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Hollywood Beard: Brett

Hollywood stars always follow modern trends, which is noticeable in their image, style and so on. And the world always follows Hollywood, imitating its idols in everything, up to the hairstyle.

Now in style such a beard style as a Hollywood beard - bretta, which has become an integral attribute of many overseas stars, and today we will talk about it.

Bretta's story

Without a doubt, the Hollywood beard is considered a modern trend that adorns the faces of many men.

But few people know that this haircut came to us from the past and was already popular among many Hollywood stars.

Brett's beard could be seen back in the 30s of the last century. Usually it was worn by actors who played real tough guys, taking part in the filming of films about the Italian mafia and other action films of that time.

Over time, this style has lost relevance against the backdrop of new trends and has been successfully forgotten. Until in 2016, she again became popular among actors who also play tough guys, proving their superiority on our screens.


Bretta is quite popular among many movie starssuch as George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman. It is not surprising, because it helps to hide flaws, at the same time betraying to the chin strong-willed and courageous facial features. For example, a Hollywood beard, photos of world stars.

For example, you just have to shave the hair on the jaw and you already become the happy owners of the goatee. Or vice versa, spend a little time on hair growing, having got a classic Russian beard, which will make the wearer more brutal.

Suitable face type for beard

Of course, a Hollywood beard will do. not everyone to man. How to choose a beard? The choice largely depends on the shape of the skull and the type of hair.

Usually, it is more difficult for blondes to grow hair, since their hair is thinner and thinner, which can not be said about brunettes. For them, this process is much more simple.

If we talk about the shape, then the best option for a Bretta would be a triangular face. This form is an oblong face with a narrow chin. In this case, the beard will help to visually expand the face.

How to grow yourself?

You liked the Hollywood beard, how to do? To make a beautiful and spectacular beard at home is not so difficult. For this you Must have:

  • machine for shaving,
  • detergents. for beard,
  • suitable combthat fits your bristles,
  • shaving foam or gel,
  • shaving brush,
  • trimmer,
  • electric razor,
  • ordinary pointy scissors.

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, you need to wash your face so that the hair becomes wet. After that, the face is dried, and the hair is combed. To make the process easier later, you need to comb your hair in one direction.

For those who have stiff hair, it’s worth doing hot compress. This will help open the pores and improve blood circulation. If the skin is dry, you need to moisturize your face with a cream with high fat content,

With the help of a brush, foam should be applied to the face, which will provide a smoother shaving process. Next, remove the hair on the cheeks, neck, reaching the borders of the future beard.

When you have done everything you need, you need to wash off the remaining foam, soak the skin with cream and make a compress. Then you can go to the design of the beard.

Mustache and hair on the chin should be brought to the thickness you need. The edges of the beard must be trimmed and gently stained. With the trimmer and scissors attached to the form.

Hollywood Beard Photo

To grow a beard and give it the necessary shape is only half the story. In order to maintain it in a neat and tidy condition, you should carefully look after it. To do this, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • start observing healthy diet. This is an important aspect when caring for a beard. Hair grows well with the consumption of a certain number of vitamins. It’s worth eating a lot of fish, but if you decide to use supplements, then you should choose Biotin or a complex of vitamin B. Lack of a healthy diet can lead to sad consequences for your hair,
  • get enough sleep. It is scientifically proven that with lack of sleep, hair growth slows dramatically. Therefore, it is worth controlling the time you spend in a dream.
  • do not pay attention to itching. If you first decided to grow a beard, then you will experience unpleasant sensations in the form of itching. But do not immediately despair and shave off the stubble. Over time, the itching will pass.
  • periodically cut your hair a beard. Need to cut hair in different directions while maintaining a uniform beard shape. In addition, this will help get rid of split ends.
  • the beard should be clean. The beard needs to be washed every morning and every evening. This can be done with a weekly face remedy. Also, you should thoroughly wipe your face after the procedure.
  • use soap or shampoo.

All of the above must be done several times a week, not forgetting a healthy diet. Each item completed on time will help to become the owner of a well-groomed, impeccable and healthy beard, which you will be proud of.


A Hollywood beard is an undoubted trend that can decorate a man. She emphasizes good taste owner, speaks about the style and status of the man.

If you decide to look like your favorite actor and stand out from the crowd - Brett is just made for you. Your attention is presented to Brett's beard, a photo of Hollywood stars.

