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Propolis for prostatitis: home treatment

Propolis has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment and prevention of male diseases, as it is one of the most hay and healthy natural products. Propolis-based medications are good for chronic prostatitis. This article will talk about candles from propolis, their effectiveness in the treatment of prostatitis, as well as methods for self-made candles.

Product Benefits

Propolis contains substances necessary for maintaining men's health:

  • Vitamins (E, B1, B9, B6, P, C, E),
  • Minerals (chromium, sodium, iron, silicon, zinc, copper and others). Manganese and zinc are essential minerals to support prostate health and reproductive function.
  • Plant flavonoids - have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, help to defeat the fragility of small capillary vessels responsible for blood circulation. Scientists have proven that eating foods containing flavonoids reduces the risk of developing cancer of the prostate.
  • More than twenty useful and necessary acids for the body, including ferulic, benzoic and coffee. These components are endowed with astringent and antibacterial properties that slow down the growth of harmful bacteria and promote wound healing.
  • Propolis consists of 40% of balms and resins that favorably affect immunity. And also 10% of essential oils with antimicrobial action.

How to make it yourself

First of all, in order to make home-made candles, you need to purchase propolis. It is sold in the form of balls, records, pencils. The aroma of a quality product should be pleasant, sharp and rich. It is better to buy propolis in a tightly closed container. The color of a good bee glue changes, from light yellow to saturated brown. A darker color indicates long-term storage.

The easiest, affordable and effective recipe for prostatitis

We make microclysters with propolis.

For a decoction, a glass of water will require 2 tablespoons of chopped aspen, hazel and oak. After boiling (1 min), insist half an hour, add 1 tbsp. propolis tinctures for alcohol. You can use water infusion of propolis - 3 tbsp. spoons.

Oh, men ... Who are you turning into? Previously, they did not hear about such a sore, the desire and strength of children to do until old age remained!

Recipe 1

For the simplest and most common way of making candles from propolis, you will need: propolis 50g and the same amount of wax, pork or mutton fat - 200 g.


In a water bath, melt the fat, add chopped propolis to it and mix thoroughly, gradually adding wax.

The hot mixture is filtered to separate undissolved wax particles and allowed to cool. Then they begin to form suppositories (candles) weighing no more than 10 g (the same weight is two coins of 10 rubles each). The diameter of the finished candle is approximately with a ballpoint pen, and the length with a matchbox.

To obtain an additional therapeutic effect, alcohol, glycerin, pumpkin seed oil are added to this recipe.

Enema with propolis for prostatitis

If there is no predisposition to thrombophlebitis, make oil enemas from rose hips with the addition of propolis tinctures (10 %). A good effect is obtained by sea buckthorn, pumpkin oil, as well as oil made from black poplar buds (sedge).

Prescription for the treatment of prostatitispropolis tincture in oil includes finely ground propolis (30 g), butter (200 g pack) and 2 teaspoons of cooled boiled water.Melt the butter in a steam bath, add and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Stir, bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Filter through several layers of gauze in a glass container with dark walls. Squeeze and mix what has settled on the “filter” with the filtered mass. Keep refrigerated.

Microclysters based on a decoction of herbs and tincturespropolis alcohol for prostatitis also give a good effect. For a decoction or infusion, use:

  • herbs: yarrow, field horsetail, pepper highlander,
  • leaves: coltsfoot, bearberry, common hazel, lingonberry,
  • flowers: wormwood (tops), chamomile,
  • rhizome and roots: valerian officinalis, hemorrhage pharmacy, bluehead flat-leaved.

For treatment, bark of aspen, hazel, and oak are also used. To prepare the broth, the solid raw materials are crushed as finely as possible (grind to a powder on a coffee grinder)

For a decoction, a glass of water will require 2 tbsp of chopped raw materials. After boiling (1 min), insist half an hour, add 1 tbsp. propolis tinctures for alcohol. You can use water infusion of propolis - 3 tbsp. spoons.

For infusion, chopped herbs an tablespoon of raw materials are poured with boiling water and insisted for half an hour without boiling. Filter, add propolis tincture.

It is necessary to collect herbs - personally bowing to each flower. Get up at dawn, take a walk through the woods, breathe air ... So health will return!

Recipe 2

  1. 40 g propolis
  2. 200 g of animal fat
  3. 200 ml of pure alcohol


Grind propolis and add alcohol to it. The resulting solution is infused for ten days. Shake the mixture every 2 days. Then we heat it over low heat until the alcohol evaporates. It should be brown. Add fat to the resulting mass. When burning fat, stir constantly. After obtaining a homogeneous mass, remove from heat and cool to a viscous state. Having formed suppositories, we wrap them in foil or parchment paper.

Life hack

To form candles, you can use medical syringes:

  1. Cut off the bottom of the syringe,
  2. After the previously prepared product according to one of the above recipes has cooled, we collect it in syringes and put it in the refrigerator.

After solidification, squeeze the resulting cylinders. With warm hands we give one side a pointed shape.

⚠️ Keep propolis-based candles in the refrigerator.

Candles from a pharmacy

Prostopin. In addition to bee glue and honey, wax, royal jelly, it contains natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and lanolin. They have a strengthening and tonic effect on damaged tissues, increase the resistance of affected organs to the penetration of pathogens.

Propolis Nam. These candles are made only of propolis and lanolin in the complete absence of water. When used for 10 days, it almost completely relieves acute inflammation, heals internal lesions, and protects the liver. Prophylactic administration is recommended for a month.

Hemo-Pro. It is made from propolis and sea buckthorn oil, which significantly expands the spectrum of influence of the prostate gland. It includes: therapeutic mud, cocoa butter, St. John's wort, comfrey. During use, improvement comes faster, lasts longer. This especially affects the level of pain, healing speed, general strengthening of tissues, the destruction of pathogenic microflora, increasing the body's resistance.


It is better to carry out manipulations before going to bed. Before the introduction of a candle, it is recommended to cleanse the intestines and take a warm relaxing bath. This will increase the absorption rate.

To introduce a suppository is proposed in the following sequence:

  1. put a glove on your hand
  2. lie on your side and relax
  3. enter quickly and not deeply with one finger (the sphincter should pass),
  4. do not remove your finger until the sphincter muscles contract.

Product benefits

The product contains a number of substances necessary for maintaining men's health:

  • Vitamins (B1, B6, B9, A, P, C, E), minerals (copper, chromium, iron, sodium, silicon, zinc, manganese and others). The product is especially rich in manganese and zinc, which are necessary to maintain the reproductive function and health of the prostate gland.
  • Plant Flavonoidspossessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They help to cope with the fragility of small capillary vessels, stimulate blood circulation. Scientists have also shown that regular consumption of foods high in flavonoids reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.

More than 20 acids necessary for the body, including ferulic, coffee and benzoic. These components have antibacterial and astringent properties, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and promote wound healing.

Treatment of prostatitis with propolis
There are many recipes for preparing propolis-based natural medicines. Tinctures, decoctions, ointments, grindings are made from it, but the use of suppositories is especially beneficial for health.

Many years of experience with this medication prove that it helps relieve the inflammatory process in the prostate gland, reduce pain during urination, helps restore the cells of male organs, stimulates blood circulation, reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer, and also strengthens the immune system.

Candles are easy to manufacture, affordable, have a good therapeutic effect, have a minimum of contraindications. They are universal and suitable for people of any age.

