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How to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly?

By localization, two types of hemorrhoids are distinguished - external and internal. In the first case, the expansion of hemorrhoidal veins is observed in the anus, under the skin. In the latter embodiment, hemorrhoidal thickenings form in the lumen of the rectum, under the mucous surface. At the initial stage, while there is no exacerbation, they are not visible in the anus. This is the difficulty of early diagnosis of the internal form.

The disease affects both men and women, and children. If varicose veins of the rectum are not started, it can be completely treated on an outpatient basis, at home, with the help of medications and folk remedies in the complex. For internal hemorrhoids, the treatment of which is carried out at home, candles (both pharmacy and homemade), ointments (need a special tip), microclysters with a decoction of medicinal plants, therapeutic exercises, proper nutrition are more suitable. The choice of medicines is the doctor’s area of ​​responsibility, so treatment should begin with a visit to the proctologist.

Traditional treatments

The doctor selects methods for effective treatment of hemorrhoids individually for each patient.

For example, to avoid an external head start of pathology, ointments and compresses are necessary, for an internal ailment I prescribe rectal suppositories.

Effective treatment can only be prescribed by a proctologist after examination

If proctologic disease is detected in the early stages of development, surgical intervention can be dispensed with. For therapy, both systemic and local drugs are used.

These include:

  1. Venotonic drugs. More often based on diosmin (Detralex, Phlebodia),
  2. Ointments and suppositories, the effect of which is to relieve inflammation and eliminate pain. For example, Ultraproct, Relief, candles with sea buckthorn oil, Proctosan, Anuzol,
  3. Local drugs to stop bleeding. Alternatively, candles with adrenaline, Natalsid,
  4. Ointments and suppositories that prevent thrombosis of hemorrhoids. Effective Hepatrombin G, Nigepan,
  5. Drugs that include corticosteroids to provide a strong anti-inflammatory effect. For example, Aurobin and Proctosedyl.

Hemorrhoid treatment at home

Hemorrhoids undergo developmental stages. The first two are characterized by periodically occurring bleeding and the formation of nodes, which after prolapse independently go back into the rectum. This is internal hemorrhoids. At the third stage, the nodes are adjusted independently. The fourth stage occurs when the nodes fall out and do not adjust. This is external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids cause a lot of suffering and inconvenience. The risk of complications is high - vein thrombosis, heavy bleeding, tumors. We recommend urgently making an appointment with a coloproctologist. For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, measures and means have been introduced that can be used at home.

Is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids forever?

Hemorrhoidal disease is a chronic disease, when exacerbations are replaced by remission (sometimes very long), while the pathological process is steadily progressing. Provoking factors aggravate the course of hemorrhoids, some of which are a way of life of patients.

That is why many proctologists believe that it is impossible to completely get rid of hemorrhoids: weakness of the walls of the veins, leading to vascular deformation, stagnation of blood in rectal caverns, is irreversible. In other words, even cured hemorrhoids by conservative methods in the early stages recurs over time.Another part of the proctological community of doctors when they answer the question of how to get rid of hemorrhoids forever is answered only radically.

The correct position is usually in the middle. Patients who consulted a doctor at the beginning of the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes, underwent a complete diagnosis, the entire course of prescribed therapy, following the recommendations of the attending physician, forget about hemorrhoids for the rest of their lives.

An example is hemorrhoids, which debuted during pregnancy. Elimination of the cause of the pathology leads to its disappearance, and adherence to diet, physical activity, rules of intimate hygiene becomes a guarantee of non-return of the disease.

Patients who came to the doctor later than the first stage of hemorrhoids have excellent chances of a stable remission. It is not worth rushing with surgery, this is the prerogative of advanced hemorrhoids.

Nevertheless, a definite answer to the question of whether it is possible to completely get rid of hemorrhoids does not exist. The main thing is correct, timely diagnosis, adequate therapy, rational nutrition, gymnastics, which strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor.

The implementation of the recommendations is entirely up to the patient. Therefore, if you want, responsible attitude to your health, the desire to maintain the quality of life, active longevity is quite real. If the doctor’s recommendations are violated, from time to time the clinical symptoms increase, even the operation does not guarantee a relapse.

Nutrition for hemorrhoids

The effectiveness of the treatment of hemorrhoids will not be complete without observing an appropriate diet. Eat 5-6 times a day, preferably at the same hours. The amount of fluid consumed during the day is at least 2 liters. The goal of dietary nutrition for hemorrhoids is to prevent constipation, causing an exacerbation of the disease. Healthy foods:

  • Vegetables and fruits in raw, boiled and baked form. Preference is given to fruits enriched in fiber - apples, pumpkin, beets, carrots, cabbage. It is useful to use dried fruits - prunes, dried apricots, figs, plums and apricots. The laxative effect helps the bowel release.
  • Fresh dairy products - kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt.
  • Porridge - barley, oat, buckwheat, millet.
  • Compotes, jelly, juices and fruit drinks. Lack of fluid in the body affects constipation. Doctors advise drinking unboiled water due to the high content of trace elements.

List of prohibited foods:

  • Fresh white bread, pastries, pastries,
  • Potato, radish, radish,
  • Macaroni, rice, semolina,
  • Smoked meats, spicy sauces,
  • Pickled and canned foods
  • Sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol.

Properly organized nutrition does not irritate the intestinal mucosa and reduces inflammation.

Can hemorrhoids go away on their own?

Hemorrhoids themselves will not resolve under any circumstances. Delayed treatment to the doctor worsens the prognosis. In the early stages, the pathological process does not give symptoms, but it exists, hemorrhoidal nodes have already begun to form, therefore, at the first clinical manifestations, delaying the examination, treatment is unreasonable and even dangerous.

Until the second stage, hemorrhoidal formations can be dealt with by conservative therapy, starting with the third - you can not do without surgery. But if in the early stages of the disease the development of complications is unlikely, then late hemorrhoids are dangerous precisely with thrombosis, bleeding, pinching of the cones with the development of anemia, sepsis, up to a fatal outcome.

Thus, to eliminate hemorrhoids, an integrated approach to the treatment of the disease is required subject to a number of conditions:

  • timely access to a doctor, the correct diagnosis,
  • rehabilitation of foci of chronic infection,
  • treatment of somatic diseases,
  • normalization of bowel movements, intestinal microflora,
  • a balanced diet rich in fiber of plant origin,
  • Exercise therapy
  • intimate hygiene.

Medication for hemorrhoids

With internal hemorrhoids at home, it is advisable to use topical drugs - suppositories, ointments and creams. Before using the medicine, read the annotation - contraindications and side effects.

In the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, suppositories (rectal suppositories) are prescribed. Advantages over oral and injectable drugs:

  • Direct action directly on the sore spot - on the rectum,
  • Multiple administration and an increased dose of the drug are not required. The risk of side effects and allergic reactions is reduced,
  • Most drugs are absorbed within half an hour, bringing instant relief,
  • Ease of use for young children and people with impaired swallowing function.

Rectal suppositories according to the mechanism and direction of action are divided into:

  • Wound healing - used for wounds of the rectum and anus - Methyluracil, Natalsid, candles with propolis.
  • Anti-inflammatory - relieve edema, redness, eliminate the inflammatory focus - Ultraproct, Posterisan, Relief.
  • Astringents - reduce itching and burning, heal, dry wounds - Anuzol, Anestizol.

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home is impossible without the use of creams and ointments. They are applied to the skin around the anus and directly into the rectum. Heparin ointment, Levomekol, ointment with ichthyol and sea buckthorn oil will help prevent the progression of hemorrhoids and treat it. Proven creams with wound healing effect Ultraproct and Proctosedil relieve itching.