From the history

Bretta is often found in photographs of the 19th century, which depict elegant and spectacular gentlemen of the time.

Brett fashion has penetrated Hollywood a long time ago - in the 30s of the XX century. Actors of that time, who played classic villains in the movies, often grew a similar beard, creating the image of a dangerous man. But not only mafiosi and bandits on the screens sought to add masculinity. A halo of coolness attracted those who played the roles of rebellious heroes and respectable millionaires.

For some time, the Bretta was forgotten, and since 2016 interest in her has flared up again.

Star selection

Thanks to the impression created, the image of a bearded man easily stepped over from screens to real life. Actors grow a beard, wanting to be like their movie heroes and captivate fans with masculinity and self-confidence.

The brilliant Hollywood is fascinated by Brett. She wears a galaxy of bright men who play cool roles in the movies. Among them are George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Thomas Hiddleston.

Ryan Gosling loves to experiment with his appearance. He really suits the classic Bretta without whiskers.

Justin Timberlake hid his heavy chin behind his beard, balancing his large features, giving them softness.

Ryan Reynolds, on the contrary, has a sharp chin. The beard also balanced the features of his face, emphasizing the eyes and highlighting the charisma of the actor.

Very goes Brett to Jake Gyllenhaal. He has a slightly elongated skull, which she perfectly adjusted by expanding his face a little and making it more harmonious.


To grow a beard in the hollywoodian style, you do not need to shave it for several weeks. If hair rarely grows, you can completely shave it and try again to grow. In the process, it will be seen how the hair grows, whether it can be styled into a beard. Sometimes they grow so rarely or in shreds that it is better to abandon this idea right away.

Hair growth rate is an individual matter. Frequent shaving will not affect the growth of the bristles.

You can somehow promote hair growth from the inside. It is worth drinking a course of vitamins and dietary supplements. Especially good in this regard are fish oil, biotin, magnesium, and B vitamins.

The activity of the hairline is affected by the hormone testosterone. Its production can be spurred by eating spinach, broccoli, nuts.

Regular combing also has a positive effect on hair growth. It stimulates blood circulation - hair follicles get more nutrition.

In general, it takes three to four weeks to grow. It grows naturally, no need to cut it.

When the hair is enough branch, start shaping it.

As tools you will need:

a machine and foam (gel) for shaving, shaving brush, or an electric razor,

After Shave Cream,

hot towel for a compress.

Getting to the design.

  1. Wash your beard. If the hair is very stiff, it is better to make a compress from a hot towel.
  2. Be sure to blow dry with a hairdryer, gently combing the beard along the growth line.
  3. Cutting a beard on your own is quite difficult. It is better to do everything slowly - there is always the danger of cutting unevenly, or grabbing too large a piece. Shave small areas from the outer to the inner borders.
  4. Define the upper bound. When making a bretta, it is better to do it two to three centimeters below the cheekbone line, parallel to the hairline. Shave them evenly, horizontally, with a razor or trimmer. When using the machine, be sure to apply foam or shaving gel.
  5. The lower border is carried out two to three centimeters above the middle of the neck. Also, for shaving, you can use a razor, machine or trimmer. The lower border should be perfectly flat.
  6. Engage in cheekbones. If there are whiskers, they must be made even and not very wide.
  7. Trim your mustache. They should go down from the middle of the upper lip and pass in a straight line with the mouth. Hold the trimmer upright and carefully remove excess hair.
  8. The upper boundary requires careful alignment. It starts two to three millimeters below the junction of the nose and upper lip. The mustache ends for a couple of millimeters to the upper lip.
  9. The total length of the beard depends on your preference. In the classic version, it is three to five millimeters.
  10. Keep in mind that with brett, the length of the hair gradually increases - a shorter mustache turns into a long beard.
  11. After the haircut, be sure to comb the hair and remove all the hairs that extrude beyond the borders of the beard.

How to care

To grow and cut is half the story. Bretta must be looked after so that she does not lose her form.

An important condition is that you do not need to wash your beard every day with soap. Normal washing with water is enough. Rinse it once a week with shampoo and conditioner.

It is better to dry naturally, then give the comb with rare teeth the right shape.

Blondes are easier to care for. Their hair is usually soft, the beard easily holds its shape, and due to the fact that blond hair is not so noticeable on the skin, you can grow it wider and thicker.

Dark hair will require more thorough care. Hair growth is immediately noticeable, so the Brett will need to be constantly shortened and edged with a trimmer.

