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The best drugs for the prevention of prostatitis in men

Diseases affecting the intimate sphere of life are afraid of all members of the stronger sex. Such ailments include prostatitis, which can affect a man of almost any age. The danger of pathology also lies in the fact that from the acute stage it can quickly turn into the chronic one. Therefore, the prevention of prostatitis is very important. Such a measure will help those at risk to maintain their health, and those who are already faced with a disease can prevent its exacerbation.

Characterization of the disease and its symptoms

Prostatitis is called inflammation of the prostate gland, or prostate. This organ plays a significant role in the male body, performing several tasks at once. The prostate gland takes an active part in the processes of ejaculation and urination, and also protects against various infections. Therefore, as a result of its defeat, the entire genitourinary system suffers.

The cause of inflammation can be both pathogenic microorganisms that enter the prostate through the urethra, and congestion in the pelvic area. Often the impetus for the development of the disease is excessive hypothermia.

This pathology is acute and chronic. If in the acute form all the symptoms of the disease are expressed quite clearly, in the chronic stage it is more difficult to recognize the disease, since its symptoms are more smoothed out. Here are the most common symptoms for prostatitis:

  1. Pain They can occur in the penis, in the area adjacent to it, the scrotum, around the anus, lower back or even abdomen during ejaculation and after having sex.
  2. Problems with urination. They consist in the appearance of burning and pain throughout the process, as well as frequent urge to the toilet.
  3. The appearance of discharge from the urethra in the form of a thick liquid.
  4. Violation of potency.

To avoid such problems, it is easier to try to prevent prostatitis, and not waste time and money on its treatment.

Risk factors

Prostatitis is an insidious disease that affects men aged 25 to 50 years. Sometimes even 20-year-old boys suffer from it. The development of pathology is facilitated by such factors:

  • irregular sex life or lack thereof,
  • sex with an unverified partner without the use of contraception,
  • lack of physical activity,
  • weakened immunity
  • chronic stress
  • frequent hypothermia of the pelvic organs,
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

There are a number of professions whose representatives are much more likely to get inflammation of the prostate gland, which is associated with working conditions in certain areas.

The following persons are at risk:

  • people doing sedentary work,
  • drivers
  • those who work in adverse weather conditions. For example, builders, geologists, etc.

Preventive actions

Prevention of inflammation of the prostate can be primary and secondary. The first type is aimed at preventing prostatitis, and the second - at preventing new attacks of the disease in its chronic form. These measures consist of a whole complex of actions, the implementation of which involves reducing the risk of a disease or alleviating its course.

Lifestyle change

To reduce the likelihood of the disease, it is recommended to get rid of bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking. And if alcohol in small doses does not do much harm to the body, then cigarettes should be abandoned once and for all. This habit helps to slow down blood circulation in all organs, including in the pelvic area, which ultimately leads to oxygen deficiency in the tissues of the prostate and worsens its condition. In addition, smoking disrupts the outflow of venous blood and leads to the formation of edema and lymph congestion.

It is also very important to pay attention to proper nutrition, and those who move a little during the day need to increase physical activity. It is very useful to start or end the day with a contrast shower. It will increase blood flow to the prostate gland and other organs of the small pelvis, and will further strengthen the immune system.

Who needs medication and when

Most often, prostatitis is diagnosed in men over 35 years old. Favorable conditions for prostatitis create features of the profession and lifestyle. At risk:

  • bachelors
  • overly active men
  • representatives of sedentary professions (programmers, drivers, office workers),
  • athletes (swimmers, rowers, surfers, climbers),
  • men who abuse fatty, spicy and fried foods, strong coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

These categories of men are recommended taking medications and dietary supplements for the prevention of prostatitis.

Physical exercise

An active lifestyle positively affects the entire body and is a good prevention of prostatitis. This is due to the fact that physical activity does not allow blood to stagnate and saturate tissues with oxygen. This lifestyle is especially important for those who are engaged in sedentary work. To increase physical activity, you can go in for sports, begin to perform a certain set of exercises, or simply allocate more time for hiking.

The most suitable sports for the prevention of illness are jogging, all types of walking, as well as all kinds of sports games that do not lead to hypothermia and excessive physical stress. If the disease has passed into the chronic stage, you should abandon lifting weights, swimming in cold ponds and cycling.

As for exercises, the following types are recognized as the most effective:

  • 5-8 slow-moving half-squats
  • "Birch"
  • "bike",
  • raising the pelvis from a prone position with legs bent at the knees. It is recommended to keep the pelvis in the upper position for at least 3-5 seconds, and 6-8 repetitions should be performed at a time.

The prophylactic benefits of Kegel exercises are proven. They strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and anus, and also provide the necessary blood flow to the prostate. At the initial stage, it is recommended to exercise during urination, delaying the urinary stream for 3-4 seconds, repeating the action 5-7 times in a row. After it becomes clear which muscle is tense during exercise, it will be possible to train it in other conditions.

The best drugs in tablets for the prevention of prostatitis in men

There are dozens of drugs with beneficial effects on the prostate gland. However, neither the indications in the instructions for the drug, nor its price serve as sufficient grounds for appointing it yourself.

Before using any drug, the prevention of prostatitis should be discussed with your doctor.

Sex life

To protect yourself from the disease, you need to have sex regularly, that is, at least 1-2 times a week. It is recommended to do this with a constant sexual partner, otherwise a man may have inflammation due to the frequent change of microflora. If there is no intimate relationship, a special secret and decay products gradually accumulate in the prostate, which do not find a way out and subsequently lead to illness. Positive effect on men's health and a strong contraction of the muscles of the pelvis during ejaculation.

The best way to avoid the development of infectious prostatitis is the mandatory use of a condom when having sex with an unverified partner. If possible, it is best to avoid promiscuous sexual intercourse. This will eliminate the likelihood of getting an infection.

When there is no sex life, masturbation can help a man. Of course, it will not replace full-fledged sex, but it will help to maintain health. This is especially true for those who crossed the 40-year milestone.

Nutrition rules

Balanced nutrition is another way to prevent illness. Daily food the diet should be designed to meet the following requirements:

  • to prevent irritation of the prostate gland,
  • improve blood flow in the organ itself and the surrounding area and provide the gland with the necessary nutrients,
  • exclude the possibility of developing atherosclerosis,
  • avoid constipation and gastrointestinal microflora disorders,
  • strengthen the body’s immune system.

To achieve these goals will help reduce the consumption of animal fats, salt, canned foods and fast food, as well as fried foods. It is better to switch to less fatty meats, do not forget about seafood, increase the proportion of vegetables, fruits and herbs, and try to cook steamed or in the oven.