Before treating internal hemorrhoids at home, visit a coloproctologist to clarify the diagnosis and agree on a list of drugs. The doctor will advise traditional medicine that is suitable in each case.

Can hemorrhoids pass by itself?

To postpone going to the doctor in the hope that the hemorrhoids will resolve itself is the main mistake of many patients. The fact is that the manifestations of the disease become noticeable when the pathological processes are already in use.

At the earliest stages, hemorrhoids occur without symptoms, and when external signs appear, treatment should be started without delay. With internal hemorrhoids, it is even worse - it is easy to launch it to severe stages, since the disease develops inside, and it is not always possible to detect it in time.

In the later stages, permanent hemorrhoid cones are formed, which are dilated veins, the walls of which are so weak that they are not able to return to their normal size on their own.

If, as a result of elimination of provoking factors, diet, physical activity and adequate treatment, it is possible to normalize blood flow in the rectum and restore vascular tone, the patient can expect long-term remission.

The initial stages of the disease can be attributed to the period until the venous nodes are not protruding into the intestinal passage with internal hemorrhoids and do not appear in the anal area with external. At this stage, the patient feels some discomfort, which is periodic in nature and appears in the presence of provoking conditions, for example, after prolonged sitting, lifting weights or severe straining in the toilet.

At this time, you can still talk about the possibility of a complete disposal of hemorrhoids. Changes that have occurred in the anal veins are still reversible. Venous walls are not yet very stretched and thinned, cavernous bodies are excessively filled with blood and protrude at the time of increased load, and with the restoration of normal blood flow, they return to normal.

If at this stage we take up the treatment of hemorrhoids, the further development of the disease can be stopped and its transition to more severe stages can be prevented. For this, it is not enough to put candles and drink the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Without major lifestyle changes, treatment will not be effective. Proper nutrition aimed at normalizing digestion and ensuring regular stool, stable body weight, physical mobility are the main principles that a patient must adhere to for the rest of his life.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids forever?

Many patients, having heard the stories of ignorant and often foolish people about terrible pains and a terrible death from blood loss due to hemorrhoids, run to the surgeon, "grandmothers", black magicians, so that they immediately save them from a terrible fate. Of course, the surgeon's hands are the most reliable way to forget about hemorrhoids forever. But if the disease is caught at an early stage, it can be cured quickly enough without resorting to surgery.

Some doctors themselves offer patients surgery, arguing that hemorrhoids are a chronic disease that cannot be eliminated with medication. Sooner or later it will return again, and only the surgeon's scalpel can guarantee a full recovery.

But not all proctologists are so categorical. In most cases, hemorrhoids are successfully treated with conservative methods, and the patient forgets about it forever.

Take, for example, hemorrhoids in pregnant women. The reason for its appearance is by no means varicose veins, but factors that are inherent precisely in pregnancy. After giving birth, standard treatment is sufficient so that the woman no longer remembers the disease.

But even in the case when the cause of hemorrhoids is varicose veins of the rectum, one should not prepare for the worst. Lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments and the right medication can not only eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but also prevent their occurrence in the future.

Treatment of hemorrhoids folk remedies

Traditional medicine will help cure hemorrhoids without the use of drugs. Official medicine does not deny the benefits of herbal medicine, but warns:

  1. The effect of the use of traditional healers comes in time. During this time, the disease goes into a new stage.
  2. Uncontrolled use of these funds is fraught with overdoses, allergic reactions, poisoning.
  3. Side effects have not been studied.
  4. Recipes of traditional medicine are applicable at home.
  5. Candles from raw potatoes treat running internal hemorrhoids. They are introduced into the rectum at night for several days.
  6. An anti-hemorrhoid collection of herbs on rose hips, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, raspberry leaves with anti-inflammatory effect, and highlander with hemostatic property is useful. Brew - 1 tablespoon in two glasses of boiling water. Take half a cup three times a day for two to three weeks.
  7. Tampons with celandine juice are known for their analgesic, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects.
  8. Candles from candied honey help get rid of internal nodes with hemorrhoids.
  9. It is useful for internal hemorrhoids to visit the bathhouse and sit for 15 minutes on a steamed birch broom.

Hemorrhoids are treated at home with the help of baths. Cold water relieves pain and stops bleeding, and warm decoctions of herbs are characterized by anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. Prepare baths based on the fruits of horse chestnut, oak bark, berries of viburnum and sea buckthorn, birch leaves. A bath of strong broth of onion peel fights with pain. The patient sits in a basin with water or a decoction of herbs, spreading his buttocks. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.

Used lotions with sea buckthorn oil and homemade ice candles made on herbs. In foil molds, infusions of chamomile or highlander are poured and placed in the freezer. Use three times a day until the elimination of bleeding and pain.

Enema from decoctions of herbs - chamomile, strawberry leaves, celandine will help.Enema from a strong tea brew removes burning and itching, stops bleeding.

Treatment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the risk of getting hemorrhoids increases, since the fetus, increasing in size, puts pressure on the internal organs and causes stagnation of venous blood. The approach to the treatment of internal hemorrhoids in pregnant women at home is cautious. The goal is not to harm the baby with drugs. Do not take sedentary baths, do not drink decoctions of herbs.

Drink infusions of sea buckthorn berries, mountain ash, viburnum. Watch for regular bowel movements. The procedures are consistent with the gynecologist and proctologist. During pregnancy, begin to treat hemorrhoids in the initial stage - the result will be much higher.

Rules for treatment at home

Oddly enough this sounds, but the treatment of hemorrhoids should begin with the replacement of toilet paper. Cheap, gray, too coarse for the delicate skin of the anus and can injure it. If you do not have the opportunity or desire to completely abandon the use of toilet paper, replace it with high-quality, white, or replace it with wet wipes.

Ideally, after each visit to the toilet (especially after bowel movements) it is advisable to wash yourself with cool water and dry it dry (do not wipe it with zeal!) With a loose gauze swab or soft hygroscopic cloth.

In our country, bidets designed just for this purpose are gaining more and more popularity. If the dimensions of the plumbing unit allow, a separate bidet can be installed. But for a small toilet, you can choose the right model: for example, a bidet cover. It is easy to mount on any toilet, easy to use and extremely convenient. Depending on the complexity of the design, the purchase of a bidet cover will cost from 1,500 to 160,000 rubles.

In case of problems with the defecation process, the end of the rectum should be lubricated with vaseline.

Observe proper nutrition. Do not consume a lot of salt, as this will inevitably lead to an increase in hemorrhoidal nodes, which, in turn, can cause various complications from simple constipation to thrombosis.

A hemorrhoid patient should not exert excessive efforts and lift heavy weights - this creates increased blood pressure in the pelvic area and can adversely affect hemorrhoids.

You can not touch the affected area, and even more so - comb it. Inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes are quite fragile and microcracks quickly form on them, which slow down the healing process.

Adhering to these rules, you can get rid of hemorrhoids in a matter of days.

General Hemorrhoid Treatment Tips

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids at home will bring the desired result, if you follow the following recommendations:

  1. Refrain from sitting for long periods, warm up periodically, or take small runs.
  2. Stick to a diet, avoid eating illegal foods, and exclude alcohol.
  3. Colds and hypothermia exacerbate the course of the disease. Do not sit on cold surfaces.
  4. Constipation and incomplete bowel movement should not be allowed. Laxative teas or decoctions of buckthorn and senna will help stabilize the intestinal tract. It is recommended to refuse toilet paper - wash with cool water.
  5. Avoiding physical exertion, lead a healthy lifestyle - take walks, jog, swim.
  6. Proctologists advise taking a course of special massage aimed at eliminating congestion in the pelvic organs. It is necessary to daily carry out a set of physical exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the rectum.

Only complex treatment with the use of herbal remedies and medications, including proper nutrition and special gymnastics, will help to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and forever at home.

