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Half-box haircuts for boys: features, rules for selection and care

Children's half-box is not much different from men's. However, a haircut for half-boxing for boys has its own nuances that parents should know before going to the hairdresser.

  • It makes sense for a boy to carry out a half-box only when there is an appropriate margin of length for a haircut. In most cases, this is the age after a year.
  • If your son has thin hair, think about whether you and he are ready for permanent styling. Otherwise, the haircut will quickly lose its fashionable effect and shape.
  • At an early age (up to about three years), children can hardly tolerate a stay in a hairdresser. This is due to an unfamiliar environment, the manipulations that a stranger conducts. Try to anticipate the possible negative reaction of your boy by taking a new toy or tablet with cartoons. Otherwise, the master may simply refuse to cut the bursting baby.

Pros and Cons of Haircuts

The half-box is characterized by short-cut temples and a nape in combination with longer hair on the crown. Among haircuts for boys, the half-box takes the second most popular place after boxing. This is due to the fact that such a hairstyle:

  • allows you to experiment with styling,
  • suitable for curly hair (however, you will have to cut the curly boy more often and shorter),
  • allows shaved drawings (in combination with a hair tattoo, the half-box looks trendy).

However, this hairstyle has its drawbacks.

  • The boy can see the exact same haircut due to its popularity with many of his classmates and friends in the yard.
  • If necessary, you can "transform" a half-box only into a box or a haircut to zero, since the length on the back of the head and temples excludes all other options.
  • If you leave rather long hair on the top (the half-box allows up to 7 cm in length), you will have to refresh the haircut more often than any other.

Execution technology

Of course, parents of boys do not need to know how this or that haircut is done. To do this, just choose an experienced hairdresser. However, he can ask clarifying questions in the course of work, so he should in general outline study the technique of performing a half-box.

  1. It is necessary to determine the length of the haircut. This is decided by the parents (or the boy himself, if he has already reached the age at which the child is not indifferent to his hair).
  2. It is better to start a half box with a large nozzle and end with a small one. However, most professional, not novice craftsmen do the opposite, because they have long honed the art of shading (i.e., making a smooth transition from long to short hair).
  3. The length transition line usually runs along the occipital tubercles and temporal protrusions, however, if desired or depending on the shape of the boy’s head, it can be slightly higher or lower.
  4. Figured clipping (usually boys ask him to do in adolescence or near adolescence) is performed with a half-box in the lower occipital zone. The drawing can be located in the center or start from one temple and end at another. The cut should be symmetrical and clear, otherwise it will only ruin the haircut. You can also figure out the line of hair growth by making parallel patterns to it.

Styling tips

If the crown was about 7 cm long, as well as with thin hair, the boy’s parents will have to worry about styling the hair. Here are some suggestions for this.

  • Use of styling products (mousse, foam) is optional, but they increase the laying time. Keep in mind that a teenager may flatly refuse such manipulations, considering it shameful for himself.
  • A hair dryer and a round (or frame) brush are used to add volume to the hairstyle. Hair is usually lifted at the roots and laid back. However, you can also direct them to the forehead.
  • It is worth consulting about the styling with the hairdresser who performed the haircut.

So, the half-box is the most convenient and modern option for boys aged 3 to 10-12 years. Of course, you can turn to this model at an older age, but it is better to let your child choose his own image over time, offering him a choice of different ideas.

Video for parents who cut their sons themselves (haircut starts from the 3rd minute):


This hairstyle is considered a kind of boxing and belongs to the category of sports. The half-box gives a larger field for a fantasy flight, allows you to implement many ideas when laying. Shearing is carried out with the help of a clipper, ordinary scissors and for milling. The hair on the temples and the back of the head is shortened as much as possible, and strands of about 6-8 cm are left on top. The transitions are smooth and soft.

A half-box haircut for boys can be combined with a small bang, which should lie on its side. A universal method of hair styling is suitable for both young children and teenagers. It lays well on the hair of any type and is combined with all ovals of the face. You can not hesitate and go to the salon to make a suitable haircut. Men's haircut has no feminine signs and is specific. The image becomes more courageous and brutal.