On alcohol

For cooking, we need:

  • 30-40 grams of propolis,
  • 200 ml of alcohol (not vodka, namely alcohol),
  • 200 grams of butter.
  1. We take bee raw materials, grind it until gruel is formed, pour it with alcohol and mix thoroughly.
  2. We close the cooked mass and remove for 7-10 days in a cool darkened place, periodically mixing the ingredients.
  3. Then it needs to be boiled over low heat until the alcohol has completely evaporated.
  4. We heat the butter over low heat, cool slightly and mix with propolis.
  5. We make candles out of the warm mixture and put them in the refrigerator for storage.

The healing effect of propolis with prostatitis

Bee glue suppositories significantly improve health:

  • relieve pain and inflammation,
  • provide cells with vitamins and minerals,
  • activate local blood circulation,
  • remove toxic substances
  • destroy pathogens
  • stimulate the immune system
  • accelerate tissue repair.

The preparations contain only natural ingredients, which eliminates the negative impact on the body. Active substances quickly penetrate into the cells of affected organs, having a direct effect, and into the blood, spreading throughout the body.

Thanks to the direct introduction to the pathological focus, suppositories allow you to get a quick and effective result. The improvement is noticeable already on the third or fourth day.

Those who wish can make candles from propolis from prostatitis with their own hands. If there is no free time, then you can always just go to the nearest pharmacy kiosk.

Cacao butter

We prepare the components:

  • 20-25 grams of cocoa bean butter,
  • 10-12 grams of anhydrous lanolin,
  • 10 grams of frozen propolis.
  1. We take an enameled saucepan, put cocoa butter and lanolin in it, set it to cook in a water bath.
  2. When the mixture becomes liquid, add crushed propolis to it and mix until a homogeneous consistency.
  3. Turn off the stove and leave the saucepan.
  4. The cooked mass should be enough for 10-15 candles.

Instructions for the manufacture of suppositories

How to make candles from propolis for prostatitis? There are several ways you can easily make candles at home.

Regardless of the composition of the ingredients presented below, they are first mixed and dissolved in a water bath. Then the mixture is chilled and torpedo-shaped candles are formed from it to facilitate the introduction. You can use a special form or disposable syringes by removing needles and cutting off the tip.

The first way.

  • lanolin or fat - 300 g,
  • wax - 75 gr
  • propolis - 75 gr.

The second way.

  • cocoa butter - 150 gr,
  • lanolin - 75 g,
  • propolis - 75 gr.

The third way.

  • butter - 200 gr,
  • cocoa butter - 120 g,
  • perga or royal jelly - 7-8 gr,
  • honey - 30 gr
  • propolis - 100 gr.

The fourth way.

  • glycerin - 500 ml
  • gelatin - 100 gr
  • water - 250 ml
  • Uza - 250 gr.

The fifth way.

The sixth way.

The seventh way.

  • fat - 300 gr
  • alcohol - 330 ml
  • bee glue - 60 gr.

In this case, the recipe is slightly different. The bond is crushed and, filled with alcohol, left for 10 days, so that it is infused. The resulting infusion is placed on low heat and boiled until brown. Add fat.

Royal jelly and honey

  • 80 grams of cocoa butter,
  • 150-180 grams of butter,
  • 70 grams of propolis,
  • 5 grams of mother’s milk and perga,
  • a spoonful of honey.
  1. We take an enameled bowl and drown the oil in it in a water bath.
  2. Add honey, bee bread, mother’s milk and chopped raw materials. Mix thoroughly.
  3. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, it needs to be cooled slightly and proceed to the manufacture of suppositories.

How to make candles for prostatitis with propolis with your own hands?

Do it yourself

  • To make candles, you need to take the cooked slightly cooled mass and roll sausages 1 cm thick from it.
  • Then, using a knife, cut into thin strips 1.5-2 cm long.
  • One edge can be made conical by extending it with your fingers into a triangle. So it will be easier to insert a candle into the anus.
  • Put each suppository on the foil so that they do not touch each other and put in the refrigerator to freeze.
  • When the candles become solid, you can transfer them to storage in a prepared container.

Terms and conditions of use

To obtain the desired result in the treatment with propolis suppositories, the following rules should be observed:

  • to introduce the candles lie on their side, with one hand they introduce the candle, and with the other they push the buttocks apart,
  • do not use warm suppositories (they melt quickly), you need to remove them from the refrigerator immediately before use,
  • you need to take the drug with cold hands (in order to cool them, you can hold some cold object),
  • they introduce the candle carefully, but quickly, not allowing it to melt,
  • after the introduction of the "torpedo", you need to stay in a supine position for about half an hour, it is best to carry out medical manipulations before bedtime.

Those who do not want to bother with cooking candles can use the direct method. Take 60 grams of a tie, place it in a water bath, add 300 milliliters of almond oil (instead of it you can take sea buckthorn oil), mix.

The cooled solution is collected in a five-cube syringe by removing the needle. The therapeutic agent is injected into the rectum (at a depth of seven to eight centimeters) using a catheter. The duration of the course is a month. After a two-three-month break, therapy can be repeated.

For prevention, the use of the drug is recommended twice a year for a month. The best time for preventive measures is spring and autumn, when the body is most weakened.

Pharmacy candles

Currently, pharmacies have a wide selection of ready-made suppositories based on this therapeutic product. In clinical properties and composition, they are similar to home candles. Many of them have a wider spectrum of action.

Candles for prostatitis with propolis: names

Prostopin - Russian drug manufactured by Alfarm. It is made on the basis of propolis, bee bread, royal jelly, honey and pollen. It is prescribed for diseases of the prostate gland, including prostatitis.

The clinical effect is aimed at improving trophism and tissue regeneration of male organs. The cost of 580-610 rubles.

  • Hemo Pro - The Russian medicine made by the Adonis company. The drug has a more complex effect and a wide range of applications. This is due to its composition, which includes: propolis, sea buckthorn, St. John's wort, chestnut, root and other components. Hemo-Pro can be prescribed both for the treatment of male diseases, and in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The average price for it is 300-350 rubles.
  • Propolis candles - a drug manufactured by the Russian company "Doctor N". It is made on the basis of pollen, tannins, wax, resins. Vitamins A, C, E are added to it, as well as trace elements and amino acids. It is prescribed for prostatitis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, skin pathologies. The price is 260-290 rubles.
  • Propolis D - is produced in Russia by the company Materia Bio Profi Center LLC. A complex drug used in the treatment of gynecological, urological, proctological diseases. Based on cocoa butter, propolis extract and dimexide. The price is 300-340 rubles.
  • Pharmacy analogues

    Propolis suppositories for prostatitis, sold in a pharmacy, often contain other active ingredients, which increases the effectiveness of their action.

    Propolis Nam. The ingredients are ouza, pollen, wax and cocoa butter. They stop inflammation, activate regeneration, and have a hepatoprotective effect.

    Recommended candles propolis DN with prostatitis. They will also come to the rescue with hemorrhoids (we wrote about suppositories for hemorrhoids here), hyperplasia and prostate adenoma, after surgery on the organs of the reproductive system.

    Hemo-Pro. The ingredients are ouza, cocoa butter and sea buckthorn, essences of medicinal herbs (St. John's wort, yarrow, aloe, rue, chestnut, comfrey), healing mud of Lake Tambukan.

    The rich composition of the drug provides a positive effect of the drug on the whole body:

    • relieves pain and inflammation,
    • destroys pathogens,
    • activates the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, liver, endocrine glands,
    • strengthens the walls of blood vessels
    • improves tissue metabolism,
    • accelerates the healing of wounds and ulcers due to regenerative ability,
    • normalizes intestinal microflora,
    • increases potency
    • enhances the body's resistance to the negative effects of the environment.

