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How to return a girl by the zodiac sign?

The answer to the question of how to return the Virgo woman depends on who was responsible for the conflict and what caused the gap. Of course, there is no universal recipe for restoring relations between two people, no matter what zodiac sign they may be, however, there are several common features for all Virgins that determine their behavior during resentment, quarrel and reconciliation.

If you poorly know what your beloved Virgo is, then carefully read the following paragraph: it describes in general terms about her and her personality. By the way, there is nothing surprising in the fact that, even having time to quarrel with the Virgin girl, you are still not very familiar with her features: Virgo woman is a rather secretive character. This earthly sign is distinguished by pragmatic judgments, integrity and even some tediousness.

Virgo rarely shows her emotions, even if anger, despair or passion overflows inside her. Outwardly, it may seem that she never feels any feelings at all, but this is not so: the Virgo woman has a very loving heart, which she is ready to give to a worthy person for life. She is an owner and a very demanding person, therefore, conflicts often arise in this regard: if, for example, an air sign became her chosen one, then his windiness and frivolity, including too light attitude to flirting with different girls, can become the reason for the best case of serious discord.

How to Make Peace with a Virgo Woman

Reconciling a Virgo woman after a quarrel can be extremely difficult. Virgos are not prone to external affects, therefore, the parting scenes will not be filled with theatrical drama. Such a woman will not blame her partner, shed tears, lament for her lost love - she will simply leave, leaving no chance. People of this zodiac sign have a wonderful memory, but even wonderful memories will not make them change their minds. Virgo possesses feelings and emotions well enough to prevent them from gaining the upper hand over reason and their offended dignity. She believes that a return to the past after what happened will not bring anything good, the relationship will not be the same - in this regard, she does not have the slightest illusions and empty hopes.

However, Virgo women can take such a step only in very difficult cases, when their ideas about decency and decency are deeply affected, for example, when a partner openly neglects the oath of marital fidelity. If the insult is not so deep, then everything can be tried to be corrected, especially since the Virgin is not windy - hardly giving their secret feelings and thoughts to someone, they are in no hurry to find solace in someone else's arms. Virgo women have difficulty deciding to communicate with one or another person, therefore they subsequently do not refuse it without good reason.

If there is a discord in your relationship, and you are looking for advice on how best to make peace with the Virgo woman, return her, because she is very dear to you - feel free to apologize to her, fully take the blame on yourself, even if in fact you were both to blame . Be sure - she herself knows this, but will be grateful to you for the generosity shown. Such a woman should not lie, feed her promises, since she captures insincerity on the move. If a man comes to ask for forgiveness with a tiny trace of lipstick on his clothes or body, his song is sung. It is useless to appeal to the emotions, feelings or pity of this woman - she will be adamant and cold, even if at that time a fire rages in her soul.

A rash decision is to try to return the woman to Virgo, figuring out who is right, who is to blame. Instead, it is best to obey and present her with flowers. Being a representative of the elements of the Earth, she is indifferent to everything natural, natural, and her heart will soften even a little.

The situation is even simpler if she herself is completely to blame for the conflict, because deep down she always understands this. It is enough to wait until Virgo fully realizes her guilt, analyzes the situation and, if she does not apologize, then with all her appearance she will show that she is ready for reconciliation. You can take the reconciliation mission on yourself - and the woman Virgo will certainly appreciate such a delicate step. It should be remembered that the discord in the couple can occur due to the close relatives of the Virgin, who are her unquestioned authority. If they find flaws in your behavior or character, then their discontent will immediately be “infected” and Virgo. In any case, it is necessary to discuss the problems that have arisen, not "in the heat of the heat", but giving the woman some time so that she calmly thinks and calms down.

How to return a girl by the zodiac sign?

By nature, a man is a breadwinner and a conqueror, so it is extremely important for him to take the initiative, even after breaking up at the request of the girl. It does not happen that a relationship ends just like that without good reason, most likely a man inadvertently made mistakes and misconduct that pushed his chosen one. Thanks to astrological advice, you can find the best ways to solve such a problem as the return of the girl.


This sign has realistic views on relationships, so it’s not difficult to decide how to return the girl to Aquarius. A girl of such a sign understands in her soul that in any relationship there will be ups and downs, the main thing is not to abuse one another's loyalty. She needs to demonstrate 100% all her feelings and desires, proving that a man is worthy of her love. Frank conversations, a minimum of tactility until reconciliation will help.


