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Men's mohawk haircut: what does it look like?

The Iroquois became widespread thanks to punks, who made it a distinctive sign of their subculture. At the same time, the name of the haircut arose by mistake: the Iroquois never wore rowing on their heads, unlike their enemies - the shawnee. What the Iroquois looked like on the American Indians in the 19th century can be seen in the photo (this is a picture of the famous portrait painter of that time, Ch.B. King).

Iroquois, built from not too clean and often brightly colored hair, became a symbol of rebellion and freedom in the 1980s. Currently, the fashion for this haircut is returning, but in a different format. Modern young men decide to make only a short mohawk (Mohawk). Its difference from the classic version of the hairstyle is the width of the comb and the length of the hair.

When performing a short mohawk, the master shaves his head and temples. In the center of the head should remain a strip of hair 10 cm wide. The length of the strands is up to 3 cm.

Male mohawk will make any ordinary person an original, just look at the photo. Do not forget that this short haircut requires good physical shape, otherwise you risk becoming a parody of yourself.

Execution technology

Men risk their appearance more often than women, so they can easily decide even for a short haircut at home. In addition, to fix an unsuccessful attempt is simple: just shave at zero.

To make a mohawk on his own, it is enough for a man to have a good eye and to enlist the help of a friend (girlfriend, neighbor, wife). It is necessary to act in the following order.

  • Separate wet hair with a straight center part.
  • On both sides of the parting, mark strips of the same width.
  • To prevent hair from tangling and interfering, use hairpins or elastic bands borrowed from a woman you know.
  • On the back of the head and temples, remove the hair with a hair clipper.
  • At the end of the haircut, trim the length of the comb.

In the event that you are not good with the machine, visit a hairdresser. Then you will be guaranteed a successful haircut.

There are certain requirements for creating this eccentric male hairstyle.

  • The length of the strands on the crown should not be more than 3 cm.
  • If the crown is short, then the whiskey is very short (or shaved).
  • When highlighting, you need to take into account the result: the strands should not differ sharply from each other, the transition from tone to tone should be natural. For toning male hair, this is especially important.

Styling secrets

A short male mohawk seems to require a tedious styling. However, it is not. You will need gel or foam for styling, combs and brushes, as well as varnish. Of course, most men even have these means, so you have to purchase them and make them part of personal care.

  • Wash your hair and, after applying styling on your hair, gently comb them.
  • Drying the locks with a hairdryer, use a comb and hand to comb the comb so that it rises upward.
  • Fix the hairstyle with varnish.

Men's styling should not look like you have been working on it for several hours in a row. Negligence is the main rule of men choosing mohawk (this is especially true for the short version).

It is worth cautioning against radical games with color. Do not buy bright hair dyes - such experiments are only for teenagers to face. If you really want to highlight certain strands, just highlight them. An interesting addition to the short male hairstyle of the mohawk will be drawings and patterns on shaved temples.

Who will use the mohawk?

Mature people are unlikely to decide to make such a man's hairstyle, but if they decide, she will look comical on them. Exceptions in this case are creative people, primarily musicians. Iroquois, of course, should not be worn by those who are limited by the dress code, internal company rules, and the requirements of the profession.

This non-standard haircut with shaved temples is suitable for men with oval, round and rectangular face shapes. The elongated face of the Iroquois will make it even longer and narrower. In this case, this men's hairstyle needs to find an alternative.

A photo of celebrities shows that the male Iroquois began to lose his aggressiveness. However, if you need to hide something in your appearance, it is better not to do the mohawk: this is a male haircut exposing flaws.

Features of Iroquois hairstyle

All men's Iroquois hairstyles are based on the basic rule. Minimum hair length on the occipital and lateral areas. In some variations, they are trimmed to a 1 mm nozzle, and sometimes to zero. At the top, hair from 5 to 15 cm long is left (depending on the chosen hairstyle). Most often, a ridge is formed in the middle of the head, but can also be located on the side.

Description of men's hairstyle mohawk

The specificity of the hairstyle in its eccentricity, it is rarely possible to meet a man with a similar appearance. Basically, the young generation of the last century fell in love with it, when the wall between the socialist and capitalist world collapsed, and we formed a punk movement, which was distinguished by its extreme eccentricity in both behavior and worldview.

