blue, white, red - the colors of the Russian tricolor. Spectacular sets set up athletes to win, and fans are encouraged to feel proud of their favorite team.

Suits of the Armani trademark (Ea7)

The Armani brand, widely known throughout the world, has long become a symbol of impeccable style, classic elegance and perfect quality. Laconic and stylish tracksuits, made in the best traditions of haute couture, are characterized by ergonomic design and maximum comfort.

The range of the brand includes models designed for skiing, golf, tennis and other sports destinations.

The color scheme is mostly classic. Models emphasizing the status and excellent taste are made in one color, some have bright inserts.

The youth collection of sportswear is made of fashionable shiny fabric. Armani branded products can be called an example of classic style and unsurpassed quality.

Of all the Armani lines, Emporio Armani 7 (Ea7) deserves special attention, combining daring Italian style and laid-back elegance.

Sportswear Ea7 is designed for various sports, outdoor activities and daily wear. The concept of product modeling is a minimalist design style, the use of modern technologies, ergonomics, and the quality of fabrics (wear resistance, water resistance, etc.).

Sports goods from Forward

The Forward company, originally producing equipment exclusively for athletes, today offers clothing for a wide range of consumers. It can be found on free sale.

Since the brand is an official supplier of sporting goods for the Russian Paralympic team, increased demands are placed on the quality of products:

  • wear resistance
  • ergonomic design
  • reliability of accessories,
  • comfortable anatomical cut,
  • perfect seam processing
  • modern textures providing maximum comfort.

Thanks to this, the brand’s tracksuits for a long time do not lose their presentation, do not deform during socks and after numerous washings.

Forward clothing is made in the style of the Russian tricolor and is decorated with applicative stripes with elements of national symbols (coat of arms, flag).

Men's suits Asics

The Asics trademark (Japan) is popular with professional athletes. Their undoubted advantages are ergonomics, low weight, durability, wear resistance, comfort.

For sewing, modern textures and technologies are used, thanks to which clothing supports and stimulates the work of muscles during training. We can say that the tracksuit in this case plays the role of a kind of simulator that preserves internal energy and enhances physical strength.

You can train in such a suit longer, the athlete gets tired less in them. Moreover, experts argue that in the equipment Asics during training excludes cramps.

Manufacturers try to keep the brand and adhere to the following principles: convenience, regardless of loads, high technology products, bold design decisions.

Models of the Italian brand Paul Shark

The Italian brand Paul Shark has gained immense popularity among the stronger sex due to its exclusive style, peremptory quality, and the use of innovative technological textures.

The sportswear of the brand is characterized by excellent wear resistance and is suitable for use even in extreme weather conditions. Manufacturers are constantly improving equipment, increasing its strength and safety.

The marine style used by the brand suggests a slightly relaxed weekend wardrobe, which is why it is popular not only among professional athletes, yachtsmen, golfers, but also men who dress in casual style.

Paul Shark tracksuits are made in marine colors (blue, white), often diluted with bright accents - blue, red. Plain products prevail, there are models with camouflage and checkered prints.

Gucci Design Collection

Gucci men's tracksuits are an eclectic world of freedom of choice and romance. Each product is unique, one of a kind. Gucci tracksuit is a unique style, presentability, high quality and modern technology.

The range of sportswear is quite wide, white, black colors, as well as exquisite blue prevail. Charisma and chic are given to the products by contrasting stripes, original prints, a logo in the form of two intertwined initials G.

Sport models from Fila

Tracksuits of the Korean company Fila are high durability, innovative technologies and design developments taking into account fashion trends.

In the assortment of suits for various sports: skiing, motorsport, tennis, snowboarding, football, baseball, etc. The equipment of the brand is characterized by durability, increased wear resistance, recognizable style, practicality and functionality.

The brand’s products are made of high-quality breathable fabrics, thanks to which clothes fit the body like a second skin.

In the brand’s collections there is no place for dullness and monotony, because manufacturers are sure: it is very important for an athlete that sportswear energizes and encourages you to move forward to new records. That is why the assortment is dominated by costumes made in bright colors.

The official label of the brand is the emblem in the form of the letter "F".

Men's tracksuits from Kappa

The sports equipment of the Italian brand Kappa is popular with energetic men who are constantly on the move. At the same time, the company offers clothes not only for sports, but also for creating spectacular images in casual style. Sports suits are characterized by a laconic stylish design, high quality and maximum comfort.

The color scheme is mostly classic. On a white, black or gray background, prints, stripes, contrasting stripes, logos look spectacular. Label of the brand - silhouettes of a young man and a girl sitting with their backs to each other.

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