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Is it fashionable to wear a goatee today?

Despite the fact that the phrase goatee is heard by many people with a laugh. However, such a men's accessory not only adds originality to the image, but is also an integral part of the star style.

A smooth-shaven man is a rarity today, and if he wants to add a touch of exotic mystery to his style, then this kind of beard will be the best choice. Having studied all the information below, it will not be difficult to understand the intricacies of a goatee cut, the process of its growth and the necessary tools.

What does it look like?

The bulk of the hair on the face of men, with the formation of a goatee, is concentrated under the lower lip and in the center of the chin. They are limited on the sides by vertical lines, which can be rounded and the border on the chin. The neck in this case can also be covered with hair or be shaved smoothly. Moreover, their length varies from short to rather long. The shape is reminiscent of the English letter U. How men look with such a facial appearance of vegetation can be seen in the photo below.

In the classic version, a goat beard is worn without a mustache, but over time, men began to combine it with a mustache, the main condition is that they combine with a beard along the length of the hair.

I have a beard

Recently, almost all men fell ill with an obsession to grow a beard. Why is having a beard so fashionable? Most likely, even those men who have already acquired hair on their faces will not give an answer to this question. It's all about inheritance or trends. The fact remains that a man with a beard is more popular among women, even Russian pop singer Timati in his new single states: “I have a beard and you will say yes.” Due to the fact that there are many varieties of beard, today there are about 42 species, a man just needs to make a choice. Goatee is considered popular. What does she look like, what kind of masculine style suits her, and how to cut her properly we will talk further.

What is a goatee?

Almost all men can grow vegetation on the chin. Each person at least once in his life tried to change his appearance with the help of a beard. She completely transforms some, and absolutely does not go to others. In any case, facial hair attracts the attention of surrounding people in general and the fair sex in particular.

A goat beard is most often formed in young men. Their hairs grow mostly only on the chin. Therefore, they do not have to align their hair on the sides, making an even contour. Guys at this age do not need to make special efforts to give the desired shape.

The goatee is a long vegetation that has grown exclusively in the area of ​​the chin. At the same time, the rest of the face remains smoothly shaved. Usually, the hair located under the lower lip grows in a U-shape.


The goatee is sometimes called the goatee, as it is directly related to Spain. The soldiers of this state in the 15th century wore a similar form of vegetation. They shaved their faces smoothly, except for the area around the lips. Around the 16th century, European officials began to wear such a beard. Later, she began to identify with status in human society.

This kind of beard was very fond of wearing the historically famous king Henry IV.

Since then, it is still popular among many shavers. Of course, after how many centuries, the appearance of the hairstyle has undergone some changes, but the basic principle has remained unchanged.

There is another interesting historical version, according to which the name comes from the so-called goat chin - a long fur bunch. For example, with this kind of beard, the Greek deity Pan, who was a goat man, is depicted.

Pan is a symbol of natural nature and the god of shepherds. At the time of the adoption of Christianity, this beard was stopped for a long period, since it was associated with the main unclean.

Who is it for?

We can say that this kind of beard is suitable for any face shape and any physique, it is universal. It all depends on the personal preferences of the man.

The smooth round shape of the goatee allows you to adjust the shape of the round face, pulling it to a perfect oval shape.

Also, this type of beard allows you to correct the obvious flaws in appearance. If a man has a sharp, beveled or slightly expressed form of the chin, it can be easily corrected with a goatee. She visually stretches a round face, which takes on aristocratic features and makes the sharp chin of a triangular face heavier, adding masculinity to the overall image.

It should be borne in mind that men of any age who decide to grow a goatee, acquire the appearance of a womanizer or even villains, which in real life may not be. This image is very popular with the bulk of the stronger sex, so many people prefer this form of beard. However, a man should determine in advance both the length of the hairline and its shape, so that the final result does not cheapen the image and does not make it too pretentious or funny.

Who should goat beard fit

Goatbeard in ancient times was considered part of the demon style, a little later its presence was characteristic of villains, and today movie stars are trying to grow it. The most striking example is Joni Dep. In fact, a goat beard is the hair under the lower lip that is bounded on the sides by vertical borders (sometimes rounded) and the border that goes along the chin. This view resembles the English letter U.