Determining how to return the girl to a capricorn, you need to rely solely on the head, not intuition and heart. With such a girl, a cold calculation is needed in order to return to the old relationship. It is extremely contraindicated to manipulate a sense of jealousy, on the contrary, a man needs to show the seriousness of his intentions. If the girl sees her ex-boyfriend on the other, there will be no more chances. For Capricorn girls, it is important that the man always keeps his promises.


The hardest thing is for those men who are looking for ways to return the scorpion girl. This sign is ambitious, so even if a girl makes mistakes, she will never admit her guilt. But there is still a small chance, the main thing is not to use arguments and emotions. You can try it with friendship and sex, but without romance and commitment, because in many ways the way to the heart of a scorpion girl lies through quality sex. Only pleasing your beloved will there be a chance to return her.

It is quite possible to return the ram girl, the main thing is to calculate everything in advance. This sign is extremely serious about breaking the relationship, they are characterized by a long and painful experience of resentment. In this regard, it is necessary to respect the right of Aries to personal space, not to seek meetings and not to exert pressure. Only after the girl has cooled down can you show her that the man will always be ready to help and support. You can use phone calls to keep in touch.

Cancer girls tend to become discouraged after parting, depression and deep feelings. They are ways to exaggerate this topic, thinking about it constantly. A man needs not to be annoyed because of the gloomy thoughts of the girl, but to give him some time to be alone with himself. It is necessary to be honest with the crayfish, listen to them, show compliance and openness, patiently waiting for the right moment for reconciliation.


Despite the romance of the calves, at the time of parting with them, it is important to use only calculation and cold logic. First you need to be prepared for the phase of resistance, the bodies are not ready to throw themselves in the arms after the apology of the man. He needs to try to earn attention with a respectful, caring, faithful attitude to such obstinate persons. And if he manages to make the girl feel like a queen, she will give a second chance.


This sign is characterized by breaks in relations due to banal boredom, when a man is simply bored. Only by turning on artistry, imagination and fantasy, a man will get a chance for a second attempt. Twins love men’s lungs to climb, as well as risks, so you can go on a trip abruptly or jump with a parachute. You can also win your heart and melt ice, if you constantly talk about your feelings.


Sagittarius girls do not like drama, they never throw scandals all over the house, they don’t beat dishes, but, on the contrary, calmly and with dignity experience a breakup. They hide all their feelings and feelings within themselves, and in order to return them, one cannot disturb the vulgar. This girl needs to be filled with positive emotions and impressions, arranging intimate conversations or trips. The main thing is not to rush things, as the archer needs time to take the man back.

After breaking up with Virgo, a man expects a literally impenetrable wall of pretense of indifference. It is extremely important for this sign to save face, demonstrating in all ways that the man is no longer interested in her. To restore relations with such a person, you need to keep emotions in check, as expressiveness and restraint can scare off. Virgos need to show in every way that the man has realized his guilt, has changed and will no longer allow such situations. A sincere apology will win her heart, breaking a protective position in the dust.

If a man tries to regain his relationship with a girl born under the sign of Lviv, he should never come to her empty-handed. This sign is not enough bare words and promises, help melt the ice passionate arguments in the form of hugs and kisses, expensive gifts and hot sex. She can accept all gifts, but she will forgive for a long time, considering all the actions and steps of a man literally under a microscope. And if a man stumbles, he will no longer see a second chance.

Externally, Pisces may seem calm and quiet girls, but during the separation, they make true furies. If a man strongly offended a girl with the sign of Pisces, you need to be prepared for the fact that she will never forgive him. Even if she outwardly pretends to have forgiven, resentment will forever remain in her heart. Relationships need to be restored by frank and lengthy conversations, presentations, devoted and ideal behavior.

Libra needs a lot of love, as in the best films and songs. The idealization of relations often leads to the fact that Libra is disappointed in the chosen one, gradually coming to the conclusion that the relationship needs to be broken. To return it, you need to look at yourself from the side, to understand all your mistakes and mistakes. And only work on oneself, positive changes, and the ability to improve oneself will be appreciated by Libra, as they need mature personalities.


Returning a girl if she left is a man’s prerogative; all that remains is to choose the right tactics to conquer her. Astrology and advice from the stars will help you find an approach to girls born under different zodiac signs. Thanks to this unique and isolated approach, a man will be able to further understand the nature of his chosen one, her thinking and wishes in choosing a second half.

Virgo. What is she like?

Your girl is an intellectual, she loves order, she is a real keeper of the hearth and most of all she likes to be alone with you.

Charming mystery woman. You never know what to expect from her, even if relations with her last for years. And it’s not bad. This quality brings peppercorn to the relationship.

