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Fashion haircuts for boys 2019

Whatever century we live in, and children's hairstyles for boys will always be interesting to young and modern mothers who want to see their little son not only healthy and well-groomed, but also a stylish kid.

You must admit that a beautiful haircut for a boy is a great opportunity to teach your baby to take care of himself from a very young age. Moreover, the fashion for children's hairstyles for boys offers us a fairly diverse and bold haircut solutions for boys.

Naturally, there are boyish hairstyles that are easy to care for, and there are no less original and slightly unusual haircuts for teenage boys, requiring daily styling and constant care for trimmed hair.

Let us take a look and analyze the most fashionable hairstyles for boys 2019-2020, and you will try to choose the most stylish haircut for your young son.

First of all, let's try to separate the most beautiful and fashionable children's haircuts for boys by age categories and highlight interesting and original examples of hairstyles for boys among them. We will begin, of course, from the smallest fidgets.

A short overview of haircuts for the youngest boys

For many boys, a first haircut is a mandatory standard procedure. In a year, many mothers cut their baby's hair as short as possible, mistakenly hoping that after cutting, the hair will become stronger and thicker. But this is not so at all.

It is not necessary to wait a year to cut the hair of the child, and it is not necessary to make the shortest possible haircut for the boy.

There are very original and decent haircut options for the boy 2019-2020 from classic to model.

We advise you to pay attention to haircuts for boys with elongated bangs or classic children's hairstyles "under the pot" or "Garson" and the same "Caesar".

If your baby inherited curly hair, it is better to choose a medium-length haircut for him, such as a square for a boy, such a haircut with curls looks cute and playful.

It is also worth trying fashionable haircuts for boys in the style of pompadour in 2019-2020. Indeed, many boys are delighted with the hairstyles that their adult idols wear and many want to imitate them, and a hairstyle is another way to inherit their heroes.

In addition, it has now become very fashionable to use adult male haircuts on the smallest boys. Shortened eyelids and a nape, even parting, hair combed back - all these hairstyles for boys look stylish and cute, making a little dude from a child.

It’s also very cool when dad and son choose the same hairstyles for themselves and watch and care for her together.

The first haircut for the boy: a holiday, not a reason for fear!

According to ancient belief, children under one year of age cannot be cut. There are different versions as to where this tradition came from: some see the reason for the belief that mystical power lies in the hair, and shortening the hair length ahead of time can deprive the unhappy child of the mind or success in the future, others believe that belief is associated with high mortality of children up to a year in ancient Russia. Then the child’s first birthday was celebrated as an important milestone, having passed which the child is approved in this life, and one of the important rituals dedicated to the end of the first year of life was to cut the child. However, this tradition in a somewhat transformed version was reflected in the Sacrament of Baptism.

Modern parents are more guided by common sense and how practical this or that solution is. It happens that babies are born almost without hair and during the year the hair does not have time to really grow. And there are cases when, on the contrary, a rather hairy child is born and strands grown up over 6-7 months old get into your eyes, interfere with play, and if it’s summer outside, then they can also pretty much soar. Should I cut the baby or stay true to the ancient tradition? Only parents can make the right decision, and the choice is always theirs.

Anyway, sooner or later, you will have to do baby haircuts for the first time. We bring to your attention some simple tips on how to make the first haircut for a boy a fun and funny activity:

  • If you are going to make a fashionable hairstyle for a boy yourself, at home, be sure to enlist the support of someone from your family or friends. Maybe you don’t need help, but purely psychologically you will be calmer that someone is nearby, in the wings.
  1. Think about how to distract the baby. It can be cartoons, an interesting new toy, or some desired object that you usually do not allow to take (for example, keys, remote control, mobile phone).
  2. Prepare everything you need so that all the equipment is at hand.
  3. Think about how you will cut the baby and what hairstyle for the boy is best suited. Decide where you will start and how you will move forward.
  4. With a great mood and jokes-jokes, feel free to proceed!

  • If you have to go to the hairdresser, you should take care of such details:
  1. Find a good master. Here it is best to trust word of mouth: ask other mothers at playgrounds or thematic forums.
  2. Set up the kid that beautiful hairstyles for boys are what will make him even better, and organize the day as a holiday (of course, without a feast and expensive gifts).
  3. Talk to the master before putting your child in a chair. Make sure that this is the specialist to whom you entrust the boy's haircut. Let the child feel that you trust the hairdresser, which means the child is completely safe. Be calm and confident, because your excitement will be immediately transmitted to the child, and he will begin to act up.

