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How to choose and use a trimmer

When choosing a trimmer, first of all, you need to decide on the main purpose of its use. If you plan to trim only the hair on the body, but not on the face, any basic model with minimal adjustment functions is suitable for you, since the immediate length of the hair in this case does not play a fundamental role.

If you need a trimmer for a beard and mustache, then without the ability to fine-tune (that is, regulation in millimeters) and without a nozzle for a contour haircut, you will have a rather difficult time. However, we note that almost any beard trimmer can be successfully used to cut hair on the body.

Additional functions

Typical additional functions of trimmers include the possibility of using the appliance under the shower and for cutting wet hair (which is important for those who first shave their cheeks and then trim the hair on their chin and mustache with a trimmer), a round nozzle for cutting hair in the nose and ears, and also the ability to cut hair on the head.

Speaking about cutting hair on the head, it is important to mention that this operation is almost impossible to do at home and alone - even if you just want to cut your hair very short, it will be difficult to do this with a mirror. Any other person will trim you much faster and more successfully than yourself.

General trimmer specifications

The trimmer is presented on store shelves in the form of a small electrical device designed to cut hairs in different parts of the body, including shortening hairs in the intimate area of ​​men and women, ears, nose. With such a device, you can get rid of hairs even in hard-to-reach areas of the body, while the vegetation is removed evenly.

The device can operate on battery, mains power, or one or more batteries. Often, various nozzles are included in the kit so that you can pick it up for a certain length of vegetation.

Cars are divided into two types, if you look at the type of operation of their electric motor:

  1. Rotary. They are powerful, durable. They can last a long period without breakdowns. This is their main advantage. Suitable for professional use.
  2. Vibrating. The engine is slightly weaker in power, every half hour it needs a break. But suitable for home use.

Thanks to various nozzles, the device can be used like a regular electric razor.

Devices have differences in design, manufacturer, and numerous additional functions. Some devices are capable of supporting several modes - this is usually delicate / intense. Demand models that have a vacuum function, it is required for the absorption of cut off vegetation. This is very convenient, because after the procedure you do not have to clean the working area from an abundance of hairs.

The best models are those that can minimize hair shortening. There are differences in the method of cleaning the device, for example, most models can be washed under ordinary water, without fear of harming the mechanisms inside. By type of power, the device is:

Options with batteries are suitable for those who travel, as they are distinguished by their compactness. The speed of the device depends on the strength of the charge. It usually takes about six hours to charge the battery. The network type of power is classified as a budget option. But they are durable and powerful. A combined model combines the advantages of both devices.

Device purpose

A trimmer is a compact device that helps to trim eyebrows, mustaches, a beard, and also pointly remove excess vegetation in the intimate area of ​​a bikini, nose and ears. The photo below shows a trimmer with various nozzles, which allows you to both cut your hair and make a curly edging.

Here is a list of what the machine is used for:

  • shave a beard, mustache,
  • to trim the haircuts,
  • pointly remove vegetation, perform curly intimate haircuts,
  • make eyebrow shape correction
  • remove hair in the ears and nose.

Terms of use

You need to follow the basic rules of shaving with a trimmer. Typically, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Lubrication. First, oil the head of the device. It must fall on the blades. If the instructions indicate that pre-lubrication is not required, then these manipulations are carried out at the end of the procedure to clean the device.
  2. Verification The device is turned on for twenty seconds so that all blades can be lubricated evenly. Then they turn it off, wipe the blades dry so that the trimmed vegetation does not stick to them.
  3. Process. Shaving can be called the most crucial moment. The appliance shaves from the bottom up. Typically, for best results, a smooth portion of the appliance is applied to the skin so that the hairs shave well.

The result depends on the selected model. You can remove the hairs almost to zero or with the help of nozzles to cut a beard of a certain length. You can shave the chin with the neck, you only need to enable the slowest speed mode in these areas. Move up in the direction from the Adam's apple. Shaving below the Adam's apple is an extremely safe razor.

If you want to shape the beard, then again, everything depends on the desired results:

  • to give roundness, take a zero nozzle, starting to trim a certain type of beard,
  • to achieve the effect of a “goatee”, hairs are shaved to the required length, then the residues are shaved off with a nozzle No. 1.

There are many ways to use a trimmer, for each case you need to choose your own individual approach. In any case, the main rule is always observed - to shave against hair growth.

If you need to shave the antennae, then use a trimmer without nozzles. Perform this with the sharpest part of the device. Here they act in the same way as in the case with an ordinary machine, for convenience you need to pull the skin and shave the hairs to zero.

Beard trimmers are usually not suitable for the bikini area, these devices have a significant difference in structure. In general, for the intimate area you need to have a separate device (in connection with hygiene rules). Here shaving is carried out in the same way as in the case of a beard. To trim the remains of vegetation, you can start driving the device in different directions. So you can achieve a better effect, just remember the risk of ingrown hairs.

Use extreme care with a nose trimmer with ears. The device is not inserted deeply - a few millimeters is enough for the nostrils. The main purpose here is to get rid of protruding hairs, and not shave them to zero. The same rules apply to the hairline in the ears.

There is an option for a trimmer for eyebrows. Its appearance is similar to writing pens. The correction procedure is carried out on dry skin, for convenience it is pulled by hand. And you can pre-draw with a pencil a correction line so as not to cut off excess vegetation. But they carry out the procedure no more than twice a week.

By engine type

At the forefront are the type of engine and, accordingly, the separation will be as follows:

  • rotary hair trimmers (the most powerful units for professionals, with the possibility of long work without overheating),
  • vibrating the engine has much lower power (a more domestic device that requires a break in work every half hour),
  • pendulum options (not yet a very common type, which is a type of horizontal scissors - when working with it, you need to press the handles all the way).

How to choose a trimmer

If you plan to purchase a trimmer, then, of course, you need to know the rules for choosing a new device. After all, he must meet all the requirements and be of high quality. Therefore, when choosing take into account the following points:

  • Nozzles. The optimal number in the kit is three to four pieces. It will not be out of place to have nozzles for adjusting the beard in the case of a trimmer for men, for ladies - nozzles for curly hair intimate zones, all kinds of stencils.
  • Material. The price of the product is the quality of the steel used to make the blades. It is better when the cutting elements have an additional coating: diamond spraying, ceramics. The device will be more functional if its blades do not require preliminary lubrication or the blades tend to self-sharpen.
  • Charge indicator. An optional item, but convenient enough when a special light bulb indicates a color change on the outcome of the charge.
  • Haircut length. The device should allow you to adjust the length of the hairs. For models, the minimum length usually varies from five millimeters, the maximum - from two to four centimeters.
  • Voltage adapter. Will be required for travel. Allows you to safely charge the device under the correct voltage.
  • Weight. The hand will quickly tire of heavy devices, but it is better not to choose devices that are too light - they will constantly vibrate.

By type of food

The second classification criterion is the type of food.

  1. Rechargeable the most expensive option - it is good for minor improvements. The maximum working capacity is about an hour, and to charge the battery, you often need to spend at least ten hours. The degree of charge affects the speed of work - the smaller it is, the slower the device becomes. Typically, these means are stocked up by people who have to be in frequent trips (but it is necessary to get a haircut in order to maintain a presentable appearance).
  2. Network model can work long enough. Very often among these models there are devices with excellent characteristics. But the disadvantage is palpable right away - the user is limited in movement by the length of the cord.
  3. Combined trimmers combine both of these benefits.
  4. There are trimmers working from ordinary batteries. These are compact options that are convenient to take with you on the go.

By application

Now let's talk about the scope. Manufacturers are trying to please all representatives of their target audience.

Trimmer for beard and mustache should be attributed to a specialized male device. Not only does he trim, but even thin out his beard. This can be done using special nozzles that adjust the pitch and length.

If the advertisement states models for women, then such a device is often equipped with epilation nozzles. It is understood that the work will be carried out with excess vegetation in areas of bikinis, armpits and even for shaving eyebrows. The device must gently process delicate female skin.

