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Fashionable men's bows in different styles

The question of how to dress stylishly for a man at a certain age, style and according to the characteristics of the figure is asked regularly. Competently make bows and images, taking into account all important criteria, can be specialists such as stylists. And designers and fashion designers design and create these wardrobe items to emphasize the masculine beauty. In the fashion shows of the collections, different stylish clothes are offered for men of all ages.

2018 is full of surprises and interesting offers for the male half of society, these are interesting combinations of incompatible things, and new trend colors and prints, classic and original clothing styles. The creators of trends in clothes and shoes promote convenience, practicality, versatility of models, simple concise colors, clear lines, strict options for adult men and creative bright models for young people.

Men's fashion trends 2018

About how to dress a man stylishly and inexpensively, stylists and the proposed fashion trends can tell. The main distinguishing features of men's fashion in 2018 are functionality, practicality, simplicity, minimalism.

Designers offer to get acquainted with the main trends of 2018, namely:

  1. Back to the 90s - everything new is actually a well-forgotten old. Therefore, a man can easily get Olympic sweatshirts, puffer jackets, suits, T-shirts, oversized sweatshirts, as the retro style is back.
  2. Sport chic - sportswear, which is intended not only for sports, but also for other events, even official meetings, as it implies a strict and elegant style.
  3. Minimalism - Many brutal and conservative men are close to minimalist aesthetics, that is, simple things of plain colors without prints and decor.
  4. Denim on denim - denim is still at the peak of popularity, designers advise trying on a suit of pants and a denim shirt, the top can be light, the bottom is dark.
  5. Belt bags - Small bags are now also worn by men in the chest area, personal items and documents can be worn in the accessory.

Stylish clothes for overweight men

Stylish clothes for overweight men deserve special attention, since it is extremely important for men of dense physique to choose the right wardrobe in order to correct figure flaws. Stylists recommend looking at 3 options of styles - a classic that perfectly slim and makes a man strict, sportswear that is comfortable and involves loose styles, as well as stylish casual clothes, versatile and practical.

The basic rules for how to dress full men in style are as follows

  • A man needs to choose clothes according to size. Baggy clothing 1-2 sizes larger will make a man visually even bigger and fuller, and tight and tight will only emphasize all the flaws of the figure.
  • The colors in clothes should be moderate, since contrasting and catchy tones will only attract extra attention to problem areas. It is also worth abandoning the abundance of applications, drawings and prints in clothes. It is better to give preference to monophonic models of blue, gray, black or blue, of prints only a vertical narrow strip is permissible.
  • Clothing fabrics are also important to choose the right, it can be soft and thin materials that have a low percentage of creasing. Velveteen, tweed, velor and velvet are contraindicated, which by themselves and texture are quite voluminous.
  • Shoes and accessories should be discreet, which means that they do not burden the image. Shoes should be on a tight heel, a geometric-shaped tie to match the clothes, a watch or a medium-sized belt.
  • Outerwear should slim a man, which will not cope with down jackets and parkas. It is better to give preference to a classic coat of medium length or a thin sheepskin coat without pockets, fur trim and other inserts.

If you follow the above principles, men will be able to competently hide extra centimeters of their figure, the principle of multi-layering works well in this direction, when a man puts on different items of clothing on top of each other.

How to be in trend after 40 years

Trendy clothing for men after 40 years is somewhat different from youth models, visually it looks noble, restrained and presentable to emphasize the social status of men. At the same time, stylists note that stylish clothes for men 30 years old can be similar to youth style, but clothes for men after 50 years and older will be radically different.

Fashion 2018 offers many models and ready-made bows for men in their 40s; their image is often determined by their lifestyle and professional activities. It is better to refuse personal eccentricities and experiments so as not to look ridiculous. Stylists advise choosing simple and high-quality models outside of time, that is, universal clothing that is close to classic.

It can be the following items of clothing

The stylists also talk about how to dress a man at 60 years old stylishly. Clothing should be in the spirit of minimalism, that is, restrained laconic colors without too much prints, drawings and strange combinations. Particular attention should be paid to the size of the clothes, so that she sits on the man perfectly. Men of considerable age should refuse sneakers (except for sports), replacing them with casual or classic shoes.

What to choose youth

If men of advanced age are more suited to classic clothing, then youth clothing can be radically different. It can be bold and shocking experiments, the main condition is a stylish combination of clothes.

If the question arises, how to dress stylishly in spring or autumn, this is primarily outerwear, which can be shortened or long styles of dark or contrasting shades. Volumetric models are considered fashionable, as well as sweaters or shirts elongated, as if stretched.

In jeans, all shades are welcome, spacious or, on the contrary, narrowed models with twists or a shortened style. Young people can even afford clothes with scuffs and holes, if the question arises, how to dress stylishly in the summer, bright and original. Stylish casual clothes for young people can be multi-layered, if you need to hide some of the flaws of the figure, and can be simple and concise with clear lines to emphasize harmony.

Some tips

The following items of clothing should be in the men's wardrobe, regardless of age, body configuration

  • straight-cut jeans in classic color,
  • classic trouser suit in black, blue or gray,
  • sweaters and jumpers voluminous and classic,
  • a quilted vest for a cool time,
  • shirts of several styles (classic, casual and solemn style),
  • T-shirts and t-shirts (sports, casual),
  • shorts for the summer season (ultrashort, Bermuda),
  • outerwear (coat, jacket, trench coat, raincoat, windbreaker).

Particular attention should be paid to trend colors, in which any wardrobe items will look modern and fresh. These are Pantone shades close to each other, and invigorating green color, classic colors blue, gray and black, pastel beige tones, contrasting red color.