Trendy children's hairstyles for school boys

The same can be said about children's haircuts for boys 6-9 years old. In most variants, fashionable hairstyles for school-age boys are similar to haircuts of adult men.

At this age, boys can afford to experiment and try even the most unusual haircuts for boys 2019-2020. Basically it will be haircuts such as Canada and pompadour.

Of course, if your boy spends more time doing active exercises, for example, often goes in for sports, then it’s better to choose which of the classic short haircuts for a boy like boxing and semi-boxing. A similar haircut can also be made more original and even unique if you shave a pattern and even a pattern on your head.

Unusual haircuts for boys with a shaving pattern are combined not only with ultra short haircuts such as "boxing" and "semi-boxing". You can safely combine a haircut with a shaved pattern with a hairstyle such as “underker” or choose a bolder option with a mohawk.

In the new season, any restrictions on the length of hair are removed, so the boys are allowed to wear both a short box and a long square. The main trend is clear lines that divide the top and bottom of the haircut.

As for long hair, they can not be cut off in 2019-2020, because haircuts for boys for medium hair remain fashionable, mainly these will be cascading haircuts for boys with long bangs, asymmetry and highlighted strands.

Haircuts for boys 2019: fashion trends and trends

Among all the new-fangled trends, the most win-win hairstyle options for boys are an eternal classic. Always relevant and practical haircuts have been confidently holding their positions on the podium for more than a decade, and supplemented with some stylish notes of modernity are transformed into fashionable haircuts for boys.
So, children's haircuts for boys, which we recommend paying attention to:

Actual haircuts for boys among teenagers today

So we went to the older boys. Stylish teenage haircuts for guys 2019-2020 is probably the largest number of options for a fashionable haircut for boys, starting at 12 years old. Because teenagers are almost adult men who want to look more courageous and therefore choose adult male haircuts.

This is the age at which you can afford an original hairstyle that could not be done in early childhood, and which would be inappropriate at the age of an older man. For example, a hairstyle for a boy in the style of Bieber, or bold haircuts with a mohawk.

At the age of 12-15, boys themselves are already able to choose a style that will be present not only in haircuts and clothes, but also in behavior. Stylish young guys already want to please girls and already understand something in fashion.

For romance guys, the perfect haircut would be a pompadour and anderkat hairstyle with combed hair back. For active boys athletes, such short haircuts for boys as a hedgehog, Canadian and tennis are undoubtedly suitable.

The most popular haircut options for boys 2019-2020

I would like to highlight several options for a modern haircut for boys, which will be suitable for both a two-year-old boy and boys of a more mature age.

Probably everyone is familiar with a haircut in the style of a samurai with a bun on the top. This hairstyle has become very popular among boys of different age types. Unusual hairstyle for a boy with a ponytail looks most advantageous on dark straight hair.

Hairstyles for boys with side parting are very beautiful and neat, from which not only mothers, but also young girls are delighted, are also universal for boys of any age category.

The haircut mentioned above can be given to a boy with a shaven figure and pattern that can be done at any age and with any type of hair.

In principle, on a short hair, you can shave any pattern, starting from clear lines, ornaments, ending with a complex pattern or characters that, for example, are associated with your favorite characters.

How to choose a haircut for a boy that matches the style of your heir, we hope that our photo selection of the best ideas for children's hairstyles for boys 2019-2020 will help you.

Get inspired, save, consult with your baby and sign up to the master, who will help create an amazing image for your son.

Bob haircut

Children's hairstyle for a boy with medium hair length. It has many variations. Like the Bob haircut, it does not require special care, although interesting styling options can significantly refresh even the simplest version of the boy haircut

Short haircut with bangs

It also provides scope for imagination, not only when performing the haircut itself, but also when styling. The temporal and occipital regions are cut to the same length, and the bangs are longer. The only limitation is that the bangs should not fall below the eyebrow line.

Haircut Hat

If you choose model haircuts for boys and don't want your hair cut too short, a hat is a great option! Haircut implies many variations, which are the total length of the strands, as well as the smoothness or emphasis of the transition from the crown to the neck.

Haircut Beaver

A great base for trendy haircuts for boys in 2019. The crown of the head is cut evenly, and the occipital and temporal region are cut as short as possible. Already there is room for imagination! You can shave stylish or funny patterns on the temples, lay strands or portray a “cultural mess”.

Hairstyles for boys 3-5 years old

And so, we begin the review of haircuts for the youngest boys. Masters offer us shortened whiskey and a nape, combed back hair, oblique or even parting, because these hairstyles look very stylish and fashionable and also like many adult idols.