The hairstyle got its name because of one of the tribes of the North American Indians, leaders and powerful people built a magnificent crest on their heads, and it was from it that it was possible to determine their belonging to the nobility of a certain tribe.

But even today’s youth with bold outlooks on life, this once fashionable hairstyle received a rebirth - at many rock and punk festivals you can meet people with a similar hairstyle.

Who needs this haircut?

In the 20th century, representatives of informal movements cut and laid the mohawk. This hairstyle obliged its owner to dress appropriately in order to maintain a subcultural image given by an unusual look of hair.

Nowadays, absolutely any man can make a hairstyle for himself. It looks equally good both for schoolchildren and students, and for adults who want to look stylish and modern. You can create a fashionable men's haircut with shaved temples at any length of strands and choose the type of styling that suits your age and lifestyle.

The choice of hairstyles for men has its own limitations. Iroquois is unlikely to suit older people - it will look ridiculous and inappropriate. Business men who do not crawl out of suits should also choose a different option. But all the other representatives of the strong half of humanity can well afford a non-standard haircut.

  1. The most popular these days among middle-aged men is a short mohawk, in which the transition from short to long sections is not so noticeable.
  2. Hairstyles with elongated bangs are preferred by modern young people who follow fashion trends and want to attract attention.
  3. This hairstyle will always distinguish you from the crowd due to its originality, and its symmetry and many types will allow the master in the salon to choose for you exactly the type that will reflect your position in life and declare it to the whole world.
  4. This haircut is suitable for almost all types of faces, only owners of an elongated oval should avoid it.

In the latter case, the symmetry and openness of the sides will only emphasize your thinness, and it will look unattractive.

Photo of a classic mohawk on his head

High mohawk with protruding hair sticking up is considered a classic of the genre.. The location of the crest may be different, but in most it runs from the forehead line to the back of the head. Here the width of the classic can be different, from a few centimeters to a dozen - but always with clean-shaven temples. This is a very romantic image, it cannot but be suitable for business young people.

Iroquois haircut brave extraordinary men

The men's mohawk haircut is associated with the rebellion and eccentricity of a whole punk movement. Only courageous men can decide on such a hairstylestriving for increased attention of others.

In the modern world, such a hairstyle is found not only fans of rock festivals, therefore, no longer shocking passers-by.

History and description of hairstyles

Today, a haircut is not considered popular, but, of course, one of the most recognizable. In the 80s, the frontman of the band The Exploited, playing hardcore punk, Watty Buchan, introduced fashion to her.

Red Iroquois became the musician’s hallmark and opened a new era in the history of rocker hairstyles. It was repeated by representatives and fans of alternative rock, choosing various options and colors for dyeing hair and creating a fashionable haer (slang word for any hairstyle or styling with long strands). Following the punks, the Goths picked up the trend.

By the way. Inventive rockers laid high hairstyles with beer, sugar and other improvised means.

It is believed that the name of the haircut came from the Iroquois - a group of Indian tribes living in northern America and Canada. The Indians, distinguished by their warlike disposition, clashed with their neighbors, therefore, to demonstrate their fearlessness, aggression and power, they did the appropriate hairstyles. Using special impregnation made from the bark of trees, they secured vertically raised hair. To scare off the enemy, the styling was also painted in bright colors, decorated with feathers.

There is no exact historical information on this subject. There is a version that the majority of Indians shaved their hair, leaving a small part on the back of the head and curling it in a knot, or wore braids. Representatives of the Onondaga tribe (members of the Iroquois League) made the prototype of the modern "Iroquois". They left a narrow strip from the forehead to the back of the head.

One of the proofs that the name of the haircut comes from North American tribes is a painting by Charles Bird King. It depicts young Indians who visited Washington in 1821. They are all from different Iroquois tribes: Missouri, Otto, Kansa, Pouni and Omaha. True, the heads of the soldiers are not decorated with their own hair, but with hairpieces made from the fur of moose, deer and needles of a young porcupine. The name of this hairstyle is Roach

In addition to these groups, some others belonged to the Iroquois, in particular, mohawks or mohawks (mohawk). Therefore, sometimes the hairstyle is also called “Mohawk” or “Mohican”. All these synonyms mean roughly the same thing: a haircut with shaved temples, a nape and an untouched strip of hair in the center.

By the way. Experts agree that the journalist Artemy Troitsky introduced the word "Iroquois" to refer to punk hairstyles.