Popularity among the stars

Although the Hollywood beard was cut to the actors for filming, the stars wanted this image to go into their daily lives, because the beard gives sexuality and masculinity.

Brett is suitable for many actors, such as Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney and Hugh Jackman. Among many, for Jake Gyllenhaal, such a beard is perfect. Its elongated skull shape is ideal for this beard, it visually increases the chin and makes the face wider.

Also - this beard looks good on blonde Ryan Gosling. Hollywood beard helps Ryan Reynolds hide his pointed chin and emphasize his eyes. As you can see, for many, this type of beard has become an adornment; it helps to hide imperfections in appearance and creates a unique image.

Who is it for?

The disadvantage of this haircut is that it is not suitable for all men. It is necessary to pay attention to the type of face, the shape of the skull, the thickness of the hair and the density of the bristles. Bretta looks beautiful on a triangular or rectangular face.

Sometimes it can suit men with an oval face. However, if you have a round type of face, then it is better to choose a different type of beard. This is due to the fact that the Hollywood beard rounds the beard, and for chubby men - this is useless.

A Hollywood beard is worn not only to decorate your image, but also in order to:

  1. Hide a long chin,
  2. To expand a narrow chin,
  3. Hide beard imperfections,
  4. Give masculinity
  5. Create a solid image.

Not only the shape of the Bretta changes appearance, but also its length. Not tall men can not wear a long brett, otherwise they will look like dwarfs. Slender and tall men can choose different lengths of beards.

Hollywood beard can change the facial features of men, thanks to variations with a mustache. A thin mustache emphasizes the lips. Massive whiskers, highlight the upper part of the face, especially the eyes - they become visually larger. This beard option is suitable for men who wear glasses.

Some still wear whiskers along with the Hollywood beard. However, such an image rarely suits anyone. If you want to hide your chin, then the whiskers need to be shaved off, otherwise the beard will not visually expand the face.

Advice! If you want to make a Hollywood beard yourself, before this, consult a stylist, he will tell you how to hide the imperfections of a beard and decorate your face.

To grow a beard you need patience. You can not shave facial hair for several weeks. This is a prerequisite, otherwise your beard will be of different lengths.

If your hair grows slowly, then you can buy vitamins or dietary supplements. Proper nutrition will accelerate hair growth. If you notice that you have sparse hair, shave them and try to grow a beard again.

What is it like?

The beard itself, the Hollywood beard is a vegetation around the lips that is neat connects with bristles running along the extreme part of the lower jaw. The rest of the face should remain smooth.

Some men want to grow whiskers, but we advise you not to experiment in this vein - the effect will be completely different.

But few people know that this haircut came to us from the past and was already popular among many Hollywood stars.

Brett's beard could be seen back in the 30s of the last century. Usually it was worn by actors who played real tough guys, taking part in the filming of films about the Italian mafia and other action films of that time.

Over time, this style has lost relevance against the backdrop of new trends and has been successfully forgotten. Until in 2016, she again became popular among actors who also play tough guys, proving their superiority on our screens.

A bit of history

A fashionable modern trend has come to us from the past. Back in the distant 30s of the last century, Brett was a symbol of "steepness." With such a beard, famous Hollywood actors starred in films about the Italian mafia and cool action movies.

Then the beret in the style of "Bret" was undeservedly forgotten, and gained a second wind in 2016.

Reason for popularity

The Hollywood beard is justifiably popular. She successfully hides face imperfections, and emphasizes virtues, such as strong-willed and courageous features.

This is the favorite style of Hollywood stars: George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey.

Such a beard is also popular due to its easy transformation into other varieties. So, to transform Brett into a goatee, it is enough just to shave the stubble on the jaw.A little growing stubble, you get a real "Russian" beard, which will give seriousness and brutality to the image.

Who will suit

This kind of image is ideal for men with a triangular face shape (narrowed to the bottom). This form of beard will expand the face in the right place and successfully hide the triangular shape.

This kind of beard will successfully expand a narrow chin and hide a long one.

The rectangular shape of the face is also suitable for a Hollywood beard.

Hair color also matters for such a beard. If a man is naturally blond, his hair is thinner than that of brunettes and less often. Accordingly, it is harder for them to grow a Hollywood beard.

Brunettes with their thick and dense hair are much easier in this matter.