The daily diet must necessarily include substances such as:

  1. Vitamins of groups A, C, E. They will help strengthen the body's defenses so that it itself resists viruses and bacteria. To provide yourself with vitamins, you can take special complexes, but it is best to choose products with their high content.
  2. Zinc. It helps to reduce inflammatory processes, positively affects potency and helps to produce progesterone, which protects the prostate from the appearance of pathologies. This element is found in pumpkin and watermelon seeds, beef liver, lamb, chocolate.
  3. Selenium. It improves sexual function, fights inflammation, and has an immunomodulatory effect. It can be found in eggs, corn, beans, almonds and walnuts, and seafood.

Prostate massage

Such an effect on the prostate gland is usually prescribed to patients with chronic prostatitis, but can also be used for prophylactic purposes. A specialist should conduct a massage, and its essence is to stimulate the prostate through the anus. One session of such massage lasts no more than 1 minute, and the course consists of 8-10 sessions, which must be done once every 3 days.

The main goal of influencing an organ is to isolate a stagnant secretion from it along with pathogenic microflora. This happens at the end of each session in the form of spontaneous ejaculation. If this does not happen, the patient should urinate. Then the secret will come out with urine.

Massage is contraindicated in the presence of tumors of any kind in the gland, as well as with the accumulation of stones in the ducts and with the bacterial form of the disease. If the patient has severe pain, the effect on the organ should be discontinued.

Taking medications and dietary supplements

To prevent prostatitis, medications are taken in various forms. Among them are tablets, suppositories, capsules and injections. Usually these are the same types of drugs that are used to treat the disease. The difference is only in the scheme of their intake, which should be prescribed by a doctor.

The most effective tablets are Oxytetracycline, which kills harmful bacteria, Proserin, which relieves tension of the smooth muscles of the prostate, as well as Baclofen, which is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Flutamide helps to rid the body of edema. If we talk about candles, then it is worth paying attention to Diclofenac, Vitaprost, Papaverine and Prostopin. In any case, you should definitely consult a doctor.

As for dietary supplements, which are quite widely represented on the market, you need to know that in the presence of a disease they should be used only in combination with a medicine, otherwise you should not count on a complete cure. But this is an excellent prophylactic. Here the most common drugs:

  1. Prostate. Complex effect on the body, improving blood circulation, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and struggling with urinary retention.
  2. Prostamol uno. Eliminates problems associated with urinary and reproductive functions, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Prostate Forte. It allows you to eliminate pain during intercourse, relieve swelling and inflammation, and improve the metabolism of the affected organ.

Doctor visits

To stay healthy longer, a healthy man should visit a urologist at least 1 time per year. After 40 years, it is recommended to do an ultrasound of the prostate annually. If the disease is chronic, after the prescribed treatment it is necessary to be examined once every 3 months during the first year, and then checked for the next 3 years every 6 months.

If at least one symptom of the disease is discovered, a visit to the doctor should not be postponed. This will help to quickly defeat the disease and prevent its transition to the chronic stage.

Folk methods

For the prevention of the disease at home, you can use alternative recipes. However, they should not be completely replaced by treatment. You can pay attention to the following methods:

  1. Drinking 25-30 pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach every day.
  2. Instead of brewing tea, peel the chestnut.
  3. Drink 1 tablespoon of elderberry juice before meals three times a day.

Treatment and prevention of prostatitis are important events for every man. Do not be afraid of the disease, most importantly, do not start it.

Preventive measures

First of all, you should consider the whole complex of prevention aimed at preventing the development of prostatitis. It is important not only to take appropriate medications, but also to take care of health in general, and change lifestyle if necessary. Here are the most significant points that all urologists must pay attention to:

  1. You need to make a good diet. In the daily menu, it is recommended to include products that contain rich complexes of minerals and vitamins.
  2. Unhealthy foods and dishes should be discarded. This includes salted, smoked and fried, excessively fatty.
  3. The level of physical activity should be high. It is advisable to perform exercises, do exercises every day, walk more.
  4. Move more. Make yourself good habits: if you need to take the elevator, you better climb the stairs, and when you need to drive a couple of stops, it is better to walk them.
  5. Bad habits must be discardedTo increase the general tone of the body, remove the male genitourinary system from under the blow. It is recommended that you stop using any alcoholic beverages and stop smoking.
  6. Dress properly. It is impossible to supercool. Urologists recommend avoiding any hypothermia: general, local. You can always look good, but be warmly dressed. For example, there is a special underwear.
  7. Special Therapeutic Gymnastics designed for men.
  8. Useful contrast shower in the groin area. Thus, stimulation of local blood circulation is provided.
  9. Quite active (in moderation) intimate life also useful because it prevents the occurrence of stagnation. Also, experts recommend having one sexual partner.
  10. All infections (especially in the genitourinary system) should be cured in a timely manner.

In general, it is advised to pay more attention to diet. It is important to consult with a nutritionist, urologist, doctor, to get individual recommendations. For example, men who are overweight need a special menu. And excellent universal products for improving men's health are natural honey, nuts, pumpkin seeds.

We are engaged in prevention: the choice of tablets for prostatitis

Any disease if untreated can go into a sluggish form.Getting rid of her is quite difficult. Particular importance is given to prevention. It must be performed continuously in order to prevent a relapse of the pathology. In this case, both traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment are used. All of them need to be selected only together with the doctor.

In order to prevent chronic prostatitis, medications should be taken for prevention

Especially often the acute form of prostatitis becomes chronic. At the same time, certain tablets are used for prevention and, of course, a regimen correction. The basics of these measures should be known to all men who have signs of prostatitis.

Basic principles of prevention

If you have signs of prostatitis, you need to reconsider your habits. For men, it is important to return to a healthy lifestyle, stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Particular importance is given to physical activity, since it is precisely the lack of movement that causes stagnation and, as a result, inflammation.

In addition, for the prevention of prostatitis, it is important to adjust the diet, ensure regular food intake and a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. To reduce the risk of exacerbation, it is recommended to avoid stress, hypothermia and other provoking factors. If men show signs of urogenital infections, they need to be fully treated. Without this item, treating prostatitis will be very difficult.

To prevent exacerbation of prostatitis, it is recommended that foods such as pumpkin seeds, honey, nuts, and dried fruits be consumed as often as possible. They contain a large number of useful components that enhance general and local immunity.

In addition to medicines, the use of nuts with honey will help prevent the development of prostatitis.

If there are signs of prostatitis, it is important to master the technique of massage and special gymnastics and perform their courses. This will improve blood circulation and speed up the healing process.

Features of the choice of drug

In addition to the above, when detecting inflammation in men, tablets are prescribed, not only in the acute period, but also during remission to prevent exacerbation. That is why even in the absence of an acute form, you need to periodically visit a doctor and assess the condition of the gland, and if necessary, take tests and carry out treatment.

Most often in men with signs of a chronic process, tablets are used to prevent inflammation. In this case, it is especially advantageous to use herbal preparations. The active ingredients may be palmetto extract, fireweed grass, African plum, pumpkin seed oil and so on.