A half-box haircut that suits both straight hair and wavy hair. Whiskey is shaved briefly, while the crown and bangs remain long.

A box haircut differs from a half-box in that the hair is cut shorter, and the border of the border extends above the nape, the crown and bangs are also cut short. These two haircuts are the easiest and most comfortable for babies.

Haircuts for boys: photo

We offer you a photo selection of the best haircut ideas for boys, get inspired, choose and save what you like so as not to lose.

Haircuts for boys 6-14 years old

In our selection, you can find stylish photos of haircuts for boys 6-14 years old. There are many variations of haircuts: you can select individual strands, make different partings and lay your hair on your side, make a shaved pattern or pattern. But, first of all, the haircut should be comfortable and like the one who wears it.

Before going to the hairdresser, find several haircut options for yourself and always consider the structure of the hair, since not all haircuts are considered universal.

There are haircuts that are easy to care for, and there are original and unusual haircuts for teenage boys requiring daily styling and care for a new hairstyle.

Teenage boys are already choosing more mature haircuts. They just begin the difficult stage of growing up, which is characterized by an attempt to stand out among the crowd of peers, and the search for the original style and personality begins. Most often, teens choose modern interpretations of classic men's haircuts:

  • Canadian haircut
  • Haircut “underker” or “british”
  • Boxing or semi-boxing haircut
  • Gavrosh haircut

We hope our review will help you find exactly the haircut that you were looking for.

Tips for choosing a hairstyle

Currently, parents have become more attentive to the issue of choosing a haircut for their child. Here you need to take into account some important points.

  • Choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face and head, achieving the right proportions. For example, a haircut with a cap is best suited to a flat nape.
  • Be sure to consider the condition of the hair. If the baby's hair is thin and soft, then consider short haircuts for boys. They will add volume and will look more advantageous. And for boys with thick and curly hair, elongated caret options or combined haircuts with shaved elements are suitable.
  • The character of the boy is also important when choosing a hairstyle. It would be ridiculous for a quiet and shy child to create an impudent or too original image. But for a very active boy, choose a haircut that is easier to care for. A hedgehog, which always looks neat, is perfect.
  • Hairstyles for boys of 6, 7 or 8 years old should not need permanent styling. These are already haircut options for teens.
  • Consider the opinion of the child. He must definitely like the hairstyle. Alternatively, look at the photos of the original hairstyles in a magazine or on the Internet and pick up something suitable together.

Short haircuts for boys 6 - 7 years old - photo

Once all the boys went to first grade with the same hairstyles. Now, modern mothers put a special emphasis on this. After all, a hairstyle is an important part of the image as a whole. Choosing a haircut for a boy of 6-7 years, do not chase after fashion. Stay on the one that takes a little time to complete, does not require special care and will be convenient in any situation. An excellent solution would be a half-box hairstyle. There are many options.

Varieties of tennis hairstyles - “beaver” and “hedgehog” will also be appropriate.

Many mothers prefer a cap hairstyle, although it is better suited for kindergarten children.

Short haircuts for boys 8 - 9 years old - photo

For children a little older, you can try on bolder images. After all, they are no longer so capricious regarding the time spent in the cabin. Here you can consider hairstyles in a sports style, supplementing them with a pattern on the temporal part of the head or occipital. A haircut Canadian will also be appropriate.

Over the past two years, stylish haircuts for boys have been at the peak of popularity with a clear boundary between the hair of the upper part of the head and the temporo-occipital, with a sharp contrast in length. They are suitable for any age. You can change the image by stacking the hair in different ways from the top: comb back, sideways, or uplift.

Children's haircuts for boys for medium and long hair

Some boys, despite their young age, tend to be fashionable and original, prefer elongated hairstyles. And there is plenty to choose from. The main thing is that the hair retains its healthy and neat appearance. If your child is ready for such difficulties, then there are no other barriers. Recently, multilayer hairstyles have been popular. The back is elongated and graded, and the face is shorter. Or consider a bob haircut. More effective such a hairstyle will look on thick or curly hair

Children's hairstyles for boys with bangs

If you focus on bangs, it is better to make whiskey short. True, such an interesting and bold style is not suitable for school. Long bangs will distract the child and can adversely affect vision. Experiment with him in the summer, during the holidays.

See the most fashionable haircuts for boys 2017 - 2018 here.

