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Fashionable men's haircuts 2018

In 2018, modern trends dictate a special approach to choosing a fashionable haircut, which should be distinguished by high style and show the status of a man. Despite the advice of leading stylists, men's haircuts 2018 are not subject to temporary changes and some options have remained in fashion since the end of the last century.

Trends in men's haircuts in 2018

In 2018, stylists and hairdressers offer a large selection of modern men's hairstyles to a strong half of humanity, starting with classic haircuts, ending with buns and tails on the back of the head. An overview of fashionable men's hairstyles in 2018 will allow you to choose the most suitable ones. Stylists are always ready to help men decide on the optimal solution for all ages.

Modern fashion trends tend to constantly change. In any season, designers pay great attention not only to men's clothing, but also to haircuts. Fashionable hairstyles appear in life right from the catwalks, as many strive to succeed for world celebrities in creating their own style.

Short haircuts in large quantities are offered to owners of thin hair. For such hairstyles, styling is not required, so any man can be confident in his appearance, which will be modern under any circumstances. Businessmen can turn their attention to classic hairstyles with medium length strands, as natural and elegant haircuts are fashionable in 2018.

Medium length haircuts require careful styling.

Experiments with drawings in the neck area are relevant in the 2018 youth men's fashion. You should not choose hairstyles with long or medium curls, if there is absolutely no time for grooming and daily hair styling. The use of styling requires a conscious approach. The hair should not look untidy after using the hair gel.

For curly men who do not know the methods of styling hair in trendy haircuts, it is better to consult a hairdresser. Open temples in 2018 are most preferred. They allow not only to perform hairstyles in retro style, but also to create a bright modern masculine image.

Fashionable men's hairstyles for short hair

In 2018, the trend is hairstyles for short strands, the relevance of which remains for decades. They are easy to install, which is the reason for their choice by millions of men. Original haircuts are not inferior to classic men's hairstyles in a sporty style.

A popular boxing haircut is chosen by men at any age. The length of the strands should be no more than 3 cm, and a volume is created on the top of the head, which is typical for this haircut. The length of the strands on the sides is minimal. The lines should seamlessly blend one into another so that the haircut has a natural and neat appearance. Boxing hairstyle should not be shocking, and hair should not be made shaggy. The differences between another fashionable half-box haircut from boxing are insignificant:

  • the presence of an imperceptible transition between the hair in the neck,
  • descent of the border below the crown line
  • hair length is more than 4 cm.

You can experiment with a half-box haircut in different ways. The hairstyle is easy to fit, it can be given a natural look. The bangs are combed back, on one side or straightened on the forehead. When creating different images, you can focus on the original Iroquois.

Unlike a half-box, a haircut is not suitable for curly-haired men.

A shaved nape or whiskey is a characteristic detail for the novelties of the 2018 season. To avoid banality in a haircut, various geometric figures and patterns shaved in the area of ​​the nape or temples allow. The fashion for them, which has undergone many changes, has been preserved since the 80s. To obtain a perfect drawing, you will need the services of a professional.

Rebel Iroquois are not at all aggressive. Interesting hairstyles, for example, Quiff, can look like a classic hairstyle. Cutting strands from the top with a pyramid allows you to naturally raise your hair.

Actual haircuts for men in 2018

Any man is pleased to choose fashionable hairstyles, but you need to do this wisely. It must be remembered that short haircuts are always relevant, they are suitable for all occasions. Such haircuts as:

Hedgehog is a universal haircut. She fits perfectly into the image of a man or teenager, so for decades she has not gone out of style. This classic version, which has been tested for years, will be able to decorate the thickest and naughty strands.

A hedgehog haircut suits men with a perfect head shape.

The Canadian haircut involves the creation of a flat platform on the top, in harmony with the hair of a shorter length in the neck and temples. For modern Canadian hairstyles, sharp transitions with clear boundaries are not characteristic, but trendy negligence is always in fashion. The master must make every effort to qualitatively form a haircut. The bangs can be combed back.

In 2018, it is fashionable for men with thick hair to wear a hat. This original haircut has a lush hair on the top and a shaved part from below, which connects a simple transition. Hairstyle suits men with square faces. Saving long strands allows you to choose the most suitable types of styling from a large number of options.

Modern men's haircuts are a reflection of the status of men. It is important to choose a hairstyle that can be combined with any clothes.

A characteristic feature of a stylish gavrosh are elongated curls in the neck area that create volume. The 2018 trend has changed gavrosh, making him disheveled. To enhance the rebellious image, light shaving or a small beard is assumed.

An unusual solution, fashionable in 2018, was a bunch. The shaved areas on the side and back blend perfectly with the beard. This creative option suggests the presence of regrown hair in the crown of the head. The strands are collected with an elastic band in a bundle.

