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Gangster Men's Hairstyles

Rockabilly hairstyle is largely due to the fashion hairstyles in the 50's. Although the main inclinations of the style began to appear at the end of the distant 20s, 30s and 40s. Still from the late 20s hairstyles with a smoothly shaved nape and temples, with a smooth transition to the top and bottom of the hairstyle, came into fashion. The bangs usually remained long and laid back, (sometimes with a parting in the middle) or on the side. A similar hairstyle was popularly referred to as the Crown (because of a pile of hair laid on the top and the head and temples cut off under the hair clipper). In 90% of cases, such hairstyles were fitted with hair gel (brialin) or in English greese. As a result of which the people who wore these hairstyles were called gressers, later they began to call rockers who listened to Rockabilly and Rock and Roll, wearing short leather jackets and blue jeans.

Here are the main styles of hairstyles of the late 20s, which became the progenitors and the basics of hairstyles 50 x

and accordingly the style of Rockabilly. From this picture, especially in the Service man and Playboy hairstyles, the features of future Rockabilly style hairstyles are guessed. Since that time, briolin, which created the effect of wet hair, and reliably fixed the hairstyle for a long time in almost any weather conditions, entered widespread popular culture. At the end of the 40s, after the end of the Second World War, a huge number of veterans and former military men accustomed to the harsh army life appeared, agree that in the field it’s not so easy to maintain a brilliant haired hair. Thanks to them, short haircuts come into fashion. By the way, the Service man hairstyle style went exactly the same from the military, as a matter of fact the name of the haircut speaks for itself (i.e., the service one) Anyway, short haircuts gained their popularity, and by the age of 50 they reached their peak, which helped a lot the war in Korea, and the popular cry of the Americans to fight world communism. As a result, the hairstyle called Flattop turned out to be at the peak of popularity, it continued to be popular until the mid-60s until the patriotic attitude towards the Vietnam War had faded and came to naught with the advent of a psychedelic culture. However, the fashion for this hairstyle remains stable to this day in the US Army. In the early 50s, Flattop and its variations were very popular among young people, especially among schoolchildren, it was much more pleasant for parents to look at their offspring who wore short neat haircuts. A lad in a striped T-shirt and Flattop hairstyle became a symbol of the beginning of the 50s of the golden era of Rock and Roll heyday and Rockabilly

But as you know, the violent youth of the 50s did not want to indulge in everything and agree with their parents. To at least somehow stand out and emphasize their rebellious appearance, the guys began to modify hairstyles in the spirit of new trends in music, as a result of which the well-known Flattop Boogie hairstyle appeared. She was distinguished by styling with briolin and behind, instead of the usual smooth nape, was styling with a parting in the middle.

In turn, such styling of hair on the back of the head gave rise to a new fashion and the chain did not break off, but on the contrary, the hairstyle became more and more new. Haircuts with hair styling on the back of the head with a straight part in the middle became known as Ducktail (i.e. duck tail) due to its similarity to the famous bird.

However, we will pay tribute to the old fashion, hairstyles in the style of 20 x 40 x firmly held their positions, they slightly changed and were quite consistent with fashion. These are haircuts such as Slick Back with a neatly combed bangs and a smoothly shaved nape, the notorious Taper and Tight Contour were no less popular among young people in the 50s.

But of course, the real and permanent hit was Pompadour, almost all the famous rockers of the 50s, famous actors, TV hosts, etc., wore her or her variations. The rammed coconut more and more often came out from under the scissors of hairdressers or was born at home, began its march around the world and still remains the permanent symbol of rockabilly.

Another option for this hairstyle is a haircut called Jelly Roll, its difference is that the bangs are not combed back, but hangs curled curls on the forehead.

And another extravagant variety of Jerry Roll haircut called Waterfall. Of course the name speaks for itself)))

There are many different Rockabilly-style hairstyles, as well as their various variations, in this article we talked only about the most famous of them, and also tried to consider a brief background of their appearance, but before we get to the Rockabilly women’s hairstyles I want to remind you that there are more photos of men’s You can see haircuts in our photo gallery (here). Read about hairstyles for women on the next page.