There are specific devices designed to remove hair in the ears and nose. They differ even externally - small size, comfortable thin shape of the handle, streamlined rotating circular nozzles.

How to choose the right hair trimmer

What factors should be considered when buying such a device? Among the main technical specifications distinguish such:

  • speed of work
  • smoothness of movements
  • the presence of several modes (soft and more intense),
  • noise and vibration levels (large vibration negatively affects accuracy),
  • battery life
  • the possibility of easy cleaning of the device (for example, washing under running water),

  • the weight of the device (the arm will get tired from a heavy one, and the light one will begin to vibrate),
  • case material (the hand of the master should not slip).

With the outward similarity of many models, it is better to choose those with titanium spraying (or a mixture of titanium and ceramics) applied to the blades, especially if you plan to shave often. In this case, they will last a long time. A coating of nanosilver will increase antiseptic properties. The blades must be sharp, otherwise the user will experience discomfort, which is especially noticeable for the bikini area.

It’s important to pay attention to yourself nozzles: The linear ones are used to trim the eyebrows, while the rotary ones care for the ears and nose. A number of models have universal double-sided nozzles (from 3 to 12 mm in diameter). All attachments should be easy to remove.

You should be aware of future use. If the device will be operated by 1-2 people, there is no point in overpaying for unnecessary functions. On the other hand, a low price can be an indicator of belonging to a risk group (the blades will quickly become dull or the rotation mechanism will fail). The best option is average price range.

Preference should be given to models with a charging indicator and the ability to adjust the length of the wire.

Of course, the trimmer will not replace a regular hair clipper. However, he justifies his application with the numerous possibilities of caring for all parts of the body. This is especially true for multifunction devices, the main advantage of which was the availability of interchangeable nozzles. So such a device can be bought for independent use.

What is a trimmer and what is it for?

The beard fashion has returned and now every second man is experimenting with the images and styles of facial hair. Some prefer to visit barbers and, under the strict guidance of a professional, model and care for their mustache and beard. Others are closer to the same tasks, but performed on their own at home using a set of tools and instruments.

Having tried the trimmer, what it is and what functions it implies, you can make sure that a fashionable and stylish beard can be obtained independently without the help of a specialist. The trimmer is a versatile and multi-functional electric device, thanks to which it is possible to model, shave, cut and trim the beard, as well as remove unnecessary hairs even in hard-to-reach places.

What is a trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a cross between a clipper and an electric razor. The device can work from a network and independently from the battery, performing various options and tasks thanks to the presence of shaving knives and nozzles for even hair cutting. And if before men had to use scissors and razors, today, with all the tasks, the trimmer will quickly and accurately handle the tasks.

This device was created specifically for working with a mustache and beard, and the whole process lasts only a few minutes. Trimmers are compact in size and light in weight, ergonomic shape and comfortable equipment for ease of use. Differing only in functions and additional features, the instructions for its use for all models and brands are approximately similar.

How is the trimmer and its principle of operation

The trimmer for the beard and mustache should be the same device as a conventional clipper, but differ in nozzles, size and used to trim and model the beard. But in addition to the standard functions, the classic trimmer should include the function of a grinder, that is, be used in hard-to-reach places, for example, to work with hair on the eyebrows, in the ears and nose.

The principle of operation of the trimmer is the relative movement of the two knives in combination with nozzles that specify a certain length for the hairs.The package will include the device itself, charger, nozzles, accessories for care and storage, as well as a number of additional functions (nozzle for smooth shaving, interchangeable blades, vacuum system, laser indicators, backlight and much more).

What is it - an electric trimmer and why is it

The tool, which is called the beautiful word "trimmer" "takes its name from the English verb" to trim ", which in the literal Russian translation means" shorten "or" trim ".

Many buyers coming to a consumer electronics store are unsure of what a shaving trimmer is and why it is necessary to purchase a separate device when there are clippers.

In fact, the trimmer is a special device, the purpose of which is to care for the hair: bringing the hair to a normal state, removing unnecessary vegetation from the nose or ears, trimming or shaping the beard and mustache.

The rich functionality of the device allows you to form the perfect contour of the beard and mustache

Traditionally, devices are divided into male and female. Depending on the accessory, the device must have different functionality.

Men's trimmers are more massive and “rude”. Their purpose is to remove excess vegetation, give a regular and stylish form to the beard, thinning hair, treating areas behind the ears or leveling the whiskers.

An important characteristic of the male trimmer is the availability of adjustment of the cut length, which for each particular model can vary from 1 to 6 mm.

Female devices are traditionally considered more delicate, as they are designed to treat delicate skin. Most often they are used to remove excess vegetation in the bikini area, as well as axillary hollows.

The female trimmer is smaller and more delicate.

As a rule, a female device kit includes nozzles similar to male devices, but they are smaller.

Also on the shelves you can find devices that are designed exclusively to remove unwanted hair from the nose or ears. They are distinguished by a head of a special shape, which should be smooth and not have sharp edges, so as not to damage the skin during work.

It is important to choose the right trimmer for the nose, because this part of the human body is characterized by especially delicate skin, if damaged, a painful and long-healing wound appears.

As in a conventional clipper, in the trimmer the blades perform translational movements leading to cutting the hair

What is a beard trimmer and features of this device

Many people wonder - what is a razor trimmer? At its core, this device is practically no different from a hair clipper used in a hairdresser.

The principle of operation consists in translational movements of the knives relative to each other with the parallel participation of nozzles, through which the user selects the desired length of the hair to be shaved.

Unlike cars, trimmers have a smaller size and weight

The difference between an ordinary clipper and a trimmer for trimming a beard or forming an intimate haircut is as follows.

  1. Tooth pitch. In an ordinary hairdressing machine, the value of this parameter is 3-4 mm, and in the trimmer, this indicator varies in smaller ranges - from 0.2 to 1.0 mm.
  2. Dimensions. Trimmers are lightweight and compact, which facilitates the operation of this device. Light weight provides comfort when forming a beard or mustache.
  3. Nutrition. All cars can work only from the mains, while for the trimmers there are enough batteries, which ensures autonomy.
  4. Functional. Unlike clippers designed only for equal length, the trimmer provides rich functionality due to the number of nozzles.
  5. Noise and vibration. Due to its size and lower power, the trimmer creates little noise and practically does not vibrate in the hands during operation.

Round nose tips are used to remove hair in the nose.

Trimmer - what is it and what is it for? choose a trimmer for men

The beard fashion has returned and now every second man is experimenting with the images and styles of facial hair. Some prefer to visit barbers and, under the strict guidance of a professional, model and care for their mustache and beard. Others are closer to the same tasks, but performed on their own at home using a set of tools and instruments.

Having tried the trimmer, what it is and what functions it implies, you can make sure that a fashionable and stylish beard can be obtained independently without the help of a specialist. The trimmer is a versatile and multi-functional electric device, thanks to which it is possible to model, shave, cut and trim the beard, as well as remove unnecessary hairs even in hard-to-reach places.

What is the difference from a clipper?

Initially, many models of electric shavers included a trimmer nozzle in their package, it happened that a comb trimmer was also included in the kit for clippers.

Today, the trimmer is an independent tool with a multifunctional purpose, which can displace razors and clippers.

The fundamental difference between the trimmer and the clipper is the size and functionality.

The difference between the trimmer and the machine is in the following functions:

  1. Tooth pitch. If in the typewriter it is 3-4 mm, then in the trimmer a much smaller step is 0.2–1.0 mm.
  2. Weight and size. The trimmer is much lighter and more compact than a machine. Thanks to this, the trimmer is convenient to use, it is easier to hold in your hand, modeling a beard and mustache.
  3. Nutrition. Almost all cars operate from the network, while trimmers imply a combined type of power, that is, from the network and autonomously from the battery.
  4. Functional. Trimmers have a large list of options and additional features for removing hairs on a beard, mustache, eyebrows, whiskers, nose and ears, on the body and even in intimate places.
  5. Noise and vibration. The trimmer works much quieter, emitting a low level of vibration, unlike a clipper.