External hemorrhoids

If exacerbation of external hemorrhoids has occurred, the first drug to be taken is any systemic venotonic: Phlebodia, Detralex, and the like. In the early days, such drugs take 2-3 tablets per day, then - 1.

The same drugs, but for a long time, are used to prevent relapse.

In order to remove edema, relieve inflammation, local drugs are used - for example, Ultraprokt.

To dissolve the blood clots formed in the hemorrhoids, the latter are lubricated with heparin ointment.

If the hemorrhoid is bleeding, a vasoconstrictor ointment will be needed.

Anal fissures, in order to avoid their infection, it is useful to lubricate with any bactericidal agent, among which the most affordable is Levomekol.

In the later stages, when drug treatment becomes ineffective, hemorrhoids are removed surgically under general anesthesia. Such an operation is carried out in rare cases, since it is especially traumatic. More gentle methods are more often used - freezing the hemorrhoid with liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulation or laser therapy.

Internal hemorrhoids

As with external hemorrhoids, in this case it is necessary to take venotonics: tablets and ointments, which include horse chestnut. These drugs help to significantly improve the condition of the veins. After taking Detralex or Phlebodia, the vessels become more elastic, and their walls are strengthened.

Be sure to use anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of rectal suppositories. It can be both hormonal and non-steroidal drugs.

To relieve pain, you will need both oral administration of analgesics and the use of suppositories with anesthetics.

If significant bleeding has occurred, hemostatic agents should be taken in tablets or suppositories.

To prevent the formation of blood clots in hemorrhoidal nodes, thrombolytics — Troxevasin or Heparin — are needed in the form of suppositories or ointments.

To prevent infection of cracks in the anus, an ichthyol ointment is introduced into the rectum, microclysters with decoctions of medicinal plants are used.

Quick repair of damaged tissues is guaranteed by methyluracin suppositories, as well as suppositories based on propolis and sea buckthorn oil.

To get rid of internal hemorrhoids, there are a large number of minimally invasive methods:

  • Doping with a latex ring, in which the vessels through which blood enters the node are ligated and after a week or two the node dries out and is excreted naturally from the body,
  • Cryotherapy, in which hemorrhoids are exposed to low temperature,
  • Sclerotherapy - sealing the walls of the site with a bonding agent, as a result of which it disappears,
  • Laser and photocoagulation is a procedure during which the tip of the device with a light emitter is inserted into the anus and is briefly exposed to the enlarged site with high temperature.

These operations are bloodless, do not require general anesthesia and are most often performed on an outpatient basis.

If the case is too complicated, a hemorrhoid is excised surgically. The patient is required to be hospitalized, and the recovery period may take at least a month. Surgical removal of internal hemorrhoids is carried out only under general anesthesia.

Features of the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Almost half of pregnant women have hemorrhoids. This is due to the increasing pressure of the uterus on the walls of the vessels of the pelvis, inactive lifestyle, frequent constipation during this period.

Leaving a solution to a problem until better times is not the most sensible solution. When the baby is born, there will be no time for hemorrhoids. Therefore, having discovered the warning signs, you should immediately consult a doctor.

To quickly and painlessly get rid of hemorrhoids, you need to know your diagnosis, and only then select the appropriate drugs.

During pregnancy (especially in the first trimester) it is extremely dangerous to self-medicate. Many highly effective drugs against hemorrhoids contain hormones that can negatively affect the development of the fetus. During this period, the best solution would be topical preparations based on herbal ingredients. You can buy them at the pharmacy, or you can do it yourself. If a woman is not allergic to beekeeping products, candles and ointments with propolis, which have excellent anti-inflammatory, wound healing and analgesic properties, are suitable for her. Sea buckthorn oil, aloe vera, grated potatoes and many other simple and harmless folk remedies are mild and very effective.

Hemorrhoids after childbirth

One of the most common causes of hemorrhoid prolapse in women is a difficult birth. If this happens, you should immediately consult a doctor. In the postpartum period, a woman already experiences discomfort, and constant hemorrhoidal bleeding threatens not only with a deterioration in general condition. It is no secret that, returning from the hospital, the woman is left alone with the child, sometimes without minimal support, and after all, not only caring for the baby falls on her shoulders, but also numerous household chores. Constant malaise, dizziness, weakness, ongoing bleeding can affect her mental health, provoking postpartum depression. We should not forget that in this case the quality of mother's milk often worsens or it can disappear altogether. That is why it is so important to start treatment as soon as possible.

If the baby is breast-fed, there are no restrictions on the choice of drugs. If the baby is fed breast milk, it is very important to choose the right drugs.

Tablets are completely excluded during this period, since the substances that enter them can enter the body of the child and cause a number of undesirable consequences. It is best to use topical preparations: creams, gels, ointments and rectal suppositories containing only natural ingredients.

Diet, a large amount of fluid consumed, the prevention of constipation will help a young mother to quickly deal with hemorrhoids. As a rule, hemorrhoids that appeared during childbirth after treatment are no longer returned.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery?

To cure hemorrhoids, including advanced ones, it is not necessary to lie down under the surgeon's knife. There are devices that quickly, painlessly and bloodlessly relieve patients of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  • Surgitron is an apparatus that helps get rid of hemorrhoids in less than a week, using radio waves. To completely get rid of hemorrhoids, 4-5 sessions of 15-25 minutes each will be needed.
  • "Proxon" - carries out ultrasound sclerotherapy. The whole procedure takes no more than seven minutes, does not require either anesthesia or hospitalization. The day after the manipulation, the patient can go to work.

With the help of special devices, hemorrhoids can be cured at home:

  • "Darsonval" - cures hemorrhoids, Spanish AC pulses.
  • “Vitafon” - acts on the affected area using sound frequencies.

Both devices are completely safe, and their use does not cause discomfort.

What to do with an exacerbation?

The most difficult for the patient is during an exacerbation of external hemorrhoids.The slightest change in body position, involuntary movement - coughing, sneezing - causes sharp pain right up to loss of consciousness or pain shock.

  • To reduce pain, it is necessary to apply a cold compress to the inflamed nodes and make candles out of ice. To do this, pour a little water into the pharmacy fingertips, tie them up and place them in the freezer for several hours. When they completely harden, you can start treatment.
  • For a second, dip the candle in warm water and carefully enter into the anus. The candle will melt very quickly, especially at elevated temperatures in the area of ​​use, and water will leak out. This is not unusual.
  • Candles made of ice are used once, less often - twice a day. Thanks to this tool, spasm of blood vessels and expulsion of blood from an inflamed hemorrhoidal node occur, which prevents thrombosis.
  • Treatment with ice candles is continued until swelling and inflammation disappear. After this comes the turn of warm sessile baths with decoctions of medicinal plants, compresses and lotions. If a positive effect is visible, treatment is continued. If not, rectal suppositories, therapeutic gels and ointments are used.

Getting rid of hemorrhoids is easy. You just need to be attentive to changes in your body and not be afraid of a visit to the doctor. Timely treatment started is the key to a successful recovery.

Exacerbation treatment regimen

In the first hours of exacerbation of external hemorrhoids, the use of cold compresses and ice candles is effective. Cold causes a spasm of blood vessels that pushes blood from the nodes, which helps prevent thrombosis.

After reducing swelling and painful sensations, cold lotions are replaced with warm sitting baths - warming helps the resorption of blood clots. For the same purpose, compresses are made with ointments-anticoagulants. If these measures do not help, treatment with external and internal anti-inflammatory drugs for hemorrhoids is indicated.

In severe cases, thrombectomy is recommended - surgical excision of a thrombus.