When appeared

For the first time, a mohawk haircut became widely known as an element of the image of punks - representatives of the youth subculture - and for a long time was associated with them. A high “comb” of hair adorned the shaved or short-cut heads of young rebels in the distant 80s. Often the mohawk was painted in bright colors, and with the help of styling products, characteristic "spikes" were formed from strands. The goal of all these efforts was one - shocking.

And indeed on ordinary inhabitants such a hairstyle made a lasting impression. It was impossible to call it fashionable then, since not everyone was ready to get a haircut and paint in punk style, however, many knew about what is mohawk.

The name of the haircut is associated with the designation of a group of warlike Indian tribes who, to demonstrate their fearlessness, decorated shaved heads with porcupine needles and animal fur.

Types of haircuts

The modern interpretation of the Iroquois is adapted to the active rhythm of youth. Such a hairstyle does not imply a lengthy styling process, while it looks equally good on short strands of a comb and on elongated ones. Modern interpretations of hairstyles include:

  • Quiff. Men's haircut of this kind is distinguished by shaved temples or a very short hairline in this place. In the occipital zone, short hair smoothly passes into an elongated comb on the crown,
  • Short mohawk. The back of the head and temples are cut to a minimum, in the parietal zone a comb of long hair from 5 to 10 cm is left
  • Long mohawk. Here, the shaved temporal zones are combined with a long crest that starts from the neck and ends at the forehead.


The classic version of the mohawk involves shaving hair on the sides. In the center of the head there is a strip with a width of up to 7 cm. Such a haircut looks quite bold and non-standard and not every man can wear it. These experiments are now mainly decided by young men who strive to stand out from the gray mass. Indeed, such an extravagant completion of the overall image cannot but attract attention.

How to cut a short mohawk

This hairstyle looks very elegant on any type of male face. It is suitable for those who can not afford the classics due to the fact that they are not allowed to do this with a strict dress code. This option looks great on men with a round, square or oval type of face. But on thin representatives, he will only emphasize it once again. This option assumes a small crest height, its width is chosen according to the type of figure and physique. But the haircut of the temporal part can be different - from completely shaved hair to their short length, the occipital part is also shaved. You can make the bangs elongated, then the view will be more extravagant.

Svetlana Tarasova

Hairdresser-stylist with an experience of more than 8 years, a teacher-colorist.

The Iroquois hairstyle was at one time a symbol of the struggle against conservative views and stereotypes that were well-established in society. Representatives of youth subcultures shocked the public with a combination of shaved temples and highly raised hair, laid from forehead to nape like porcupine games. Iroquois was often supplemented with vibrant hair colors.

Today, such a haircut has almost the same meaning. It is chosen by those who want to stand out from the crowd, express their individuality and rich inner world. There are many options for hairstyles that provide an opportunity for experimentation.

Who will have to face

Iroquois is picked up first of all under the lifestyle the owner.

  1. The classic version with long, sharply directed upwards hair is suitable for a fan of informal organizations or participants in bright shows.
  2. With this hairstyle You can look quite businesslikeby choosing a more modern shortened haircut option.

The width of the strip of mohawk should be in harmony with the face:

  • If conditionally divide the forehead into 3 equal parts, then the width of the middle third is suitable for men with an oval or triangular face.
  • Half the width of the forehead should be cut to the owners of a square or round oval face.

Execution technique

In this paragraph of the article, we will consider how these stylish men's hairstyles are performed. A short mohawk does not require special skills from the master. In order to blunt to work, you need to prepare:

  • clipper with trimmer,
  • scissors with ordinary canvases and thinning,
  • comb with dense teeth.

The haircut technique consists of the following steps.

  1. Separate the hair with a horseshoe parting to highlight the back and side zones.
  2. The machine removes the hair of the selected nozzle. The direction is set using the comb. Work begins at one temple toward the back of the head and ends at another temple.

  1. After this, edging lines are made at the temples and, last but not least, at the back of the head.
  2. The bangs and the parietal area are cut, separating the strands with a horizontal parting until the necessary crest shape is formed
  3. The control line of the hairstyle is cut relative to the central parting.
  4. Vertical partings connect the temporal zones to the control line.
  5. On the parietal zone, it is recommended to make basal milling (using a dangerous razor) to add an extra volume to the comb.
  6. At the ends of the comb, you need to go with thinning scissors to round the shape and remove excess hairs.
  7. With the help of the machine, the neckline is made.
  8. Hair is thoroughly dried and styled with a hairdryer, lifting it during the drying process.

