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Popular Men's Shaving Creams: An Overview

Shaving products have gained particular popularity. Women use them as a gift for all men's holidays. And the fair sex often use such products. Consider the most popular shaving foams and gels. The rating includes the best means, according to consumer reviews.

Shaving Gels

According to the manufacturers, it is the gels that contribute to the easy and painless sliding of the blade. But, despite the economical spending, this type of funds is among the most expensive. It has a liquid consistency.

It has a complex effect - cleanses the skin, tones, softens the hair structure, prepares the shaving coat. Suitable for men with the toughest type of bristles. But drawing will take much more time, unlike classical foam. It has a number of strengths and weaknesses.

Varieties of the most popular creams

Shaving creams were created for men with hard facial hair and dense skin, as the thick and nutritious texture of the cream provides maximum hydration and softening. Creams are based on soapy substances, as well as minerals, oils and important vitamins for the epidermis. Most often, stylists and cosmetologists recommend shaving creams for men with sensitive and dry skin.


  • Suitable for problem skin.
  • Makes the procedure easy.
  • The opaque texture allows you to notice poorly processed areas in a timely manner.
  • Prevents rashes and skin injuries.
  • It is spent economically. It has a high concentration.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • The composition does not contain drying components, including soap.
  • Do not contain oil.
  • Manufacturers also offer silicone and bactericidal products for quick healing.
  • Pleasant aroma.
  • Easy to rinse with water.

Apple blossom

The Moscow factory of cosmetics “Svoboda” has released shaving cream for men “Apple Blossom”, an inexpensive and high-quality product for daily use. A distinctive feature of such a tool is an aluminum tube, which was popular in Soviet times. Before applying such a cream, it is important to soak the brush well enough, only after that apply to the skin.

Such a cream is intended for depilation of excess vegetation on oily skin type. The advantages are the natural composition, the simplicity of each component, the wide availability of domestic products, as well as the low price - only 35-40 rubles per tube weighing 70 grams. In addition, a pleasant aroma and decent caring properties can neither please. There are not many disadvantages - slight erosion and the fact that the cream is not suitable for dry skin.

Rating of the best gel shaving products

Matis Reponse Homme High Precision Shaving Gel

Nivea For Men Active Comfort System

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Sensitive Skin
Effective hair removal
Foaming Manufacturer Popularity Soft effect on the skin Package design

Out of ragweed

The ragweed cream from Lush, which has a multi-component natural composition, deserves special attention. Due to the content of cocoa butter, flax seeds, honey, marigold and chamomile oil, the cream gently moisturizes, nourishes and soothes irritated skin. The oils will provide softening of the hairs, and the absence of alkali in the composition will protect sensitive skin from drying out.

Manufacturers of men's cosmetics have created ragweed cream specifically for supersensitive skin, which is irritated after every shave. Transparent consistency indicates the absence of soap in the composition, as a result of which the cream does not foam well, but does not dry the skin, but, on the contrary, nourishes it deeply and delicately with vegetable oils. The cons include the fast flow rate and the specific smell of ragweed.

Matis Reponse Homme High Precision Shaving Gel

The gel helps to get rid of cuts, constant skin irritation and pain during shaving. Makes the procedure soft and comfortable.

Prevents damage to the epidermis. Protects the skin with an invisible film.

Does not cause an allergic rash. The extruded gel transforms into foam.

Helps the razor slide easily. Prevents skin injuries.

Suitable for daily use. Active active substance (sorbitol) gives elasticity and softness.

The manufacturer recommends applying the gel in a circular motion. Then rinse with water.

It can be used in the morning and in the evening.

    Long enough. It softens the skin well. Natural ingredients in the composition. Easy to use. Hypoallergenic. Good foaming. It relieves pain.
    Very high price.

Type of facility

There are three types of shaving products available today:

Cream - The simplest and most cost-effective option for shaving. It is well applied to the skin and easily distributed, moisturizes the skin well. However, the cream most often requires the use of a shaving brush (which is not very convenient) and cannot provide the razor to glide over the skin perfectly, which leads to irritation, cuts, and insufficient shaving. Experts believe that shaving cream is the last century and recommend it only to people with undemanding skin.

Foam - The traditional and most popular shaving product. It is easy to apply, moisturizes the skin, softens the hairs, gives a sufficient degree of blade sliding on the skin, thereby ensuring a comfortable shave. In addition, it is always ready for use: in order to receive a portion of air foam, it takes only one click on the balloon. Shaving foam is best used for people with soft and sparse bristles, young men and teenagers.

Gel - The most economical in terms of consumption, but also the most expensive tool. It differs from foam in a jelly-like consistency. The gel is more difficult to apply than the foam, as it takes time to “blur” the product on the skin. However, dermatologists claim that it is this method of application that is extremely beneficial for the skin: cleanses, tones, softens hairs and perfectly prepares the skin for shaving. Shaving gel provides the best razor glide and is best suited for men with stiff bristles.

The indicators of comfort include the volume of the product and the speed of its spending, the convenience of packaging, the availability and convenience of the dispenser, the safety and clarity of shaving, the aroma and general skin sensations after using the product. All these nuances are purely individual, but it is they that create the general impression of a shaving aid and make you fall in love (or not fall in love) with it.


Another representative of budgetary shaving creams from a domestic manufacturer. The cream has a soft and delicate texture, so it can be used for all skin types. The composition includes plant components, for example, healing plantain extract, aromatic additives and oils, so that you can remove the inflammatory process and irritation, soothe and moisturize the skin.

Domestic shaving creams marked GOST indicate that the products have been certified and tested by state control institutions and bodies. Such creams preferably contain oils, glycerin, an emulsion of high molecular weight fatty acid salts, preservatives, perfumes, surfactants. GOST suggests only such shaving creams that do not contain foreign inclusions.