Preparations for the prevention of prostatitis should promote blood circulation in order to prevent stagnation

All drugs used in men for preventive purposes should have the following effect:

  • prevention of inflammation,
  • normalization of blood circulation,
  • tissue regeneration
  • better nutrition.

Separately allocated tablets that eliminate congestion and relieve swelling. When choosing a remedy, it is important to consider the form of pathology. With signs of non-infectious prostatitis in men, it is important to improve blood circulation and normalize the secretion outflow. An infectious form in remission requires an increase in the body's immune forces and an improvement in resistance to stress.

The presence of stones or scars in the gland requires the use of drugs aimed at the resorption of pathological formations. Such tablets, as a rule, also have an anti-inflammatory effect, while simultaneously improving blood circulation. As a result of this, adhesions and scars resolve, and the lumens of the ducts are cleared.

The presence of stones requires a special approach in the selection of drugs

The most effective drugs

The list of drugs used in men to prevent prostatitis is quite wide. Among them, tablets with a particularly pronounced effect can be distinguished.

Prostate Forte has a complex effect on the gland and the body of men in general. The tablets are completely safe and effective at the same time. The composition of the product includes a complex of vitamins, trace elements and herbal extracts. Due to this, metabolic processes improve, the occurrence of edema and pain is prevented, and urine excretion is normalized. The drug is prescribed for preventive purposes. But in some cases it can be used in complex therapy during the recurrence of prostatitis.

Prostatilene also has a combined effect. The difference is that it positively affects the state of blood vessels and improves nutrition. Especially often, tablets are prescribed for prostate hyperplasia, as well as for signs of adenoma. They will also be effective in reflex urinary excretion.

To combat prostatitis, it is recommended to take Prostatilen and Prostate Forte

In addition to the above, the drug has the following properties:

  • increases the tone of smooth muscles,
  • prevents the formation of blood clots,
  • stimulates local immunity,
  • relieves inflammation.

Due to this, Prostatilen is especially often used by urologists to maintain the body of a man outside the acute stage.

Another contraceptive drug is Prostalamine. Active components stimulate metabolic processes and improve the functioning of the gland. An important advantage is that tablets have a positive effect on erection, normalize spermatogenesis and ejaculation.

You can set up the prostate using Prostalamin

All of these drugs are used only for prevention. Their use in the acute stage or during relapse is allowed only in combination with other drugs.

In addition to the above, urologists with a prophylactic purpose can prescribe medications to stimulate potency, sedatives to hang stress resistance and vitamin complexes. In order to completely eliminate the likelihood of exacerbation, you need to follow all the rules and take the prescribed drugs at the same time.

From the video you can find out which pills can overcome prostatitis:

What medications can prevent prostate inflammation?

Every man, regardless of age, should know how to prevent diseases of the prostate gland, among which prostatitis is most often detected. Engage in prevention and prevent the development of inflammatory processes in the prostate is much easier than treating this disease.

Launched prostatitis delivers moral and physical suffering to the patient, therefore prevention of the disease is so important

Preventive measures

Violation of the prostate gland and changes in its tissues arise not only due to infection. Often, prostatitis develops due to the presence of a pathogenic focus in other organs. Pathogenic bacteria can penetrate into the prostate tissue from the maxillary sinuses, tonsils, and kidneys.

All men should be aware that prostate disease often develops due to low physical activity, addiction to alcoholic beverages, and rare sexual intercourse.

An important component of preventive measures is the strengthening of the immune system. If she is healthy and working correctly, the likelihood that inflammatory processes can occur in the prostate gland is significantly reduced.

Strengthening the immune system helps the body resist disease

Genitourinary organs, including the prostate, are adversely affected by hypothermia. It is advisable to completely exclude being in cold water. Sitting on cold surfaces is also dangerous for the prostate gland. Poor nutrition can also weaken the immune system and provoke the development of inflammation, which can be dangerous due to the lack of the necessary number of vitamins and minerals in the diet.


The main measure to prevent gland disease is an annual examination by a urologist. It is not necessary to independently purchase various medications without consulting a doctor, who must make a list of means for preventing the disease.

The use of any medication should be discussed with a urologist

If the body is prone to frequent viral infections, the doctor may recommend taking a course with the drug Viferon-4, which is available in the form of rectal suppositories that contain interferons, ascorbic acid, vitamin E. Suppositories for the prevention of prostatitis have not only antiviral, but also immunomodulatory effects. The drug has pronounced antiproliferative properties, it is used in the detection of chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, herpes and other types of infection. Typically, the attending physician prescribes a course involving the use of suppositories for 10 days. The advantage of the drug is the absence of negative effects of active components on the body.

Prostate forte

Prevention and treatment of prostatitis is carried out using the drug Prostate forte.

Prostate Forte, due to its natural composition, has practically no contraindications

Since the product consists of plant components, it is well tolerated by the body and does not become addictive. The preparation contains an extract of the bark of a plum African tree, poplar bark, burdock roots, sedge and goldenrod, moss, pumpkin seed. All these components contribute to the prevention of inflammatory processes in the prostate due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The L-glutamine contained in the medicine helps the tissues of the prostate gland to recover effectively after the inflammation.

Prostamol Uno

Prevention of prostatitis in men can be carried out with the help of Prostamol Uno, which should be drunk for 30 days per capsule.

Prostamol Uno capsules are effective in the prevention of prostatitis and prostate adenoma

Such drugs should be taken as prescribed by the urologist, even if the composition contains only herbal components. An extract based on the fruit of the palm Sabal reduces swelling of the gland, helps get rid of stagnant processes, prevents and relieves inflammation. The drug prevents the growth of organ tissues, and therefore it is often prescribed at the first sign of adenoma. Prostamol Uno can cause itching and other skin reactions. Nausea and heartburn appear on the background of taking capsules in rare cases.

Vitaprost tablets are used in urology for prostatitis and to prevent gland adenoma. At the heart of the drug is an extract of the gland of the bull, which normalizes the blood supply to the tissues of the organ, prevents the appearance of thrombosis, reduces swelling and infiltration. Doctors note that, against the background of taking this drug in men, urinary processes are established, the violation of which leads to frequent emptying of the bladder, false urge, and weakening of the outflow of urine.

Vitaprost is recommended for use to increase male strength

If bacterial microorganisms are found in the genitourinary system, the doctor may recommend a course with the combined Vitaprost Plus. In addition to dried bovine prostate powder, it includes lomefloxacin. This component helps to destroy staph infection, chlamydia, mycobacteria.

The drug normalizes the process of urination, reduces the manifestations of inflammation, increases potency.

Homeopathic medicines for the prevention of prostatitis are also prescribed by doctors. The main component of Afal is an antibody to the prostatic antigen.