With her man, Virgo is tender and sensual, but at the same time stingy with emotions. Even if she is calm outside, then hurricanes rage inside her. Virgo will never respond vividly to what is happening, so you should learn to “read” her condition, be tolerant and sensitive.

Such a girl is inclined to idealize everything. She will be demanding of a partner. But only because he wants her man to be as close to ideal as possible. For this reason, it is difficult for her to establish a relationship.

Woman Virgo is a real mistress. Her house is clean and comfortable. She does everything possible to maintain comfortable living conditions for herself, her husband and children.

A girl born under this zodiac sign is a real reward for her husband. She is faithful and does not suit jealousy. But if the partner cheated on her, Virgo will not live in illusions, will not wait for a person who does not need him. A return to the past is impossible for her.

If the insult is not so strong, then the question is “how to conquer a girl Virgo? ”Will be relevant.

But it’s worthwhile to understand that the development of events depends on whose fault you parted with.

How to make peace with Aries woman

Aries woman is characterized by a changeable mood. On the one hand, she likes to collect compliments and win men's hearts, and on the other, she is too wayward and selfish and cannot tolerate loyalty and love for long.

The Aries girl likes to show off in front of men in bright dresses and short skirts from time to time - she just organically needs attention and admiration, without which she simply fades and starts to look bad in the business itself. Therefore, the man who wants to be with her even after a quarrel, should come to terms and wait patiently if she went to another.

In fact, Aries, although not simple, can be returned. So you should not doubt whether it is possible to return it even after a divorce. The main thing is to behave correctly and in accordance with the nature of this sign. But teach that if she finds herself in a serious relationship with another person, you will have to be patient and just wait.

In some cases, it’s difficult to reconcile with her after breaking up, and it’s not worth doing it if she is passionate about someone. If she is very dear to you, the heart itself will tell you how to return her location and how to make peace with her. Here's what to do best, knowing her character, in order to regain Aries's love and respect.

Psychologist's advice

1. More spectacular and arrogant. Do not try to please her by stepping over your interests, as this can greatly harm your relationship. Aries hates devotion to the detriment of your interest and sacrifice where it is not necessary. Strength, pride, arrogance and mystery are what Aries appreciates in people. Therefore, try to behave chilly, especially at first - this will make her think about who she might be losing. So flowers and champagne can be put off until a more suitable occasion.

2. Show coldness in communication. It will be very effective if she sees you with flowers, a beautiful gift box and a bottle of champagne, designed not for her, especially if she is used to your gifts. This may make her think hard. Another effective way is to get in the suit with her best friend. Aries are very curious and your passion will certainly find out to whom you give flowers and pay attention. This will also make her think if she is not in love with her new love object.

3. Begin to dress brightly and stylishly, sign up to the hairdresser, lose weight, if necessary. In communication, try to behave casually and sociably, with humor, but without swagger and demonstration. The calmer you are, the more likely it is that Aries will return to you again. However, you should not rush things - let her make sure that you are better.

4. If Aries again begs forgiveness and tries to get you back, try not to run right away to meet her. Show that you also have a personal life and women like you. Aries is not used to letting go of what is dear to her, and then she will value her and your victory more.However, avoid notations and humiliations - otherwise it will never be yours again. Do not be jealous, stop scolding her for her adventures, do not say anything, but just buy the most beautiful red roses and give them to a woman with dinner by candlelight and glasses with expensive pink champagne.

You're not right

How to return the girl to Virgo after breaking up, if the discord occurred through your fault?

If the reason is a domestic quarrel and misunderstanding, then Virgo will forgive quickly. It is enough to calm down and come to a compromise.

If you gave her reason to be jealous, if you had an affair with another woman, then you have to work hard for a long time.

At first, do not make any sudden movements. Be patient. Let the girl digest the situation. She needs time to analyze what happened and delve into herself. It’s better not to touch the Virgin, otherwise everything will end with another dramatic scene, which will not lead to a good outcome, and, on the contrary, will delay reconciliation.

Begin cautiously, but decisively. And so that you better realize what you can and cannot do, we suggest you take the test on the site http://vernilybov.ru, where you will receive recommendations in a few minutes.

Virgo is not easy. Do not think that such a woman will fall into your arms after you fill her with expensive gifts, beautiful compliments and promises. She is waiting not for words, but for action.

In addition, the owners of this zodiac sign pay attention to the opinion of their close circle. Therefore, to get close to the ex-girlfriend, forge relationships with her relatives and close friends. They will help you get in touch.