Breeze cream received good recommendations from specialists and men. A distinctive feature is a pleasant and unlike any other smells of creams. Natural ingredients provide an antibacterial effect, protecting the skin from infections and pathogenic bacteria. The menthol in the composition refreshes and removes the sensation of burning and tightness after shaving.

Cream Breeze is proof that cheap cosmetics can be of high quality. The cream foams well, gives the skin a tone, softens hairs, making it easier to shave. A soft tube with a volume of 75 ml implies a fairly economical consumption, which makes the cream competitive in comparison with the listed brands. Shaving with the Breeze is always painless and even pleasant, as the cream gives a pleasant masculine aroma and a feeling of freshness.


The gel is developed using special nanosystem technology. Suitable for treating oily, sensitive skin.

The composition includes active moisturizing ingredients. The particles of the gel penetrate deep into the skin.

Provide enough nutrients. Helps eliminate redness and irritation.

Provides comfortable gliding. Eliminates the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Keeps skin healthy. Suitable for daily use thanks to a hypoallergenic formula.

Performs the role of sebocorrector, immunomodulator, as well as an antiseptic. Soothes the skin.

Promotes rapid skin repair. Increases resistance.

It has an anti-inflammatory property. Regulates the fat balance of the skin.

Important about cream

To understand how appropriate it is to use shaving cream to ensure maximum skin and bristle care, a man needs to know the pros and cons of such products.

  • acceptable prices,
  • sufficient soap foam for a gentle shave for the face,
  • suitable for all skin types,
  • economical in consumption,
  • deeply cleanse the skin of fat,
  • can be used for depilation of other parts of the body.

  • the cream needs pre-whipping, which takes time,
  • a shaving brush is needed for agitation and application,
  • it is difficult to choose the optimal dosage of the drug.

Unlike other shaving products, the cream moisturizes the skin and hair of the bristles better, which prevents irritation, ingrown hairs, scraping of the skin with a machine and the risks of injury to the epidermis. The cream lasts longer on the skin during shaving than gel or foam, respectively, less consumption and a higher degree of skin hydration. In addition, the cream is a natural antiseptic, as it instantly soothes the skin.

Cream and soap

The main difference between cream and soap from other special shaving products is that before starting the shaving process they need to be whipped into the foam with a certain device - a brush (and preferably in a special thicket or mug). Thus, the foam made is much superior to balloon foam both in consistency and ease of movement of the blades, but it will have to be prepared by yourself. There are no significant differences between the soap solution that is created from soap and cream. Therefore, your choice will be influenced by your personal preferences and tastes.
Is regular soap suitable for shaving? Of course, risk is a generous occupation, but it would be better to attribute your choice to a professional tool, because of that. - The most common or laundry soap (yeah, yeah, yeah, there are those who tried to shave using laundry soap) can’t give the foam the necessary concentration - the machine will not be able to slide smoothly, and your skin will become dry and very dry after such a shave sensitive. In addition, there are varieties that cause the appearance of dark spots on the razor's edge. If you use specialized shaving products, then they will not spoil the device, they will provide high-quality facial skin care (by the way, many companies add glycerin to their product, and with it the skin does not become dry) and comfort during the shaving procedure .

How to use?

The best shaving cream is one that contains exclusively natural and skin-friendly ingredients. To apply this type of shaving cosmetics, you also need a natural wool brush, a machine and a cream container. The shaving brush is soaked in warm water, after which the cream is placed in the container and with the help of the shaving brush it is thoroughly whipped to the state of foam in a circular motion.

If the cream bubbles become uniform, you can pour a little warm water on the product to bring the texture to a foam state. If there is a lot of water, the foam from the cream will drain along the walls of the container, respectively, and the cream will moisturize the skin worse. If little foam is formed and it is mainly smeared along the walls of the bowl, more water needs to be added.

Apply the finished product with a shaving brush and circular motions, continuing to foam the composition. In addition, such movements will help to raise and fix the bristle hairs so that they can be easily shaved off subsequently. At the end of the procedure, you need to wash your face with warm running water and rinse the brush, wash the container from the remnants of the cream.

Gel and foam

The gel and foam are produced in specialized containers filled with air - cylinders, they are under the strong influence of pressure and are sold as a completely suitable product for use, which can be used almost immediately during shaving. Their main advantages are good price, ease of use and great popularity among men. The gel is slightly more expensive than the foam, but its price is fully paid for by its good consistency, excellent moisture and the most “sliding” shave, it is famous for its economical use, but it can clog the machine (this tool makes its way into the spaces between the blades, and there are more of them wash). Foam, despite its slightly airy texture, often does not provide a sufficient level of lubrication.
The disadvantages of both products include the fact that they are absolutely not suitable for shaving with a dangerous razor, and can have a bad effect on the skin, due to the fact that they contain components designed to accelerate the soap and hold the foam.

Dermatologist's recommendations

For each type of facial skin, modern manufacturers of men's cosmetics suggest separate lines of products, including shaving creams. For the sensitive type, it is better to choose hypoallergenic creams with a natural composition and the absence of fragrances, dyes and fragrances. For dry skin, nutritional compounds with vegetable oils are suitable, and for oily skin - with menthol, aloe vera and other plant extracts.

When choosing the best shaving cream, you need to pay attention to 3 criteria - the reliability of the manufacturer, the type of your epidermis, as well as the individual characteristics of the body. Good products are offered by brands that for many years have been in the leading positions in demand and trust of men. A decent form of shaving cream contains a mixture of antiseptics, alkaline soaps and fats.


Every man can use shaving cream if he has decided on the ideal manufacturer for himself and his skin type. Almost all popular brands, such as Arko, Cliven, Liberty, Nivea, Proraso and Loreal, offer product lines separately for oily, dry, sensitive and normal skin. Anyway, for the face, the cream has been considered the best form of cosmetics from time immemorial.