Gangster men's hairstyles. Specific traits

To understand the uniqueness of the decade of the 1930s, you need to look into a slightly earlier period - in the 20s of the twentieth century. In 1929, the Great Depression hit America. The First World War ended. On the one hand, many rich people instantly lost their fortunes, on the other hand, people wanted to forget about military hardships and have fun. Many fashion houses went bankrupt and closed, and people drew inspiration not in fashion magazines with their models often far from reality, but in Hollywood films, where Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich shone in those years in simple and elegant dresses and costumes, made not known fashion designers, and for personal dressers.

Fashion has become simpler and more natural, silhouettes have lost their fantasy and began to emphasize the figure, serving it in a winning light. Silk, jersey, diagonal cut - these are the fundamental “pillars” of 1930s fashion. Whereas in the “roaring” 1920s, beads and fringe (in evening dresses) and a cylindrical silhouette of a “garzon” with a lowered waistline and an underlined chest reigned in fashion, in the 30s even a very emancipated woman could not be confused with a man , so became feminine clothes. A gangster style is nothing more than the same style of the 30s, but in a slightly more hypertrophied, elaborate, “screen” look.

The distinctive features of Chicago in the 30s of the twentieth century are thin arched eyebrows, bright red lips, long silk dresses tailored diagonally and not hiding anything in the bends of the female body, long mouthpieces with thin cigarettes, pearl strands hanging from the waist down, fancifully embroidered hair accessories.

Let's talk about Chicago style hairstyles. The first thing to note is that owners of long hair will not be able to demonstrate them. All hairstyles of the 1930s are short: either it is a haircut to the chin, or hair styling under a hoop or ribbon. The neck should be open - this is one of the main conditions.

Only three shades of hair are acceptable - coal-black, platinum blonde or fiery red.

Hair can be either smooth or wavy. If you choose the first option - only a parting or combing back. If you want curls - they should be voluminous and magnificent, no tight "springs".

What haircuts were the base for gangster style adherents? First of all, of course, “page”. The hair length of the “page” of the 1930s modification reached the chin line, although there was a shorter variation - to the middle of the ear. The bottom line in the haircut should be perfectly flat so that each strand has the same length. The hairstyle is often complemented by thick and straight bangs.

As for medium-length hair, most often it was the same “page” or “square” length to the shoulders. Hairstyles were not worn below this level in the 1930s. Women of those years cut their hair without regrets, remaining no less feminine and attractive.

Men's hairstyle hair back how to do. Tools and tools for styling

To create a man’s hairstyle, it’s not enough to wash your hair well now. Currently, it requires the use of many accessories that were previously used only by women.

Modern men use hairdressing tools to create a style.

Modern men use the following tools to create a style:

  • hair dryer
  • flat comb
  • styling or massage comb with natural bristles,
  • iron for curly curls.

Separately, it is worth stopping at the choice of a styling tool, which largely affects the final result. Beginners are advised to experiment on low-cost brands before choosing the ultimate, suitable remedy.

Separately, it is worth stopping at the choice of a styling tool, which largely affects the final result.

  1. Creams and serums smoothing and smoothing hair. During use, they eliminate the effect of wire.
  2. Mousse, cosmetic foam. Used to give volume and radiance. In some cases, “tame” stubborn curls. Indispensable for thin and weakened hair.
  3. Gel. Serves for fixing the finished hairstyle, moisturizes hair well. Some gels give a noticeable volume.
  4. Clay styling, hair wax or lipstick. These tools are useful on naughty curls, do not wash off when you first wash your hair. Wax gives hair shine, imitates moisture. Clay adds a dull shade.
  5. Glue for styling. Provides maximum grip. After using it, you need to wash your hair well.
  6. Hair fixation spray. It is used to preserve any hairstyle in various weather conditions.
  7. Powder for hair. Refreshes the hair and removes excess sebum found on the hair.

But it’s not always enough to use only cosmetics. It is necessary to regularly use masks, medical procedures.

The basics of retro haircuts

Men's stylish hairdressing fashion has always taken inspiration from pop stars, whose image often became unique. The brighter the image of a star, the more often it was taken as a basis. The “duck tail” hairstyle, loved by Elvis Presley, was the most amazing, although initially shocked the public. To date, such a hairstyle is worn by everyone who is not lazy. It’s hard enough to say who she looks better, because any man with such a haircut looks bright in his own way.
Retro men's hairstyles look great on medium-length hair.