Using a trimmer, you can create different patterns and clear lines, while not a single new-fangled clipper can cope with such tasks. Today, the trimmer is the only multifunctional appliance that cannot be handled by another tool.

Rotary models

Most often, rotary models include professional models with high power, which can reach 50 watts. The principle of operation is the movement of the rotor inside the engine, which is able to increase torque, which provides not only power, but also high speed blades. The only drawback is the quick heating of the device: it requires periodic shutdown after some time of continuous operation.

The length of the comb petal is selected according to the length of the hair

Varieties, their advantages and disadvantages

To determine the choice of a trimmer for a beard and mustache, a man must know how the device works, what functions it has, which is included in the kit. It is by these criteria that most often experts classify trimmers into types and types. Each species has its pros and cons, thanks to which you can significantly narrow the circle and choose the best option.

Vibratory trimmers

The operation of this type of device is based on the excitation of an electric magnet, which creates a vibration that drives the knives.One of the positive aspects of this type is the ability to control power through a special adjusting screw. The disadvantages include the difficulty of cleaning, since it is possible to get to the "insides" of the device only after unscrewing the knife blocks.

Pet hair trimmers are distinguished by their power and wider working surface of knives

By picking

The trimmer is the main criterion for choosing a device according to the needs of men. In fact, the trimmer is a regular beard machine, but with additional options in the box. We are talking about nozzles that allow you to cut hairs of a certain length and density, shave your mustache, beard, sideburns, remove hairs in hard to reach places and on the body.

According to the configuration, several types of trimmers are distinguished:

  • groomers - devices for removing hair in hard to reach places,
  • trimmers for cutting excess length and density of hair on the eyebrows, temples, in the nose and ears,
  • trimmers with nozzles for working with hair on a beard, mustache and body,
  • universal trimmers with all of the above options.

Thanks to nozzles with a different number of levels, modes and step size, the functionality of the trimmer increases. The advantages of each option can be considered narrow-profile accurate work with certain areas on the body, minus the inability to work with other areas. And only universal models cope with all the tasks, without any disadvantages as such.

By shaving method

Since many trimmers are intended not only for cutting, but also for shaving excess hair, manufacturers offer several types of devices according to the method of shaving. Namely:

  1. Dry Shaving Trimmers. This device replaces with its functions an electric shaver, many modern models even include floating knives for a perfect shave. The advantages of such a tool is a quick result without the use of cosmetics. Cons - insufficient shaving, dry skin and the risks of irritation.
  2. Wet Shaving Trimmers. In this case, we are talking about devices with a waterproof case, and you can perform haircuts and shaving directly in the shower using cosmetics. Pros - smooth shaving and moisturizing the skin, which prevents irritation and its dryness, easy cleaning of the blades under running water. Cons - the need for the use of water and cosmetics.

Most modern advanced models of trimmers today include two types of shaving in their functionality - wet and dry. This allows you to combine the advantages of the two types, while eliminating their disadvantages and weaknesses.

By blade material

Any beard trimmer can be evaluated by one more criterion - the material of the blade. It directly depends on the materials how easily, quickly and accurately the trimmer will cope with the hairs of a beard and mustache. Most often, the trimmer blades can be made of different metals:

  • stainless steel (standard with acceptable features),
  • from titanium (heavy-duty and durable option),
  • made of metal with ceramic coating (ultra-sharp and durable version).

The first option has a significant advantage - the inexpensive price of the device. In the case of titanium alloy blades, the device will last much longer, retaining its cutting abilities, and titanium is three times stronger than steel. If the metal of the blades is covered with ceramic spraying, they will not need to be lubricated and sharpened so often than metal blades.

Important! For home use, experts advise using trimmers with stainless steel blades. But for professional use in salons, trimmers with blades made of titanium or with ceramic spraying are better suited.

Recently, all trimmers from well-known brands have been equipped with a vacuum system, thanks to which the issue of cleaning the trimmer was resolved.

Thanks to this ability, the vacuum trimmer sucks all the cut hairs into a special container, thereby protecting the space from blockages. The advantages of such a trimmer are obvious - there is no need to clean both the device and the room.

In addition, you can shave with such a device in clothes, and the high price can be considered the only negative.


Another newfangled additional function of the trimmer is the backlight, which will help create additional accurate illumination of the treated area for the face in the dark.

The advantages of a trimmer with such a function are obvious - it is an opportunity to see all the hairs that will be cut, as well as the possibility of the most even and clear cutting of facial hair.

The disadvantage is the fact that not all men will need such an option for which the manufacturer raises the price of the trimmer.

Mini trimmers

Another variety of mustache and beard trimmers is a mini trimmer of compact size and weight. Such devices were originally created for men who are often on the road and traveling.

The advantages of such trimmers can be considered their small weight and size, which simplifies operation and makes them mobile and ergonomic, in addition, a small beard trimmer will cost much cheaper than models with great functionality.

Do you like little trimers?

The disadvantages of a small device for working with a mustache and beard can be considered working only from the battery, which does not have enough power for long work.

Accordingly, the tool will often be discharged and require recharging, which lasts several hours. Insufficient power will not allow the device to cope with hard thick hairs.

Therefore, a mini trimmer is suitable only for vegetation on the face of small or medium length and density.


Different manufacturers offer customers trimmers of all kinds of models with different equipment, functionality and additional features.

Today you can even find a trimmer with a laser pointer, which will create the most even and clear lines of the beard and mustache.

A man needs to be selected solely on the basis of personal needs and requirements, advantages and weaknesses of each type of device, as well as financial capabilities.


What is the difference between a trimmer and an electric shaver, what is better to choose for men and women

For a person to have a neat and well-groomed appearance, today it is absolutely not necessary to visit expensive hairdressing salons or have a personal stylist. It is enough just to have a means at hand for timely trimming of the bristles, beard and mustache.

The market is able to offer different types of devices designed for specific needs. Some devices are universal, others are created more narrowly focused. The choice is large enough, and in variety it is quite easy to get lost.

To prevent this from happening, let's figure out what the difference is between the trimmer and the electric shaver.

Electric shaver and everything connected with it

An electric shaver for men is as important as a cosmetic bag for the weaker sex. Initially, this device was designed and created as a tool for shaving the head and performing simple hairstyles (boxing, half boxing, etc.). Over time, technology has improved, and now the electric razor is able to perform much more functions than an elementary haircut “to zero”.

Now this type of device serves simultaneously to perform several functions. For example, daily shaving of bristles. A feature of the electric shaver is its versatility. Many people ask how a conventional razor differs from a full-fledged electric razor. There are a number of benefits.

  1. For example, unlike any safety razor, the knife blades of an electric appliance do not irritate the skin. This is especially important in cases with an increased dermatological response to everyday allergens and irritants, as well as when the skin is too dry and sensitive.
  2. The second obvious advantage is the durability of the blades mounted on the device. In their reliability and durability, they give one hundred points ahead to any manual machine. The amount of hair cut by an electric shaver can be calculated in whole football fields. Where an ordinary razor has become dull, a knife blade will work for a long time.
  3. The third important and very relevant plus is the quality of the shave. If when working with the machine there is a high probability of touching a painful area of ​​the skin (pimple, etc.) and damaging it, then in the case of an electrical appliance this probability is reduced to zero. In other words, shaving becomes truly safe. Injury to the skin of the face is significantly reduced, as a result, the convenience and comfort of operation increases.
  4. The fourth plus of the electrical appliance is the nozzles. It is unlikely that you can gently trim your whiskey with a conventional blade. Even if you adapt, do it, the procedure itself will take a lot of time, and in the case of an electric shaver, it’s enough to just use a kit with nozzles and do everything that is needed in a matter of minutes.
  5. There is no need to use gels and shaving foam, so-called "Dry shave." In the case of a manual machine, this is not possible.