A man should dress stylishly and modernly, regardless of body configuration, age, preferences and lifestyle. Recent collections at fashion shows provided a huge selection of styles and models of clothes in all kinds of colors and designs. Young men should take a closer look at the bright and creative ideas of specialists, men of mature age are closer to classical motives.

Tip number 1. Do not forget about shoes

The basis of stylish clothes is good shoes. The traditional idea that a person can be judged by his shoes is still relevant. If you have never had good shoes, get ready and get ready to pay a significant amount for high-quality classic shoes. You may be shocked by the price tag on good shoes, but quality and comfort will pay dividends in the future. A good pair of model shoes will last you for years and keep your appearance, losing only shine. High-quality leather shoes are not a luxury for especially rich people, it is a necessity for any person.

We have a good article detailing how to choose men's classic shoes. I recommend reading it.

Dress shoes are just as important as dress shoes.

Brown derby

Brogues from Base London

Tip number 2. Dress to look older

The way you are perceived depends on how you dress. If you still wear clothes that resemble “student days”, people around you will perceive you as a boy who has no real life experience. Want to know how to dress stylishly, look at older people. Follow the trend, giving a little age, and get well-deserved respect from older people. This means putting your wardrobe in order and getting rid of most of your rhyme of everyday clothes: T-shirts, pants, jeans shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, baseball caps.

Leave a few things for gardening and physical training, donate the rest to charity (give to a church or an orphanage) and start replacing it with fashionable clothes that speaks of your maturity.

Mark Zuckerberg is not in poverty, but it’s still difficult to perceive him as an adult in a T-shirt and sweatshirt.

Council number 3. Ignore fashion trends

The latest fashion trends are changing too quickly for us to adopt useful wardrobe ideas from them. Most young people do not have a budget to buy new trousers every month or two, which means stay away from trousers that are presentable only during the current fashion season.

Shabby or faded jeans are a great example, several designer brands managed to sell the image to the public in a short period of time, and then the trend changed and left many people with very expensive jeans but too unpresentable to wear in public places. Stick to the classic base of the wardrobe, and avoid things that don't completely match it, even if they look good.

And yet, how fashionable to dress? Not so long ago, we prepared a series of articles on the topic “How to choose clothes for a man” (part 2, part 3, part 4). They detail the recommendations on how to assemble a universal classic wardrobe that will not lose its relevance for many years and will be fashionable for many years. In addition to recommendations on the subject of a wardrobe set, we also collected recommendations on choosing clothing brands. After reading these articles, you will learn how to learn how to dress stylishly with a man.

Models get paid to make silly clothes trendy. Do not fall for it.

Tip number 4. Take care of your clothes

Most young people do not have much free money to scatter with them (we don’t take parties into account,)). If you spent on several products of high-quality clothing — a suit to order, a pair of expensive shoes, then keeping them in good condition will cost you another hundred more.

This means using a good coat rack for your clothes, shoe spacers, and delicate washing with a washing machine. Some of your items can be purchased at retailers if you are lucky enough to find your size by shape. This is a great way to dress well and inexpensively. A few tailor corrections, and a budget suit from a store can turn into a worthy item in your wardrobe. Just take care of it and protect your investment with proper care and maintenance.

Good hanger, much cheaper than a new suit. Start with her.

Tip number 5. Have at least one good suit in your wardrobe

No matter what your job is, you need a decent suit for a special occasion. If you work in an area where you need to wear suits regularly, you should look for different colors and styles, if you just need one suit for infrequent special events, then you should prefer a classic single-breasted suit with two buttons in dark gray or dark blue.

HENDERSON Navy Ornamented Suit

HENDERSON Classic Gray Check Suit

If you buy a men's classic suit from the shelf, and not under the order, then take a little time in order to tailor it from the tailor. Some major stores offer this service, but you will most likely need to find a tailor yourself.

It’s worth the effort - the costumes in the shops are made by generalizing standards, and not all are perfect for you. A good tailor will be able to make small changes that will turn a suit from a mediocre one to a perfect one for you.

Tip number 6. Start with white and blue shirts.

White and blue cotton shirts are the foundation of a stylish wardrobe. This idea is supported by the fact that shirts of these colors make up about 90% of all shirts sold in the world and the fact that any of these colors looks good on most of the body sets and body types of men.

HENDERSON plain white shirt

HENDERSON blue plain shirt

Being so popular, classic shirts are also available in a wide range of styles and sizes anywhere in the world, including on sale. Different details can bring a base to life with a white and blue color palette, and there is nothing wrong with bringing in some other colors that your personal style dictates. You just need to have white and blue shirts at the base.

As long as you have at least one clean white or blue shirt hanging in your closet, you have something to wear.

Fashion jumpers. Original urban look sweaters

Continuing the reviews of men's fashion, we decided to offer you excellent men's bows 2020, which the most stylish mods of the world choose today.

Undoubtedly, fashionable bows for men will look impressive if they are created taking into account the characteristics of the figure, color type of hair and skin, stylistic desires and preferences of one or another representative of the stronger sex.

Fashion trends and trends in the fashion industry are very ambiguous, however, real men will be able to choose for themselves those men's bows that will improve them, reflecting the maximum masculinity, will, charisma and personality.

In fact, if you look, then most men need stylists' advice much more than women, since women have a sense of taste in their childhood or adolescence. Girls learn fashion decisions much more easily than men.

Things are much more complicated with men, nevertheless, in our review there are photo examples and novelties of bows for men, which demonstrate that the stronger sex can also dress very cool, look stylish, combine things well in one set.

We offer you an excellent selection of ideas for every taste, where men's bows are presented in a business style, beautiful clothes for men for walking models, men's bows for sports, as well as informal images for all occasions.