    Hemo-Pro is prescribed for prostatitis, paraproctitis, proctosigmoiditis, ulcer, hemorrhoids, anus cracks, weakening potency.

    Prostopin. Contains Uzu, wax, bee bread, pollen, honey, royal jelly, cocoa butter, lanolin. It relieves pain, relieves inflammation and swelling, destroys pathogenic microflora, accelerates healing of ulcers, tones the body and increases the ability to adapt to adverse environmental factors, improves potency, and has a general strengthening effect.

    The use of Prostopin is recommended for all types and forms of prostatitis (including infectious), vesiculitis, inflammation and benign changes in the prostate, deterioration of sperm quality, impaired erectile function, urethritis, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, paraproctitis, cracks in the anus, chronic fatigue, weakening of immunity.

    Propolis D. Contains bee glue, cocoa butter, dimexide. Eliminates pain, kills harmful bacteria, accelerates regeneration, promotes resorption of benign tumors, activates the body's defenses. Dimexide enhances the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics.

    Propolis D treats bacterial prostatitis, proctitis, urethritis, eliminates benign prostatic hypertrophy, improves the general condition during the rehabilitation period after surgery.

    Phyto-propolis. Candles are rich in composition. They contain Uzu, wax, cocoa butter, poplar buds, extracts of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula). Phyto-propolis is prescribed for men suffering from prostatitis, urethritis, hemorrhoids.

    Usually propolis suppositories are recommended to be administered daily, but, in some cases, the manipulations are repeated 2-3 times a day. The duration of therapy is 10-30 days. After a 2-3-month break, the treatment course is repeated. It is advisable to do the procedure before bedtime, having previously released the intestines naturally or with an enema. To increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is recommended to take a warm bath before the suppository.

    Instructions for using suppositories are included in the package. If necessary, the doctor can adjust the treatment regimen, taking into account the severity of the disease, the presence of other pathologies, the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

    Treatment regimen

    Suppositories need to be applied 1-2 times a day (morning and evening or just before bedtime) after bowel movements and hygiene procedures.

    Enter in the position on the side, after which it is recommended to lie quietly for 5-10 minutes. For better glide, the ends of the candles can be lubricated with liquid paraffin.

    The course of treatment is from 7 to 30 days. The treatment regimen should be selected by the attending physician. If necessary, the course is extended or repeated after 2-3 months.

    When to wait for the result?
    Although suppositories do not bring instant relief, most patients report the first positive effect after 3-4 days from the start of treatment.

    The maximum result can be achieved with regular use throughout the course of therapy.

    Advantages and disadvantages of treatment:
    The main advantages of the medicine are its availability, effectiveness, versatility, simplicity and ease of use.

    The disadvantages include allergic reactions in some patients and a slow therapeutic effect.

    Folk remedies are good in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. For patients with an acute form caused by infection, stronger drugs are prescribed and antibiotic therapy is mandatory.

    The only contraindication to the use of the drug may be the presence of allergic reactions to any beekeeping products.

    Intolerance to the components is extremely rare.

    Candles with propolis - An effective, affordable, inexpensive and simple drug that is suitable for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. Many patients report a positive result after treatment with suppositories. Do not forget to consult a doctor before use! Be healthy!

    The benefits of propolis for prostatitis

    Propolis or bee glue is a special substance that bees produce for the construction and disinfection of hives. Bees get the sticky substance from the spring buds of some trees, in particular, birch, poplar, etc. Then they add wax to it, and special enzymes produced by insects in the process of vital activity get into propolis.

    The bactericidal properties of propolis known since ancient times, it is thanks to this component that there are no infections in the hive, it is completely sterile. It is worth noting that propolis always has a different composition, because bees collect resin from different plants and in different concentrations, so the body does not get used to the substance.

    Propolis contains more than 200 chemical compounds, among them:

    • Tannins. These are phenolic compounds with astringent properties. Organic phenolic compounds relieve inflammation, stop bleeding, and also fight bacteria.
    • Flavonoids are organic compounds that affect enzymatic activity. Such substances stop the destruction of tissues at the cellular level, prevent the development of atherosclerosis and inhibit aging. Flavonoids also have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immunostimulating effects.
    • Ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin. The substance is a powerful antioxidant, immunostimulating agent. Due to the effects of vitamin C, tissue regeneration is accelerated, hormonal levels and the circulatory system are normalized. An adult should receive at least 70 mg of ascorbic acid per day.
    • Nicotinamide or Vitamin B3. The benefits of nicotinic acid have been known since ancient times, it affects cholesterol, brain function, and energy production. With a lack of vitamin B3, the whole body suffers.
    • Essential oils of plants from which the bees collected resin. Essential oils have a calming and relaxing effect, help relieve the inflammatory process and strengthen the immune system.
    • Pectin and other polysaccharides. Pectin has a direct effect on the metabolic process and peripheral circulation. This substance has a beneficial effect on intestinal motility and the gastric mucosa, protects organs from the negative effects of drugs, which is very important in the treatment of prostatitis when antibiotics and NSAIDs are prescribed.

    The composition of natural propolis includes alcohols, wax, as well as a number of vitamins useful for the human body. Thanks to such an extensive composition and complex effect, propolis is widely used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, including prostatitis.

    Propolis Features

    Using prescriptions with propolis, the patient will receive the following positive effects:

    • prostatitis pain decreases
    • the drug will have an anti-inflammatory effect and recovery will come faster
    • blood circulation in the prostate will improve, due to which the rate of flow of drugs into the inflammatory focus will increase,
    • propolis stimulates the immune system,
    • propolis contains antitumor substances - this is a good prevention of adenoma and cancer,
    • substances contribute to the death of pathogens.

    But before you begin to get rid of prostatitis with propolis tincture, you need to study the list of contraindications for the use of the drug and be sure to consult your doctor.


    Despite the fact that propolis is a very useful and natural substance, not all patients can use it. Treatment of prostatitis with propolis will be effective and useful if the form of the disease is chronic. Acute bacterial prostatitis cannot be treated with local remedies and alcohol tincture.

    The fact is that during acute infectious inflammation a strong swelling of the prostate occurs, suppuration may occur. To cope with this condition can only antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

    If you use local remedies, this can lead to irritation of the gland and increased pain. And alcohol tincture is contraindicated when taking antibiotics, since alcohol together with such drugs can cause poisoning and damage to the kidneys and liver.

    It is strictly forbidden to use propolis for prostatitis, both in the form of tincture and oil, and in the form of candles, for those patients who have intolerance to bee products. It is important to note that an allergy to propolis manifests itself in the form of a violation of the digestive tract, rashes rarely disturb. Patients usually complain of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and bloating.

    A contraindication to the treatment of propolis are severe diseases of the liver, kidneys, and oncology in history. With such pathologies, the effects of the active substances contained in propolis can be negative for the patient.The use of any folk remedies should be agreed with the doctor.

    When can you use propolis

    The following situations are an indication for the use of propolis for prostatitis:

    • aching groin pains
    • weak urine stream, frequent urination,
    • violation of erectile function,
    • poor quality of ejaculate according to spermogram results, male infertility,
    • recovery period after relief of an acute inflammatory process,
    • prevention of exacerbation of chronic prostatitis,
    • treatment of chronic congestive prostatitis in remission,
    • prevention of inflammatory diseases throughout the body, strengthening immunity.

    Thus, taking propolis from prostatitis can even as a prophylaxis several times a year to men who want to maintain the health of the genitourinary system for many years, and also improve the quality of sperm when planning pregnancy.