The best men's haircuts for short hair

Short hair in men often in appearance looks more neat and tidy, because they are smaller and, accordingly, less entanglement and pollution. Caring for short hair requires less time, less shampoo and conditioner consumption. And hair drying also takes a little time.

Katerina Fadeeva

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As the popularity of barbershops grew, men began to experiment with haircuts no less than women! We asked stylist and creative partner Matrix Vitaly Pimenov about fashion trends in haircuts and hairstyles for men.

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Stylish haircuts for men with medium hair

Regular haircuts and professional hair styling do not stop many men from wearing stylish haircuts for medium length hair. And not in vain. Hairstyles of medium length allow a man to look brutal and courageous.

Interesting men's hairstyles for long hair

Men's hairstyles with long hair require a lot of care and cost, a special style in everything and are not very popular. But those men who wear long hair try to braid them or tie them in a ponytail. Units prefer haircuts with bangs.

10 popular men's hairstyles in 2018

The most common haircut among men with short hair is bangs. Easy styling with gel or paste significantly reduces the time of a business-oriented and purposeful man, and you are a handsome man from the cover of a magazine that no one can resist.

2018 hit - man bun haircut. It used to be widely used by hipsters, but today it is gaining popularity among young guys, as it perfectly reflects a sense of fashion and style. It is necessary to take care of such a hairstyle every day, but it takes very little time. A constant ritual every morning: shaving on the sides and, if desired, styling hair in the tail. Keep your hair clean because oily and greasy hair look awful!

Retro haircut a la 50-60s

If you watched and remember old films, then remember that the 50-60s were times of prosperity and the rise of fashion and the concept of glamor. Stylists came up with new hairstyles for famous wealthy clients. The music and film industries have significantly influenced the popularity of men's hairstyles around the world. American singer Elvis Aaron Presley and actor James Byron Dean have had a major impact on the men's hairstyle subculture. The long-forgotten retro hairstyles are back in fashion again in the upcoming 2018.

The revolution in the world of men's haircuts, which took place in the 70s, again takes place in 2018. An indomitable image, freedom of spirit are inherent to the owner of such a haircut and styling. Regent hairstyle is associated with school hooligans and the main characters of the Russian film "The Brigade".

If you want to look like a rock star, then the mullet hairstyle is perfect for this purpose. Remember the British band The Beatles, which looked super stylish for those years. In 2018, an up-grade mullet hairstyle occurred as a color change. Colorists came up with an incomparable game of natural and bright colors.

Most women are attracted to men with such hairstyles, because she is one of the most popular haircuts in 2018 and will soon go out of fashion.

The modern version of the Buzzcut men's haircut is characterized by minimalism. This is a hairstyle without age and experience. Ultra-short haircut almost “at zero” refreshes the male image and visually takes off a couple of years.

Long hair and beard

Beard is an integral part of the hairstyle. What allowed the English actor Kit Harington, who played the role of John Snow, the character from the famous series Game of Thrones, to transform from a tender fragile young man into a normal strong guy without losing his former attractiveness? The ability to work on yourself and the right choice of hairstyle! Of course, not everyone is allowed to become a star, but choosing a suitable haircut is an affordable luxury for any guy. For grown-up men, long hair and a beard are perfect, in perfect harmony with a tuxedo, bow tie and fashionable patent leather shoes.

According to stylists, nothing is new. To create a stylish look, you do not need new-fangled hairstyles, just select Fade haircut, which exists in three varieties. A haircut from the temples is a mid fade. Low fade cuts just below the temporal lobe. And in High Fade, hair is shaved above the temples.

The legendary haircut is called Ceasar. “Bad guys” make a Ceasar haircut, but there are rumors that this hairstyle gives the owner clarity of thought, reason and prudence. She is recognized as the most comfortable, practical and stylish haircut in the coming 2018 year.

Pixie haircut for men

Outwardly resembling a fashionable female pixie haircut, the male hairstyle, formerly called the Hitler Youth, is gaining popularity. Such a haircut can change the male image, depending on the styling. Spectacular mohawk or loose developing hair - it's up to you.

If you are looking for popular men's hairstyles in 2018 to revitalize your look, see the examples below:


The hair length should be short and not exceed five centimeters. The hairstyle itself is characterized by sharpness and geometric lines. Almost on any representative of the stronger sex, hairstyles with parting and smoothly combed hair look great.


Men's haircut machine creates a sporty hairstyle, the length of which rarely exceeds two centimeters. Short hair can smoothly turn into slightly elongated, thereby giving a visual volume to the hairstyle. The sports style is universal and suitable for men of all age groups.

Fashionable men's haircut "Tennis" 2018 2019

Tennis is a great haircut for those who want to always look perfect and not waste time styling. The hairstyle is characterized by smoothly shaved whiskey and the back of the head, as well as relatively long hair at the crown. There are many varieties of haircuts.