How to grow at home

We found out what a Hollywood beard is, how to make it at home? Let's get it right. To create a fashionable Hollywood image of a courageous and tough man or guy, you can turn to the services of professionals in a beauty salon. But unlike women, men usually don’t like to spend time on trips to salons, and prefer to engage in their image on their own.

So, to create a fashionable image of a house, first of all, we stock up with all the necessary materials for this, you will need:

  1. Shaving accessories.
  2. Detergent for hair.
  3. Suitable for a beard comb.
  4. Means for whipping.
  5. Trimmer, as well as a brush.
  6. Electric shaver.
  7. Sharp scissors.

Naturally, by the time the image was created, you should already have thick stubble.

Hollywood Bretta: a fashion trend from the star capital

  • 12 January 2019
  • Kinds of beards

The beard at all times symbolized courage and strength. In every era, it was prestigious for men to wear a beard, only the style and form changed.

The Hollywood beard is an unshaven near the lips that blends seamlessly with the unshaven in the lower jaw. The rest of the chin should be shaved smoothly.

What is a Hollywood beard and how to make it

A beautiful, well-groomed beard today is a symbol of a confident and self-conscious man. A popular haircut option is a Hollywood beard, it does not require long growth, it is easy to look after it and it fits any style of clothing.

Bretta has become an integral attribute of many overseas stars.

What does a Hollywood beard look like?

Hollywood or Brett's beard got its name because of its popularity with film actors in the 30s of the twentieth century.

She emphasized the masculinity of the main characters in films about gangsters, cowboys and police. Gradually, such heroes disappeared from television screens, they were replaced by smooth-shaven faces.

The beard received a new round of popularity after 2016, when many media personalities acquired it.

The Hollywood beard could be seen back in the 30s of the last century. It was usually worn by actors who played real tough guys

This model is distinguished by naturalness: a short beard and mustache are connected by jumpers on the sides of the mouth and turn into sideburns, growing from the temples down.

With its help, an image of a “real man” is created - with a heavy and wide lower jaw and dense facial hair. A wide mustache flanks the lips, the vegetation on the chin emphasizes or hides it and connects with the hair on the head.

A classic Brett is obtained under the following conditions:

  • The upper border is a clear, even line with a smooth transition from sideburns down. Hair covers the lower third of the face. Depending on the type of hair and the shape of the face, it can be wider or narrower, but should not cover more than half of the cheek.
  • Lower border - the hair completely covers the lower jaw and upper neck, not reaching an Adam's apple 2-2.5 cm. The lower line requires special attention, since too high will spoil the impression, giving the person too intense and unnatural appearance. And if the border drops to the middle of the neck or lower, the image will turn out to be too messy and unkempt.
  • The length varies - someone chooses a long mustache and beard, while someone leaves 3-5 mm of length.

The option without a sideburn is popular, the cheeks and whiskey are smoothly shaved, in this option the haircut looks well-groomed and stylish. In the classic version, it is also important to monitor the cleanliness of the remaining parts of the face and neck, the growing bristles will completely ruin the impression of the image.

What does it look like?

A Hollywood beard is located around the lips and along the lower jaw, which are interconnected.

If you grow hair on your cheeks or make whiskers, then the effect will be completely different. This beard should not be long, otherwise it will lose its appearance. The photo shows what a Hollywood beard looks like.

Beard Story

Hollywood beard is a fashion trend to decorate a man’s appearance. However, this type of beard has existed for a long time, and it was very popular with many stars.

This beard was worn by actors in the 30s. The beard made the man more courageous and attractive. Brett helped create a new image of the actor.

After a while, this beard ceased to be popular, as other haircuts became fashionable. Everything changed in 2016. At this time, many stars again began to cut their Hollywood beard. Thanks to this, the beard again returned to the top of popularity.

How to grow?

To grow a beard you need patience. You can not shave facial hair for several weeks. This is a prerequisite, otherwise your beard will be of different lengths.

If your hair grows slowly, then you can buy vitamins or dietary supplements. Proper nutrition will accelerate hair growth. If you notice that you have sparse hair, shave them and try to grow a beard again.

Hollywood Beard Haircut

To make a beautiful beard yourself, you need to watch a video on how to make a Brett. It is important to stock up with such tools:

  1. Mirror,
  2. Trimmer,
  3. Machine,
  4. Shaving foam
  5. Beard shampoo,
  6. Special comb
  7. Sharp scissors.

Wash your face and beard, then comb your hair. If you have stiff hair, then wash it with hot water. Using the machine, outline the borders of the beard and remove unwanted hair. To shave your hair better, use shaving foam. If you doubt your strength, buy a beard template.