Removal of external nodes

In general, surgical removal of external hemorrhoids is not very common, since such an operation will be extremely traumatic due to the need to make deep incisions under the skin. Classical surgical treatment - hemorrhoidectomy (removal of external nodes) is performed under general anesthesia and is indicated for severe illness with a high risk of complications.

Of minimally invasive techniques for treating external nodes, cryodestruction (freezing cones with liquid nitrogen), laser therapy, and electrocoagulation are performed.

Auxiliary methods of treatment - folk remedies at home

In addition to medical methods for the symptomatic treatment and prevention of relapse of external hemorrhoids, the use of homeopathic and folk remedies is recommended. The former are presented in the form of local preparations, for example, Fleming ointment (consisting of horse chestnut extract, marigold, witch hazel, menthol, zinc).

The tool has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. Homeopaths prepare drops and granules for oral administration on the basis of aloe, witch hazel, thistle and other medicinal plants. In any case, a homeopathic treatment should be selected by a specialist.

Folk recipes: home-made ointments based on clay, honey, propolis, mummy, decoctions and infusions of herbs in the form of lotions and baths help to get rid of the manifestations of external hemorrhoids. Any remedies that help relieve inflammation, strengthen blood vessels, and stop bleeding are suitable. Here are a few popular home-made medications:

  1. The highlander insisted during the night (1 tablespoon in 2 cups of boiling water) is divided into 3 doses, drunk per day. It acts against inflammation and bleeding.
  2. Brew tea from raspberry leaves, drink twice a day for a tablespoon. Proportions: per glass of hot water 2 tbsp. raw materials. The drug fights inflammation.
  3. An infusion of rose hips strengthens the venous walls. Grind 1 tbsp. berries, pour half a glass of boiling water, after 10 hours add a spoonful of honey, drink during the day.

As external means, you can make ointments for hemorrhoids, home candles, compresses:

  • pour cold water into the basin, add infusion or decoction of marigolds (onion husks, St. John's wort, chamomile, lavrushki), sit in the basin for 5 minutes - to stop the blood, alleviate the pain and tone the vessels,
  • all the same, but with warm water - helps relieve pain, prevents the formation of blood clots,
  • lotions from infusions of strawberry leaves, rowan berries, and mountaineer renal - relieve itching and soreness,
  • freeze the infusion of medicinal herbs in the form of a suppository, insert into the anus with severe pain and blood secretion,
  • cut a candle from raw potatoes, insert into the anus, leave overnight - helps to heal damaged vessels,
  • lubricate cones with ointment from equal proportions of butter, honey and aloe juice - relieves inflammation, regenerates tissues, has an antiseptic property,
  • prepare an ointment from grated garlic (200 g), honey (1 tsp) and milk (1/4 cup), heat until thickened over low heat, then grind until smooth, insist for 2-3 hours, grease the knots, overnight make lotions.

External hemorrhoids are also indications for hirudotherapy. Once a week, it is necessary to treat with leeches: up to 4 pieces are installed on the bumps, after the session there is a long bleeding that does not need to be scared. Hirudotherapy in some cases helps to avoid surgery and get rid of hemorrhoids forever.

How to get rid of internal hemorrhoids?

As we already said, internal hemorrhoids can develop imperceptibly for a long time. In the early stages of the disease, the veins of the rectum expand due to impaired blood outflow, but the nodules on them are still small and appear in conditions of increased intra-abdominal pressure (during difficult bowel movements, when lifting weights, etc.). At such moments, the patient may have a feeling of incomplete emptying and the presence of a foreign body in the intestine.

With the development of the disease, its symptoms progress. Hemorrhoidal nodes increase in size and begin to bulge into the lumen of the intestine. Constantly injured by feces, the dilated veins begin to hurt, bleed and cause internal discomfort.

3-4 stages of internal hemorrhoids are characterized by prolapse of the venous cones: they are already so large that when going to the toilet they can fall out. After defecation, the node can be pulled back itself, but the patient has to manually adjust the largest nodes.

The 1st stage of the disease can not only go unnoticed by the patient (if the symptoms are lubricated), but it is also difficult to diagnose. Most often, a person does not go to a doctor before the hemorrhoids reach the 2 - 3 stage.

The tactics of treatment depend on the severity of the disease. If the nodes fall out, they get pinched, vein thrombosis, complications develop, most likely that the proctologist will propose an operation. If you seem to the doctor, without waiting for such a condition, you can try to do with conservative means. A specialist will prescribe them, depending on the stage of hemorrhoids and disturbing symptoms.

Surgical methods

Surgery of internal hemorrhoids is well developed, including minimally invasive technologies that are widely used to get rid of the disease to the 3rd degree of severity:

  1. Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids is a procedure during which a gluing agent is introduced into the venous expansion. As a result, the walls of the cones are sealed, the node disappears.
  2. Ligation - ligation of the vessels supplying the node by applying a latex ring. Blood stops flowing into the node, and it dies within a week.
  3. Photo and laser coagulation - the introduction of a tip into the rectum with a light emitter. Under the influence of short-term extreme heating of a node, its walls collapse and sclerotize.
  4. Cryotherapy - the destruction of the internal cone by cooling. During the procedure, the dilated vein tissue dies.

All these manipulations are carried out under local anesthesia, are not very painful, bloodless and do not require long rehabilitation, can be performed on an outpatient basis. They give a quick effect: eliminate nodes, relieve symptoms of the disease, bring significant relief. However, they do not affect the cause of hemorrhoids in any way - weak vessel walls, and therefore relapses are not excluded.

In advanced cases, internal hemorrhoids have to be destroyed by radical surgery. As a result of this intervention, the nodes are excised, and the hemming of the vessels occurs to strengthen them and prevent the reappearance of the disease. Removal of internal hemorrhoids is a complex and traumatic operation, performed under general anesthesia, requires hospitalization, prolonged recovery, and deprives the patient of working capacity for 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, both patients and doctors try to avoid this, if possible, but, as a rule, proctologists prescribe such operations when they no longer see another way out.

Traditional medicine against internal hemorrhoids

With internal cones, all the same tools are applicable that help with external hemorrhoids. With the exception of the fact that suppositories, tampons with ointments must be inserted into the rectum to a depth of about 5 cm. Here are a few more popular recipes, especially effective for internal hemorrhoids:

  1. Prepare an ointment - a piece of butter, a teaspoon of honey, as much boron vaseline, a pinch of snuff or cigarette tobacco, ground into dust. Mix everything to a homogeneous state, inject the mass into the rectum deeper, you can use your finger directly, trying to find the nodes and grease them with ointment. Before the procedure, it is advisable to sit in a warm bath with potassium permanganate.
  2. Tobacco-based suppositories help well with internal hemorrhoids. You can make them by gutting cigarettes and mixing tobacco with interior fat, lard, butter, propolis, beeswax. Grind the mixture well, form suppositories and freeze them in the freezer. Insert the resulting candles at night.
  3. Take a tablespoon of pork internal fat and wax, add half a teaspoon of propolis, put in a water bath. After melting the mixture, add a spoonful of honey, pour in the powder from the crushed yarrow (1 tbsp) and 3 crushed mummy tablets. Put in the refrigerator, cut off a slice of the product in the form of a suppository at night, insert into the anus as deep as possible.
  4. It is good to moisten the fallen nodes with the infusion of 10 grams of crushed bay leaves on a glass of boiling water - make a tampon and apply to the cones.

Gymnastics for hemorrhoids

With any form of hemorrhoids, feasible physical activity is recommended, but exercises aimed at strengthening the entire pelvis, activating blood flow in this area and enhancing venous tone are especially useful.