    Propolis tincture for prostatitis

    Propolis tincture is one of the most popular remedies among patients with prostatitis. It is sold in pharmacies and specialty stores with bee products and cosmetics. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations in the instructions, propolis tincture on alcohol can be used externally in the form of compresses and inside.

    When treating prostatitis, it is often recommended to use tincture locally, making a warm compress on the perineum. For this, the concentrate is diluted in a small amount of warm water, a clean cloth is moistened in it and applied to the perineum for 30 minutes. From above, you need to wrap a towel and lie under the blanket so that it is warm in the crotch.

    Also, tincture with prostatitis is used for oral administration. The easiest way is to dilute 50 drops of the pharmacy product in a small amount of water (100-150 ml) and drink it. Take this tincture three times a day for 15-20 minutes before the main meal.

    It is very useful to add propolis tincture to herbal tea. A decoction of herbs and fruits will perfectly complement propolis tincture with useful substances and vitamins, so that the positive effect on the patient’s body with prostatitis will only increase.

    For the preparation of tasty and healthy tea you will need rose hips, black or green tea, cloves, ginger, honey. It is necessary to pour a little tea leaves in a thermos, wild rose and spices, pour boiling water and insist 1.5-2 hours. Strain the warm drink and sweeten with honey, then add the propolis pharmacy tincture, at the rate of 50 drops per glass of tea.

    Candles Propolis DN with prostatitis

    The effectiveness of bee glue in the treatment of prostatitis has been noticed for a long time, so many pharmaceutical companies currently produce rectal suppositories based on propolis.

    Suppositories for inflammation of the prostate gland are especially useful, since they act directly on the inflamed organ, destroying pathogenic microorganisms and restoring blood circulation in the tissues of the prostate.

    Candles Propolis DN is a homeopathic remedy made from natural propolis and lanolin. The tool is used to relieve inflammation and strengthen immunity.

    Suppositories with prostatitis must be inserted into the rectum 2-3 times a day, depending on the recommendation of the attending physician. The course of treatment is 10-30 days. The cost of the drug is 289 rubles for 6 pcs.

    It is important to note that rectal suppositories can not be used in acute inflammation, as well as in the presence of rectal pathology. If the patient has anal fissures or hemorrhoids, or when a candle is injected, severe pain worries, then it is better to refuse local treatment and consult a specialist.

    Propolis DN - this is not the only remedy in the form of suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis. With a similar composition in pharmacies, there are such drugs:

    • Hemo Pro. Such candles are often prescribed for men with prostatitis, since they include not only propolis, but also herbal components with an anti-inflammatory effect, in particular St. John's wort, as well as sea buckthorn oil. The cost of 10 candles is 380 rubles.
    • Prostopin. The composition of these candles includes royal jelly, cocoa butter. These substances are known for their anti-inflammatory effect and perfectly complement the main component. 15 candles will cost the patient 500 rubles.
    • Propolis D. Manufacturers added Dimexide to suppositories. This substance is known for penetrating well through biological membranes, taking with it the active substance of the drug. Thus, Dimexide enhances the positive effect of propolis on the body. The cost of 10 candles is 380 rubles.
    • Fito Propolis. This is a combined homeopathic remedy, which includes chamomile and calendula, black poplar buds and cocoa butter. These candles relieve inflammation well. These are candles of Ukrainian production, their cost is 90-100 UAH.
    • Candles Tambukan "Adonis". The composition of the product includes propolis, sea buckthorn oil, as well as millennial concentrate from the healing mud of Lake Tambukan. The tool is effective in proctological and gynecological pathologies. 10 candles will cost 370 rubles.

    What kind of tool to choose, the patient must decide with the doctor. But experts recommend buying certified goods at large drugstores, since such candles are most likely made from quality raw materials. When ordering suppositories with propolis via the Internet, the patient runs the risk of running into a fake or a dummy.

    The choice of quality propolis

    Any folk remedy is best prepared with your own hands. Since the patient in this case can independently control the quality of the raw material and make sure that it is processed correctly, all the useful vitamins contained in propolis and herbs will be preserved.

    The quality of propolis is influenced by many factors, ranging from the location of the hives, and ending with the collection time of the substance. It affects the quality of the product and the type of insects that the producers collect, this is due to the different activity of enzymes in different breeds of bees. The most useful propolis is collected by wild bees, forest greyhounds and Caucasian bees.

    The color of propolis can be different, from tan to dark green and black, it all depends on which plants the bees collected the resin from. When choosing it is better to dwell on such a bee glue, which has a more or less uniform color, without sharp transitions and streaks. Natural fresh propolis has a pronounced coniferous aroma and a bitter taste.

    It is very important to carefully consider the pieces of the substance when buying. The less black veins in it, the better. The highest quality propolis has a green-brown color, and also does not contain any impurities - branches, leaves, insects and other garbage.

    The quality of propolis can be checked with a simple experiment. You need to throw a ball of substance into a glass of water, if it comes up, then the product is of poor quality - it contains few tarry substances and a lot of pollen, such a tool is not particularly useful for the body. And if the ball fell to the bottom, then such a product is of high quality.

    Folk recipes with propolis

    Currently, you can find on the Internet and a pharmacy many different funds with propolis. For example, the company Medoveya offers patients an aqueous extract of propolis on shungite water. Shungite water is a healing product enriched with minerals necessary for humans.

    The effectiveness of this tool can only be judged by patient reviews. But most of them are sure that it is best to prepare propolis medicines with their own hands. So you can get a truly useful and natural remedy for prostatitis and many other infectious and inflammatory diseases.

    From fresh propolis, you can prepare any remedy:

    • rectal suppositories
    • tincture
    • microclysters
    • propolis oil
    • honey.

    How propolis works

    Suppositories act quickly and are free from the side effects of tablets.

    Rectal suppositories with propolis for prostatitis must be used in a full course. After insertion into the anus, they are rapidly absorbed into the blood and begin to act as close as possible to the inflamed prostate gland.

    Candles dissolve under the influence of human body temperature. Their components spread to distant areas and gradually approach the inflamed internal organ. They also affect neighboring areas, which may also be susceptible to the pathological process.

    Propolis suppositories have a pronounced bactericidal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, they are recommended for use against prostatitis. Due to this action in men, the problem with impaired erectile function is solved.

    Candle treatment with propolis has a lot of advantages over using other medications:

    1. They differ in speed due to the introduction in the immediate vicinity of the inflamed area.
    2. They help to cope with severe pain after the first application.
    3. Reduce the risk of an allergic reaction in the patient, since the composition of the candles does not contain synthetic substances.

    Suppositories from propolis from prostatitis can achieve a lasting therapeutic effect. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of men who practiced such treatment.

    Propolis recipes with bee glue

    Consider the most popular homemade bee glue recipes:

    For the first recipe you will need vegetable oil, best of all sea buckthorn, it is very useful for prostatitis. The oil must be poured into a pan and heated in a water bath, then dissolve propolis in it. For 200 ml of oil, 30 grams of the nutrient are taken. Here you need to be very careful and make sure that water does not get into the oil, and protect the skin from getting hot drops. The finished product is used for prostatitis in the form of a compress, as well as for massage of the perineum.

    To prepare a healthy dessert, you need to melt propolis in a saucepan and mix with honey. Such honey can be eaten every day.