In no case do not start a conversation with a showdown.

Sorry. Sincerely say that you realized your guilt.

Most importantly, the word here is sincerity. This is extremely important. If there is even a drop of lies in your words, Virgo will catch it.

Virgo forgave you

Resume friendly communication. Be close. Be sensitive to her problems and to everything that she trusts you. After proceed to romantic actions. Visit the places where you were happy together. Give care and attention.

Choose gifts wisely. Element of the Virgin - Earth. She will be happy with the flowers. But if for you it is commonplace, then there are many other options. The main thing is that the gift should be practical. This sign does not need trinkets.

Do not ask your forehead what to give. Virgins need surprises. Talk more with the girl, listen carefully and remember her wishes.

When she sees your sympathetic attitude, attention to her life and desires, communication with her friends and family, her lover will be ready to return to you.

Be patient, because resentment in Virgo sits for a long time. Be prepared that she will often recall the past and point out all misconduct. But if we love a person, we accept him with all the advantages and disadvantages. If you really need this woman, then you will reconsider your behavior in order to avoid further conflicts.

To return a beloved woman, you need to understand what steps to take. It is important that they are correct and not aggravate the situation. Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy. But you can find out about further actions in your specific situation.

Virgo girls are complex personalities. Do not guess what is going on in their head. But since you are ready to understand the problem and solve it, then you are on the right track. Take the test and get recommendations for improving relationships in the mail.

We will send materials with the help of which you look at what happened to the girl’s discord and start acting in the right way.

How to Conquer a Virgo Woman

Not everyone can conquer a Virgo woman. Traditional tricks will not be possible, because such a young lady is characterized by selectivity in choosing a gentleman. She will not start a relationship with a groomed man. It is important for her that the fan be neat, have good taste and take care of herself. Moreover, he does not have to be a standard of beauty or a sex symbol.

Of great importance to her are also the mannerisms of the fan. He must be educated and disciplined. Such a young lady sharply reacts to swear words and tongue-tied tongues. She appreciates punctuality in a man. She will not like it if the gentleman is late for the meeting without good reason.

The pedantic lady will strive to keep everything under control. Not every man can stand it. But he will have to pay such a price for the attention of the young lady.

Only a person with high intelligence can conquer an intelligent and educated Virgo woman. The demanding young lady will not be interested in a limited and stupid man. She needs an interesting conversationalist, able to maintain a conversation on any topic.

An economical woman-Virgo would not like it if the gentleman would waste money in front of her. Often she is able to provide for herself. The attitude of the representative of this zodiac sign to finance is very scrupulous. You can “bribe” her attention by appreciating such a rational approach to money.

You should not expect the first step from such a lady. A man needs to carefully and unobtrusively show sympathy and not force events. Everything should be with feeling, with sense, with arrangement. Reliable, good-natured and hardworking gentleman will have great chances to win the heart of the representative of this zodiac sign. A great place for a first date is the theater. Not too emotional woman Virgo likes to watch the actors play live and develop other people's experiences.

How to keep a virgin woman

Pedantic woman Virgo scrupulously approaches every decision. She does not make hasty conclusions regarding personal life. The partner is closely monitored throughout the entire courtship period. Each of his mistakes can provoke a break in relations.

To keep nearby the representative of the elements of the Earth, a man must constantly work on himself and adapt to the complex and contradictory nature of the chosen one. Woman Virgo is a teacher by nature. The companion needs to be prepared for the fact that she will try to “educate him”. She will approach this issue thoroughly and responsibly.

Having bribed her once with impeccable manners, high intellect and good breeding, the partner will have to “keep the brand”. He must develop - then the lady will not lose interest in him. It is important for a Virgo woman that her partner grow intellectually. She needs a good conversationalist, not a down-to-earth macho.

For such a lady, appearance matters. The partner must be neat and tidy. A man who neglects basic hygiene procedures and does not take care of himself will not be able to restrain a virgin woman.

Being a zealous owner, the representative of the elements of the Earth will not openly show jealousy. She will get together and leave without high-profile scenes if her partner will pay attention to other young ladies.

Such a lady is critical of herself and her shortcomings. But she reacts sharply if a man points her to them. Even after years of marriage, the young lady will not be calm about critical comments from her spouse.

Pedantic Virgo woman needs an absolute order in everything. Ideal cleanliness should reign in her house. A man will have to accept this feature and try not to upset the harmony created by the partner. A representative of this zodiac sign strictly monitors the family budget. She does not welcome wasted expenses and demands the same from her partner.