Afala - a symptomatic remedy that reduces the manifestations of the disease

They help prevent the development of inflammation, reduce the frequency of urination, and reduce discomfort in the groin and penis. Afala is prescribed for the detection of benign neoplasms in the early stages. Despite the fact that the drug is natural, it has certain contraindications. These include oncological processes in the prostate, tissue necrosis, and increased sensitivity.

The daily dose may be increased with pain and dysuric disorders. For preventive purposes, the drug should be taken 2 tablets per day. Since the drug is homeopathic, it is imperative to adhere to the scheme recommended by the urologist. The tablet is taken an hour before meals, the course is usually long and is about 120 days. Similar drugs Afale for the prevention of adenoma and prostatitis in men are also taken for a long time.

The course of treatment with preventive drugs can be several months

Folk recipes

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies must be carried out simultaneously with traditional therapy. Many men, when symptoms of glandular inflammation appear, start using various recipes based on herbs and bee products. In fact, they are more effective in preventing the development of prostatitis or its relapses if a chronic disease is diagnosed. Prevention of prostatitis with folk remedies is carried out using decoctions, tinctures.

Despite the naturalness and relative safety of decoctions from herbal preparations, it should be remembered that herbs can provoke allergies and other unpleasant symptoms. It is advisable to start treatment with very small dosages.

Prevention of prostatitis can be carried out in men with such folk remedies as parsley and chamomile.

Pharmacy chamomile flowers have anti-inflammatory effect

Parts of these plants (roots and flowers, 50 g each) are poured with boiling water and boiled at low temperature. After 1-2 hours, the drink can be drunk 100 ml three times a day.

Good for the health of men and infusion of plantain. It increases sexual activity, normalizes the blood supply to the gland, and reduces the discomfort that may occur with edema of its tissues. The leaves of the plant must be rinsed before pouring hot water. A drink should not be prepared for the future, it is advisable to make a new infusion every morning. It is taken in 2 tablespoons several times a day. For cooking, take a glass of water and 4 leaves of the plant.

The combination of St. John's wort and lemon balm helps not only improve the health of the prostate gland, but also increase potency, improve mood, and prevent the development of depression. Herbs (45 g each) are poured into 0.5 liters of water and boiled for about 8 minutes. The drug is taken in 100 ml daily for three weeks.

Herbal tea has a beneficial effect on the whole body

Herbs can provoke skin reactions, if itching occurs, problems with the respiratory system, decoction should be discontinued. You can remove the symptoms of allergies with the help of sorbing drugs and an antihistamine. When such effects appear, treatment with these methods cannot be carried out.

For men's health, it is very beneficial to eat celery. It can be added to salads, taken in the form of juice. This plant helps to increase sexual activity, prevent the development of stagnation in the prostate gland. For a visible effect, celery should be taken daily. Plant juice will be more useful if mixed with pear or apple.

What else needs to be done to prevent prostatitis will be told by a urologist:

All you need to know about prostatitis prevention

Prostatitis is considered a rather insidious disease, because often, men do not pay attention to its first signs. and they go to the doctor even when the disease has become chronic.As a result, the patient has serious disruptions in the genitourinary system. To protect themselves from serious consequences, the prevention of prostatitis in men is very important. Particular attention should be paid to those who lead an irregular sex life, have suffered sexually transmitted diseases or chronic prostatitis.

Reasons for development

To determine the measures for the prevention of prostatitis, you need to know the reasons. which can lead to it. In most cases, the disease is preceded by genital infections, which for a long time may not manifest themselves in any way and congestion in the pelvic area. Other reasons include:

  1. Diseases of the urinary system.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Promiscuous sex life, or, conversely, prolonged abstinence.

Here are some interesting facts about prostate health (you can see the high-resolution infographics here):

  1. Improper nutrition.
  2. Bad habits.
  1. Decreased body defenses.
  2. Tendency to constipation.

After analyzing all of the listed factors leading to the development of prostatitis in a man, it is possible to determine suitable preventive measures, adhering to which, everyone can minimize the risk of developing a serious disease.

Infection prevention

Prevention of prostatitis from a young age is to protect against infections that can be transmitted sexually. To do this, you should avoid random sexual intercourse and always use barrier methods of contraception.

The urologist Shukhrat Arabov tells in detail about preventive measures:

If, nevertheless, unprotected contact has occurred, and you are not sure that your partner was absolutely healthy, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, which will make it possible to determine the presence of STDs at an early stage, when it is easily treatable and does not lead to irreversible consequences.

Stagnation Prevention

In men who lead a sedentary and inactive lifestyle, blood stagnates over time in the pelvic region. And this, in turn, can provoke an inflammatory process in the prostate gland in a man.

To avoid this, it is important to set aside time for sports and for hiking. But no less important in the prevention of congestion is regular sex. The fact is that the prostate gland needs to be emptied periodically. In this case, it does not matter at all how a man does this: through masturbation or classic sex.

Bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.) can lead to stagnant phenomena, therefore, they must also be abandoned. By following these simple measures to prevent prostatitis, every man will significantly reduce the risk of developing a disease.

Proper nutrition

Those men who want to maintain the health of their prostate need to pay attention to their nutrition. To do this, you must not exceed the use of the permissible amount of calories in the daily diet and adhere to the drinking regimen. If the amount of water you drink exceeds 2 liters, then harmful substances and bacteria that can provoke an inflammatory process will be removed from the body with urine.

There are many myths about nutrition. We will give you the simplest, but working tips for building a healthy man’s diet. The lecture will be held by Alexander Samsonov:

As for the daily calorie intake, this figure should not exceed 3,000 kcal. In this case, the amount of protein should not be less than 100 g, carbohydrates not more than 400 g, and fat - not more than 70 g. If we talk about fats, then 1/3 of the daily diet should be of animal origin, the rest of the vegetable.

It is better to cook food for a couple or bake in the oven. It is also worth limiting the amount of spicy, fried and alcohol.

Preventive exercises

Having examined the main causes of the appearance of the inflammatory process in the prostate, one can understand how to avoid prostatitis? Stagnation prevents various exercises. To do this, you do not need to spend a lot of time or have special physical training. Gymnastics is performed in a sitting position, standing and lying on a hard surface.

Exercises for which the starting position is a standing position:

  1. Focusing on one leg, the second one needs to do swings back and forth with maximum amplitude. From one approach, 50 to 80 of these flies should be performed. Next, the leg changes.
  2. Alternating inclinations in different directions (at least 30 on each side).
  3. Deep squats. You need to start 5 times, but with each training, try to increase their number, bringing to 40-50.

From a sitting position, the following exercises are performed:

  • The most effective is the so-called "walking on the buttocks." 2-5 minutes of such daily walks are enough.
  • Stretching while sitting. Legs together. At the same time, you should try to touch your feet with your palms.

Igor Linsky, a rehabilitation doctor, will tell and show on the video simple, but working exercises that every man can perform to prevent inflammation of the prostate:

  1. Exercise "birch", which many people remember from school.
  2. It is necessary to stretch the body, trying to focus on the buttocks and the back of the head.