This hairstyle looks pretty good in styling. Using a good mousse, gel or foam, you can give the strands a deliberately sloppy look. The image becomes fashionable and rebellious. Moreover, this styling method is suitable for boys of any age. This is a good solution for those guys who lead an active lifestyle, play sports.

Advantages and disadvantages

The half-box is very popular, it is located next to the classic box. The hairstyle has such undeniable advantages as:

  • it is possible to experiment with styling methods, you can lay out hair in different ways, change the direction of the locks,
  • suitable even for curly hair, it’s important only to make corrections more often,
  • on shaved temples and the back of the head you can make interesting drawings, professional hairdressers will easily bring the boy’s imagination to life.

A hairstyle cannot be perfect, and a half-box is no exception. The main disadvantages of this haircut for boys are as follows:

  • the haircut is not unique, the great popularity leads to the fact that your child can meet a lot of people with the same hair every day,
  • it’s not easy to change such a hairstyle, of the suitable options, only boxing or a haircut to zero, such a narrow choice is due to a shortened nape and temples,
  • if you leave a large length (up to 7 cm), you will have to make very frequent corrections.

How to choose?

When choosing a hairstyle for a child, it is important to consider many nuances. Features of appearance in general and hair in particular play a large role. Evaluate the oval of the boy's face and the shape of the head. The haircut should be consistent with the character and overall style. Even at 5 years old, it is important that the hair styling option is for the child, and not just you.

To create a stylish look, it is very important to choose the right hairstyle. The following rules should be followed:

  • make sure that there are locks of different lengths in the haircut,
  • try to experiment with asymmetry and sharp transitions, children's hairstyles with such features look especially nice,
  • it’s better to decorate children's haircuts with bangs, because the image will look nicer and softer, children's hair beautifully frame the face,
  • shaved drawings are suitable not only for kids, but also for teens.

It is believed that the half-box is suitable for all guys at any age. For boys 7-10 years old, you can make the upper strands quite long, but for adolescents from 14 years old, it is better to choose an average or short length. Baby hair is softer and will fall off by aerial locks, framing the face. With age, male hair becomes tougher, the hairstyle should take into account this nuance.

The main feature of this hairstyle is that it visually lengthens the shape of the face. This is a great solution for guys with a square and round oval. If the face is rather elongated and narrow, then you should refuse to cut the half-box. Such a hairstyle is contraindicated with a narrow forehead and a heavy chin. The special structure of the half-box will only emphasize the listed facial features.

The younger the child, the more attention should be paid to comfort, not beauty. If you can combine both aspects, make a decision without hesitation. Most of the little boys have a good half-box, but the exact length of the strands should be selected individually. In adolescence, it is better to let the guy decide on the length of his hair.

How to care and style?

Caring for a half box haircut is very simple, which is why it is so popular. Simple tips will help you keep an eye on your baby haircut.

  • You need to wash your hair daily. Choose a shampoo based on the characteristics of the hair. Choose a product that is intended for continuous use, otherwise the hair structure will be violated.
  • After washing, balm or conditioner will help maintain softness and healthy shine. Hair styling after such treatment will be much easier.
  • Hair grows quite quickly, whiskey and the back of the head become untidy. Follow this process and visit the wizard on time.

Correction of hairstyles can be done at home. You should not use scissors, it is better to get a high-quality machine that will allow you to make a quality haircut with minimal skills. Both short and long nozzles will be required. With a large nozzle, start cutting from the back of the head, gradually moving to the top of the head. Haircut against hair growth. At the temples, use a small nozzle so that the hair is much shorter. If you do a hairstyle on curly hair, then do not straighten them. An interesting hair structure will only improve the appearance of a half box haircut.