Features of children's haircuts for a boy 3-6 years old

To approximately choose the type of haircut for their child, parents can consult a hairdresser and view photos of popular hairstyles for boys aged 3-6 years. Experts advise choosing hairstyles for boys based on several criteria:

  • if the boy has an oval face shape, the hairstyle should not stretch his face even more,
  • an elongated face shape will visually reduce haircuts, like a bob or other version of a voluminous hairstyle,
  • a square face will become softer with an asymmetrical haircut in styling, the volume of which is concentrated on the crown,
  • haircuts with asymmetry and the presence of bangs are more suitable for the boy’s round face
  • for a triangular shape of the face, hairdressers recommend hairstyles with a slanting bangs or caret options,
  • A trapezoidal face can be adjusted with a haircut with an extended bang.

Any haircuts for boys 3 years old should be as comfortable as possible for the child, not demanding in the care and styling. The child begins to learn the world, is active and interested in everything, so the hair should not be an obstacle and interference. Most often, haircuts for such a young age vary in length from 2-9 mm.
An important factor in choosing a haircut for a boy is his hair structure. There are ideal options for smooth hair, voluminous and fluffy, curly hair with curls.

Model haircuts for little boys

Modern hairstyles for boys are often the interpretation of adult haircuts. At the same time, the hairdresser adds to the haircut notes of childish spontaneity, enthusiasm and positive. Haircuts for ages 3-6 years should be practical and comfortable, appropriate to the character and temperament of the child.


In this case, a cobweb is an ideal haircut for a 6 year old boy, as young children are restless and cannot always sit patiently in the master’s chair to simulate a cobweb haircut. Initially, the hairdresser creates a classic version of the haircut - on the crown of the hair is left the width of a finger, and in the neck and temples as short as possible cut with a machine. Here, using a shaving machine with a special nozzle, the master shaves a pattern in the form of a web.

Half box

Another fashionable and comfortable haircut for a boy of 4 years and older is a half box. The half-box implies a short temporal and occipital part of the head, but on the top of the head the hair length can be left medium. You can diversify such a hairstyle by styling your hair on your side, back, bangs or parting, as well as the image of curly lines on the temples using a machine with a shaving nozzle.

Haircuts with torn strands

Textural children's hairstyles for boys 3-5 years old look very stylish and harmoniously combined with different styles of clothing. We are talking about ragged haircuts that emphasize the individuality and sense of taste of the boy. Hair can be of different lengths, stacked randomly in different directions.


A haircut for a boy is an element of his everyday appearance, which is not so easy to change on the go. Given its relative constancy, it is important not to make a mistake with the choice of the shape and length of the hair, and so that this does not happen, it is worth highlighting the basic requirements for a childish boyish hairstyle. All of them are obvious, but let us recall them so as not to miss anything.

Kindergarten Compliance

At home, the child could look as you like, but children's public institutions in their charter often prescribe certain requirements. Each garden can regulate the appearance of its wards at its own discretion, and parents who neglect the rules run the risk of engaging in unnecessary showdowns with the administration. Even if you are a progressive person and consider that the indicated restrictions on choice are inappropriate or unreasonable, you should not immediately attack the authors of the charter - perhaps they are simply trying to protect your child from bullying.

Photo of fashionable hairstyles

Fashionable and beautiful haircuts for boys of preschool age can be viewed on the photo on the Internet. The coolest options can be brought to life, but taking into account the boy’s lifestyle, features of his hair and type of appearance, character and temper. The baby can choose a haircut himself, parents need only to properly direct it.

Convenience and comfort as well as safety

It is unacceptable that the hairstyle create problems for the child. At first, they may seem unobvious - for example, a longish fringe can be liked by a baby, but over time it will lead to blurred vision, and it can partially obscure the view. The same applies to safety - long hair during active games typical for a child can cause injury.

The child can take his hair for granted and not complain about it at all, but parents are obliged to monitor the baby’s reaction, and if inconvenience is observed, hair should be shortened immediately.

Accuracy and durability

To make the peer less teased, and the teachers did not have any complaints, the hairstyle should be neat - have a certain form, which in society is considered to be beautiful. At the same time, we must not forget that the baby is notable for considerable mobility and will not constantly keep in mind the need to preserve hairstyles - which means that the latter must be able to withstand various tests. An ideal option is the installation that looks the same in the evening as in the morning. Although boys' hair is usually quite short, a real tomboy even can change their appearance beyond recognition.


Fashionable and modern hairstyles for boys of preschool age are more often chosen by parents, since boys are not yet capable of an informed choice. Hairdressers advise taking into account the child’s face shape, hair type and structure, nature and lifestyle. Short haircuts are suitable for athletes, long haircuts for calm, assiduous natures, and for those who are interested in curious natures, hairstyles should be practical and classic.