Of course, like all other appliances, the electric shaver is not without drawbacks. The appliance is not suitable for bristles. Not every model has a trimmer and nozzles for it. An electric shaver is completely unsuitable for a beard.

The device requires periodic recharging, may turn off at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, the feature is such that it is impossible to use the device during recharging.

To avoid this drawback, it is better to develop the habit of constantly recharging the device without discharging it to the end - this will minimize unpleasant sensations from its use.

In addition, regular maintenance is required. Cleaning, sharpening and balancing knives in low-cost models, lubricating parts in cases where the blades are self-sharpening. If the user asks why to maintain the electric shaver and stops doing it, then the machine may fail, and quite quickly.

A power source is required for the device to function. Whether it’s batteries, built-in batteries or a power cord, an electric machine will always depend on these additional requirements, while a manual razor is available anytime, anywhere. The price of the device and additional blades is usually higher than the price tag for a conventional disposable machine.

All About Trimmers

What is the difference between a trimmer and an electric shaver? First, you should decide on the classification of the device and its purpose. Trimmers are primarily used for beards and mustaches, grooming, trimming, etc.

It should be remembered that the trimmer does not imply a smooth shave, and does not have the corresponding capabilities for this. All that can be done with a trimmer is to shorten the hair on the face to a certain length, but not shave it to a smooth and clean skin.

For such purposes, you just need a razor.

As a rule, it is rather difficult to choose between two types of devices (electric shaver and trimmer). It’s best to have both devices on hand. A razor may be needed in everyday use. The trimmer will come in handy if the user decides to let go of the bristles or grow a beard.

Here is a list of the most obvious benefits of using a trimmer.

  1. Ideal for controlling beard levels. Most often, the nozzle pitch has a division of 1 mm (1 to 10 mm).In rare cases, there are models with a pitch of 0.5 mm, but they are professional, therefore they are more expensive and are rare in retail.
  2. Shaves to the level of a one-day stubble. If for some reason the trimmer owner is tired of wearing a beard, he can easily and quickly level it to the level of an even bristle. It is very convenient to create your own style without spending money on a trip to the barbershop.
  3. It is relatively inexpensive. If the average razor is in the region of one and a half thousand rubles, then the trimmer can be found at half this cost.
  4. A large number of nozzles. Many different universal (suitable for most models) attachments on trimmers can pleasantly surprise both an inexperienced user and an experienced barber.
  5. Easy to use. The trimmer is a very highly specialized device, which is difficult to use otherwise than for its intended purpose. You just need to press a button and start trimming. This is another difference from the electric shaver, which, nevertheless, is a more universal subject.

Despite the impressive list of advantages that the device possesses, nevertheless, it was not possible to completely dispense with the shortcomings. The first thing that attracts attention is the lack of the ability to shave “clean”. However, if this opportunity was fully realized in the trimmer, at that very moment it would turn into an electric razor.

Secondly, mention should be made of the design of knife blades, which may differ slightly from razor blades. Although the principle of action, in many cases, will be similar. Trimmer blades can become unusable quite quickly due to loss of balance. It is far from always possible to correct this deficiency with your own hands.

The third thing that needs to be entered in the “flaws” column is the inability to work with long hair. Imagine you want to trim your beard, which has become much larger, say, 17 mm.

It will not be possible to do this with the help of nozzles, you will have to level the trimmer with a blade to the maximum pitch (10 mm), and only then align the beard at this level. There is a significant functional limitation on the eyes.

Another significant drawback is the noise from the operation of the trimmer motor. For the most part, these devices operate much louder than electric shavers, which, of course, puts them far from the most favorable light.

However, in more expensive models this problem can be partially solved by good noise and vibration isolation, as well as a vibration damping system.

What is the best trimmer and electric shaver for?

Which device is best used - a trimmer or razor - depends on the user's request. For example, both devices are suitable for facial skin care. If there is a need to shave every day to a state of smooth skin without bristles, then the answer is obvious - an electric shaver.

Particular attention should be paid to the type of motor installed in the device - the performance and power of the device will largely depend on it.

For other parts of the body, especially for an intimate haircut and for the bikini zone, a trimmer is more suitable. Firstly, it is more compact. Secondly, it leaves less irritation due to nozzles, which completely exclude contact of the blades with the skin surface. Only the selected level of hair is cut, thereby trimming them.

If there is a need to shave in a delicate area, then experts recommend using a manual machine (for example, blades from the company "vest") instead of an electric shaver, as using this device it will be quite difficult to work out complex areas.

When shaving hazardous areas, a manual razor will have an obvious advantage due to its size.

For women, there is a problem of ingrown hair, which when shaving can additionally injure already sensitive parts of the body.Of course, in such cases, it is better to use a trimmer or extremely carefully - a razor.

As a rule, female equipment for caring for intimate areas is limited to an epilator and a trimmer. Statistics show that the proportion of trimmer use is much higher.

Explaining this is quite easy - using it is easier, more convenient and more comfortable. And most importantly, it causes much less pain than an epilator.

This distinction is not accidental, because with the help of a trimmer you can also create intimate haircuts using various kinds of nozzles (styler).

In any case, most experts recommend using an electric razor only for working with hair on the face, for all other parts of the body it is better to use a trimmer.

Electric shaver with integrated trimmer

A shaver with a trimmer is a kind of compromise between these two devices. It is designed primarily for those who value practicality and versatility in the device. Of course, having two types of blades in one device, such a device has much more capabilities than each individually.

The scope of such a device is very wide, from the hairdresser's salon to home haircuts and shaving. The peculiarity of this type of devices in their extended functionality. In addition, by combining these two devices into one, the resulting unit is deprived of the disadvantages inherent in them individually.

Here is a list of the benefits of using such a device.

  1. Versatility and true multifunctionality. If before shaving and trimming a beard required two separate devices, now only one is enough. Of course, this is much more convenient.
  2. Less time consuming. Yes, that's right, the user spends less time, because he does not need to prepare and clean two different devices, now everything he needs is already in his hands.
  3. Availability and prevalence. The price of such devices is usually quite affordable, although the quality may not always meet the stated requirements. It is important to make sure when buying that the blade is made of stainless steel, and let the machine itself be rotary.
  4. Easy to maintain. Such universal devices, as a rule, are designed with a long term of use incorporated in them. In other words, after-sales service is not only provided for, but also desirable. It is easy to carry out, because it includes cleaning and lubricating the knives, as well as their balancing (in rare cases).

There are several drawbacks.

  1. If among the pluses easy maintenance of the device was noted, then its regularity will be a clear minus. Yes, it will be necessary to service the universal electric shaver somewhat more often than usual. This is explained quite easily, more details, more potential breakdowns.
  2. The second obvious drawback is inherent in all electrical appliances. It's about a power source. Everything is simple here: if you forgot to recharge your device or just replace the batteries, then it is likely that it can let you down at the most inopportune moment. Imagine the situation: you are in a hurry, you are late for an important meeting and you urgently needed to trim a beard that has become sloppy. Half the work is done, and the machine turned off and stopped showing signs of life. Time does not wait, and the beard still looks groomed. Well, if in stock there is an additional set of batteries, or the model allows you to use it immediately, as soon as it is plugged into an outlet. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not use the razor until it is fully charged.
  3. More often break down. Unfortunately, this is also a fact. The more complex the device, the more likely it is to fail. Two blades, plus a set of universal nozzles can break much faster than one.
  4. DimensionsSuch a universal device will have larger dimensions than, say, a trimmer and an electric shaver separately. More dimensions, less room for maneuver, therefore, the user will no longer be able to afford some of the things he does using less bulky items.
  5. The quality of the blades. Another important aspect that needs attention. If the blade is made of a poor-quality alloy, the razor will soon lose its balance and begin to bite large hairs, which can lead to skin irritation.


Both devices have a number of undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one of them is quite problematic, as they have different fields of application. It is best to have both devices, so that when the need arises, each of them is at hand.