Among the most popular are:

They differ in the length of the strands, the presence of bangs and various styling. Despite the simplicity, the hairstyle looks elegant and excellent for men of all ages.

2. The half box

The half-box is a trendy, youthful male haircut. For many guys, a half-box hairstyle is the best choice. Long hair left in the upper part can sometimes be laid back, combed to one side or laid in the form of a fluffy bang, in the style of pompadour. This hairstyle is suitable for short hair.

3. Half-box with mohawk

In 2017, half-box hairstyles with Iroquois gained popularity and in 2018 they will also be in an uptrend. This stylish haircut with shaved temples is suitable for hair types from straight to highly curly and looks great with various styling, combed back and carelessly shaggy.

Fashionable men's haircut “Boxing” 2018 2019

Boxing is a universal men's haircut, allowing its owner to look courageous and, even, somewhat brutal. The hair length does not exceed 3-4 cm, while it reaches its maximum at the crown. A hairstyle is suitable for anyone, and in order to make it you need only a machine with two nozzles and scissors.

  • universal
  • highlights features
  • does not require styling.

The only category of people who should not wear boxing is the owners of curls. They should cut their hair in a different way.

Modern men's hairstyles with bangs

When choosing modern hairstyles, it is necessary to compare the future image with lifestyle and work. If a man goes in for sports, then the curls for him will not be convenient. Office workers should not choose undercut, fade, or bun haircuts.

The choice of a laconic hedgehog is associated with the versatility of this haircut. An interesting technique for performing hairstyles can be claimed by the owners of naughty curls. A classic haircut with a wide bang will allow you to hide a large forehead.

Hedgehog suits mods with an oval or round face. Designers recommend a light unshaven or short beard. For men with stiff hair, mousse is suitable for styling, and for owners of soft curls it is more convenient to use gel. Washed strands should be lifted up.

Modern haircut hedgehog allows you to experiment at any age.

Men who prefer curls are recommended to make a square. Fashionable options for this haircut have a spectacular and expensive appearance. Curls to the very shoulders or chin should be trimmed evenly or asymmetrically. For this type of hairstyle, a hairdryer and comb are not required. It is enough to dry clean hair in a natural way.

A bob haircut is an original combination of a square with a hat. Trend features of hairstyles are associated with the creation of a voluminous nape and an even crown. Bangs may be elongated. Bob is not suitable for men who consider themselves lazy, as a haircut requires a lot of attention.

Fashion trends - 2018: what haircuts do men choose now?

In the new season, the main trend is one: go to extremes! Short hair shaves off almost naked - a hedgehog haircut is now at the peak of popularity. Long hair, on the contrary, is grown to an elongated bean, worn loose, beautifully laying bangs, or tied in a bun.

There are hybrid options: for example, the undererkat that gained popularity last year. In the new season, this haircut has become even more extreme: shaved whiskey and a nape in combination with long hair in the upper part of the head.

For those men whose appearance is strictly regulated by the dress code, fashion also left a loophole: haircuts Caesar, Canadian or preppy style are appropriate in the office, but at the same time look trendy!

Fashion trends

Hairdressers offer a huge variety of haircuts in the new season. The main conditions are grooming and naturalness.

The fervent fashion trends of 2018 - 2019 in the style of “Grunge” continue to rule the ball: the shortened length at the temples and the playful bangs are in trend. So the once-beloved Justin Bieber haircut for several seasons has not gone out of fashion.

Among the owners of short hair, boxing and half-boxing remain the most popular. No less popular is a hedgehog or a haircut under a typewriter: in combination with a short beard, this image makes a man a brutal rebel.

Like 50 years ago, haircuts with parting for short hair are in demand. This style is recommended for business people seeking to keep up to date.

In addition to classics, stylish men's haircuts include mohawk and color variations. You can get acquainted with fashion trends in color in the article about fashionable hair color.

In the course remain “Tomboy”, shaving drawings on the temples and TopKnot.

Fashionable men's haircut "Military" 2018 2019

Military style was originally intended exclusively for the military. Short hair length does not require special care, and therefore began to gain popularity among representatives of other professions. Cutting the "military" is not necessarily at zero.

Various variations are possible, including:

You should not choose a military style if you do not have a perfect skull shape. Short hair will underline all visible imperfections.

Fashionable men's haircuts for short hair

You have short hair, and you want to experiment a little, choosing in the beauty salon not the usual “trim a bit”, but a more interesting option? We’ll tell you what options this year stars of show business and fashionable fashionistas choose.

Trendy Trends 2018

The championship palm in 2018 belongs to the trendy underker, which is not the first season in fashion. The hairstyle is an elongated version of the fashionable fade haircut. The upper strands should be longer. Whiskey must be shaved. Hair is laid to one side or back. The hairstyle is suitable for those who have straight, wavy or curly locks.