Most often, a goatee is suitable for all men, regardless of face shape. But, it is recommended to wear it for men with a round oval, because it visually lengthens the face and in this way an almost perfect oval shape is achieved. It is very important, before you begin to grow any of the existing types of hairline in the lower part of the face, in advance to find out which form is more suitable for a man. This will save him from pretentiousness and tasteless appearance.

Who is the goatee suitable for?

This species has existed for several centuries. The model does not cease to be popular among men of different ages and social status. Today, a goatee in men was seen on such faces of famous actors as:

  • Brad Pitt,
  • Johnny Depp,
  • Robert Pattison.

A few centuries ago, it was a goatee that was considered the hallmark of magicians and wizards, who not only enjoyed great popularity among citizens, but also had a significant word in society.

Today, the vegetation in the area of ​​the beard is considered a stylish accessory of the modern world. She attracts the attention of young people. A goat beard in combination with sideburns and a mustache is able to win the heart of almost any woman.

Peak of popularity

On the territory of the Russian state, the goat beard among men began to be popular at the beginning of the 20th century. An ardent supporter of this fashion was Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Throughout the century, such a design of vegetation changes in waves. In the 20-30 years, men preferred to shave their faces clean.

Since the 40s of the last century, jazz musicians began to wear a goatee. Most of all, the protest began to develop in the 60s, and in the 70s, men more often preferred to wear a mustache. In the 80s, sloppy stubble became the peak of popularity. And in the 90s the goatee was made more elegant, leaving only vegetation under the lip.

  1. The classic version.

Most often made in the form of a small wedge located in the lower part of the beard. Basically, in this embodiment, the bristles should be only on the chin. If a man wants, then you can also wear a mustache. The end of the beard should resemble a rounded wedge-shaped islet. Vandeikovsky option.

The name got its name in honor of the famous painter. With this type of hairstyle, mustache must be worn in the form of a thin strip. They should not intersect with other vegetation on the face of a man. The goatee is perched on the chin with a neat little wedge. Circular or semicircular option.

Adhering to this option, a small shaved triangle is left on the beard - the “lonely islet”, which merges smoothly with the mustache. In this way, the rounded contour is interpreted.

How to grow?

At the initial stage, you need to put your razor away and just grow facial hair until the length reaches its optimal size. This will require from one and a half to two months.

It should be borne in mind that the hairline must be thick and uniform, otherwise the beard will look ridiculous. It is advisable to lubricate the hair and the beard itself with burdock or castor oil, and you will see how their growth is activated.

It is recommended to be patient and before you grow the necessary length of hair, you should prepare for the fact that the first weeks of growth of the bristles will itch and prick the skin strongly, while the appearance will be far from ideal. You just need to endure this time, so that in the future the length of the hairline can provide the formation of a neat goatee with precise borders without bald spots.

What tools to use for haircuts?

To cut and care for the goatee yourself, you need to purchase the following tools and materials:

  • hairdressing scissors with smooth sharp canvases. This is the most important accessory that is used to align the shape of the future beard,
  • a scallop with thin teeth, which will allow you to align the tangled hair so that it is trimmed gently,
  • sharp razor, for a clean shave of the cheeks and neck,
  • a trimmer with several nozzles that will allow you to create a clear contour of the beard,
  • shaving gel and aftershave lotion with a calming effect.

How to do: step by step instructions

When the facial hair has reached the required level, you can begin to design a beard. Before you take the first steps, you need to comb all the hair well so that the haircut as a result is neat and symmetrical.

When the hairline is leveled, you can already determine the contour of the future beard and outline it, and then proceed to remove excess hair.

Trim hair with scissors. During the haircut, the hair is pulled by a comb and the scissors are kept on weight. The direction of the haircut is strictly from the bottom up, otherwise you can create an irregular shape, which will be very difficult to fix.

Hair is taken in small strands, each time checking the correct shape. A trimmer is used to ensure even edges and sharp lines. To create a clear border under the lip (which is very important), a trimmer with a clear nozzle is used, and to smoothly shave your neck and cheeks, it is recommended to use a safety razor.