But physical exercise will give a positive result only if you perform all the exercises regularly. Every day, the patient's condition will improve significantly.

Drug prophylaxis

Very popular are drugs for the prevention of prostatitis in men. This is due to the fact that they contain biologically active and natural components that can be used at home. After the examination, the doctor will be able to tell what is more effective (candles or tablets) for prophylaxis. The most popular drugs include: “Vitaprost”, “Prostamol”, “Cernilton”, etc.

Such pills for the prevention of prostatitis, prevent:

  • Stagnant processes in the pelvic area.
  • The appearance of edema.
  • The occurrence of inflammation of the prostate.

"Vitaprost" is a drug of animal origin, produced in the form of suppositories and tablets. The price for packaging in pharmacies in Russia from 821 rubles

Separately, it must be said about the intake of vitamins. Medications for the prevention of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland in men should be taken together in vitamin-mineral complexes.

  1. Vitamin A - serves to prevent the development of prostate adenoma.
  2. Vitamins E and K - prevent the formation of a malignant tumor.
  3. Vitamin D is needed by all men. This is due to the fact that after 50 years, its amount in the body is significantly reduced, which can lead to impaired blood circulation and stagnation in the tissues.

Use of dietary supplements

The composition of biologically active additives (BAA) includes active components and other useful substances that provide high-quality prevention of inflammatory processes in the male genital organs.

These components include:

  • Palmetto extract.
  • African plum extract.
  • Grass fireweed.

Table 1. Dietary supplements and their cost

All these substances favorably affect not only the male libido, but also the general condition of the genitourinary system.

Supplements due to its unique composition:

  1. Give a combined effect.
  2. Provide protection against prostatitis or hyperplasia.

Folk remedies

Since ancient times, male power has been helped to preserve folk methods of prevention. Prevention of prostatitis at home gives amazing results and helps strengthen potency without significant cost. Those who decide to use them need to consider the characteristics of their body and the cause of the disease. Therefore, before choosing a particular method, you need to consult a doctor. Non-medications for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis can be as follows:

  • Decoction made from horse chestnut peel. To prepare the drug, you need 2 tablespoons of prepared (ground) raw materials, pour 500 ml of boiling water. The drug is infused for 24 hours, after which it is filtered and drunk daily on an empty stomach, 1 teaspoon every morning.
  • An excellent remedy for men is flower pollen. Many prescriptions of drugs with its use help to improve potency and treat prostatitis. If disease prevention is needed, it is recommended to eat 1 tablespoon of this product every day. The course of admission is 1 month. After a short break, it can be repeated, and so on, up to 6 courses in 1 year.

In the photo, a decoction of seeds and parsley roots is one of many recipes for traditional medicine

  • A decoction of parsley seeds helps prevent prostatitis in men. It is simple to prepare, just 2 tablespoons of raw materials (previously crushed seeds in a coffee grinder) is enough to pour 2 cups of water at room temperature. Using a water bath, the mixture is brought to a boil and infused for 24 hours. A folk remedy is taken every morning on an empty stomach
  • An excellent effect was demonstrated by daily intake of pumpkin seeds. Every day, a man should eat about 30 raw seeds before eating.
  • For the next recipe, it is necessary to grind (you can use a meat grinder) sunflower seeds and walnuts (1 kg of each component). Every day on an empty stomach after waking up, you need to eat 1 tablespoon of such a mixture.

Using any alternative drugs for the prevention of prostatitis, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the man’s body and observe all proportions when preparing it. To be completely sure that you are doing everything right, you need to consult a specialist.

106 videos with folk recipes for the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases:

The main rule for maintaining men's health is high-quality and timely prevention of prostatitis. Avoiding the disease is not easy, but it is possible. The most important thing is to monitor your health and lifestyle. And in the case of the first signs of an ailment, you need to see a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective therapy.

Causes and symptoms of prostatitis

The development of prostatitis is caused by congestion in the glandular tissues of the prostate, which causes insufficient blood circulation and oxygenation. When oxygen is supplied in insufficient quantities and a lack of nutrients occurs, the functioning of the tissues of the prostate gland malfunctions. The cause of prostatitis may be an infection. Therefore, the prevention of prostatitis in men and its treatment requires an integrated approach.

  • pain during urination
  • frequent urination, especially at night,
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • excessive irritability
  • sleep problems, etc.

Prevention of prostatitis in men - drugs

Preparations for the prevention of prostatitis in men are used to avoid congestion in the blood in the pelvic area, and also can reduce swelling and eliminate inflammation of the prostate gland.


The drug is prescribed 1 capsule once a day, the duration of treatment is at least half a year. Contraindications is individual intolerance and hypersensitivity, liver failure.

Depending on the severity of the disease take:

  • with chronic prostatitis - 1 tablet 3-4 times a day,
  • with exacerbation of prostatitis - 4 tablets three times a day half an hour before meals,
  • with hyperplasia - 2 tablets 3 times a day.

The duration of treatment is from 6 weeks to six months, depending on the diagnosis. Contraindications is hypersensitivity to the constituent components.

If prostatitis has developed against a background of a bacterial infection, antimicrobial therapy is prescribed. List of antimicrobial tablets for the prevention of prostatitis in men:

  • Prostatic. Injections of 5-10 mg are given intramuscularly 1 time per day for 5-10 days. Hives may occur.
  • Metronidazole. To treat inflammation of the prostate gland, Metronidazole is used in the form of a suspension, which is administered diffusely. Immediately administered 500-1000 mg in 30-40 minutes. Repeat the procedure every 8 hours for 500 ml.
  • Digital. For 28 days, take on an empty stomach. The daily dose is 1000 mg (2 tablets of 250 mg or 1 to 500 mg), which must be divided into 2 doses after 12 hours.
  • Avodart take 1 capsule once a day, regardless of food intake. Use with caution for elderly patients.

Candles for the prevention of prostatitis in men

Medicines of Russia and abroad are widely used for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis in men in the form of rectal suppositories (in the common people - suppositories). Means for the prevention of prostatitis in men in the form of suppositories are injected into the rectum, they are used both for the prevention of inflammation and for the elimination of relapse in the chronic course of the disease.

Today, the variety of rectal suppositories is so great that the question arises, "which of them are most effective?" Let's look at all kinds of options.

Papaverine candles

Suppositories with papaverine relieve cramps, stop pain, improve blood flow in the pelvic organs. Apply 1-2 candles per day, the exact dosage and duration of treatment is adjusted by the doctor. Suppositories are contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to components, heart block, liver problems and in adulthood.


This drug can relieve swelling, eliminate inflammation and congestion, which avoids the formation of blood clots in the prostate and improves the functioning of the prostate gland. In addition, suppositories have an analgesic effect, normalize the amount of urination and relieve men from sexual disorders. Apply once a day for 1 candle, the duration of treatment is at least 10 days. Contraindicated only in case of individual intolerance.


Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is used to treat acute and chronic prostatitis. Suppositories containing diclofenac have a decongestant, antispasmodic, antipyretic and analgesic effect. Enter 1 suppository once a day, it is possible to divide 1 suppository into 3 introductions. The duration of treatment is adjusted by the doctor, on average, at least 10 days. Contraindicated in pathologies of the rectum and gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular diseases, individual intolerance, renal and liver failure.

Vitaprost - candles for the prevention of prostatitis in men

Rectal suppositories Vitaprost is the most common form of the drug, which is used to treat prostatitis.

The candles are based on prostate extract (samprost), which is obtained from cattle. This component is a biologically active complex of peptides necessary for the full functionality of the prostate gland. Due to such characteristics of the drug, suppositories have practically no contraindications, except for individual intolerance.

  • regulate the functionality of the prostate,
  • eliminate stagnation of a secret,
  • normalize microcirculation in the prostate,
  • relieve puffiness,
  • improve muscle tone in the bladder.

As a rule, Vitaprost suppositories are used in the complex for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, and are also widely used as a prophylaxis of acute forms of the disease in the postoperative period.

Suppositories Vitaprost are used rectally, 1 suppository once a day.Before using suppositories, you must definitely empty the intestines (on your own or make a cleansing enema). After the introduction of the candle, it is recommended to lie down on the stomach for 30 minutes.

Prevention of prostatitis in men - exercises

With regular exercises in gymnastic complexes in men, the symptoms of the disease partially or completely disappear. Preventive exercises for men are as follows:

  • Kegel exercises
  • massage for the prevention of prostatitis in men,
  • perineal contrast shower
  • yoga classes,
  • physiotherapy treatments.

Kegel exercises - interrupted urination. The essence of the exercise is to stop the stream during urination by straining the muscles located near the prostate. Regularly performing this exercise improves blood flow in the prostate gland.

Charging is also widely used for the prevention of prostatitis in men, during which you need to strain / relax the muscles of the anus. Such an exercise is simple to perform, does not require specific training. To achieve the effect, you need to repeat 15-20 muscle tension / relaxation in 2-3 sets.

Prevention of prostatitis in men at home is done with the help of gymnastics:

  1. Swing feet. Stand comfortably, move the weight on your right foot. With the opposite foot, do swings (50-90 swings), change the leg and repeat for the other leg.
  1. Tilts to the sides. On each side, make 30-40 inclines. The leg to which the slope is made should be slightly bent at the knee.
  1. Jumping Do the jumps in place, tensing the muscles of the perineum. Start with a small amount (40-50 jumps), gradually increasing the load (up to 350 jumps).
  1. Movement on the pope. Sitting on the floor, extend your legs in front of you, “go” forward, straining the muscles of the pelvis.
  1. Stretching. While sitting, try to touch your toes with your fingers, while not bending your knees. Do the exercise for at least 5 minutes.
  1. "Birch". Do a “birch” for 3 minutes, each time increasing the duration of the exercise, bringing it to 10 minutes.

Prevention of prostatitis in men at home

As a prevention of prostatitis, regularly carry out preventive complexes:

  • do not neglect physical activity and gymnastic complexes for homework,
  • observe food restrictions
  • perform wellness stimulation of the prostate gland (massage or self-massage 1-2 times a week),
  • to cleanse the body, visit a bathhouse or sauna, after consulting with your doctor first,
  • treat infectious diseases in a timely manner,
  • observe the rules of personal hygiene,
  • visit your doctor regularly for a routine examination.

Infusion on a chestnut scarlet

In a green cabinet with needles)

  • Take 3 tbsp. crushed scarlet (use green with needles) and pour 500 ml of boiling water.
  • Put in a dark place for 12 hours.
  • Strain and boil for 30 minutes in a water bath.
  • Take 25 drops 30 minutes before a meal.

Note! The drink arouses appetite, so if you are overweight, take it carefully. To avoid weight gain, the infusion can be used for microclysters. To do this, 250 ml of infusion is administered 2 times a week.

Alcoholic herbal decoction

  • ½ tbsp celandine, ½ tbsp hemlock pour 100 ml of alcohol,
  • put to insist in a dark place for 10 days,
  • strain,
  • take in the morning on an empty stomach.

Start taking tinctures with 1 drop, gradually increasing the dosage to 30 drops over the course of a month. For a more comfortable use, dilute the tincture with water. The duration of admission is 30 days. Then gradually reduce the amount of tincture by 1 drop.

Tincture of honey and aloe

  • combine 500 ml of honey, aloe, wine,
  • mix until smooth, transfer to a sealed container,
  • refrigerate for 7 days, insist
  • strain,
  • take 1 tsp. before meals for 7 days (if there are no side effects, increase the dosage to 1 tbsp).

Candles with propolis

  • combine 2 g of cocoa butter with 0.1 g of propolis extract,
  • mix until smooth
  • from the resulting slurry to form a candle.

Use home suppositories before going to bed in the anal passage for a month, take a break (for 1 month) and repeat the procedure.

Products for the prevention of prostatitis in men

Since a person consists of what he is, nutrition with prostatitis plays an equally important role. To keep yourself in good physical shape and to avoid "acquaintance" with prostatitis, you need to remember these rules:

  • improper nutrition entails problems with the intestines, most often leads to constipation, as a result of which stagnant blood phenomena occur in the pelvic area,
  • excessive caloric intake of the daily diet leads to weight gain, which has a negative effect on the blood supply to the prostate gland,
  • alcohol can provoke an exacerbation of the disease, because the breakdown products of alcohol irritate the genitourinary system, cause pyelonephritis, cystitis and other urological problems,
  • To avoid inflammation of the prostate adenoma, you need to use vitamin complexes to increase immunity.

For the full functioning of the prostate gland, men need to use these products:

  • eggs (lecithin contained in the product positively affects the development of the prostate gland),
  • meat, poultry, fish (these products contain a lot of protein, and it is necessary for the synthesis of immunoglobulins),
  • pumpkin seeds (contain many vitamins, as well as an important element - zinc),
  • vegetable oils (contain vitamin E, are needed for the production of high-quality sex secretion),
  • citrus fruits (maintain the level of ejaculate acidity, increase immunity),
  • walnuts (improve metabolic processes, contain many vitamins and minerals, participate in the production of prostate secretion)
  • almonds (a source of protein, rich in vitamins and minerals, folic acid),
  • seafood (due to the diverse composition indispensable for full spermatogenesis),
  • buckwheat groats (rich in amino acids necessary for the full functionality of the prostate).

Prevention of chronic prostatitis in men

After undergoing a course of therapeutic measures for the treatment of prostatitis, it is very important to prevent relapse. In order to avoid exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease, men should:

  • lead a regular sexual life (preferably with the same partner),
  • in case of accidental sexual intercourse use a condom,
  • give up bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol),
  • lead an active life, play sports,
  • Avoid hypothermia.