Perfectly laid on one side strands, curls of different lengths, haircuts, fragments - all these types of hairstyles will take you time to styling. Smooth, even hair also requires significant styling and care. To do this, use styling tools to find the image you need. If you have a bit of fluffy hair, you should replace the texturizing agent with a straightening serum.

Men's hairstyles of the 90s have many options: a large amount of hair can hang over your forehead, and can also be made from wide-laid strands.

Retro haircuts are very popular among men, especially with long bangs. Naturally, not every guy can afford an unusual styling, since it attracts a lot of male and female looks. But, if you are a young man who loves to experiment on his appearance, a retro haircut is just for you!

Gangster style for girls. Gangster paradise

Of course, there are street gangs in every black region of the United States, and powerful African-American organized crime groups operate in all cities of the country with a large percentage of black people. But on the map of the USA, nevertheless, there is a special city whose gangsters not only took control of most of the criminal world of the country, but also determined the course of development of American and world music, street fashion and the behavior of black youth. This is Compton - a city within the metropolitan area of ​​Greater Los Angeles.

Formed from a village and several ranches in 1888, Compton for many years was an ordinary town with a predominantly white population and a small percentage of Mexicans. With the expansion of Los Angeles, middle class members even began to settle in Compton. Everything changed after the war: the Negro population of Los Angeles grew from 63,700 in 1940 to 763,000 in 1970. Although de jure discriminatory laws regarding rental and purchase of housing were repealed as early as 1948, 95 percent of the city’s housing stock was inaccessible to African Americans.

Around the towns of Compton, Inglewood and others, which were part of the so-called South Central, there were vacant areas that developers used for low-cost development, aimed specifically at the black population. Alas, the coexistence of the middle white and working black classes did not work peacefully: in 1965, a bloody uprising broke out in Watts.

Street fighting lasted six days, killing 34 people, 1,032 people were injured, 3,438 were arrested, and real estate in the riot zone was damaged by more than $ 40 million. After that, the remnants of the white population from Southern Los Angeles, which, in fact, was called the South Central, was blown away by the wind.

The area turned into a gigantic black and Latin American ghetto, and Compton became its center. Currently, 54.8 percent of Compton’s population are Hispanic, and 42.3 percent are African American. Whites and Asians account for only 2.9 percent.

Men's hairstyles of the 30s. Characteristics of the period

XX century - an era of upheaval and great change. The 30s became an intermediate stage between the two most bloody wars in the history of mankind: the First and Second World War. In Germany, the dictator Hitler came to power. In America, the Wall Street Exchange crashed. The period of the Great Depression has come: unemployment has increased, fertility has decreased, industrial production has degraded, and many members of the middle class are below the poverty line.

By the way. Most often, the term "Great Depression" is used in the United States, although the crisis has affected other countries, including Germany, France and the UK.

Hard times provoked a rampant crime and spawned a galaxy of anti-heroes: brutal mafiosi, daring gangsters, cunning scam adventurers. Among them are Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Lucky Luciano and others.

Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger

Many appeared and acted under the influence of the Italian mafia. Representatives of criminal "families" (as members of organized gangs called themselves) killed, robbed, grew rich and literally bathed in luxury.

One of America’s most famous gangsters, Al Capone, who did his business in Chicago, made a million-dollar business in the underground alcohol trade. The Prohibition Act was in effect in the United States, but the forbidden fruit, as you know, is sweet - and the enterprising Capone did not miss his opportunity.

Now the era of gangsters is shrouded in a halo of romance and adventurous adventures, while the ordinary population hardly survived in the current conditions. Those who lived dishonestly had money, and this caused not only hatred, but also admiration, because many mafiosi led an underground life for a long time, leaving them dry.

The companions of the men, undeterred by money, were luxurious women who dressed in furs and wore jewelry. When it comes to the style of Chicago, the image of a gangster girlfriend is most often implied: a bold, daring, boa and short dress, with a mouthpiece and a bright make-up.

However, this would be a one-sided view of the era of the thirties. The difficult socio-economic situation, which for some became a source of dishonest income, forced others to lead a more modest lifestyle, which was reflected in the hairstyles.After the appearance of sound cinema, interest in this type of art has grown even more.

The legendary actresses of the 30s - Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and others - wore short hair laid in elegant waves. But if for the predecessors from the 20s, revolutionary short haircuts and hairstyles were a way to boldly declare themselves and their independence, independence, now it has become the embodiment of femininity and simple sophistication. Indeed, in difficult times, ladies wanted to look attractive, but not defiant. About fashion trends and hairstyles of the 20s, read on our website.

Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo

By the way. The makeup was not vulgar, but still bright and a little tragic: bright lips, well-defined thin eyebrows, long eyelashes.

The clothing style has transformed several times during the thirties. Initially, the female silhouette had the shape of an inverted triangle: broad shoulders, a V-neck, capes, scarves and bows on the neck, etc. Short dresses with a low waist that visually resembled a rectangle also came into fashion. Such outfits made it possible to save on fabric and tailor services.

In the future, thanks to the famous film star of that period, the outfits acquired femininity, as they emphasized the figure. The most sought after fabric was expensive silk. Beginning in 1930, dresses with an open back or straps became fashionable: this way one could save on the amount of fabric.

For the decoration, fringes, lace, rhinestones or cheaper glass accessories were used - all so that the outfit looked festive, bright. Most often, in such vestments, mafia companions flaunted, striving for a luxurious life against the background of general poverty.

Brooches and necklaces (not necessarily made of real jewelry), pearl strands are an appropriate addition to an extravagant women's toilet.

However, thanks to Coco Chanel, budget models made of cotton fabric looked no worse. Along with dresses, the girls began to wear trousers. Mandatory addition to the suit were gloves, a hat, a flat envelope handbag. Sunglasses came into fashion. Both men and women wore shoes with rounded toes. A business suit with a double-breasted jacket, suspenders, white socks, a tie and other details - this is what distinguishes a men's suit in the style of Chicago.

By the way. Sometimes the style of Chicago is chronologically attributed not only to the 20th, but also to the 30s of the last century.

Hairstyles Features

Like their predecessors, the beauties of the thirties without regret parted with long hair. Short and medium lengths of strands were considered ideal. Such a head of hair could be laid in exquisite waves. Such hairstyles at one time became the hallmark of Marlene Dietrich, Thelma Tedd, Gene Harlow and others.

Thelma Tedd and Gene Harlow

Short curly hair allowed to open the neck, showing its smooth bend and emphasizing the line of the chin. Together with tight-fitting outfits, the hairstyle formed an attractive feminine image. Women wore haircuts, bean, Page. Very short hair was quite rare.

Side parting and lack of bangs are characteristic features of the vast majority of Chicago-style women’s hairstyles. If a girl chose elegant curls, most often they were with a “wet effect”: smooth, shiny. It was possible to make lush curls on medium-length hair, for example, as in Renee Zelvegger in the movie "Chicago".

Men's hair also shone: from brioli or special lipstick for strands. Gangster hairstyle is parting and combed back hair. The mafia style looked a bit different: the entire hair was smoothly combed back. The men of the 30s wore Borsalino hats (the most popular among gangsters - Al Capone preferred it too), a homburg (with a ribbon, curved upwards fields, a longitudinal crease), a bowler hat (reminiscent of a hemisphere) or a trilby (with narrow margins).

Women also complemented hairstyles with all kinds of headgear. The most famous of them was created by Parisian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Hats had a flat or round shape, were made in the form of berets, etc. Turbanes were considered to be in demand, which did not interfere with wearing a short hairstyle, as well as decorative hair nets. Hats were worn, slightly shifting them obliquely on the forehead.

Festive, extravagant image was complemented by hairbands decorated with feathers, stones, rhinestones. For example, such a hat was chosen for an open dress with a luxurious boa. These are the options that are used now to recreate the style of Chicago for the "gangster" party.

Relevance today

In addition to a retro holiday or a thematic photo shoot, Chicago-style hairstyles from the 30s are perfect for other occasions. Modestly curled hair will fit into the everyday look, if you select the appropriate outfit, but don’t focus on the style of the thirties. This is a good option for a romantic date or wedding, especially one that takes place in the spirit of a gangster holiday.

You can make a hairstyle not only on short or medium, but also on long hair. The strands curl and put in a “false square” or leave the curls with the bandage loose. Traditionally, styling in the style of Chicago was performed on black, white or red hair. If you have a different shade, and you want to fully match the chosen style, you can put a hat on your head.

Elegant hairstyles have no age restrictions. They are successfully repeated by young beauties and mature ladies. But it’s important not to be mistaken with how hair styling suits your type of appearance.