    To make classic candles, you need to grind 50 grams of the substance and 50 grams of wax. Heat 200 grams of lanolin (sold at the pharmacy) or animal fat in a water bath, add wax and bee glue. Cool the homogeneous mixture, form candles and place them in the refrigerator, wrapped in polyethylene. Dry herbs, such as chamomile, calendula, as well as cocoa butter and sea buckthorn, can be added to candles.

    To prepare microclysters effective in the chronic form of prostatitis, 10 grams of propolis are added to 100 ml of sea buckthorn oil and heated in a water bath until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The finished product must be filtered and sued. When conducting enemas, you need to warm up the drug slightly and pour into the syringe. Insert into the rectum and wait 15 minutes.

    Prostatitis vodka tincture can also be prepared with your own hands. You will need a glass jar with a lid, 500 ml of good vodka or 300 ml of medical alcohol, 80 grams of high quality bee glue. Propolis should be chopped and put into a jar, pour alcohol and insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, shaking daily. The finished infusion should be filtered and taken 50 drops in the morning and evening.

    How to make propolis candles yourself

    Self-made suppositories are almost as good as factory ones

    Propolis candles can be made at home. They are less effective than purchased drugs of local action, but also give a good result. In addition, this treatment option is optimal for men who prefer to use traditional medicine recipes.

    Candles from propolis, which help against prostatitis, are cooked on a fat or alcohol basis with their own hands. Typically, butter or glycerin is used for these purposes.

    Traditional medicine offers the following recipes for making home-made candles from propolis for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland:

    • It is necessary to grind 45 g of propolis, and then pour it with high-quality alcohol. The resulting mixture must be insisted in a dark place for a week. From time to time, you need to shake the container with propolis. After 7 days, you need to boil the mixture until the alcohol has completely evaporated. Next, to the main component, you need to add 250 g of cocoa butter in melted form. The homogeneous mass will need to be decomposed into forms and sent to freeze in the refrigerator. Such candles should be inserted into the anus of 1 pc. Once a day for 10 days.
    • Melt 200 g of lanolin in a water bath. 50 g of beeswax and the same amount of propolis are added to it. It is necessary to allow the resulting mixture to solidify. Upon completion of this stage, suppositories are formed from the mass, which need to be treated for 7-10 days. Each day, 1 suppository is required to be inserted into the rectum.
    • Melt 200 g of natural animal fat in a water bath. 40 g of propolis is added to it. This mixture needs to be heated for 10 minutes. After the tool becomes homogeneous, it will need to be divided into separate candles and put in storage in the refrigerator. Therapy is carried out for 10-15 days.

    A man should consult with his doctor about which prescription to give preference. It is necessary to choose a tool whose components will not cause negative reactions in the patient.

    How to make propolis candles at home

    In order to make propolis candles of high quality, you need to have high-quality clean bee glue.

    Many sources mention a ratio of 1:10 - this is initially an erroneous proportion. The time proved precisely the proportion 1: 9, that is, one part of bee glue and nine parts of the base. Only in this case, a 10 percent propolis extract is obtained.

    Pouring method

    Finished products are kept in a cool place.

    To simplify the procedure for pouring out candles, you should acquire a special form in advance. You can also make the right suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis by performing the following sequential steps:

    1. From the cooled mass, which is made of propolis and auxiliary components, it is necessary to form small "sausages". It must be ensured that their diameter does not exceed a mark of 1 cm.
    2. The formed mass must be cut with a knife. The length of such segments should be within 6 cm.
    3. A cone should be made at one of the edges of each future candle.
    4. Suppositories need to be wrapped in foil.
    5. Folk remedies should be removed in the refrigerator. Store them only in such conditions.

    After complete solidification, the candles can be transferred to a convenient container in which they will be stored.


    Propolis is a wonderful, natural and very useful natural product, effective for prostatitis and many other diseases. But you need to remember that folk recipes are not a panacea for all diseases, but a good addition to the main therapy. Do not replace the medicines prescribed by your doctor with bee glue, such treatment can cause irreparable harm to the patient.

    How to make candles from propolis - a recipe for cooking

    Let's start with the recipes for preparing the basis of suppositories. For all recipes, the proportion will be as follows:

    • prepared propolis - 10 grams
    • natural bee wax, purified - 10 grams
    • cocoa butter / petroleum jelly / butter - 80 grams

    How to make candles from propolis - preparation of ingredients

    How to make candles from propolis for hemorrhoids

    We will make candles from propolis for hemorrhoids based on cocoa butter. Cocoa butter must be melted in a water bath, then bee glue prepared in advance is added (cocoa butter can be bought at the pharmacy). For several hours at a temperature of 50 - 60 degrees, stirring constantly, bring the mass to a homogeneous and add wax. Then the resulting solution is cooled to 30 degrees and poured into prepared molds. After the final cooling, we wrap the resulting suppositories in cling film or foil and put in the refrigerator until use.

    Hemo Pro

    Dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription

    The cost is 350 rubles.

    Suppositories are intended for the treatment of prostatitis and gynecological pathologies.

    The composition of the drug contains propolis, sea buckthorn oil, cocoa butter, healing mud and herbal extracts. Due to this, it has a regenerating, antifungal and analgesic property.

    Suppository treatment is usually carried out for 1 month. If a man has a sensitivity to its components, then such therapy is canceled.

    If there are no molds, how to make candles from propolis and wax?

    To make candles from propolis, if not tins, you need:

    • glass cutting board
    • knife
    • wax paper
    • foil or cling film

    Getting to the manufacture of suppositories:

    1. cover with a wax paper a glass cutting board


    Before use, you must carefully read the instructions for individual restrictions

    Cost - 648 rubles.

    Suppositories are used in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland and hemorrhoids. This is a combined preparation that contains bee uterine milk, mountain honey, propolis and bee bread.

    Suppositories favorably affect the functions of the prostate and potency in men. They are indicated for acute and chronic prostatitis, as well as other diseases of the pelvic organs.

    The drug is prohibited to persons who have contraindications to its use. These include individual intolerance to the components of the local medication.

    Candles, which contain beekeeping products, must be introduced into the anus after cleansing the rectum with an enema 1 time per day for 10-15 days. In individual cases, the course of therapy is extended to 30 days.

    How to prepare propolis for candles?

    For proper preparation, you need to take a ball or pieces of bee glue (depending on what you have) and put in the freezer for about 30 minutes - for easy freezing. If we are talking about a ball, then it is better to put in the freezer for an hour. After that, grate it with a fine grater. If you purchased bee glue in bulk, then you will need a mortar or rolling pin in order to grind it into the smallest fraction possible.

    If you bought low-quality propolis or from an unverified beekeeper, you need to prepare it. To do this, it must be poured with clean cold water and left for one hour at room temperature. The fraction that has surfaced can be safely thrown out. The greater the remainder on the surface of the water, the worse the quality of the original bee product. The fraction that has settled to the bottom (sediment) must be dried. Now you have a quality refined main ingredient.

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    We make candles from propolis with our own hands

    Absolutely all beekeeping products have always been considered excellent medicines and have been used in medicine in various forms. The basis for most drugs is propolis (bee glue). It is actively used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis in the form of rectal suppositories.In its pure form, this substance is not perceived by the body, therefore, for treatment, it is mixed with various fats and oils, so the active elements are released.

    Propolis-based suppositories contain a whole list of microelements, vitamins and substances with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. With prostatitis, they strengthen the capillaries and improve blood circulation. Such suppositories with regular use even reduce the chances of prostate cancer.

    Suppositories from prostatitis with propolis reduce the activity and growth of bacteria, relieve inflammation in the prostate gland, facilitate urination, relieve pain and enhance the immunity of men. They are considered a homeopathic remedy and have virtually no contraindications. Suitable for men of all ages.