The knot is an undercut clipping option, but the upper strands are long. A feature of the hairstyle is the presence of elongated strands collected in a bundle. This haircut is suitable for men with straight hair, because styling curly is problematic.

Pompadour with short strands at the temples and behind returned to fashion again, becoming the trend of the 2018 season. Fans always considered Elvis Presley's hairstyle to be spectacular. Another name for a haircut. It resembles an aderkat or fade, but the strands are longer. They need to be lifted and combed back. A pompadour haircut needs regular styling, otherwise its appearance will be lost.

Pompadour is a stellar hairstyle with shortened but not shaved whiskeys.

The classic fade haircut is a shortened and smoother to the nape version of the undercut. The length of the strands on the back of the head increases, while the whiskey remains shaved. At the top of the hair can have a length of not more than 2 cm.

Men's hairstyles are not subject to temporary changes.

Fashionable in 2018 is the bun hairstyle, which is a variant of the knot. Shaving whiskey in the back of the head is not required. Bun is created on long curls, which is associated with the use of elastic for hair.

Some types of fashionable hairstyles may differ among themselves in the level of shaving of the strands. Many classic hairstyles are suitable for any type of male person. A correctly selected hairstyle instills confidence in a person, focusing on the positive features of appearance.

Fashionable men's haircut "Site" 2018 2019

The pad is a popular hairstyle among the US military. Sheared it in such a way that the top remains hair about 4-5 cm long, and the temples are carefully shaved. It turns out a very stylish image, which can often be seen in photos from fashion magazines.

  • simplicity of execution
  • sharp lines
  • absolute symmetry.

A haircut looks perfect, as an addition to the youth style. Men aged should be more careful with their choice.

Ultra-short haircut under the machine

In a simple way, this haircut is called a "hedgehog." It is so simple and comfortable to wear everyday that it has not lost popularity for several decades! And with the current fashion for post-Soviet aesthetics, it has become especially respected among modern youth.

But most importantly, why the army of fans of this haircut is not reduced: it goes to almost everyone! Yes, and done very quickly - ideal for men who do not like to spend a lot of time in beauty salons.

Tip from the stylist: if you want to look more relevant, then combine it with a beard of medium or short length.

Fashionable men's haircut "Under the fritz" 2018 2019

Hairstyle "under the fritz", or, as it is also called the Hitler Youth, gained popularity after the Second World War. Short-cut whiskeys and long strands on the crown are the main characteristics of the hairstyle.

There are several styling options:

  • parting,
  • asymmetric parting,
  • bangs forward
  • bangs back.

Hairstyle meets all the latest fashion trends. In addition, she fits perfectly into the youth style.

Princeton fashionable men's haircut 2018 2019

Another option for a youth image is Princeton. It is suitable for everyone who does not want to cut their hair too short, but at the same time wants to maintain a manly style.

  • smooth lines
  • long strands at the top of the head,
  • neat shape.

A haircut is suitable for owners of rare thin hair. However, for lush hair, this option will also be appropriate.

Preppy Haircut

In the 60s, the English word preppy (short for preparatory, which means "preparatory") refers to the style of students from wealthy families who are preparing to enter prestigious universities. Students of Oxford and Cambridge wore preppies in the 70s, office clerks from the Empire State Building in the 90s, and hipsters in the 2000s. Now this haircut has become a classic. Its distinguishing feature is a side parting and hair combed back.

Fashionable men's haircut Caesar 2018 2019

Among the main fashion trends of 2018 2019, negligence is highlighted. One of the hairstyles that allows you to create light chaos on your head, while maintaining the elegance of the image - Caesar. The hairstyle is suitable for short straight hair and has the following features:

  • smooth geometric bangs
  • a short-cropped nape,
  • smooth transitions of the length of the strands.

The patterns on the back of the head look stylish. The hairstyle option is popular when the bangs and crown are raised to the top, creating the effect of light tatteredness.

For teens

Youth is a time of discovery and search for oneself. A great way to experiment in school and student years is to get a new hairstyle.

What are they, youth male fashion haircuts 2018 - 2019 for teenagers? Now more than ever, any variation on the theme of bangs is popular. This and Gavrosh (with long hair in front, back and on top), and short-cut whiskey. The haircut “Elvis” (aka “Pompadour”) has returned to fashion, with short temples and a characteristic crest.

Bangs are the main fashion trend in women's fashion. You can see the options in the article about haircuts with bangs 2018 - 2019.

Long hair is still an effective way for teens to show themselves to the world. Hairdressers recommend paying attention to double caret. A haircut “Polka” will be the best option for those who decide to get rid of short hair, but are not ready for a half box or a hedgehog.