In the end, you need to shape the brett with scissors or a trimmer. Remove excess or protruding hairs and create a mustache shape if you have any.

Will it fit

Brett is not for everyone, much depends on the shape of the face and the quality of the hair itself. Very well, the beard smoothes out the imperfections of a triangular or rectangular face. On a round face, she often looks comical, because it rounds him even more. Oval type of face - a winner for any style!

Bretta well conceals the flaws of a narrow or small chin - it expands and gives solidity to the lower part of the face.

When determining the length of a beard, build on growth. Short men should not grow long - this will make them look like a dwarf.

A Hollywood beard will help to correct facial features - to emphasize the eyes or lips, to hide the chin. But the main thing, for which many stars love her, is the ability to give a man mystery, solidity, appearance, masculinity. The popularity of the beard is simply explained - every man wants to be a real hero and emphasize this in his appearance, and every woman wants to be next to such a man.

Hollywood beard (Brett) - what is it, how to make a haircut

Brett's Hollywood beard became famous thanks to popular American actors. After them, men around the world sought to follow this trend, which gradually turned into a classic.

It is well suited for both young and representatives of a more respectable age.

At the same time, hair color is completely unimportant, Bretta looks great on brunettes, brown-haired women and blondes.

How it looks (photo)

Brett's beard is a bristle that runs along the lower jaw and connects with the vegetation above the upper lip. In this case, the rest of the face should remain smooth.

The lower border of the beard is located at a distance of two, or two and a half centimeters above the Adam's apple. Some options with regrowing whiskers are possible. But whiskers rarely go well together.

It is worth considering the moment that this view creates the effect of a heavy / massive jaw, so if you shave the lower border too high, your face will look tense.

What type of face is suitable?

The beard is not suitable for every type of face. The deciding factors here are the shape of the skull and the structure of the hair.

Important! The most suitable face shape is rectangular and triangular, in some cases suitable for an oval face. And it is not suitable for owners of a round face, so this type of beard makes the face rounder.

  • Hair color in this case does not play a role, but since blondes do not grow hair as well as brunettes, it is more difficult for them to grow a good beard.
  • How to choose a beard according to the shape of the face is described in the video:

Hollywood stars

Many stars prefer this trend, which they willingly adopted from their screen images.

Actors such as Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney can be called special adherents of the Brett beard. They wear Bretta constantly in everyday life, and it is part of their style.

The beard created a unique image for many actors:

  • She enlarged her chin to Jack Gyllenhaal and made her face wider, recreating a very interesting and harmonious image.
  • For Rain Reynolds, a beard lengthened his face, emphasized his eyes, and rounded a pointed chin.
  • Rain Gosling has an oval face shape and fits the classic Hollywood beard.
  • In the case of Justin Timberleik, Brett helped to balance large facial features, and even smooth them out by hiding a massive chin.

How to make at home?

Before you do the Bretta yourself, it is recommended to consult with a stylist to find out how best to perform it, to hide flaws and make your face more attractive.

You can use a computer program to try on different options, and choose the most suitable.

First you need to grow a beardtherefore it cannot be shaved for several weeks so that the length is the same. If the beard grows sparse, then you need to shave it, and then try to grow it again. If you shave your beard more often, then it will not grow faster. Growth rate is an individual feature of each organism.

Vitamins and biological supplements will help to accelerate hair growth. Best suited for this are magnesium, B vitamins, biotin and fish oil.

Testosterone plays a large role, therefore it is recommended to eat more nuts, spinach and broccoli.

The following tools must be prepared for the procedure:

  • machine,
  • trimmer,
  • shaving foam,
  • mirror,
  • scissors,
  • special comb
  • shampoo for beard.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to watch a video on a designated topic. You can also buy a beard template to simplify the task.

The procedure can be divided into three stages.


It is necessary to examine the face and determine the places where the upper and lower borders will pass. To make your hair obedient, you need to wet it, then it will be easier to cut.

Next, you need to carefully remove the excess water with a towel, and then comb the hair so that it lies in the direction of growth. If the hair is naughty, it is recommended to soften it with a fat cream or make a hot compress.