Compliance with the type of appearance of the child and his tastes

The haircut you choose can be insanely popular and look great on the stars of the first magnitude, but it is absolutely not suitable for your child. Stylists see patterns between the same face shape and a specific circle of available hairstyles: someone needs to open his forehead, and others need to close, somewhere important is the volume at the crown, and in other cases, on the sides of the head and so on. A correctly selected haircut can hide some of the shortcomings of the appearance, but in the same way, a bad choice will only further emphasize the minuses.

However, you cannot blindly follow the rules or your own preferences - you need to give the child the minimum opportunity to choose his own appearance, otherwise you certainly won’t wait for him to appreciate the haircut and be careful about it.

Interesting options

The age of 3-5 years is not yet the one to experiment with children's hairstyles, because fashionable solutions for the smallest ones are usually close to the classic ones. It will not work to stand out from the crowd with such a haircut, but at this stage this goal is not set - you just need to provide the child with a beautiful and not very defiant look. Let's consider how to solve a similar problem.

Stylish trench coats. A collection of trench coats in designer interpretations

Modern children are very different from those carefree and unpretentious kids that we were.

This can be seen not only in the behavior and high degree of intellectual development of our children, but also in how our children at a very young age begin to pay attention to how they look, whether they are beautifully dressed, and what hairstyle they have.

It is generally accepted that questions about their appearance concern girls more than boys, because since childhood they have been growing up as little princesses, in whom the qualities of extraordinary and inimitable beauties are embedded in the subconscious.

But in fact, modern boys also very often think about their appearance. Future men, from the very youngest years, pay special attention to such a question as fashionable haircuts for boys.

Smart and attentive parents know that a child needs to be accustomed to beauty and grooming from an early age. Therefore, to choose beautiful and fashionable haircuts for boys aged 2 to 5 years, fashionable haircuts for boys 6-11 years old - this is as important a task as to come up with what kind of haircut to do for a boy in his teens.

Ask why? Everything is very simple! Fashionable haircuts for boys are not just beautiful children's hairstyles for boys, which allow the child to look well-groomed.

Today, children's haircuts for boys are, first of all, a manifestation of your child’s personality, this is his desire and his choice of what he wants to be and how he wants to look, how he wants to be perceived by others.

You must admit that all this is important for the formation of a full-fledged, self-sufficient and happy personality of your heir.

The News In Time team decided to figure out what haircuts for boys would be interesting for the younger generation, and what trendy haircuts for boys 2020-2021 should pay attention to parents who have a small leader and a lucky future in the house.

The most fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021: a short review on how to cut a boy

Firstly, immediately we want to focus on a very important point: no matter how fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021, it is beautifully possible to cut a boy in different ways.

And not always children's haircuts for boys should be a reflection of fashion trends, the main thing is that your chosen baby haircuts for boys will suit your boyfriend.

Secondly, you should be interested in not so fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021, as beautiful children's haircuts that attracted the attention of your child.

Therefore, you need to choose a haircut for a boy taking into account his tastes, only slightly adjusting, if necessary, his ideas in the direction of the best.

Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021 can be different in length and technique used, because the time has passed when all children were cut equally. Therefore, experiments here are very appropriate.

Haircuts for children are really represented in very large numbers, which in some way complicates the choice of haircuts for the boy, introducing the confused parents by surprise. How to choose one haircut, if there are so many.

So that you do not lose, and choose beautiful haircuts for boys 2020-2021 that will look beautiful on your heir’s head, we recommend that you exclude those haircuts for boys 2020-2021 that will not suit him according to his individual external characteristics, such as type faces, head shape.

It is also worth abandoning some hairstyles that will contradict the character of the child, his manner of behavior and temperament, well, and will not suit the child in terms of the structure of the hair strands, their color and subtlety.

If we talk about what fashionable haircut options for boys 2020-2021 will be popular in the near future, then you should definitely name a number of popular haircuts, the relevance of which is not subject to time and fashion.

We have introduced how beautiful not only beautiful examples of haircuts for boys are, but also convenient haircuts, which, thanks to their practicality, have been holding the first place in the list of “Most Beautiful Haircuts for Young Men” for years.

Today we will not tell you how children's haircuts are performed for boys 2020-2021, for this we advise you to go to the pros of your business, which will perfectly make your idea a reality.

We will announce a small rating compiled by us, “The most fashionable haircuts for boys of different age categories 2020-2021,” which will undoubtedly be useful to those who have not yet decided how to cut their baby.