    An effective folk remedy for prostatitis - candles with propolis: how to do it yourself and the rules of treatment

    Propolis - One of the most valuable and useful natural products that has been used in folk medicine for the treatment and prevention of male diseases since ancient times.

    Medicines based on it are especially good for chronic prostatitis.

    In the same article, we will talk about candles with propolis, their effectiveness in the treatment of prostatitis and their independent manufacture.

    Propolis Choice

    You can make candles from propolis from prostatitis with your own hands, but you need to carefully prepare for this process. To start, choose high-quality material.

    The smell of propolis should be sharp and pronounced. The packaging must not be broken; the contents must be visible through it. Color, the basics, ranging from yellowish tones to brown, is the norm. It is important to avoid completely dark propolis, this factor indicates an excessively long storage of the product.
    In its pure form, propolis is not always used.

    Rectal suppositories for the prevention of the disease should contain no more than a couple grams. Before using a suppository with propolis for prostatitis, you should consult your doctor. Suppositories contain allergens that can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, in case of burning sensation, itching, headache and general weakness, it is worthwhile to immediately interrupt this type of treatment.

    Homemade Suppository Recipes

    How to make propolis suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis? Consider some of the most popular recipes:

    For cooking, we need:

    • 30-40 grams of propolis,
    • 200 ml of alcohol (not vodka, namely alcohol),
    • 200 grams of butter.
    1. We take bee raw materials, grind it until gruel is formed, pour it with alcohol and mix thoroughly.
    2. We close the cooked mass and remove for 7-10 days in a cool darkened place, periodically mixing the ingredients.
    3. Then it needs to be boiled over low heat until the alcohol has completely evaporated.
    4. We heat the butter over low heat, cool slightly and mix with propolis.
    5. We make candles out of the warm mixture and put them in the refrigerator for storage.

    Propolis candles from prostatitis on alcohol

    Mix the first two ingredients and grind them as much as possible to a pulp consistency. Next, place the finished mass in a closed container and leave in a dark, dry and cool room for 8-10 days. Future rectal suppositories need to be mixed occasionally. After the specified time, remove the mass from the container and boil over low heat until the alcohol has completely evaporated. Mix the oil melted in a water bath with the resulting propolis. It turns out candles with propolis ready for prostatitis. It remains to form them and store them exclusively in the refrigerator.

    Cocoa Bean Butter Based

    • Cocoa Butter - 25 g
    • Anhydrous lanolin - 10-12 g,
    • Chilled Propolis - 10 g.

    Combine the first two ingredients and melt in a water bath, add the third ingredient and mix thoroughly.Allow to cool and then form the finished product and refrigerate until use.

    With honey and royal jelly

    • Honey - 1 tablespoon,
    • Cocoa bean oil - 80 g,
    • Propolis - 70 g
    • Butter - 160 g
    • Royal jelly, bee bread - 5 g.

    Melt the indicated amount of oil and add to it all other ingredients. Cool, grind everything as much as possible and the mixture is ready for the preparation of rectal suppositories.

    With fat and alcohol

    • Propolis - 40 g
    • Fat (can be replaced with olive oil) - 250 g,
    • Alcohol - 250 ml.

    Beekeeping product mixed with alcohol. Constantly mixing, insist 2-3 days. Then evaporate over a fire and add melted fat. From the chilled mass, prepare the remedy necessary for prostatitis.

    With goat fat

    • Goat fat (can be replaced with any other) - 100 g,
    • Propolis - 20 g.

    Place melted fat with bee glue in the freezer until a solid state is achieved, grind in a blender or crush. To stand for a while for a couple, stirring regularly (40 min - 1 h), cool. Then, cool to squeeze through cheesecloth and you can prepare the drug.

    With pumpkin oil

    • Pumpkin oil - 150 ml,
    • Tea tree oil - 5 ml,
    • Fir oil - 5 ml,
    • Extract from propolis 10% concentration - 30 ml.

    Mix the hood and pumpkin oil. Evaporate alcohol in a water bath. Add tea tree oil and fir, mix. Pour into a separate container. Keep refrigerated. Such suppositories are administered using a syringe.

    With fat and wax

    • Fat - 1 cup
    • Propolis - 50 g
    • Wax - 50 g.

    Add chopped honey glue to the melted fat, stirring. Pour finely chopped wax into the mixture. It will not be possible to completely dissolve it, but it is necessary to achieve the maximum possible result. Cool and cut into strips ready for insertion.

    With glycerin and gelatin

    • Glycerin - 50 g
    • Gelatin - 10 g
    • Water - 20 g
    • Propolis extract - by eye.

    Melt glycerin, gelatin in water. It is important to monitor the complete dissolution of the ingredients, and to prevent the formation of lumps. Cool and add the extract. Mix and pour into molds (can be made of foil). Send to cool.

    With petroleum jelly

    • Vaseline - 8 g
    • Propolis - amount at the discretion of the cook.

    Melt the petroleum jelly, pour the chopped propolis, wait until it is completely dissolved. Cool, make the preparation and store in foil in the freezer.
    Making rectal drugs at home decently saves the budget and makes it possible to choose the most suitable drug for a particular man.

    How to form ready mixes?

    In hands, form thin sausages from a warm or chilled mixture. Their thickness should not exceed one centimeter. Cut into small strips about 2 cm long. Make one end stretched and narrowed for easy entry.

    Put the propolis preparation on the foil at a short distance from each other, wrap and put in the refrigerator. Such candles to combat prostatitis need to be treated up to two times a day. On the second day of application, the result is noticeably felt.

    Propolis candles at home: an overview of the properties of propolis and varieties of candles

    Propolis treatment has been known since ancient times and is very popular for getting rid of various ailments. Modern pharmaceutical companies, knowing the healing properties of the product, are developing many medicines with propolis: these are tinctures, dietary supplements, ointments.

    The most popular dosage form is in the form of suppositories, thus healing substances are delivered directly to the body, greatly increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

    Among the finished products, various rectal suppositories are known: Propolis DN, Gemo-Pro, Prostopin and many others.The basis of the preparations is made up of natural substances that are accessible to any person, so people who want to use the healing power of a unique product often wonder whether it is possible to make candles from propolis at home. How to do this, and what diseases can be treated with propolis suppositories, we will consider in this article.

    In order to understand how propolis treats diseases, you need to know about its unique composition and therapeutic effect on diseased organs. This special beekeeping product is also called bee glue or narrow, substances for the manufacture of propolis, bees are collected in the spring from the buds of trees. Bee glue is obtained as a result of the modification of adhesive substances by enzymes produced by insects.

    The therapeutic value of propolis candles:

    1. Destruction of pathogenic microflora. The composition of bee glue contains a natural antibiotic, which not only stops the growth of pathogens, but also destroys them. Propolis is effective in combating various pathogenic microflora: fungi, viruses, bacteria. At the same time, treatment does not give such negative effects as dysbiosis, and does not have other side effects on the body that synthetic antibiotics have.
    2. Removal of pain. Some components of the product act on diseased organs like analgesics, and in the case of suppositories, these substances penetrate directly into the tissues, eliminating even severe pain.
    3. Tissue regeneration. Propolis promotes rapid healing of organs. Due to its harmlessness to the body, suppositories can be used for hemorrhoids and cracks in the anus, and synthetic rectal suppositories often have contraindications for these diseases.
    4. Removal of toxins. Rectal suppositories contribute to the removal of toxins from the rectum.
    5. Cancer Prevention Propolis prevents the pathological proliferation of tissues with adenoma, with prolonged use it can kill cancer cells.
    6. Other properties.Suppositories with propolis increase local immunity, improve the digestive tract, normalize blood coagulation, stabilize cell membranes, and relieve scars.