If you carefully look at men's bows 2020, which we have selected for you from the photo archives of the most stylish Internet mods, it can be noted that in the coming season men are ready to give up clothes with notes of extreme masculinity, on the contrary, mods choose men's bows that fit well in silhouette, reflecting all the beauty of a courageous male body.

Let us together designate the coolest men's bows 2020, which reflect the main trends and trends of men's trends in clothing.

Tip number 7. Get some jeans that fit you well and know when and where to put them on.

Jeans styles are constantly changing: with breaks, bleached, shabby, narrow, wide, with a low waist, baggy, etc. Keep the simple style of well-fitting denim jeans in dark color. You can wear them with a suitable T-shirt of a casual style, or with a shirt on buttons and a sports coat in business casul style.

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jeans


Men's bows. Stylish pantsuit

Let's start with the king of men's wardrobe - a stylish trouser suit. In the coming season, men's bows with suits have become more universal, ceasing to be part of only business and office style.

Fashionable men choose trouser suits from light fabrics for the summer, and more dense ones for the demi-season and winter in a cage, strip, small geometric and abstract print.

It is worth noting that both tailored suits with an elegant jacket and cropped trousers are popular, as well as oversized models of free tailoring.

Bows with suits can be supplemented not only with shirts, but also with T-shirts, sweaters, polos, sweatshirts.

Try to look older

Youth sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps even turn the most fashionably dressed guys into ordinary schoolchildren. Therefore, change your wardrobe by adding classic shirts and formal suits to it.

Male onions. and original combinations of top and bottom

Today it’s very easy for a man to create stylish men's bows 2020, because by choosing stylish interpretations of the top and bottom, you can create many sets in a variety of combinations.

So, for example, you can pick up light beige pants according to the figure and combine them with a contrasting blue shirt with small peas, which is carelessly tucked into pants.

You can create many such sets by combining both contrasting and similar things in color. In our review you can see many such interesting combinations.

Avoid Popular Trends

New items from the catwalks often serve only one purpose - to attract attention, and not always in the good sense of the word. Fashion trends last for a maximum of a season, and then you have to chase the next collection. To save on appearance, create a basic wardrobe, consisting of the required items of clothing and allowing you to dress fashionably and stylishly at any time of the year.

How to find your image

To be in the trend, you do not always need to spend fabulous amounts. Sometimes expensive clothes, but incorrectly selected, look ridiculous. It is important to have a subtle sense of taste. Ideal when it is innate by nature, but it happens the opposite. Below is a selection of recommendations with photos of how to dress a man beautifully, stylishly and cheaply.

Shoes - how not to make a mistake in choosing

One of the most important details of a fashionable look is good, practical shoes. If your wardrobe does not have high-quality shoes, then you need to purchase them. Classic is always in fashion, it goes well with a formal suit and simple jeans. You need to be prepared that a pair of model shoes can have an impressive price tag. However, be sure - the acquisition will last a long time, retaining its original appearance.

Choose things to look older

How your society perceives you depends on your image. If you want to know how a man should dress, take a look at the representatives of the strong half of the older age group. Their clothes are strict, discreet, seasoned, with a sense of proportion. A trend that gives confidence will make others look at you differently.

Get a good suit

Even if it seems to you that there is nowhere to put it on, or its cost covers several salaries at once. Believe me, such an investment will not be superfluous. If you look at how men dress at the top of their success dress, you will surely find them in this very subject of wardrobe. Well, for those to whom the dress code dictates the obligatory wearing of suits at work, it is better to buy several at once or sew them to order.

Layered bows for men

Multilayer men's bows are another trend in the stylish wardrobe for the most courageous, which are successfully introduced into the bustle of everyday life.

It is noteworthy that layering will appeal to both young men and older men, because in one set you can combine, for example, a shirt + t-shirt that peeks out from under the shirt + stylish fitted pants, a light sweatshirt + shirt or shirt + elegant models of trousers , sweater + jeans + sweatpants on the cuff.

Multilayer men's bows perfectly reflect the trends of oversize, informal and street style, can play with contrasting and combinations in a close range of colors.

A white and blue shirt is the basis of everything

They are suitable for any representative of the stronger sex, regardless of his physique, growth and physique. You can dress them literally for any reason: for a celebration, party, work meeting and date.

Bright men's bows

Modern representatives of the stronger sex boldly model men's bows with bright splashes, captivating with their extraordinary sense of taste and style.

If you have not yet decided on the bright TOTAL BOW, then try adding a bright sweater, shirt, T-shirt, a bright parka, a puffy jacket, or a bright jacket or trousers to the ensemble.

Also pay attention to spring-summer bright bows for men with things with bright drawings, ornaments, labels and inscriptions.

Buy Perfect Fit Jeans

Every year, the fashion for this element of clothing changes, but it is rather difficult to imagine a wardrobe of a fashionable and well-dressed man without a classic version. Wear them not every day, but for certain events. Decide in advance where you can put on jeans instead of trousers, and where it will be inappropriate.


Prefer well-fitting options, with a standard fit. As for the color, it is better to let it be a classic denim or slightly darker shades. See how you can stylishly dress a man in the photo below.

Do not just jeans

Of course, they are the most comfortable, but modern casual trousers will not only diversify the wardrobe, but also make it more spectacular. In shape and fit, they are similar to denim, but are made from other materials and are represented by a large color variety.

Pick cool accessories

Stylishly dressed guys know that men's bags and made of high-quality leather can be not only a functional assistant, but also a striking addition to the image. You can buy them in the company Brialdi, specializing in the creation of comfortable and fashionable accessories. Pick up a couple of options and alternate them, adding to your look even more attractive.

Men's sports bows

Sports style has ceased to be interesting only for men who play sports.