3 Nivea Restorative

Nivea Restorative Gel is designed specifically for men with sensitive skin. Licorice and chamomile extracts heal wounds and have anti-inflammatory effects. The formula is aimed at helping while shaving, preparing for the aggressive effects of the blade. The manufacturer claims that the constant use of the gel reduces the sensitivity of the skin, restores its protective shell. Like other products from Nivea, the product is tested by dermatologists. This option does not contain ethyl alcohol. A small bonus is the cooling effect.

Users in the reviews note a liquid consistency, which makes it difficult to control the volume of the product. The aroma is unobtrusive, with menthol. It stays on the skin for a long time, which buyers add to the pros and cons. The product leaves a small film, it must be thoroughly washed off. It feels a little sticky.But the expense is very economical, little drug is required. After use, a feeling of freshness remains.

2 Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Sensitive Skin

Gillette launches an improved Fusion line of products that includes the best value for money shaving gel. Thanks to its unique formula, it foams quickly and helps the razor gently glide over the skin without damaging it. The metal tube is equipped with a convenient dispenser. The tool is perfect as a gift because of its stylish appearance.

Designed for gentle care for sensitive skin. Contains aloe vera extract, which quickly eliminates irritation and has a calming effect. It has a pleasant mint aroma that provides the skin with freshness for the whole day. The main advantages are considered optimal cost, good quality shaving, soothing formula. No flaws were found.

Every man tries to choose the best shaving aid. But because of the large assortment, it can be difficult to do. This diversity is due to high demand. In addition, there are different types of products: gel, soap, foam, cream. Each has its pros and cons. We found out which tool is better to give preference and why.

+ Provides gentle care

+ Provides the easiest glide

- Not suitable for all skin types.

- Need a special foaming tool

+ Suitable for sensitive skin

+ Pleasant mint aroma

+ Most economically consumed

+ Foam easily whips

- Not for sale everywhere

+ Has a low price

- It is difficult to apply evenly

1 American Crew Precision Shave

The American brand American Crew is famous for the high quality and effectiveness of shaving products. Precision Gel is formulated to meet the needs of sensitive skin prone to irritation. The main feature of the tool is a useful composition. It contains calendula extract, aloe, tea tree oil, etc. These components soothe irritated skin, even out tone and moisturize well.

Available as a tube for cream with a narrow dispenser. It is quickly put, easily foams. It has a pleasant texture and a fresh smell. The volume of one package (150 ml) is enough for a long time. Of the pluses, men distinguish slow consumption, a noticeable calming effect, good hydration, and a stylish tube design. The disadvantages include the high price.


Shaving is not the most pleasant procedure faced by the male gender.

Using the product in question, the hair removal procedure is facilitated and irritation can be prevented.

The basis of any shaving cream is soap. A variety of soap affects foaming, solubility.

Apply the product with a brush. Before applying requires whipping into the foam.

Types and composition

Shaving creams may contain oils, minerals, and vitamins. These remedies are well suited. for men with dry and problem skin. Using them, you will forget about irritation and rash. The skin on the face relaxes thanks to nutrients and becomes elastic, smooth.

Delicate shaving creams contain substances to protect sensitive skin. In their composition you can find: green tea, aloe, citrus juice. Bisabolol may also be included - an extract from chamomile flowers, which helps soothe the epidermis and prevents irritation.

Many products are gel based. - the procedure is carried out without foam. They have a calming and moisturizing effect. In the composition you can see aloe, vitamin E, Dead Sea minerals, ginseng extract.

Guys in adolescence often have problems with their faces. There are funds on sale for this case as well - they have a rich texture so that the blade glides smoothly.

The acid-base balance is also maintained, and soft foam protects young problem skin.

The composition should contain flavonoids, as well as an extract from wormwood.

Why do I need shaving cream

Initially, this cosmetics was created for males with excessively stiff bristles - the main function was to soften it, which facilitated easy removal and comfortable shaving. However, modern cosmetics are more versatile and perform much more functions.

A good men's shaving cream is a godsend for men, as it has the following properties:

  • provides ease of removal of bristles,
  • minimizes the risk of injury
  • protects the skin from irritation, dryness and inflammation,
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Creams are economical in consumption, affordable, and can also be selected for any type of skin.

5 Cliven Men

Cliven Men has a surprisingly natural foam formulation at a low cost. The manufacturer added essential oils that actively moisturize the skin. Hoods of cocoa, jojoba and coconut remove irritation and redness, are absorbed into the upper layer of the epidermis and look after it. The consistency gives a lot of foam, making the blade slip safe, softening the bristles. Men say that the drug does not cause allergic reactions, after it acne does not appear.

In reviews they write about a neutral aroma, for many this is a plus. Buyers like the airy and delicate texture. They note a feeling of comfort that remains for several hours. However, there are complaints about the inconvenient dispenser. Foam stains the lid, the product flows. Because of this, consumption increases. The oils in the composition may not suit sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. If you do not completely wash off the drug, an unpleasant film will remain.

4 American Crew

American Crew has a unique texture reminiscent of whipped cream, which greatly simplifies shaving. The manufacturer claims that the product makes the skin smooth and soft, even slightly moisturizes. The procedure becomes more comfortable. Buyers talk about a pleasant aroma that lasts for several hours. It is noted that even stiff bristles will not stand in front of the foam. The composition moisturizes the upper layer of the skin, prevents the appearance of wounds and redness. For some time, dryness and tightness disappear. A nice plus is economical consumption.

The composition is enriched with extracts of pumpkin seeds and grapes, which should soften the skin. Vitamin E is added, the manufacturer claims that it is responsible for smoothness. Men say that the product is suitable for all skin types, does not cause irritation. But because of the oils, the drug does not foam as well as competitors. Flushing it also takes longer. The price is too high, it is difficult to find in ordinary stores. But for the speed of shaving and safety tool deserved to be on the list of the best.