Oddly enough, but the use of devices such as "2 in 1" is less justified due to a number of disadvantages, which were mentioned above.

Ultimately, the main criterion for using an electric shaver and trimmer will be the user's need, which these appliances can cover.

How to choose a good beard trimmer

Beard trimmers appeared a long time ago, and during the existence of this device many of its varieties were created.

Even in the assortment of one manufacturer, several lines of trimmers are usually presented at once, not to mention situations when you need to choose from a dozen models of different brands.

It is easy for an unprepared person to get confused in all this variety, therefore, if you are going to get a trimmer, before going to the store you need to find out what important points you should pay attention to. We will understand this difficult question on the example of Philips trimmers.


Most modern beard trimmers are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, but there are also models with mains power and even ordinary batteries.

The last option is exotic, which, however, also has the right to life when used somewhere far from civilization. It is preferable to buy a trimmer with a built-in battery that can work from the network.

This is an important nuance, because some models, when connected to the network, immediately begin to charge the battery and, until it is charged, they will not cut.

Keep this in mind if you do not want to get into a situation where you have to sit and wait half an hour to dobrit the other half of the face.

Autonomy and charging time

Autonomy is another important parameter on which the usability of the trimmer depends. Modern models, as a rule, can run on a single charge for about 40 minutes, although with some Philips trimmers, autonomy reaches a record 75 minutes.

This is quite enough for several cutting cycles, which allows you to take the trimmer with you on trips and trips.

More budget models are designed for 30 minutes of work, so if you want to save money, you must remember to put the trimmer on charge after each haircut.

Charging time also matters. For models with a large margin of autonomy, it is not as important as for compact trimmers with a small battery. If you choose the latter, be sure to pay attention to the presence of the quick charge function. It will help out in cases where the battery is discharged at the most inopportune moment.

And further. Well, if the battery indicator is really informative, and not just for show. This will further reduce the likelihood of unpleasant situations when you need to put yourself in order, and the trimmer is discharged.


Blades are an important part of any cutting tool, and the trimmer, of course, is no exception. How long it will serve you depends on the quality of the blades. They come from ordinary steel and stainless steel (there is still ceramics, but it does not occur in household trimmers).But the thing is that the trimmer blades are not an ordinary knife and you won’t be able to sharpen them yourself. If there are replacement blades from the manufacturer, they will cost so much that it will be easier to buy a new trimmer. Therefore, in good trimmers, self-sharpening blades are installed. Philips uses stainless steel blades that are sharpened right during operation and never lose their sharpness.

If you do not want to buy a new trimmer every six months to a year or put up with the fact that he will pull hair, you should choose models only with self-sharpening blades.

Length adjustment

Perhaps the most important parameter for the trimmer. Depends on the length adjustment range and its step, whether you will be able to realize this or that image. Adjustment with interchangeable nozzles is the least preferable because it complicates the selection of length and does not allow to evenly cut all the hairs of the bristles. In good modern trimmers, the length is adjustable with the widest range of blades. So, in Philips models, a special wheel on the handle adjusts the length from 0.5 to 10 millimeters in increments of half a millimeter (and in some even 0.2 millimeters). At the same time, the length is displayed on the case, so you do not need to guess and look at the nozzle in order to understand what length is installed.

Choose a trimmer with fixed length settings and minimum pitch. This will create the effect of a three-day or weekly stubble, while at the same time making the beard neat and well-groomed.


And now the most interesting part is additional options. There are a lot of them, but, as in the case of a car, you should choose only really necessary and useful. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understaff a trimmer or refuse unnecessary ones, as in cars. This is another reason to take a closer look at the characteristics.

  • Vacuum system A really useful thing, thanks to which the cut bristles do not scatter throughout the bathroom, but are collected in a container.
  • Wet cleaning. If the trimmer supports this function, then it can be washed right under the tap, rather than wasting time on painstaking cleaning.
  • Laser pointers. Laser guidance system that allows you to achieve perfectly flat lines when forming a beard and mustache of complex shape (currently only implemented in Philips trimmers).
  • Voltage switch. Some models are able to operate from a network with a voltage of 100–240 volts. Choose this if traveling to different countries.

In fact, all additional functions are useful and add convenience in use, but to some they may seem superfluous. When comparing models, pay attention to such features of the device and think about whether you need them.

Body trimmer

When choosing a trimmer for cutting and hair removal on the body, first of all, pay attention to the direct width of the cutting head - machines with a wide head will be easier to use. The device itself should sit comfortably in your hand and not slip out - it is better to buy a model with a slightly ribbed and rubberized surface.

Material for making the nozzle (steel or softer metals), battery capacity, charging speed, the ability to work directly from an electrical outlet and cord length also play a role. Cheaper models of trimmers for the body, functioning from finger batteries, are usually not recommended - their batteries will have to be changed often enough.

Trimmer Care: Top Tips

The trimmer is primarily a system of mechanical knives that cut hair. Therefore, it is important to remember that periodically these knives will have to be cleaned or even oiled. Expensive and high-quality models can usually be washed under running water, and lubrication with machine oil is not required, since they are sharpened against each other during use.

The presence of a special docking station for charging does not always positively affect the final battery life of the trimmer, since it is constantly in recharging mode. If you want to use your trimmer for many years, develop the habit of first empty the battery to zero, then fully charge it.

What is a hair trimmer: how to choose and use it correctly

As in a conventional clipper, in the trimmer the blades perform translational movements leading to cutting the hair

Many people wonder - what is a razor trimmer? At its core, this device is practically no different from a hair clipper used in a hairdresser.

The principle of operation consists in translational movements of the knives relative to each other with the parallel participation of nozzles, through which the user selects the desired length of the hair to be shaved.

In the manufacture of trimmers, various materials are used: it can be durable plastic, hardened steel, ceramic or titanium. The use of more durable materials helps to increase the life of the device, maintain its attractive appearance and gives the necessary working qualities.

Unlike cars, trimmers have a smaller size and weight

The difference between an ordinary clipper and a trimmer for trimming a beard or forming an intimate haircut is as follows.

  1. Tooth pitch. In an ordinary hairdressing machine, the value of this parameter is 3-4 mm, and in the trimmer, this indicator varies in smaller ranges - from 0.2 to 1.0 mm.
  2. Dimensions. Trimmers are lightweight and compact, which facilitates the operation of this device. Light weight provides comfort when forming a beard or mustache.
  3. Nutrition. All cars can work only from the mains, while for the trimmers there are enough batteries, which ensures autonomy.
  4. Functional. Unlike clippers designed only for equal length, the trimmer provides rich functionality due to the number of nozzles.
  5. Noise and vibration. Due to its size and lower power, the trimmer creates little noise and practically does not vibrate in the hands during operation.

Round nose tips are used to remove hair in the nose.

One of the main criteria for dividing beard and mustache trimmers is the difference in engines. In total there are three options: rotary, vibration and pendulum.

Pendulum Options

This is the least common form. Most often it is used for grooming or grooming pets. What is a trimmer for dogs or cats? These are past manual scissors in which the movement of the knives will depend on the speed of squeezing the handles. Similar devices are completely mechanical.

The second indicator, according to which the division of machines for trimming the vegetation on the face and body is carried out, is nutrition. There are also three categories: battery models, network and combined.

The absence of a cord makes the device autonomous, but requires constant charging

Cordless trimmers for men and women

  • This is an option for those who often travels, but want to keep a stylish look.
  • Cordless devices can work up to 50 minutes on a full charge, which can be achieved in an average of 9 hours.

Some manufacturers try to increase battery life (for example, Braun) and install paired batteries in the devices. Others endow the device with a quick charge function, especially when using lithium-ion power sources.


When choosing it is not superfluous to pay attention to the presence of an indicator of the degree of charge, which allows you to control the operating time of the device.

Network devices

Here, the power source is a household electrical network, to which the device is connected via a cord.

A practically unlimited operating time can be considered a plus, and a lack of autonomy is a disadvantage.