Choose the nozzles correctly. The length at the crown should not exceed 6–8 cm, and the rest of the hair should be within 2–5 cm. Bangs are relevant only on children's hairstyles, do not do it to adolescents. On average, you need to visit a hairdresser or do the correction yourself once every 4 weeks. If the hair grows very quickly, then 1 time in 3 weeks. It is important to maintain a neat appearance, otherwise the semi-box will lose its shape.

Styling requires special attention if the hair reaches about 7 cm. Also, special care is necessary if the hair has a fine structure. You should pay attention to such important recommendations for laying a half-box as:

  • the use of mousses and foam for additional fixation is optional, but such products will extend the styling, remember that adolescents may be especially negative for such styling,
  • a frame comb or brushing with a hairdryer will help to create additional volume, the strands need to be lifted near the roots and laid back, and if desired, you can experiment and style the hair to the forehead,
  • consult your hair stylist for a better styling experience.

You can treat the hair with foam and lift the locks so as to create the effect of creative mess. Lift hair of medium length in a neat mohawk. Smooth and long hair on the top can be beautifully styled with a high styling. If you don’t want to use fixation products or you can’t use them (they are forbidden for children under 7 years old), simply pull out the locks with a hairdryer and a comb and comb them to the right side.

The versatility of the half-box is that the haircut is suitable for boys from 3 years. Hair looks neat and tidy, absolutely does not interfere with the child. At an older age, with such a hairstyle, you can go to school and play sports. In adulthood, a haircut is relevant only if the guy himself chose it, do not impose it.

Beautiful examples

Fashionable hairstyles for boys are not much different from adult counterparts. The half box looks great in combination with bangs or various patterns on the temples. It is worth considering a few stylish options.

  • Stylish styling with additional fixation combined with a beautiful pattern on the temple. Hairstyle looks fashionable and bold.

  • A great way to put long locks on the top of your head. It looks interesting and attractive.

  • Bold interpretation of the half-box. The hairstyle is in perfect harmony with the oval of the face.

  • A great example of a half-box for a teenager. An interesting effect is created by coloring the locks.

  • The original design of the temple area and the back of the head. The intricate drawing, the boy will stand out from the crowd.

See the next video for a half-box haircut for boys.

Who goes the classic half box

The half box is designed for chubby men. Due to its layered structure, it lengthens the shape of the face. Also suitable for holders of square and oval shapes. But if you have a long face, then it is before the final decision to consult with a hairdresser. He can advise how best to hide the extension and emphasize the special charm of the selected haircut for your face. An exception would be men who are not easy with their elongated, but also with thin faces.

Children's haircuts for boys are diverse. But the semi-box is especially popular. This is due to the fact that the hairstyle does not need styling.

Varieties of haircuts at home with scissors and under the machine

There are several varieties of half-box:

  • option when its lower part is made in a classic style. A haircut is performed under the short nozzle. The transition line begins at the temple, then goes to the back of the head. The width of the transition is 1.5 cm,
  • a variation with or without bangs,
  • in modern design, the outline of the pattern is often cut out on the side parts.

In the main zone of this haircut, the hair length is left - 8 cm, and in other zones everything can be removed “to zero”.

In the summer, such sports hairstyles do not allow the head to overheat and at the same time do not create additional heat. And in the winter he does not crumple under a hat. Even in the off-season, having been exposed to rain, you can acquire a new style of this hairstyle - if you apply gel on slightly damp hair and ruffle your hair.


The half-box is a haircut for a boy, having positive sides:

  1. Such a shortening suits any style of clothing, combining perfectly with classic furniture (jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes), harmoniously harmonizing with a sports uniform and other fashion trends.
  2. Fast hair styling. It is enough to wash them, comb them in the right direction or make a light hedgehog.
  3. Vividly demonstrates the appearance of a gentleman from a young age. And this oh how attracts and disposes girls. Be special, boys!
  4. If your lad is the owner of curly strands, then cutting them, the hair is well ordered.
  5. Thanks to this clipping, the appearance is always fresh, cheerful and young. After all, facial features are maximally revealed.
  6. Unique hairdressing salons with a special approach, allowing you to draw curls, maximally emphasizing the advantages, minimally expressing the shortcomings of the appearance.