What to look for when choosing

The best shaving cream is one that is correctly selected by a man based on his skin type.

Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to:

  • characteristics of the product - it can have moisturizing, drying, wound healing and other properties,
  • composition - ideally this is a combination of soap, fats and antiseptic components,
  • additional components - it is important that the composition does not contain components that cause individual intolerance,
  • skin type - the right selection will save you from many negative consequences, as well as accusations of cosmetics that may be guilty without guilt,
  • the smell - the owner should like it, but traditionally for work and walks they choose products with a lighter aroma, for evening outings - stronger ones,
  • manufacturer - funds from trusted brands with a good reputation please the promised result and are free from many of the disadvantages of cheap.

The advantage of the cream is a good soap foam, which provides high-quality hair removal, but wet shaving requires more time than dry.

3 Figaro UOMO Shaving Foam Regular Shave

Figaro Italian-made foam is ideal for daily shaving. It takes into account the characteristics of men's skin, often exposed to razors. Therefore, it contains various emollients and nutrients. Thanks to them, the product prepares the skin and bristles for the procedure, providing the easiest glide of the blade. During the procedure, a man does not experience an unpleasant burning sensation.

A volume of 200 ml is enough for six months of use, because one application requires a small amount of product. Foam has a triple effect: moisturizing, gentle care, protection. It also provides the most comfortable shave. Advantages include: gentle formula, thoughtful composition, delicate care, protection against irritation, excellent reviews of men. No flaws were found.

Shaving cream - a rating of proven products

We bring to the attention of readers of the TOP-10 shaving creams, which are deservedly popular among users. This review will help you navigate the world of modern cosmetics and determine what properties the product has, how much it will suit a particular person.

Allantoin and Vitamin E

Shaving creamThe propertiesMain componentsAdditional substancesSmell
MUEHLE 75 mlPerfectly nourishes and moisturizes hair and skinCoriander and Anise ExtractsSandalwood oilSensual romantic
Truefitt & Hill 1805 (in a can), 190 gNutrition and hydration of hair and skinGlycerin, bergamot, cardamom and tangerine tree oilsLavender, geranium, sage, sandalwood, cedar and muskNautical
The bluebeards revengeIt has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, suitable for all skin types.Natural DecelerineAloe extract, coconut oilCoconut
ARKO Cool 100 mlNourishing, cooling and healing effectGlycerin and vegetable stearinRefreshing
Omega Shaving Cream 150 gSoftens the skinGlycerin and Coconut OilEucalyptus oilClassical
Proraso Wood & Spice 275 MlSoftens and moisturizes the skinGlycerin and vegetable stearin, cedar oil with the addition of Mediterranean cistusCedar tree, caraway and saffronWarm and spicy aroma with wood with spices
Cream in a tube D. R. Harris 75 gr LavenderSoothing and moisturizing effectHigh glycerin contentLavenderLavender scent
Tabac Original Shaving Cream 100 mlEffectively softens bristlesGlycerin and stearinExtracts of exotic wood and flowersFragrance with spicy, pepper notes
Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. Cream Suite 10, 200 mlIntensively nourishes and softens the skinWillow Bark Extract, Borage OilOrange and Olive ExtractsSweet
American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream 150 ML MoisturizingProvides protection for sensitive skin.Aloe and Avocado OilsEucalyptus Oil, Almond, Vitamin EAcute

Undoubtedly, to understand which shaving cream for men is better described is difficult, because everyone has their own skin and their own individual skills and requirements for shaving. Important selection criteria are the presence of the dispenser, packaging, economy of the product, value for money, and the feeling after using the cream. Also, a lot depends on what kind of razor the owner is using, whether the shaving rules and the manufacturer's recommendations are being followed - only a combination of one and the other guarantees a high-quality and smooth shave.

If a man has allergic reactions, it is necessary to carefully study the composition for the presence of allergens in it, and also not to start using the product without testing it on a small area of ​​the skin of the hand. Well-known brands offer men dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic products. Choosing the best shaving cream for men is actually not difficult - you need to know your needs and choose among the products of famous brands. You can purchase such cosmetics if you make an order in our online store - please contact us, we are always ready to help with the choice.

2 Gillette Classic Clean Clean Shave

Gillette's classic shaving range includes foam designed for all skin types. It is quite simple to use, quickly and evenly applied. Delicate texture feels good on the skin. The tool has a large number of good reviews from men. During shaving, they do not feel a burning sensation. Foam does not cause irritation and provides a soft touch razor.

The main feature of Gillette Classic Clean is the ideal ratio of price and quality. It has a pleasant scent of sandalwood, which remains on the skin for several hours. It has many advantages, including convenient use, pleasant sensations on the skin, slow consumption, uniform application and excellent aroma. No flaws were found.

1 L'Oreal Paris Hydra Sensitive

The French brand L'Oreal Paris has developed a tool that perfectly suits sensitive skin. Hydra Sensitive foam has the most gentle composition - it does not contain alcohol, which allows you to affect the skin as gently as possible. The formula is enriched with a soothing aloe extract. Numerous studies have proven that it is ideal for shaving men whose skin is prone to irritation. L'Oreal Paris foam prevents burning.

It is made in the form of a metal tube with a convenient dispenser. Available in a volume of 200 ml, which lasts for more than 5 months of frequent use. Judging by the reviews, the foam has the following advantages: gentle formula, good price, soft effect on the skin, smooth shaving without burning, a convenient dispenser. No flaws were found.

Skin type

When choosing a remedy, you must rely on your feelings. Using this product, you should not have unpleasant feelings and problems on the face.