How to return a virgin woman

Quarrels with a Virgo woman usually go quietly. The representative of this zodiac sign is not prone to tantrums. She would rather calmly leave without explaining the reasons, having made her firm decision, rather than arrange “demonstrations” with tears, screams and beating utensils. When leaving, such a lady leaves little chance of reconciliation to her partner. It rarely allows emotions and feelings to prevail over the mind. If a man insulted her dignity or violated the oath of marital fidelity, then she would not want to return to a relationship with him.

In the case of a less serious reason for a quarrel, reconciling with a Virgo woman is more realistic. She is not one of those who immediately rushes in search of a new partner. A sincere apology and repentance will help return her. Sincerity is important to such a lady. She will not tolerate false promises.

The representative of this zodiac sign will not be delighted with the partner’s attempts to find the guilty person in a breakup. He had better take the blame. A woman will appreciate his condescension and generosity. If the fault clearly lies with the lady, then you can give her time to realize this and calm down. She will show with all her appearance and behavior that she is ready to make peace. But the first step should still be with the man.


Girls of this zodiac sign seem so romantic lovers of melodramas. But if you need to return the Taurus girl, put the romance aside. Only cold logic and calculation will help return your beloved.

Get ready for resistance first. Representatives of this sign will not rush into your arms after the first apology. Their attention still needs to be earned. How? Fidelity, caring, respectful attitude. The girl should feel like a queen, then she will return to you.


Boredom is the main reason these girls break off relationships. You just bother them. Therefore, in order to return your beloved, you should include all your imagination and artistry.

Become easier to climb. A spontaneous trip to the sea or a parachute jump will help to regain your relationship (Gemini loves risk). Also, constantly talk about your feelings. Twin girls appreciate when they confess their love.

After the break, all Cancers become discouraged. Even depression, heavy and black. Crayfish often try to exaggerate the gap, constantly thinking about it. Yes, it can openly enrage. Instead of looking for a way out, a girl can wallow in gloomy thoughts.

Let her be alone with herself. Be extremely honest. Together, analyze the reasons for your breakup. Listen to the opinion of the girl, even if you completely disagree with him. Crayfish greatly value openness, pliability, and patience.

Leo girls do not go to apologize empty-handed. Your bare words will not be enough. Lions adore additional arguments in the form of passionate kisses, hot sex, good gifts.

But do not think that if the Leo girl accepted your presents, she has already returned to you. Get ready for the fact that your every step will be examined under a microscope. Stay again - forever become a former guy.

A wall of feigned indifference awaits you after breaking with Virgo. The representative of this zodiac sign will try to save her face and pretend that you do not care about her at all.

To return Virgo, you need to be as collected as possible and not let emotions go free. Excessive expressiveness can scare away your beloved even more. Show that you have learned a lesson from your break, admit your guilt and sincerely apologize.

Such girls want a lot of love. Ideal with a white veil, limousine, a bunch of kids and a three-story house. If you disappoint the representative of this zodiac sign more and more, she will not fail to leave you.

So look at yourself through the eyes of your girlfriend. What can you change in yourself? You may not be as perfect as you used to consider yourself. Work on yourself. Libra adores mature individuals who have set a goal in life and know how to change themselves for the better.


Who doesn’t like drama is the Sagittarius girls. They carry the gap quite calmly, do not throw plates and do not scream at the whole house. Such girls hide all their feelings deep inside.

In order to return your beloved, you should not disturb the past. Fill your present with positive emotions. Offer to go somewhere together, arrange intimate conversations. But do not force events. Sagittarius needs time to take you back.


Aquarius girls look at relationships realistically. They understand that love has ups and downs. But do not abuse such loyalty. You must by all means demonstrate to the girl that you are worthy of her love.

Frank conversations will be helpful. Just do not bother hugging and kissing. Immediately after the breakup, the Aquarius girls are not ready for frank tactile contacts, everything has its time.

The girls of this zodiac sign seem quiet and calm. But during a breakup, they magically turn into furies. If you have offended a girl born under the sign of Pisces, get ready for the fact that she will never forgive you. Rather, he pretends to have forgiven. But resentment will remain in her heart forever.
And you can’t pray forgiveness with the help of good sex.

Restoring relationships will help frank conversations, your ideal behavior during the "trial period", presentations and unlimited devotion in the eyes.

If you want to return the girl after the break, pay attention to her zodiac sign. The stars will tell you how best to get the forgiveness of your beloved.
But remember that female patience is not rubber. If you screw it up again, the girl will simply turn around and leave. And no stars will help her return.

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