Men's bows in a sports style with light notes of sport chic have become an indispensable part of everyday men's wardrobe.

Actual as sports suits, which resemble special clothes, knitted models in the sports direction, as well as sports styles of sweaters, windbreakers, jackets, pants, which are incredibly popular today, comfortable and versatile in tandem with other sports things, as well as jeans and shorts more neutral stylistic performance.

How to look expensive without spending extra money

Attractive appearance does not always require huge investments. There are several tricks to how to cheaply but stylishly dress a man. Here are the key secrets:

  1. Do not allow yourself to wear clothing that already shows signs of wear. Faded color, spools, stretched and washed fabric can not look presentable.
  2. After washing, do not forget to steam and iron things. Clear arrows on trousers and straight collars on shirts themselves give success and solidity.
  3. Take care of your shoes. Even expensive material will be hopelessly spoiled if not properly cleaned and dried. Wear boots according to the season.
  4. Avoid things with large logos or vibrant finishes. They always cheapen her.

Following these simple rules is easy even for a young guy.

Bows for men with printed elements and images.

Fashion for bows for men with prints is not something unexpected, nevertheless, clothes with prints still remain in trend, being modified only with more modern interpretations of textured drawing.

Among the most relevant patterns, ornaments and styles are relevant:

small and large cell

two-tone contrast stripes

geometry, graphics, abstraction in clothes

Men's bows in urban style

Street style, street style, urban style - all these names represent a very comfortable and free in their manifestations clothing style, in the category of which excellent men's bows for every day are obtained.

For such bows, monotonous combinations and printed combinations are characteristic, which look great in tandem with layering.

Men's bows look perfectly in the urban style even when the stronger sex takes care not only of an interesting combination of things, but also complements the image with accessories and stylish shoe trends, which are significant for men.

Fashionable sports shoe models, massive boots, platform shoes with lacing are noteworthy.

Do not underestimate the importance of knitted hats, knitted and woolen scarves and snoods, glasses in a man's image, and even a man's bag (backpack) for practical everyday wear.

Men's bows with warm clothes

Knitted fashion influenced not only women’s, but also men’s wardrobe, introducing wonderful warm styles into men's bows, which will protect from wind, cold, and sudden changes in temperature.

Among the warm clothes, the most relevant in the cold season are loose knitted sweaters with a high collar, in a Scandinavian style, with torn imitations. Knitted sets are also noteworthy, which can be worn both in TOTAL LUKE and separately.

Also, the list of trendy warm clothes includes spectacular straight double-breasted midi-length coats, short puffed jackets with wide firmware, comfortable jumpers and jeans for fall-spring, winter parkas in an elongated version.

Men's bows with jeans

Here is a very modern, at the same time typical men's bow with jeans, which is relevant today in men's fashion.

A cool combination of light-colored loose jeans with a milk sweatshirt, a fashionable brown double breasted coat in a straight cut midi length, and tough brown boots with contrasting laces looks very stylish.

Also relevant are fashionable bows for men with straight-cut jeans, with stripes, scuffs, in the spirit of minimalism, which will be equally cool to combine with a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, bomber, etc.

The ripped jeans that have lasted so long in the list of trends have not lost popularity either.

How to dress stylishly for a man: tips and photos

From this article you will learn:

  • Fashionable image
  • How to look expensive without spending extra money
  • Options look expensive without spending a lot of money: ready-made bows from stylists
  • How to dress handsome, stylish and cheap man
  • How can you dress men and guys

Not only women have to look spectacular and attractive in the modern world. Some of the male half develop skills from early childhood, others have to learn them from scratch. How to learn to dress stylishly and correctly, beautifully and cheaply for men or young guys, we will tell in this article.

Have at least one good suit in the closet

Your occupation is not important - you will need such a wardrobe item 100%. This is an accessory that every young man should have. Almost any social or business event involves a certain dress code, the suit in which does not take the last place. If your work is connected with his everyday wear, then you need to have several models of different color palettes in your wardrobe. The most sought-after gray and dark blue color.

Replace polo shirts and shirts

This wardrobe item is usually worn at home, for a walk, but not for work. Especially if the accessory is larger than your size, made of mediocre fabric and has an awkward logo. For professional activities, it is better to choose a classic shirt with a short sleeve or a presentable polo in dark colors.

Selection of stylish accessories

In addition to clothing, it is important to have original products in the arsenal: a belt or wallet. Piquadro sells the best leather bags. Products are of the highest quality, long service life and comfortable to wear. A wide range of products allows you to choose an accessory for any purpose.

The basic rules of how to look expensive at no extra cost

The appearance of a person is 80% dependent on the clothes he has chosen, the remaining 20% ​​is his hair and grooming. In order to be on the fashion wave and surprise others with an unrivaled taste, luxurious bow and at the same time limit yourself to a modest budget, you need to listen to the recommendations of leading image makers:

  • Things need to be constantly heated and steamed.
  • It is necessary to put on only that which has the appearance of a new object.
  • Special attention to shoes - they must be polished to a shine.
  • Use stylish accessories.
  • Pants and jeans should fit perfectly without any sagging.
  • Do not overdo it with jewelry.
  • Have things in bright colors.
  • Outerwear should be the most valuable.
  • Minimum labels and logos.
  • You need to pay attention to all the details, including buttons.

How to look expensive without extra costs: ready-made bows from stylists

When a young man faces the question of how to dress properly in a stylish and inexpensive man, and among the variety he does not understand what to choose, then it is worth resorting to the help of specialists in the fashion industry. They have long developed several standard male images for different life situations.

Official business style

A classic suit is a wardrobe item that will look luxurious on a guy of any age. Textured fabrics and laconic colors are in fashion today. It is important that the product is made from quality materials with a rich deep shade.