On short hair

Iroquois for short hair is made according to standard technology - the sides are shaved baldly or processed with a short nozzle of the machine, the central strip is also cut short. If you wish, the hairdresser can make the difference in the lengths of the side and central parts less noticeable - then a neat and stylish hairstyle will not attract too much attention.

The short length does not require long styling from its owner, you only need to comb the hair in the middle, directing it with the comb in the right direction after sleep. Perhaps this option of Iroquois will be ideal for the courageous population of our vast country.

Origin history

At the moment, the mohawk is not the most popular hairstyle, but you can not recognize it. Fashion for her appeared in the 80s of the last century thanks to the popular rock musician Watty Buchan. His business card was the red Iroquois, who opened a new era in rocker hairstyles. In the future, many fans of rock music began to repeat it, choosing different options for styling and coloring. Then a similar style became popular with the Goths.

Iroquois for boys

Children's age like no other suitable for rebellion and mischief.

The child, of course, should not do the classic mohawk:

  • Hair at the temple should be cut 3-10 mm long.
  • On the top of the head, select the length that does not require additional styling and keep the shape, it will be enough 2-4 cm.
  • An original addition to the hairstyle will be shaved zigzag patterns at the temples.

This video shows how one of the children's haircuts is performed with a pattern shaved on the temples

Types and technology of execution

Depending on the color and length of the hair, there are several types of haircuts "Iroquois":

  1. Classical. These are shaved whiskey and a strip of strands from the back of the head to the forehead, laid with “needles”. The height of the ridge is arbitrary. If the classics are done on curly hair, then the sides of the hair do not shave, but they cut very short.
  2. A long. Needs careful styling. Suitable for freedom-loving individuals. The temporal strands are shaved off, and the long comb is laid in different ways.
  3. Short. It is also called mini-mohawk. A popular option for those who are looking for a stylish hairstyle for every day. A haircut does not require special care and fits well with a business, classic, sporty look. Most often, such a mohawk has clear dimensions: width - 2 cm, hair height - 3-4 cm. The nape is completely shaved. Also come with hair in the temporal areas. Another option is to cut them very shortly. The addition of a haircut can be a long bang.
  4. American (narrow). The hair is completely shaved off, leaving a strip 2 cm wide. The length of these strands can be any. Most often, young people choose long hair, from which you can make a daring comb.
  5. Siberian (wide). It looks like an American with the only difference: the width of the strip is 4 cm. Sometimes Siberian and American hairstyles are called varieties of the Gothic "Iroquois".
  6. Recumbent. Simply put, this is the Mohawk without the traditional vertical styling. The length of the hair is selected so that it lies beautifully on the head.
  7. Studded. A synonym for haircuts is Liberty spikes (or "Spikes of Freedom"). The main tuft of hair is cut in steps or laid in the form of needles. Shaved areas are often decorated with patterns, drawings. You can not cut the main part of the hair, but form spikes from it throughout the head. The strands for this should be long enough.
  8. With figured design. Actually, if the strip of hair ends at the back of the head, and does not go down the back. In this case, its edge is made out in the form of a triangle, a semicircle, etc.
  9. Children. Little mods are not made a traditional Iroquois, but they shave beautiful patterns on their temples, and they raise their long bangs high.
  10. Quiff. There is a separate men's haircut with the same name, which includes the elements of the Mohawk. In the picture and in life, it looks like a shortened bean without styling. The hair on the crown should be of medium length, on the back of the head and temples - short. Most often they are sheared, not shaved. A long bang falls to the forehead.
  11. Creative. It is usually a complement to the classic “Iroquois”: shaved areas are decorated with drawings, patterns, animal silhouettes form from the longest part of the hair. It is not uncommon when the central strip is painted in bright colors - blue, pink, green, red, etc. To change the shade, persistent or temporary dyes are used, as well as improvised means (for example, gouache). Dark hair brightens to get a rich color tone.

By the way. There are other varieties of Iroquois. For example, in the style of glam chic. One of the few options for which you do not need to shave hair at the temples: comb the strands and lift up, fixing with styling. Most often, women do this.