Border design

  1. You need to use a brush to apply soap foam on the face to improve the razor's glide.
  2. Next, you should carefully outline the boundaries, first on the cheeks, and then on the neck.
  3. When shaving on the cheeks, you need to approach with special care, and try to do everything symmetrically, the border is shaved in two or three centimeters under the cheekbones. The trimmer will be able to simplify the task.


Before the procedure, you need to determine the shape and length. There can be many variations of the beard and here the shape of the beard and chin plays a decisive role.

Important! In the classic version, the length of the brette is from three to five millimeters.

Scissors will help to adjust the density of the hair, as well as trim the edges of the beard. Then you can give a general shape using a trimmer and scissors. In the end, you need to remove the sticking hair, and then give the shape of a mustache.

How to make a Hollywood beard at home is described in the video:

Care Tips

In caring for a beard, blondes are more fortunate than brunettes, since they have soft hair, they are less noticeable and they do not need to adjust so often. Brunettes need to take more care of their beard, and monitor its growth.

You should not wash your beard with shampoo every day, it is recommended to simply rinse with clean water. It is worth choosing a special shampoo and conditioner, and use several times a week.

Reference! Experts advise combing the beard as often as possible in order to properly direct hair growth.

It is necessary to refrain from using the hair dryer when drying, so as not to damage the skin.

If the beard is not very thick and you need to add volume, then when it is wet you need to comb it in the opposite direction from hair growth:

  • Do not use a towel, wait until it dries naturally.
  • Then you need to comb in the direction of hair growth and give shape.
  • It is recommended to use a scallop, which has a large distance between the teeth.
  1. At first, the beard will cause itching, but this is only a temporary phenomenon.
  2. In addition to all this, it is necessary to observe the daily regimen, eat properly and get enough sleep, lack of sleep slows down hair growth.
  3. Oils and wax will help to lay down a beard and give the desired shape.
  4. In the video, the barber tells how to properly care for the beard:

Bretta is a classic for all time. She not only decorates her face and makes a courageous appearance, but also hides many shortcomings well.

A Hollywood beard will help you stand out from the crowd and declare your status.

How to make a beard

They make a Hollywood beard in the salon or on their own, but to get it you need preliminary preparation.

For one and a half months, facial hair should grow as she wants.

How to make a Hollywood beard:

  • Prepare face
  • Grow for 1-1.5 months
  • Form a haircut yourself or with the help of a wizard.

General tips

When cutting, you need to keep your head straight, do not pull it into your shoulders and do not tilt it to the sides or forward. This will help to avoid distortions in the haircut and make the lines more even and symmetrical.

If there is no experience in cutting a beard, it is better to cut the hair gradually, starting with the longest trimmer length and gradually reducing it. When using a trimmer with a minimum length, you can shorten your hair too much or make bald spots on your skin.

For a haircut, you need to choose the right tools. It depends on their quality how quickly and accurately it will be possible to complete a haircut and how a beard will look. You can make a neat haircut with the machine under the nozzle, but this requires experience and the ability to immediately cut “clean”.

When choosing a trimmer, preference should be given to models with several nozzles of different lengths. Even for trimming a beard of the same length, several nozzles are needed - for a beard, mustache, trimming borders and so on. Trimmers with a single blade length can be used to trim an already finished beard, trimmed in the cabin, but with their help you can not make a full haircut.

For haircuts, special hairdressing scissors are needed - tailor's or stationery's will not work. Scissors should be sharp, clean and well oiled.

Is it hard to keep track of the beard

To make a Hollywood beard look stylish and neat, you need to look after it. Care depends on the color and thickness of the hair. Light and thin are less noticeable against the background of the skin, they do not stand out and such a beard can be less evened and its length adjusted. Dark and thick hair looks more courageously and brutally, but requires constant care.

Caring for the Bretta may seem difficult, but paying enough attention to it

  • Every 5-7 days to cut a beard and mustache - during this time the hair grows by 2-3 mm. Using a trimmer or scissors, it is necessary to “flatten” the beard, preventing it from becoming too long and thick.
  • Every day or every 2 days to smooth the borders - the bristles below and above the hairline should be controlled. Even a short bristle will make the image sloppy and untidy.
  • Wash at least every morning and every evening - do not use soap or shampoo. They can greatly dry the face and hair, it is better to buy a gel for washing or a special tool with a neutral pH.
  • In the morning and during the day, comb - if the length is more than 3-5 mm, this must be done several times a day. Then the hair will look more well-groomed and grow better.
  • Use special care products - use wax or special oil to lay it. A few drops of oil applied to the hair, provide nutrition to the bulbs, relieve dandruff and dry skin. The amount of oil depends on the length and density of the hair - they should not look greasy and glossy. Wax is used to style your hair in one direction and align the line.