It is recommended to perform such exercises:

  1. The so-called Kegel gymnastics - alternating relaxation and retraction of the anal sphincter, perineal muscles in any position: sitting, standing, lying down.
  2. Moving on the floor on the buttocks - accelerates blood in the lower body.
  3. Swing of the press in any projection, but without excessive overstrain of the abdominal wall.
  4. Running, walking at a distance of 4-5 km (cycling is not advisable).
  5. Run up the stairs.
  6. Deep squats with legs wide apart.
  7. Jumping in place.
  8. Headstand, on the shoulder blades, "bicycle" - contribute to the outflow of blood from the anal area, help with exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Antihemorrhoids diet

Proper and regular nutrition is one of the foundations of the treatment process for hemorrhoids. Its main principles are as follows:

  • exclude any dishes with an irritating effect (spicy, salty, smoked, fried, alcohol),
  • abandon a large number of protein products (meat, eggs), as they contribute to the formation of hard stools,
  • limit starchy foods (potatoes, pasta, bread, rice) that cause stool retention,
  • increase the consumption of insoluble fiber (fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, bran),
  • drink at least 8 glasses of water per day,
  • introduce laxative foods (apples, prunes, beets, dried apricots) into the diet,
  • drink fermented milk drinks with "live" bacteria.

It should be noted that the appearance of massive bleeding, purulent discharge, unbearable pain requires urgent medical attention, because they can talk about developed complications, the treatment of which is important to carry out in a hospital.

In any case, you should not treat hemorrhoids on your own, consultation with a specialist is necessary to determine therapeutic tactics, and then to monitor the course of treatment.

Features of internal hemorrhoids

The difficulty in diagnosing this form is not only that the problem is not visually visible. At the first stage, the symptoms of the disease are practically absent. Sometimes you may feel some discomfort during a bowel movement; over time, traces of pure scarlet blood from bursting inside microvessels appear on toilet paper. Bleeding is non-intense, irregular and painless, but this is already a specific signal about a decrease in vascular tone, a deterioration in blood supply and the formation of nodes.

When pain appears, other symptoms appear:

  1. A feeling of heaviness in the rectum,
  2. Partial bowel release during bowel movements,
  3. Burning and itching in the anus area due to caustic discharge characteristic of inflammation,
  4. Foreign body sensation in the anus
  5. Soreness of the bowel movement
  6. Inflammation and fissures in the perinatal zone,
  7. Increased bleeding, traces of blood on toilet paper, stool and underwear.

The arsenal of the modern clinic has various methods for the diagnosis of hemorrhoids: anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, ultrasound, x-ray examination, laboratory tests. After palpation and analysis of the examination results, the doctor will clarify the diagnosis and draw up a treatment regimen. What will be the duration of treatment depends on the stage of the disease and the state of health in general. Usually the course of treatment takes several months.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home with medicines

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids at home should begin with the medications prescribed by the doctor. The dosage and schedule of administration will also be prescribed by the doctor. At the first stages, the disease is successfully treated on an outpatient basis, only serious operations require hospitalization. And alternative methods help to consolidate the result, relieve symptoms, increase the period of remission in chronic form.

Usually prescribed courses of medication that normalize the tone of the vascular wall, eliminate blood stasis and prevent the formation of hemorrhoids. Among modern venotonic patients, Detralex, Litovit-B, Venarus, Flebodia, Hemoroidin, Ginkor Fort are most often preferred. In gel form, troxevasin is used locally.

At the same time, anti-inflammatory drugs are used: both non-hormonal (such as suppositories with indomethacin, Relif, Levomekol, Vishnevsky ointment), and hormonal ones, for example, with hydrocortisone (such as Ultraproct, Relif Ultra, Proctosedil M). The latter are more effective, but they have enough side effects.

For pain relief, systemic anesthetics are prescribed (such as Nise, Pentalgin, Ibuklin) or local effects, such as suppositories with soothing properties. The most famous candles are based on belladonna, novocaine, as well as Relief Advance, Anestezol, Neo-Anuzol, Ginkor Procto, Procto-Glivenol. In the same list and ointment Bezornil.

To prevent the spread of infection, antiseptics with a bioactive complex of natural ingredients (calendula, propolis, sea buckthorn) and chemical compounds (zinc, bismuth) are added to the treatment regimen. Locally apply candles Anuzol, Neo-Anuzol, Anestezol, with ichthyol and sea buckthorn oil.

If wound healing agents are needed, suppositories based on methyluracil, sea buckthorn oil, propolis and shark liver fat are prescribed to stimulate recovery processes.

For the prevention of thrombosis, anticoagulants that dilute blood are used, based on heparin in various dosage forms (ointments, suppositories).

To stop internal intestinal bleeding, hemostatic agents are used: tablets like Vikasol or suppositories with adrenaline. They constrict blood vessels and repair damaged tissue Relief Advance, Relief, Procto-Glivenol, Natalsid.

According to indications, laxatives are also used: Guttalax, Dufalac, Portalac, Normase. They reduce blood stasis in the veins, reduce blood pressure from the crowded intestines.

Recipes for hemorrhoids from the arsenal of traditional medicine

What else can treat internal hemorrhoids at home? In parallel, you can prepare decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants, stopping pain and inflammation, relieving swelling.

  • A decoction of herbal. Prepare the raw materials: calendula (flowers), strawberries (leaves), tea rose (petals), coltsfoot (flowers), plantain (leaves), linden (inflorescences). All components should be in equal parts (1 tablespoon is enough for one serving). The mixture is poured with boiling water (1 l) and incubated in a water bath for 15 minutes. Insist to a comfortable temperature and take 100 ml 3-4 times a day. The course is long, until the symptoms disappear.
  • Beetroot juice. Large grate the root crop and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth (you can use a juicer). The drink is too concentrated, so drink it should be diluted (combined 1: 1) in a third of a glass. Multiplicity of admission - 4 times a day.
  • A medicine for improving blood flow from garlic is prepared on the basis of milk. For 6 cloves (peeled and chopped), one glass of milk (ideally homemade) is enough. Insist in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Take 1 tablespoon after a meal, the frequency of administration is 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 week.
  • Mullein is used as a wound healing agent. Fragrant herbal tea with honey flavor is made from dried inflorescences. You can drink it as much as you like, for one day.
  • Sea buckthorn oil is a proven pain reliever: reduces bleeding, envelops the rectum, softens nodes. You need to drink 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach. Multiplicity of admission - 1 time per day.

Not all medicines and medicinal plants are successfully combined; before use, you need to coordinate your choice with your doctor.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids

Of all the home procedures (baths, compresses, irrigation, microclysters), suppositories will be the most effective for treating internal hemorrhoids. In this form, the drug penetrates to the required depth, providing a targeted local effect, without polluting the bloodstream with unnecessary chemical compounds. The contents of suppositories (both homemade and pharmacy) envelops the surface of the mucosa, protecting it from damage and infection. Suppositories in the pharmacy network are released without prescriptions.

Before using suppositories, a detailed familiarization with the instructions and consultation with a doctor are required.At home, you can make candles with honey, lard, potatoes, vegetable oil.

  1. The easiest way to stop bleeding and reduce inflammation is with ice candles from plain water. As a mold for ice, a rubber fingertip is suitable. From the freezer, the suppository is immediately inserted into the anus for several minutes. The procedure does not promise radical changes, but as an ambulance, it is quite effective.
  2. Instead of water, thick, candied honey is also used in ice candles. The principle of manufacturing a honey candle is similar. Honey works as a decongestant and wound healing agent.
  3. Candles from potatoes help with cramping and inflammation. You can cut a whole suppository from raw potatoes and put in the anus for several hours. So that the coarse cone does not damage the inflamed tissues, it is necessary to lubricate it with sea buckthorn oil, which enhances the therapeutic effect. If the nodes are not superficial, you can cook gruel from grated potatoes, put it on a bandage, tie and apply in the form of a tampon.
  4. Candles are also made with mountain oil, known as the mummy. As additional ingredients use starch and milk (in any proportions). For stability, the workpiece must be well cooled. Insert it into the anus at night. The course of treatment is one week.
  5. If exacerbation of hemorrhoids is caused by constipation, animal fat will help. Unsalted pork fat is mixed with celandine (one pinch) and frozen in molds. Enter once in the usual way.