Businessman haircut

The usual hairstyle for men, which was popular in the office environment of the 50s, but still does not lose its position!

It is as simple and conservative as possible: without whiskers, without thick and voluminous bangs, without shaved temples. Therefore, it is considered universal: it can be entered in a sports and business image.

A relatively new trend for Russia. It is a shortened fade (gradient haircut technique. - Note ed.) with a shaved temporal-lateral zone and a straight bang.

For elegant men

Classic tends to stay fashionable, therefore, stylists offer elegant men a neat haircut with a short bangs laid to one side. Minimum cost with maximum effect.

A hairstyle with a short side parting, which came to us from the forties, fits perfectly into the everyday image of a serious business man. No less popular is the “British” haircut described above.

A riskier option is haircut Caesar. We inherited it from the great commander and, to match him, is called upon to show the severity, decisiveness of her owner. Time-tested princeton haircut. Classics, ease of styling, nice appearance - the hairstyle will not leave indifferent the practical and at the same time neat representatives of the stronger sex.

Fashionable men's haircut "Boxing" 2018 2019

One of the options for a sports hairstyle is the Half Box, which often flashes on the photo from magazine covers. This fashion haircut is an absolute favorite among all generations of men.

It differs from boxing:

  • low edging
  • smooth transition of lines,
  • lack of restrictions in the length of hair.

The hairstyle is perfect for large men. But thin guys with a triangular face shape, this option may not work.

Fashionable men's haircut "Classical" 2018 2019

A classic men's haircut is something that is always fashionable, regardless of the year and season.

These options include:

To make the hairstyle consistent with modern trends, it is allowed to play with styling. Raised with the help of styling tools bangs or crown, will make the image more stylish and add freshness.

Fashionable men's haircut "Canada" 2018 2019

Canada, which became popular at the end of the 20th century, is enjoyed by many men. It can be seen on the photos of celebrities, as well as on the heads of casual passers-by. Performed in the spirit of the latest trends, it serves as an excellent complement to the youth image. However, mature men also should not deny themselves the pleasure of wearing this fashionable haircut.

  • volumetric crown
  • short nape
  • invisible transitions.

Long bangs are allowed. Owners of the correct facial features can use the option with shaved temples and an extremely short occipital part.

Fashionable men's haircut "British" 2018 2019

A fashionable men's hairstyle can be created on the basis of the popular British haircut.

It can be determined by:

  • the presence of an elongated bang,
  • shaved or short-cropped nape,
  • elongated strands on the crown.

Bangs are rarely worn straight. To create a fashionable image, it is combed back or to the side.

Fashionable men's haircut "Bob" 2018 2019

"Bob" has long ceased to be an exclusively female hairstyle. In the photo from various social events, you can see famous personalities choosing this stylish haircut. A universal option is suitable for men of all ages who prefer to wear medium-length hair.

  • clear, even cuts of hair
  • long strands framing the face
  • neat classic shape.

Allowed to use bangs. Particularly shocking personalities are allowed to dye some strands in a fashionable shade to emphasize their style and character.

Fashionable men's haircut "Undercat" 2018 2019

Anderkat is one of the trends of 2018 2019. A long crown and short-cut whiskey open the opportunity to create many different hairstyle options.

Perhaps slightly modify the haircut:

  • pattern on the temporal or occipital part of the head,
  • asymmetric shape
  • extraordinary styling.

Thick hair is desirable for creating hairstyles. If, despite the small thickness of the strands, you want to wear an undercut, choose a shorter option.

Fashionable men's haircut "Romantic" 2018 2019

A romantic haircut is the best solution for curly hair. She does not tolerate strict forms and clear lines.

Rather, on the contrary, this hairstyle is characterized by:

  • slightly tousled hair
  • smooth transitions
  • average length of strands.

Haircut creates a casual dreamy image in the spirit of modern trends. By the way, men of all generations can find their own hairstyle in a romantic style.


The face of each person is individual and requires a special approach. Different hairstyles suit different types of faces, and what looks perfect in a picture in a glossy magazine has every chance of not being right for you.

We offer you to watch a video that clearly demonstrates how certain haircuts look live on models:

On medium hair

The cuts made on locks of average length allow to hide the most various defects, the face and head defects. For hair owners of medium length, hairdressers recommend looking at style “Mr. Cool”. The haircut appeared in 2014, but enjoys well-deserved popularity among fashionable solutions to this day.

In the trend of this year, curls and curls, the optimal length of medium hair has grown to the level of the tip of the nose. Light hair coloring in combination with tousled ends will give the desired effect of naturalness. Additionally, we recommend that you read the article Fashionable Hair Coloring.

Graduated caret for medium hair is recommended for owners of slightly curly hair. It belongs to the universal type of haircuts, it allows you to try different types of styling. There are two options: with parting and without.