For greater comfort, it is recommended to choose devices with a power cord length of at least 1.8 m. It is also important that it can rotate around its axis.

There are models that are designed to cut eyebrows. They have a unique curved nozzle

The best models

If it’s difficult to make a choice anyway, then you should familiarize yourself with the rating trimmer models.

If a trimmer is chosen for a man to cut hair, trim his beard from time to time, you should pay special attention to Philips BT 7210, which has the following characteristics:

  • self-sharpening blades (no need to lubricate)
  • twenty length settings
  • the presence of a vacuum system (can collect up to 90% of hairs),
  • unique Lift & Trim system - smooth bristles with easy movement,
  • compactness
  • easy to clean: hairs are shaken from the container, the blades are removed for further washing with water,
  • there is a charge indication
  • The device is warranted for two years.

If the trimmer is selected for ears, nose, then it is worth stopping the choice on Wahl 5546-216, its work is carried out from one AA battery. Of the advantages it is worth highlighting:

  • two interchangeable nozzles,
  • built-in backlight
  • convenient body.

Among the multi-functional trimmers, the leading position was taken by Wahl 9818–116, which is produced in the USA. There are nozzles for a beard in the amount of three pieces, a comb goes to it. Separately, there is a shaving nozzle, suitable for the bikini zone. There is a replaceable unit in the kit, which is designed for ears, nose. And all this with a designer stand. In addition, it is worth noting the following advantages:

  • LED charge indicator
  • work without charging up to four hours,
  • minimum high cut hair - four millimeters.

After this model, the popularity is rightly followed by the Philips QG 3335. Many people like the waterproof trimmer with six nozzles. Using it you can:

  • trim hairs, give a beard or haircut a complete look,
  • using a universal comb to trim the beard of the required length,
  • use a separate nozzle designed to model a beard,
  • remove excess hairs in the ears, nose,
  • use the comb to maintain the haircut (setting the length from three to twenty millimeters),
  • Use a separate nozzle to trim the hairs throughout the body.

The blades on the device are self-sharpening safe. Sold in a comfortable soft case. Of the minuses, you only need to highlight the long charging and insufficiently strong material of the ridges - they are made of plastic.

Creating patterns with a trimmer - video

If you learn how to use the trimmer correctly, select a specific model for certain needs, then it will become a real indispensable assistant. Men will forget about going to hairdressers, and women, even on beach holidays, will not have to worry about unwanted vegetation. Trimmers are now replacing conventional razors due to their versatility, safety and convenience. Therefore, you should definitely look at buying such a device.

Combined Models

Devices that can operate simultaneously on mains or battery. The most convenient option that will ensure smooth operation at the right time.

Also on the market there are mini trimmers, for the power of which a conventional battery or devices powered by a cigarette lighter is used. These are devices for quick tidying up during a trip, but not for getting a professional and stylish appearance.

The number of cutting levels can be adjusted with the jog dial

All devices for giving the hair on the face or body the shape and length also differ in their functional purpose.

In particular, on the market you can find devices for correcting mustaches and beards, devices for cutting hair in the ears or nose, special varieties for trimming the hair of pets, male and female intimate trimmers created to form a bikini or armpit zone.

Beard Devices

Models are equipped with a minimum number of nozzles, which can be no more than two - these are special combs for setting the desired hair length.

Use can be recommended not only to lovers of lush vegetation, but also to owners of stylish hipster beards.

Through the ability to adjust the extension length of the comb, it is possible to create a smooth transition from shorter to longer hair.

The stand provides convenient storage of the device

What is a trimmer for women

It is a trimmer device for shortening hairs on the face, body. It helps to solve many problems associated with shaving and hair removal. A female trimmer, unlike an epilator, does not tear out hair follicles with a root, so the use is painless. The device will not provide perfect smoothness of the skin, like a razor, but cuts and irritation are excluded when using it. It is used for face, bikini area, less often for armpits, legs, hands. Leaves hairs 0.2-0.8 mm long. Advantages of using the device:

  • no hair regrowth occurs
  • easy to maintain and care,
  • intimate haircuts can be done at home,
  • different nozzles may be included
  • long term of operation.

Varieties of Hair Removal Trimmers

Externally, the device resembles an epilator, it is very compact. The difference in the female trimmers offered by manufacturers is the number of nozzles and the presence of additional functions. These parameters affect the price of devices. How do female trimmers differ from each other:

  1. A device for removing excess facial hair is a separate category. It is called a groomer.
  2. There are devices with narrow and wide working heads. The former are intended for processing small areas and creating patterns, and the latter for cutting large areas.
  3. The device can operate on batteries or on battery power. The second option has a wider working part and it is more convenient. But you can take the battery-powered female trimmer with you anywhere, because it works without being connected to the network.
  4. The device can be fully protected from moisture inside. This is very convenient, because it can be used in the shower. In cheaper models, only the working heads are protected from moisture.
  5. Simple appliances, as a rule, work in one or two haircut modes. In complex them there can be about 6-7. If you plan to fully use the device, then it is better to take a multifunctional one, with nozzles for changing the length of the haircut.

Overview of Female Trimmers

Many manufacturers produce hair removal devices, so there will be no problems with the choice. You can buy a female trimmer only for face treatment or take a full-fledged multifunctional model. The range of devices on the market is very wide, so a woman with any budget can choose the right one for herself. The most popular trimmer models are described in detail below.

For face

This compact and inexpensive trimmer will help you effectively get rid of the antennae and give the necessary shape to the eyebrows. Description:

  • model name: Philips HP 6390/10,
  • price: 1290 rubles,
  • characteristics: female, pink, runs on an AAA battery, 1 speed, there are nozzles for precise trimming, combs 2 mm and 4 mm, tweezers and a brush included,
  • Pros: effectively shortens unwanted facial hair, compact, lightweight,
  • cons: not found.

If you need a reliable female face trimmer, consider purchasing the following. Brief characteristics:

  • model name: Remington MPT 4000C Reveal Beauty Trimmer,
  • price: 1500 p.,
  • characteristics: female, 1 speed, 1 nozzle-comb with two working sides, battery powered, included brush for cleaning and tweezers with light,
  • pluses: small, high power, works for a long time without replacing the power source,
  • cons: none.

Mustache Trimmers

Most often, electric razors are equipped with such devices. What is a trimmer in this case? These are retractable knives, which are distinguished by a shorter working surface, they are more rigid and narrow. Using the comb of the retractable device, it is possible to achieve the most stylish look of vegetation above the upper lip.

Electric shavers can be equipped with a trimmer to accurately adjust the line of facial hair

  2. By means of a trimmer, an ideal goatee is created in the electric shaver: it does not require a wide variety of comb lengths, but assumes smooth contours.

For armpits

Classic shaving is not suitable for everyone, because it causes irritation, especially for owners of sensitive skin. They are better off removing hair in the armpits with a trimmer, such as this:

  • model name: Gezatone GE 633 LWSSS 57,
  • price: 1800 p.,
  • characteristics: female, for haircuts and bikini design, there is a nozzle for correcting hair length, stainless steel blades, waterproof housing,
  • pluses: removes hair even in hard to reach places, convenient to use, compact, you can take with you on trips,
  • cons: not found.

The next armpit trimmer has proven itself. Description:

  • model name: Braun FG 1100 SilkFinish,
  • price: 1300 p.,
  • characteristics: Brown female trimmer for shaving and spot removal of hair, battery life - 2 hours, can be used with foam, there is a limiter nozzle, with a brush for cleaning, case, protective cover,
  • Pros: easy to use, sharp blades,
  • cons: none.

For the bikini zone

The skin on the intimate area is very sensitive, therefore, hair removal should be approached with extreme caution. For this, such a bikini trimmer is suitable:

  • model name: VEET Sensitive Precision,
  • price: 1200 p.,
  • characteristics: female, runs on AA batteries, 2 nozzles for a bikini (20 mm and a comb for trimming in length) and 2 for the face (6 mm and 16 mm, 2 mm and 4 mm), a protective cap, a storage bag and carry
  • pluses: low cost, a lot of nozzles, quick and accurate hair removal,
  • cons: not found.