Also, for the prevention of chronic prostatitis, biologically active additives are widely used. Supplements for the prevention of prostatitis in men:

Prevention of chronic prostatitis - medications

What to drink for the prevention of prostatitis in men who have already acquired a chronic form? To achieve the desired effect, use these drugs:

  • Cyston (take 2 tablets twice a day),
  • Vitaprost (1 tablet 2 times a day),
  • Alfuzosin (2.5 mg three times a day, at a more mature age, the dosage may be increased as agreed with the doctor),
  • Doxazosin (1-8 mg 1 time per day, depending on the complexity of the course of the disease and the patient's individual indicators as prescribed by the doctor),
  • Prostator for the prevention of prostatitis in men is administered daily at 5-10 mg, first you need a dilution in sodium chloride, saline or novocaine solution,
  • Prostatilene (intramuscularly, 1-2 ampoules once a day), etc.


Cernilton is a prophylactic based on pollen from wheat, rye, and meadow timothy. It normalizes metabolism and suppresses foci of inflammatory reactions. The composition of the medicine includes 21 amino acids, vitamins B6, B12, A, C, E, D, enzymes, trace elements and flavonoids. Cernilton is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. Currently, it has no identified contraindications and side effects.

Tsifran OD

Broad spectrum antibacterial tablets based on ciprofloxacin. The drug is indicated for a wide variety of infectious diseases from sinusitis to typhoid fever, and is also recommended for chronic bacterial prostatitis.

Since this is an antibiotic, caution should be exercised in patients with impaired renal and hepatic function, as well as the elderly. The drug is contraindicated for allergies to ciprofloxacin, with pseudomembranous colitis.


A synthetic antibiotic with the same active substance. The pharmacological purpose of the drug is an antimicrobial agent. In urology, it is used to prevent purulent prostatitis, sepsis. Suppresses different types of pathogens. It is available not only in the form of tablets, but also in a solution for injections and in the form of candles.

Metronidazole is contraindicated in patients with renal failure.


Afala is an immunomodulating agent that reduces swelling and inflammation in the prostate, improves urodynamics, restores the tone of the urinary tract, and reduces discomfort in the groin and penis. Afala serves as an excellent prevention of prostatitis.

The drug is contraindicated in case of individual sensitivity, if the dosage is observed, the side effect does not.

Patients with galactosemia and lactase deficiency should consider that the drug contains lactose.


Antiviral suppositories inhibit the replication of RNA and DNA viruses, enhance the activity of macrophages. Viferon is better known as a tool for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases in children, but it is also effective against infections of the urogenital tract and can be used as part of complex antibacterial therapy.

The drug reduces the duration of antibiotic therapy, is used to prevent complications of prostatitis.


Methyluracil is an effective suppository for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. They have the following effect:

  • increase local immunity,
  • reduce inflammation,
  • improve microcirculation in the body,
  • normalize metabolism and regenerative processes,
  • eliminate pain, swelling and congestion.

Suppositories Methyluracil is the most effective form of the drug, which has almost no side effects.


Enzymatic agent of prolined action. After administration, it works for 20 days. It has an antioxidant, immunomodulating and mild anti-inflammatory effect. The drug does not have a carcinogenic effect, is well tolerated and does not cause allergic reactions. With prostatitis, Longidaza enhances the action of antibiotics, reduces the intensity of inflammation, eliminates pain, restores urodynamics.

Longidaz suppositories are especially effective in the early stages of prostatitis.

Antibiotics for the prevention of prostatitis

Doctors say that it is antibiotics that become the best option for effective prevention of prostatitis. They prevent inflammatory processes, stop the reproduction, growth of pathogenic microflora, which could be in the body of a man. Consider the most reliable antibiotics that give excellent results.

Injectable drugs

Injections are rarely used as a preventive measure, more as an emergency fast-acting agent. But there are exceptions, such as Samprost injection. This drug affects metabolic processes in the tissues of the body and normalizes urodynamics. Used for secondary prevention and therapy of chronic prostatitis.

Tsifran Aude

This drug is a broad-spectrum agent. It is quite effective, it helps prevent the development of chronic prostatitis.

Especially good results are achieved when combining the drug with other drugs when complex therapy is performed.

Unfortunately, like many antibiotics, the drug has quite a few side effects, a variety of contraindications. It is important to use it carefully. Especially carefully should be used by men in old age. Only the attending physician, an experienced specialist can correctly determine the dosage, duration of the course. It is known that a drug provokes a decrease in reaction.


The drug is of animal origin. Contains a set of proteins and nucleoproteins that are made from cattle prostate. The drug has a beneficial effect on sexual function, normalizes urination and prostate function, restores the structure of cells of the glandular and muscle tissue of the organ. The drug has no side effects, from contraindications there is only individual sensitivity.


Supplements contain a vitamin and mineral complex, extracts of sabal palm and horsetail herbs. It is recommended to drink it with reduced immunity, inflammatory diseases, impaired prostate function. The drug also has a prostatotropic and antioxidant effect.

Lycoprofit is prescribed as a monthly course, then you need to take a break for three months and repeat the course again.

With prolonged use of Lycoprofit, a stable therapeutic effect appears.

Pro-state power

Pro-State Power is a comprehensive dietary supplement made in the USA. The tool has a versatile effect:

  • suppresses inflammatory processes,
  • slows down prostatic hyperplasia,
  • normalizes hormonal levels,
  • reduces the risk of tumor processes,
  • enhances erection and ejaculation, increases spermatogenesis,
  • normalizes cholesterol,
  • strengthens the functions of the immune system.

The composition includes extracts of Serenoa palm berries, nettles, African plum bark and flaxseed.

Prostate Forte

Supplements contain a combination of four vitamins, zinc, extracts of dwarf palm, African pyheum and pumpkin seeds. A biologically active food supplement normalizes metabolic processes in the prostate gland, reduces edema, inflammation, pain during urination and discomfort in the perineum.

Herbal components of the Prostate Forte are a recognized tool in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.


Phytoprostan is a dietary supplement for the prevention of prostatitis, which contains extracts of flax seeds, goldenrod, grape peel, Mediterranean pine, as well as a complex of vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, bioflavonoids. Such a composition:

  • serves to prevent and treat prostate edema,
  • normalizes metabolic processes,
  • restores microcirculation,
  • establishes the process of urination,
  • activates cellular and humoral immunity.

It is recommended for the treatment of prostatitis, adenoma, reduces the risk of exacerbations of chronic urogenital diseases.