Suppositories are introduced slowly, to a depth of 2 cm. After the introduction, you need to lie down a bit so that the medicine is absorbed, since in the upright position there is a risk of the suppository falling out. If the chosen remedy causes discomfort, an allergic reaction, it is necessary to stop its use and choose an analogue with your doctor.

Can hemorrhoids be cured forever

Talking about a final recovery is problematic, since hemorrhoids, exacerbated once, in the future again progresses under the influence of pathogenic factors. The elasticity and permeability of the vascular walls is pathologically reduced, it is difficult to correct using official and folk methods. In acute forms and timely response to a problem, pain can be quickly eliminated and its occurrence in remissions can be prevented. With bleeding, the course of the pathological process with hemorrhoids is noticeably complicated.

Microclysters from varicose veins of hemorrhoidal veins

Throwers about how to quickly cure internal hemorrhoids at home can add another procedure to the treatment regimen. For irrigation of the problem area of ​​the house, enemas are used. As a filler, decoctions of calendula, sage, chamomile, wormwood, St. John's wort, wild strawberry leaves, oak bark are used. The recipe for cooking is standard: for 1-2 tablespoons of raw materials - 0.5-1 l of water. In addition to medicinal plants, honey, mummy, potato and beetroot juice are used.

  • Beet or potato juice is squeezed out of their ripe quality root vegetables. To reduce irritation, it is better to reduce the concentration by diluting the juice with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Douching is advisable before bedtime.
  • From the leaves of strawberries, a decoction is prepared in the following proportions: 1 glass of water for 1 tablespoon of dry raw materials. Pour boiling water and insist to a comfortable temperature for the procedure.
  • Honey should be dissolved in boiled water and introduced into the anus for several minutes. Light burning is considered a normal reaction.
  • Mummies for enemas are also dissolved in boiled water. The rest of the procedure is similar.
  • Sea buckthorn oil can be added to any of herbal decoctions. The protective membrane that it creates on the mucous membrane protects against infections and facilitates bowel movements during constipation.

If there are doubts about the individual tolerance of folk remedies, it is necessary to conduct a test. You should not get carried away with such procedures: in order not to overdry the internal surface of the intestine, 2-3 enemas a week are enough, it is better at night (hypothermia and physical activity reduce all efforts to zero).

Is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery

Many patients, fearing surgery, with hemorrhoids choose conservative therapy. It is important to understand that with medical treatment it is impossible to permanently get rid of painful cones and their extremely undesirable appearance, however, it is quite possible to extend the period of remission. To avoid another exacerbation, the proctologist recommends adhering to the principles of proper nutrition, abandoning a passive lifestyle and moving more, performing special exercises at home to strengthen blood vessels.

How to cure hemorrhoids

Before resorting to using minimally invasive methods of treatment, patients decide to use anti-inflammatory ointments and creams rectally, and additionally use pain medications inside to accelerate the positive dynamics of the underlying disease. To get rid of internal hemorrhoids forever, you need to resort to the help of the following pharmacological groups:

  • systemic venotonics in the form of tablets: Detralex, Anavenol, Phlebodia 600,
  • thrombolytics: heparin, troxevasin,
  • painkillers: candles with belladonna, with menthol,
  • anticoagulants: Heparin ointment, Hepatrombin G,
  • vasoconstrictor ointments: Relief, Relief Advance,
  • hormonal drugs with decongestant action: Ultraproct, Procto-Glivenol,
  • herbal remedies: Ginkor Forte, Asklesan A.

Minimally invasive node removal

If the drugs do not give a positive effect, as well as in cases of bleeding and severe pain, rapid removal of hemorrhoids is required.

Minimally invasive interventions for hemorrhoidal disease:

  • Ligation of precipitated hemorrhoids with latex rings. The procedure is that the leg of the disturbing node is pinched by a latex ring. Due to a violation of its blood supply, tissue necrosis and node rejection occur.
  • The method of sclerotherapy of nodes. Sclerotherapy is relevant in the early stages of hemorrhoids. It is used to stop bleeding from cavernous bodies. Under the control of the anoscope, a special substance is introduced into the hemorrhoidal nodule. Sclerosant causes the process of its atrophy. As a result of this procedure, the nodes become smaller in diameter and do not bleed.
  • Coagulation of the vascular pedicle of the node using infrared radiation. As a result of this targeted impact, there is a violation of the nutrition of blood vessels and rejection of the hemorrhoid develops.

Surgical intervention

Operations are performed in the most advanced stages of the disease, when there is a risk of serious complications.

Surgery to remove hemorrhoids in a hospital:

  1. Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy. This is the excision of the nodes, starting with the outer section of the rectum.
  2. Operation Longo. Perform using a special tool for excising nodes - stapler.
  3. Cryodestructive surgery. Destruction of hemorrhoids with low temperatures.

During pregnancy and after childbirth

A special place is occupied by women who want to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth. The fact is that almost all medicines are forbidden to them. Often, girls self-medicate and harm the fetus or child during lactation.

Rectal suppositories and ointments are allowed at certain times. Consent must be given by the attending physician obstetrician-gynecologist. Most often, baths with anti-inflammatory herbs are recommended to relieve pain symptoms.

After childbirth, in most cases, the disease goes away by itself! Less commonly, hemorrhoidal nodes are removed using minimally invasive methods.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Today there is no fully confirmed, single cause of hemorrhoids. There are several theories based on the pathology of venous vessels, their valvular apparatus.

Vein insufficiency leads to dystrophic changes in the caverns located around the anus, the imbalance of blood inflow and outflow to them, the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes. The triggers of hemorrhoidal disease in men and women are numerous provoking factors. Among them there are general, predisposing points:

  • hereditary predisposition is one of the most reliable theories of the onset of the disease: a congenital change in the structure of veins, vascular permeability leads to an increase in blood pressure in anorectal cavities, protrusion of the venous wall, congestive rectal zone,
  • lack of exercise - neglect of even minimal motor activity, a "sedentary" lifestyle, leading to stagnation in the pelvic organs, at risk are: office employees, programmers, drivers, cashiers. secretaries
  • prolonged standing, causing the same stagnation of the anorectal zone, this is typical for teachers, surgeons, waiters, actors (considered a common cause of thrombosis),
  • age - the likelihood of developing a pathology, the chances of easily getting rid of hemorrhoids fall with age: for those who are over 40 characterized by age-related loss of elasticity, vascular tone with anorectal stagnation of blood flow,
  • dyspepsia, caused by a malfunction of the digestive system, constipation, alternating with diarrhea, cause irritation of the mucosa, trauma to the rectum, anus during bowel movements, secondary infection, stagnation in anorectal cavities due to impaired blood outflow,
  • stress - constant neuro-emotional overstrain leads to dysfunction of many organs, tissues, provokes constipation, increases the risk of hemorrhoidal disease,
  • improper diet - an excess of low-useful foods that cause constipation, obesity, to the detriment of foods enriched with natural dietary fiber, provokes hemorrhoids,
  • anal sex
  • frequent enemas.

In addition to general negative factors, there are also gender ones. For example, a pregnancy with hormonal restructuring of the body, constant pressure on the vessels of the pelvis with a growing fetus and minimal motor activity is considered to be a purely female hemorrhoid trigger. An exacerbation of gynecological diseases that stimulate the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes is also inherent in women (pathology of the pelvic organs, genital infections).