The more complicated, inventive the mohawk, the more expensive it is to perform in the cabin. In Moscow, an average of about 1000 rubles will be taken from you for this service. The price usually includes only a haircut, without washing and styling. In the center of the capital, the price is higher: up to 2000 rubles, in other areas it can drop to the amount of less than 1000 rubles. Prices of Moscow and regional hairdressing salons often vary.

An attractive option in terms of financial benefits is to make the Iroquois at home. You can invite the master to your home or try to make a haircut yourself. In the second case, it is worth using the help of another person, since the process of forming a beautiful and neat Mohawk can be difficult for beginners.

To work at home, stock up with sharp hairdressing and thinning scissors, a comb with frequent cloves, a clipper with several nozzles, styling tools and a hairdryer. A large mirror is also useful (2 is better, to put them opposite each other and observe the process of cutting from different sides), clips or elastic bands (if you have medium or long hair), a towel, a hairdresser's cape or old clothes.

Step-by-step instructions on how to cut the Iroquois:

  1. Wash your head, blot it and carefully comb the strands.
  2. In the center, separate a strip of hair of arbitrary width. It depends on the appearance and your preferences.
  3. Take it up with clamps or rubber bands.
  4. Shave the rest of the hair by selecting the desired nozzle. Move from the temples to the back of the head. You can cut hair with scissors.
  5. Trim the entire haircut, and also pay attention to the edge of the center strip of hair. Place it in the form of a triangle, square or semicircle. This will help the machine.
  6. Remove clips or elastic bands and process the future comb. If necessary, remove the length. At the tips do a thinning.
  7. Dry and style your Iroquois hairstyle.

Video: Iroquois male haircut.

Tip. On long hair it is better to make a wide strip, on short - a narrow one.


Iroquois haircut now has a large number of variations. Here are the main ones:

  • with long hair,
  • medium length hair
  • short mohawk
  • with a wide bang
  • with a long bang
  • with a narrow stripe
  • wide.

Some of them can be combined, for example, a wide mohawk is often done on medium-length hair and a wide thick bang can be formed.

Let us dwell on each of the options in more detail.

  • Classic mohawk - a narrow strip of long hair from forehead to neck, shaved whiskey.

  • Modern interpretation - the so-called short mohawk - assumes a maximum length of strands in the upper part of the head up to 4 cm. The rest of the hair is cut using a hair clipper to a length of 3-6 mm, shaving under zero is less common.

  • Iroquois haircut on medium hair makes it possible to choose different styling options. With the help of varnish or gel, the strands can be fixed vertically or combed back - in the latter case, the hairstyle will resemble anderkat haircut.

  • A more extravagant look has a mohawk haircut with a long bang, into which the strip of hair on the crown smoothly passes. The bangs can be left freely hanging over the forehead or fixed in a vertical position using styling tools, like the rest of the “comb”.

  • Option with wide voluminous bangs suitable for those men who are not ready for too bold hair styling experiments. This type of haircut has a less informal appearance, because the whiskey is not shaved, but cut with a machine, a strip of longer hair from forehead to nape is made quite wide (equal to about half the width of the forehead).

  • If they do narrow mohawk then leave a strip of hair about 2 cm wide on the head, the rest of the hair is significantly shortened or completely shaved off.

  • Wide mohawk assumes a strip width of at least 4 cm.

When forming hairstyles, they usually adhere to this rule: with short strands of the “comb”, the hair on the temples and on the back of the head is shortened as much as possible.

Siberian and American version

Between themselves, they differ only in the size of the shaved part of the head - for the Siberian version they leave a width of 4 fingers, and for the American version only 2 fingers, otherwise called the Gothic Iroquois. This option was most widely used, that is, preference is given to the option with the no longer shaved part. For him, only the temporal part should be shaved, and all remaining hair should be lifted using fixing agents.

Styling options

All hairstyles for men with mohawk are laid using styling means of strong fixation. To give the necessary shape to short hair, you will need to purchase combs and combs of different densities. The hair is pre-moistened, a foam is applied to add density and volume to the comb. The flow of warm air during the drying process is directed to the roots. At the end, vertically standing strands are fixed with varnish. Thus, the mohawk is laid on short hair.