Classic gangster hairstyles look best on slender women with a beautiful neck. Hair curled by waves at the level of the cheekbones and chin will help to hide protruding ears or make the face oval smoother, relieve it of natural angularity. But hairstyles in the style of Chicago will not work for girls who adjust their face with bangs.

Tip. For girls with a round or pear-shaped face, there is an additional volume on the crown, with a rectangular one - in the area of ​​the temples or cheekbones. If the facial oval resembles a triangle or rhombus, curl the hair for the hairstyle at the level of the chin.

Implementation Recommendations

With a little practice, you will be able to create a Chicago-style hairstyle at home. Owners of shoulder-length hair have particularly high chances of success. After all, it’s not so difficult to lay a square or bean on your own. Make a hairstyle in front of the mirror. It’s good if you have a trellis. Otherwise, place 2 mirrors opposite each other to see curls on the top and back of the head.

To style your hair in the spirit of the thirties, prepare a curling iron or ironing. Devices will help to form a hairstyle with luxurious waves. If you are going to wind curls, take curlers of large or medium diameter. Do not want to use a hot tool - make “cold” waves with the help of hairdressing clips. For thin hair, for this purpose, you can take invisibility.

If you wear a bang, comb it to one side, otherwise the hairstyle will not work. Prepare comfortable scallops, brush and styling products: foam or mousse, gel, varnish. It is desirable that the hair shine, so styling products with an extra shine are only welcome. A veil, a Chicago style hairstyle, and suitable makeup and accessories (for example, gloves, long pearl beads, etc.) will help to make the image more complete and complete.

Modern options

The most suitable haircuts to recreate a gangster hairstyle - a square, an elongated bean or "Page". In all these cases, the hair does not completely cover the neck and is relatively easy to fit in elegant curls. Curls that are naturally curly from nature can simply be gelled and laid down, supplemented with a bandage. If you want to make smooth waves out of curly hair, first straighten your hair.

Voluminous curls

This Chicago-style hairstyle is for girls with short hair. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Wash your hair, dry it slightly with a towel, and part with a part (in the modern interpretation, straight hair is allowed).
  2. Take the curlers of medium diameter and wind the lower part of the strands on them. Separate thin parts of hair.
  3. Dry your head without using a hair dryer. The hairstyle will come out more neat.
  4. Remove the curlers, being careful not to spin the hair too much.
  5. Sprinkle each curl with varnish.
  6. Lay the curled hair around the bottom of the head so that it forms a wide strip. Fix the result with varnish.
  7. Smooth the hair from the top of your hair. Lay on top of the bottom of the hairstyle by pre-wrapping each strand on your finger and sprinkling it in this position with varnish.
  8. Complete the look with a beautiful bandage or rim.

You can read more about how to make large, large curls for different hair lengths, styling ideas on our website.

Cold waves for short strands

This hairstyle goes well with the gangster style and is suitable for a theme party or other similar occasion.

How to do it:

  1. Separate your hair with a side part. If there is a bang, comb it on one side.
  2. Treat the strands with a styling agent. For this hairstyle you will need a foam or mousse.
  3. On the side where you have more hair, form waves near your forehead. Lay the locks from the parting in the form of the letter S, fix the bends with hairdresser clips. If hair length permits, do the same to the end of the curl.
  4. Do the same on the other side of the forehead.
  5. Leave the hair to dry and do the next part of the hairstyle. Screw all loose strands with an iron or curling iron. Curls should go upright.
  6. Spread the resulting curls with your fingers, sprinkle the hair with varnish.
  7. If necessary, blow dry your hair.
  8. After drying the hair, remove the clamps.
  9. Complement your hairstyle with a Chicago-style headband.

This video will help you figure out the details:

Evening retro option for long hair

To remove the main length of the hair, you can make an elegant bun, and in front of the hairstyle imitate the famous waves.