Mix colors

Many guys do not really like the variety of colors in their closet, preferring monophonic objects of black, brown, gray, blue, white or blue. If you are one of them, then you should think about expanding the color palette.

Casual bow

This is the case when you can get jeans out of the closet. Combine them with a simple t-shirt or sports shirt.

Your favorite sneakers or sneakers in the summer or shoes - when you need to warm up, are suitable as shoes. In the cool season, add a coat or leather jacket to the image.

Just do not forget that in this form you can go for a walk around the city, and not to work or a party.

How to dress stylishly and inexpensively for a man in casual style

In this way, jeans will have to be replaced with trousers, and a t-shirt with a shirt. And do not forget about the jacket! Better different in color from everything else, but harmoniously combined with them.

As shoes, you can’t do without shoes or low shoes.In the cool season, you can replace the shirt with a thin knitted sweater or add a simple jacket to it.

And be sure to think about accessories, for example, wear a scarf.

Soon you will figure it out

When working on your bow, you can be sure that you will achieve your goal. Over time, you will see very important details both in your wardrobe and in the clothes of others. You can easily combine objects to create the perfect look.

How beautifully stylish and cheap to dress a man depending on age

There are no clear dogmas how a guy should look in a given age group. However, society dictates its own rules, and an elderly person may not have the same style of clothing as a young one. To be in a trend and look irresistible - you need to clearly understand what is permissible and what looks completely ridiculous.

Classic style

A formal image in execution is much simpler than everyone else.

It is enough to pick up a shirt for trousers, add a belt, put on shoes and here it is - the image of a business man hurrying to a working meeting.

The main thing is that all this should look neat, cleaned and ironed. The color scheme is not so important. A white or blue shirt is equally effectively combined with both dark and light bottoms.

Official style

If you can’t do without a suit, then it's time to get the very luxurious, custom-made wardrobe item. Solid colored shirt, dark jacket and trousers, polished shoes and, of course, a tie. It’s better to refuse unnecessary accessories. A functional clutch or portfolio purchased in the Brialdi online store will be enough.

As it is now fashionable, stylish and beautiful to dress young guys and men in 20 years

At such a young age, a minimum of requirements is presented to a person’s onion, so here you can still “study”, try different approaches and images. This is the period when a person can determine what exactly he is impressed with and what in the future will lay the foundation of his wardrobe.

What to wear at 30

Variety still prevails here, but it is gradually worthwhile to include classic style in your appearance. The main rule is that all clothing should clearly correspond to the parameters of the body. Allowed the combination of various styles with the beneficial addition of individual details of the bow.

Let the costumes become the main ones in your wardrobe. Use different colors, combine shirts and shoes. Wear a classic jacket with stylish jeans. Develop a subtle sense of taste that will make you not just a fashionista, but a successful person in all your endeavors.

How to dress a man in 40 years

The image of a forty-year-old representative of the strong half is a direct result of experience, not fashion trends. At this age, it is necessary to filter out those items that were appropriate for the 20 and 30-year period of life. Focus on those colors that color you, be conservative and focused on quality, not quantity. In addition to clothing, pay attention to haircuts, shoes and stylish accessories.

How do men dress at 50

Between the fashion of guys 40 years of age and older than 50, there are few differences. The main emphasis is not on the trends in the fashion industry, but on color matching. Clothing should sit clearly on your body, emphasizing the strengths of the figure. Sagging or stretching are strictly excluded. An important role is played by quality accessories, such as a belt, a leather briefcase, an expensive watch and a tie.

The main rule for a young man is moderation and a sense of taste. We told how to dress stylishly and beautifully, as well as cheaply for a man, what you need to pay attention to always be in trend and look fashionable, as well as show photos of unique images. Experiment, do not be afraid to bring something new into your life and, as a result, you will get an image that others will admire.

Start from scratch

This means that the existing wardrobe will have to be carefully reviewed and most of the things abandoned.

Leave that little that can fit into your new image, and boldly take the rest to the trash - no regrets.

Even if it’s a favorite T-shirt donated by a girl on the anniversary of dating or the very happy shirt in which you took exams and passed an interview. New things will bring no less benefits and good luck!


As already mentioned above, if there are traces of old age on the clothes, then it is time to get rid of it. Buy something new to replace, otherwise, in the end, the cabinet will be completely empty. Make it a rule: instead of one old thing, no more than two new ones should be purchased. So, you save your budget.

Love the colors

Yes, the basis of the classic men's wardrobe is made up of rather faded things, if you look at how the guys are dressing now, you can meet many bright things. They should not be disturbed, but adding one color accent to the image is quite possible. So, you will pay attention to yourself. The main thing is not to forget to combine correctly.


  1. Do not be afraid to experiment.
  2. Watch the hairstyle.
  3. Add accessories. Suppose you can’t afford expensive branded watches yet, but you can afford a good bag for a student.
  4. Get a pair of shirts.

How to dress a man in 30 years

At this age, it's time to pay attention to the classics. The main thing is that all parts of the wardrobe fit well on your figure.


There are only two of them: put the costumes at the head of your wardrobe and do not hesitate to spend money on expensive things. These investments will bring profit in the future.

Men's fashion 2017 for overweight men photo clothing trends

Even overweight men try to dress with taste, but this is not always possible, because in stores there is not such a large selection of clothes of suitable size.

Nevertheless, the stylists have some tips that will help you choose the perfect look.