The first in this list of haircuts for boys 2020-2021 ”will be such options as the classic short haircut under the loud name“ Caesar ”, the well-known and very popular haircuts for boys“ Boxing ”,“ Gavrosh ”,“ Poluboks ”and the hairstyle“ Hedgehog ” or, as it is also called "Bebric."

All these haircuts for little men are not only beautiful, but also very convenient and practical for every day.

Further, our small rating “Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021” will continue with no less interesting options. This is a very famous and popular haircut “Hat”, “Bob”, casual, trendy for both girls and boys “Bob Kare” and short haircuts for boys with a stencil pattern, which simply amaze you with an abundance of options and ideas.

Our small rating “Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021” could not help but get a children's haircut for a boy of small and teenage age “Iroquois”, which is just the age of 9-14 guys very often choose, wanting, thus, to express their inner mood and a certain inconsistency to the rules and order.

It’s not scary, the main thing is that all such manifestations should end with the choice of “Iroquois”. Therefore, we even recommend that you allow your child to get a haircut like that, even if you don’t really like this haircut.

The following children's fashion haircuts 2020-2021 really look very creative on the heads of teenagers. These are fashionable haircuts for guys with asymmetries of the front and back of the hairstyle.

Just be careful: asymmetric haircuts for boys require special care, so you must be sure that your son can cope with the fact that he constantly looks for the haircut for boys with asymmetries.

Another haircut for medium hair, which will continue our top "Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021" will be a "haircut under the pot." Familiar haircut? Undoubtedly! But stylists advise choosing a “Under the Pot” haircut only when the baby has thick and straight hair, otherwise it is better to consider other beautiful haircuts for boys.

All of these children's haircuts have a lot of variations with which you can experiment in different versions of hairstyles due to one or another styling method.

At the age of 9-11 years, as well as adolescence, the boy can be very sensitive to how he looks.

If you see your own baby near the mirror, we advise you to observe the actions of the child. Noticing that he is not succeeding or annoying, be sure to offer your help so that the child feels your support and care.

Together, choosing haircuts and hairstyles is much more interesting. Do not deny yourself this lesson, because you can not only help your child choose a beautiful haircut, but also increase his self-esteem, focusing on the fact that he is going to have this or that haircut.

In order not to be verbose, the News In Time team decided to collect photos of fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021.

Among such a variety of ideas and options, you are sure to find a haircut suitable for your child.

Fashion ideas: photo haircuts for boys 2020-2021


Hairstyles for boys up to 2 years

While children's hair has not found a permanent structure, complex haircuts are not recommended for the baby. For babies at this age, their hair is soft, liquid and naughty, so a hairstyle with long locks will look ridiculous. One-year-old boys are evenly trimmed with a typewriter, making a border and, if desired, leaving a short bang. The main thing is that the hair looks neat and natural. Trendy haircuts with torn, sticking out strands in all directions, such a little boy will not suit.

Hairstyles for boys aged 2-3 years

Hair by this time had already become tougher, an integral structure had formed, and now parents (it’s too early to go to hairdressers, after all, 2-3-year-old babies are quite curious and therefore extremely impatient and restless) have more room for imagination and the manifestation of an original approach to haircuts. However, immediately switching to long hair is also not yet recommended.

How to mow a boy 3-6 years old?

The boy reached the age of three, which means that his hair has fully formed - it has acquired the necessary stiffness, density and uniformity. Such a kid can already be taken to the hairdresser, because he understands everything and, if mom says, will sit quietly until the very end of the haircut. We open a colorful magazine with names and photos of haircuts for boys and choose the best. What can hairdressers offer?

Torn strands

It is not entirely correct to call them a haircut, since it is more about a special haircut technique that can be applied in the process of creating various hairstyles. Today, such a technique, for which a few decades ago a hairdresser could mercilessly criticize, is very popular, and children are one of its main supporters. The bottom line is that the strands, even located nearby, are made of unequal length. Allegedly, there is no certain pattern here - the hair is not lengthened and shortened in any of the directions, at least obviously.

One gets the impression that the ends of the hair are simply torn off in one motion, which is why the contour has become uneven.

Thanks to the efforts of modern designers, such a hairstyle no longer seems messy - this is exactly the chaos in which systematicity is clearly visible. The smooth contour often looks too banal and leaves the impression of being too obsessed with the rules, while the light torn effect gives the impression of ease, naturalness, sometimes leaving a slight touch of mischief.