And of course, do not forget about the good old “Grunge”: at medium length it looks even more advantageous.

The average length of hair remains in fashion for women. In addition, we recommend that you read the article Fashionable Women's Haircuts for Medium Hair.

10. Styling back for wavy hair

In 2018, styling the hair back will continue to have its development, but with minor changes, this is the lack of shine and the addition of texture. This is a stylish men's haircut for medium hair. With wavy hair, all you need is a styling tool. These fashion trends of 2017 are guaranteed to remain in fashion in 2018.

With shaved temples

Shaved whiskey in the world of fashion brought David Beckham. Today, this trend appears in most options for men's haircuts. Undercuts, boxes and grunge coexist beautifully with temples trimmed to zero.

The Iroquois played with other colors: now this is not hair sticking out in all directions, but a smooth transition to a neatly laid wave along the length of the head. The name of the hairstyle changed to “quiff”.

For a round face, a haircut with shaved temples is a real salvation. She visually “stretches” the face and emphasizes its expressiveness.

Remember that shaved whiskey is now also a canvas for a hairdresser. Shaving out all kinds of patterns is guaranteed not to leave you without the attention of others.


This is not the first season the highlight of the haircut adds such a simple thing as a parting.

It is divided into several types:

Classic hairstyles with side parting are perfect for a business and strict style or a brutal sport. Attention worthy haircut "Tennis" with any parting, elongated strands and shortened or shaved temples. The classic semi-box does not leave trends.

Shortened "Canadian" - hit of the season for parting fans. An ordinary machine copes with the proper processing of temples. If you are the owner of a magnificent mustache, experts advise you to choose an ultra-short haircut with a clear parting on one side and a smoothed bang. Retro has never been so popular.

Vitaly Pimenov Art partner of Redken Brews & Matrix

Haircut caesar

A short haircut in the style of a great commander - with a short geometric bang.

She is very suitable for men with thin oval faces. And if you want to add an image of careless brutality - combine with a three-day stubble!


This haircut represents a smooth transition from long hair in the frontal to shorter at the crown and ultrashort at the back of the head, temples and sides.

It got its name in the 70s in the USSR - it was with this hairstyle that the Canadian hockey players who came to the USSR to the Super Series 1972 went. In the US, she is called a marine haircut.

Men's haircuts for medium hair

What haircut to choose for men with medium hair? We tell you what options you should pay attention to this year.


Having appeared in the 50s of the last century, this haircut still does not lose its popularity.

The secret is a combination of rebellious spirit (elongated fringe) and restraint (short nape and shortened whiskey).

The British goes to almost everyone, but stylists recommend paying close attention to the owners of thick hair and high growth.

Translated from English fade means "fade away." In this case, we are talking about “fading” of the length: short hair on the back of the head gradually switches to longer hair on the top of the head.

Vitaly Pimenov recommends combining this hairstyle with a medium length beard - it will turn out brutally and trendy!


The undercut is also called the haircut technique. Its peculiarity lies in non-integrated zones.

Vitaly Pimenov Art partner of Redken Brews & Matrix

The shorter the strands on the back of the head, the easier it is to style your hair. You can lay a long underker on one side, tie it into a bundle or experiment with retrostyle and try a high coc (lipstick tuft above the forehead. - Note ed.), but not gel-licked, but slightly disheveled, careless.

To fix this, you will need a proven tool - such as Texture Pomade, Redken Brews, Redken texturing lipstick. It is ideal for careless styling and gives a natural matte finish.

Elongated bob

This haircut implies a slight difference between the length of the strands and the effective length - to the shoulders or even lower. Vitaly Pimenov recommends such a haircut to the owners of both very wavy and perfectly even hair.

But get ready for the fact that the extended bean will need to be constantly laid.

Top notes

The name of this haircut is translated from English as “knot at the top”: that is, the whiskey and the back of the head are shaved, but the curls on the top of the head are gathered in a dense bundle. Something like this was worn by Japanese samurai.

Remember: so that the bundle is correct, the initial length of the strands should be at least 15 cm.

Shaved haircut

A shaved pattern looks best in combination with short haircuts - boxing or semi-boxing: the strands on the sides and on the back of the head are shaved, and a spectacular pattern is created on the temples with a machine.

You can choose any drawing: from a beautifully curved line to an image of an animal, symbol or hieroglyph - for all the will of the wizard’s imagination and professionalism!


Shaved whiskey is combined with longer hair on the crown. The greater the contrast of the length, the more extreme it will look. And get ready for the fact that if you want to get a real mohawk, you have to spend more time laying! You will definitely need an extra-strong varnish - like Infinium Pure Extra Strong, L’Oreal Professionnel. It captures instantly and smells absolutely nothing.

Fashionable men's haircuts with shaved temples.