Care Features

After you managed to achieve the ideal shape of a goatee, it is worthwhile to understand that it needs constant care. It is necessary to regularly trim the broken hairs so that the shape of the beard does not get a blurry look.

In the morning and in the evening, you just need to comb your beard, and the most accurate men carry a comb with them and do this all day long. It is necessary to comb the hair from top to bottom so that the lines of the beard are even.

Do not forget that you need to wash with detergents, not only the hair on the head, but also on the face. This procedure is carried out at least once a week, and in the morning and evening it is enough to simply wash the beard under running water and squeeze it well.

For care, it is recommended to use only high-quality shampoos, gels and balms with natural ingredients to prevent hair loss and thinning.

Mustache and Goat Beard

Goat's mustache and beard go well together. This option will add brutality to the image. At the same time, around the nose and upper lip, the hairline is left and neatly trimmed so that the hair does not hang over the lip with bristles and does not resemble a walrus mustache.

In this case, only the area of ​​the cheeks and neck is shaved smoothly. Such an image has been used for many years by the famous actor Johnny Depp and one cannot argue with the fact that he looks spectacular and attracts the female gender.

Every man dreams of the attention of women and this is a fact! A neat goatee with and without a mustache will become an integral accessory for creating the image of a womanizer and a conqueror of female hearts. It is important to constantly look after her and monitor the evenness of the lines, otherwise even the most spectacular form will lose its appearance and make the image sloppy or even groomed. It is important to love yourself and take time to maintain the goatee in the required form. Only in this case female attention will be provided!

Goatee: description and history

Unfortunately, due to the similarities with the beard of satyrs, Mephistopheles and some other demonic characters, associations with the goatee are still not the most positive.

And now in cinema, villainous characters often flaunt just such a beard, which decorates and repels at the same time.

Of course, it is foolish to consider all goatee owners to be bad guys, but, nevertheless, this is a completely working option to give a soft masculine appearance a little brutality, shocking and even some mysticism.

Without a doubt, the surrounding ladies will immediately appreciate the advantageously tinted facial features, and a modest guy who is not in great demand with the help of a goatee can become a real smoothie.

I must say that the goatee has been in fashion at all times: from antiquity to the present day. She was especially popular among noble men in the Middle Ages - many paintings, portraits and drawings have still been preserved, where the nobles and dignitaries of Spain, Portugal and other countries are depicted with such a beard.

And remember the same musketeers who lived in France - they also flaunted just goatee beards. In Russia, a similar version of the design of vegetation on the male face appeared later - in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Bright domestic "carrier" of a goatee beard - Felix Dzerzhinsky.

How to grow a beard?

The main rule, if you decide to grow a goat beard - you should abandon the razor. It may sound strange, how can you make the right shape without a machine? The answer is simple, first you need to grow hair. Goat beard is a species that has been growing for more than one week. Therefore, for starters, wait until the hair grows to the size you need. After that, you need to start shaving three areas of the face: above the upper lip, cheeks and neck. In the future, in order for the form to remain ideal, it will need to be aligned using small scissors. There is a goat beard with a mustache, and if you chose this particular look, then you need to shave only two areas, namely: cheeks and neck. Do not rush, give your hair the opportunity to grow to the right size, and then you will look as attractive and at the same time brutal as Johnny Dep.

Star pick

From the modern world it is:

  • Boris Grebenshchikov
  • Mel Gibson
  • Dima Bilan
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • This style does not require special care.

    This is the perfect way to wear a beard that fits almost all face types.

    Among modern men, one can see various wearing options, for example, a goatee without a mustache or seamlessly combined with a thin thread of vegetation above the upper lip. Also interesting is the option of combining with whiskers.

    How to grow?

    An important step towards the growth of a goatee is a complete rejection of shaving the face. The advantage of this model is that the man does not bother to worry about creating the correct form. The main thing is to timely cut or completely remove the overgrown bristles, so that the image is preserved and was especially attractive.