If you want to perform one of the many styling options, follow these instructions:

  1. Separate the hair with a side part.
  2. On the side where you have more hair, highlight a wide strand near the forehead. From it you will form the "highlight" of the hairstyle - a wave.
  3. Temporarily pick up this part of the hair and proceed to the formation of a bun.
  4. Comb all the free part of the hair back, collect in the tail.
  5. Select a thin strand from it and wrap the elastic around it. For reliability, fix with two invisible ones fastened crosswise.
  6. Wrap the tail curly, separating the wide parts of the hair for this.
  7. Comb the resulting curls and fold them so that you get a wavy tail with bends in the same places.
  8. Brush your hair lightly along its entire length, bottom and top. Sprinkle the base of the future hairstyle with varnish.
  9. Again, gently comb the strands, if necessary - again process with varnish.
  10. Lay your tail in a circle around your tail. Fix the beam with studs.
  11. Start shaping the waves. To do this, divide the front of the hair into several strands and wind each using a curling iron parallel to the parting. Remove curls carefully, do not unwind and immediately fix with hairdresser clips.
  12. After cooling the hair, remove the fasteners. Each curl is lightly combed at the base and spray with varnish in the root zone.
  13. Comb the curls lightly and, using a thin comb, form waves from them. The hairstyle will be neat if you do not rush and devote enough attention and patience to this stage. Form the bends with a comb and fix them with clamps.
  14. Spray your hairstyle with varnish.
  15. Then remove the clips.

The following video will help those who like to visually follow the process of creating hairstyles:

Star examples

Stylish curls or waves on hair of different lengths are very popular in secular society. For example, famous hairstyles show such hairstyle options Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani.

Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani

Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton made traditional styling in the style of the 30s and complemented them with bright accessories.

Katy Perry and Paris Hilton

Taylor Swift also chose a stylish bandage for her long hair. A January Jones showed how a gangster hairstyle on a woman “over 35” might look noble.

Taylor Swift and January Jones

The styling a la Marlene Dietrich is very good for the Russian actress Victoria Isakova.

Chicago's style is ambiguous, but undoubtedly attractive, because it makes it possible to look feminine, stylish, individual. The brilliance and luxury of gangster parties or modest naturalness - it all depends on the circumstances and your inner feeling. Choose your favorite hairstyle to embody the elegant style of the 30s in modern times.

Styling technology

To make a hairstyle in this style, you need to either lay down your existing haircut, or pick up long strands up. To do this is quite simple at home.

If you have a bean-based haircut in its various modifications, you are very lucky. You can make a spectacular “cold wave” and look absolutely authentic to the Chicago style. To do this, you will need hair clips, a comb to form an even parting, styling agent (best of all gel) and, of course, varnish to fix the result. So, semi-dry hair is parted (partly oblique, but spotlessly even).

After that, the gel is sequentially applied to the strands. With the help of hair clips, the desired waves are formed. After the hair has completely dried (you can dry it with a gentle stream of cold air from a hair dryer), the clips are removed and the hairdo is fixed with varnish.

If you want a lush styling, an iron with a wave tip will help you. With its help (and the mandatory use of thermal protection), you can create wavy strands even faster. In this sense, modern women are much more fortunate than the girls in the 30s, because now everyone has an arsenal at hand in the form of a hairdryer, tongs, styling tools for different occasions, and in those days, not every girl even had curlers . Therefore, the "cold wave" was done by winding wet hair on a finger, securing with a hairpin and drying in a natural way.

If you want to make magnificent waves on short hair, you need to use curling irons, form waves, slightly tear them apart with your fingers and put on a headband. Hair must be fixed with varnish. Long and semi-long hair will have to be hidden under the tape. This is done like this: a round hoop is put on the head, strands from one temple to another through the bottom are successively laid under it. You can use studs and varnish to fix the result.

To make waves on medium-length hair, more effort will be required. It is necessary in this way to wind them on the tongs so that the resulting curls are not "springs" and at the same time open the neck. To raise the hair to the desired level, it is recommended to use studs, invisibility and ribbon headbands. Use hairspray, however in moderation, so as not to turn lush curls into an immovable monolith.

Using accessories

An important factor in creating the image of "a la 30s" are accessories.

  • A bandage on the forehead. There is no and cannot be frills in its decor - it is laid out with rhinestones and sparkling stones, embroidered with beads and sequins, decorated with one or more feathers. All this is not only permissible, but also necessary. A woman in the style of "Chicago" should shine and shimmer.

  • The second accessory that will come to your aid in creating the image of a gangster’s girlfriend is a small hat. Most often, its fields are either very narrow, or they are completely absent (the so-called caps caps). Everything is acceptable in the decor of this element - stones, ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, beads, sequins or all together. In addition, the hat can be decorated with a small veil - the maximum length to the chin. The veil is placed both in the hair and lowered onto the face. It can also be decorated with beads or rhinestones.