Hairstyles with torn strands have long been considered the absence of any haircut, but several decades ago they began to gain popularity sharply. Hairdressers quickly caught the fashion trend and suddenly realized that absolutely any hairstyle could have torn edges, even if the instructions for creating it say in black and white that the edge should be even. That is why haircuts with torn strands are so popular - they seem to describe a good half of what barbers have come up with throughout the history of mankind.

"Hedgehog" - fashionable and stylish!

An interesting, original haircut, beloved by many boys for hooligan ardor and practicality. Careful care and constant styling is not required, it is enough to ruffle hair after bathing, and the “hedgehog” flaunts on your boy’s head again. In principle, such a haircut can be done at home with the help of a machine, if you have experience.

Cutting “under the pot”!

And here, hair of medium length and thick enough is already required so that the shape of the haircut lasts as long as possible, without fitting in the shape of the head - this is precisely its chip. It is quite difficult to make such an interesting haircut on your own, one machine can not do here. Therefore, if you want to mow the boy "under the pot", go with him to the hairdresser, where the master of his craft will provide him with this cute haircut with an interesting name. If you are wondering what the name came from, then let's plunge into history. And the story tells that once upon a time, in order to make such a haircut, a pot was put on a person’s head and cut off the hair that peeped out from under it. Since then, the method and process of cutting has, of course, changed in a more humane way, but the name has remained, reminding us of how it all began.

Caesar is back in fashion!

The usual haircut for straight hair up to 5 cm long, neat bangs to the middle of the forehead, strands combed forward - all this was combined in one proud name - “Caesar”. Many people suspect and only a few know that the haircut received such a name for a reason. According to historical facts, it was such a stylish and charming haircut that the famous Guy Julius Caesar wore. Fashion for her does not fade to this day - a pretty and pretty haircut will suit any boy!

Selection rules

It was already mentioned above that a haircut for a child can not be chosen at random, and blind copying of the hairstyles of actors and musicians, too, can rather disappoint with the final result. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to some criteria by which hairstyles for children are selected by professional stylists.

If everything is done correctly, your baby, who did not stand out from the crowd, can suddenly become a real style icon.

Older boys

Pupils, especially in adolescence, always strive to stand out, emphasize their individuality. To do this, they resort to bright clothes, a non-standard style, catchy accessories and, of course, defiant hairstyles and haircuts. Torn strands, multilayer haircuts such as a cascade, shaved strips, asymmetric haircuts with a shifted center, sharp transitions from long to short hair, etc. are quite suitable for these guys. If the boy feels confident and comfortable in this way, why not?

Take into account age

Kindergarten kids only at first seem like the same little ones, but the parents of any such bootuz will confirm that the age difference is clearly noticeable even in behavior. Naturally, a haircut at any time should be appropriate for age, so that it can be called the best. For example, at 3 years old, it is completely naive to expect at least minimal responsibility from a child - he has not yet grown up enough to take care of himself. At the same time, the knowledge of the world is just beginning, and while there is absolutely no idea about the potential dangers of the world, therefore, the hairstyle certainly should not interfere. In most cases, such young discoverers choose extremely short haircuts - from 2 to 9 mm. This does not always look stylish, but peers are still at an age when they are not very picky about their appearance.

At 4 years old, the perception of the world is already changing somewhat. At this stage, conscious friends may already appear, the children begin to nudge each other for an unsuccessful image and teach their comrades this. At the same time, the thirst for knowledge has not yet subsided, however, sometimes it makes sense to pay attention to longer haircuts, if your child does not go short. For really long hair, the time has not yet come, but if the child is quiet and the hair is obedient, it is worth experimenting with its shape.

Finally, 5 years is already the age of full awareness that looking good is important. By this age, any child already knows a couple of caustic teasers and is ready to bring to hysteria anyone who seems funny, clumsy or ugly to him. Any concept of pity is usually absent, the crying one-year-old does not always cause pity, therefore you can not allow your child to look bad. Here, of course, calm children look more advantageous - in their case, you can allow a wide variety of available haircuts that will look neat until they are literally ruffled.

If the baby is hyperactive, you should pay attention to shorter solutions, otherwise in an accurate form they will not last long.

Based on hair type

Hair type is another criterion that cannot be ignored in any way. It is quite obvious, for example, that you can make a hairstyle for straight hair from curly hair, however, this means that the baby will have to bother with hair straighteners before leaving the house. Even for girls obsessed with maintaining their image, this may seem like a problem, and even the child will hate parents for such manipulations. Therefore, it is worth starting from what the child has on his head, and not trying to give his hair those features that she did not think to possess.