It has the most minimal flaws, rather associated with the wrong approach to design. If the boy has an elongated, thin face, cutting is extremely risky, because visually the face is stretched even more, all the "sins" are immediately visible. Then it is better to grow hair, creating a hairstyle longer and more voluminous.

Such a form of appearance is not contraindicated at all, but if you decide to perform it, contact a highly qualified specialist for thorough clearance.It is important that the boy does not have hearing loss, scars at the temples, on the back of the head, because cutting the hair will expose all defects.

Take a look at whether the child has large moles, warts. A separate cause is the frequent occurrence of dandruff. Having decided to cut your hair short, put in order the condition of the strands, the cover of the head so that minor imperfections do not instill the eyes of surrounding peers.

What are the nuances of care?

Maintaining children's haircuts for boys in half-box is not difficult, following the recommendations:

  1. Wash the strands daily with an appropriate type of product. Choose continuous shampoos to keep your hair healthy.
  2. To maintain softness, shine of curls, as well as better styling, it is recommended to use a balm or conditioner.
  3. Hair grows fast. If long curls look attractive on the parietal zone, then careless edging is an unpleasant sight. Follow the growth of the boy's strands, visit the hairdresser in time to adjust the shape.

Perhaps you are a parent, you want to cut a guy yourself at home. Arm yourself with tips. Scissors to the side and running to buy a typewriter with a good battery. So you focus on quality, avoiding time constraints.

Get short, long tips. With a large nozzle, start cutting from the back of the head to the top of the neck. In this area, shear curls against vegetation. At the temples, use a small nozzle.

How often do I need to update my haircut?

Watch how the hair grows on the head. Every 4 weeks, visit the hairdresser, updating the appearance. With rapid growth every 3 weeks. Constantly maintain a neat appearance, since the half-box, like any short hairstyle, grows out of shape greatly. More frequent visits to the hairdresser, you spend more. Maybe you better learn how to care for the haircut of the child?

Technologically, it is necessary to move very smoothly from long hair at the crown, performing shortly behind, on the side of the head. At the top they are the most elongated, gradually shortening down to the minimum prickly. When the execution is simple, concise, it is easier to lay down. You often don’t experiment with images. But the main thing for a guy is convenience.

Regarding the elongation of the curl: enough 6-8 cm in the parietal region and from 2 to 5 cm on the rest of the head. The length is acceptable for children, suggesting the classic performance in a smooth transition with the design of the bangs. Bangs - the coveted element of the image, elegantly decorating your child.

What type of personality is this haircut more suitable for?

It is worth noting that while the boy's body is forming, the character changes, develops. There are no distinct personality characteristics yet. However, many primordially masculine qualities are already emerging. According to statistics, most men prefer a classic haircut. Active and energetic guys choose sports design. This appearance expresses confidence, courage, audacity.

Execution perfectly emphasizes the dignity of a sports, pumped up, strong body, clearly highlighting the muscles. Since the face is as open as possible, the style symbolizes brutality, the seasoned character of the owner.

Who does this shearing, who does it suit? The answer is simple: if you are an athlete, military, busy person, or just want to reduce the time for hair care. Suitable if the structure of the strands is of poor quality, they often break, fall out.

What qualities are inherent in the above categories? Such people are demanding of themselves, with dignity, self-esteem. They are decisive, independent, persistent. Often these are individuals who can control themselves. Hairstyle is very popular in creative circles. She looks solid at business negotiations, looks contrasted at a theme party.

What kind of creative people are they with such a hairstyle? Often purposeful, they set high goals, they also value themselves highly. These are disciplined people with powerful motivation, critical and imaginative thinking, good optimism, and independence.

Photo gallery

We offer a look at the photo to understand the practical side of studying the topic.