A long haircut male mohawk can fit spikes. For this, comb hair is combed with a thin comb with small teeth and form “spikes” using hair gel. It is important to distribute the spikes evenly over the entire surface of the head.

On long hair

Iroquois for long hair requires daily styling hassle from its owner. Despite the fact that you do not need to “set” it, the strands still need to be directed and secured in a winning position so that they do not fray and spoil the overall picture. Usually in the middle they leave a hair comb without cutting it for several procedures. The master can only slightly trim the ends to complete the overall look of the hairstyle. The sides are either shaved baldly, or, as in the previous version, treated with a three-millimeter nozzle of the machine, creating the effect of light unshaven.

What is mohawk - meaning of the word

There is an opinion that the name of the haircut originated from the Iroquois - a group of Indian tribes. Being very warlike and aggressive, they emphasized this thanks to hairstyles. Hair was fixed by impregnation based on the bark of trees. In order to scare away enemies, the styling was painted in bright colors and decorated with feathers. Accurate historical information on this subject is not available, but some evidence is available.

In Russian, this word for hairstyles came thanks to the journalist Artemy Troitsky.

Hairstyle male mohawk in the photo

Today, men's scallop or mohawk hairstyle has adapted to the new fashion. She is now not aggressive and defiant. This haircut can be attributed more to a stylish and interesting trendy youth movement.

Having reviewed all the photos, we can say for sure that the men's mohawk hairstyle has become an indispensable addition to the stylish image of many young people. If you choose the right haircut shape, a man will begin to catch the admiring glances of the girls, because this style does not give a chance to stay in the shade. If the young man is not afraid of experiments, if he can afford to add a touch of extravagance to his image, then you should not even think! The stylist will tell you how to properly care for such a hairstyle so that you always look at your best without losing your personality.

With a long bang

This version of hairstyles is very popular among young people seeking to create a bold and extraordinary image. The hair in the comb leaves maximum length and all of it is combed forward. Sometimes, so that the hairstyle does not fall apart during the active day and its owner does not need long morning styling procedures, hair can be cut from the nape to the face, and the bangs remain in their original form.

Who goes to such a hairstyle under the "punk"

The option of a high mohawk with a large clipped head area can be suitable only for informal young people, those who do not need to look elegant and business-like in the workplace. She will look attractive to dancers or rock musicians, but not to a business person. A short hairstyle may be suitable for them, with a small tuft height, without shaved temples, they can simply cut their hair short in this part.

Many athletes or people with great activity choose a short mohawk with a crest height of only a few centimeters, and its length can go from the forehead to the neck.

And people of military professions or contract soldiers may come up with a short version of the hairstyle, but the long and high mohawk will simply be forbidden to wear them under a military headdress

An extravagant haircut like a mohawk is suitable for boys of all ages, they will be very interested in how their hair will be shaved - because they are boys, and once a razor will be the main tool for creating beauty on the face.

A different shade hairstyle will suit rebels when one side will have a color difference with the other side of the head - many even blond their hair to look more original.

Hairstyle does not suit those who have too high a forehead, the shape of the face resembles a square, with puffy lips and small inexpressive eyes. Also, the hairstyle on curly male hair looks ugly - making a typical crest is too problematic.

What is a mohawk hairstyle for long hair and how it is done is indicated in this article.

To see what short men's haircuts are for curly hair, the information from this article will help to understand.

But what a French men's haircut is, is described in detail here: https://opricheske.com/strizhki/na-srednie-volosy/francuzskaya.html

How a men's haircut is done for thick thick hair and how to do it correctly is indicated in this article.

Modern tendencies

In modern modifications of the Iroquois, in some cases, stylists make the main emphasis not so much on the “crest” as on the unusual design of the side zones of the head. On short hair, lines, stripes, zigzags, bizarre patterns, drawings or ornaments are shaved - the imagination of hairdressers is truly limitless.

In some cases, the mohawk makes it more like a quiff haircut - in this case, the length of the hair gradually decreases in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, the hair on the back of the head cuts short.

Another modern trend - when creating a haircut, use the fade technique. The temples and the back of the head are shaved, and the length of the hair gradually increases towards the central strip. This technique is often used on wavy dark coarse hair, and the strands in the center are left in their natural curly state without straightening.