    Varieties of candles with propolis:

    • Ear. Candles are used for diseases of the ears: otitis media, hearing loss, otosclerosis and others. Ear candles with propolis remove sulfur plugs, reduce pain, relieve inflammation, and improve the blood supply to the organ.
    • Liquid. Candles differ in liquid consistency and are injected using a syringe with a special nozzle. By technology, they are inferior to rectal suppositories, but are considered more effective in terms of therapeutic effect. Widely used to treat prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases of the prostate.
    • Rectal. The most common type of candles, they are easy to make at home and easy to use. They are successfully used in gynecology and urology, treat various diseases of the prostate and other organs of the small pelvis, and eliminate hemorrhoids.

    Candles from propolis at home are used to treat various diseases. They have a lasting effect and lead to remission, but, choosing propolis as a therapeutic agent, you should tune in to a long treatment, which can last from several months to several years, depending on the disease.

    What diseases can be treated with propolis suppositories:

    • male diseases: prostatitis, adenoma, prostate cancer,
    • female diseases: metritis, colpitis, cervical erosion, myoma,
    • diseases of the pelvic organs: hemorrhoids, anus cracks, cystitis.

    Despite the harmlessness of propolis, this method of treatment should be reported to the doctor, since a folk remedy alone is not enough and any treatment of inflammatory diseases of the body should be comprehensive.

    DIY propolis candles: popular recipes

    Ready-made candles from propolis can be bought at the pharmacy, but if you want to cook them yourself, there are many simple recipes that can be found on the Internet.

    Consider the most popular options for how to make propolis candles with your own hands.

    The most popular recipes are those that treat prostatitis. It is this disease that can be treated more quickly and effectively with propolis. Pumpkin seeds are often used to treat an inflamed prostate, and seed extracts from this fruit are added to prostatitis medications.

    Step-by-step instruction for manufacturing general-purpose candles:

    1. Finely chop 50 grams of bee glue and set aside.
    2. Cut 50 grams of wax into small pieces, set aside.
    3. Put 200 grams of any animal fat or lanolin in a pharmacy into a container and put it in a water bath to heat it.
    4. After the fat has melted, add the remaining ingredients to the container. Mix well.
    5. Before making candles, the mixture should be cooled. Put the container in the refrigerator.
    6. When the composition hardens, remove it from the container and cut into pieces. Hands give the candle a torpedo shape with a pointed end. Approximate sizes of rectal suppositories: length - 5 cm, diameter - 1 cm.
    7. Wrap the candles with cling film and store in the refrigerator.

    How to make propolis candles for prostatitis with your own hands:

    1. Mix 150 ml of pumpkin oil with extract from propolis (tincture of bee glue in a concentration of 10%). Tincture can be prepared independently.
    2. Put the mixture in a water bath and heat until the alcohol disappears.
    3. Add 5 ml of tea tree oil and the same amount of fir essential oil. Mix well.
    4. Enter the candles into the anus with a syringe. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

    What other components are used for making DIY candles from prostatitis:

    • sea ​​buckthorn oil,
    • honey,
    • cacao butter,
    • butter,
    • perga.

    To accelerate recovery from prostatitis, comprehensive treatment should be carried out: drug therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures, special gymnastics. In folk remedies, baths prepared from medicinal plants are also useful.

    Making candles with propolis at home from various diseases

    The process of making candles with propolis for the treatment of various diseases is no different.

    You can prepare suppositories or liquid formulations for the treatment of hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases, ENT diseases.

    A variety of recipes for making candles with propolis at home are additional components that are most effective for a particular disease. The composition of candles that can be prepared at home includes infusions of medicinal plants, other bee products, essential, vegetable and animal oils, petroleum jelly, wax, fats. At the same time, so that the candles turn out to be of high quality, it is important to observe the ratio of ingredients to each other.

    Making candles with propolis for hemorrhoids:

    1. Grind 20 gr. fresh celandine.
    2. Melt 150 grams of animal fat in a water bath.
    3. Add 50 grams of propolis extract and pulp from the plant to the fat, mix.
    4. Filter the composition through cheesecloth.
    5. Cool and cook the candles in the manner described in the first recipe.

    Making candles with propolis for uterine diseases:

    1. Melt the fat or lanolin in a water bath.
    2. Add 40 ml of propolis tincture and 50 ml of calendula tincture to the container. Mix well.
    3. Make candles. The size of the vaginal suppository: length - 8 cm, diameter - 1 cm.

    In order to choose the most suitable recipe, it is useful to read reviews on the Internet about the effectiveness of treatment with certain candles, see video recipes.

    Effective traditional medicine: suppositories with prostate propolis with your own hands

    Propolis has several names.In addition to the generally accepted, such are used - bee glue, bond. It is a special lubricant that is necessary to fill cracks and cracks in the hive.

    Several groups of worker bees collect adhesive material from the buds of trees and herbaceous plants on their feet.

    It is a resinous mass. Bees treat the adhesive with their secret, resulting in propolis. The color of the tie is dark green or brown. The glue contains over 50 useful components. By tradition, they are divided into four large groups: wax, balms, resins, essential oils.

    All of them are very useful for humans. At its core, bee glue is a natural antibiotic that does not have side effects. It includes volatile and glucosides that can prevent the development of cell wilting, malignant processes. Consider how to make candles from propolis for the treatment of prostatitis.

    How to choose and use bee glue?

    The first and most important property of the bond that the buyer needs to pay attention to is the quality of the product. It is difficult for people far from beekeeping, because they do not have specific knowledge.

    The properties of the healing resin are greatly influenced by:

    1. place of gathering
    2. time,
    3. bee breed
    4. view of trees, plants.

    The most beneficial is propolis collected by wild bees. These insects have powerful immunity. The second place belongs to the bond from the forest bees of the “greyhounds”, the third - to the insect product of the foothills of the “Caucasian women”.

    The listed resin is of high fermentation quality. When propolis is collected on a special frame, there is little pollution (dust, debris, pieces of leaves and other things) in it. This is a quality resin. Its color can vary from light brown to dark green, almost black.

    Important appearance, taste of propolis. He must have:

    1. strong aroma (needles or incense),
    2. uniform color (without veins, sharp transitions),
    3. bitter, burning taste.

    When you choose a very dark in color propolis, make sure that it has a minimum number of black veins. The fresh product is light in color, soft, supple.

    Yellow-green, brown slice is considered the highest quality. When chewing, a good resin first sticks, creates a feeling of warmth in the mouth. After a few minutes, you can feel a burning sensation, a slight numbness of the tongue. Then the bee glue (it takes exactly half an hour) is crushed into crumbs, a strong bitterness is felt.

    If you bought a poor-quality bond, it will not stick to your teeth, and bitterness and burning when you chew it is constantly present. In good propolis, the wax and pollen content is not more than 25 percent. You can check the composition as follows: the ball is lowered into a glass of water, and it should fall to the bottom. The shelf life of bonds is 5 years.

    Propolis is widely used in medicine. From it are made:

    If you managed to get a quality resin, you can make candles for prostatitis with your own hands and for the treatment of many diseases. For diseases of the teeth and gums, propolis can simply be chewed. This will require a small piece of resin. It is important to follow some rules, the chewing time should not exceed 20 minutes, since the product is quite aggressive.