The differences between boxing and semi-boxing

The classic model is characterized by short hair, as well as carefully shaved temporal and occipital areas. The half-box differs from the traditional haircut with longer strands on the temples and crown. Curls are maximally shortened only at the bottom of the head. It also has 2 contour lines. The first is located on the border of hair growth.

Another - it touches the upper edge at the place where the temporal and occipital strands join. When they lift her a little higher, she gets a boxing hairstyle.

Which boys are right for you?

The model is suitable for boys of all age categories having any type of curls - straight, curly, thick or thin. It goes to various forms of the oval: round, triangular, square, other types. The hairstyle does not have female features and therefore is considered specific. A similar model makes the images courageous, brutal.

How to teach the right to cut youth modern hairstyle at home

For its implementation you will need: a hair clipper, straight scissors and four nozzles from 1 to 4 cm. It is done on dry hair. So, the course of trimming at home is training:

  1. First you need to use the longest nozzle. With it, you need to cut hair starting from the temples and moving higher in terms of growth of strands,
  2. then the nozzle is replaced with a shorter one. She completely shaved off her hair below her temples,
  3. the strands on the parietal and lateral areas are trimmed with scissors,
  4. a line from long to short hair is performed by shading, achieving a smooth visual transition,
  5. bangs can be cut to the middle or left completely. Everyone decides for himself.

The listed actions will not create difficulties for those who have repeatedly experimented with themselves or at least once held a clipper in their hands. Short tennis hairstyle, like semi-boxing is a kind of sports haircuts. You can find out more about the Short Tennis hairstyle here.

The level of skill of the hairdresser does not greatly affect the final result. For such a hairstyle, skillful use of a trimmer is especially important.

Cutting of the temporal - lateral sections of the head is carried out under nulevka.

And the parietal zone is removed with scissors.

How a hairdresser cuts a model haircut for men - the technique of creating step by step

To complete a half-box hairstyle, the master will need: a shearing machine, a set of nozzles for her, scissors, their thinning analog, possibly a razor. Technology and scheme of work:

  1. Haircut starts from the center of the occipital region. There is a phased cutting of strips on the one hand, and then on the other. All this comes down to "null" with a typewriter or razor. If the latter is used, then the strands must be moistened. When using the machine, you can do hairstyle on dry hair,
  2. the upper part of the haircut runs along the line along the occipital protuberance and ears. If the transition is uneven, the work is corrected with scissors.
  3. strands are cut at the temples. The length of their hair depends on the already trimmed occipital area,

  • fringing is carried out on the neck, temples and behind the ears. For a smooth transition from short to long strands, smooth shading is performed. It is made 3 cm above the control line. This happens using a razor (cross-cutting method) or one of the varieties of scissors. And you can combine these three types of tools and perform shading by all of them at the same time,
  • trimming, shading, and then subsequent thinning is carried out taking into account the individual shape of the face. It is necessary to take into account its features and hide flaws. The final haircut should be of the correct oval shape.
  • A half-box haircut will be an excellent choice for those who want to look stylish in any situation, while not wasting time on styling and special care. You just need to remember to do your hair style on time, and you can have a well-groomed look without much effort.

    Haircuts with a pattern are always in trend. We recommend that you read more about them.

    Classic or Army

    The hair is cut short (2 - 3 cm) on the temples, and in the occipital region their length can be up to 4 cm. The crown curls reach 8 cm. The transitions are made sharp or soft. The bangs are cut, it has the same height with the upper strands. This style suits rare curls, it makes the look courageous, strict.

    With and without parting

    The border is shaved between the crown region and the temporal areas. It turns out a thin line. There can be several such strips. They are located parallel to each other or like an ornament. A haircut will look even more spectacular if you add it with an asymmetric bang laid up or on its side.

    Tools and preparation of a workplace for a haircut at home

    Before proceeding to the haircut procedure, it is necessary to prepare a workplace and a set of necessary tools. The process should be carried out in a well-lit place in front of the mirror. The baby should be seated on a high chair. The baby's head should be at hand level.