Caring for the bretta may seem difficult, but paying enough attention to it - combing, removing excess hair and trimming once a week and the beard will look great.

If there is no desire to care for the Bretta yourself, it is enough to visit the salon once every two weeks and shave off excess hair as it grows.

Brett requires men to be especially careful when eating - they are easily stuck in pieces of food or drops.

Celebrities with Brett

Hollywood beard remains a fashion trend for many celebrities. Someone “transfers” it from the screens of cinema to real life, while for others it helps to correct facial features or emphasize their masculinity and originality. Note the most popular styles of "wearing" such beards.

Hugh Jackman - one of the lucky "owners" of Bretta

  1. Among the happy "owners" of the Bretta are Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Jude Law and many others.
  2. Ryan Reynolds a beard helped mask a pointed chin, and emphasize the upper part of the face.
  3. Justin Timberlake with the help of Bretta, on the contrary, he hid the heavy lower part of the face, making it softer and more romantic.
  4. Jude Law with its help, he completely changed his image - from a romantic hero into a self-confident, charismatic man.

A Hollywood beard is a great way to change the look, emphasize or hide your chin and give yourself a personality.

Hollywood beard - a trend that stands out from the masses

A Hollywood beard or Brett has become the hallmark of many American celebrities, which has made it so popular among fashion-conscious men. Moreover, this beard style emphasizes masculinity, distinguishes guys from the crowd and creates a memorable image.

A bit of history

Bretta has been known for decades. Many elegant gentlemen in photographs of the XIX century flaunt a beard that resembles a Hollywood one. The popularity was brought to her by movie stars - mafiosi and bandits in films of the 30s. wore such a beard.

She became a symbol of the rebel hero, a tough guy with whom to be on the lookout. Over time, Bretta lost relevance, giving way to new trends. But a few years ago, she again became popular among actors playing brutal guys.

That is why Bretta is so attractive, her stellar charm captivates everyone with originality and courage.

How to grow a bretta?

First you need to find out if such a model is suitable for you. This can be done using a computer program. If the result of the virtual fitting suits you, try growing at least a small stubble. This will show you how lush, thick and beautiful your beard will be.

The Hollywood beard grows naturally, you do not need to fringe and trim it the first time. The preparatory period, during which it becomes clear whether it is possible to make this model, will take 3-4 weeks. The main thing is not to lose patience and wait out the possible itching, which often causes stubble growth.

The growth rate is an individual feature, but it can be influenced from the outside:

  • take vitamins - magnesium, B vitamins, fish oil, biotin,
  • eat right - increase your testosterone levels with spinach, broccoli, nuts, olive oil,
  • stimulate the skin - regular combing of overgrown bristles will have a good effect on hair growth,
  • lead a healthy lifestyle - an eight-hour sleep and sports can also accelerate the growth of a beard,
  • use beard oil - evenly distribute a few drops of the product on the surface of the beard, so you will help its growth and eliminate the possibility of dandruff,
  • buy wax - it will style your hair in the right direction, shape, it will also protect you from the negative effects of the environment.

Following the above tips, in a month you can enjoy your own beard.

How to make a Hollywood beard?

To cut the bretta you will need:

  • razor,
  • scissors,
  • trimmer,
  • shaving brush
  • shaving foam,
  • After Shave Cream,
  • hot towel for a compress.

Examine the face to determine the upper and lower border of the beard. Moisten your hair to make it more obedient and easier to cut. Then pat the skin with a towel, comb the hair so that it lies along the growth. Soften naughty vegetation with fat cream.

Also, a hot compress will help owners of hard hair, which stimulates the flow of blood to the follicles. Make out the borders, apply soap foam on the face with a brush (so it will be easier to slide the razor). Carefully shape the borders of the Bretta on the neck and cheeks.

As for the latter, on them the border passes 2-3 cm above the cheekbones. Make sure the lines are even and symmetrical on both sides. The trimmer will help in this matter.

Wash off the soap suds from the face, apply aftershave and apply a hot compress that will soothe the skin and prepare the beard for a haircut.