The next trimmer is not cheap, but it will serve you for a long time. Description:

  • model name: Philips BRT 383/15,
  • price: 1900 p.,
  • characteristics: female, 4 nozzles, 2 combs (3/5 mm), with a shaving mini-head for perfect smoothness, use on dry and wet skin,
  • pluses: compact, lightweight,
  • Cons: catches the skin.

If you like unusual haircuts in the bikini zone, pay attention to the next trimmer with patterns in the kit. A brief description of:

  • model name: Remington WPG 4010 C Bikini Trimmer,
  • price: 1400 p.,
  • characteristics: female, 1 speed, runs on batteries, suitable for dry and wet use, there is a comb for adjusting the length of the haircut, 3 templates are included to complete the original intimate hairstyles along the contour,
  • pluses: you can take with you on trips,
  • Cons: poorly cuts thin hairs, a small working part.

Instructions for use and care

Using trimmers is very easy, you do not need any special skills. The only drawback is that the procedure will have to be performed often, because the hair is not removed with the root, but only cut. Tips for using the trimmer and taking care of it:

  • The procedure, depending on the model of the device, can be carried out on both dry and wet skin. It is better that it be well steamed. It is recommended to cut hair after taking a shower or bath.
  • Put on the necessary nozzle on the device.
  • When working with a trimmer, move against hair growth. Do not keep it in one place for a long time so as not to get hurt.
  • If single hairs remain in some places after the procedure, remove them using the narrowest nozzle.
  • When you're done, apply a soothing cream or lotion to your body.
  • Rinse the instrument under running water.If only heads are moisture resistant, do not wet the case.
  • With a brush, clean all nozzles that were used, and put the device in a case or storage case.
  • Please note that the trimmer is a personal care item. Do not lend your device for temporary use.

What is a trimmer?

The term “trimmer” is ambiguous. This word means special gardening tools for mowing grass, and parts of the aircraft control system design, and repair tools in rooms (in particular, for working with laminate), and, finally, devices for caring for the beard and vegetation in general on face (head) and body. It is about trimmers as devices for caring for their appearance that will be discussed.

The trimmer design is based on special blades that move towards each other and thus cut off falling hairs. In this case, a special regulator or nozzles allow you to change the cutting height. The blades are driven by an electric motor powered by a mains, battery or conventional batteries. At the same time, the entire structure is enclosed in a special case, in appearance at the same time resembling both a clipper and an electric shaver.

Among the trimmers for haircuts can be found models for different tasks:

1. For cutting beards and mustaches,

2. For eyebrow haircuts,

3. For cutting hair in the nose and ears,

4. For cutting hair on the body,

5. For cutting hair on the neck and nape,

6. For haircuts.


There are a number of situations in which using a trimmer is better to wait. Contraindications to its use are:

  • a large number of acne (if it is planned to remove hair from the face) or moles, wounds,
  • fungal diseases
  • menstruation (it is not recommended to do intimate haircuts),
  • burns in the affected area,
  • severe skin irritation,
  • swollen lymph nodes in the groin.

With vacuum system

Recently, all trimmers from well-known brands have been equipped with a vacuum system, thanks to which the issue of cleaning the trimmer was resolved. Thanks to this ability, the vacuum trimmer sucks all the cut hairs into a special container, thereby protecting the space from blockages. The advantages of such a trimmer are obvious - there is no need to clean both the device and the room. In addition, you can shave with such a device in clothes, and the high price can be considered the only negative.

Types of Hair Trimmers

All devices for giving the hair on the face or body the shape and length also differ in their functional purpose. In particular, on the market you can find devices for correcting mustaches and beards, devices for cutting hair in the ears or nose, special varieties for trimming the hair of pets, male and female intimate trimmers created to form a bikini or armpit zone.

Ear and nose trimmers

A separate type of device with a narrow specialization. Mostly they are distributed as a separate device. A distinctive feature is a round-shaped rotating nozzle with a narrow tip. It is important when choosing to pay attention to the absence of burrs and chips, so as not to damage the delicate skin inside the nose.

Laser pointer forms a cut line, allowing you to achieve a perfect shape

Pet Grooming Models

Using an ordinary human machine is not suitable for cutting pet hair, as it is distinguished by its thickness and length. Therefore, the traditional device simply can not cope with the task.

The market presents a whole layer of models of trimmers for dogs and cats, which can also be rotary, vibrating or pendulum, have a large number of nozzles (mainly elongated combs to give the hair the right length), there are battery or network ones.

Vacuum system for cutting hair - the key to clean shaving

Blade Material

One of the important parameters ensuring the durability of the device and the quality of removal of unnecessary hairs is the material for making knives. Most often on the market you can find the following models:

  • with stainless steel knives. The most standard option, which is distinguished by an ideal price-quality ratio. Professionals recommend it for home use,
  • with titanium blades. A variety of knives, characterized by its durability and strength,
  • ceramic coated metal knives. An option that is used in professional salons. A distinctive feature is the special sharpness of the blades. These knives do not need to be lubricated during use.

Ceramic-coated metal for maximum knife sharpness

Number of haircut levels

An indicator that determines the minimum and maximum hair length. The smallest indicator is 0.2 mm and the largest is 25 mm. In some models, the number of levels reaches 40 pieces. Switching is carried out by means of a disk regulator or an ultra-precise scale on which the comb-nozzle moves manually.


This indicator will depend on the scope of the device. Nozzles are selected depending on the desired shape of the beard or mustache. Also, by changing nozzles, it is possible to cut vegetation on the body. The most common are the following types:

  • hair comb from 1 to 10 mm long,
  • comb with longer petals, which will get rid of vegetation with a length of 11 to 20 mm. Its purpose is not so much the formation of a beard as an independent hair cutting,
  • a body nozzle that provides the most gentle care and disposal of vegetation in the intimate area,
  • special round-shaped nozzles for nose and ears,
  • detailed trimmer used for precise alignment of the contour.

After application, remove any remaining hair under running water.

Also, as an optional accessory, the kit may include a set of interchangeable knives, a stand for the appliance, a brush for cleaning, oil and a case.

Availability of additional options

Some varieties, as a rule, of the premium segment, are endowed with additional functions that cannot be considered mandatory, but their presence significantly increases the comfort of using the device.

  1. Vacuum Hair Extraction Systemto prevent clogging of the sink or bath. The device has a special reservoir in which all the hair is collected. By means of such a device, without fear of getting dirty, it is possible to carry out trimming even when wearing formal clothes.
  2. Automatic voltage adjustment system. A feature that will be indispensable for travelers. Regardless of the voltage in the network, the trimmer automatically adjusts to the desired current strength.
  3. Laser pointer. Using a thin beam helps to draw a line on the face, following which you can get the perfect contour.
  4. Memory function. Some models can remember the last choice of haircut length, which allows you to not worry about setting this parameter every time you turn it on.
  5. Backlight, which allows you to better see even the smallest hairs.
  6. Shaving function. A number of models have a special nozzle that allows shaving without foam in order to achieve smooth skin.

When using the appliance in a bikini area, it is necessary to use after-shaving products to reduce the risk of irritation

How to use a trimmer

All manufacturers supply their models with instructions for working with a trimmer. Here are some tips on how to use the trimmer.

  1. If you have too long bristles, do not take the shortest nozzle.Initially, part of the hair is removed with longer combs to minimize length.
  2. When shaving, you should achieve a snug fit of the flat part of the nozzle to the skin.
  3. It is necessary to move against hair growth.
  4. The last stage of shaving is to eliminate the remaining bristles, which can be done simply with blades without nozzles. Similarly, without the use of a comb, a mustache is cut.

Haircut against growth

How to use a trimmer in the intimate area

Since the bikini area refers to places with delicate skin, removal of unnecessary vegetation in this area should be carried out based on some recommendations.