Men's fashion 2017 for full men determines the rules for choosing fashionable clothes, because overweight men also want to dress beautifully, stylishly and tastefully, especially since these people are often called fat or fat people for the eyes of such people.

men's fashion 2017 for obese men

The fashion trend for obese men is the most important thing - you always need to choose clothes according to size. The opinion that freely sitting jackets, sweaters and jackets hide the flaws of the figure is nothing more than a delusion. In a baggy outfit there is a risk of seeming untidy and ridiculous. Tight clothing is also unlikely to sit well. Rather, on the contrary, it will emphasize every fold and fullness of the body.

Men's clothing 2017 for overweight men photo

Fashionable full man clothing style. What does a fashionable full man look like? Fashion shirt 2017 for overweight men Green knitted vest, plaid shirt and beige jeans for overweight men

Fashionable colors of clothes 2017 for overweight men

In 2017, full men should avoid bright and catchy clothes with an abundance of decor in the form of patch pockets or stripes. It is better to give preference to clothes of saturated dark colors - black, coffee, dark gray, blue. If you choose light clothing, then let it be in a shallow vertical strip, this will visually stretch the silhouette.

Rules for choosing clothes for obese men

Full men should not completely abandon accessories, sometimes they are appropriate and allow you to distract attention from the flaws of the figure. But it should be noted that their abundance is unacceptable. It is worth abandoning massive jewelry and wide ties. Shoes are better to buy a stable, comfortable sitting on the foot. To make your legs appear longer, choose shoes to match the color of your trousers.

In order not to add volume to the forms due to clothing, you need to forget about heavy fabrics - velvet, tweed or velor. Clothing made of light natural fabrics will look winning, and the body will be more comfortable.

Full men should also constantly monitor men's fashion and then they will learn how to become a fashionable man and like themselves and others.

Here, read about how to choose clothes for full men in 2018 - the rules of the mod’s wardrobe.

Fashion coats 2017 for overweight men

When choosing outerwear, fat women should pay attention to classic coats and lightweight sheepskin coats. But down jackets or voluminous jackets can only emphasize completeness and visually add excess weight.

Gray and black coat for overweight men Fashionable men's coats 2017 large sizes Chic black coat for a full man

Fashion suits 2017 for overweight men

Men with chic uniforms do not go as good as formal suits. But even with their choice, one must be careful. Let it be deuces from black, dark blue or dark gray fabric.

The jacket should ideally fit the figure, try not to unfasten the buttons on it, so as not to visually increase the volume. The color of the trousers should not differ from the color of the jacket, and the trousers should be without arrows. It is better to choose a light shirt, without drawings.

Small turn-down collar is better to choose wide with sharp corners.

Fashion suit 2017 for overweight men

Proponents of looser clothing styles can replace the jacket with a more affordable three-button blazer or sweater. By the way, every man should know how to choose a man's jacket. As for the sweater, there are several principles that apply: natural fabrics, no voluminous textures, only vertical patterns.

Fashion jeans 2017 for overweight men

When choosing jeans, overweight men should give preference to models with a low waist, so as not to focus on the stomach. Give up the habit of t-shirts, t-shirts or shirts in them. Sweatpants should be in color with the top.

Fashion jeans 2017 for overweight men

As for the top of the image (t-shirts, shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts), you should abandon the bright clothes made of synthetic fabrics. In cotton products will be comfortable all day. Avoid bright colors and large patterns as well. Remember that clothes should not hamper movements, be baggy or too tight.

How to dress a man after 30, current stylist tips

At the age of twenty, a person knows himself or is still considering what he would like to be. But when you are in your thirties, you already recognize yourself as a person, unlike the millennial boys. A successful specialist, husband, father, just a man desperately clinging to leaving youth and a youthful appearance. All this somehow has to be combined in one wardrobe.

On the one hand, you are already earning more to afford a respectable appearance. On the other hand, most likely, you have a mortgage, wife, children, which forces you to save on this item. At this age, many men stubbornly continue to dress like teenagers, imagining that they are still such. But you can change your style so that it does not age you.

In addition, one advantage is associated with age, and it consists in the fact that you no longer need to spend time and energy in order to remain a "boy."

Stop experimenting

Fashion is changing, but style remains. “There are no hard and fast rules for anyone over the age of 30,” says stylist Freddy Kemp.

“The fashion industry pays a lot of attention to youth, fetishes it. For this reason, chasing trends when you are 25 years old is much easier.

It is assumed that by the age of 35, a person should already understand what is best for him. It’s easier to get rid of all embarrassment. ”

So be less interested in one-season trends and stick to products with a proven track record. In addition, thirty years of negligence in clothing is usually more expensive.

Focus on quality, not quantity

By now, you must have already formed a fully functional wardrobe, possibly from inexpensive things. In any case, you do not need to buy more clothes. Instead, spend the money on a few, but more expensive acquisitions, even if this requires saving for several months.

Buying less, but of better quality is the main principle at this age, the stylist advises. The idea is to gradually update the wardrobe, fill it with things that will look better and last longer.

Double bet

To form a wardrobe is not everything. The game does not end. In addition to reaching a new, better level, you should add “expansion packs” in the form of various options for the things you wear most often.

“It's time to narrow down your choices and decide on your favorite wardrobe items,” says Kemp. “You should almost become the face of your preferred brand, be it jeans or t-shirts.” Achievement unlocked: this is your "corporate identity."

Discard certain cuts

If you manage to avoid a “cozy” tummy, then you can still wear tailored clothing. But no matter how expensive things are, there is something wretched, even infantile, in too tight-fitting clothes at a certain age.

Choose a little loose jeans, wider lapels and jackets in a simple style that hide extra pounds. In such clothes, you will not only look like adults, but you will not grow out of it.

Stay Long and Succeed

The best thing you can do to stay in shape for your style. Do not take this for manifestations of body-shaming on our part or for promoting the gym.

The inconvenient truth is that, according to the majority, a stylish man is a man who, if not pumped up, then at least fit. Almost any clothing looks good on them.