    You will need the following tools:

    Machine (trimmer)The sizes of the nozzles depend on the length of the strands. Typically, 1 to 4 mm will be required.
    Straight / thinning scissorsThey cut their hair, trim their hair, smooth the lines of transitions. And also form a hairstyle.
    CombWith frequent small teeth.
    ClampIt is necessary if the top of the strand is longer than the average size.
    Hair dryerFor styling hairstyles.
    RazorRemove excess hair in the neck area.
    CloakIt protects the body from falling hair.
    Spray bottle with water.Curls are moistened from it.

    Cars are of 2 types:

    Type of deviceHis powerContinuous operationspecifications
    Vibrating9 - 15 W10 - 20 minutesSuitable for baby gun, rare strands.
    Rotary (refers to professional)20 - 45 WAbout 60 minutesSuitable for stiff curly ox.

    There are also baby trimmers. They are not so noisy. It is best to buy a simple device with 2 - 3 nozzles that runs on batteries. It is preferable to choose a machine equipped with ceramic knives. They prevent cuts to the scalp, do not heat up.

    Instructions for cutting a boy with a typewriter. Step by Step Description

    Shearing a half-box begins with determining the height of the bangs and hair on the top of the head. Provided that their length suits, get to work. The first step is to treat the occipital region, temporal zones. Photos of the master class hairstyles for boys can be found in the article below. If the bangs need to be shortened, choose a control curl, which will be guided by.

    The strand is pulled with a comb perpendicular to the head to get a clearer cut. It is trimmed evenly. Excessively thick hair is thinned out a bit using thinning scissors. Visually outline the line of transition from long curls to short strands. Usually it runs along the upper points of the nape and the ends of the ears. The bangs are fixed with a clip for convenience.

    Take the longest nozzle. Moving from the back of the head to the temples. To begin with, the machine passes 1 time to remove the bulk of the hair.

    How should the machine go?

    Before starting work, the curls are combed in the direction of hair growth:

    • Strands are removed in stripes. First, spend in the center of the neck. Then from the sides of it.
    • The machine is moved easily in a straight line.
    • The fit to the head is carried out not with the end of the trimmer, but with the entire nozzle where the cut takes place.
    • They are led against hair growth. But the fillets do not.
    • The locks periodically lift the comb.
      How to cut and what nozzle?

    Nozzles are selected alternately from the largest to the smallest. Usually on the back of the nozzle, its number and the length by which it cuts the hair are indicated.

    Sheared as follows:

    • Start from the nozzle 12 mm. advancing to 3 mm.
    • Shearly or nullified without the use of a nozzle.
    • On the side of the machine is a handle. The blade is pushed back, keeping the length within 0.5 cm. It will not allow beginners to cut off excess strands.
    • Before starting the process, the lever should be pushed back to see how the apparatus acts on the razor's edge and exits or retracts.


    Create the shape of the temples. The corner is made straight or beveled.


    • The machine is turned over, leaned on - they get an even angle or set a certain degree. So they cut men and boys.
    • Hair comb well. Check if any ends stick out.
    • Strands shorten the machine again if necessary. Use a smaller nozzle.


    A half-box haircut (photos for boys with examples posted in hairdressing magazines) are characterized by smooth transitions.

    They are created between long and short curls using the shading method:

    • The locks capture the comb from the bottom up.
    • They are held by a crest, which is placed perpendicular to the floor.
    • His lead with his left hand up. Various irregularities and protruding hairs are cut with scissors.
      Going from 0 onwards

    The shaving procedure begins with the lower zone of the head:

    • Remove the extra height of the curls in the neck to the supposed border of the elongated strands.
    • Hair is reduced "to zero" below.
    • They are cut in the middle of the head from behind, then sections on the sides.
    • When the length of the strands on the back of the head becomes the same, they move to the temporal zones.
    • At first they work on one side area, then move on to another.
    • Next, change the nozzle to a smaller one: 1 - 2 mm. Once again pass through the area below the temples. It is necessary to make a decline in length from top to bottom. While it will be quite rude. Then they blend it.
    • At the end of the procedure, an easy thinning is done to smooth the transitions.