    The process of growing a goat beard is far from a quick task. This usually takes several weeks, during which the man must gather all his will into a fist, as well as have patience.

    there is some simple tipsthat will help the young man quickly become the owner of an interesting and popular beard. These include:

    1. Full deep sleep. It should last at least 8 hours. This will allow you to replenish the supply of energy spent per day.
    2. Proper nutrition. With food, beneficial substances and vitamins get into the body, which help all internal organs and systems to work properly. The right diet should include:
      • fruit,
      • vegetables,
      • nuts
      • various seeds.
    3. Complete care and personal hygiene.
    4. Once and for all give up bad habits. If a man wants to acquire a beautiful and modern goatee, he must completely abandon all bad habits. They noticeably distance him from the intended goal, and also negatively affect overall health.

    The goatee grows quickly if the man follows these simple recommendations. Due to this, you can also make the hair on the head more thick and healthy.

    How to grow from scratch

    How to grow a goatee? In order to realize the chosen image, you should prepare your own face in a certain way.

    1. You need to be patient, because it takes at least two months to grow a beard from scratch. Each person has this process differently, because he is affected by a whole set of factors that are individual in nature (from genetics to hormonal levels).
    2. During regrowth, the bristles will certainly cause inconvenience: first, it will begin to prick, after the appearance will become unkempt. These changes will be especially noticeable for a person who walked smoothly shaved all the time. The first experiment is best done by growing to 5 cm of vegetation, if it is convenient, you can choose longer options.
    3. Hair should be washed regularly, kept clean all the time. They will become thicker and longer daily, so you should accustom yourself to the thought of the daily inevitability of such a departure.
    4. After washing, the vegetation must be treated with special emollient balms. They will make the hairs silky, shiny, help them to docilely lie on the surface of the face.
    5. The neck and cheeks should be maintained smoothly shaved, this style implies their freedom from vegetation.

    We do not need a beauty salon

    It's no secret to visit beauty salons is expensive, and men do not have too much time today. What to do in this case? You need to learn how to shape a beard yourself. To do this, first of all, you need a comb. Goat beard is a look that needs to be combed before cutting, then it will be easier for a man to see extra hair that needs to be cut. During the haircut, the skin of the lower part of the face does not need to be pulled, and the comb should be used more often to better see the extra hairs. There are several rules on how to properly monitor your beard at home:

    • you need to cut the beard in the direction from the neck to the chin, then the maximum hair length will remain at the edge of the beard,
    • you need to constantly comb your hair while cutting,
    • hair must be combed forward
    • you need to cut a little, it’s better to spend more time on it than then get nervous that you cut too much,
    • Use a trimmer to shape and shape the edge line.

    Folk recipes

    All the vegetation on the body requires proper and timely care. Best of all, folk recipes cope with this task. They have been known to mankind for a long time and during this time they have been able to establish themselves exclusively on the positive side.

    The most effective natural remedies can be easily prepared on your own at home. This will not take much effort and time, and the result achieved will be delayed for a long time. If the ingredients are not enough, then they can be easily purchased at any store or pharmacy, depending on what is required in the recipe.

    Instruction manual

    1. Stop shaving. Wait for the growth of the bristles of the required length, which makes it possible to simulate the growth of vegetation.
    2. Choose one of the forms of a goatee, look in the newfangled magazines for various options. There are special programs on the Internet where you can add your photo and simulate a new image.
    3. For slow, uneven, meager hair growth, use burdock or castor oil. The beard is treated with a liquid overnight. The mixture will enhance the growth of vegetation, heal the hair as a whole, and also strengthen the bulbs.
    4. Shave hair on the cheeks and neck.
    5. As the hair grows back, make adjustments with scissors to give the desired shape. Do a haircut only with a well-sharpened tool, so the beard will look neat.

    This type of facial hair is interesting not only for adult men, but also for the younger generation.

    Although this option is inappropriate in young men, since the goatee in adolescents can be of inferior form.

    Hair will fully grow as the body grows older.

    Step-by-step instruction

    How to make a goatee in stages?