  • For oily skin a drying agent is well suited.
  • For problem skin such a cream cannot be used - it is better to use a product that has a moisturizing effect.
  • Dry skin it is recommended to give preference to gentle remedies with chamomile, vitamin E.

3 Arko Sensitive

The most affordable shaving cream among popular products is Arko Sensitive. Its formula is based on the active action of aloe juice and lavender oil. Together, they provide excellent moisturizing and soothing effects. Despite the low price, Arko cream has high efficiency and decent quality, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

It has an optimal volume (75 ml), which is enough for several months of use. A pleasant light aroma will provide the skin with freshness throughout the day. Equipped with a narrow neck, with which it is easy to get the right dosage. Beats quickly in a gentle foam. Among the advantages, one can single out the most favorable price, optimal quality, useful components of the composition, efficiency.


The best shaving cream for men is one that contains a mixture of alkaline soaps, fats, antiseptic substances. It’s good when there are various natural hoods - they help to resist inflammation and are antioxidants, contribute to the rapid healing of minor injuries.

Thanks to natural preservatives, the shelf life is extended to two years. If there is silicone in the composition of the razor blade glides better on the skin.

The composition must not contain components that may cause an allergy.

The smell of this product also affects the choice.. The product gives the face a pleasant aroma. For evening relaxation, you can use strong odor products, and for going to work it is better to choose a light aroma.

One of the selection criteria is cost. Products of famous brands have a high price. If you shave daily, then it comes out very expensive. Therefore, preference should be given to models with the optimal combination of quality and price.

How to use the cream and what is needed for shaving?

To shave, you need to get brush, cream, machine tool and mixing container, to make foam at home.

Before the procedure, the brush should be immersed in hot water for 1-2 minutes in order to soften the pile.

It’s good to use a cup as a container.It should be voluminous so that when mixing the foam does not scatter in all directions.

In this container, it is necessary to squeeze out a little cream and stir it with a wet brush in a circular motion.

When the bubbles become uniform, add a little water. You need to add it in small portions so as not to spoil anything.

Foam consistency depends on the amount of water: if the foam flows down the walls and changes shape under the influence of gravity, then there is too much water, and if there is little foam, and it is smeared along the walls of the tank, then there is not enough water.

Then using shaving brush in a circular motion you need to apply the product on the face. Thus, the hairs will rise, and it will be easier to shave. After applying a sufficient amount of foam, you can proceed to the procedure. Then you need to wash, and rinse the brush and container from the foam.

How to whip shaving foam from a cream, see the video

Pros and cons of cream

The product in question is mainly used by people aged who are accustomed to this method of shaving. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this does not decrease.


  • affordable price - the product is popular among people with low income,
  • shaving cream formsgood soap suds - shaving is good, as the blade glides well,
  • there are funds for any skin type,
  • this product more economicalthan other means
  • means copes well with cleansing hairs from fat,
  • many women claim that men's cream is good for shaving legs, as it contains contains emollients and moisturizers.


  • the procedure takes more time, because the cream must first be knocked into foam,
  • use shaving brush,
  • it is difficult to accurately calculate the dosage.

Cream, gel or foam?

Consider which is better: shaving cream, foam or gel. The most popular hair removal product is foam.. It is cheaper than gel and slightly more expensive than a creamy product. It is conveniently applied to the face.

But cream for some reason surpasses foambecause it moisturizes the skin well. And also he remains on the face longer, thereby softening the stubble. Foam, in turn, flows faster. But its advantage is that it is in a convenient spray can with a dispenser - with a single press you can get a portion of air foam.

Gels provide very good glide. But their price is higher than the rest of the funds. The gel is applied a little harder than the foam - it needs to be “washed away” on the skin, and this takes time.

How to choose the best?

The following will focus on which shaving cream is better to choose. Judging by the characteristics of these products, you can choose the most suitable for you.

This tool takes one of the first places in the ranking of the most popular creams. It contains allantoin and vitamin E, which makes the skin fresh and softas well as fast heals micropores. Shaving cream "Arko" has a very nice smellthat sticks to the skin for a long time.


Shaving cream “Freedom” thanks to its components moisturizes the face and disinfects small cutsreceived during the procedure. It has abundant, stable foam, which provides a soft and thorough shave. This shaving cream is Russian. The aroma is citrus, with notes of greenery and woody. Suitable for both oversensitive and normal skin.


Italian shaving cream “Proraso” from the red line is good Suitable for hard bristles. Thanks to this tool, hard hairs are softened, and the shaving procedure is painless and easy. The green line Proraso is suitable for all skin types.


This product gently cares for the skin during the shaving procedure. Well selected natural ingredients moisturize and soften the skinmaking it delicate, supple and smooth.

Shaving cream “Ambrosia” from the company “Lush” consists of flaxseed and cocoa butter, which provides soft hair removal. The composition also includes honey, chamomile and marigold oil - they, in turn, will soothe and soften the skin. This product is transparent, it has no soap, so it does not foam. Fit for men with hypersensitive skin.

Also a very good shaving cream "Breeze Freshness". The composition of this tool includes menthol, which refreshes the skin well. It does not cause irritation. Consumers note good value for money.

When choosing a tool you must consider the volume of the product, the economy of the product, whether the packaging is convenient, whether there is a dispenser, aroma, safety and overall skin feeling after the procedure. All this is very individual, so it is worth listening to your opinion.

Which shaving maker is the best?

Despite the abundance of offers in stores, there are only two leaders who conquered the Russian market: Nivea and Gillette. Both companies produce a full range of good shaving products (foams, creams, gels), designed for different skin types, and equally share consumer recognition. Products from the Loreal and Cliven brands are also of good quality, but are less popular due to the higher price.