    Create a border

    Edging is done around the entire contour of the head: on the temples, above the auricles, neck.

    Keep in mind the following:

    • The nozzle is removed. Along the edge of the hairstyle gently pass the upside down side of the trimmer to remove protruding hair.
    • Take into account the shape of the nape. For example, it can be trapezoidal, rectangular, oval.
      The right haircut bangs

    The bangs and upper curls located in the parietal region are sheared with a machine using a nozzle of 8 - 9 mm. or scissors, holding hair with your fingers. The forehead moves towards the back of the head. The reference is the control strand, which was determined at the beginning of the haircut. For example, the fringe can be styled along an oblique line or retreat from the eyebrows by 2 - 3 cm. There are also other options.

    How not to leave bald patches?

    Bald patches remain on the hair if the machine is not carried out properly.

    There may be several reasons:

    • Curls combed poorly before starting a haircut. From this, the nozzle blades become clogged, they tear the hair, which leads to bald patches.
    • Do not wash your hair. Skin fat clogs the device.
    • Wet strands are not dried. From damp locks dull knives.
    • We tried to make the pattern a trimmer yourself. It is better not to carry out such a procedure at home. Otherwise, you have to cut “to zero”.

    Scissor Cutting Technique

    A half-box haircut (photos for boys with a master class are placed later in the article) are also carried out with scissors. Before the process begins, the curls moisturize.

    Haircut is performed as follows:

    1. The control strand is selected in the crown area. The rest of the hair is cut on it.
    2. From the crown move in a circle.
    3. Take thin strands. The hand is placed on the client’s head, and the palm itself is taken away.
    4. The locks capture one by one, leveling them along the selected strand.
    5. Hair is cut, making an even cut or in the form of teeth perpendicular to the control curl.
    6. From the crown of the head they gradually move to the areas above the ears.
    7. Next, the temporal, occipital region is designated.
    8. At the back, the strands are sheared with scissors, combs, or use a clipper.
    9. At the temples, the curls are cut at an angle of 45 °. The sides are processed in turn.
    10. Transitions are performed with thinning scissors of 2 - 3 cm.
    11. Edging is done using a trimmer.
    12. Form a bang.
    13. At the end, the haircut is milled.

    Styling selection

    Curls in the half-box style can be stacked in various ways, if the length of the curls is 7 - 8 cm:

    • The strands are lifted up using a wire brush or a hair dryer with brushing.
    • Curls are treated with foam. Then they are squeezed with fingers, a little ruffled, creating a creative mess.
    • At the top, long strands are made into a high styling, fixing them with a small amount of styling. Suitable for a festive occasion.
    • The hair is pulled out with a hairdryer and combed to the desired side.

    Hair Care

    It is quite simple to look after a haircut:

    • You need to wash your hair daily so that the hairstyle always looks fresh. Shampoo is better to choose, given the structure of the hair.
    • After washing, use balm, conditioner. Then the curls will remain soft.
    • The haircut must be regularly adjusted so that its shape is not disturbed.

    Correction can be carried out at home using a high-quality machine:

    • Begin to cut from the back of the head. Then they move to the top of the head.
    • Use a large nozzle. Shear against the growth of strands.
    • At the temples work a small nozzle. Curly curls do not straighten.
    • Nozzles must be selected correctly.
    • In the crown zone, the length of the strands is left no more than 5 - 8 cm. The rest of the hair should have a height of 2 - 5 cm.
    • Bangs are done at will.
    • The curls are corrected once every 3 to 4 weeks. It depends on the speed of their growth.

    A half-box haircut is a universal model for boys of any age. The hairstyle is easy to do at home, if you follow all the recommendations. Colorful photographs will help to carry out this simple procedure.

    Watch the video: 7 Style Tips For Bald Men (February 2020).

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