A mohawk haircut is often combined with a beard, the design of which takes into account the specifics of the whole image as a whole. In this case, the fade technique is also often used. If the whiskey and the back of the head are not shaved, but cut short, then they are made out with beautiful edging.

Dyeing hair in bright colors is done infrequently, dyeing under gray hair or lightening strands, as well as tinting, is more in demand.

Hair styling and fixing

Iroquois refers to those hairstyles that require the mandatory use of styling, which may include:

  • foam or mousse
  • gel,
  • hair fixation spray,
  • modeling wax.

For laying the "comb" with strands of medium and long lengths, means with the effect of strong fixation are used.

Mousse or foam is applied to slightly moistened hair (it is enough to pat them with a towel after washing). The funds are applied with the fingers in the direction from the bottom up, while the hair is given the necessary vertical position. Further, if necessary, a comb is used.

To achieve the effect of wet hair, apply a special gel that is applied before the hair dries. It can also be used to form a characteristic styling - “spikes” of strands of hair.

Hair styling in the form of "spikes" is considered a "classic of the genre", it was often used by representatives of punk subculture.

To fix individual strands, modeling wax is also used, it is better to choose matte. The varnish is sprayed onto dry hair to finally fix the result.

When using any styling product, you must observe the measure, do not apply too much gel or varnish, as this makes the hair heavier and can give the result, the opposite of what is expected.

How to Make a Haircut Classic Iroquois to a Man

It is not difficult to make this type of hairstyle, and the shorter your hair, the easier it will be to cut, as this simplifies the task. The hairstyle is based on a qualified haircut, and for a short mohawk, you need to leave hair on the temporal region only half a centimeter long, or just shave it.

It is also necessary to shave the occipital part, but do not forget about the strip, its length and hair height is determined independently, but from 2 to 15 cm is allowed.

On the video, men's mohawk hairstyles:

For a short mohawk, you need to leave the crest width of about 3 cm, and its location can be different - both from the side and strictly in the middle.

If you decide to leave short medium strands, then you should cut the temporal part more to achieve uniform hairstyles. But if you belong to a business person, then you can not shave, but simply briefly cut the temporal region, carefully shaping the line of the neck, ears and forehead.

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If you want to look extravagant, you can colorize some strands of the comb. To make the comb look beautiful on the head, you must first apply gel on it, and if you have it high, then you will also need hair spray. Comb the hair a little at the roots, then proceed to straighten the strands in height, fix with a stream of varnish, and blow dry with a hairdryer.

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Selection tips

Before deciding to transform the appearance with a mohawk hairstyle, you should weigh the pros and cons of such a step.


  • it can be done with different hair lengths,
  • There are a large number of hairstyle options,
  • there are various styling options,
  • compatible with sports, casual and street clothing,
  • Allows you to stand out and create an original image.


  • will not be combined with a business style in clothes,
  • more suitable for people of creative professions and athletes,
  • requires frequent updates - you need to regularly visit the hairdresser,
  • belongs to the category of haircuts for youth,
  • You will need to learn how to do your own styling.

Iroquois master class see below.

Short (small)

This species is called mini mohawk. This is a suitable option for those who prefer a more restrained version of hairstyles, suitable for every day. The hairstyle does not need special care and can fit into any style. Typically, the haircut has clear dimensions: the height of the hair is 3-4 cm, the width is 2 cm. The nape and hair near the temples are completely shaved. They can also be cut short. Sometimes this haircut is complemented by a long bang.

Pros and cons

Advantages of the Iroquois:

  • suitable for different hair lengths,
  • has many options for execution and styling,
  • emphasizes the individuality of a person, helps to express his inner state,
  • gives its owner originality,
  • A discreet option is suitable to complement the everyday look.

Disadvantages of haircuts:

  • most often associated with a certain category of people - representatives of alternative music, sports, etc., therefore, it refers not to fashionable, but to specific hairstyles,
  • has some limitations (by age, profession, lifestyle, etc.),
  • needs styling - there is an opinion that it is very difficult to put the hair properly,
  • difficult to perform at home, and in the cabin is quite expensive,
  • the short part of the hair should be regularly shaved or cut.

Star examples

Usually, Iroquois is chosen by rockers and soccer players. For example, for some time I went with a stylish haircut Cristiano Ronaldo.

David beckham During his career, he managed to test several haircut options.

Craving for innovations in terms of hairstyles is also characteristic of the Brazilian footballer Neymaru.