    1. Comb the vegetation.
    2. Visualize the contours of the future beard, identify those islets of bristles that require removal.
    3. Holding the scissors in weight, comb the hairs forward.
    4. Cut the vegetation from the bottom up (the reverse order of the haircut will cause the creation of an incorrect silhouette, which will lead to permanent tangling of the hairs).
    5. Move from the neck to the chin, leave the maximum length at the edges.
    6. To cut off the hairs that stick out around the edges, so you can easily create the desired correct silhouette.
    7. Work without haste, act very carefully. During operation, periodically stop and evaluate the symmetry, the correctness of the effect.
    8. For a clear and even edge, use a special trimmer with a suitable nozzle.
    9. To outline the borders under the lower lip, also use a trimmer.
    10. To completely shave the cheeks and neck, use a mini trimmer that removes hairs from the nostrils, or a machine with sharp high-quality blades.

    Proper care

    Goatee, like any other species, requires careful care. We hope that you do not need to once again stipulate the need for constant hair washing. You need to wash twice a day: morning and evening, while squeezing as much excess moisture as possible. As in the situation with hair on the head, they require the application of protective lotions and aftershave for shaved areas of the skin. To create the correct shape, you need three mandatory devices: scissors, a razor and a trimmer. And so that the hair is not oily, you need to use high-quality oils for the face and hair.

    Yeast mask

    To prepare a cosmetic product you will need:

    The process of creating a mask involves the sequential execution of the following actions:

    1. Take 1 tablespoon of yeast and pour it with warm milk or kefir.
    2. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar to the mixture. If desired, it can be replaced with honey.
    3. Everything is thoroughly mixed and applied to the area of ​​the skin where the goatee is boring to grow.
    4. After that, everything is wrapped in a towel and left for 30 minutes.

    If desired, the mask on the face can be kept for an hour. When rubbing, the means of movement of the hands should be smooth and soft, without sharp and strong pressures. To achieve the desired result faster, it is recommended to apply the mask every day for one month.

    Face preparation

    The general process of growing a goatee has been considered above, now we will proceed to a more detailed instruction.

    1. It is important to understand that the process of growing a beard from "zero" to the desired length usually takes 1.5-2 months. Therefore, be patient. Indeed, at first, the bristles can greatly annoy their sloppy appearance and barb. The minimum option for the formation of vegetation is 5-7mm bristles.
    2. Like the hair on the head, the beard requires careful care. Wash it with shampoo every day, comb it with a frequent comb to make it look neat and tidy. For a beard, buy a separate comb. It is also useful in physiological terms, since when combing, a light massage of the chin area occurs.
    3. Be sure to shave off excess vegetation on the cheeks and in the neck.

    After washing, apply conditioner to soften vegetation. Hair will become soft, docile and silky.

    How to form from an existing beard

    You can create a similar style not only by growing a beard from the very beginning, but from existing facial hair. Special tools and a little patience will help to give them the desired shape.

    The registration process will go this way:

    • wash the hairs
    • dry and comb,
    • apply a shaving cream to the skin with a softening effect,
    • to remove excess vegetation on the cheeks, whiskers, with a razor,
    • leave 5 cm of bristles on each side of the mouth,
    • to shave the neck, taking care to remove everything on the bottom, sides, to the location of the adam apple,
    • if a decision is made to leave a mustache, they don’t touch,
    • wash, comb, dry your beard,
    • re-trim the neck to form the final chin frame,
    • leave a small neat island,
    • to give a pointed shape to the hair with scissors or a trimmer with a nozzle,
    • separate the mustache from the line of the beard, give them the desired shape,
    • use fixing gel or cosmetic wax to fix the results.

    Enviable groom

    There is an opinion that the goat beard is the choice of men whose life position is lavelas. Perhaps this is so, but maybe, for the constant attention of the female to her person, I need to say thanks to the beard? This, of course, is not exactly known, and that is why you need to try to get this look. Have your chin hairs still not grown? There is always a way out, firstly, you don’t need to be nervous, if your hair grows slowly, then you just have to wait a bit, and secondly, you can’t shave in any case, otherwise your dream, a beautiful beard, will never come true.

    Mask of their mustard

    A natural remedy will help to moisturize the skin as much as possible, which greatly overdries during the process of growing a beard. To prepare the mask you need to take 1 tablespoon of mustard powder, 1 teaspoon of sugar, egg yolk. Pour all 1 tablespoon of boiling water, mix and let cool slightly. The product is applied with gentle movements and left on the chin for 40 minutes. Apply the mask for 1 week.