The low-cost segment is occupied by products of the brands Arco, Mennen, Gibbs and domestic companies Liberty and Red Line. They have a low price (up to 100 rubles), a wide range and good consumer characteristics.

There are many shaving products from the category of pharmacy cosmetics (Avene, Ragase, Vichy) and luxury brands (Loccitane, Shiseido, Clinique, Lancome, etc.). The quality of most of them can be called the best, but due to the high price these funds are not very popular.

Rating of the best foams, creams and shaving gels - TOP-6

"Price Expert" opted for 6 popular shaving products.


Estimated cost, rub.


Rating, on a 10-point scale

GelforshaveNIVEA for men sensitive

optimal shaving gel

GelforshaveGillette Mach3 Pure and Sensitive

the best shaving gel without irritation and cuts

Foam EAU Thermale, Avene

the best “pharmacy” shaving foam

FoamL'Oreal Paris Men expert Hydrasensitive

the most comfortable shaving foam

Shaving creamArkoCool

good quality budget shaving cream

Shaving Cream Freedom "Apple Blossom"

inexpensive shaving cream for oily skin

And now we’ll reveal the secrets of the popularity of each of the selected products.

1. NIVEA for men sensitive - optimal shaving gel

The average price in the Russian Federation: 180 p.

Why in our rating: An ideal shaving product at the best price.

In Nivea’s extensive line of shaving products, users especially highlight this gel. It is easy to apply and instantly turns into a soft foam, ensuring a safe and quick shave. Chamomile extract relieves irritation, and vitamin E cares for the skin. Shaving gel has a convenient dispenser that allows you to accurately measure the right amount of product. "Price Expert" considers it the best product in terms of price and quality.


  • simple and comfortable use,
  • economical consumption
  • smooth glide
  • without skin irritation.

Minus: pretty bright smell, but it's not for everybody.

Typical Shaving Gel ReviewsNiveaformensensitive:

“For the first time I see a gel that is so easily washed off into a gentle, pleasant foam! The effect of applying Nivea gel is also very good: shaving is comfortable, the skin does not irritate, the appearance and aroma are pleasant. ”

“The product is just perfect: the foam is thick and delicate, the razor glides like clockwork, and the skin after it is soft and there is never irritation even on sensitive skin!”

2. Gillette Mach3 Pure and Sensitive - the best shaving gel without irritation and cuts

The average price in the Russian Federation: 180 p.

Why in our ranking: the purest shave.

The purpose of the Gillette shaving gel is the best razor glide. The triple skin protection system creates a layer of emollients and lubricants on it with a high content of glycerin and silicone, which provides a very clean shave and eliminates the possibility of cuts and irritation. The gel does not contain fragrances and dyes and can be recommended even for moody skin.


  • without smell,
  • a very clean shave
  • provides quality skin care and cleansing.

Minuses: not.

TypicalreviewsaboutGillette Series Sensitive Skin withaloe:

“My husband has very sensitive skin, he suffered for several years with the selection of the best shaving product. Many caused terrible irritation. This gel is very gentle and very slippery. It doesn’t cause discomfort, and the skin after shaving is very soft. ”

“Gave Gillette’s gel to her husband, but I’m using it myself with pleasure! A very pleasant product without a pronounced masculine aroma, allows you to shave very cleanly and leaves you feeling fresh and soft skin. ”

Shaving oil

Specialized shaving oil is suitable for both home use and professional shaving. It is very elegant, contains little fat and does not need water at all, and after all interactions with a razor, the residues are absorbed into the skin.
The oil gives the blade a quick glide and makes the shave “crystal”, and this plays a very important role when using the dangerous shaving style. Men who choose this particular product receive “in addition” with excellent comfort and excellent shaving quality and excellent skin care. The oil, which is offered today by various companies, has in its composition plant components that tone, soothe and supply the skin with various minerals.
Oil is a very versatile tool - it is used not only for classic shaving, but also for modeling hairstyles, beards, whiskers. When used, it gives the skin on the face softness and smoothing of hard sticking hair.
But just like the pros, the oil also has its cons - it costs significantly more than the rest of the good shaving products written in this article.

3. EAU Thermale, Avene - the best “pharmacy” shaving foam

Average price in the Russian Federation: 700 p.

Why in our ranking: quality is impeccable, price is far from ideal.

According to reviews, this remedy based on Aven thermal water completely reverses the prevailing opinion about comfortable and easy shaving. The foam consistency resembles a mousse with a slightly oily structure, which instantly softens the hairs and allows you to remove them easily and without unpleasant consequences. Avene contains effective anti-bacterial and skin-soothing ingredients and is especially recommended for problematic skin.


  • ultra-soft shave
  • strong antiseptic effect,
  • valuable components.


  • high price,
  • uneconomical expense.

Typical EAU Thermale, Avene foam reviews:

“With this foam, as if you apply a kind of whipped cream on your face, it’s very nice. Shaving is even more pleasant, skin irritation is minimal, pain also becomes minimal. In general, it’s a pleasure. ”

“With Aven, the stubble becomes so soft that you don’t even notice how it shaves. I advise you to experience these sensations! ”

4. L'Oreal Paris Men expert Hydra Sensitive - the most comfortable shaving foam

Average price in the Russian Federation: 230 p.

Why in our rating: expert approach to shaving.

The best of all men's shaving products from Loreal. It features a particularly lush, dense and thick foam, which is very easy to apply and just as easily removed with a razor. Users note that shaving with Hydra Sensitive is especially comfortable due to the unobtrusive odor and the complete absence of skin irritation.


  • dense foam
  • original dispenser - makes the foam especially soft and saves money,
  • subtle pleasant aroma.

Minus: sthe ringing is slightly worse compared to Nivea and Gilette, although the result is equally good.