Hair accessories are combined both with smooth styling and with fluffy hair.

There are a lot of options for creating hairstyles, you just have to experiment - and you will become the star of any party.

The following video will talk about the technology for creating a Chicago-style hairstyle.

Varieties of retro hairstyles

Due to the fact that designers and fashion designers once again bring retro-style notes and the experience of previous centuries into the world of fashion, stylists and hairdressers select the appropriate hairstyles and hairstyles for men of different ages, looks and preferences. And if you combine modernity with past eras, you can get an original original style, most importantly, observe all the subtleties of combining haircuts with the image as a whole.


This hairstyle was brought into the world fashion by young guys of the Elton John era, although initially the styling of lipsticks was born by a distinguished Frenchwoman, and the hairstyle was purely female. To this day, the hairstyle has undergone many modifications and interpretations, but the basis has remained the same - an elongated forelock extended and raised upward in the backward direction, as well as a shortened temporal and occipital part.

This haircut is visually very similar to a pompadour hairstyle, but is a more elegant classic version. It requires a slightly shorter length, but a similar laying principle. The hair in the forelock should be lifted up and curled at the ends of the curls so as to create a visual effect of "banana". The haircut at the temples and the back of the head will be gradually shortened, suggesting a smooth transition.


This haircut was appreciated by many athletes and musicians, as well as media persons known around the world. A haircut involves smooth, even hair, elongated in the bangs and tops, which need to be combed back to form a lift. But the whiskey and the back of the head are sharply and critically shaved, creating a daring and brutal image of a man. Famous gangster hairstyles of those times are very similar in “handwriting” to the underker haircut.


The hairstyle actually underwent many interpretations and today is perceived more as a modern model than a retro version. But stylists insist that initially this haircut was started by men back in the 90s of the last century, the founders were surfers and skateboarders. Hair is released medium length and laid in a slightly disheveled, careless manner.


The haircut Caesar really wore the commander himself, when bald patches began to appear prematurely in the forehead and crown. A haircut involves medium-length hair at the crown and crown of the head, which is combed from the back of the head to the very forehead, forming a short straight bang. This allows you to hide balding areas, as well as whiskey and the back of the head are shaved briefly, making everything out with a clear geometric border.

Man bun

Bun haircut dates back to feudal Japan, when working men let go of hairs longer than 15 cm or more, and then put them in a bun on the parietal part of the head. At the same time, whiskey could be of the same length, collected in a knot, as well as shortened or completely shaved. The second option is a modern interpretation of the samurai hairstyle.


But men's hairstyles in retro style of such a plan almost never lost their relevance. Initially, this style became popular in the 70s among the youth of England. Today this haircut is also worn by young guys and teenagers, but already around the world. Medium-length hair should be laid as casually as possible, tattered in all directions. To do this, you can use cosmetics to fix the hair.

The most popular hairstyle of the 40s

It is easy to guess which men's hairstyles of the 40s were popular, because we are talking about the war years. We are talking about military haircuts, namely, haircuts Fritz. Then it was a haircut almost the same plan and technology implementation. Medium-long hair was left at the top, and the temples and the back of the head were shaved by a sharp transition with a razor. Hair smoothly combed to one side in the back direction, forming a side parting. Strict, restrained and bold haircuts of those years and today are in demand, albeit not so widely.

Features of the ganster style

If we consider the hairstyles of the mafia for men, most often we were talking about such haircuts that combined two indicators - brutality and style. Using a special technology of cutting hair and styling, men of that time emphasized their involvement in aristocracy and their special status. Due to this, such hairstyle models are popular today among the powers that be.

Haircuts implied perfectly smooth hair of medium length back or sideways with a side parting, but always with shaved temples. Since then, the theme was asked that it was shaved whiskey that transformed a strong hairstyle into a daring and brutal version. For such styling it was necessary to use fondant, wax or hair gel, even in excess, he did not spoil the condition of the hairstyle.


The retro style is so diverse and multifaceted that no stylist or hairdresser can describe it with several epithets. In those days, short and smoothly combed hairstyles, and shocking voluminous hairstyles, and sloppy and sloppy youth haircuts, and even military hairstyles worn by the Germans, were popular. Today, many famous stars of show business support the retro style, trying on different options for hairstyles to their looks.

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