Hair length is a matter of gain, but even here you should think about it before growing or pruning. For young boys, really long hair is a rarity, and rightly so. A child at this age is prone to outdoor games, often fraught with danger of injury, and he is unlikely to follow the shape of the laid hair, which means that such a hairstyle does not meet the requirements of either safety or accuracy and durability. Of course, long hair can be braided, but why then grow back, giving comrades a reason for inappropriate associations.

Hair of relative length may be appropriate, but there must be certain conditions for them. So, they will fit only for a calm baby, especially if his hair is obedient in itself and does not require extra styling. Ideally, such a hairstyle should also perform the functions of “improving” the appearance - for example, masking too high a forehead or acne on it, adding volume from the sides for a too long face and so on.

The hair color for a little boy, as well as their structure, while perceived purely as a given, to dye a baby's hair at that age, even if he wants it himself, is better not worth it. Another thing is that even the natural color of the hair can slightly affect the image of the child and the choice of his haircut. The fact is that dark hair always seems a little more voluminous than light, and it is important not to upset the proportions of the face.

The shape of the head is one of the most common reasons that babies tease each other, because minor flaws need to be hidden, and not flaunted.

Face shape

In a stylish image, the hair must be in harmony with the face, which means that the hairstyle should be chosen according to this criterion too. Experienced stylists select the perfect option at first glance, but it is unlikely that someone will lead the baby to an expensive barber shop, which means that parents will have to delve into the hairstyle options themselves. Otherwise, the child runs the risk of running into a trivial banquet, which supposedly goes to everyone.

  • Oval face It is considered the most correct, a kind of ideal, respectively, for such children there are practically no restrictions. All classic options, for example, boxing and semi-boxing, will look perfect even on a toddler, even on an adult man. The main task here is not to turn the oval into a circle with too long straight bangs or huge volume on the sides.

  • Round form from a stylistic point of view, it is already somewhat more complicated. The circle is perceived as a violation of the symmetry of the human body, because professionals tend to dilute it with clearly visible angles. To stretch the face, the top of the hair is made noticeably longer than the sides, and the bangs will be appropriate, but always oblique, combed to one side. Too short hair in this situation is definitely not suitable, because they only emphasize the irregular shape of the head.

  • Square faces often criticized for the proximity of their shape to the circle, but the square is determined without the forehead, respectively, the forehead makes such a face almost oval, which is close to ideal. True, here it is preferable to opt for slightly longer hairstyles, no matter which - with bangs on one side, combed back or just standing out against the background of a shorter cropped temporal part.

  • Triangular faces they resemble square ones in that here, when evaluating the shape, the forehead is also not taken into account. A triangle is formed solely due to a slight narrowing of the face to the chin, because the shape is usually perceived as correct, unless the forehead is too low. It is generally accepted that it is especially important to highlight the volume on the crown, shortening the sides. It is possible to cut the boy shortly, but preference is given to lush hair in the upper part of the head, which is combed to one of the sides or back.

  • Heart shaped face they are called if, given the general similarity to a triangle, it is distinguished by a sharp chin with wide, prominent cheekbones. The recommendations are generally similar to those given for a triangular shape, but the large volume on the crown is not so fundamental, it can be somewhat limited.

Beautiful examples

It is not in vain that Bob is called one of the most romantic hairstyles - a little boy rarely manages to be made as charming with any other haircut. Not being too long, this hairstyle still clearly catches the eye, because it densely covers the entire head, except for the face, even the forehead. If the boy has a too high forehead, as in the first example, then a long bang typical of a bob will be a real salvation.

It's too early to fall in love in a kindergarten, but romantically minded girls in your child can see an excellent candidate for the role of prince.

A kid at this age does not have to be a model of style and originality, but a light element of originality in the image should be. The most reasonable thing here is to compile different hairstyles. In the photo we see a rather successful example of a hedgehog in combination with shaved patterns. In the children's understanding, both elements even individually pull on the assessment of "cool." If the kid did not disappoint even in charisma with intellect, then respect in the team is guaranteed to him.

Boxing is a typical boyish haircut, which will never lose its all-encompassing popularity. Because of her short hair and her general focus on an active lifestyle, many consider her harsh, but the third photo clearly shows that for a romantic and sweet way the boy does not have to let go of elongated strands. With a properly designed image, boxing can look very organic, although ideally this requires the most correct facial features.

But if you are lucky with those, not using it and hiding them behind a bang is simply ingratitude.

Workshop on cutting a boy see below.

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