Typical foam reviewsL 'RealParisMenexpert Hydra Sensitive:

“After shaving, there was not a single cut or even irritation on the neck. The feeling after the foam is pleasant, does not pull and does not pinch. As a mass market product, it’s very successful and worthy of attention. ”

“A delicate and economical foam that suddenly turned out to be better and softer than shaving gels! “The bottle has an unusual atomizer, due to which the foam is well saturated with air and at the same time remains dense.”

5. Arko Cool - the best budget shaving cream

The average price in the Russian Federation: 70 p.

Why in our ranking: cheap and high quality.

Shaving cream ARKO Cool Turkish Evyap concern is inexpensive and well suited for skin care without a tendency to irritation. It is non-greasy, in consistency similar to toothpaste, is well distributed on the skin. It can be used both with and without shaving brush.


  • price,
  • pleasant aroma + light cooling effect,
  • a relatively comfortable shave.

Minus: does not protect against irritation.

Typical Shaving Cream ReviewsArkoCool:

“It smells good, cools the skin, spreads well, the foam is very thick. The razor is easily washed after it. And yes, it’s inexpensive. ”

“For the budget option, the best shaving cream - has an excellent aroma and is surprisingly well washed on the skin. No unpleasant sensations were observed when shaving. ”

Which company to choose a shaving agent

If you are already not at a very young age, then at least one manufacturer of shaving products should be familiar to you. The French brand Gillette made a name for itself on all kinds of machines and blades for them.

This brand became the most popular after advertising with the participation of the famous football player Zinedine Zidane. Now, some other companies can make some competition to the French - if not in terms of machine tools, then in terms of gel and shaving foam. And yet, it is the French brand that remains the most popular.

The most common in our country men's shaving products under the following brands:

Products of other companies are lost on the background of the above brands. Theoretically, they can be found only in large cosmetic stores, where the assortment is the widest.

What shaving agent to choose?

We examined only 6 of the most popular and worthy of your attention funds, but there are much more good shaving products. Fortunately, the affordable price of most foams, gels and shaving creams provides the pleasure of choosing and experimenting in search of the best, most comfortable skin product. Enjoy the shopping!

Gilette fusion

Initially, this gel was intended for the razor of the same name. But now it is used by owners of completely different machines, including those produced by competitors of the French company. The gel bottle may have a different volume - this allows you to choose the best option for your financial means.

Also, gift sets are now widely distributed, which include not only gel, but also a razor, and sometimes some additional accessories. As for the quality of the gel, you can’t find fault with it - shaving really becomes very easy. That's just the end of the product forever at the most inopportune moment.


  • Can be found even in large supermarkets,
  • Easy application to the skin
  • The razor glides almost perfectly
  • There are cylinders of different volumes,
  • Ideal for all skin types,
  • Very good skin hydration,
  • It is made in Poland.


  • Cost can not be called low.

NIVEA Classic Shaving Gel

An important advantage of almost any gel is that it is suitable for any type of skin. This also applies to the product under the NIVEA brand. This product comes in a 200 ml blue bottle.

The gel is translucent and it is easily applied to the skin. The moisturizing effect is very good, but not excessive. The product protects the skin from micro-cuts. It contains various vitamins and aloe vera, which should contribute to improving the condition of the skin of the face.


  • It is made in Germany,
  • The composition has a multivitamin complex,
  • Easy application on face
  • The number of micropores is minimized
  • Good hydration.


  • The price tag may seem a little overpriced,
  • It is difficult to squeeze out the minimum amount of gel.

NIVEA 3-Day Shaving Brush Gel

This product comes in a traditional 200 ml bottle. But it is almost completely painted white. Cost is slightly above average. This is explained by the increased content of moisturizing components.

Even on the bottle itself it is written that this product is ideal for sensitive skin. This was achieved due to a complete rejection of alcohol. The gel provides almost maximum protection against scratches and cuts. The composition is enriched with a complex of gammamelis and chamomile - it also fights skin irritation.


  • Does not irritate even sensitive skin.
  • Maximum hydration allows you to shave off even a three-day stubble,
  • There is no ethyl alcohol in the composition,
  • The gel has a complex of chamomile and witch hazel,
  • It is made in Poland.


Arko MEN Foam Comfort

If we talk about shaving products, then in addition to Gillette, products under the Arko brand are very popular in Russia. They are distributed only in 200 ml containers. But you don’t need to worry about this, as the price tag, for example, MEN Foam Comfort shaving foam is so low that you definitely don’t want to save.

This foam is easy to apply. Importantly, it lasts for a month of regular shaving, and sometimes for a longer period. The moisturizing effect can be called average, as well as skin protection is about the same. The product is clearly inferior to the gel, but it is almost three times cheaper.


  • The widest distribution in Russian stores,
  • Minimum price tag
  • Easy application
  • A relatively comfortable shave.


  • Inaccuracy can still cause cuts,
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Gillette mach3 soothing

Very good foam supplied in a 250 ml bottle. According to the manufacturer, his product provides, if not perfect, then close to that razor glide. The product also protects the skin from redness, instantly calming it - a separate active complex is responsible for this.

Good foam copes with moisturizing the beard. However, you should not consider this product ideal - it does not perform its task perfectly. After shaving, you may still need the appropriate balm, especially if you have sensitive skin.


  • One bottle lasts a long time,
  • Decent degree of hydration,
  • Good machine slide
  • Foam tries to soothe the skin
  • Skin protection against redness.


  • People with sensitive skin will need an after shave,
  • The cost is close to the shaving gel.

L’Oreal Paris MEN EXPERT

Products under the brand L’Oreal Paris are well known to the weaker sex. But men may be surprised that shaving foam is also produced under this brand. It is inside a standard 200 milliliter bottle. The cost may seem high. But it is justified by the fact that the product is ideal for applying to sensitive skin. The foam is made according to the hypoallergenic formula, aloe vera extract is present in the composition of the product. Alcohol is completely absent. All this leads to the fact that a man during shaving does not feel either burning, or other unpleasant sensations. Some disappointment is caused only by the volume of the container, which is only 200 ml - this amount of foam will last no more than a month and a half.