Shaved whiskey has remained popular for several seasons in a row. Which is convenient: almost any haircut suits them, and in styling they are universal and will not take much time.

Most of all they are suitable for men with square and round face types. The first haircut with shaved temples will help to emphasize the cheekbones, the second - beautifully demonstrate the shape of the face.

Important information for owners of thick short and medium hair: this haircut seems to be created for you! But if you have a high forehead, protruding ears or scars on the head or neck - it is better to refuse it!

We tell you which haircuts with shaved temples are now in fashion.

Short hair at the back of the head and long hair at the crown is very clearly separated by a graphic parting or a specially shaved line.

It implies shaving of the temples and parts of the crown, while the transitions between the zones are smooth.


For owners of medium-length hair, hairstyles in a romantic style are most suitable, when the hairdresser can come up with a beautiful version of the bangs - a classic straight or oblique. A neat hairstyle gives the man a style and consistency.


A fairly popular type of style that is just beginning to gain its relevance in Russia among men. Grunge hairstyles are ideal for those men who have thick and luxurious hair of medium length. Whiskey is usually shaved in the range from 1 to 3 centimeters, an oblique fringe is created, and the entire length is left at the crown, giving it a tousiness. This hairstyle is most suitable for young people.

There are several more options for youth male haircuts. For example, haircut hairstyle, in which whiskey and the nape are completely shaved, but long hair remains on the top and in the bangs zone. Another example is a long caret, which allows you to visually increase the hair with a step transition of the hair length - from short from bottom to long at the crown.

11. Semi-boxing with structured pomp

In the photo is another half-box, but not simple, but with a volume in the style of pompadour. Pompadour is another classic haircut for men, which will remain in trend in 2018. One of its varieties is a semi-box with elements of the Pump stylized and structured.

13. Hairstyle with extension

In 2017, layering of hairstyles was a trend. This technique leads to a more sloppy style. This bold look has a neat trim with a tousled middle part for a casual and flawless look. In 2018, this hairstyle will also remain popular with men.

15. Side cutting

Another newly invented classic is a comb with an inclination forward, tearing off facial features, hair is laid in a diagonal and horizontal direction. Stylish men's haircuts laying sideways is an uptrend for several seasons in a row.

16. High hairstyle for long hair

Some hairstyles that we observed in 2017 tend to have longer hairs, combining a smooth transition from short hairs to longer ones, giving the impression that they were barely touched by scissors. In 2018, a model men's haircut with similar transitions will be in an uptrend.

45. Fashionable haircut for thick hair

A winning combination of clear boundaries and style, this bold approach combines strongly shaved whiskey and thick hair flowing down in a natural bend. All this flows and moves.

Fashionable men's haircuts from this photo collection will help you determine your style in the outgoing 2017, as well as help you stay in trend in 2018.

It will not be superfluous to watch a video about how professional trending haircuts are sheared:

For those who still couldn’t find a suitable option, we recommend visiting our section with men's haircuts which contains only the best haircuts from the world of sports, celebrities and simply beautiful and modern haircuts for every taste.

Curly hair

Men with curly hair are not sophisticated in the choice of styles of hairstyles. It is difficult to work with violent curls, it is even more difficult to give them shape.

Stylists recommend looking at the classic romantic haircut, with slightly elongated hair.

The bean or quack looks advantageous: they give their owners masculinity. Model haircuts help calm down a lush hair, preserving playful notes with a bang.

Those who wish to take risks are advised to turn to clear boxing, leaving only a long curly bang. It looks extremely impressive and bold.

An interesting option is hair laid in an emphasized stylish mess with preservation of length.
The prominent cheekbones are perfectly emphasized by asymmetric wavy bangs.

Stylists are looking for something fundamentally new to consider the Korean version, a little repeating the direction of emo and offering to make curls a little disheveled.


The most win-win options for haircuts for long hair - Man bun. A classic tail where hair is gathered in a bun on the top of the head. A direct relative of Meng Ban - TopKnot. Keeping the principle of gulki on the top, hairdressers shave whiskey and all hair from the bottom of the head.

The main trend of long hair remains maximum naturalness. Stylists strongly recommend not to complicate the image with complex styling. Strands combed back, fixed with mousse or varnish, are the most optimal solution.

Cascade - Another type of haircut, flaunting in the tops. Hairstyle perfectly masks all facial imperfections. Experts say that it is this image that emphasizes the romanticism and elegance of a man.

Cascade - an actual haircut for women. We recommend that you read the article Women's haircuts for long hair.

Remember: long hair is not recommended to grow for men who do not have thick hair.

With beard

Owners of dense facial hair have two ways: long hair or cheeky shaved whiskey. The ability to combine a haircut with a beard will turn any man into a real macho.

Hairdressers are inspired by the images of the Vikings and are advised to wear a beard with either Maine Ban or boxing. Do not forget about the classic version with a hedgehog and a neat little beard.