    Propolis D with Dimexide

    Cost - 340 rubles.

    One of the active components of the local drug is dimexide. This substance enhances the action of other suppository components. In addition, thanks to him, the process of assimilation of bee products by the human body improves.

    A topical drug with propolis and dimexide should not be used in the treatment of patients who have an increased sensitivity to these and other substances in the composition of the drug.


    My husband has been suffering from chronic prostatitis for several years.Exacerbations of the disease occur very often, so we are in search of a medicine that can reduce the number of relapses. The urologist recommended a course of treatment with suppositories, which are based on propolis. He prescribed a pharmacy drug. Surprisingly, after several procedures, the symptoms of the disease subsided significantly. The husband stopped complaining of severe pain in the lower abdomen. He conducted a full course, which lasted a whole month. More than a year has passed since then. And the aggravation happened only once, and then we were able to quickly deal with it.

    Two years ago, there were problems with urination. I postponed a visit to the urologist for a long time and eventually earned chronic prostatitis. The attending physician prescribed a whole bunch of drugs that should suppress the intensity of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. Additionally, he recommended suppositories for rectal administration with propolis. I’ve spent so much on treatment, so I decided to make candles on my own according to a folk recipe. The urologist gave permission for this. Suppositories showed themselves well. They quickly relieved pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen. The doctor recommended putting candles in courses to prevent exacerbation of prostatitis. The folk remedy copes with this task perfectly.

    How to make candles for prostatitis at home?

    What is prostatitis everyone who is over 40 years old knows. Although there are already many who are familiar with this disease from the age of 25.

    There are many ways to cure this disease with various drugs and medicines. One such remedy is candles.

    Hello, Alexander Burusov is in touch - an expert at the Viva Man men's club. Today in this article you will learn how to make candles from prostatitis at home.

    In general, there are many varieties of rectal suppositories. The ingredients from which they are made are also enough. The most popular and often used in various recipes is propolis.

    Candle Properties

    Another important property of homemade candles is cancer prevention, since propolis prevents the development of adenoma, and with prolonged use it can even destroy cancer cells. In addition, propolis suppositories increase immunity, promote tissue scarring, and normalize blood coagulation. With manual manufacturing, you can independently adjust the percentage of candles in the nutrients.

    The only thing contraindication the use of such candles is an allergy to honey and bee products. The only problem that may be associated with this tool is the search for natural pure propolis, as dishonest sellers add bitumen, resins and other substances similar to it.

    Naturally, this significantly reduces its effectiveness. The natural product is light, has a light color and a pleasant honey aroma.

    How to use candles?

    Suppositories are most effective for prostatitis for several reasons. An important factor - suppositories are injected in close proximity to the inflamed prostate through the rectum. Next, the suppository dissolves and the tissues are absorbed by the prostate.

    Due to the fact that the absorption of the drug occurs outside the stomach and upper intestine, any toxic effects from the drug are excluded. The entry into the prostate of medicinal substances occurs gradually and, most importantly, constantly, because the beneficial contents of the suppository are gradually absorbed and do not enter the intestines.

    Rectal suppositories with propolis are very effective for prostatitis, since healing substances are delivered directly to the diseased organ, which increases the effectiveness of treatment many times over. The treatment procedures are painless. It is advisable to prepare candles with propolis for yourself.

    Do it yourself

    How to make candles at home as much as possible? There is nothing complicated about it.

    For cooking, you need to have a pharmacy scale for accurate weighing of components. There are few cooking options. We give the recipe for cooking.

    Recipes for making

    This recipe contains pharmacy lanolin or 200 grams of animal fat. Melt in a water bath and add 50 g of crushed propolis and the same amount of wax, which helps to keep the shape and does not allow melt the finished product quickly.

    After thorough mixing, the mixture is poured into a clean porcelain dish and left to cool. After cooling, the mass is cut and molded into five-six centimeter cylinders, pointed on one side, weighing 7-11 g., Up to one cm thick.

    Finished forms are stored in the refrigerator until used.

    Second way. Ingredients: - propolis - 40 gr, - alcohol - 220 ml, - any animal fat or cocoa butter - 200 gr.

    Finely chopped propolis is added to alcohol. Insisted 10 days, with occasional agitation. After ten days, the tincture is put on a slow fire and begins to boil until the alcohol has completely evaporated and becomes a brown mixture.

    Then fat or cocoa butter is added and thoroughly mixed in a water bath. The resulting mass cools, and from it 10 suppositories are formed, wrapped in paper or foil. Do-it-yourself candles are preferably stored in the refrigerator or in any cool place.

    Recipe three.

    The composition of these candles includes: - propolis - 50 grams, - cocoa butter - 100 grams, - royal jelly - 50 grams, - wax - 50 grams, - mountain honey - 100 grams, - pharmacy lanolin - 100g.

    Pre-crushed, propolis, carefully mixed in melted lanolin and wax, is mixed with the rest of the ingredients in a water bath.

    After obtaining a homogeneous mass, it is put to solidify in a cool place, then candles are formed from the mass 5-6 cm long (paper forms or syringes can be used, see below) and stored in a refrigerator. These candles not only destroy the pathogenic microflora in the prostate, relieve inflammation, but also increase immunity.

    These candles are used for 15 to 30 days. They are introduced into the rectum at night. It is advisable to take a warm sitting bath before administration.

    After two to three months, the course is repeated. For a complete cure for prostatitis, it is necessary to complete 3-4 courses with breaks.

    These are the basic recipes for self-preparation of candles for the treatment of the prostate. The total mass of raw materials is designed for one course, that is, for 30 days. You can use and add to the candles additional additives such as celandine juice, tea tree oil, sea buckthorn, fir oil in a proportion of one to ten by weight of the candle.

    For the preparation of candles it is very convenient to use 2-3 cubic syringes, and a larger volume is also possible. Need a few pieces. Cut off the place where the needle was, get cylinders with a piston.

    We pull the piston to the end, pour the mass for the candles into each cylinder and set it vertically for freezing in the refrigerator. After an hour we take out the syringes, pushes out the piston-containing and wrap it in clean paper or foil. We put it again in the refrigerator for storage.


    Candles are introduced at bedtime into the anus after defecation for 30 days. Treatment is repeated after 2-3 months. In advanced cases, 3-4 courses are required with two-month breaks.

    If you want to reliably cure chronic prostatitis and its complications in a short time, get rid of vascular erectile dysfunction and prevent the development of adenoma, be sure to check out our comprehensive effective home improvement program.

    It takes approximately 20 minutes a day, and you will get the first noticeable results within a few weeks. This program is the first program of its kind in the CIS, fully proven effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and vascular erectile dysfunction.

    Respectfully, Alexander Burusov

    Candles with propolis for prostatitis: how to use ready-made and home-made suppositories

    Candles with propolis from prostatitis have a pronounced therapeutic effect. They have a minimum number of contraindications, therefore, are suitable for most patients with inflammation in the prostate gland. Suppositories are prescribed by the attending physician, who monitors the dynamics of the development of the disease. He can recommend a pharmacy drug or offer the patient to independently make candles with propolis.

    Do-it-yourself propolis candles from prostatitis

    Propolis (uza, bee glue) is a unique substance with rare healing properties. It is able to replace antibiotics and, unlike them, does not provoke side effects. Tinctures, grindings, compresses, suspensions, ointments are made from it. But the most effective result allows you to get candles.

    Watch the video: Bee Pollen Tea Treatment for Prostatitis (February 2020).

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