Daniel Craig at 49 years old would not continue to act in the role of agent 007, if he had not interfered in his costume.

Make your casual wear more formal.

Age is not a reason to completely delete fashion trends from your life and even more so to write yourself off to land from a style ship. The point is that cuts and fabrics should be your calling card, not flashy styles, colors and stickers: fewer extremes, more quality.

“People should be praised for the tailoring of the jacket or the fabric from which it is sewn, not its shiny finish,” says Kemp. Accustom yourself to elegance in casual wear.

Make your party wear more casual

As for the twenty-year-olds, between the festive and everyday clothes they draw a clear line: one thing is a suit for special occasions, and the other thing is everyday equipment.

At thirty, this distinction becomes more vague than the bottom line of letters in the table to test vision. Suddenly it becomes clear why a blazer is a necessary wardrobe item, as well as the idea of ​​buying a suit in which you will never appear in the office. There will be weddings. Lots of weddings.

Massimo Dutti, Aspesi, Suitsupply, J. Crew

That is, with less stiff sides than a suit jacket, which everyone is used to, is a little shorter (note “a little”) and sewn from matte fabric, which goes better with jeans and cotton pants.

Wear it over a t-shirt or oxford shirt. The first step towards elegance has been taken.

Simple coat

Reiss, Charles Tyrwhitt, AMI, Suitsupply

Again, structured and therefore elegant enough for both work and weddings. Not very long to be worn with jeans and even with joggers.

Moreover, depending on the circumstances and temperature of the coat, you can put on instead of a blazer and give the appearance a little respectability.

Elegant casual pants

INCOTEX, A.P.C., Reiss, Whistles

Do not worry, these are not yet wide uncle pants.But as a person of a certain age, who sometimes has to dress if not beautifully, then at least elegantly, for work or a social event, you will need a more elegant alternative to jeans. It can be trousers made of dense cotton fabric, velvet or tweed. Pants from a tracksuit do not count.

Tricker’s, Larson Weejuns, Clarks, Grenson

When you were in your twenties, strict clothing was only for special occasions. Including the scope of black shoes was limited to an office or club. But now you are already over thirty, and shoes of an elegant style are included in everyday life.

“If you want to look fashionable, it's easiest to switch to high-quality leather shoes or boots,” Kemp advises. These are such strong and solid shoes as brogues, derby, loafers and deserts.

Prestigious watches

IWC, Cartier, Rolex, OMEGA

You can look stylish without a mechanical watch, but there are needs and desires. In addition, why abandon this traditional attribute of coming of age and adornment, which men already do not have so many? Tell your “soulmate” that this is an investment, and so it will be, if you buy wisely.

David gandhi

Getty images

Yes, this male model, for sure, could have reincarnated as Mugatu (the hero of the comedy The Model Male) and still look good. And although David Gandhi regularly takes a leading position on the catwalk in fashion weeks, this 37-year-old man who adheres to the classical style can afford to ignore the latest trends.

And this is because he does not succumb to the temptation to squeeze his body into tight-fitting clothes. So David Gandhi, a native of Essex County, is not at all like the character of the most popular British entertainment program, “The Only Way is Essex.”

Eddie redmayne

Getty images

Wherever he appears, whether on the red carpet or on the screen, Eddie Redmayn broke the record for "how to look good in everything."

This is not mysticism: just a 35-year-old actor wears clothes that emphasize the slimness of his figure. A little color or pattern on the fabric or accessories, but nothing more.

Roger Federer

Getty images

Roger feels confident, not only on the court, but also beyond, no matter what costume he is wearing.

Invariably elegant, unrivaled record holder, father of four children, this man, although he prefers clothes in the style of sports chic, does not look like a boy. In the collections that he designs for Nike, everything comes in handy: muted colors and traditional logos.

Ryan Gosling

Getty images

The state is doing what all stylish men who have crossed the thirty-year frontier should do: find the style and adhere to it.

At leisure, he wears white T-shirts, jeans, military-style boots, bomber jackets (scorpion embroidery is optional). And he walks out onto the red carpet in a tight-fitting suit and attracts attention by experimenting with color. Pay attention to the hairstyle: he does not change it for several years. In fairness, we say that he does not need to do this.

John Legend

Getty images

It seems that this person never makes a mistake. Legend, if he does something inappropriately, is very rare, because he rarely deviates from his chosen line. His style is consistent: he likes monochrome, subdued drawings and non-strict (but nevertheless tight-fitting always tight-fitting) silhouettes.

Legend loves university jackets, and this is a good example of how this age is not the time to retire.

Revise your wardrobe

“At this age, take care to reach a new level. Improve your wardrobe with every new purchase, don’t change it completely, ”says Kemp.

Review the basic wardrobe items, update what can be updated, add some of the most fashionable things, anyway, as far as you can afford it.

Automate the purchase process

“With age, as a rule, income rises, and this is good. The problem is that it's hard to make time to spend it, ”says Kemp.

But this is not a problem for those who follow fashion trends using the Internet and buy their favorite things with one click. You do not go shopping, but they come to you.

Do not deny yourself

“A person is never too old for anything until he doubts it himself,” says Kemp.

“As a rule, subcultures (dandies, sports chic, skaters) come and go, quickly replacing each other, but the silhouettes remain. Choose something and let it be your corporate identity.

So you can stay in trend for a decade. ” It is always easier to maintain a style than to regain it.

Pay attention to the hairstyle

Changes apply not only to clothing. If you still have hair, then you will understand that, except for graying and thinning, they do not change much, as well as the shape of the head and face.

Find a hairstyle that suits you (consult a good hairdresser), and always stick with it (and a good hairdresser).