But the main trend of the current season is the haircut “Crop”. A characteristic feature is the ragged texture of the strands: the hair on the back and sides is short cut, while the top retains the optimal length. The strands are combed forward or laid to the side, depending on the length.

With a bang

Bangs have an amazing quality to transform the face. This year, stylists offer several different hairstyle options with bangs, depending on its length, type and styling.

  • Bangs laid on the side with the help of parting, creates a business and fashionable image. Estemeterize with volume and enjoy completely different results.
  • Disheveled the look of the bangs will give the image relaxation, will breathe naturalness and lightness into it.
  • For brave guys, the option with a bang raised upstairs. Such styling will add to the image of insolence.
  • Long strand owners are advised to divide the bangs into parting, which will allow you to frame your face with strands and thereby make him younger.
  • Slanting bangs suit natures romantic and sophisticated.

Do not overdo it with length - And the image of a sensually tender guy will not leave indifferent any girl.

With receding hairline

Men who experience alopecia are recommended by hairdressers to shorten their hair at their temples as much as possible, allowing them to grow together with sideburns and a beard. Then the bald spot will not be evident, and the haircut will add volume to the hair.

A slightly elongated bang, raised up and to the side, distracts attention from the problem area and creates "Bohemian" view. From season to season, a classic haircut in style Ivy League. Without giving out a hairline, she perfectly copes with the problem of bald patches.

The lack of hair on the head successfully fights the so-called "creative mess." Rag hair with a gel and give yourself a little brutality. Those who do not want to say goodbye to length, we advise you to pay attention to textured haircut: different levels of length create the illusion of volume and density.

For moderately long hair, hair laid back is suitable. This is a good way to hide the bald spot on the top of the head, and in the forehead, a slight rise and combing back will give solidity to the appearance.

Fashionable men's haircut "Elvis" 2018 2019

Elvis Presley's style has long been at the peak of popularity. And now high styling is back in trend. Elvis 2018 2019 is:

  • the hair raised at the roots and combed back
  • short-cut or even shaved whiskey,
  • effectively laid bangs.

Modern fashion trends make styling more careless. No need to overload the hairstyle with styling products. The haircut should look as natural as possible.

Fashionable men's haircut Voyage 2018 2019

A fashionable option for haircuts for medium-long hair is a voyage.

  • maximum volume at the crown
  • smooth transition to the occipital part,
  • Whiskey is short cut or shaved.

Add a stylish pattern or shade a few bright strands and you are guaranteed popularity. You can diversify your hairstyle by trying different styling options.

Fashionable men's haircut "Hedgehog" 2018 2019

Hedgehog - hairstyle for short hair. Through the use of gel or wax for styling, a stylish disheveled appearance is obtained on the head. Hence the modern name of the haircut.

The distinctive features of the hedgehog include:

  • rounded shape
  • short (3-4 cm) hair at the crown,
  • neatly trimmed nape and whiskey.

This hairstyle personifies masculinity and allows you to open your face as much as possible. Suitable for men of athletic build.

Fashionable men's haircut "Beaver" 2018 2019

Beaver is the shortest variation of the popular Tennis haircut. It does not require styling and therefore is relevant among men of all generations.

It is applied in several options, among which:

  • classical,
  • youth,
  • with shaved temples.

A stylish hairstyle can be decorated with a neat pattern on the temples. Be careful: such a haircut can slightly increase the oval of the face. Therefore, chubby men should opt for another version of the hairstyle.

Fashionable men's haircut "Sagittarius" 2018 2019

Among the fashionable haircuts for medium-length hair in men, "Sagittarius" is the leader.

  • the same length of hair all over the head,
  • the presence of an elongated bang,
  • graduation and torn strands.

Taking this haircut as a basis, you can easily create a stylish image that matches fashion trends. Experiment with styling and change every day.

Fashionable men's haircut machine 2018 2019

Fans of minimalism will use a haircut machine. It can be done using a nozzle of the same size, or you can focus on the crown.

You can add a twist to a similar hairstyle with:

  • stylish drawings in the temporal region,
  • short bangs combed upstairs
  • styling products to create a light mess on the top of the head.

You can perform part of the haircut with the help of a machine, and make smooth transitions with scissors. This will not ruin the image.

Creative men's haircut "Hat" 2018 2019

Men's "Hat" is one of the options for graduated haircuts. She fits perfectly with the youth style and meets modern trends. Long hair at the crown smoothly gives way to shorter strands on the temples. The back of the head is not cut.

However, hairstyle variations are possible:

  • asymmetric shape
  • short hat
  • layered.

All the strands are carefully milled by the master to get the effect of ragged hair. When styling, you can stretch your hair or create a slight mess on your head. The choice is yours.

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