  • The composition is enriched with aloe vera extract,
  • Excellent hydration
  • No irritation even on sensitive skin,
  • The razor glides very well.


  • The volume may seem insufficient,
  • Overpriced.


A unique product containing Dead Sea minerals. This cream seems to be silky to the touch - no other shaving product has such a structure. It is delivered in a tube, the volume of which is 200 ml. Shaving cream is usually difficult to apply, but AHAVA does not. The product contains neither oil products, nor aggressive synthetic ingredients, nor GMOs, nor parabens. All this makes him hypoallergenic. Even people with sensitive skin can use this cream. Also, the product is recommended for people who have problems with the skin of the face - Dead Sea minerals may well eliminate them.


  • Made in Israel
  • It contains a piece of the Dead Sea,
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin,
  • Shelf life reaches three years,
  • It moisturizes the beard well
  • Easy to apply.


What shaving agent to buy

1. The most pleasant smelling shaving product is Proraso soap. It has notes of eucalyptus and menthol (although there are other options). It is also one of the few shaving products with a pronounced antibacterial effect. The disadvantage of the product is that to apply it, you need a shaving brush, which sometimes is simply not at hand.

2. If you want to protect your skin and moisturize your beard as much as possible, then you need a shaving gel. The best option in this case is to buy Gilette Fusion Hydrating. A recognizable balloon can be found not only in “household goods”, but also in large supermarkets.

3. You can also consider purchasing a gel from NIVEA. Classic gel is suitable for those people who shave once in one to two days. At the end of the process, you will definitely notice the softness of the skin and the absence of any scratches (provided that you use a good razor). Well, a shaving gel of a three-day stubble will suit everyone who does not see the point of doing this business too often. It is also the best option for sensitive skin.

4. In the case of austerity, pay attention to Arko MEN Foam Comfort. You can find this shaving foam with a high degree of probability, even in the nearest supermarket. The product has a modest price tag, while it is quite good (but not perfect) to cope with its task.

5. Gillette Mach3 Soothing is one of the best shaving foams. It is not necessary to use it in tandem with the razor of the same name, you can also use the machine from the Gillette Fusion series. Foam perfectly moisturizes the hair and provides a pretty good glide of the blades. There is also a soothing complex that fights redness of the skin.

6. Another great option for shaving foam lovers is the L’Oreal Paris MEN EXPERT. It is a hypoallergenic product that helps shave even very sensitive skin. The only serious drawback of the product is its high cost.

7. Do you want to give someone shaving cream? Then buy the product under the brand name AHAVA. This is a unique Israeli cream that contains Dead Sea minerals. It does not cause irritation, and also copes well with skin restoration.

2 Clinique Cream Shave

For best razor glide and minimal risk of cuts, it is recommended to pay attention to Clinique Cream Shave. The cream raises the hairs, increasing the efficiency of shaving. Men say that it is impossible to get hurt with this tool. The caring components in the composition soothe irritated skin, relieve itching and redness. The product is easily washed off with water, does not leave a film. With regular use, the skin will become softer, the feeling of discomfort after shaving will disappear. The cream is hypoallergenic, it does not have chemical fragrances. The formula is considered one of the most gentle, suitable for sensitive skin. Clinique is known for its serious approach to the selection of ingredients, each tested by dermatologists.

Men note the effect of softness after shaving, which persists for several hours. Many people stop using the lotion, as Clinique Cream Shave works for two. It is not recommended to wash off the drug, it is better to leave it on the skin to continue the action. They write about the ability to heal wounds, they stop pinching. The drug is sold in a convenient bottle, does not spread, but is easy to apply. For most, the main disadvantage is the price. Not a lot of points and a large expense, since the foam appears a little.

1 Nivea Moisturizer

Men often feel an unpleasant burning sensation during shaving. It appears due to harmful components in shaving products. Nivea Moisturizing Cream is specially formulated to prevent this effect. It contains an emollient aloe vera extract and is enriched with a vitamin and mineral complex. Useful trace elements take care of the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it.

The cream quickly forms a soft foam, which is easy to evenly spread over the face. It provides smooth gliding and protects the skin from injuries. An important feature of the product is an effective fight against dryness. After a few applications, the face becomes smoother. Advantages here are a gentle formula with aloe, useful trace elements, low price, good foaming. No flaws were found.


MUHLE is a popular German cosmetic brand. A lot of men like his shaving products. A solid soap with sandalwood prepares the skin and bristles for the procedure, greatly softening and moisturizing them. It produces a soft foam that is evenly distributed over the face. It is made in Germany and has high quality. The size of the soap is 2.5 by 6.5 cm.

Available in special plastic packaging, which ensures the tightness of the product throughout the entire time. It is consumed quite slowly, so it lasts for an average of several months. The advantages include excellent foaming, pleasant sandalwood scent, deep moisturizing, softening, many positive reviews. The disadvantage is the high price.

1 D.R. Harris lavender

Soap D.R. Harris Lavender is packed in a special rosewood bowl that looks very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. It is made by hand from environmentally friendly material. Such a soap will be the best gift for any man. Its unique triple-grinding formula provides fast foaming and the most gentle shave. Suitable even for dry skin.

One package is enough for 2-3 months of frequent use. The composition is enriched with lavender oil, which not only gives an incredible herbal aroma, but also significantly moisturizes the skin. A special formula quickly softens the bristles, making the shaving process easier and faster. The advantages include a presentable appearance, a unique packaging made of wood, the best quality, slow consumption, excellent reviews. Cons is the high price and inaccessibility.

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