Urotrin - a concentrate of plant materials for the prevention of prostatitis, which includes the following components:

  • juniper - improves potency, increases testosterone levels,
  • oak bark - astringent antibacterial agent,
  • ginger is an antioxidant,
  • parsley - an aphrodisiac, a source of vitamins and minerals, stimulates the production of testosterone,
  • Vitamin D - regulates hormones, has an antioxidant effect,
  • Tribulus terrestris is a plant with a sedative effect, which improves blood flow to the pelvic organs and increases libido.
In general, Urotrin has a favorable effect on the immune system, increases libido and potency, reduces the risk of prostate tumor, and serves as a prevention of impotence and prostatitis.


Antiprost - dietary supplement for the prevention of prostatitis based on five herbs. The composition includes extracts of eurycoma, sabal palm, nettle, boswellia, black pepper. The main purpose of the drug is the prevention of chronic prostatitis. Antiprost is also used to improve erectile function, adenoma of the gland, and eliminate difficulties with urination. The tool is not recommended for individual intolerance to any of the components.

Drugs and dietary supplements can be used to prevent episodes of prostatitis only with the permission of the attending physician.

Biologically active additives

There is a wide range of drugs that support the normal functioning of the prostate gland, help prevent the development of colds and infectious inflammatory processes, and strengthen the immune system. Such funds have a positive effect on the prostate and genitourinary system of men in general. Consider the most popular drugs that have earned the trust of consumers and professionals.

Prostate strength

Here are the basic principles of the drug:

  • The hormonal background is maintained at a stable level,
  • Prostate growth is slowly slowing down,
  • In the urinary system, inflammatory processes are eliminated,
  • An erection becomes more stable
  • Normal ejaculation is restored,
  • The work of the autoimmune system is stimulated,
  • In the body of the prostate, the development of neoplasms is prevented,
  • Eliminates bad cholesterol,
  • Sex drive is increasing, spermatogenesis is increasing.

The best option is to carry out prophylaxis with a course, and take two tablets of the drug throughout the day.

Preparations for the prevention of prostatitis

One of the popular methods is pills for the prevention of prostatitis in men. There are several varieties. Drug therapy should be under the supervision of a physician. Preparations for the prevention of prostatitis in men:

  1. Etiotropic drugs. They are designed to kill the infection, antibiotics, antibacterial medications belong to this group.
  2. Pathogenetic tablets for prostatitis. Designed to prevent or eliminate stagnation. These are anti-inflammatory, decongestants and drugs to improve blood microcirculation.
  3. Symptomatic Therapy This category includes pain medication, adrenergic blockers, which stop attacks of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Without strict indications, the use of drugs for the prevention of prostatitis is not necessary. The type of antibiotic drugs, antibacterial and additional therapy is prescribed only by a urologist. Physiotherapeutic procedures are also indicated as adjunctive therapy.

Prostatitis Prevention Supplements

Dietary supplements are medicines of synthetic origin with vitamins and minerals. Trace elements are necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system, help speed up the metabolism.

Vitamin preparations used for prevention can be bought inexpensively at any pharmacy. Among the medicines, inexpensive domestic generics and medicines for men with zinc in the composition are popular.


Antioxidant dope for a young man. In the composition, the active component is the trace element of the same name with the name. On the list of indications is the prevention of the development of cancer.

A drug is prescribed to improve spermatogenesis, is the best prevention of stone formation. Admission is indicated for acute and chronic course of the disease.

A mineral that plays an important role in protecting the body against the formation of a tumor and in the prevention of prostatitis. A useful microelement also helps to restore sexual desire, a positive effect on sperm quality. Often available without combination with other minerals.


You can buy a drug with one magnesium in the pharmacy, but for the best absorption, the active substance is combined with calcium and potassium. A trace element promotes cell regeneration, reduces the focus of inflammation of the prostate.

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find many dietary supplements for any wallet. Some doctors recommend buying whole complexes at once. Preparations for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis are in the table.

Drug nameDescription
About FormulaVitamin complex, the action of which is enhanced by ginseng extract and Eleutherococcus. It is prescribed for the chronic stage of prostatitis and to improve health
AevitThe active components are vitamins A and E. The drug not only for men, but also for women helps cell regeneration, is indicated for general rejuvenation of the body.
Prostate ForteA medication of a combined composition, which includes plant components and synthetic vitamins. It is indicated for the fight against erectile dysfunction and the prevention of prostatitis.
MilgammaIt is prescribed for emotional imbalance, with mental disorders. Active substances - vitamins of group B. Application helps to increase immunity and increase working capacity
Prost ActinAnti-inflammatory agent with decongestant property. Long-term use of the medication helps to reduce the size of the adenoma. Composed of plant components, retinol, zinc and tocopherol acetate

The duration of the course in the prevention of prostatitis is prescribed by a doctor. Before use, carefully read the complete instructions.

Vitamin-mineral complexes are indicated for chronic and acute forms of prostatitis. Medicines have virtually no contraindications and side effects. It is recommended to begin prophylaxis during the off-season.

Prevention of folk remedies

Grandmother's methods help in the prevention of prostatitis no worse than purchased active supplements. Exposure to plants helps to cope with the symptoms of the disease.

It is not necessary to drink bitter tinctures to cure an ailment. Homeopathic folk remedies for prevention are effective treatments. Recipes:

  1. Pumpkin seeds. To include them in your diet is both healthy and tasty. In total, a handful of seeds daily will help stop the attacks of the disease. Some add crushed powder to porridge or squeeze juice from seeds, mixing with honey. It is better to use the product raw without frying.
  2. Onion peel. For several days, when peeling onions, do not throw away the husk. Collect a glass of cleanings, fill with two glasses of hot water, boil the mass over low heat or a water bath. Strain the solution, add natural honey as a sweetener. Drink 100 ml of the drink for 5 days.
  3. Herbal tinctures. The best way to overcome the disease is to drink medicinal tea. For a decoction you will need celandine, St. John's wort or chamomile. A tablespoon of grass should be poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for no more than 2 hours, sweetened with honey and drink. Course duration - 1 month.
  4. Walnuts. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc, and iodine in walnuts. Eating just a handful a day will be an excellent prevention of prostatitis. They also recommend using shell partitions. 20 grams are poured with 250 ml of water, heated and infused for several hours. The resulting home remedy for prevention should be drunk in small portions throughout the day.

However, in some patients, an individual intolerance reaction may be observed. The use of folk remedies must also be agreed with the attending physician. Strictly observe the indicated dosage.

Diet prophylaxis

An important aspect that helps to enhance the effect of drugs is diet.

Important! It is necessary to exclude harmful fried, salty and too sweet dishes from the diet.

Eat green vegetables and fruits daily; use mustard seeds, horseradish, or parsley as seasonings.

Doctors recommend a good lifestyle. This implies not only increased physical activity, but also regular sex. For the prevention of relapse in chronic prostatitis, it is shown:

  • Regular sex life.
  • Protection against casual relationships, the use of a condom and a regular sexual partner.
  • Sports loads in moderation.
  • Compliance with comfortable temperature conditions.
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol.

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