Now it remains only to give a beautiful shape. Decide in advance the shape and length of the brett, which may have different versions. The hair length of a classic Hollywood beard is 3-5 mm. Thickness varies with scissors. Carefully trim the edges, give a general shape.

What are men silent about? secrets of male beauty are revealed

Market research shows that 15% of regular customers of beauty salons are men. Therefore, modern beauty salons are not limited to a gentleman's set - haircuts and shaving, but develop special programs, offer a number of procedures for men.


Face care for men has many of its features. This is a special cosmetics, massage technique for a male type of face, the creation of psychological comfort for a man during cosmetic procedures.

Face cleaning certainly useful to everyone. There are many different types: mechanical, chemical, hardware, ultrasound. This is one of the most popular procedures for both women and men.

“Do you have a beard? YES!"

Today, unshaven and beard have become a symbol of brutality in men. Facial hair at the height of fashion. In this regard, the service is gaining more and more popularity. face alignment. Beauty salons have acquired catalogs in which dozens of different styles, types and shapes of beards are presented for every taste.

Here are the most popular ones:

Russian beard or full. Bristles cover the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip.

Brett or Hollywood beard. The main feature and difference is that the beard covers the chin and lower jaw and smoothly turns into sideburns.

Goatee. Its more popular name, but less harmonious is a goatee. It is a vegetation around the mouth and a long tuft of hair on the chin. In 2016, a shortened version of this beard is in fashion.

Chinstrap - literally translated “chin strap”. A thin border of hair that surrounds the face from one temple to another.

Anchor. The name speaks for itself: a small beard in the shape of an anchor plus a thin mustache, separated by a strip in the middle. One of the varieties of the Tony Stark style anchor is a beard, like the hero of the movie Iron Man.

The return of signs of youth

Wrinkle treatment. Scars may beautify a man, but not wrinkles — they do not stain anyone. Aesthetic medicine has long ceased to be an exclusively female privilege.

Modern men also want to look young and attractive, and are increasingly turning to the services of cosmetologists. The most popular procedure in representatives of the strong half of humanity is Botox injections into the forehead.

You can do the procedure in the evening, and the next day feel free to go to work - there will be no consequences in the form of edema, traces of injections and hematomas.

Thick hair

Mesotherapy of the scalp It is a safe, simple and economical option for hair restoration without transplantation. This is an injection complex of vitamins that promote hair regrowth. This procedure is carried out every 5-7 days. The course includes 10-12 procedures that must be performed once a month to maintain the effect.

  • Also, hair tinting is popular among men - getting rid of gray hair.
  • Shave or not to shave?

Hair removal experts agree that shaving is not the best solution. Short-term result, irritation, coarsening of hair. Much more effective is wax or photo hair removal.

The skin and hairline in men and women are certainly different. Therefore, high-quality male waxing It’s quite difficult, especially since it’s hard to find special tools for this on your own. It’s good that there are enough masters who can easily solve this problem.

The procedure of waxing is quite simple and inexpensive, but painful. And, as we know, the stronger sex does not like to endure pain. A great alternative to wax - photoepilation. This is a more expensive procedure, performed in several sessions, but it is painless and the effect lasts for several months.

On what parts of the body do men prefer to remove unwanted vegetation? First of all, the back, chest and stomach. Increasingly, intimate hair removal or haircut is in demand.

Slender like Apollo

Ultrasound liposuction - This is a fairly expensive procedure, but it can be used to remove fat deposits on the stomach, hips, buttocks and back. The duration of exposure to one zone with a special nozzle is 1.5–2 hours.

The procedure does not injure the tissue, therefore it is safe. The effect of non-surgical liposuction is noticeable after the first session and increases in the next few days. The course consists of 3-4 procedures that are repeated at intervals of about once a month.

Stress is a beauty killer

Anti stress therapy - Special complex therapy, including massage, various masks, relaxation treatments for face and body.

Antistress therapy consists in identifying and relieving muscle tension, freeing the brain from “heavy thoughts”, eliminating mental stress and irritation.

In fact, it is a deep relaxation through specially selected massage techniques, wraps.

Business care

Some salons offer this service. It is intended, for example, to prepare a client for a business meeting and important negotiations. As part of such a service, they offer the same anti-stress massage and image procedures aimed at improving the visual beauty of the client.

The main thing to remember is that you need to be responsive to your beauty and health. Therefore, before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, consult an expert, there may be any contraindications.

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