  1. Pre-apply shaving foam or cream to soften the skin.
  2. In the process of shaving should be carried out against hair growth and stretch the skin a little to raise the hairs.
  3. If the device is used for the first time, it is best to set the minimum or average speed.
  4. After the procedure is completed, the skin is treated with an after-shave or emollient cream to avoid irritation.

The use of a trimmer is a simple and quick way to create the perfect beard, mustache, as well as remove excess vegetable on the body. Once again, you can learn the secrets of choosing the perfect model from the video presented.

A bit of history

Trimmers appeared relatively recently, in the early 1990s. However, talking about these devices as a new phenomenon in the beauty industry is not necessary. After all, in fact, trimmers are a hybrid of manual clippers that have existed since time immemorial (by the way, for example, such clippers have been used for clipping sheep until now), and electric shavers, also known for more than a dozen years.

In the early 20's. last century, the US famous inventor Leo J. Wahl patented the first electric hair clipper. By the way, the products of the company he created are still popular in the market of power tools and electrical devices.

Over time, a separate class of beard care devices stood out among electric clippers. They got the name beard trimmer (electric beard machine). The term “trimmer” has also taken root in the Russian language as opposed to the word “machine,” and the scope of such devices has expanded from a beard to any vegetation on the head and body. At the same time, trimmers have become especially popular among buyers in recent years, when beards and other manifestations of facial hair have become fashionable again.

Interestingly, the principle of operation and the design of trimmers for decades from the moment of their appearance have not changed. Some models only "overgrown" with additional devices (for example, laser guidance) and became somewhat more elegant in appearance.

Characteristics (selection criteria) of modern trimmers

Let us consider in more detail the functional features of modern trimmers that affect the effective and correct choice.

Given the purpose of such devices, first of all, we recommend paying attention to the blades. They play a key role in the process of using the trimmer, affect the duration of its use.

Stainless steel blades are often used in the manufacture of trimmers. They have earned recognition for their durability and reliability at a relatively affordable price.

Also on sale, you can find models of trimmers with blades made of ordinary steel or ceramic. The former are not very reliable, but cheaper than some analogues. And the price of the device in some cases can be a significant factor. If you want to save money or evaluate the need for a trimmer for you personally, it makes sense to first buy a simpler model.

Ceramic blades remain sharp throughout the entire service life, but the latter is not so long. Poor quality ceramics will crumble, which will become an unpleasant surprise already in the process of use.By the way, among household trimmers, models with ceramic blades are a rarity.

Finally, there are models with titanium blades. Manufacturers of such trimmers declare their maximum sharpness and durability. But for such advantages it is necessary to pay decently.

Choosing a trimmer and evaluating the material from which its blades are made, it is important to remember two simple rules:

1. Sharpening dull blades in such devices is extremely problematic.

2. Replacing the blades in the trimmer is not a cheap pleasure. The thing is that, ceteris paribus, it is sometimes easier, or even cheaper, to buy a new model than to look for and install replacement blades.

Therefore, we recommend paying attention to stainless steel self-sharpening blades. This model will last as long as possible and will ensure comfortable use throughout the entire life cycle.

Another important technical and operational characteristic is the power features of the trimmer.. Most modern models run on a dedicated built-in battery. However, there are still trimmers (albeit rare) that work exclusively from an electrical outlet and even from ordinary batteries.

Let us evaluate the prospects for their use in order. Batteries (even high quality) have a relatively short life. They cannot be recharged, but theoretically it can be replaced with batteries in the same form factor (remember that buying batteries and rechargeable batteries is an additional expense).

Work from the network is more profitable from the point of view of saving on batteries, but imposes restrictions on the possibility of using the device. The owner of such a trimmer will be “tied” to the outlet.

It is not surprising that trimmers operating on their own rechargeable battery are deservedly the most popular. When buying such models, we recommend paying attention to the duration of work without recharging. Most modern trimmers work on a single battery charge for 30-40 minutes. In most cases, this may be sufficient for several cutting cycles. However, on sale you can find models that work autonomously for more than an hour. Such a trimmer will be useful for lovers of travel in the wild and fans of the appropriate holiday. Comparing the models by the duration of work without recharging, it is worth remembering that the manufacturer often averages, and sometimes overestimates their characteristics, which means that in real conditions (when cutting a thick beard, very stiff hair, etc.), the term of the trimmer without recharging can be less than stated.

By the way, not all models with a battery can work during charging. We recommend that you pay attention to this (as well as the availability of the quick charge function) when buying a device.

It will also be useful to have the remaining charge indicator on the selected trimmer. But it should be remembered that sometimes it is not too informative. It is not worth trusting records of such a function in the instruction manual or in the advertising booklet. Sometimes the manufacturer sets the charge indicator “for show”. Therefore, it is better to personally check the convenience of the display before buying. This will help to avoid unexpected situations when using the trimmer.

The ability of some models to work from electric networks having different voltages (100-240 V) is also connected with the topic of power supply. Such versatility will be important for users who travel a lot to other countries and want to use the familiar device everywhere.

A good trimmer is a universal device that allows you to adjust the length of the cut hair in a wide range. This can be done using interchangeable nozzles. This option is less convenient. Nozzles need to be stored somewhere, take with you, make sure that they are not lost. Yes, and shear models with a nozzle are not always equally smooth.

Another option is to adjust the cut with the blades.Modern trimmers have a cut length range of 0.5 to 10 mm in increments of 0.2-0.5 mm. Such opportunities allow you to realize the most daring ideas regarding your beard and other vegetation on the face (head) and body.

Using a trimmer is especially convenient if you can wash your hair off it under running water. For this the device must be waterproof. Typically, the manufacturer reports such "chips" of his model with catchy inscriptions on the package. Note.

Comfortable and device vacuum cleaning function. In this case, the cut hairs are collected in a special container. You can use this trimmer anywhere, without worrying about the problem of cleaning for yourself.

There are more controversial features of modern trimmers. For example, a laser guidance function. On the one hand, it allows you to cut hair perfectly evenly, creating even the most intricate shapes.

On the other hand, as practice shows, in most situations you can do without laser guidance. If so, why pay more?

Optional functions for most users include, for example, the possibility of thinning, that is, cutting hair at the same time at different levels for their greater visual splendor, and the presence of a docking station for charging.

Selection recommendations

To summarize. A correctly selected trimmer can be used for many years. But for this it is necessary to determine what tasks the device will solve (with what vegetation you plan to fight), and what characteristics it should have.

In this case, it is not necessary to be puzzled by the need for additional functions. Such trimmers can be purchased in a fairly wide price range, which depends on the tasks being solved by the device, the fame of the manufacturer and the potential reliability of the design. Choose according to your budget. It is not worth saving too much. Remember the saying about those who pay twice.

If you plan to use the trimmer in the shower or wash it under water, pay attention to the function of moisture protection. In this case, for example, such models are suitable for you.

An “advanced” uncompromising device is needed, since you are used to the best? Your choice is the flagships in the world of trimmers.

How to choose a female trimmer

A hair removal device is bought for a long time. His choice must be approached thoroughly. You can buy a trimmer or order it in an online store with home delivery from Moscow or St. Petersburg. When choosing it, be guided by the following tips:

  1. It is advisable to buy a moisture-resistant device that can be used in the shower or in the bathroom.
  2. The more nozzles a female trimmer has, the more practical it is. Multifunctional devices are more expensive, but these costs are justified. If you like to make original intimate haircuts, then take a device with a razor head for perfect smoothness and cliches.
  3. If you choose a battery model, pay attention to the presence of a charge indicator. Using such devices is much more convenient. You will always know in advance that it is time to recharge the device.
  4. The body of the product should be made of non-slip material, the size is not too large. Pay attention to the form: the device should lie comfortably in your hand. The presence of a rubberized handle is appreciated.

Watch the video: String Trimmer Basics: How To Choose a Gas String Trimmer (February 2020).

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