Experimented with Iroquois and Jared Leto. After all, he not only acts in films, but also sings in the alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Another musician, guitarist of the rock band Good Charlotte Benji Madden preferred Liberty spikes.

Of the domestic rock artists, the same original version of the hairstyle - "Spikes of Freedom" - chose Mikhail Gorshenev (1973–2013), leader of the King and the Jester group.

Drummer of this collective Alexander Schigolev also made Iroquois.

Actor and musician Mark Salling (1982–2018) wore a short haircut option.

Now stylish “Mohawk” adorns the player of the Slovak national team Marek Hamshek.

Fidelity to the haircut is kept by a young Italian football player Mario Balotelli He also managed to try out several options.

Iroquois is not a haircut for everyone. But if you have already chosen any version of the original hairstyle, get ready for increased attention from others. Keep the Mohawk in a tidy condition and do not forget about styling. Those who are not ready for such changes, it is better to refuse a creative haircut.


Iroquois is already a bright and extravagant hairstyle, but you can complement it with shaved patterns on the temples. It can be geometric lines or any symbols, and it is not necessary to make them symmetrical on both sides.

A picture is chosen only on the basis of the owner’s imagination and hairdresser's skill, emphasizing the unique personality style and character.

Shave at the temple patterns

Today, men's hairstyles for short hair enjoy considerable popularity. And this trend played a bad joke with the original Iroquois idea. Instead of distinguishing its owner from the gray mass, the hairstyle, on the contrary, makes it part of the same crowd. Every second young man wears a short mohawk on his head, and this fact completely kills the idea of ​​individuality.

Patterns will help to stand out from the crowd, while preserving a stylish haircut on your head. They are shaved on shortened sidewalls, giving their owner a true personality and distinguishing him from the crowd. Many of the existing variations and the hairdresser's talent eliminate the risk of meeting an identical haircut with patterns on someone else.

Patterns can be:

  • geometric (rhombuses, cobwebs, waves),
  • free (stylized animal figures, symbols and national ornaments),
  • repeat symmetrically on both sides of the head,
  • be present on only one side.

Short mohawk

A short mohawk is created due to the difference in hair length in the temples and on the crown.

  • The width of the upper strip is left for 2–4 fingers, depending on the shape of the face and is cut to a comb of the required length.
  • Whiskey cut machine with the desired length nozzle.
  • The main thing in the appearance of the Iroquois is the sharpness of the line of transition from the parietal to the temples due to the horseshoe parting.
  • A border is made along the lines of the temples and the crown of the head.
  • At the end of the haircut, the hair is milled over the entire width of the mohawk for a larger volume and structured hairstyles.
  • If desired, the image is complemented with shaved patterns.
  • Haircut styling ends.

With thick bangs

Such a haircut is suitable young men with voluminous hair. In this case, the parietal zone smoothly passes into an elongated bang, the tips of which are combed up.

The technique is similar to a short haircut option, in which additional bangs are made horizontal parting to the required density.

Features styling and care

Various variations of the mohawk can often be seen in celebrity photos, but so that the hairstyle also looks stylish, it should be laid correctly.

  • Wash hair well, dry with a towel.
  • On slightly damp locks apply mousse or styling foam.
  • The desired shape of the hairstyle is given, lifting the hair between the fingers.

To fix the result on long hair, apply additional varnish for strong fixation.

Select individual strands achieved by modeling wax in a small amount.

This video shows how to cut a mohawk and style a hairstyle with beer.

Naturalness and slight negligence are in fashion now, not only in women, but also in masculine images, therefore, most importantly, do not overdo it with styling products, and apply them in moderation.

Male mohawk in modern variations is becoming a stylish and popular haircut for fashionable, confident men, emphasizing freedom and independence from stereotypes.

Hairstyle technology

In general, the technology for creating male mohawk is identical in all variants - the side parts are shaved or short-cut with a machine, and the central part is either completely left untouched or slightly shortened so that it lies well.

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Modern versions of the Iroquois look very stylish and spectacular. They no longer scare others with their extravagance, on the contrary, neatly styled haircuts attract approving gaze. You can make a special haircut even more eye-catching by shaving various patterns on the sidewalls. There are different men's hairstyles and their names, and any man will be able to find a suitable option for himself that will make his image attractive and stylish.

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