Purely male provocative factor is considered heavy physical labor, excessive sports loads (weightlifting), causing an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and stagnation in the pararectal zone. In addition, all urogenital infections and pathologies (prostatitis, urethritis, epididymitis) are also provocateurs of hemorrhoids.

More recently, male habits were considered alcohol, drugs, smoking, but today - this is another common trigger.

There are a number of diseases that provoke the formation of hemorrhoids:

  • erosive and ulcerative processes in the digestive tube of various origins,
  • pathology of the biliary system, cirrhosis,
  • celiac disease - congenital intolerance to cereal gluten,
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • tumor growth.

Hemorrhoids can be cured forever only if all these prerequisites are eliminated, and long-term remission can be achieved if their effect on the human body is minimized.

Systemic disease therapy

Getting rid of hemorrhoids in the early stages is possible with the help of systemic therapy. The use of tablet preparations has its own characteristics. Tablets:

  • quickly stop the acute process,
  • treat latent hemorrhoids,
  • just replaced by an analog,
  • convenient when preparing for and after the operation,
  • go well with other drugs.

The active substance of systemic drugs can be flavonoid diosmin, hesperidin, rutin, pentoxifylline, plant components. The following tablet preparations for hemorrhoids are considered the most popular:

Preventive actions

In order to avoid hemorrhoidal disease, you need to eat right. It is better to limit the use of too spicy and salty foods. It is useful to consume enough fluid and fiber with food. It is important to exclude alcoholic beverages.

Light gymnastic exercises (daily) have a good effect on the state of blood vessels. Compliance with hygiene rules helps to prevent the development of pathological changes in the rectum. This is the use of soft toilet paper and washing with water after each bowel movement.

Timely access to a doctor helps to avoid surgical interventions and makes life easier for the patient.



Detralex is a venotonic with an angioprotective effect based on diosmin, hesperidin. It is used for external, internal hemorrhoids relieves congestion in the anorectal region, balances microcirculation, vascular permeability, softens fecal stones.

The drug is well tolerated, with the exception of individual intolerance to the components. When pregnancy is used from the second trimester on the recommendation of a doctor. The price is 640 rubles.

The full Russian analogue is Venarus (490 rubles.)

Phlebodia 600

Phlebodia 600 from the diosmin group is phlebotonic with angioprotective properties, tones and restores the blood vessel wall, relieves inflammation, venous congestion, and balances the blood flow in the anus region.

As side effects noted: burning behind the sternum, nausea, abdominal and headaches, allergies. The cost is 850 rubles.

An analogue is a vazoket (600 rubles).


The drug Antistax is a soft plant phlebotonic of grape leaves. It is able to protect the endothelium from negative influences, normalizes vascular permeability, removes pastiness, reduces the size of hemorrhoids.

Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance. Cost - 580 rubles.

A plant-based analogue (mummy) Pileks - 600 rubles, Venoprotect (escin) - 350, Ginkor Fort (ginkgo biloba) - 550.


The drug Troxevasin is a representative of the rutin group with angioprotective, venotonic, antioxidant properties. It has anti-inflammatory, regenerative effect on blood vessels, stimulates anorectal blood flow.

It is indicated for any form of hemorrhoids, trophic disorders, varicose veins. Individual sensitivity to the drug is noted. The price is 300 rubles.

The analogue is Normoven (385 rubles), Troxerutin - 330, Ascorutin - 40.


The drug Vasonite from the group of pentoxifylline - venotonic, angioprotector, normalizes the blood flow of the rectum, anus, improves nutrition by expanding the lumen of the capillaries, blocks thrombosis.

Contraindicated in stroke or AMI, bleeding, individual intolerance. It has many side effects: allergies, headache, dizziness, drop in blood pressure against tachycardia, insomnia, digestive upset. Cost - 460 rubles.

Treatment of internal hemorrhoid cones

Rectal hemorrhoids in men and women are corrected by rectal suppositories, as the most convenient contact agents for use in combination with systemic therapy as prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes the introduction of ointments on tampons or special spatulas (to enhance the result) is practiced. Such treatment is most effective, especially in the early stages of the disease.

List of drugs

External drugs of various pharmacological groups are popular:

  • Relief line (Relief Advance, Relif Ultra, Relif Pro) based on shark liver oil - hemostatics: Advance is strengthened with a painkiller component, Ultra is anti-inflammatory, hormonal. Drugs regenerate the mucous membrane, block bleeding. Relief price - 375 rubles, Advance - 420, Ultra - 480 rubles, Relief Pro - 400.
  • The drug Procto-Glivenol is available in the form of ointments, suppositories, and is used for nodes of any localization. The main effect is venotonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Relieves tissue pastiness, stagnation in the rectal blood flow. Pay attention to individual sensitivity and possible allergic reactions. The price is 360 rubles.
  • Suppositories, ointment Ultraproct - drugs with a hormonal supplement in two forms, which enhances the anti-inflammatory, and therefore analgesic effect. In addition, the remedy relieves itching, pain, pastiness. Contraindications - infections, individual intolerance to the components. Cost - 180 rubles.
  • Rectal capsules Proctosedil M is an anti-inflammatory drug with a hormonal component that guarantees painkillers, drying properties. Relieves swelling, itching, has the effect of an antiseptic. It is used for acute and chronic hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus, in preparation for operations, during the rehabilitation period. The price is 310 rubles.
  • Suppositories and ointment Posterisan forte - local immunoregulators with a hormonal component, have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. They are used for nodes of any localization, stop itching, burning of the anus, dermatitis, eczema, anal fissures. Cost - 480 rubles.
  • Hepatrombin ointment, suppositories are able to dissolve blood clots, regenerants. With hemorrhoids, pain, inflammation, pastiness are stopped. The price is 120 rubles. Hepatrombin G - an analogue with a hormonal supplement, costs - 165 rubles.
  • Ointment, suppositories Proctosan have astringent properties, relieve inflammation, pain, stop bleeding from the anus, and regenerate the rectal mucosa. The price is 350 rubles.

Folk remedies

Alternative treatment does not have methods for how to quickly, simply get rid of external hemorrhoids or prevent the development of the disease. Alternative recipes are a component of complex therapy, which should be treated with caution, since even the most harmless components can be poison. With internal hemorrhoids used:

  • Decoctions inside of medicinal herbs (buckthorn, chamomile, prune, calendula, nettle, wormwood), anti-hemorrhoids ready fees, dogwood berries. mountain ash. Brew 20 g of raw materials per glass of boiling water. All fees are agreed with the doctor.
  • Home-made suppositories are made from the pulp of raw vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke), frozen infusions of medicinal plants, mineral water, from the bottom sheet of a three-year aloe turned inside out.
  • Use candied honey, propolis, wax, pine resin, which is heated in a steam bath until smooth, and then form and freeze in molds.

These are only additional methods of therapy, they are not used as mono-drugs, since they can only temporarily relieve symptoms, but delay the time of contacting a proctologist.

Minimally invasive and surgical operations

In the later stages of the pathological process, the proctologist appoints the operation. Until stage 4, minimally invasive techniques are practiced:

  • latex ligation - exclusion from the bloodstream of a node by dragging its legs with a latex ring,
  • sclerotherapy - gluing the walls of the vessels supplying the cavity with a special sclerosant preparation, followed by desolation,
  • infrared photocoagulation - cauterization of the affected area of ​​the rectal mucosa with stopping bleeding,
  • laser cauterization of caverns - an analog of infrared manipulation using a laser light beam,
  • deserterization - sequentially dressing each vessel supplying the node under the control of special equipment.

In the most severe cases, they resort to a radical operation to excise a node - hemorrhoidectomy with an open or sutured wound.