    In the process of growing a goatee, special attention is paid to the quality of cosmetic preparations used for daily hygiene procedures. Shampoos, conditioners, serums and similar products may contain harmful components that will interfere with the correct and rapid growth of facial hair. It is better to choose natural cosmetics made on a yeast basis.

    If a man wants for a short time to become the owner of a stylish and temporary goatee, he must be able to properly and constantly look after her. Thanks to this, the hairs will not lose their shine and appearance.

    Formation from scratch

    For the correct formation is not necessary to visit the stylist. This process can be carried out independently. It is enough at home to have the necessary tools and fixtures.

    1. Before starting the procedure, carefully comb the beard vegetation with a frequent comb. So it will be more convenient to cut hair. Mark visually the exact contour of the beard shape, determine which hairs should be removed in order not to stick out on the sides.
    2. Make a haircut with perfectly honed scissors so that the shape of the beard looks neat.
    3. Scissors move from bottom to top. If you cut in the other direction, then an irregular shape can be modeled. Start the haircut from the cervical region and move to the center of the chin, where you leave the maximum allowable length of the beard.
    4. Comb your hair down.

    All work is carried out without haste with the capture of lateral hairs. During the haircut, follow the lines so that the shape of the beard turns out to be a correct oval.

    For a clearly defined edge, use a trimmer with a nozzle. It is also useful for drawing a line under the lower lip.

    From another form

    If a man up to this point wore a different form of beard, then from it it will be much faster to form a “goatee” (goat).

    1. Wash the hair on the beard thoroughly with shampoo, treat it with conditioner so that it does not bristle around. Take a frequent scallop.
    2. Lubricate the face with shaving cream. This is necessary to soften the vegetation, especially if it is hard.
    3. Clean your cheeks and whiskers. With the formation of a goatee, there should not be excess vegetation on the face.
    4. A strip of hair should bend around the line of the lips in a semicircle. A strip of up to 5 cm of vegetation runs along the lateral line of the mouth.
    5. Use a safety or electric razor to walk along the side and bottom of the neck, reaching all the way to the “Adam's apple”. If a non-classical goatee beard shape was chosen, then leave the vegetation above the line of the upper lip and leave scissors.
    6. The bottom of the beard should be slightly longer than all the vegetation. From the side, it should look like a small neat “blade”.
    7. To make the beard beautiful, treat it with gel or wax.

    It is most convenient to model a beard blade with a trimmer using a special nozzle.

    Haircutting tools

    What devices and tools are needed to carefully, quickly and easily independently cut a goatee.

    • The most important tool for this procedure is the usual hairdressing scissors. Choose a tool with sharp, well-sharpened blades. Make a razor to help make your cheek and neck area perfect.
    • A trimmer with special beard attachments is needed to create a clear outline. You will need a comb with frequent cloves.
    • Prepare shaving foam and a soothing lotion that comes in handy after the procedure.

    Follow-up care

    We learn how to care for a goatee, so that it remains neat, beautiful and stylish always.

    • Regularly need to trim the beard so that the hairs do not take a sloppy appearance.
    • Comb facial hair using a frequent comb or comb. The procedure must be carried out in the morning and in the evening, and especially men who monitor their image comb their beard throughout the day.

    Attention: when combing, the hairs must be directed from top to bottom so that the line of the beard remains flat. It is especially important to comply with this requirement when shaving again.

    The beard must be washed. Do this morning and evening using water. And a couple of times a week, you need to wash the vegetation with shampoo.

    After hygienic procedures, carefully squeeze out the beard, especially if it is long: this measure will help the hairs quickly take the necessary shape.

    It is not necessary to wipe the beard too actively after washing, as this often leads to split ends. As a result, the hair begins to look messy.

  • Use high-quality shampoos, foams, lotions, preferably with a content of natural plant components.
  • So, we examined the features of the formation of a goatee, and learned how to care for it. As you can see, this men's jewelry is truly a stylish and extravagant accessory.

    But it is important to understand that a goatee with a too long beard or equipped with a luxurious protruding mustache is more suitable for people of a creative warehouse: businessmen, officials and other people working in structures with a strict dress code can get only a short version of this outrageous beard.

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