Do not lose interest

Of course, it will not be the same as at a young age, but your style should not become boring. “Learn to see the difference that minor changes make, and appreciate it. A double-breasted jacket, for example, rather than a single-breasted one. But still out of flannel gray, not lilac, ”advises Kemp.

How to choose clothes for obese men

To date, there are quite a lot of people suffering from physical inactivity and overeating, as a result, over one in ten people on our planet is concerned about overweight problems.

Among them, the number of men is not inferior to the number of women.

What to do in order to facilitate the life of a full man and make her more comfortable? We will talk about this in our review, and learn how to choose clothes for obese men.

Big guys have a hard time following fashion. So says most overweight people. However, I dare to assure you that this is far from the case. There are a large number of tricks, using which you can raise your stylish image to a higher level.

Get only quality items. Remember that being overweight is an extra strength test for your clothes. Try to purchase items manufactured not in clandestine sewing workshops, but produced by well-known brands. Fortunately, many of them have in their arsenal copies of clothing of large size.

Do not skimp on updating your wardrobe, especially a classic suit

If you think that a loose fit, jacket or pants a size larger will make you slimmer, then you are mistaken. Of course, it is reasonable to avoid too tight-fitting silhouette in your case, but hiding behind the folds of clothes not in size is silly and will only add comic to your image. Everything should be just right.

If you couldn’t find your size in the ready-made clothing store, you can go to the tailor and sew a suit to order. In this case, you don’t have to run around the boutiques and look for your size. It's expensive, but the suit should sit well, compromises are not appropriate.

By the way, you can sew a classic suit, vest or coat from our partners Arthur Philips.

Sewing costumes and coats by Arthur Philips

How to choose clothes for the full in the winter season? Have some advice! As warm winter clothes, we do not recommend using jackets with a filler in the form of synthetic winterizer or holofiber, voluminous down jackets are also contraindicated. In the off-season, a classic coat made of wool is perfect for full men, and in winter there will be a thin sheepskin coat by the way.

In the offseason, a classic coat made of wool is perfect for overweight men.

There are small tricks that will help obese people feel more comfortable and make them seem thinner than they really are. So, for example, to avoid unnecessarily tightening the protruding abdomen with a belt, we recommend buying suspenders or help.

If you want to look slimmer, then wear classic pants, but do not shorten them too much. Thus, you visually lengthen the silhouette and get a more slender outline. Do not abuse bright colors, choose calmer colors of a monophonic scale.

Refuse the print on clothes, it will only draw attention to your non-standard sizes.

Large men are advised to wear suspenders rather than a strap

For men who prefer classic-style clothes, vests and sweaters are suitable, they are almost universal and will help to hide the protruding tummy. Those who like to flaunt in sportswear are advised to choose loose t-shirts, knitwear trousers or soft, not-fitting jeans. Carefully watch that the models you select are not tapered to the bottom.

Stylish jumper easily hides flaws in the form of a protruding belly

If you are a fan of jeans, then you need to pick up models with a slightly low waist. Do not emphasize the waistline when tucking a t-shirt or shirt into trousers, wear it for graduation.

Full men are perfect shirts and sweaters with a V-neck. This circumstance allows you to create the illusion of a thin neck and seem a little higher than it actually is. High collars or sweaters and downhill golf should be avoided categorically. Thus, you only emphasize the roundness of the face and the second chin that takes place.

Overweight men are fine with V-neck sweaters

When choosing clothes, you should remember that it should be made of natural fabrics. Fat people, due to metabolic disorders, have the peculiarity of sweating profusely. Synthetic materials will only exacerbate this effect. If you do not want to sweat, then spend money on suits made of viscose and wool.

If in the choice of clothes you are limited by the impressive size, then by purchasing accessories you are free to do as you please. We offer to compensate for the lack of fashionable elements in clothes with a stylish watch, purse, tie, bow tie or portfolio of well-known brands. Your task is to look respectable, then your fullness will be perceived as a symbol of solidity.

Do not neglect stylish accessories and hairstyles.

Do not neglect such an interesting accessory as a hat. These can be either classic hat options or berets or military-style baseball caps. This fashionable detail will add a twist to your look. By the way, we have an article that details classic headgear for men.

Now a little about shoes. We have already mentioned that it is not worth the little things when choosing accessories. The same applies to shoes. Besides the fact that it must be strong and wear-resistant, there are several more requirements, following which you can seem slimmer.

  • pick models with a high enough and stable heel - this will slim you,
  • try to match the color of shoes and trousers. This circumstance visually lengthens your legs and the whole figure, respectively.

Taking care of our wardrobe, we pay close attention to how we will look at work or at a party, and completely forget about everyday home clothes. And in vain! After all, a real man should even look elegant at home, regardless of how much he weighs. So, let's start discussing home clothes.

First of all, we advise you to get rid of old things and the stereotype that houses wear what has long gone out of fashion and worn out. We suggest you purchase a high-quality tracksuit made of soft knitted fabric.

Such an outfit will not constrain movements and will make you feel comfortable. If you are not a fan of sports style, you can purchase a home bathrobe.

As a rule, men's robes do not have buttons and are worn by the smell, which makes this type of clothing convenient even for people with a rather voluminous figure.

In order to sleep comfortably, we offer to buy pajamas. In summer, these can be lightweight cotton models, and in winter, biked warm pajamas. We have an entire article on the topic of home wear, I recommend reading it.

As you can see, at least some of the tips are easy to follow, but even this part will change your style for the better.

Try to find those items of clothing that visually make you taller (for example, clothes in a vertical strip), at the same time, avoid clothes that make you wider (horizontal strip on clothes, too large folds on trousers, etc.). We hope that our tips will help you hone your own style even more!

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