How to treat external nodes

External agents in the complex therapy of external hemorrhoids are ointments, creams, gels, liniments, sometimes in combination with suppositories, if the combined form of hemorrhoidal disease is corrected or the result of external therapy needs to be strengthened.

Most often, Relief or Proctosan ointment is used (they stop inflammation and pain, block the bleeding of the internal nodes of hemorrhoids, regenerate tissues), Procto-Glivenol cream (painkillers), Ultraproct or Proctosedil hormone ointment (have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, remove itching, burning) the immunomodulator Posterisan forte, thrombolytic Hepatrombin G. And also the line of drugs presented below.

Surgical treatment

If we talk about surgical treatment of external hemorrhoids, it should be noted that this is a contraindication for the classical excision of subcutaneous nodes: an unreasonably traumatic operation. Minimally invasive techniques are most often used; deserterization or ultrasound hemorrhoidectomy is optimal. A thrombectomy can be performed with a scalpel.

How to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor so that hemorrhoids do not return?

Today there are only three basic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis in hemorrhoidal disease:

  • Gently squeeze the muscles of the perineum for 5-6 seconds, relax smoothly (optimal time is 30 seconds). Then, with the available maximum speed, you should then contract, then relax the muscles of the intimate zone.
  • “Lift”: simulating the rise to the 10th floor, when with each floor the muscle tension increases and is fixed to the next level. Relax smoothly, as when descending by elevator. You can start with 3-4 steps, gradually adding as much as possible in a real elevator.
  • Pushing sensation: push and relax.

Every day you need to do 4 approaches with a multiplicity of 8 times. Every 10 days, add in repeat until their number reaches 20. You can perform exercises in any position. Feeling tired is the norm. You can not do exercises for hemorrhoids with an exacerbation of pathology and the threat of miscarriage. An additional exercise therapy will be selected by the doctor.

Which products are better to refuse?

The list of prohibited foods differs in composition when compiling a diet for hemorrhoid therapy with constipation or diarrhea. The general requirement is that any food or drink that causes an increased blood flow to the intestinal zone is excluded.

When constipation is prohibited:

  • flatulence-enhancing foods: legumes, cabbage, sorrel, grapes, milk,
  • alcohol, beer, soda, fresh, coffee, strong tea,
  • bakery products,
  • rice, semolina,
  • paste,
  • sweet fruits
  • fatty meat, dairy products.

With diarrhea, the following are excluded:

  • whole milk,
  • ginger,
  • Garnet,
  • pumpkin,
  • Apple juice,
  • dairy products,
  • raw vegetable salads,
  • chocolate,
  • alcohol.
Can eatYou can not eat
Vegetables: beets, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflowerCabbage, radish, legumes, potatoes
Fruits: apples, bananas, apricots, plums, citrus fruits, various dried fruitsPasta
Cereals: buckwheat, pearl barley, barley, oatManka, rice
Low-fat varieties of meat, fish, poultryMarinades, canned food, pickles
Dairy products enriched with lactobacilli and bifidobacteriaFatty Dairy Products
Whole grain bread, branWhite bread, pastry, pastries, chocolate
Water in accordance with the drinking ration, green tea, fruit drink, dried fruit compoteAlcohol, jelly, coffee


Hemorrhoidal disease violates a person’s quality of life, therefore, a timely visit to a doctor at the first sign of hemorrhoids is not only the key to successful treatment, but also maintaining active longevity.

There is no consensus on the optimal methods of treating hemorrhoids of different stages of severity today. The only thing doctors are sure of is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of pathology, which is impossible without a full clinical and laboratory examination, an accurate diagnosis, and a correct lifestyle.


Daily exercises in therapeutic gymnastics strengthen the muscles of the press, buttocks, sphincter, perineum, improve blood flow in the pelvis, and prevent stagnation. To get started, it’s enough to learn a few simple exercises.

  1. Starting position - lying on your back. The legs are bent at the knees, the feet on the floor. Slowly raise the pelvis, straining the buttocks. After a few seconds, lower to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.
  2. This exercise is familiar to many as scissors. It is convenient to perform on a hard surface, for example, on the floor. Lying on your back, legs should be raised at an angle of 45 degrees. Cross and breed limbs alternately, avoiding overstrain and fatigue.
  3. Imitate the pose of a cat. To do this, stand on all fours and bend your back forward. Repeat up to 100 times.

In addition to these exercises, to strengthen the muscles of the lower body, it is useful to squat, bend and unbend legs while lying down, as when riding a bicycle.

Diet for hemorrhoids

The basis of any complex therapy for varicose hemorrhoidal veins is medical nutrition. It is important to adjust the diet so as to get rid of constipation, not to irritate the inflamed intestines with rough and spicy foods.

Vegetables and fruits can be consumed in any form, avoiding raw salads from cabbage, radishes and other products with coarse fiber, irritating the intestines. Prunes, dried apricots, figs help fight constipation. Viscous porridge made from oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, and also dairy products are useful.

To prevent constipation, it is important to control the water balance. In addition to semi-liquid mashed soups, compotes and juices, you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean unboiled water per day.

Fatty, fried, spicy, smoked, canned foods, strong and carbonated drinks should be excluded from the diet. Potatoes, rice and pasta are also blacklisted. Food should be fractional - 5-6 times a day, in small portions.

Traditional medicine in this scheme plays the role of an auxiliary prophylactic. At the same time, baths, poultices, compresses, ointments are effective only with the combined form of hemorrhoids. In some cases, the situation can only be corrected by surgical methods. If home remedies do not bring relief during the week, an additional examination must be done to rule out more serious complications - venous thrombosis, paraproctitis, anal fistula, oncology.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids forever

Doctors recommend resorting to surgical intervention. This is the most effective method to get rid of hemorrhoids forever, to ease general well-being and once painful trips to the toilet. It is recommended to be guided by instructions of the attending physician, proctologist. Operations are available at the initial stage of external hemorrhoids, but with internal hemorrhoids it is somewhat complicated. Hence the variety of techniques of radical methods of treatment.

From external hemorrhoids

The focus of the pathology in this case is localized at the entrance to the anus, palpated by palpation. An effective method to get rid of external hemorrhoids forever involves the surgical excision of a painful node under local anesthesia. This is a hemorrhoidectomy, which is performed in the presence of serious indications with a risk of complications. As an alternative, such modern techniques as cryodestruction, laser therapy, electrocoagulation are used.

From internal hemorrhoids

The clinical picture is somewhat complicated by the localization of the focus of the pathology, therefore, several effective methods are immediately provided for the painless removal of the inflamed hemorrhoid:

  1. Sclerotherapy involves soldering hemorrhoids with a gluing agent introduced into the anus.
  2. Ligation is accompanied by the imposition of a latex ring for ligation of the vessels that feed the node.
  3. Laser coagulation provides short-term heating of the node, as a result of which its walls fall off and sclerotize.
  4. Cryotherapy involves exposure to cold, as a result of which the inflamed tissues of the dilated vein die.


Yana, 37 years old. To get rid of hemorrhoids, I used ice candles. It was not possible to eliminate it forever, but the relief was almost instant. It’s difficult to decide on the operation, so I chose symptomatic therapy with folk remedies. The main thing is not to start the problem, pay attention to pain in time, and control the stool.

Olga, 41 years old. I have such a piquant problem that is chronic in nature, so it’s problematic to completely get rid of it. But to reduce the severity of relapses, I use Relief. The ointment is natural, acts quickly and without complications. She was prescribed to me during pregnancy. The child is already 5 years old, and I still use it with the next attack.

Ivanna, 34. Against an inflamed bump in the anus, I periodically do a cold compress. The vessels narrow quickly and acute pain passes. In general, I try to prevent recurrence, control my own nutrition and try to eliminate constipation in time. You just need to learn how to live in hemorrhoids, and not provoke acute relapses.

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